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Conflict in the Temple

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00:01 And we are back with Dr. Jon Paulien.
00:02 We're studying the Gospel of John in chapter 7.
00:05 Dr. Paulien, so Jesus tells his brothers
00:08 that His time has not yet come.
00:12 And so does He not go to this feast.
00:16 Why don't we read verses 8-10?
00:19 "You go up to this feast.
00:22 I am not yet going up to this feast,
00:24 for My time has not yet fully come.
00:27 When He had said these things to them,
00:29 He remained in Galilee.
00:30 But when His brothers had gone up,
00:32 then He also went up to the feast,
00:35 not openly, but as it were in secret."
00:38 So he did go. So he ended up going.
00:40 So basically what He was saying is
00:42 I'm going not just with you.
00:44 Well, here's the thing. Jesus makes clear.
00:48 My schedule is grounded in God's purpose.
00:51 It's not my mother's purpose,
00:53 you know, she wants me to do something at the wedding feast.
00:55 It's not my brother's purpose.
00:57 We often let other people influence us
01:01 away from God's purpose in our lives.
01:04 So here Jesus is making clear.
01:06 He's got be in tune with His Father.
01:08 His schedule is set by the Father.
01:10 His timing has got to be in that way.
01:13 The brothers say, you know, go with us, go now.
01:15 No, it's not the timing.
01:16 But after they left then He went down in secret.
01:20 Apparently a public showing
01:22 at least at the beginning of this feast
01:24 was not His intention and purpose.
01:26 Later on, we'll see He gets a bit disruptive.
01:29 Because if He would've gone with His brothers
01:32 then people would have recognized Him then.
01:34 That is very likely.
01:35 And His time referring to His death
01:37 that was not-- it was not the moment.
01:39 It was not time for that yet. Yeah, so--
01:42 All right, so where then are we reading now?
01:45 Because of time, we'll just move
01:47 quickly through chapter 7 in summary.
01:50 When He actually gets there and shows up,
01:54 He gets setup on by some of the priests and Pharisees.
01:57 And they are arguing with Him.
01:59 Because this is the first time, they've seen Him
02:01 since the pool of Bethesda.
02:03 And they remember it that time.
02:05 You know, in relation to the Sabbath what happened.
02:07 So they are arguing with Him about the Sabbath.
02:11 Then the argument shifts to Messiah ship.
02:14 Well, who is the Messiah?
02:15 And what makes you think you are the Messiah and so on?
02:18 And then it shifts to origin, you see.
02:22 Because the Messiah is supposed to be born in Bethlehem,
02:26 but where did Jesus grow up?
02:30 Nazareth. Nazareth.
02:31 Yeah, Nazareth a long way from Bethlehem,
02:34 so they say you couldn't possibly be Messiah,
02:37 because you're born in Nazareth.
02:39 Well, of course,
02:41 that is corrected by other gospel writers.
02:44 Matthew in particular shows that,
02:46 yes, He was from Nazareth
02:48 but He went down the Bethlehem
02:50 because of this tax registry, you see.
02:54 So Matthew is explaining how somebody
02:57 who was born or at least who lived in Nazareth
03:00 grew up in Nazareth was actually from Bethlehem.
03:04 So Matthew's answer to Jesus' Messiah ship is,
03:07 yes, He was born in Bethlehem,
03:08 just like the prophet said.
03:10 But John doesn't answer that way.
03:13 John doesn't say, oh, He was born in Bethlehem."
03:16 No, John says He was from heaven.
03:20 Messiah came down from heaven.
03:22 Doesn't matter where He was born,
03:24 He came down from heaven.
03:26 And that shows that He has God's approval.
03:29 So God's Messiah comes from God.
03:32 And that's John's answer to the question,
03:35 different answers, each of them addressing that concern.
03:39 So as you go through the chapter 7,
03:41 you see these different controversies taking place.
03:44 And there's kind of a double stage.
03:46 You have what's happening in the temple courts with Jesus,
03:50 behind the scenes
03:52 the priest are plotting His arrest, you see.
03:55 And so you have these two stages going on at the same time
03:58 which happens several times in the Gospel of John.
04:02 The narrator kind of goes back and forth
04:04 and keeps us up-to-date on both of these.
04:06 But in the midst of all this,
04:08 Jesus disrupts the service.
04:12 Right at the time when they're pouring the water
04:16 for this Feast of Tabernacles,
04:17 Jesus stands up. Read verses 37-39.
04:22 "On the last day, that great day of the feast,
04:24 Jesus stood and cried out, saying, "If anyone thirsts,
04:28 let him come to Me and drink.
04:30 He who believes in Me, as the Scripture has said,
04:32 out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.
04:36 But this He spoke concerning the Spirit,
04:38 whom those believing in Him would receive,
04:41 for the Holy Spirit was not yet given,
04:43 because Jesus was not yet glorified."
04:46 So here's the thing that got literal water.
04:49 Shall we take a drink?
04:50 Yes. Let us. Yeah.
04:52 This water is a good illustration. Right.
04:55 It's good. It is.
04:56 It's very, very good.
04:58 And they're taking some of that good water
04:59 and its part of the ceremony in the temple to remember.
05:03 In John, it's always something deeper going on.
05:06 Jesus gets up right at that point
05:09 and He said if anybody's thirsty.
05:12 Let him have a glass of water.
05:14 No, if anyone's thirsty let him come to me and drink.
05:19 And those who come to me and drink out of their bellies,
05:22 out of their stomachs will flow reverse of living water.
05:27 So you see here that Jesus is saying
05:31 the priests fill up those vessels for a short time.
05:34 If you're thirsty and drink, you're going to be thirsty again
05:38 just like the Samaritan woman.
05:40 He is offering them water that is deeper and more significant.
05:44 Like we said in our previous program,
05:46 He will raise our need,
05:49 you know, that we have a deeper need.
05:51 We realize a thirst for spiritual things.
05:55 God wants to kindle in us a spiritual thirst
05:58 that will cause us to turn to Him and find great joy there.
06:01 You know a lot of people in the secular world, they say,
06:03 "I studied the Bible and it's just boring to me.
06:06 It doesn't mean anything."
06:07 Well, you see, they have not been sensing the deeper thirst
06:12 that we have for something greater.
06:14 And when we come and touch with the thirst.
06:17 And sometimes God uses circumstances to do that.
06:21 When we realize our thirst for spiritual things
06:23 and we come to the word then it fills our lives
06:26 in ways that we didn't expect. But it's interesting.
06:31 In Ezekiel, there's a river that flows from the temple
06:37 and that river waters the whole land.
06:42 In John 4, Jesus becomes that temple, you see.
06:49 You know, Gerizim isn't the place?
06:51 Jerusalem, isn't the place?
06:53 Jesus is the place where the true temple is.
06:56 And so Jesus replaces that Old Testament temple.
06:59 He's the source of the water.
07:01 But the exciting thing in this text is
07:04 those who are in relation with Him
07:06 can also become the source of water
07:09 that when the Holy Sprit fills our lives
07:12 we can minister the Holy Spirit to others.
07:14 That from our very lives we awaken in other people
07:17 a thirst for what God offers.
07:19 And we can by the grace of God through the Holy Spirit's
07:23 supply that need through our words,
07:27 through our actions in different ways.
07:28 Now when these people heard that Jesus said these words,
07:31 what were their reaction?
07:33 Well, they were not happy.
07:36 I mean, He's disrupting the worship service, you know.
07:40 Have you ever been speaking and somebody stands up
07:42 in the middle your sermon and starts arguing with you.
07:45 You know, that's not the most popular thing to do.
07:49 So Jesus is just challenging the system here.
07:52 In verse 40 it says, "That some rose up and said,
07:56 "Truly, this is the prophet."
07:58 And others said, "This is the Christ."
08:01 And another question, "Will the Christ come out of Galilee?"
08:04 So some believed then also.
08:07 So there was difference of opinion, yeah.
08:10 And some in the crowd wants to follow Him, others oppose.
08:16 And interestingly enough when they send guards to arrest him,
08:21 they can't do it, because they're so amazed
08:23 at the things that He said.
08:24 All right. Yeah.
08:26 And we also said that we were going
08:27 to cover part of chapter 8. That's right.
08:28 Okay. That's right.
08:30 Now what's going on in chapter 8?
08:31 So when you get to chapter 8, the controversies continue.
08:36 But here in chapter 8, Jesus is talking in the temple courts.
08:43 And we'll just skip over for the moment,
08:45 the story of the woman taken in adultery,
08:46 I'd like to finish with that in little bit.
08:49 But here in chapter 8, Jesus says,
08:53 "I am the light of the world."
08:55 At night, in the Feast of Tabernacles,
08:57 they had blazing torches that would light it up like day.
09:00 So He pronounces I am the water of life
09:03 and now He says I am the light of the world.
09:06 So what He's doing?
09:07 He is taking the Jewish feasts and pointing them to Him.
09:12 To truly honor this feast,
09:16 you will want to follow the one that they're pointing to.
09:21 Obviously, the leadership there reacts to this
09:26 and they become more and more frustrated by Jesus
09:30 and so there are serious arguments
09:33 that take place throughout this chapter.
09:35 One section, I'd like to draw attention to,
09:39 we can't cover everything.
09:40 But chapter 8 verse 32 and 33.
09:44 It says "And you shall know the truth,
09:47 and the truth shall make you free.
09:50 They answered him, "We are Abraham's descendants,
09:52 and have never been in bondage to anyone.
09:55 How can you say, "You will be made free?"
10:00 You see, once again they take Him literally.
10:04 They're thinking of a freedom, political freedom,
10:07 economic freedom and so on.
10:09 They're not actually even telling the truth.
10:11 They've been in bondage to the Romans.
10:13 They've been in bondage to the Greeks,
10:15 to Persians, to the Babylonians.
10:17 You know, one after one another.
10:19 So this isn't entirely accurate at this point.
10:22 But clearly, they are understanding
10:24 the freedom here as something that is political,
10:29 but the reality is the freedom
10:30 that Jesus offers is a freedom from sin.
10:35 Go on verses 34-36.
10:38 "Jesus answered them, "Most assuredly, I say to you,
10:40 whoever commits sin is a slave to sin.
10:43 And a slave does not abide in the house forever,
10:45 but a son abides forever.
10:47 Therefore if the Son makes you free,
10:50 you shall be free indeed."
10:53 So Jesus is offering a different kind of freedom
10:56 than what they had in mind,
10:58 that spiritual gospel coming through again.
11:00 So this precipitates a huge argument.
11:04 And from here on they're arguing about Abraham
11:07 and they're arguing about freedom and sin.
11:10 And Jesus gets very sharp at this point,
11:14 even calls them children of the devil.
11:16 And in the end, this battle ends
11:21 when Jesus just takes His leave.
11:23 So He spends this time in the temple,
11:26 but things ultimately don't go well.
11:29 Now are we missing a story in this chapter?
11:32 Right, right at the beginning of chapter 8,
11:34 you have the story of the woman taken in adultery.
11:37 And there the leaders bring this woman
11:41 who was caught in the act.
11:43 Now according to the laws of Moses,
11:45 such a person should be stoned.
11:47 So they were being very pious.
11:48 You know, they're saying this person has sin against God,
11:51 she's an obvious sinner.
11:53 I think one of the things about religious people is
11:56 we almost love to point fingers at others,
11:58 to notice people who have sinned really, really publicly.
12:02 And somehow we feel a little bit better about it,
12:05 that, you know, well, I'm not like that person, you see.
12:08 So they bring this woman to Jesus
12:10 and Jesus completely circumvents the plan.
12:13 He finds a way to save her by showing them their sins.
12:17 He writes on the ground.
12:19 And they begin to realize that in other ways
12:22 they are as bad as she is.
12:24 Now here's the interesting thing,
12:26 it's the good guys
12:28 in the story that are less willing
12:30 to be reached by Jesus than this woman.
12:33 She is more open to the healing that He brings than they are.
12:37 So she is more open to be freed from her sin
12:41 than this other group.
12:42 Exactly, though, the whole theme here is just freeing from sin.
12:45 The freedom Jesus offers, they don't seem interested in.
12:48 And, Dr. Paulien, you know, there are many people behind,
12:51 right now watching that they are physically in bondage.
12:55 But the message that Jesus wants to give them is
12:57 that they can be spiritually free from their sins.
13:01 And, friends, if you accept Jesus Christ in your life today,
13:04 wherever you are, whatever you do,
13:06 whatever you have ever done in your life,
13:07 you can be set free from your sins.
13:10 Till next time.


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