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00:01 And welcome back.
00:02 We are in Chapter 14 of the Gospel of John.
00:04 And Jesus is now giving His farewell speech.
00:09 He is telling His disciples, He is going somewhere
00:12 and His desires to take the disciples with Him
00:16 when He returns.
00:17 Dr. Paulien, so what else can we learn from this?
00:21 Well, it says right at the beginning,
00:22 He says, don't let your hearts be troubled.
00:25 So it's clear that the disciples are troubled
00:27 by what He said in Chapter 13 that He is going away
00:31 and where He is going they can't follow.
00:33 So these first three verses are His first attempt
00:37 to ease their trouble and he says,
00:40 "Look, I am going away for a purpose, I need to go."
00:44 And He says this frequently through the section.
00:46 I need to go because I am going to go
00:48 prepare a place for you where I am not going away forever
00:52 but I am going to prepare a place for you
00:54 and then I am going to come back,
00:56 I am going to receive you to myself
00:59 so that where I am, that place that I am going,
01:03 you can be with me there.
01:05 Now a lot of people wonder in the Book of Revelation
01:09 you have a millennium that I believe
01:11 comes after the second coming of Jesus
01:14 and the question is no where in Revelation 20
01:17 does it say where God's people are
01:20 during the millennium, it talks about Satan,
01:22 it talks about couple of resurrections,
01:26 at the end of the millennium there's wicked people there.
01:28 Where is the people of God through all that time?
01:31 Revelation 20 doesn't discuss it.
01:33 The only place in the Bible where that becomes clear
01:37 is here in this passage.
01:38 So I thought we just stop there for a moment.
01:41 Jesus doesn't say, "I am gonna go away
01:44 and when I go away I will come back
01:46 so that where you are, I can be also."
01:50 If He was coming to earth, to reign on the earth
01:52 with His disciples as some people believe,
01:54 then He would have said it that way.
01:57 Instead He says, "I am going to prepare a place
01:59 and I will come again so that where I am," heaven,
02:03 "you," here on earth, "may be also."
02:07 So when He comes the second time,
02:09 He doesn't come to be with us here,
02:11 He comes to take us with Him there.
02:15 And that's where John 14:1-3 makes that clear.
02:20 Now moving on through Chapter 14,
02:24 it would be wonderful we could spend time on every verse here
02:27 but I want to pick out three or four verses
02:30 that I think are most crucial
02:32 and the first of those is verse 6.
02:35 "Jesus said to him,
02:37 'I am the way, the truth, and the life.
02:39 No one comes to the Father except through Me."
02:44 The way, the truths and the life.
02:46 This is one of those "I am" statements.
02:48 I am, I go, in me, I am the way, the truth, and the life.
02:53 He is the way to the Father.
02:56 If you want to come to the Father,
02:57 you come through Jesus
02:58 because the Father has given Jesus be for us, to be here
03:04 and we can know God through Him because He is like God.
03:08 And as a human being He bares within Himself
03:11 the Shekinah Glory of God.
03:13 So Jesus is the way to the Father.
03:18 He is also the truth,
03:20 He is the truth about the Father.
03:23 We understand what the Father is like.
03:26 You know there were many people throughout history.
03:28 There's a fellow name Marcian in the second century
03:32 who believes that the God of the Old Testament
03:35 was a cruel taskmaster
03:38 and that he wasn't anything like Jesus.
03:41 Jesus is a totally different picture.
03:43 They are two completely different entities.
03:46 And the only way to get a true picture of God
03:50 is to discard the Old Testament.
03:52 Marcian even discarded most of the New Testament.
03:56 He created a cannon of his Bible you could say.
04:01 Basically it was ten of Paul's letters
04:04 and the Gospel of Luke.
04:06 And that was his whole Bible.
04:08 He threw out the Old Testament and most of the--
04:09 rest of the books that we know of this New Testament.
04:12 So he saw this extreme distinction between
04:15 the God of the Old Testament and the God of the New.
04:17 John does not see that distinction.
04:21 The truths about the Father, the God of the Old Testament
04:25 is Jesus, what Jesus is like.
04:28 When you see Jesus washing feet, that's what God is like.
04:32 When you see Jesus saying, love one another as I have loved you,
04:37 that's what God is like.
04:39 When you see Jesus hanging on the cross,
04:42 being abused and disrespected, that's what God is like.
04:47 God care so much about us
04:51 that He is willing to come down to this earth,
04:53 take the worst that human beings could throw at Him
04:57 and say, "look, I will never give you up.
05:00 I will never let you go."
05:03 You need to know that there is a love out there
05:05 that is so deep and so permanent
05:09 that you can only walk away with it, from it
05:12 with the greatest of effort.
05:14 When you see the love of God on the cross,
05:17 to turn away from that is very, very hard,
05:20 when you really grasp it.
05:22 Those who don't grasp would feel like it's easy to turn away.
05:25 When you truly see the truth about God,
05:28 it's hard to walk away.
05:30 And then He says, "I am the Life."
05:33 The whole mission of this gospel according to Chapter 20
05:36 is that you will believe that Jesus is Messiah
05:39 and believing you will have life in His name.
05:43 So the life is what everybody receives when they believe.
05:48 Back in the prologue, He says,
05:49 as many as came to Him became children of God,
05:53 they received life in His name.
05:56 So in a way John 14:6 is a summary
05:59 of everything that Jesus brings.
06:02 A lot of people had been offended by the passage.
06:04 They say, you know, Jesus is the only--
06:07 the way, the truths and the life.
06:08 That cuts out everybody else. I don't think so.
06:12 I think that what we see in the gospel
06:14 is a love of God for the whole human race.
06:16 It's not just for Jews.
06:19 It's not just for people who will call themselves Christians.
06:22 What Jesus did on the cross is for everybody.
06:25 In fact in Colossians,
06:27 it says that the cross is for the entire universe.
06:30 And so there is enough there at the cross
06:34 for everybody on this earth.
06:36 And I believe that when we get to eternity
06:38 there may be some people there we didn't expect
06:41 because God's love is big enough for all of that.
06:45 Now once again, Jesus saying all that in person
06:50 doesn't connect with the disciples.
06:52 Read verses 7 to 9.
06:54 "If you had known me, you would have known my Father also,
06:58 and from now on you know him and have seen him.
07:02 Philip said to Him, "Lord, show us the Father,
07:05 and it is sufficient for us.
07:07 Jesus said to him, 'Have I been with so long,
07:11 and yet you have not believed, you have not known me, Philip?
07:14 He who has seen Me has seen the Father,
07:17 so how can you say, show us the Father?'"
07:21 So here Jesus elaborates on what I was just saying,
07:25 if you have seen Me, you have seen the Father.
07:29 He makes no distinction,
07:30 this Marcianite thing just isn't real,
07:34 it's not where God is going with all of this.
07:38 There are many places in the New Testament
07:41 where Jesus is described in the language of Yahweh
07:47 where texts of the Old Testament talk about Yahweh,
07:51 the God of the Old Testament, applies them to Jesus.
07:54 In a real sense for the New Testament,
07:56 Jesus is the God of the Old Testament,
08:00 rather than seeing a gap between the two.
08:02 They say Jesus is actually the one that was on Mount Sinai.
08:05 Jesus is the one that spoke to Isaiah.
08:08 Jesus is the one that was with Moses
08:10 and Adam in the garden, you see.
08:14 But here in John, Jesus turns that into reverse.
08:18 He is saying the Father is the God of the New Testament.
08:23 If Jesus is the God of the Old Testament
08:26 and the Father is the God of the New Testament,
08:28 you cannot separate them.
08:31 The two of them are truly one
08:33 and that means everything that John implies by that.
08:37 If you know Jesus, you know what God is like.
08:40 This is the deepest revelation
08:42 and when we see the sufferings, self-sacrificing
08:46 character of God it draws us to that.
08:50 Something deep inside of us says I want to be like that.
08:54 I want to be self-sacrificing.
08:56 I want to live for others
08:58 and we are motivated to be that which by nature we are not.
09:02 So to know God, perhaps the misunderstanding,
09:06 misconceptions that many people have about this evil god
09:12 or this other god that man in the first or second century.
09:15 Listen to a few atheists today
09:17 and you can see their picture of God is very, very cruel.
09:20 But according to what Jesus is saying
09:23 that to know God for truly who He is, is to know Jesus.
09:30 And see Jesus as we see
09:32 and learn from Jesus, and His sacrifice,
09:34 His love for His disciples then that's who God is.
09:38 I can understand why atheists turn away from God.
09:41 If the god that they know is the god of cruel father
09:44 or the god of the cruel church, the god of the inquisition,
09:48 the god of the crusades, the god of the holocaust.
09:52 If that is the god that Christians portray,
09:57 then we are probably better off not to believe in Him.
10:00 It's not the God that Jesus has come to portray.
10:05 And so the cure to atheism is Gospel of John
10:09 to come to realize who God really is.
10:12 Now there's one more thing we got to touch base with
10:15 before we are done with this chapter and that's verse 12.
10:17 This is a stunning verse that blows everybody's mind.
10:21 "Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in Me,
10:25 the works that I do he will do also
10:27 and greater works than these he will do,
10:30 because I go to My Father."
10:33 Wow. That's amazing.
10:35 He says, we can do greater works than Jesus and you say, what?
10:39 Raise the dead? Heal the sick?
10:42 Give sight to the blind?
10:43 How could anybody do greater works than that?
10:46 And the answer I think you see here in this farewell discourse
10:51 is that Jesus has limitations.
10:54 As a human being He can only be in one place at one time.
10:58 When He goes away and sends the Holy Spirit,
11:02 the Holy Spirit can be everywhere at once.
11:05 And when we have the Holy Spirit as disciples,
11:08 we can do the works that Jesus has done all around the world.
11:13 So Jesus work is multiplied
11:16 through the work of the Holy Spirit
11:18 and therefore it becomes truly greater works than these.
11:23 They will do maybe not greater in quality
11:25 because the work of God is the work of God either way
11:28 but definitely greater in quantity.
11:30 The quantity of great works is multiplied
11:34 when Jesus ascends to heaven
11:36 through the work of the Holy Spirit.
11:38 So that to me is the best explanation of this verse.
11:41 And mention in one or two of those works
11:43 that I can do greater than Jesus.
11:47 Well, the greatest work of all probably is forgiveness.
11:50 You know, we tend to focus on the spectaculars.
11:52 You know, we want to see grand miracles.
11:55 And John has been trying to tell us all the way along
11:57 that is not the way to genuine faith.
12:00 The greatest miracles are the things
12:02 that God does in the heart.
12:04 The greatest miracles is when a life changes.
12:07 That's the amazing thing.
12:08 Now forgiving, by the why forgiving is not always easy.
12:12 That's right. It sounds easy.
12:14 Okay, you forgive others
12:16 but how can I genuinely forgive others,
12:20 especially when they have caused so much hurt in my life?
12:25 Perhaps someone is watching and asking that question,
12:27 well, it sounds very easy, you had a very good life.
12:30 My life has been miserable.
12:32 How can someone take courage to say
12:34 that they can have the strength to forgive others?
12:38 Well, it helps first of all to see it in other people.
12:42 When you see somebody that you can see, hear and touch
12:45 forgiving people that helps a great deal.
12:47 But ultimately it's a miracle of God.
12:49 We can choose to forgive but the heart forgiveness
12:53 comes through the Holy Spirit, It's a gift.
12:56 Well, Dr. Paulien, I thank you again for being with us.
12:59 And friends, you too can have that miracle of forgiveness
13:02 and only Christ can give you,
13:04 give me that miracle if you accept Him today.
13:07 God bless.


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