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The Holy Spirit in the Gospel of John

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00:21 Hello, friends and welcome back
00:22 to this program "Books of the Book."
00:24 We're so happy that you're taking this time
00:26 to study the Bible with us.
00:28 And we are studying the Gospel of John.
00:31 And so if you have a Bible with you,
00:33 go ahead and open your Bibles.
00:34 So we're going to be flipping
00:36 through different verses of this gospel today.
00:39 We're talking about the Holy Spirit.
00:42 Well, my name is Deyvy Rodriguez
00:43 and again I welcome you to this program
00:45 and with us is Dr. Jon Paulien.
00:48 He will be helping us in this Bible study.
00:50 He is the Bible scholar
00:52 and he has written several books
00:54 and three especially on the Gospel of John.
00:57 And today we'll be talking about the Holy Spirit.
01:00 And Dr. Paulien, you know,
01:02 one of your favorite verses is found in Chapter 3
01:05 where Jesus is talking to Nicodemus
01:07 and He says concerning the Holy Spirit,
01:10 He says that the Holy Spirit is like the wind.
01:13 It blows where it wishes.
01:14 We can hear the sound of this the wind
01:18 but we don't know where it comes from
01:19 or where it is going."
01:21 And so it's He who is born of the spirit.
01:25 So what are we learning today about the Holy Spirit?
01:29 Well, one of the things special
01:31 about this particular program
01:33 is that the rest of the series
01:35 is all taking a portion of the Gospel of John,
01:38 looking at that portion and speaking about it.
01:41 But the Holy Spirit really comes
01:44 all through the Gospel of John.
01:46 So the only way to really tackle
01:48 that subject is to look at all of those together
01:52 which is what we're going to do.
01:54 And the interesting thing is in the farewell
01:56 discourse Chapters 13, 14, 15 and 16 of John.
02:00 You can study those chapters without the Holy Spirit text
02:04 and it kind of make sense as we've tried to do
02:07 in the last three programs.
02:09 But now we want to zero-in
02:11 on the Holy Spirit part of that
02:13 and see how we can put it all together.
02:17 Now, and if we go to the first half of the gospel,
02:20 there are five references to the Holy Spirit.
02:24 In the farewell discourse Chapters 13 to 16
02:27 there is five more references to the Holy Spirit.
02:31 And then in Chapter 20,
02:32 there's one more at the end.
02:35 So if you want to look at the Holy Spirit
02:38 in the Gospel of John,
02:39 you want to look at all those passages together
02:42 and I think that's helpful.
02:44 Now, one of the things that's going on here
02:47 is you're in a transition between the ministry of Jesus
02:51 and the ministry of the Holy Spirit.
02:54 And so in the Old Testament
02:56 there had been a number of trans--
02:57 what do you call them,
02:59 transitions like that in the Old Testament,
03:02 for example Moses to Joshua.
03:04 Moses hands over to Joshua
03:07 the ministry that he had had.
03:09 Elijah to Elisha is a similar transfer of power.
03:14 Earlier in this gospel the Baptist
03:16 hands over his position with God to Jesus.
03:20 Now Jesus is going to take over the role
03:23 that the Baptist was playing.
03:25 So in these passages in the Gospel of John,
03:28 Jesus is handing over His commission to the Holy Spirit.
03:33 The Holy Spirit is going to take the place of Jesus
03:36 for the disciples and for the world.
03:39 And so that's in a nutshell what all this is about.
03:43 As I mentioned there's five mentions
03:45 of the Holy Spirit in the first half of the book.
03:48 And why don't we take those one at the time.
03:51 Sure. And the first is in Chapter 1:32, 33.
03:58 And John bore witness, saying,
04:01 "I saw the Spirit descending from heaven like a dove,
04:04 and He remained upon Him.
04:06 I did not know Him, but He who sent me
04:08 to baptize with water said to me,
04:10 'Upon whom you see the Spirit descending,
04:12 and remaining on Him,
04:14 this is He who baptizes with the Holy Spirit."
04:18 So the first reference to the Holy Spirit here
04:21 has the Holy Spirit playing a role
04:23 of pointing out Jesus to John.
04:26 John doesn't know Jesus at least as an adult
04:29 and he has no way of recognizing Him in the crowd
04:33 but the Holy Spirit is with John.
04:35 And when John sees Jesus he knows.
04:38 This is the one that my mission is all about.
04:42 And so thanks to the Holy Spirit,
04:43 who appoints Jesus out to him?
04:47 John is able to make that identification.
04:49 Then we go to Chapter 3:5-8.
04:53 And that includes the part that you mentioned earlier.
04:56 So we can do it quickly.
04:57 "Jesus answered, most assuredly,
04:59 I say it to you unless one is born of water and the Spirit,
05:03 he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.
05:05 That which is born of the flesh is flesh,
05:07 and that which is born of the Spirit is spirit.
05:10 Do not marvel that I say it to you,
05:12 You must be born again.
05:14 The wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it,
05:18 but cannot tell where it comes from or where it goes
05:21 so is every one who is born of the Spirit."
05:24 All right so here it becomes clear
05:27 that in order to enter the kingdom,
05:31 you need to have the spirit.
05:33 So the spirit is something that should belong to everybody
05:37 who enters the kingdom of God.
05:39 You know some people say, well, you know,
05:42 I have Jesus but now I need to get the spirit.
05:46 There maybe an essence of truth in that
05:48 that really what it's saying here
05:51 is if you have Jesus you have the spirit.
05:53 It's the spirit that brings Jesus.
05:55 It's the spirit that gets you into the kingdom.
05:58 And also in Chapter 3 here is the concept
06:02 that you must be born again.
06:04 We're born from above depending on
06:07 how the Greek is translated.
06:09 And that means that entering the kingdom
06:12 involves major life change.
06:14 The Holy Spirit when he enters your life changes your life
06:18 and that's an important feature here.
06:20 Chapter 4:23-24 is the next reference to the spirit.
06:26 "But the hour is coming
06:28 and now is when the true worshippers
06:30 will worship the father in spirit and truth.
06:33 For the father is seeking such through worship him.
06:36 God is spirit and those who worship him
06:39 must worship in spirit and truth.
06:42 In Old Testament times you worshipped in temple.
06:46 You know geographically you worshipped ethnically--
06:48 you have to be a Jew to get into the temple.
06:50 There was a wall outside if you weren't a Jew.
06:53 So before the coming of the spirit after Jesus--
06:58 the worship was for certain people in certain places.
07:02 The Holy Spirit makes worship universal.
07:05 There's no more ethnic distinctions,
07:07 no more geographical distinctions.
07:10 Every place on earth is equidistant
07:13 to heaven through the Holy Spirit.
07:16 So Holy Spirit has opened up the worship of God
07:20 to every place and every person.
07:24 That's the fundamental message here.
07:26 Moving on to Chapter 6:63.
07:32 Verse 63 "It is the spirit who gives life.
07:36 The flesh profits nothing.
07:39 The words that I speak to you
07:40 are spirit and they are life."
07:43 So here it brings it out that the Holy Spirit
07:46 comes to us through the words of Jesus.
07:49 The words of Jesus bring us the spirit
07:52 that you come together.
07:54 So for somebody to say, I have the spirit
07:58 and I'm not interested in the Bible,
08:00 that makes no sense.
08:01 For someone who say well I love studying the Bible
08:03 but I don't know anything about the spirit, I don't care.
08:06 That makes no sense, the spirit and the word come together.
08:10 Whenever we study the word,
08:11 we want to open our hearts in prayer to God.
08:15 Whenever we are walking in the spirit,
08:17 we want to always check by the Word of God
08:21 what kind of spirit we're walking with.
08:24 So Jesus cautions us that the spirit
08:26 and the word always go together.
08:28 Then Chapter 7:37-39.
08:33 "On the last day that great day of the feast,
08:35 Jesus stood and cried out saying,
08:37 'if anyone thirsts let him come to me and drink.
08:41 He who believes in me has the scripture has said,
08:43 out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.'
08:47 But this he spoke concerning the spirit
08:49 whom those believe in him would receive
08:52 for the Holy Spirit was not yet given
08:55 because Jesus was not yet glorified."
08:58 So here Jesus is coming close to the idea
09:02 that really the Holy Spirit can become part of us,
09:07 that the spirit and disciples in the sense become one.
09:11 That when we receive Jesus,
09:13 the spirit becomes part of us
09:15 and we can become agents of the spirit toward others.
09:19 Those, God will use-- excuse me,
09:21 use us to minister the spirit to others.
09:25 So the gift of the Holy Spirit is not to entertain us.
09:31 It's not to make us feel good-- we'll have special experiences.
09:36 The purpose of the spirit is for the sake of others.
09:40 And I think that is an idea
09:42 that comes through fairly clearly here.
09:45 So there's five brief references to the spirit
09:49 in the first part of the book--
09:50 it is in the farewell discourse of Jesus
09:54 that he gets into a lot more detail.
09:56 But before we get to the farewell discourse.
09:59 Let's go to the very last reference,
10:01 the eleventh reference if you will in John 20:22.
10:07 And some have suggested
10:09 that this is the Johannine Pentecost.
10:13 "And when he had said this he breath on them
10:17 and said to them 'receive the Holy Spirit.'"
10:21 The Holy Spirit, you know,
10:23 it's been said before like in John 7
10:25 that it wasn't until after the cross
10:28 that the Holy Spirit really came with power.
10:31 It's not till after the cross and after the spirit comes
10:35 and the disciples truly understand
10:37 before that they don't understand.
10:40 So here Jesus comes it's after the cross now.
10:44 All that other explanation has happened
10:46 but now it comes to them and he breathes on them
10:49 and says receive the Holy Spirit.
10:52 So because of the death of the Jesus in His resurrection,
10:57 the Holy Spirit is now a living presence with them.
11:01 and Jesus can minister to them.
11:04 In Acts 2 the Holy Spirit is received
11:08 after Jesus ascends to heaven,
11:10 in fact about 40 days later.
11:12 But some suggest that this is a preliminary
11:16 giving of the spirit.
11:18 Already Jesus is able to pass on the spirit to them.
11:22 But there is something about him going up to heaven
11:25 and in His meeting with the Father up there,
11:29 the spirit is sent down with even greater power.
11:33 So we come through six different passages
11:37 outside the farewell discourse that speak about the spirit.
11:42 Then coming to the farewell discourse,
11:45 it's interesting that Jesus comes up
11:48 with a new name for the spirit.
11:50 You won't find this in Paul.
11:53 You won't find it anywhere else in the New Testament.
11:56 In the Greek he calls the spirit parakletos, parakletos.
12:04 Parallel is the idea of something going alongside.
12:09 Parakletos, kletos is from the Greek word kleos
12:13 which means to be called.
12:16 And so the Holy Spirit is parakletos
12:19 the one who is called to your side.
12:23 That's interesting. It's translated in various ways.
12:26 It could be translated comforter.
12:29 It may be translated counselor.
12:32 Sometimes translated helper and all of these translations
12:37 are helpful to one degree or another.
12:40 But the core essence is somebody
12:44 who isn't just at your side as a friend.
12:48 It's someone who is appointed to be at your side.
12:52 And that means that the fundamental
12:54 meaning of this term is actually a lawyer.
12:58 A counselor not in a psychiatric sense
13:02 but more in the legal sense.
13:04 The Holy Spirit is the attorney,
13:07 the counselor who guides you.
13:09 Why would that be significant
13:11 because there's an undertone of judgment
13:15 throughout the Gospel of John.
13:17 Wherever Jesus goes, light shines,
13:22 judgment takes place.
13:24 It's like a court.
13:25 And when people encountered Jesus,
13:28 they are judging whether or not to follow Jesus,
13:31 whether or not He is what He reclaims to be.
13:34 At the same time the light shines on them
13:36 and they're judging themselves.
13:38 Like I'd to follow Jesus or am I not.
13:41 So judgment takes place in the context of Jesus.
13:45 But there is something more in the context of the discourse.
13:52 The Holy Spirit comes alongside
13:54 when they're under judgment by the authorities.
13:58 Others have judged them, others have come to them
14:02 and said "you deserve to die"
14:04 because you don't do religion the way that we do it.
14:07 And so in that context of the law courts of the land
14:12 the Holy Spirit comes alongside.
14:15 The Holy Spirit becomes an advocate,
14:18 becomes a counselor, a lawyer that helps them
14:21 with the accusations that they're faced with.
14:25 So that is the fundamental meaning,
14:27 the meaning of comforter is not a bad translation
14:32 but it is sort of a secondary meaning
14:35 in the normal use of the term.
14:37 All right, well, we're going to continue studying
14:40 the comforter or the Holy Spirit after the short break.


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