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00:01 And welcome back again.
00:02 Dr. Jon Paulien, you were saying earlier that,
00:05 that you referring to in verse 31 of Chapter 20,
00:10 was referring to the second disciple generation,
00:16 those who had not-- those who would not see Jesus
00:19 and then you were talking about the vine and the branches.
00:23 Yeah. Like so?
00:24 Like most people I had always thought that,
00:26 you know, I am the branches and stuff,
00:28 but when you see it in the light of these two generations
00:31 that only the Gospel of John makes that distinction.
00:35 When you see it in that light then you realize,
00:37 we that the fruit isn't connected directly to the vine,
00:41 it's connected to the branch.
00:43 We didn't come to Jesus
00:45 through His personal physical ministry to us.
00:47 We came through the ministry of these disciples
00:51 through the written word in the gospels.
00:53 And so we're connected to the branches,
00:56 the branches are connected to the vine.
00:59 So we are brought to Jesus by the disciples
01:04 and that helps to explain this whole thing
01:06 about the Holy Spirit in the Gospel of John.
01:10 Because He says, it's better for you
01:14 if I go away, Chapter 16 verse 7.
01:17 It's better for you if I go away.
01:19 The disciples wouldn't have believed it at that time.
01:22 But apparently there are barriers
01:26 to accepting Jesus when He is physically present.
01:29 I mean think about it.
01:30 We all think, boy, if I knew Jesus personally,
01:34 I would definitely follow Him,
01:36 I wouldn't be like those stupid Pharisees, you know.
01:38 Not so fast.
01:41 You see God recognize
01:42 if He wants to really communicate who He is,
01:45 He needs to come in person and that's exactly
01:47 what God did in Jesus Christ.
01:50 But look at it through God's eyes,
01:52 look at the problem.
01:53 The moment God becomes human--
01:57 Now human beings have difficulty
01:59 believing this human being as God.
02:01 You see, when God's thundering on Sinai,
02:04 yeah, that's God, you know.
02:05 Scary, you know.
02:07 But when God comes down as a human being
02:09 and deals with people in kindness,
02:11 we have trouble believing that this human being is also God.
02:14 And even John said I think in Chapter 1, he said,
02:17 "To His own He came and His own did not receive Him."
02:21 Exactly, well, just imagine
02:24 you walking down the road with Jesus and it's a hot summer day
02:30 and you're about10 miles down the road
02:32 and suddenly the wind is just right
02:35 and you catch a whiff of body odor.
02:39 Are you more likely to think that this is God in the flesh
02:42 at the moment or you gonna try and say,
02:44 He's just like me, you see.
02:46 So in the very means by which God was communicating
02:50 something about self test people would take
02:53 that and find doubt as well.
02:56 So it's interesting Jesus says,
02:59 "Its better for If I go away."
03:03 That, that somehow one thing
03:05 we will notice in the next program
03:07 is that people are constantly misunderstanding Jesus
03:10 in the Gospel of John and in Mark as well.
03:14 The physical presence of Jesus created some uncertainties
03:19 for them that evidently when the Holy Sprit
03:23 speaks through us that won't be so much the case.
03:26 So I think you could make the case in the Gospel of John
03:29 that it's even better not to have the physical presence
03:32 of Jesus for us today.
03:34 So John is trying to tell us, look,
03:36 you are not at a disadvantage.
03:38 You can't see Him, you can't hear Him,
03:40 you can't touch Him.
03:41 Yet in this Word through the power of the Holy Sprit,
03:44 you have enough to have a living relationship
03:47 with Jesus, real, solid, unshakeable.
03:52 That's the purpose of this gospel.
03:56 Now it's shown in some remarkable physical ways.
03:59 Do you remember the story, "The wedding of Cana"?
04:03 Okay. How did Jesus turn the water into wine?
04:07 Uh, through His word.
04:09 Through His word?
04:11 Um, didn't He go over to the buckets
04:13 and put His hand in the water
04:15 and say, wine, wine, wine.
04:18 You don't remember? No, I don't remember. I'm sorry.
04:21 Didn't mean to put you-- Is this is a true question.
04:23 Yeah, probably didn't mean to put you on the spot,
04:26 but Jesus doesn't do that.
04:28 There's nothing in the story about Him touching the water.
04:31 Actually these pots are huge
04:35 which means they probably were not carrying pots.
04:38 They--they may have weighed 200 pounds each.
04:40 And so they were outside
04:42 collecting rainwater from the roof.
04:45 So they were outside the house,
04:47 Jesus is inside the house and He says,
04:48 "Go fill them up with water and then draw
04:52 from that and take it to the ruler of the feast."
04:55 So Jesus doesn't touch the water,
04:59 He changes the water to wine as you said through His word.
05:04 Okay, in chapter 4, there's a guy
05:07 who comes up from Capernaum to Cana.
05:12 And what does he want Jesus to do?
05:15 He wants Jesus to comeback with him to heal his son.
05:21 Jesus won't do it.
05:24 So he tells Him and just go away your son will live.
05:27 At the very moment Jesus turns him away,
05:30 the son is healed 16 miles away.
05:35 In the story of the blind man or a paralytic, chapter 5.
05:42 Do you remember The Pool of Bethesda story?
05:44 Yeah. Okay, in chapter 5,
05:48 this paralyzed man, you know,
05:49 He doesn't grab him raise him up to his feet,
05:53 heal, you know, no.
05:55 He stands there and He says get up,
05:59 pick up your bed and walk.
06:00 I mean, He's like He is standing
06:02 at a distance and He says go ahead.
06:03 In chapter 9, He puts mud on the guy's eyes
06:08 but the guy isn't healed.
06:10 He sends him to the pool of Siloam
06:11 which is more than a kilometer away.
06:14 The guy is healed at the pool,
06:16 Jesus is over here by the temple.
06:18 What's going on?
06:20 He is telling these stories,
06:22 the miracles in the Gospel of John,
06:24 Jesus never touches anyone.
06:26 Because he's trying to make the point,
06:29 Jesus' word is as good as His touch.
06:33 Jesus' word is as good as His presence.
06:36 You don't need Jesus physically there.
06:38 He can do anything He needs to do from a distance.
06:42 Lazarus, He stands outside the tomb.
06:45 He doesn't go in the tomb grab him by the shirt,
06:48 shake him, come on Lazarus, wake up.
06:50 He calls him from outside the tomb.
06:52 So what you notice in the Gospel of John
06:54 is that every one of the miracles Jesus
06:56 is at distance and it's His word that accomplishes the miracle.
07:03 That's the beauty of the story in the Gospel of John.
07:07 Distance is no barrier and it's the word of Jesus
07:12 that accomplishes everything.
07:15 So even today this generation does not need as you said,
07:21 the physical presence of Jesus.
07:23 If I am sick, if I need some divine assistance,
07:29 some help I can ask God in the same way
07:35 as if He were here or as if He wasn't here,
07:37 He would do according to His will.
07:41 So then what I'm understanding again is emphasizing
07:44 is that that generation did not have an advantage.
07:47 And you said it yourself, it's actually better
07:50 that He were not here for us.
07:53 Because His physical presence would raise doubts,
07:57 you know, simply just say, you know,
07:58 He smells funny, He looks like
08:00 didn't comb is hair whatever.
08:01 You know we let things get in the way.
08:03 Yeah, and you know I often read the Bible and I say,
08:06 if I--as you just said, if I was just there you know
08:09 I would believe, but then I see others
08:12 who did not believe and I say, well,
08:15 I wonder if I'm-- I would be part of that group
08:17 rather and be unbelieving.
08:19 Now I have to tell you, one day I was driving down
08:22 the road and there's this guy walking across in front of me.
08:25 I don know wasn't--I just looked, I didn't like him.
08:27 I've never seen him before in my life.
08:29 I don't know what he was wearing
08:31 or the color of his hair or what.
08:33 I just saw the guy
08:34 or the way he walked, I didn't like him.
08:36 I said, well, what's going on here.
08:38 But it helped me to realize that,
08:40 that what we see in other people
08:42 often colors are thinking toward them
08:44 and that happened with Jesus.
08:46 Lot of people didn't believed in Him.
08:48 And they also had other expectations from Him, right.
08:52 They wanted a Roman deliverer and he came in humility.
08:58 Yeah, He didn't fit the pattern they were expecting.
09:02 Take a look at John 14:26.
09:06 "But the Helper, the Holy Spirit,
09:08 whom the Father will send in My name,
09:10 He will teach you all things, and bring to your remembrance
09:13 all things that I said to you."
09:15 Did you notice what it's said there?
09:18 No other gospel says this.
09:20 It's only the Gospel of John that says this.
09:23 And that is that, He will bring
09:26 to remembrance the words of Jesus.
09:29 The mission of the Holy Sprit,
09:31 it's better for you if I go away,
09:32 because the Holy Sprit will remind you of the words
09:35 that you need just when you need it.
09:39 In the Gospel of John it's the words of Jesus
09:43 that accomplish everything.
09:44 There was a lady who heard me talk about this once
09:47 and she had wanted to have a devotional life
09:49 for a long time and she says, that doesn't does--
09:53 I'm gonna spend time with Jesus everyday.
09:55 So she laid out her Bible to the Book of Romans that,
09:59 you know Saturday night and she laid out
10:02 Luther's commentary of Romans.
10:04 She said I'm gonna read Romans and read the commentary
10:06 and I'm gonna have devotional time
10:07 with Jesus tomorrow morning.
10:09 So she wakes up in the morning,
10:11 she got a splitting headache, she can't do it.
10:15 So she is sitting there at the desk.
10:17 She was-- I promised to spend time
10:19 with you got this headache, you know.
10:20 So, Lord, please take the headache away.
10:24 Didn't go away. Prayed again. Didn't go away.
10:28 But then she remembered
10:29 what did each of these people do?
10:32 They acted on Jesus' words.
10:36 When Jesus said, "Go fill up the thing with water
10:38 and draw it and take it to the feast."
10:40 They did it. When He said to this guy,
10:44 go your way, he did.
10:47 We'll discover that he went the slow way home,
10:50 he got home twice as late as they expected.
10:54 It was a four hour trip it took him like 12.
10:57 Because he believed if Jesus' gonna heal him,
10:59 I don't have to rush back and find out.
11:01 He believed he acted on Jesus' word.
11:05 That the guy picks up his bed and walks away.
11:08 The blind man goes to the pool and washes.
11:10 Lazarus comes out.
11:12 In each case Jesus gave the word some one acted on the word
11:17 and then when they acted on it, the miracle took place.
11:19 So she remembers this and she says well,
11:24 if I believe that Jesus wants me to doing this,
11:26 I need to accept that word and do it.
11:30 So she began to study and 10 minutes later at dawn
11:35 and the headache was gone.
11:37 You see, so what this story is telling us,
11:41 is that the word of Jesus can become active in our lives.
11:44 And I have just got a quick four here,
11:46 realize you have a problem that's what each of these did.
11:49 They brought a problem to Jesus.
11:51 Number 2, well, when they realized
11:53 they had a problem they brought it to Jesus,
11:55 they heard His word in relation to the problem
11:59 and then they acted on it.
12:01 And that was dynamic that produced
12:04 the result in all this cases.
12:05 It's not just faith or law but actually acting upon that faith.
12:09 Faith made flesh, you know faith is not just an idea.
12:14 When Paul say, "Righteousness by faith"
12:16 he doesn't mean, I think I'll accept this.
12:19 No, it's trusting that God did what you need.
12:22 It's accepting this is the Word of God
12:25 if I act on it everything will be well.
12:28 Dr. Paulien, I think that is very encouraging
12:30 to know that Christ sent a helper
12:33 or counselor to remind of these things.
12:36 And friends, I also want to thank you
12:38 for joining us in this program
12:40 and I hope that you too seek the counselor.


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