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00:01 Join us today on "Issues and Answers"
00:02 and discover how God has a plan
00:06 for the least of the least.
00:40 Hello, I'm Shelley Quinn and we are so thankful
00:42 that you have joined us today for "Issues and Answers."
00:46 I had a special burden
00:48 to invite this guest back today.
00:51 I interviewed him on 3ABN Today,
00:53 not too long ago
00:55 and was so impressed with his story,
01:00 felt that he needed to return and so we've invited him back
01:05 and he's got an incredible message.
01:08 Let me introduce you to our special guest,
01:11 Wyatt Allen.
01:13 Wyatt, you are an evangelist for Amazing Facts.
01:16 You're also the founder
01:18 of a ministry called 'In Time Hope.'
01:21 You and your wife
01:23 and your precious little daughter,
01:24 Purity, travel constantly...
01:28 That's right.
01:29 Doing evangelistic series
01:32 and you have written a book that to me is...
01:39 First time I interviewed you, it was about your book
01:41 and I had not had the opportunity to read it,
01:43 since then I did read it.
01:44 And it's an amazing book called,
01:47 "The Least of the Least"
01:50 and it says at the bottom of that,
01:53 the subtitle is "From Crime to Christ".
01:58 When you look at you and the smile on your face
02:02 and the reflection of Jesus Christ from your life,
02:06 it's difficult to believe
02:08 that you ever had a problem in your life.
02:13 We have no particular agenda, we've got a few programs,
02:16 we've invited you to come to a few programs with us.
02:19 So what I'd like to do today
02:21 is just start with a little of your story
02:25 'cause there's a lot of our viewers
02:26 who may not have seen that Today program.
02:28 Let's talk about your growing up years
02:32 and how you found yourself behind bars.
02:36 All right.
02:38 Well, you know, the story begins like,
02:41 many people's stories begin
02:42 and that is just with a broken divided home.
02:45 It's pretty typical in America,
02:46 not everybody turns out like me, thankfully.
02:49 But the bad choices I made all growing up,
02:55 they unfolded into just terrible disaster
02:59 and just hurting people, drug use and abuse and but...
03:06 So what would,
03:07 I know there may be some young people
03:08 that are watching today.
03:10 Tell us about a few of the bad choices
03:12 that took you into direction
03:13 that was very definitely away from God
03:16 toward a different power.
03:18 Really, I think it was two main things
03:20 just kind of coming from two different angles.
03:22 So the first one of course,
03:23 I grew up with lot of violence around me
03:26 and so at an early age I really
03:29 saw that violence was the answer.
03:31 I know it's not but that's what I thought.
03:33 I saw my dad solve a lot of problems through,
03:35 you know, pulling people off the side of the road
03:37 and beating them up to get, you know,
03:38 road rage or all these things
03:40 and so I had a lot of fights in schools.
03:43 So just a lot of violence growing up
03:47 and that whole mentality I guess,
03:50 it led me easily into drug use,
03:53 even finding my dad's stashed marijuana
03:55 and smoking that and getting addicted to it
03:59 and just staying with it for a long time
04:02 until that's all I can live for.
04:04 And what about your spiritual life?
04:07 You kind of took, you returned left
04:10 when you should have turned right.
04:11 Tell us about that?
04:13 Well, the, you know, I'm thankful, you know,
04:15 both my mom and my dad were believers
04:16 and they divorced when I was three
04:18 so I, kind of, have a step mom and a step dad
04:19 but everybody believed in God.
04:21 There is no doubt about that and...
04:24 But what happened is because I didn't have
04:26 a very hands-on personal direction in discipleship,
04:30 I ended up being
04:33 pretty much free to make my own choices
04:34 when it comes to spiritual things
04:36 and so even I went to some Sunday schools
04:38 when I was a kid, I don't remember
04:39 a whole lot about those,
04:40 I would know how to do some crafts
04:42 but that's about it.
04:43 I didn't learn about Jesus, I never connected with Him.
04:45 But when I found out about this idea of witchcraft
04:49 or the occult,
04:51 my brother gave me a book about that.
04:53 I started reading through it and I just, I was in trance,
04:56 I really wanted to have this kind of power
05:00 that the book talked about and of course,
05:03 I was playing role playing games
05:05 like dungeons and dragons, magic-the gathering
05:08 and reading books about dragons,
05:12 some fantasy lands, and,
05:13 you know, all these things and though in my mind
05:15 I knew all of it was fiction, all of the sudden I realized
05:18 my defenses were being let down.
05:22 And so whenever the real Satanic witch craft,
05:27 it is truly Satanic whether...
05:28 Yes.
05:30 You know, we learned that there is white magic
05:31 and black magic
05:32 and those involved in white magic say,
05:34 "Stay away from the black magic".
05:35 But you got the same puppet master
05:36 behind both of them, you know.
05:38 Yes.
05:39 So any way I got involved in that
05:41 which eventually led into maybe,
05:43 an opening to Satanism
05:44 and so that's where I became a part of the church of Satan
05:47 and, of course, now, so being violent,
05:49 with a drug problem, involved in crazy spiritualism,
05:54 I was just...
05:56 Miss a lot of control. All right.
05:58 So you have a few little run-ins
06:01 where you're caught with some dope of some sort
06:05 and then you actually
06:06 are put into a juvenile facility.
06:10 Something tragic happened there,
06:12 tell us about it.
06:13 Well, the juvenile facility, they got tired on my...
06:16 I got arrested so many times, positive for drugs,
06:19 possessions, burglaries because of drugs
06:22 and all of these things.
06:23 They finally said, "We're gonna do a drug rehab,
06:27 you need help, you need treatment."
06:29 Which is great, not that I wanted it but that,
06:31 you know, for a society that wants to take care
06:33 of people's drug problems, that's a great thing.
06:36 Problem was,
06:38 there wasn't a spiritual element to that.
06:40 They were trying to
06:42 show me the benefits of good choices
06:44 and the terrible consequences of bad choices
06:47 which has it's affect but
06:49 I just couldn't wait to get out of drug rehab
06:50 so I could do more drugs.
06:52 But while I was there,
06:53 that's when I got into a conflict
06:55 with one of the staff there at the facility
06:58 and I ended up attacking him really bad
07:01 and it's in the book, tells about that,
07:03 that turning point in my life where I assaulted him
07:06 and I got locked up
07:08 and he went to the hospital and it was pretty tragic.
07:11 Yes.
07:12 So you ended up then actually, they held you when you're 15?
07:16 I was 15-years-old.
07:17 And they held you over till you were 16,
07:19 so they could try you as an adult.
07:20 Correct.
07:22 Which, you know,
07:23 that's an interesting concept to me
07:24 that someone you could know
07:26 when they committed the crime
07:27 and where we can't really try him as adult
07:29 'cause he's a juvenile but yet, they can hold you over
07:32 and what was your sentence
07:35 when they tried you as an adult?
07:37 Well, to try us as an adult,
07:38 was just the process of them saying,
07:39 "Hey, he's competent to stand trial."
07:42 And now he's 16, he's competent.
07:43 So now they sent me off to County jail
07:46 where the other adults were,
07:48 and I'm actually going to be standing trial.
07:50 But you only stand trial if you're denying your crime
07:53 or some mitigating circumstances
07:56 and so you want to be before a jury.
07:58 But, you know, I was guilty
08:00 and I became a Christian during this time
08:01 and so I just, I told the judge...
08:03 And your attorney actually thought
08:05 he'd be able to get you off
08:06 and so here you are in County jail,
08:09 you get introduced to the lord.
08:11 Yeah, right, actually I got introduced to the Lord
08:13 in the juvenile detention center,
08:16 it was a whole flowing and process there,
08:18 I mean, I was a baby Christian,
08:20 I had no clue about anything, I mean, I didn't know...
08:23 That's when your mother told you
08:24 to pick up a Bible and read it?
08:26 She did, which I resented very much.
08:28 But the Spirit...
08:30 You believed, I mean,
08:31 your bible was the book the Satan or Bible...
08:33 Right, which I was extremely mad
08:34 of because when I got locked up,
08:36 they actually took my Satanic bible away from me,
08:38 they took it from me and I was so mad.
08:40 But I did, I wanted,
08:42 I was going to challenge the Bible
08:43 and I was, this is I was 15 locked up
08:45 in the juvenile detention center
08:47 and I wanted to challenge the Bible.
08:49 And that's when I picked up the Bible, in fact,
08:51 I took it when nobody was looking
08:52 'cause I, kind of, have this reputation
08:53 for being a Satanist.
08:55 And so I took it back to myself and with, you know,
08:57 23 hours a day, studied or read rather
09:00 and it was in that journey of going through the Bible
09:03 that I was converted.
09:04 But your mother gave you a gift that turned out to be
09:06 an invaluable tool, what was that?
09:08 Right. Oh, the Strongest Concordance.
09:10 Well, do you know the miracle story behind that?
09:12 First, the first miracle is that,
09:14 you know, she prayed for me and you can't undermine
09:17 the power of a mother's prayers.
09:19 And I have met so many people
09:20 who are praying for their boys in prison
09:22 and don't give up those prayers.
09:24 But I would say that
09:27 she just went out to the book store
09:29 and said, "I've got to get him something.
09:31 Now he's a Christian."
09:32 I told her I was a Christian and she bought me
09:34 a Strongs Exhaustive Concordance.
09:36 And she didn't really know what it was.
09:37 But, you know, it's a nice thick book
09:39 and looked good
09:41 so she brought it into the juvenile center,
09:42 they allowed me to have it
09:43 'cause you're allowed to have two books.
09:45 So I had a Bible and a Strongs Concordance
09:46 and I studied.
09:48 So you then actually,
09:50 you're studying to prove the Bible wrong
09:52 because one thing that Wyatt shared with me
09:56 sometime back was that the Satanic Bible basically,
10:03 it says everything the opposite
10:04 of what the Christian Bible says,
10:07 but the Satanic Bible says,
10:08 "Just don't turn your other cheek, get even."
10:11 But it also claims
10:14 that there are lots of contradictions
10:18 if you will, in the Bible.
10:20 So you actually started studying
10:22 with the intent, "Hey.
10:24 I'm gonna prove this Bible wrong."
10:26 I can't tell you how many times,
10:28 when I was practicing Satanism as much as I could
10:32 when I was free, I told Christians,
10:34 you know, "Oh, you Christians,
10:36 first of all, you're all hypocrites."
10:37 And, you know, I said,
10:38 "You're following a crazy religion,
10:40 your Bibles are fantasy
10:41 and it's full of contradictions and errs."
10:43 I knew that because the Satanic Bible said so
10:45 and so, you know, nobody ever challenged on it.
10:48 I just said, "Your Bible can't be trusted."
10:50 And now I'm gonna find them,
10:52 I mean, they're obviously there.
10:54 Everybody says they're there.
10:55 So why would it be hard
10:56 to find those contradictions and errs.
10:58 And you did it.
10:59 I couldn't find them. All right.
11:01 So you're a baby Christian then before you go to...
11:05 I forgot that part of the story
11:06 but before you didn't go to County jail,
11:08 you spent a year in a County jail growing
11:11 and then what was your sentence?
11:13 I got a 20 year prison sentence.
11:14 So you at the age of 16, are sentenced to 20 years.
11:19 Yeah.
11:21 How that must but, you know, the amazing thing to me
11:24 was your attorney thought there was some hope
11:26 he could get you off
11:28 and you went before the judge and said,
11:30 "Hey, I'm guilty."
11:31 Well, when I was a kid, like a 11-years-old,
11:33 I think I was diagnosed of having ADHD
11:35 and then I've got locked up in psychiatric hospitals
11:38 for trying to run away and threatening my dad
11:39 and all these things
11:41 and they started labeling me
11:42 with all these medical disorders,
11:44 mental disorders and they were putting me
11:45 on all kinds of medications, I mean, tons of medications.
11:48 Well, when I was in the drug rehab program,
11:51 I was on some of those drug medications
11:53 and because they didn't had the dosage right
11:57 and give me too much or too little,
12:00 my attorney thought he can really...
12:02 Those were mitigating circumstances.
12:04 And also my age at the time and so...
12:07 But the judge, she said, you know what?
12:08 You did a indoor crime, you're gonna do it all time.
12:10 But you actually went before the judge
12:12 and said, "Hey, I'm guilty."
12:13 I did. Didn't you?
12:15 And, you know, and I was hoping for mercy.
12:17 I mean, I was facing two life sentences.
12:18 I had a assault charge and an armed criminal action,
12:22 it's almost like a assault with a deadly weapon.
12:24 It's two actual crimes
12:25 and I was facing the life sentences
12:27 for both of those.
12:28 Now I didn't think I would get the life sentences
12:30 but still I could get up to 30 years for both
12:32 and I did not want that.
12:33 But you know what?
12:35 If I thought in my mind, if I'm guilty,
12:37 I say, I'm guilty, you know, show how apologetic I am.
12:40 I mean, you can't really say, "Hold out on me."
12:41 You destroyed a man's life.
12:45 I mean, I just was hoping for mercy.
12:47 Yeah, so actually though I do believe
12:50 that in reading your story, it was all part of God's plan.
12:54 You've had to suffer the consequences
12:56 of your action, but God...
12:59 What Satan, maybe have meant for evil,
13:02 God turned it around for good.
13:03 Amen.
13:05 Because how many years did you actually serve?
13:07 I ended up serving only 14 out of the 20.
13:09 And during those 14 years,
13:12 I'm just amazed how industrious you were.
13:18 You were obviously led by the Holy Spirit
13:21 because you spent your time there,
13:24 it was almost you came out with equivalent
13:27 of a seminary study, a degree, in religion,
13:31 you knew the Bible back and forth
13:33 but you also studied other languages.
13:36 You learned accounting, you learned all kinds of things
13:40 and you studied very practical things to know
13:44 what to do when you got out of prison.
13:48 It's very difficult
13:49 if someone goes to prison at an early age,
13:53 when they're teenagers, you know,
13:55 their brain is still forming.
13:58 They say particularly, in men,
14:00 that your frontal lobe's not even fully developed
14:03 till you're 21.
14:04 But if you've been locked up for all that time,
14:08 how do you balance a check book?
14:10 How do you learn to do these things?
14:12 But Wyatt did and I wanna speak to some of you who are watching
14:16 from the prison systems right now.
14:18 Please take some motherly advice.
14:20 Spend your time, invest your time wisely.
14:24 Time is a gift from God,
14:27 time is life and how you invest your time
14:30 is how you invest your life.
14:32 Wyatt did, was you invested your time learning
14:37 and all kinds of things so that when you came out,
14:41 you were actually ready to meet the world.
14:45 You know, for many years I thought,
14:46 you know, Jesus is gonna come back before I get out,
14:48 you know, but even if He was to come back
14:51 before I get out, I still need to make
14:53 the best use of my time.
14:54 Now I'm not the perfect example,
14:55 there's many, many hours and days
14:58 and months and years
14:59 that I did not spend that time as good as I should have.
15:03 As most Christians, it's a maturity process
15:06 and I have my rough spots
15:07 and there's our growing period and there were set backs.
15:10 But I did, I kept my eyes on the prize
15:12 and I kept moving forward and I am so thankful
15:15 looking back that I took advantage
15:17 of the opportunities that I did,
15:18 and they were given to me, lot of them,
15:20 I happened to be in certain penitentiaries
15:23 that had industries and opportunities for education
15:27 and so my first goal was to get my GED.
15:30 I was in ninth grade when I got incarcerated,
15:32 so I didn't, that's all the education I had.
15:34 But I wanted my GED because from there
15:37 not only could I make 850 a month
15:39 or set a 750 a month
15:40 which was, hey, that dollar increase was a lot.
15:43 But I could also then be qualified for these other,
15:47 you know, industry programs and educational programs.
15:51 So I started computer courses and I worked in the chapel
15:55 as a clerk, so I learned clerking skills.
15:57 Working in a prison chapel by the way,
15:59 I had all these reference books
16:01 that I can refer to, all that, it was incredible.
16:04 Yes, and you were very active.
16:06 Now two things that impressed me that
16:09 you were, kind of, like one of God's missionaries,
16:12 it was like you're on a mission trip
16:13 because you were
16:15 truly reflecting the Lord in prison
16:17 and people got to know that
16:18 and you were able to minister to people.
16:20 The other thing that amazed me
16:21 is you never really had any attacks
16:24 while you were in prison.
16:26 No, there were two incidences that I tell about in the book
16:30 but in fact, one of them, I don't tell about that
16:32 but I'll share it with you.
16:34 I was in the prison, I was working in the kitchen,
16:38 I tried all the jobs there,
16:39 I was working in the prison kitchen
16:40 on the line serving food and there was a Muslim
16:43 and he was, we were talking back and forth
16:46 and they're, you know,
16:47 trying to impress other people and he said,
16:49 " So you think you're a Christian
16:51 and you follow the Bible."
16:52 I said, "Well, I do my best."
16:53 He said, "So when Jesus says, turn your other cheek,
16:55 do you turn your other cheek?"
16:56 I said, "By God's grace, I will."
16:58 He hauls off and he slaps me as hard as he can
17:02 across my face.
17:03 Now my face, of course,
17:05 you could imagine how red my face would have turned.
17:07 Thankfully, it's a little bit dark in there,
17:09 I'm avoiding the cooks and the other staff
17:11 from seeing me until we got on serving.
17:15 But I turned the other cheek for one, but for two,
17:18 it ended up not getting like a black eye
17:20 or anything and so...
17:22 I never got in trouble for, because if I get the black eye,
17:23 I get locked up.
17:25 And, of course, in prison you don't tell on anybody so,
17:27 you know, that's the end of that
17:29 but I would definitely get locked up myself,
17:31 I didn't want that.
17:32 But anyway, it turns out,
17:34 a few weeks later, he comes out to me
17:35 and he apologized to me personally
17:37 for doing that and it's, you know, for me,
17:41 it was like strengthening in my faith
17:44 because, you know, I didn't know if I could do it,
17:45 in my mind I said to myself...
17:47 Yeah.
17:48 I'm in prison for a while in crime.
17:49 I tell myself, "I'm never going to be wild
17:51 in my life again ever.
17:53 Never lay my hand on anybody, even to defend my own life."
17:55 And I didn't know if I could,
17:58 you know, you always say, "Oh, man, I cannot do this."
18:01 But I did it and I just praise God for that.
18:04 Well, you know,
18:05 it's interesting because the Bible says
18:07 in the principles found in II Corinthians 3:18 that
18:09 "We become what we behold."
18:11 Uh-huh.
18:12 And if certainly for you violence was something
18:16 that was modeled for you in your young life
18:21 but as you beheld Jesus Christ in this Word,
18:26 the Holy Spirit really led you
18:27 from one level of His glory to the next.
18:29 He never solved a problem through violence.
18:31 You look at His whole life,
18:32 you know, He told His disciples,
18:33 you know, He says,
18:35 "My kingdom is not of this world"
18:36 Yes.
18:37 And I...
18:39 And, you know, I just want to kinda fast forward
18:41 'cause I wanna make sure we get to this.
18:44 It is amazing how God's hand was on you through out this
18:50 but you came out and you became involved
18:53 with a very beautiful young woman
18:56 and this was over...
18:57 Was it Skype or Facebook? How did you all meet?
19:02 It was a Christian social network,
19:03 Adventist social network specifically.
19:04 Okay.
19:06 So you meet...
19:10 Through social media, now you haven't met in person.
19:12 Not yet.
19:14 But...
19:15 Yeah, Skype is the main thing.
19:17 We eventually started talking on the phone,
19:18 then seen each other through Skype,
19:19 it developed to that.
19:21 Okay. Yeah.
19:22 And here is somebody who you've come out,
19:25 now you're doing actually Bible work.
19:27 We won't take time to explain how when you came out,
19:30 went to church, the pastor sees in you the passion
19:34 and sees that you're filled with the Holy Spirit.
19:37 They hire you as a Bible worker,
19:39 so now you're communicating
19:41 with this beautiful young woman,
19:42 very lovely Christian woman as well
19:47 and we're just gonna cut to the chase,
19:50 you ended up catching the prize there, didn't you?
19:52 Wow. You did.
19:54 And definitely, you know what?
19:56 My whole life is a story of miracles and that
19:58 is one of the most wonderful miracle
20:00 because I believe God...
20:02 She was always asking herself, "Where's my husband?
20:04 Where's my husband?"
20:06 All these years, you know,
20:07 she's 29 when I meet her and where's my husband?
20:09 And she realizes God was preserving him
20:12 in prison and so I like to think
20:14 about it like that anyway.
20:15 And, yeah, I'm...
20:18 That's the miracle story that,
20:19 the book tells the whole romance...
20:20 And the fun of that but I tell you,
20:22 God put us together.
20:24 Some people I think God says, you know,
20:26 here's the pool of people you can pick from
20:29 and then sometimes, God, like with, you know,
20:31 Abraham's son and such,
20:33 they pick out Rebecca specifically.
20:35 Well, I think she's my Rebecca very, very clearly.
20:37 Very beautiful.
20:39 So now as amazing as
20:41 all of this is and how wonderful the Lord,
20:44 you know, He certainly, I think of Jeremiah,
20:46 it's actually, I'm open there,
20:48 Jeremiah 29:11, 12 when God says,
20:51 "For I know the thoughts that I think toward you."
20:55 Says the Lord, "thoughts of peace
20:57 and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope,
21:01 then you will call upon me
21:03 and pray to me and I will listen to you,"
21:07 and it goes on to say, "and you will find me
21:10 when you will seek me and find me,
21:13 when you search for me with all your heart".
21:16 Amen. Well, that's what happened.
21:17 Do you realize this context is Israel's in captivity?
21:20 Yes.
21:21 So, I mean, this is talking to prisoners.
21:22 Yes. That's hope.
21:24 Now God actually then opened the door for you to go
21:30 to the Amazing Facts College of Evangelism.
21:33 Many of you know Pastor Doug Batchelor
21:35 and they have an evangelistic college,
21:38 you go there and once again, God taps you on the shoulder
21:43 because Amazing Facts
21:44 actually then hires you as an evangelist for them.
21:48 Which is what you're doing today.
21:50 But I want to go back for a minute
21:53 because we have very little time left.
21:56 Explain to me what the title of your book,
22:01 "The Least of the Least,"
22:05 where did you get the title of this book?
22:09 Well, I've always considered myself
22:12 to be the least, I mean, when you've been humbled
22:15 as much as you have to go to prison,
22:17 you're guilty, it's, you know,
22:18 shameful thing you can think of and I was guilty
22:21 but in the book of Mathew 25,
22:25 Jesus talks about the least and He talks about,
22:29 you know, "When you minister unto the least,
22:31 you ministered unto me."
22:32 But in this list of least's
22:33 and I'm not gonna read the whole passage here
22:35 but it talks about, from 40 on, it says,
22:39 "I was hungry" verse 42 "and you gave me no food."
22:42 That's talking about the wicked, I want to go to the righteous,
22:44 there's always a more positive side of it.
22:45 So back in verse 35.
22:46 "I was hungry and you gave me food,
22:48 I was thirsty and you gave me drink,
22:50 I was a stranger and you took me in,
22:52 I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me,
22:55 I was in prison and you came to me."
22:57 So in this list of least's by Jesus on definition...
22:59 By Jesus on definition,
23:00 He puts those in prison as the least
23:03 of the least and that's I think,
23:08 praise God for all the ministries
23:09 that ministered to all these other groups,
23:10 but I feel that those in prison
23:12 maybe are more disenfranchised than others.
23:15 They are less focused on than others
23:18 and there's a really huge ministry gap there,
23:21 to minister to those to "The Least of the Least,"
23:24 whether in prison or in the process
23:25 of getting out of prison.
23:27 And because they are behind bars
23:29 because they're not in the public,
23:32 in our eye, it is easy to not to think of them...
23:36 Yup!
23:37 You know, I'm very excited 3ABN has a program called
23:41 "Free Indeed," but we also,
23:42 have a very strong prison ministry.
23:44 Which touched my life personally
23:46 when I was incarcerated in many ways.
23:47 Praise God. Praise God.
23:49 So it's something that,
23:51 so "The Least of the Least, " is...
23:53 Not just talking about me, it's talking about all of those
23:56 that have been locked up incarcerated and put away.
23:59 And I know someone is watching us today
24:01 from prison, I mean,
24:03 I can say that, that's not a prophetic statement
24:06 I can say it because
24:07 3ABN is on in so many prison systems
24:09 and we get so much...
24:12 so many reports of how people watch these programs.
24:15 Wyatt, take just a moment and looking in that camera
24:19 and if you could say something
24:22 'cause what I want to say to you
24:24 if you're watching is
24:27 if God has a plan for your life
24:30 for the "Least of the Least," it doesn't matter.
24:33 Look at what God has done in Wyatt's life,
24:37 a 20 years sentence of which he served 14.
24:40 And how God has put your feet
24:43 on a narrow path but on a highway,
24:46 a highway to heaven if you will...
24:47 Amen.
24:49 And He is using you
24:50 to touch so many other people's lives,
24:52 to reach down
24:55 and pull people out of the darkness
24:57 and into His light
24:59 as you share the gospel with so many people...
25:02 Amen.
25:03 You have a beautiful young daughter.
25:05 How old is Purity? She is awe...
25:06 She'll be two this month, and believe it or not,
25:08 since the last time I was on this program,
25:10 you asked me about a future family.
25:11 We found out that we were actually pregnant
25:13 during our last...
25:14 Praise God.
25:16 Meeting, so we're gonna expect one this October.
25:17 Wonderful! We got to you find your home...
25:20 I may share with them.
25:21 Just, I want you to speak to them
25:24 just from the heart.
25:25 What would you tell them to do while they're there?
25:29 How would you advise them to use their time
25:33 while they're in prison?
25:34 Okay. Well, you know there is...
25:38 There is a four letter word
25:40 that it's what gonna hold you through
25:41 and that is "hope."
25:43 Hope is something that I held on
25:46 to through my whole experience
25:48 even when I had no reason to have that hope,
25:49 and that hope gave me a desire to press forward,
25:53 to press on to become better,
25:56 to not give up, to just, to achieve.
26:02 I wanted to be somebody for Jesus,
26:04 even though I was the least of the least,
26:05 and you might feel that you're the least of the least
26:07 wherever you're at in your experience,
26:08 but the reality is when you recognize
26:12 you're working for the greatest of the great
26:14 and that the blood of Jesus Christ was spent
26:17 to save you then all of a sudden
26:18 you sense yourself of value not of yourself
26:21 but what He has put on you
26:22 and that gives you a hope, a drive,
26:26 a worthiness
26:27 that can let you move forward
26:30 and overcome the obstacles in your life,
26:32 and so I know that,
26:34 in prison the most...
26:40 I don't know the darkest place I can think of.
26:43 You know, you can make something of yourself.
26:45 You can be a servant in God's cause,
26:47 you can achieve what He wants for you.
26:49 Set free!
26:50 He set free while you're inside and so what happened to me,
26:54 I'm nobody special
26:56 and I've made my share of mistakes,
26:57 but if it can happen to me,
26:59 as rough and as least as I am,
27:01 then I know that there is nobody God cannot
27:04 do miracles with as well.
27:06 Amen. Amen. I really believe that.
27:08 I just want to say that, if you're in prison ministries
27:12 and this is unusual,
27:14 I usually don't really promote a book this,
27:16 this heavenly, but I'm gonna say that
27:18 what I enjoyed so much about your book is,
27:22 it's your life story,
27:23 and as you learn about the different times
27:26 you learn about different doctrines
27:27 and how it impacted you.
27:29 So you find all these Bible doctrines,
27:31 the 28 fundamental beliefs are right here
27:34 and they're presented in such a way
27:36 that this is a book
27:38 that's good for everyone to read.
27:41 But I believe that if you're involved in prison ministries,
27:44 get this book "The Least of the Least."
27:46 Every prisoner ought to have it,
27:48 every person ought to have it.
27:50 We all need to be set for it.
27:51 And we send a lot of men to prisons,
27:53 I promise you lot of parents called me in,
27:54 we send them in, we just wanted to happen.
27:56 Praise the Lord.
27:57 Wyatt, thank you so much.
27:59 I'm so glad that you gonna come back
28:00 'cause we kind of lay the groundwork today,
28:02 but please join us next time
28:04 as we continue talking with Wyatt
28:06 and talking about the value of prison ministry,
28:09 how you might become involved in prison ministry
28:12 and just share God's plan for "The Least of the Least."
28:17 Thank you so much for joining us.


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