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Jesus Prays for You

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00:01 Well, welcome back to this program.
00:02 We are in Chapter 17.
00:04 We are talking about the prayer that Jesus is giving.
00:07 Now during the break, I was thinking that,
00:09 you know, I don't have any children myself
00:11 but the message of the cross is a message
00:14 that I cannot fully comprehend or understand
00:17 but as I read and I just can't imagine
00:21 how a Father will give His Son
00:24 but the message that I get from this is unselfish love
00:29 that God would give His son to die for me on the cross
00:32 and that's even though I don't understand it
00:34 completely that I can believe and accept.
00:38 And that's why I accept Jesus Christ.
00:40 And, Dr. Paulien,
00:42 so, we were talking about the prayer of Jesus
00:45 and just how powerful it is.
00:47 He is praying for His disciples Himself and for you and me.
00:50 Yeah. So why don't you and I proceed?
00:53 Well, let's move fairly quickly through verses 6-19
00:56 because that's the part of the prayer
00:58 that's focus specifically
00:59 on the disciples and their situations.
01:01 We will say a couple of things about that
01:03 but I want to save little time
01:04 for the last six or seven verses which are about us
01:08 and therefore really powerful for us.
01:11 Let's look at verse 6.
01:13 "I have manifested Your name to the men
01:16 whom You have given Me out of the world.
01:18 They were Yours, You gave them to Me,
01:21 and they have kept Your word."
01:23 So here we see the attention is focusing from Jesus Himself
01:29 to the disciples and Jesus revealing
01:34 of what God is like is first of all for the disciples,
01:38 right there right at that time and place.
01:40 Verse 8.
01:42 "For I have given to them the words
01:44 which You have given Me,
01:46 and they have received them, and have known surely
01:49 that I came forth from You,
01:51 and they have believed that You sent Me."
01:54 So this verse tells us that there's two things,
01:58 first of all he disciples now know who Jesus is.
02:02 At least in part, they are getting the idea.
02:05 This isn't just a human being, this isn't just a prophet,
02:08 this isn't just a superstar.
02:10 This is God Himself living among us in the flesh.
02:14 So disciples are beginning to grasp that
02:16 and the other thing they are grasping
02:18 is that the Father sent Jesus,
02:20 those two go together that Jesus came from the throne of God.
02:25 He wasn't born into this world
02:27 and that's where His existence starts.
02:29 As a person He pre-existed.
02:31 So disciples are beginning to grasp these things
02:35 and certainly by the time the gospel
02:37 is written they have it down.
02:40 Let's touch base on verse 13.
02:43 "But now I come to You,
02:45 and these things I speak in the world,
02:47 that they may have My joy fulfilled in themselves."
02:51 So we see Jesus praying for the disciples
02:55 while He is still in the world
02:57 and He wants them to have a full measure of His joy.
03:02 Now we've talked about that in the series,
03:04 the difference between joy and fun.
03:07 It's not fun to go to a cross, it's not fun to suffer
03:10 but there is joy when there is a purpose in it.
03:13 There is joy when one has a larger picture
03:17 that's aligned with God's picture.
03:20 And he wants the disciples to be able
03:23 to be in this world what He was.
03:26 Jesus leaves two things behind to take His place in the world.
03:30 First of all, the Holy Spirit
03:33 is left behind to take Jesus' place.
03:35 Through the Holy Spirit, God can do for us the things
03:40 that Jesus did while He was on earth.
03:43 He can do all the miracles etcetera,
03:45 whatever, it is that they need.
03:47 Second of all though Jesus is leaving the disciples
03:50 behind to take His place in the world.
03:53 So Jesus, when He goes away is replaced by two things,
03:57 the Holy Spirit and disciples.
03:59 And that's really the message
04:00 of these last five chapters in the Gospel of John.
04:04 Let's look at the last
04:05 two verses of Jesus' prayer for His disciples.
04:08 Verses 18 and 19.
04:11 "As You sent Me into the world,
04:14 I also have sent them into the world.
04:16 And for their sakes I sanctify Myself,
04:19 that they also may be sanctified by the truth."
04:23 Here Jesus says, you, Father, sent me into the world
04:27 now I send them into the world.
04:30 So the model of the disciple's behavior
04:33 is what Jesus did in relation to His Father.
04:37 So Jesus reveals the Father to the disciples.
04:44 Disciples reveal Jesus to the world.
04:48 That's the picture
04:49 and it's what we call witnessing.
04:52 Witnessing is not about building kingdoms on this earth.
04:56 Witnessing is letting people know what God is like.
05:00 It's the clearest window the world has today
05:03 through disciples and through the Holy Spirit
05:06 that the world can come to see the things
05:08 that this gospel talks about.
05:11 And witnessing is not necessarily through words
05:14 but through deeds and actions.
05:16 That's right.
05:17 By this everyone will know that you are my disciples
05:21 through the love that you have for each other.
05:23 So witnessing is more than just words,
05:25 witnessing is how we treat each other.
05:28 Verse 20, big shift.
05:30 "I do not pray for these alone, but also for those
05:33 who will believe in Me through their word."
05:36 All right. That's the second generation.
05:38 That's us, you know.
05:40 The only window we have to Jesus
05:43 is through the words of this gospel
05:46 and now the exciting thing is,
05:48 Jesus didn't just pray for Himself and His disciples.
05:52 He didn't pray for us generically,
05:54 He specifically looks down the ages and say,
05:57 now I am going to pray for everyone
06:01 who comes to Jesus through their word
06:04 not just through this gospel.
06:07 And by the way, let me just mention to our viewers
06:10 that we are definitely trying to stretch the time here
06:14 as you can see.
06:15 There are so many things,
06:16 the Gospel of John is a huge book,
06:18 much could be said and we will be posting
06:21 the scripts including all the things
06:24 we left out on my website,
06:29 So if you would like to get the scripts and go deeper
06:33 and have other texts to look up,
06:35 please do that.
06:36 And earlier you said this is very powerful to me that,
06:40 that second generation is us meaning that we never--
06:45 we have never seen Jesus,
06:46 we have never seen His miracles been performed.
06:49 Nevertheless that generation or that first generation
06:52 who did has no advantage over us
06:56 who have never seen Jesus.
06:59 In fact you even said that it's even better for us
07:02 because those who did see Jesus,
07:04 many of them did not believe.
07:06 And now we who don't see Jesus
07:10 have a great advantage to believe.
07:12 That's right.
07:13 Sounds like you've been studying the Gospel of John.
07:17 Well, the way you presented it is just so fabulous
07:20 and so amazing that you know sometimes we read,
07:23 we just read over it like, you know,
07:25 but if you read and then and you ask yourself
07:28 why or when or how come,
07:31 then it just makes you go back to you know, verse--
07:34 the previous verse or the previous chapter
07:36 and then you put it on to context begins to make sense
07:39 and just more powerful to the word.
07:42 Now put yourself in Jesus' place.
07:45 He's got a chance here to pray for us.
07:48 There's one thing
07:51 that he would pray for what would it be?
07:54 You know, you think about all the options,
07:56 what could he have prayed for?
07:59 He chooses one thing, verses 21-23.
08:03 "That they all may be one, as You, Father, are in Me,
08:07 and I in You, that they also may be one in Us,
08:10 that the world may believe that You sent Me.
08:13 And the glory which You gave Me
08:15 I have given them,
08:17 that they may be one just as We are one.
08:19 I in them, and You in Me,
08:21 that they may be made perfect in one,
08:23 and that the world may know that You have sent Me,
08:27 and that I have loved them as You have loved Me."
08:31 Of all of things Jesus could have prayed about right now.
08:33 The one time he actually prays directly for us.
08:36 He says, you know,
08:37 looking down to the halls around it,
08:39 the biggest thing you're going to need is unity.
08:41 He must already have known
08:43 that that's the opposite
08:45 of what the church would actually become.
08:48 As you look at the Christian church today
08:50 the followers of Jesus,
08:51 there are hundreds and thousands of denominations
08:55 and different branches and different groups.
08:59 The unity is fractured and Jesus says,
09:03 "By this you will know you are My disciples
09:06 by the love that you have for one another."
09:09 A bitterly divided church makes God look bad.
09:13 The whole point of Chapter 17 is what God is like,
09:17 self-sacrificing, merciful, gracious with people
09:21 who are spitting in His face.
09:23 Much less someone who disagrees with us.
09:25 We get bend out of shape if someone disagrees.
09:28 And yet people were spitting in His face,
09:31 slapping Him, beating Him,
09:33 torturing Him and He love them still,
09:35 Father forgive them.
09:37 If we took on the Spirit of Jesus,
09:41 there would be unity in the church.
09:44 We would be able to look past the differences,
09:47 look past some of the struggles
09:48 that we have with each others personality and character.
09:52 I am not talking about uniformity
09:55 that we all got to think exactly the same way
09:58 but rather unity comes
10:00 when there's an acceptance of each other,
10:02 even when there are some differences
10:05 recognizing that nobody sees exactly
10:08 alike with somebody else.
10:10 Comes back to John 3:8,
10:13 when the Holy Spirit comes in,
10:15 we become a little bit like the wind.
10:18 There are differences but in those very differences,
10:22 if there is unity, it's a miracle
10:24 and it testifies to the world
10:26 that Jesus is present in this community.
10:29 That was Jesus' number one prayer for us today.
10:33 And, Dr. Paulien, the message
10:34 I get from this is to know God
10:36 for what He really is and that is love.
10:40 And friends, I invite you today
10:42 to invite Jesus Christ into your lives, till next time.


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