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00:01 Did you know that God has invisible resources
00:04 available to you?
00:05 Join us today on Issues and Answers and find out
00:08 what they are.
00:40 Hello, I'm Shelley Quinn and once again we are so happy
00:44 that you are joining us today on Issues and Answers.
00:47 Well we are going to be talking about the invisible resources
00:53 of God, and also joining us once again is Dr. Paul Ratsara
00:57 who is pastor and he is a president, he is the president
01:03 of the Southern Africa Indian Ocean Division of
01:08 Seventh Day Adventists Church, which is a long title Paul.
01:12 Very long one, yes.
01:13 Oh, so thankful that you have come back again today, we
01:18 so enjoyed the three studies that you did on Jacob and
01:23 learning how God can take someone from being alone
01:28 and abandoned to where they've got a purpose in life,
01:31 He's got a plan for all of our lives and how He can turn
01:36 our trials into testimonies. It's just been really good.
01:39 But today you want to start in 2 Kings, chapter 6.
01:46 Yes, it is really a joy to be here and it's a privilege to
01:51 have this time studying the Word of God together.
01:53 Um, 2 Kings chapter 6 talks about a part of the life of
02:07 Elisha. Elisha the prophet of God, and here we can find
02:16 through, we can learn from his experience, how we are going to
02:21 carry on, what power do we have available, made available by God
02:28 for us to be victorious in life?
02:31 We have studied that God wants to be our personal God
02:35 and He must be our God. My God, not just an intellectual
02:43 knowledge, but it has to be a personal God encounter.
02:49 He is my God, -Relationship. - Relationship with God,
02:55 and we can deepen our relationship through prayer,
03:02 through Bible studies and through meditations of His word.
03:06 The word of God, we eat the living bread of the Word of God.
03:14 But now, life is a journey, we need strength to carry on
03:20 to continue this journey.
03:22 We don't want to be just a weak traveler, we want to be strong
03:29 in the Lord and God has provided that, but many times
03:34 we, we... maybe we are not aware of what is available or we,
03:39 we are aware, but we are not using them and that
03:43 is the reason why today we are going to talk about
03:47 the resources available, with the power available to us,
03:54 and we can learn from the life experience of Elisha and
04:02 his assistant, his servant.
04:05 You see, starting verse eight, 2 Kings 6:8,
04:12 we can see here two nations fighting against each other.
04:19 Verse 8.
04:33 We can see here the war strategy by the king of Syria.
04:40 He said ok, I'm going to conquer Israel...What I'm going to do...
04:45 we are not going to have a frontal attack,
04:49 we are going to set an ambush. We are going to hide somewhere
04:53 and we need to take them by surprise, that way our victory
05:01 will be tremendous. So he had the meeting with his servants,
05:07 his generals said they discuss about this and he said
05:12 that is a great strategy, and simply meant it
05:14 and they implemented it.
05:17 I can imagine an army just hiding somewhere
05:22 and they made sure that the children of Israel, the army of
05:26 Israel would pass by, and they just being there and no one
05:31 knew this plan except them.
05:34 Um, then they tried the first time. They waited and waited
05:40 and waited, the army of Israel did not pass by that place.
05:45 They were so disappointed and they said ok, let's try again,
05:51 and they tried again the same thing and finally in verse 10...
05:58 Then the King of Israel sent someone to the place of which
06:03 the man of God had told him, thus He warned him and he was
06:07 watchful that not just once or twice in verse 11
06:12 therefore the heart of the King of Syria was greatly troubled
06:16 by this thing and he called his servants and said to them..
06:22 He wanted to know why, why is it that this plan,
06:28 this well planned strategy, it doesn't work.
06:32 He's wondering why the King of Israel knows in advance
06:37 what he is about to do.
06:38 - Yes and his only explanation is that one of his generals
06:44 must be a traitor.
06:45 Yeah. And he was determined... Finally he said that I
06:48 must catch that one because I cannot continue to work
06:51 with a traitor.
06:53 So he summoned these generals, his servants as it is said here,
06:57 and he started his speech. He said in verse 12, um,
07:03 verse 11. Will you not show me which of us is
07:09 for the King of Israel?
07:11 And this is the King of Syria speaking. -Yes! Yes, ok!
07:16 The King of Syria said look one thing is sure,
07:20 one of you must be a traitor.
07:21 One of you instead of being loyal to us,
07:25 you are loyal to the King of Israel.
07:29 - Sharing our battle strategies. - That is the only explanation.
07:34 I could imagine it was so silent in that room
07:38 because that means death. That means trouble.
07:42 So maybe they looked around... Who is that traitor?
07:47 And it was silent, and finally, it's probably one of these
07:52 trusted general, general, and then he said here in verse 12,
07:59 And one of his servants said: None my lord, ok,
08:06 but Elisha the prophet who is in Israel, tells the King of Israel
08:12 the words that you speak in your bedroom.
08:15 Oh, that is a ha ha moment. He said oh, I can see now
08:22 and he was relieved that all these generals,
08:26 all these servants were still loyal to him.
08:30 He might have been relieved, but at the same time...
08:32 I wonder how, how frightened he was to think that
08:36 Elisha the prophet who's nowhere around,
08:39 that God is telling Elisha every word that the
08:42 King of Syria speaks in his bedroom, God's telling Elisha
08:46 so that Elisha can tell the King of Israel.
08:48 It must have been frightening at the same time.
08:51 Yeah, it must have been frightening at the same time.
08:52 So they said ok, let's change our battle strategy
08:58 and we will read this in verse 13.
09:02 So he said, go and see where he is, "that I may send
09:08 and get him." And through the intelligence and through all of
09:13 this, they told him and it was told him saying surely
09:19 he's in Dothan. - Now he is after Elisha.
09:22 After Elisha, so the Elisha must be brought to him alive,
09:27 alive or dead. And therefore, they decided how many people
09:34 I'm going to send. It is so amazing here,
09:37 they said maybe you know, to capture a man, just a man,
09:43 maybe two or three. - One little prophet.
09:45 Three or two or five or so would be enough, but
09:53 they did not want to miss this opportunity. Um, verse 14.
09:59 Therefore he sent horses and chariots and a great army
10:06 there, just to capture a man and they came by night and
10:12 surrounded the city. That was a well-planned thing
10:16 so we are going to surround the city so you will never
10:20 escape from us, and they implemented that.
10:24 So early morning, early morning the servant of the man of God
10:30 Elisha...Verse 15... Arose early and went out
10:34 there was an army surrounding the city with horses and
10:40 chariots and his servants said to him, to Elisha...
10:46 Alas my master, watch our window. Mmm, hmm.
10:51 That was a difficult situation. This is man's extremity,
10:56 and it will show. We will see that man's extremity
11:00 is God's opportunity. When we reach our extremity,
11:05 God will show that that is opportunity.
11:10 But for the young man, the servant, it was extremity
11:16 indeed. -And how fearful to wake up and see...
11:20 You know, to be just the servant in the prophet
11:23 and to wake up and see an army all around you, surrounded,
11:29 to know that their intent would be to kill them.
11:31 It must have been extremely an alarming event that
11:37 you just though, we're about to die.
11:39 I saw when the servant of Elisha was afraid.
11:45 We cannot blame him. - Yeah. -Yeah, it is true.
11:48 They are talking about the great army,
11:50 they are talking about chariots and horses, the equivalence of
11:54 tanks and all of these... surrounding the city.
11:59 He said alas, we are done, we are doomed, there is no
12:04 way, where there is no way out here and it is true,
12:08 he was very realistic, he analyzed there's twelve here.
12:13 There's twelve here, just him and Elisha and here we
12:18 have the great army, and they said this march here,
12:23 there is no way we can match this army.
12:27 But look at the answer of Elisha.
12:32 Verse 16. So he answered, "Do no fear",
12:37 for those who are with us are more than those who are
12:43 with them. I can think of the young man, he said,
12:50 oh, Elisha is too old, he cannot even count.
12:54 - He's lost it. He cannot even count.
12:55 Look, me and him, we are more than this great army,
13:01 but the problem here is a problem of vision, because,
13:08 the young man, he only saw the visible resources,
13:14 the visible reality, the visible reality and he acted
13:19 accordingly, he counted accordingly.
13:22 So his counting was correct,
13:25 but the counting of Elisha was even more correct.
13:31 - Because of his spiritually eyesight. Because for him
13:33 spiritual eyesight.
13:35 So him, he was just limited by the physical eyesight
13:40 and that's why verse 17 and Elisha prayed, he prayed.
13:47 and he's praising and he said Lord, I pray, open his eyes
13:53 that he may see. That means before he saw,
13:57 but he didn't see. Um hum, His vision was limited
14:02 to the just the reality, the concrete reality.
14:06 There is another reality that he did not see.
14:10 You must have another kind of eyes to see
14:14 that invisible reality. For invisible reality you need
14:19 another kind of eyes and that is through prayer.
14:23 So Elisha prayed for his servant, Oh God, this young man,
14:30 he only see's what he sees, but he doesn't see the invisible
14:35 reality. So he prayed, then here in verse 17
14:44 Then the Lord opened the eyes of the young man, and he saw.
14:51 So before this, he didn't see. - Yes. And what he saw and
14:57 behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots on fire,
15:03 all around Elisha. Halleluiah! The mountain...
15:06 So the more here when you go to the original word,
15:11 it is more than more. It is not only more in quantity
15:16 but in strength and in rank. So it is more qualitatively
15:22 and quantitatively, more than... - Oh, and he says there is more
15:27 than those who... - Yes, more, so it is more...
15:30 It says, do not fear for those who are with us are more
15:35 than those who are with them.
15:37 So the more is very significant and it is true.
15:41 Look, the army of the King of Syria, they are made of
15:48 human beings, and horses, and chariots, and look at the
15:53 army of the Lord. And behold the mountain was full of horses
15:58 and chariots of fire all around Elisha. And you see, the army
16:05 of the Syrian, the Syrian, they just surrounded,
16:10 surrounded the town, the city. But the army of the Lord...
16:16 Behold the mountain is full of horses. -Amen.
16:20 So quantitatively, the number was bigger, but when it comes to
16:26 the strength as we know, that the fire consumes wood,
16:31 consumes flesh, so it is more. So when Elisha said don't be
16:37 afraid because those who are with us are more than who are
16:44 with them. It is true, in all senses. um. So ah, now
16:52 they see the same thing, the same thing, not only Elisha...
16:58 That must have been a life changing experience
17:00 for the servant. To have spiritually eyesight given
17:04 to him to where he could look and see the invisible resources
17:08 of God. I mean...we all need this type of experience
17:13 but I can't imagine that life would have ever been the same
17:17 for him after that. - Never, never. And here we can
17:20 already apply this in our lives. - Amen!
17:23 You see many times, um, we just limit God, many times you put
17:29 God in a box. -Yes. Even in our little bitty prayers.
17:34 Little bit, and we act when we plan. We plan only according
17:41 to the visible resources. When you see oh no, don't do that,
17:46 is too big. No, it's not too big for God. It's too big for us,
17:52 because we only see many times what we see.
17:55 But with God, He has more resources, and this is
18:00 throughout the Bible.
18:01 For example, "The Feeding of the five thousand".
18:04 Man and of course with children and so on.
18:07 So the visible resources. The visible resources just the bread
18:13 and the fish, and the disciples. The disciples said there is
18:16 no way we can feed these people, the only solution is that
18:20 let them send them away so that they can take care of themselves
18:23 but Jesus said NO, give them something to eat.
18:27 And someone said how, how many trucks of bread and fish
18:32 that we can feed these. And Jesus said, what do you have?
18:37 Then they looked around and they just found a simple
18:42 lunch, and Jesus said, "Well get with this",
18:45 we are going to feed these people.
18:47 For Jes...for the disciples, for them it is just visible
18:51 resources, but for Jesus Christ both the visible and invisible
18:57 resources. And you know faith is a comforter.
19:01 When you pray in faith, the visible resources would be
19:06 converted into visible resources, and this happened
19:11 with the disciples and it happened here as well.
19:14 The visible, we will... many times you talk about human
19:19 resources, manpower, all of this, but we don't talk about
19:23 Divine Power, Divine Resources and the angels and God himself.
19:29 So we need not to limit ourselves with what we have,
19:35 we are just limiting God. God is willing to do more
19:41 like here. And many times because of our lack of spiritual
19:47 eyesight, the work of God can suffer.
19:50 Our plan, we can do more if we take into consideration
19:55 the invisible one knowing that we have more resources
19:59 than what we have now.
20:00 And it's all done under the guidance of the Holy Spirit
20:04 because we see here, Elisha prayed.
20:06 I mean this is not presumptuous what you are speaking of.
20:09 - No, no. -It's not that we just say oh, let's just go do this,
20:11 God will provide. It's seeking God in prayer and
20:15 seeing what His plan is, but His plans are almost...
20:18 I should say always bigger than our plans it seems.
20:21 - It is.- So this is something, it's a very important lesson
20:25 to learn, and it's one...What amazes me Paul
20:29 is that sometimes God can move like this in your life
20:34 and provide you with invisible resources. And the very next
20:39 time you are questioning one more time, you forget about it,
20:44 it's just like He fed the three thousand, but then again
20:48 He fed the five thousand, and again they were questioning.
20:51 So it's a matter of always staying tuned in by prayer
20:55 isn't it? -This is faith and prayer, and God likes
20:59 doing this. For example: The children of Israel,
21:03 and there was talk, it was... that was the extremity again
21:07 when the faced the Red Sea.
21:10 You might...speaking...they... It was finished, there's no way,
21:16 there's no way that they can face the army of the Pharaoh
21:20 and the Red Sea didn't have a bridge, and they didn't have
21:24 a boat to see that so the visible resources there were just
21:29 very limited, and they could not swim, it was too big, so
21:33 how are they going to do this? And God said look, look,
21:37 just stand still and see what God will do.
21:43 - And then almost gains... almost doing something
21:45 in the reverse. Man thinks he needs all of this huge army...
21:50 God winnows it down to the faithful number,
21:54 the really faithful and then God gives them
21:57 invisible resources... That is faith...
22:00 So we need to believe that God has this visible resources.
22:06 And my favorite author Ellen White talks about these
22:12 she said, we should not lament of this content of what we have
22:16 because God has invisible resources.
22:20 - Amen. -And we through trust, we can develop this...
22:25 Ok, quickly let's wrap up with the end of the story.
22:30 So with the eyesight now, with the young man and Elisha
22:36 then they approached the army, they approached the army.
22:40 And another prayer in verse 18.
22:43 It said Elisha prayed to the Lord to Him,
22:46 and said strike these people, I prayed with blindness
22:50 and destruct them with blind- ness according to the word
22:54 of Elisha. So they have lost their sight, even their
22:59 physical sight...Can you imagine a blind army?
23:02 General blind and simple soldier blind and Elisha said
23:08 Now Elisha said to them, this is not the way,
23:13 nor is this the city. Follow me and I will bring you to the man
23:17 whom you seek, but he led them to Samaria.
23:21 Samaria is the capital city of Israel. Can you imagine?
23:26 So, now they came to capture Elisha, but they were captured
23:33 by God, by God and Elisha now led them, led them to Samaria
23:41 and there, then they realized that God opened again their
23:46 eyes and they realized that they were trapped.
23:49 They were inside of the capital city of the enemy
23:56 and there the King of Israel said, this is my chance,
24:03 these people are giving me too much trouble,
24:05 I'm going to finish them. But Elisha said, Elisha said
24:11 here...My Father. Ok, verse 22.
24:32 And then verse 23.
24:51 Here we can have a great lesson. You see, I can see that these
24:58 is this kind of presenters of the gospel.
25:01 The feast that we are talking about here represents
25:06 the gospel, the spiritual food that we can give to the world.
25:11 and to the world. When we have the spiritual eyesight,
25:15 when we have this experience and we are not only limited
25:20 by the visible resources, but invisible resources,
25:23 then we can feed for God, you can feed the world.
25:28 This world is hungry, this world is desperate.
25:31 What we need now is people with the spiritually eyesight
25:38 and asking God by faith to use the spiritual resources,
25:45 spiritual resources that God has already planned for us.
25:50 But above all, let's apply this to us personally.
25:53 You see, um, in this life we encounter troubles
26:01 and difficulties and many times we...our challenges are too big
26:07 and we are wondering, how can I face this?
26:12 Many times we feel overwhelmed because we only see...
26:20 We are just like the young, young man.
26:23 You know there are two kinds of Christians,
26:26 the category of the young man before,
26:29 before of course he found his eyesight and the category
26:33 of Elisha. Um, we should not limit ourselves.
26:37 So when you face challenges and when we have big projects,
26:42 we need, we need not to be overwhelmed by any of those.
26:48 We just need to ask God, God, give me that eyesight
26:53 and help me. And even to over- come temptation in life
26:57 overcome challenges and trials. We are not alone in this.
27:02 God, God is with us.
27:05 - And I see one more lesson here is that when God through His
27:10 invisible resources gives us great victory.
27:12 He wants us to turn around and be gracious to our enemies.
27:15 To love our enemies...- That's true. To share the gospel
27:18 and that is what He is showing here. -To share,
27:20 to share the love of God... This is actually the love of
27:24 God and the reconciliation here as it said, came no more
27:29 into the land of God. We are ambassadors of Christ
27:33 and to have the ministry of reconciliation.
27:37 So to wrap it up is just to say God is with us
27:44 and we have the visible and invisible resources.
27:48 Absolutely!
27:49 Paul, we have so enjoyed the number of weeks that
27:52 you have been with us. Thank you so much.
27:54 Thank you for your dedication to God and for the study
27:57 that you do personally because that is why you have something
28:01 to share with us. God bless you.
28:03 For those of you at home, I hope that his whole concept
28:08 study 2 Kings 6, a little more. Get into the Bible study
28:13 and realize that God has invisible resources
28:17 available to you because God promises that He will
28:21 give us "Victory in Christ Jesus".


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