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The Holy Spirit in the Gospel of John

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00:01 And welcome back,
00:02 we're studying the Gospel of John
00:03 and particularly the Holy Spirit.
00:06 And Dr. John Paulien, you said that the Gospel of John
00:10 mentions the Holy Spirit several times,
00:12 we read a few verses here.
00:14 Which can mean counselor, a comforter, a helper,
00:19 an advocate, what else does this word can be used?
00:24 Well, I think it was the perfect choice of language
00:28 for this particular context
00:30 because the disciples really have two needs,
00:33 Jesus is going away.
00:35 So they're going to be distressed
00:36 because He is going away.
00:38 They're missing Him. They need a comforter.
00:42 On the other hand they're going to go out into the world.
00:44 The world is going to be
00:45 accusing them of all kinds of things.
00:47 The world is going to hate them
00:48 and in that context they need an advocate,
00:52 they need a counselor,
00:53 a lawyer to help them in the worldly courts.
00:57 And one thing that happens often in the New Testament
01:00 is the judgments of earthly courts
01:04 against God's people are overturned
01:07 in God's heavenly judgment.
01:09 So God's people need to know
01:12 that when they're accused,
01:14 when they're judged in earthly courts,
01:16 that God is keeping record of all that.
01:19 And the Supreme Court will overturn
01:23 those earthly judgments in God's timing.
01:26 So now we are and we're still in Chapter 16.
01:33 And 14, and 15. We're going to different--
01:35 We're going to that--
01:36 Yeah, we're going to the discourse here,
01:40 Chapters 14 through 16
01:42 where there are five more references to the Holy Spirit.
01:46 You said five references
01:47 in the first part of John, we just read those.
01:49 We just read those. There's another five references.
01:51 In the discourse itself
01:53 and then the 11th one is in Chapter 20 which we read.
01:56 Should we look at those
01:57 five references in the discourse?
01:59 Let's do that now.
02:00 Okay and that would be in chapter--
02:01 We'll start with Chapter 14:16-17.
02:07 "And I will pray the Father,
02:10 and He will give you another Helper,
02:12 that He may abide with you forever the spirit of truth,
02:16 whom the world cannot receive,
02:18 because it neither sees Him nor knows Him,
02:21 but you know Him,
02:22 for He dwells with you and will be in you."
02:26 So here is the first reference
02:29 in the discourse to the Holy Spirit.
02:31 And it says that Jesus will ask the Father.
02:36 In other words, the Holy Spirit is sent by the Father.
02:39 So it's also sent by Jesus.
02:41 So once again it shows how Jesus
02:43 and the Father are really one in all that they do.
02:47 And he is the spirit of truth,
02:51 just as Jesus is the way the truth and the life.
02:55 He said that just a few verses before this.
02:58 So there's a lot of connections between Jesus and the spirit
03:03 which we will pick up on I think a little bit later.
03:06 So it's interesting that he says,
03:09 "The Holy Spirit is another counselor, another comforter."
03:16 If the Holy Spirit is another comforter,
03:18 who is the comforter and that's Jesus.
03:22 Jesus is the one that comforted the disciples
03:24 when he goes away, they need another comforter.
03:28 So the Holy Spirit is really coming
03:30 to take the place of Jesus.
03:32 Jesus is the comforter,
03:34 Holy Spirit is another comforter.
03:36 Jesus is the truth.
03:38 The Holy Spirit is the spirit of truth.
03:41 So he has come to take the place of Jesus
03:44 to do for the disciples
03:46 what Jesus had done for them while He was on the earth.
03:50 So he provides a presence of God.
03:54 But more than anything else,
03:56 he takes the place of Jesus right there for the disciples.
04:01 Next text is in verses 26-27 of the same chapter.
04:07 In John 14:26-27.
04:13 "But the Helper, the Holy Spirit,
04:15 whom the Father will send in My name,
04:17 He will teach you all things,
04:19 and bring to your remembrance
04:20 all things that I said to you.
04:24 Peace I leave you, My peace I give to you,
04:27 not as the world gives do I give to you.
04:30 Let not your heart be troubled,
04:32 neither let it be afraid."
04:34 So here we see now for the first time this counselor
04:37 is called specifically the Holy Spirit,
04:41 and that phrase comes in here for the first time.
04:45 And what is his role here?
04:48 It is to teach them everything that they need to know.
04:51 Everything maybe that they forgot about Jesus.
04:55 His role is to remind them of what Jesus has said.
04:59 If you remember back from the beginning of the series
05:03 that the purpose of the Gospel of John
05:05 is to demonstrate that the second generation
05:08 that doesn't have a living relationship with Jesus,
05:11 a personal face to face relationship with Jesus
05:14 through the Holy Spirit
05:15 and through the words of Jesus
05:18 will have all that connection that they need.
05:21 So the Holy Spirit's role
05:22 whenever we need connection with Jesus
05:24 is to remind us of the words
05:27 that will bring that connection.
05:29 So the Holy Spirit provides the words of Jesus,
05:33 provides the presence of Jesus
05:35 and then ultimately he provides the peace
05:38 that they had with Jesus.
05:41 So the Holy Spirit pretty much
05:43 is coming in to take
05:44 the place of Jesus in their behalf.
05:47 That moves us on to Chapter 15
05:50 and again verses 26 to 27
05:53 so that's easy to remember, Chapter 15.
05:56 "But when the Helper comes,
05:58 whom I shall send to you from the Father,
06:01 the Spirit of truth who proceeds from the Father,
06:04 He will testify of Me.
06:06 And you also will bear witness,
06:08 because you have been with Me from the beginning."
06:12 All right, so here the spirit comes
06:16 and he's called the spirit of truth once again.
06:20 Jesus is the way the truth-- this is the spirit of truth.
06:24 But it's truth in a special context now.
06:28 There is a bit of this law court coming in here.
06:31 He will testify of me. So this is court language.
06:36 The Holy Spirit comes to testify about Jesus to us.
06:41 And to testify about us to the world.
06:45 So you have legal language
06:46 that higher court kind of thing that I mentioned earlier.
06:50 This is also in the context to the vine.
06:53 It is through the Holy Spirit they were connected to the vine.
06:56 Connected to the branches,
06:58 the words of Christ all connect us together.
07:01 There's all of a piece what Jesus is saying here.
07:05 So Holy Spirit comes, he takes the place of Jesus,
07:09 he connects us to the vine, he testifies in our behalf.
07:13 So comforter, counselor, it's all part of a piece.
07:18 As we're connected to the vine,
07:20 our lives are changed and we'll become new people.
07:25 Just as the Holy Spirit brings us
07:27 a new birth to be born again.
07:30 So, moving on Chapter 16:7-11.
07:36 And this is probably the toughest part
07:39 of these passages, bit the hardest to understand.
07:42 "Nevertheless I tell you the truth.
07:44 It is to your advantage that I go away,
07:47 for if I do not go away,
07:49 the Helper will not come to you but if I depart,
07:52 I will send Him to you.
07:54 And when He has come,
07:55 He will convict the world of sin,
07:57 and of righteousness, and of judgment of sin,
08:01 because they do not believe in Me of righteousness,
08:04 because I go to My Father
08:05 and you see Me no more of judgment,
08:08 because the ruler of this world is judged."
08:12 So here the focus is more and more on the world.
08:16 Up until now he has been focused on the disciples.
08:18 He will be your comforter, he will be at your side,
08:21 he will testify for you,
08:23 he will bring you into connection
08:24 to the words of Jesus.
08:26 But now the focus is a bit more on the world,
08:29 the world that is hating the disciples.
08:31 The world that is judging the disciples.
08:34 And he comes in here
08:36 and he convicts the world of three things.
08:40 He says he convicts him of sin,
08:42 and of righteousness, and of judgment.
08:46 What's that all about?
08:47 He is convincing the world of sin.
08:50 The persecutors think what.
08:53 They're doing God's will
08:55 when they're killing the people of God.
08:58 They think that they're serving God,
09:00 the Holy Spirit brings conviction
09:03 that what they're doing is actually wrong.
09:06 He convicts them of righteousness,
09:08 he points everyone to the Father side--
09:11 that's the place where righteousness is.
09:13 Through the intersession of Jesus with the Father,
09:16 we received the righteousness.
09:18 And then he convicts them of judgment,
09:21 that he can liberate them from Satan's power and control.
09:25 The judgments of this world will be overturned.
09:29 So the Holy Spirit comes not just for the disciples
09:32 but in relation to the world,
09:34 to deliver them from the world.
09:37 And then the last part verses 13 to 15.
09:40 "However, when He, the Spirit of truth has come,
09:44 He will guide you into all truth
09:46 for He will not speak on His own authority,
09:49 but whatever He hears He will speak
09:51 and He will tell you all things to come.
09:54 He will glorify Me,
09:55 for He will take of what is Mine and declare it to you.
09:59 All things that the Father has are Mine.
10:01 Therefore I said that He will take of Mine
10:05 and declare it to you."
10:07 So the Holy Spirit brings Jesus to us, that's fundamental.
10:11 But there's one extra thing here.
10:13 He will also bring us things to come.
10:16 The Holy Spirit will not only minister Jesus to us
10:19 but it will help us to understand Bible prophecy.
10:23 John doesn't say whole lot about Bible prophecy.
10:25 But right here he makes it clear when the Holy Spirit comes,
10:28 there's more things for you to learn.
10:31 Was the Book of Revelation already written,
10:33 is that what he is referring to very possibly?
10:36 But the Holy Spirit is as important
10:39 to the Book of Revelation as it is to the Book of John.
10:42 So receiving the spirit is crucial.
10:45 So to summarize here
10:47 in the couple of minutes that we have left.
10:49 For John, the Holy Spirit is all about Jesus.
10:54 The Holy Spirit isn't looking to be glorified.
10:58 Isn't looking to us to pay attention to the Holy Spirit.
11:01 The Holy Spirit works behind the scenes,
11:04 pointing us to Jesus.
11:06 The Holy Spirit is selfless.
11:09 The Holy Spirit is self sacrificing.
11:12 He glories when people pay attention to Jesus.
11:15 So in that sense the Holy Spirit also shares
11:18 that self sacrificing spirit of the Godhead.
11:21 The Father sacrificed Himself by giving Jesus to the world.
11:27 He lost that connection with Jesus.
11:30 He took a huge risk. Jesus sacrifices Himself for us.
11:35 The Holy Spirit sacrifices himself to point to Jesus.
11:39 You see that beautiful spirit of non pride,
11:43 self-abnegation that comes in all of the Godhead.
11:49 And so the Holy Spirit comes to replace Jesus.
11:53 He and Jesus are both the truth.
11:56 They are both called teachers
11:58 and they're both sent by the Father.
12:01 They're both judged. They both remain.
12:06 They both speak what they've heard from heaven.
12:10 They're both associated with the Word of God.
12:13 When you compare Jesus and the Holy Spirit
12:16 throughout the Gospel of John,
12:17 you see the Holy Spirit has come to be Jesus for us.
12:22 Well, Dr. Paulien, once again we want to thank you
12:24 for being with us with this Bible study.
12:27 And friends, perhaps the Holy Spirit
12:29 has been leading you in this Bible studies
12:31 and leading you towards Christ.
12:33 If so take that decision,
12:34 accept Jesus Christ today till next time.


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