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Going Away

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00:01 And we are back studying the Gospel of John
00:02 with Dr. Jon Pauline.
00:04 Dr. Pauline you said in your illustration
00:07 with your former girlfriend,
00:08 that she told you that it is better for me to leave
00:12 and now that you look back you indeed,
00:14 you know, know that well it was good for that to happen.
00:18 In the case of the disciples,
00:20 Jesus says it is better for me to leave,
00:22 what was good about that?
00:24 Well, the answer here of course is what we're kind of avoiding
00:28 at this point in order to look at everything else
00:31 that's happening in these chapters.
00:32 But the ultimate answer is the Holy Spirit.
00:35 That Jesus is just one person.
00:38 Even though He is here on this earth,
00:40 He can be with His disciples or not with His disciples.
00:43 He can be with one and not the rest, you see.
00:46 But the Holy Spirit would be with all of them all the time.
00:50 So through the Holy Spirit, God has a more direct
00:53 and more intimate connection with us
00:55 that was possible when Jesus was physically present.
00:58 And of course for the second generation,
01:01 Jesus is speaking to them
01:03 and say you're disappointed that you don't have me,
01:06 but I am telling you it's better for you
01:09 that I am not here.
01:10 Through the Holy Spirit you have direct access
01:13 to all the power through the words of the Gospel,
01:16 all the power that I had here
01:18 is available to you anywhere on earth.
01:21 When Jesus was there, if He was in Cana,
01:25 you know, someone have to--
01:26 Capernaum, would have to go see Him, you see.
01:29 That story illustrates that 16 mile walk
01:32 illustrates the problem of having Jesus
01:36 as the source of all the benefits
01:38 that come from God.
01:40 When Jesus goes away and sends the Holy Spirit,
01:43 the Holy Spirit can be in Cana
01:45 and Capernaum at the same time.
01:47 Now, of course, in Jesus ministry
01:50 he was able to heal people 16 miles away.
01:53 But that was the exception rather than the rule
01:57 and through the Holy Spirit
01:59 the works of Jesus are multiplied
02:01 all around the world.
02:03 Now we will elaborate on that next time.
02:06 That--that's the immediate answer
02:09 to your question. Okay.
02:10 So where does Jesus continue with these discourse?
02:14 Why don't we go to verses 20-22?
02:18 "Most assuredly, I say to you that you will weep and lament,
02:22 but the world will rejoice and you will be sorrowful,
02:25 but your sorrow will be turned into joy.
02:28 A woman, when she is in labor,
02:30 has sorrow because her hour has come.
02:33 But as soon as she has given birth to the child,
02:35 she no longer remembers the anguish,
02:38 for joy that a human being has been born into the world.
02:42 Therefore, you now have sorrow,
02:45 but I will see you again and your heart will rejoice,
02:48 and your joy no one will take from you."
02:52 So here we have an irony of reversal.
02:54 You know, the disciples are gonna suffer.
02:57 The disciples are gonna be dismayed,
02:59 Jesus is gonna go away, they're gonna weep and mourn.
03:02 But that sorrow will be turned to joy.
03:05 First of all it will be turned to joy
03:07 when Jesus comes back from the dead.
03:09 Second of all, it will be turned to joy
03:12 when after Jesus leaves to heaven
03:14 He will come back to them in the Holy Spirit.
03:18 So this whole thing about multiple meanings
03:22 comes in to play here,
03:23 He will go away, they will be sorrowful.
03:26 But He will return in the Holy Spirit,
03:27 they will have joy.
03:28 Ultimately, He'll return physically at the Second Coming,
03:32 they will have joy.
03:33 So the sorrow that they now have is turned to joy.
03:39 Keeping your finger in Chapter 16,
03:41 why don't we go back to Chapter 15 and verse 11
03:47 because that ties in here.
03:49 There is a lot of repetition in these chapters.
03:53 "Since I have told you this, so that my joy maybe in you
03:58 and that your joy maybe complete."
04:04 This concept of joy,
04:06 I think maybe a little bit difficult
04:08 for people to understand.
04:10 And let me try to illustrate it little bit.
04:14 I remember one time I am going to a young person
04:16 and inviting them to church.
04:18 And he said, why don't-- I don't want to go.
04:22 You know, why don't you want to go to church?
04:25 Because it isn't any fun. Okay.
04:30 Where do you have fun?
04:33 He said, well, when I go to a club,
04:36 you know, then I have fun. Okay.
04:39 And when you leave the club, what then?
04:42 Oh, the fun stops.
04:44 He sees the fun is at the party,
04:47 the fun is at the club.
04:49 But the trouble with fun,
04:52 you know, the fun could be the amusement park,
04:56 you know, rollercoasters and stuff.
04:58 When you are there, you have fun,
05:00 when you leave the fun stops.
05:04 So here is the thing, the problem with fun
05:08 is it only lasts as long as the fun.
05:12 Joy, what Jesus is talking about is something that is lasting.
05:17 It is always with you. It's even there when you suffer.
05:22 One of the marks of Christian faith
05:24 is joy in suffering. Didn't say fun.
05:29 Jesus never says suffering is fun.
05:33 Jesus wasn't having fun on the cross.
05:38 But there is joy even in suffering.
05:42 The joy that Jesus had in His suffering
05:44 was the knowledge as Isaiah 53 tells us,
05:47 the knowledge that through that sacrifice
05:50 multitudes of new friends would come to God.
05:56 And so that was a joy, in the midst of that suffering,
05:59 there was a joy that there was a purpose in it.
06:02 So joy goes a lot deeper than fun.
06:04 And the beautiful thing about is,
06:06 is it lasts even when the fun is over.
06:09 So this concept of joy is part of the thing.
06:13 It's better for you if I go away
06:16 because with the Holy Spirit the joy will be always with you.
06:21 Joy is probably not a term
06:23 that we use that much in today's world,
06:26 and maybe because it doesn't really click for most people.
06:31 For them, happiness and joy have turned simply into fun.
06:35 And when you are not having fun,
06:36 you need to go to work. Work isn't fun.
06:39 But you can have joy at work.
06:42 You could have joy serving people
06:44 that come to you for help.
06:46 You could have joy helping other people be productive
06:49 and do things that help people.
06:51 So there can be joy even in the drudgery of work.
06:54 You know, sometimes I'll get 80 or 90 emails in a day.
06:58 It's not fun.
07:01 But people write me
07:03 and people engage me at the job
07:05 because we have a mission to accomplish.
07:07 And there can be joy in doing the mission
07:10 if it is done for God
07:13 and if it is done as to Jesus Christ.
07:16 So I think that's an important dynamic
07:18 that's' going on in this passage.
07:20 Well, the difference that I understand
07:22 as well as the difference between fun and joy
07:25 is that the world can give fun.
07:28 You know, as you mention, amusements
07:30 and different types of entertainments,
07:32 but true joy the world cannot give you know.
07:38 And that's why Jesus is the only one
07:40 who could give that joy.
07:41 Almost like if Jesus said you know, my peace I give you--
07:45 the peace not that the world can give you,
07:46 but the one that I give you.
07:48 So I would assume that this joy
07:50 is also that joy that only Jesus can give
07:53 and not the world. That's right.
07:56 Let's go on to verse 23,
07:58 because it comes back to something
08:00 that we've seen over and over in these chapters.
08:05 23 says, "And in that day you will ask Me nothing.
08:09 Most assuredly, I say to you,
08:11 whatever you ask the Father in My name He will give you."
08:15 See, here's Jesus is still tying into this idea
08:19 that He has come to reveal the Father
08:23 and now you know, we say we pray in Jesus name
08:27 but now He is even saying, you can go direct to the Father.
08:30 The Father is like Me. The Father loves you too.
08:34 The Father doesn't have an unwilling hear.
08:37 Now you might get the impression,
08:38 well, pray to God in Jesus name
08:40 that's' the only way He will listen to you,
08:42 you know, He is the stirring guy up there.
08:44 But maybe Jesus can soften Him up
08:46 and then you can get through.
08:47 Jesus says no, no, no.
08:48 He doesn't have an unwilling hear.
08:50 He is the one who sent me.
08:52 I am here because of Him. Continue verse 25-27.
08:58 "These things I have spoken to you in figurative language,
09:01 but the time is coming
09:03 when I will no longer speak to you in figurative language,
09:07 but I will tell you plainly about the Father.
09:10 In that day you will ask in my name,
09:13 and I do not say to you
09:15 that I shall pray to the Father for you,
09:18 for the Father Himself loves you,
09:19 because you have loved me,
09:21 and have believed that I came forth from God."
09:25 So here we see, we pray in Jesus name
09:27 and I think that's helpful to us,
09:28 but Jesus says really,
09:30 that the Father Himself loves you.
09:33 He didn't change His mind when I died on the cross.
09:37 The Father sent me to the cross.
09:40 God came to that cross.
09:43 The grief for the Father over the cross
09:46 is as deep as the death of the Son.
09:48 And so Jesus is offering a new picture of God here.
09:52 The picture that the disciples hadn't understood.
09:55 Do they get it? Not really. 29-33.
10:01 "His disciples said to Him,
10:03 'See, now You are speaking plainly,
10:05 and using no figure of speech.
10:08 Now we are sure that You know all things,
10:11 and have no need that anyone should question You.
10:14 By this we believe that You came forth from God.'
10:17 Jesus answered them, 'Do you now believe?
10:20 Indeed the hour is coming, yes, has now come,
10:23 that you will be scattered, each to his own,
10:26 and will leave Me alone.
10:28 And yet I am not alone, because the Father is with Me.
10:31 These things I have spoken to you,
10:34 that in Me you may have peace.
10:36 In the world you will have tribulation,
10:38 but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.'"
10:43 So here we see the disciples
10:45 feeling like they've really got it, you know.
10:48 And yet they don't.
10:50 Just at the point where they say,
10:52 yeah, we really understand,
10:54 we really know You, we've really got a doubt
10:57 and Jesus says, "oh, okay, now you understand.
11:01 I suppose that's why you're gonna leave me here
11:02 in a couple hours,
11:04 you know, forsake me, you're gonna run away.
11:06 That must prove that you really understand."
11:09 I think the Spiritual point here again is,
11:12 the physical presence of Jesus is not an advantage.
11:17 Our situation is not a disadvantage.
11:21 But rather through the Holy Spirit,
11:23 we have all the contact with Jesus we need
11:25 and the understanding that comes through the God's word.
11:30 Well, Dr. Pauline, again we want to thank you for being with us
11:32 in this Bible study, the Gospel of John.
11:34 And friends, we also want to thank you for being with us
11:37 in this very insightful Bible study.
11:40 You know, sometimes I don't understand
11:42 the words of the Lord,
11:43 sometimes I don't understand even the when I read the Bible,
11:46 I go through it and I don't understand completely.
11:49 But I know that there is the Holy Spirit
11:51 who leads me in all truth
11:53 and I pray that as you also study and read
11:55 that the Holy Spirit leads you.


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