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The Good Shepherd

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00:01 And welcome back again.
00:02 We're studying the Good Shepherd.
00:04 And Dr. Pauliene, you know, before the break
00:07 I was thinking about this and I was wondering to myself
00:10 as a pastor if I had a congregation to flock
00:15 and for some reason whatever happened I lost my job,
00:20 I was told I couldn't be paid.
00:24 I was thinking would I still shepherd the flock?
00:28 Would I do what I was doing before?
00:30 Would my passion for the sheep,
00:32 for my sheep be the same
00:34 as before when I was getting paid?
00:37 Would it be the same without pay?
00:40 And I think that-- that is a great tests,
00:45 it's a great test for those who do shepherd the flock
00:49 and its--that's a great responsibility isn't it?
00:56 And I think that should probably be
00:59 a searching of our own hearts to see,
01:02 you know, where do I stand with that?
01:04 Will I truly shepherd Gods flock?
01:08 And eventually this is the-- what Jesus is saying,
01:11 you know, our responsibility is to that Good Shepherd.
01:15 You know, what do you think?
01:17 Ah, it's that's beautiful.
01:18 You know we don't want to be the hired end,
01:21 you know, and the story here
01:23 and Jesus speaks powerfully to our hearts.
01:26 You know, the structures of religion are beautiful thing.
01:31 In that they're put there
01:34 in order to further the work of God to strengthen it,
01:37 to take it places it couldn't go
01:39 without some structure, without some organization.
01:43 The problem is whenever you set up a structure
01:46 it's tempting for that to become the focus.
01:49 You can see it, you can hear it,
01:51 you can touch it. See it's there.
01:53 It's within the five senses.
01:55 The tendency is know to focus on the structure
01:58 rather than on John's spiritual vision,
02:01 the deeper thing.
02:03 Even when Jesus was there,
02:04 there was a tendency to focus on Him.
02:07 What He could give them?
02:08 He could bring us bread. He can bring us water.
02:11 You know, He can do all these things for us
02:14 and to loose side of the deeper spiritual mission
02:17 that was a reason that He truly came.
02:20 So I think this Good Shepherd story--
02:23 you're right it as challenge us very, very deeply.
02:26 Because if Jesus was willing to die
02:29 or He will die for His sheep and without any pay
02:35 or anything like that we see here
02:37 how the Pharisees cast it out a blind man
02:40 and they were the blind ones.
02:41 They were supposed to be the Shepherd of God's people,
02:46 Gods flock and they were-- won't you say that they were in
02:50 the wolf and sheep's clothing
02:52 that Jesus is talking about. Yeah.
02:54 And that's why we can make sense now that we read chapter 21,
02:59 where He starts with I'm the Good Shepherd.
03:02 That's powerful, that's amazing.
03:03 That's right. That's right.
03:05 So He challenges us to the depth of our being,
03:09 this is the Gospel of John calls us
03:11 to go deeper then we otherwise would.
03:14 Now in chapter 10 after He gives
03:17 that discourse on the Good Shepherd
03:20 what would be the second half of that chapter?
03:22 Starts in verse 22
03:24 and why don't you read 22 and 23?
03:28 "Now was the Feast of Dedication in Jerusalem
03:30 and it was winter,
03:32 and Jesus walked in the temple in Solomon's porch.
03:36 Then the Jews surrounded Him
03:37 and said to Him 'How long do You keep us in doubt?
03:42 If You are the Christ tell us plainly.'"
03:45 So, did you know that Hanukkah was in the New Testament?
03:50 I didn't know that. What is Hanukkah?
03:52 Well it's the Feast of Dedication.
03:54 This is the Feast of Dedication and its winter.
03:57 You see, the only one of Jewish feasts
04:00 that is in winter is the Feast of Dedication.
04:04 It comes around Christmas time in the western countries.
04:08 Now so this is two or three months
04:11 after the story of the Good Shepherd and so on.
04:16 So we made a jump now,
04:17 we've gone a considerable period of time.
04:20 And you say what is doing in the New Testament?
04:24 The Feast of Hanukkah, the Feat of Dedication
04:27 was founded about 200 years before this.
04:30 So it's not an Old Testament feast.
04:33 To say why would Jesus come here?
04:35 Because the Feast of Dedication
04:38 builds on Old Testament background as well.
04:43 For example, when the temple the Tabernacle of Moses
04:47 was put together it was dedicated
04:49 and you see that in Exodus Chapter 40.
04:52 So you had a dedication there
04:54 and the Greek word there is engkainia
04:57 which means dedication, so that occurs there
04:59 and the Greek version of that.
05:01 When Solomon finished the temple,
05:04 that was a dedication service once again there
05:07 and that's like a thousand years before the time of Jesus.
05:11 In Ezra Chapter 6 there's a dedication
05:14 of Zerubbabel temple after the return from Babylon.
05:20 Once again in Nehemiah
05:21 it tells of another dedication that occurred there.
05:26 And then the fifth one would be the one
05:29 that the Jews celebrate with the Hanukkah feast
05:33 and that is when the Maccabees
05:35 who drive the Syrian out
05:37 and restore the temple and start the sacrifices again.
05:42 They had a dedication service.
05:43 That was the first of the Hanukkah feast.
05:47 So the Hanukkah feast really looks back
05:51 on a whole series of temple dedications.
05:55 But more then that in the New Testament
05:58 you have Jesus as a baby.
06:00 He is taken to the temple
06:02 and He is dedicated in the temple.
06:05 So Jesus Himself had this dedication.
06:08 Then at the baptism of Jesus He's dedicated for His mission.
06:14 Now here He attends the Feast of Dedication.
06:18 In the Book of Hebrews it talks about the dedication
06:21 of the Heavenly Sanctuary.
06:24 And then finally in the Book of Revelation
06:27 God Himself appears in person in the New Jerusalem.
06:32 So the dedication of the temple in the Old Testament
06:35 was when God Himself would come down
06:38 and be a living presence in the temple.
06:42 That's extended to Jesus that in the coming of Jesus,
06:46 the temple of God is among us.
06:49 The glory of God has entered a human body,
06:52 and so Jesus own body is a temple.
06:55 In Matthew, He stands in front of people and say
06:58 something greater than the temple is standing here.
07:02 The only thing that was greater than the temple
07:04 was the glory of God that was inside that temple
07:06 and made it a temple.
07:08 So when Jesus said something greater than the temple
07:11 is standing here He means the Shekinah Glory
07:14 is present in His body.
07:17 So this Feast of Dedication is brought in here by John
07:22 because it is a powerful message about who Jesus is.
07:26 He is truly God. He is the Logos come down.
07:30 He is God revealed among us
07:32 and in Jesus we see the living representation
07:37 of every thing that the temple meant.
07:39 So the Feast of Dedication basically celebrates
07:44 the dedication of the original temple.
07:46 When Jesus comes to that feast
07:49 He is saying that the true dedication
07:52 is occurring in My presence.
07:55 Jesus Himself is the one who dedicated those earlier temples
07:58 and now He comes to the temple at the Feast of Dedication.
08:03 And those questions I ask him
08:05 how long will you keep us in doubt,
08:07 if you're the Christ why don't you tell us plainly.
08:09 Did--was Jesus keeping them in doubt or what? Yeah.
08:14 Well, I think that the reality here
08:18 is that as the Messiah, Jesus has come to represent God,
08:25 but for the Jews not the Samaritans,
08:27 for the Jews Messiah meant a military political leader.
08:32 He would have taken the religion where it wanted to go.
08:36 You know, there's the serving of money
08:39 and power and all the rest of that.
08:42 So He didn't want to admit to the term Messiah,
08:45 because they miss used it.
08:47 Instead He uses the son of man
08:49 which is the figure drawn from Daniel
08:51 one who was with God in the beginning
08:53 and who takes up the position of Adam on this earth.
08:58 Jesus fits that role so He calls Himself son of man.
09:01 But Messiah in their thinking was not exactly
09:06 what He aspired to be.
09:07 And in verse 25 He does answers this,
09:10 I told you, but you don't believe.
09:11 Yeah, yeah.
09:13 Well, because they didn't believe
09:15 the kind of Messiah He was. Right.
09:17 They were looking for a king.
09:19 They were looking for a military general.
09:22 But in John 6 He shows what kind of Messiah He is.
09:26 He's someone that gives His flesh
09:28 and His blood to eat and drink.
09:31 And you remember at the end of John 6 they're saying,
09:35 you know, who can handle this? This is the hard saying.
09:39 You know we got to get out here.
09:41 This guy is not what we thought He was.
09:44 So as people find out
09:46 who Jesus is really some will choose to follow Him
09:52 but others will resist.
09:54 And it seems that in their hearts
09:55 they deliberately did not want to believe
09:58 because it seems in verse 25 is exactly
10:00 what the blind man said.
10:03 You know, I already told you
10:04 who He'll mean and you don't want to believe.
10:07 And Jesus says, I already told you
10:09 and you don't believe.
10:10 So they already set in the hearts that decision
10:13 that okay this is not the one we're looking for? Yeah.
10:17 And that's why they planned to murder him, all right.
10:21 That's why it's so important
10:23 that we not simply play on the surface,
10:26 it isn't obvious that Jesus is God.
10:28 You know, think about this,
10:30 the moment that God wants to communicate to us
10:32 and sends us Himself in a human form
10:35 that very human form causes us to focus on the human
10:39 and not on the divine.
10:41 So it's critical to understand
10:43 that Jesus truly did come from God.
10:46 And it gives us number of things.
10:48 First of all through Jesus we know what God is really like.
10:52 He's not a big powerful bully like all the Pagan Gods
10:56 but rather He's one who would come
10:58 and sacrifice Himself for His creation.
11:02 That's an amazing thing
11:04 when we stop and think about that
11:05 He would sacrifice Himself for His creation.
11:08 And when you see that kind of God
11:10 one of two things is going to happen.
11:12 The one possible is you look at that
11:14 and say, I don't want of anything to do with that.
11:18 I want to be big shot in this world.
11:20 I want to have money.
11:21 I want to have sex. I want to have power.
11:23 I want to have all the goodies, you see.
11:25 And so we might react in that way.
11:27 But there are some who when they see
11:30 what God is really like a charm by that
11:33 and I say that is what I really aspired to be.
11:37 That is who I want to be.
11:39 And if I become more like Jesus
11:42 I will be attaining the purpose of my life.
11:44 So when we know what God is really like in Christ
11:48 the two paths become very stark and very clear.
11:51 Well Dr. Pauliene, I think we run out of time.
11:54 We want to thank you, again for being with us.
11:57 We're not finished with the Gospel of John.
11:58 We still have almost half of book left.
12:01 And so friends, join us next time
12:03 as we continue to read together the Gospel of John
12:06 and remember to accept Christ as you personal Savior.
12:09 He is the Good Shepherd,
12:10 a light to truth and the way. Till next time.


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