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00:01 What is the solution to combat Satan's strategy
00:04 of using media in the battle for your mind?
00:08 Stay tuned to Issues & Answers to learn.
00:43 Hello, I'm Shelley Quinn and we welcome you once again
00:46 to Issues & Answers.
00:47 Today we have returning with us Pastor Octavian Poenaru,
00:53 he's also has a doctorate of ministry in family life.
00:58 He is the pastor for the Colville,
01:00 Washington Seventh-day Adventist Church and...
01:03 Ione. Ione.
01:05 I don't know why I can't remember Ione.
01:06 Yeah.
01:08 Thank you so much for returning, Octavian.
01:10 Thank you for inviting me.
01:11 It has been wonderful.
01:13 We've been talking about the battle
01:15 for our minds in the house.
01:16 Yeah.
01:17 Media affects us spiritually, how it affects us,
01:21 our marriage, our family life,
01:25 how it affects our mental health,
01:28 but today we're going to be talking about solutions
01:31 for these problems.
01:33 Yeah.
01:34 Hopefully, there is a solution. Okay.
01:37 You're the man.
01:38 Well, I'd like to begin reading
01:40 a well-known passage in the Bible,
01:42 it's in the book of Philippians 4:13.
01:46 It's a short passage,
01:47 "I can do all things
01:50 through Christ which strengthens me."
01:52 Amen. This would be enough.
01:54 That should be enough
01:55 and we can close the discussion here
01:57 but maybe we need to expand on this,
01:59 but keep in mind this passage, Philippians 4:13.
02:06 Probably we can begin by asking the questions
02:08 how do we know, how do I know?
02:11 You know, there are these aspects
02:14 of practical Christianity.
02:17 In the end Christianity if not...
02:19 If Christianity is not practical,
02:21 I would question the value of Christianity at all.
02:26 Then, the question is how do I know?
02:29 You know, how do I know right and wrong
02:32 and there are so many areas of life
02:33 where we ask these questions, how do I know?
02:36 And when it comes to media experience,
02:40 definitely we can ask the same question.
02:42 Can I see this? Can I watch this?
02:44 Can I listen to this? Can I play this?
02:45 Can I do this or not?
02:47 And then the first question is how do I know.
02:49 And now I will suggest for this morning,
02:52 one fundamental criteria or maybe two.
02:56 The second one is going to be a Bible passage
02:58 but it's a very simple question,
03:00 and let me illustrate that with a story
03:03 because I love stories.
03:04 I remember being in the military,
03:07 in back home in Romania, it's in 1979.
03:13 I was 18 years old, taken to the military.
03:16 I was, I would say, I was a young man
03:20 who wanted to do God's will and be faithful to God
03:23 and the main question was in communism,
03:26 would I be able to be faithful to God
03:28 and keep the Sabbath and keep myself clean
03:30 for the unclean foods and the moral pollution
03:35 that existed in that environment.
03:37 And you were conscripted if you were...
03:40 Yeah. Drafted.
03:41 Drafted, okay. Yeah.
03:43 And I was 18, again.
03:45 Years before,
03:47 I already made my decision not to watch movies.
03:52 It was, it was at one point in my life,
03:55 I mean, watching movie is a big thing for me,
03:59 along with a few other issues.
04:01 And but here it's already past a few years
04:04 I'm a very committed Christian.
04:07 The life is very hard in the military system.
04:10 Persecution, but I'm just at the beginning.
04:13 Probably the second month in the service,
04:16 a lot of stress, a lot of stress of all kinds.
04:20 Once in a while, they will show a movie to the soldiers.
04:23 And I remember it was a Saturday night.
04:25 And they told us, "Well, there's a movie,
04:27 it's going to be in the clubhouse,
04:29 everybody is welcome."
04:31 It was a movie tonight, it was the Sabbath,
04:36 usually Sabbaths were hard days
04:38 because, because of all the pressure
04:41 of trying to keep the Sabbath
04:43 and saying no to a lot of things
04:46 and getting in trouble for that anyway.
04:49 That Saturday night
04:51 a soft voice in my mind told me,
04:55 "Octavian, you better stay in the dorm, let them go."
05:00 But, you know, curiosity, the old curiosity
05:03 and the desire to experience something new
05:07 made me decide to go.
05:10 And this is the movie, I remember the movie,
05:11 the movie it's called Black Bird's Ghost,
05:16 that is the title of a movie, that's a comedy,
05:19 and I decided to go.
05:24 I remember the day, it was November 1st.
05:27 And I went there and I enjoy watching this movies,
05:33 I mean, immersed myself
05:35 in what was happening in the movie.
05:36 Suddenly and this is a clubhouse
05:38 of about 300, 400 soldiers
05:41 and suddenly in the middle of that thing,
05:44 I hear my name called, Octavian and my,
05:48 calling me by family name.
05:50 "Soldier Poenaru, come out, come out."
05:56 Like woke up from a dream,
05:57 I real, someone is calling my name,
06:00 and I got out and I went to the guy
06:04 who was calling my name
06:05 in the middle of the whole thing
06:06 and says, "Well, someone is waiting for you.
06:11 Someone is waiting for you."
06:12 Usually or from time to time,
06:14 you were allowed to receive visits
06:16 from the family members.
06:18 And I did my military service in my home town.
06:20 What happened, I got out of that room again,
06:24 like being woke up from a dream, got out,
06:27 everything was white, in that short hour,
06:30 the weather changed and it snowed.
06:33 And got out from this thing,
06:35 got out, it was white, snowing peacefully.
06:39 It was like in another world and got to the...
06:43 Basically they met us,
06:44 there was a small office at the gate,
06:46 at the entrance in this military unit.
06:50 My family and friends from church,
06:52 they came to visit me,
06:54 and they were waiting there for me.
06:55 That, is this during Sabbath hours?
06:57 It was...
06:58 After the Sabbath.
06:59 After the Sabbath hours, it was probably in the evening,
07:01 but maybe 6 or 7pm.
07:02 After the Sabbath, okay, okay, okay.
07:03 Winter time, it was already dark.
07:05 Well, to me, it was like
07:08 the second coming of Christ in a sense
07:10 because I was completely unprepared for this experience.
07:16 And what I'm saying with this is
07:19 there's a Bible passage in 2 Peter 3:14, and it says,
07:23 "Therefore, beloved,
07:25 looking forward to these things,
07:27 be diligent to be found by him in peace,
07:31 without spot and blameless."
07:34 What I'm saying is the principle is think of,
07:39 if Jesus Christ will come
07:42 while I'm, while I'm watching, listening,
07:45 playing this whatever thing it is,
07:49 if my answer is I'm happy
07:50 if Jesus Christ comes and finds me there,
07:53 you keep doing it, it's okay.
07:56 But if the answer is no, probably you better...
08:00 If you would feel guilty for Christ to come...
08:02 Right.
08:03 And you know this, may I add this?
08:04 Sure.
08:06 It's not, we think that as in the second coming
08:09 but what we have to remember as Christians,
08:11 is that, He is with us at all times.
08:13 Yes.
08:14 So, it's not if, just if He was coming
08:16 but He's there with you right then
08:19 and so if you don't think,
08:21 if you recognize His presence in your life
08:24 and you're watching something that's displeasing to him,
08:26 you're not going to have any peace.
08:29 Again, as we begin this discussion,
08:31 sometimes we say well, how do I know?
08:32 Is this good or this is bad.
08:35 If we, if I don't know, I can ask myself the question.
08:40 If Christ will come now and find me watching this,
08:44 doing this, playing this,
08:46 if I think that I will be found in peace,
08:51 I can continue with whatever I'm doing.
08:55 But if there is a question on that
08:57 and I probably shouldn't do it.
08:58 That's good.
08:59 Also sometime traveling by plane.
09:03 What do people do when they,
09:04 when, what do we do when we're in a plane?
09:07 Well, some people sleep, some people read something,
09:09 and a lot of people watch a movie
09:12 or you watch something.
09:14 And I thought of, one time I thought,
09:16 what if this plane crashes right now?
09:19 It happened, a few planes crashed,
09:21 we know that.
09:24 How would I be found or how someone would be found
09:29 watching a movie, if the plane crashes?
09:31 You know, obviously this, you may say, "Well,
09:33 these are theoretical questions,
09:34 almost impossible."
09:36 Well, that's true but the question remains.
09:38 If Christ will come and find me there in front of the screen,
09:43 would I be happy?
09:44 If the answer is yes, keep watching, keep doing it.
09:47 If the answer is no, we should probably think twice.
09:51 The second principle it's in Philippians 4:8,
09:55 it's a known Bible passage.
09:57 "Finally, Brethren, whatever things are true,
10:00 whatever things are noble, whatever things are just,
10:03 whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely,
10:08 whatever things are of good report,
10:10 if there is any virtue,
10:11 if there is anything praiseworthy,
10:14 meditate on these things."
10:15 Yes.
10:17 If we take this passage and apply it to media,
10:22 I think it will help us to come to a very close
10:24 to an answer in helping me discern and say,
10:28 "Well, if this is good and true and beautiful and worthy,
10:33 I'm going to do it."
10:35 If the answer, well, it is not.
10:37 And this leads me to the second section
10:41 of our discussion,
10:43 what can I do because I'm struggling
10:46 and honestly, we have to say, some of us,
10:48 for one reason or another,
10:49 we're struggling with media.
10:51 And again remember, music, movies, computer games,
10:55 gambling, pornography, sports, entertainment,
10:57 and then some of us are struggling,
11:00 some of us are struggling with one aspect,
11:02 others more with others, what am I,
11:05 how am I going to solve this?
11:07 Is there a solution?
11:08 And the first step I would say is, we have to be,
11:14 to be honest,
11:15 and ask God to help me honestly recognize my own...
11:21 Yeah.
11:23 Where I am in this.
11:24 Some people live in denial,
11:26 and they say, "Well, this is not an issue for me.
11:28 Oh, well, I can.
11:29 Well, I'm fine. It doesn't affect me."
11:32 I remember talking to someone and he would say,
11:34 "Well, I can watch any movie
11:35 and those don't affect me at all."
11:38 I would say, "Well, if they don't affect you at all,
11:40 why do you watch them after all?"
11:43 I don't believe, I mean, not only that I don't believe,
11:47 there are again plenty of scientific research
11:50 that proves that every life experience
11:54 has an effect on our brain and changes us.
11:58 Then the first, the first thing they need to do
12:01 is to take an honest look at ourselves and say,
12:03 "Well, I think I have a problem.
12:06 Honestly, to say God,
12:07 do I have a problem with this or I don't?"
12:10 And be very honest,
12:12 do an honest assessment of where we are,
12:14 in the relationship with this aspect of our lives
12:17 which is media.
12:18 If we realize that we have a problem,
12:20 the next step is to confess and repent.
12:22 Mm-hm.
12:23 And be very practical in confessing,
12:25 and I have to say,
12:26 "God, I'm so sorry I watched this movie."
12:28 Or "I'm so sorry I play this game."
12:29 Or "I'm so sorry I spend so much time
12:31 in watching this baseball game or basketball
12:34 or soccer or whatever it is."
12:36 I have to be honest and make the confession very pointedly
12:40 and say, "I'm sorry for this, please help me,
12:43 I don't want to do it in the future.
12:45 Repentance is,
12:47 one of the definitions of repentance would be,
12:50 "If I'll be there again, I'm not going to do it."
12:52 Right.
12:53 "If the circumstances bring me to the same point, next time,
12:57 I'm not going to do it again."
12:59 That means I believe repentance.
13:01 Amen.
13:02 But that takes an honest assessment
13:04 of who we are and in our relationship with God.
13:06 And it takes the power of God, I mean, the Bible...
13:08 Absolutely.
13:10 Speaks to, refers to repentance as a gift from God,
13:12 so one thing that I really believe is that
13:16 when you are praying and asking God
13:18 to forgive us of our sins,
13:20 cleanse us of all unrighteousness,
13:22 that's the part where you're saying,
13:23 "Lord, grant me repentance, help me to turn away,
13:25 to change my heart,
13:27 work in me to will and to do your good pleasure."
13:29 Another story, I was 15, I was just baptized,
13:34 probably a few months before that
13:36 and my life was taking a very serious change, turn.
13:40 I was deciding that I'm not going to watch movies,
13:43 not going to listen to bad music,
13:45 and change my way of relating to girls
13:48 and stop telling all kinds of jokes.
13:50 Those were four years of my life
13:51 where, which I, there were weak points in my life,
13:54 and I was very seriously committed.
13:57 Again, 15 and I remember, I remember this, my friends,
14:01 I still had my friends, friends was another issue,
14:06 but I was trying to live a godly life
14:09 with my un-Godly friends.
14:11 And one, I remember finishing the high school classes,
14:15 I think it was 1 o'clock, and my friends said, "Octavian,
14:18 there is a movie, you need to see that movie.
14:21 It's at 3 o'clock."
14:22 And I said "No, I'm not going, I'm not interested."
14:23 And he said, "No Octavian,
14:25 you need to come and see the movie."
14:26 So I said, "No, no, I'm not interested,
14:28 I'm not coming."
14:29 "Octavian, see you at 3 o'clock."
14:31 I say "I'm not coming."
14:32 They waved to me and said, "We'll see you at 3:00."
14:35 See, the Devil is very persistent.
14:37 Mm-hm. Very persistent.
14:41 And I told them that "No, I'm not coming."
14:43 I went home, my mother was home,
14:46 and I remember telling my mother, I said, "Mum,
14:48 my colleagues invited me to a watch a movie with them.
14:51 Should I go or should I not?"
14:53 Even though we watch movies at home,
14:55 but my mother didn't agree
14:56 that I should go and watch movie at the cinema.
14:59 She says "No, you don't have to go."
15:02 Guess what? I said, "I think I'm going."
15:06 She says "No, I think you don't have to go,
15:09 it's not a good thing to go, plus you have homework to do."
15:12 I said, "But I'd like to go."
15:14 Now it's kind of like a forbidden fruit, right?
15:15 Yes, yes, yes, it's this interesting change of mind,
15:19 you just wonder what happens with our minds.
15:23 And my mother said, "If you go, you'll be sorry."
15:26 And I said, "I don't know about that.
15:27 I'd like to go."
15:29 And my mother says "Well, if you like to go, okay.
15:31 Go. But you will be sorry, said I go."
15:34 But I went to this movie.
15:37 These friends of mine, the Bible says "Evil company...
15:41 Corrupts.
15:42 ... Good habits."
15:44 These friends of mine,
15:45 actually they saw this movies three times in a row,
15:48 the same movie, three times.
15:50 They went to watch that movie
15:52 for one single scene in that movie.
15:55 It was a sexy scene,
15:57 not as explicit as so many are today but still.
16:02 And the friends wanted to get me there
16:04 to watch that single scene.
16:08 To see your reaction to that, yeah.
16:09 Two minutes.
16:10 I don't know what was in their minds
16:12 but they wanted to go with them and watch that.
16:14 And I went and I was truly, I was sorry.
16:18 And I decided in my mind, I said,
16:19 "This is not going to happen again."
16:22 Then true repentance means,
16:23 if we are brought back to the same circumstances,
16:27 we have to be committed that we won't do it again.
16:28 Yeah.
16:30 We will react in a different way.
16:31 Number three is to look to a wonderful promise
16:35 in the Bible, it's in 1 John 1:9, which says,
16:39 "If we confess our sins,
16:41 he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins
16:45 and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness."
16:49 Then, I think this is a very precious,
16:51 very, very precious promise in the Bible
16:53 that it doesn't matter what we have done,
16:55 it doesn't matter what we have seen, watched,
16:57 God is willing to clean, to erase everything.
17:02 He says, "Well, you did it,
17:05 as I see you're honestly coming back.
17:07 I'm willing to forgive everything,
17:08 and I'm also willing to give you power
17:10 to overcome in the future."
17:14 Step number four, I read a book,
17:17 the wonderful, wonderful book
17:19 which I would recommend to everybody,
17:20 it's called Steps to Christ, Steps to Christ.
17:26 It's a wonderful book.
17:28 In the book, there is a passage
17:30 which speaks about ourselves and I think,
17:35 I would like to read,
17:36 actually there are two passages.
17:38 Certainly.
17:39 Because, I think, it describes very well what happens with us.
17:43 It says, "You desire to give yourself to God
17:46 but you are weak in moral power,
17:49 in slavery to doubt and controlled
17:52 by habits of your life of sin.
17:55 Your promises and resolutions are like ropes of sand.
17:59 You cannot control your thoughts,
18:01 your impulses, your affections.
18:03 The knowledge of your broken promises
18:05 and forfeited pledges weakens your confidence
18:08 in your own sincerity and causes you to feel
18:11 that God cannot accept you but you need not to despair.
18:18 What you need to understand is the true force of the will.
18:23 This is the governing power in the nature of men,
18:27 the power of decision or of choice.
18:30 Everything depends on the right action of the will,
18:34 the power of choice God has given to men,
18:39 it is theirs to exercise.
18:42 You cannot change your heart,
18:44 you cannot of yourself give to God its affections,
18:48 but you can choose to serve him.
18:50 You can give him your will."
18:55 I found this, this steps
18:57 described in this wonderful book
18:59 is being very real
19:00 because sometime we found ourselves weak
19:03 and we promised ourselves, "I'm not going to do it again."
19:06 And then we do it again.
19:08 And you feel guilty and you feel weak
19:11 and you think, I'm not going to manage,
19:13 it's a waste of time, I just can't.
19:19 But in this beautiful passage, a very profound concept,
19:26 it acknowledges the fact that we human beings
19:27 in ourselves we cannot,
19:30 but we can do one thing,
19:31 we can ask God for help and say, "God, I know who I am,
19:34 I know that I am weak but I want to give you my will.
19:37 You help me to do this."
19:39 It's one of those things
19:41 Lord even I can't always be willing
19:45 but I just tell the Lord, I'm willing to be made willing,
19:48 and then He works in you to will
19:50 and to do His good pleasure.
19:52 I think it's the Holy Spirit that,
19:55 how can you explain that a young boy,
19:58 as I was, 14, 15, I came up, you may say,
20:03 by myself to the realization
20:05 that all these media exposure that I have,
20:08 which is in a sense, innocent compared with today.
20:11 But I understood that,
20:12 that was taking me away from God.
20:14 It was not my parents
20:16 because my parents at that time,
20:17 they were still watching movies.
20:19 Somehow I think,
20:21 the Holy Spirit can speak to anybody,
20:23 to anybody that's willing.
20:25 If honestly and sincerely we say, "Well, Lord,
20:29 I'm struggling with this,
20:31 I know that I have this problem,
20:32 please help me.
20:33 I am willing, I give you my will,
20:36 I'm willing to change, please help me."
20:38 I think God will honor that,
20:39 He has promised that He will honor that.
20:42 Step number five comes to a commitment.
20:47 There is a wonderful passage in the Book of Job
20:49 in 31:1 which says,
20:53 "I've made a covenant with my eyes."
20:58 In the end, 80% of any information
21:00 we receive in our brains is through the eyes.
21:03 80%? 80%.
21:05 That's my understanding.
21:06 80% of the information comes through the visual.
21:09 And it's, we have to in the end,
21:15 we have to come to a point
21:17 where we make a covenant with our eyes
21:19 and to say to ourselves,
21:21 "I'm going to keep my eyes clean,
21:23 I'm going to keep my eyes focused on Jesus, on God,
21:28 on what's true, pure, and Godly.
21:31 If there is something of a different nature,
21:33 I'm going to turn my eyes from that."
21:35 And Octavian, don't you think that, this is,
21:38 that's an incredible percentage
21:40 because I'm thinking how deceitful,
21:43 now there's things in what we see visually
21:46 is not always true.
21:48 Things can be doctored, pictures can be doctored,
21:51 I mean, you can see a movie
21:53 where somebody has no legs and they actually do,
21:55 because it's computer generated
21:57 and we know Satan's gonna come back and do some things,
22:00 masquerading as the Angel of Light
22:02 as they do.
22:03 But the point that I'm making is,
22:06 our eyes need a filter
22:07 if we need to have the Word of God to even,
22:11 if we're making a covenant with our eyes, to do what?
22:15 To do the things that God is asking us to do here,
22:19 not to look upon certain things and to understand what's good,
22:22 what's noble.
22:25 You see, this doesn't happen as an isolated experience.
22:29 In the end is the whole life that changes.
22:31 Yes, yes.
22:32 And I think God,
22:34 when God begins the restoration process
22:36 in someone's life,
22:37 the restoration process
22:39 actually affects the whole being.
22:42 But it begins with our minds.
22:44 Yes.
22:45 Maybe the third question for today
22:47 is what can I do to prevent relapsing.
22:52 Number one, to stay close to God,
22:54 have a devotional life, have a regular devotional life.
22:58 I don't know about other people,
23:00 as far as I'm concerned about my life,
23:03 I know that when I'm not intentional
23:06 about my commitment, my relationship with God,
23:10 I need to spend time with God everyday.
23:14 In the morning, in the evening,
23:16 I know that when that doesn't happen
23:20 or, is like Samson, I become like every other man.
23:23 Yes.
23:25 We are just exposed, we are just weak.
23:27 Without God's,
23:28 without God's presence and strength in our life,
23:31 we just become like exposed to Devil's influences.
23:35 Then the commitment of having a devotional life.
23:37 Number two.
23:39 What I call the proximity factor.
23:41 If you know people that have been addicted to tobacco,
23:45 then in my experience in public health,
23:47 when at one point I had to do
23:51 an evaluation of a stop smoking program.
23:55 And my role in that experience was to call these people
24:00 that have attended a stop smoking clinic
24:03 and program and to evaluate the success of the program
24:07 because you look, there are certain progression,
24:09 you see people quitting
24:11 and they stay quit for one month
24:14 and they relapse or you see people quitting
24:16 and stay quit for three months and they relapse, and so on.
24:19 Then I call these people
24:20 and this happened maybe a year or so or more.
24:23 And I call this, I don't remember exactly
24:24 how many people, about 50 people
24:25 and I asked them,
24:28 "Have you been successful and you quit during the clinic,
24:32 have you been successful?"
24:33 Some would say yes, some would say no,
24:34 and then I explore that,
24:36 I have an interview with them and see what are the factors
24:38 that led you to success,
24:39 what are the factors that led you to fall,
24:41 to relapse.
24:42 The one factor, just one of them
24:44 is the availability of the tobacco in this case.
24:51 Make no provision for the flesh policy, yeah.
24:52 Yes.
24:54 Then if we know that we struggled
24:56 with media and addiction,
24:57 then I have to basically avoid as much as I can.
25:01 I know people that are professionals,
25:02 they have to work everyday with computers
25:05 and have access to internet.
25:07 Well, there are ways of controlling
25:08 that area of life.
25:10 The point is the proximity factor,
25:14 then if I know that I have a problem with it,
25:16 I have to stay away as much as I can.
25:18 You know this is, I'm going to put it in a little plug.
25:21 Moses Primo, our director of engineering here
25:24 has created something called "My SDA Box",
25:28 and it's similar to the Roku but it only has
25:31 Seventh-day Adventist channels on it,
25:33 and for $99 or from $69 to $99.
25:36 Someone can buy one of those and just eliminate, you know,
25:41 we always tell people this is what you ought
25:43 to be giving as a gift rather than a Roku,
25:46 where they can be tempted with hundreds of channels
25:49 that are not Christian, give them something that,
25:51 it only has Christian viewing.
25:54 Yeah, then again the proximity factor
25:55 and the accessibility,
25:57 it's a huge thing in the addiction world.
25:59 Than how addictive the drug of abuse,
26:02 how available the drug of abuse is,
26:05 and we know it's just a click away.
26:07 It's just a click away. Mm-hm.
26:08 Then you have all kinds of advertisement
26:11 and sites and everything, and it's just a click away.
26:13 Then staying away knowing that
26:16 also having an accountability partner.
26:18 Having someone that is with you,
26:21 someone that you can trust, someone that you can talk to,
26:24 someone that you give full control of your life.
26:28 It can be your spouse,
26:30 it can be your very good friend,
26:31 it can be your pastor, it can,
26:32 someone that you can at anytime he can,
26:35 you can talk honestly
26:37 and he can ask you, "Well, how is it?
26:40 Have you been relapsing or not?"
26:42 Being accountable to someone else it's, it helps.
26:45 Amen. Also, decide ahead of time.
26:48 The temptation and the battle over the temptation
26:52 is not won in the moment of their patience.
26:56 Amen. It's won ahead of time.
26:59 Then prepare yourself,
27:01 if I know that I have to travel, in my case,
27:04 I know that I have to travel, sometime,
27:05 you have to be in a hotel.
27:07 What's in a hotel room?
27:08 Television and much more. Television.
27:10 Yeah, television is there with all kinds of whatever.
27:13 We know our past experiences,
27:16 learn from the past experiences,
27:19 because with every addiction you can see a pattern.
27:23 Then you learn from those patterns
27:25 and decide ahead of time.
27:28 And in the end, I would say, if tempted, resist.
27:31 The Bible says...
27:32 Yeah.
27:34 Therefore submit to God, resist the Devil,
27:36 and he would flee from you.
27:37 That's a wonderful promise. Amen.
27:38 Thank you so much Octavian for giving us these principles.
27:42 They are a wonderful solution in the battle for our mind,
27:45 and that is to recognize and that you have a problem,
27:50 and what's the difference between right and wrong,
27:53 if you're comfortable before the Lord
27:55 to make certain that this is something
27:58 that you are giving it to God
28:00 and that you can know that God said,
28:04 "That my grace is sufficient for you
28:06 for my power is made perfect in your weakness."
28:10 So if you are struggling, just call on God
28:13 because Christ, with Christ's strength,
28:15 you can do all things.
28:17 Thank you so much for joining us,
28:19 we'll see you next time.
28:20 Thank you.


Revised 2016-12-31