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00:01 So many people in this world have suffered
00:03 some type of pain or rejection,
00:06 and when they do
00:08 they look for way to numb their pain
00:11 and that usually leads to an addiction of some kind.
00:14 Please join us today on Issues and Answers,
00:17 as we discuss this very troublesome problem
00:22 but yet give the answer,
00:25 the victory that can be found in Christ Jesus.
01:00 Hello, I'm Shelley Quinn and once again
01:02 we welcome you to Issues and Answers.
01:04 We're so glad that you're taking this time to,
01:07 to just sit down and join us today
01:09 and I know you're going to be glad as well.
01:11 We're welcoming back author and pastor Paul Coneff,
01:16 he is the director of
01:18 Straight 2 the Heart Ministries.
01:20 And he has written an incredible book called
01:23 The Hidden Half of the Gospel.
01:25 So, Paul, we want to welcome you.
01:28 I left out one of your credentials is that
01:30 you're also a licensed family practice counselor.
01:34 And let's just kind of give me once again,
01:39 this is your third program with us
01:41 but tell us what The Hidden Half of the Gospel is?
01:46 We say the book title is The Hidden Half of the Gospel,
01:49 how his suffering will heal yours in Jesus suffering.
01:52 So we want to bring to light
01:53 how Jesus said over and over again
01:55 that he came to suffer and die and rise again,
01:58 not just die and rise again.
01:59 The death and resurrection is critical to us,
02:01 we need forgiveness, we need to know we're saved,
02:04 we need to know we have a gift of eternal life
02:06 and he included suffering over and over again,
02:08 and said he was fulfilling Old Testament prophecy.
02:10 Yes.
02:12 So what we want to do is bring out
02:13 how he suffered in very intentional ways,
02:16 being alone, abandoned, betrayed,
02:19 abused everyway possible,
02:21 tempted to numb his pain on the cross,
02:23 when he's lost water and blood, his nerves are on fire,
02:26 his flesh had been ripped from his back,
02:28 and then he cries out in the darkness,
02:29 "Why have you forsaken me."
02:31 The temptation to numb his pain was
02:34 because they offered him a sour wine.
02:38 Yeah.
02:39 But when he recognized it was wine,
02:41 he actually overcame that temptation to numb his pain.
02:44 Yeah, 'cause he could have checked out
02:46 even for a few seconds.
02:47 But then a plan of salvation would have been lost,
02:49 so as soon as he realized it was a wine vinegar mix,
02:52 here it was made to numb his pain a little bit,
02:54 so one nice thing they did, he said no,
02:56 he trusted in his father and said no,
02:59 so now we have a Jesus
03:00 who has suffered all these negative experiences,
03:03 so he can be tempted with our same temptations,
03:06 our same negative thoughts, so now he can,
03:08 the Jesus that Hebrews 2 says suffered being tempted,
03:12 we can see they were real temptations.
03:14 And because he was tempted to numb his pain on the cross,
03:18 he knows what it's like to be tempted to numb his pain,
03:21 he knows what it's like to trust in his Father,
03:23 and now we can receive his victory,
03:26 it's not like we're saying, okay,
03:27 Jesus did it so you do it,
03:29 we're saying Jesus did it because you can.
03:31 He said, I do nothing on my own strength,
03:33 and he said you can do nothing apart for me.
03:35 So now we want to say
03:37 here is where he was tempted like you,
03:38 so you can bring your story, your negative thoughts,
03:41 feelings, behaviors to him
03:42 and then receive his victory.
03:45 Amen. Amen.
03:46 So whose story you're going to talk about today?
03:51 I want to talk about Keith, he is a good friend of mine,
03:54 he had grown up Japanese so he's still Japanese.
03:57 I was going to ask. Yeah.
03:59 He's Japanese
04:00 and he grew up after World War II
04:01 in Southern Cal, and he's looking around
04:03 and there is not a lot of Japanese people,
04:05 and after World War II
04:06 it wasn't real pop here,
04:07 so he grew up wishing he could be Anglo.
04:10 He sees himself
04:12 and he says I want to be somebody different.
04:14 Were his parents in the internment camps or...?
04:16 I'm not sure, no, I don't think so.
04:19 But he knew the feeling the sensor
04:21 of how that associated with World War II
04:24 and then he didn't have a good relationship
04:26 with his dad, his dad favors older brother,
04:28 he felt rejected by his dad.
04:30 So he has got this rejection issue both from his race
04:33 and from his family.
04:35 So he's really smart
04:37 so he started trading doing homework
04:39 in high school and college,
04:40 elementary school and high school,
04:42 and in return he would get drugs from them,
04:44 he do everybody's homework.
04:45 Oh, mercy.
04:47 And then he's in job, he's working in a career,
04:48 he's got a responsible job but he gets into cocaine
04:51 because cocaine numbed that pain of rejection.
04:56 It didn't solve it, but it numbed it.
04:59 Wasn't he smart enough that
05:00 he thought I think he was on a medical track
05:02 to become the doctor.
05:04 Yes, he wanted to be a doctor. Okay.
05:05 And he could have been a doctor
05:07 ended up managing big construction projects
05:10 but he was
05:12 and so he ended up being in cocaine
05:13 so much that he got paranoid,
05:14 this wasn't using drugs once in a while.
05:17 He got to, he run out of the house
05:19 thinking people are after him,
05:20 he finally got checked into rehab,
05:22 it was very hard
05:23 because he didn't want to admit his life was out of control.
05:25 He ends up in the same hospital
05:27 where he'd interned.
05:28 Yeah.
05:30 But now he's not there as a pre-med student
05:33 hoping to be a doctor,
05:34 now he's there as a patient, it was very hard.
05:37 And so then he ended up in recovery
05:39 and he got some healing and then somebody said,
05:41 hey, let's go to our friend's wedding
05:43 and so he thought well,
05:44 I'll bring some cocaine, I can handle it.
05:48 Well of course he couldn't and that spiraled him out again
05:51 and then he ended up getting married,
05:53 he ended becoming a Christian
05:54 and then we ended up connecting later on
05:57 and he realized that yes, the behavior was gone,
06:01 yes, he gotten some recovery
06:03 but those negative thoughts about rejection
06:06 there was still some residue, they were still there.
06:08 So he really resonated with the idea of Jesus
06:11 hanging on the cross
06:13 'cause our big thing,
06:15 our main theme is what happened in your life,
06:18 where can Jesus identify,
06:19 where can he connect his story to your story,
06:21 where did he go through a similar experience.
06:23 And now Keith has a Jesus hanging on the cross
06:25 crying out, my God, my God,
06:28 why have you forsaken me.
06:30 This is a Jesus that has walked in Keith's shoes.
06:35 And before he cries out
06:37 this is a Jesus who is tempted to numb his pain,
06:40 it wasn't with cocaine, it was with alcohol,
06:43 but it's not the particular alcohol,
06:45 food, drug, sex,
06:46 it's the fact that
06:48 he was tempted to numb his pain to checkout
06:50 and he said no,
06:51 I'm going to trust in my Father.
06:52 I want to just hit your pause button
06:54 for just a second
06:55 because there are people who are watching
06:58 who may not be familiar with the story,
07:00 we can't assume that they know the story on the cross,
07:03 so how was Christ
07:05 when he was hanging on the cross,
07:07 where did the temptation come
07:09 for him to be tempted by alcohol?
07:12 Well, to give it more complete story
07:14 he's in the garden,
07:15 he's alone and abandoned
07:17 and betrayed when he's praying.
07:18 Then he goes through all these multiple trials
07:20 where they beat him,
07:21 they tear the flesh off his back,
07:22 so by the time he's nailed to the cross,
07:24 his nerves are on fire, he's lost water,
07:27 he's lost blood
07:29 and then the Roman soldiers
07:30 did one nice thing for those they crucified.
07:32 Everything else was cruel,
07:33 but the one nice thing is
07:35 they would offer him wine vinegar mix,
07:36 a sour drink, an alcohol drink
07:38 to numb the pain.
07:39 So they put it on a sponge
07:41 and they actually put it up on his lips,
07:43 and when he realized what it was, he said no.
07:46 And just think how parched he was after all night long,
07:49 not having anything to drink, all that blood loss,
07:52 he would have been so dehydrated,
07:54 so just to have that cool liquid in his mouth
07:56 would have been wonderful.
07:58 To have any liquid...
07:59 Yeah.
08:00 And then it's an alcoholic liquid
08:02 that could lead him checkout,
08:03 but if he checked out
08:04 he wouldn't be present with his pain,
08:06 he wouldn't be trusting in his Father
08:08 and then he wouldn't be able to give us his victory.
08:10 So he was tempted to I mean, the humanity,
08:13 the human side of him
08:15 wanted or would have welcome that,
08:19 but he was able to surrender that to the Lord,
08:23 to his Father
08:24 and gain victory over that temptations
08:28 so that he remained without sin.
08:30 Yes.
08:31 And now he can forgive Keith for any anger
08:35 and hurting the way he's you know,
08:37 try to numb his pain
08:39 from his hurt from his Father,
08:40 so Keith can get forgiveness but even better,
08:44 he can get freedom.
08:47 You know, 1 John 1:9 says,
08:48 if we confess our sins, he's faithful to forgive us
08:51 and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
08:53 Yes.
08:55 A lot of Christians are getting a lot of forgiveness,
08:57 but they're not getting a lot of freedom.
08:59 We want him to experience forgiveness
09:00 for the mistakes he's made, the way he's derailed his life,
09:03 hurt himself or others.
09:05 We also want him to get freedom
09:07 not only from the cocaine but from that core,
09:10 that root issue,
09:11 that belief system behind his behavior
09:13 of I'm rejected
09:15 because if he has an identity
09:16 that he's rejected by his own father,
09:19 is that going to bring positive feelings
09:21 and behaviors or negative?
09:22 Absolutely, it's going to bring negative.
09:24 And then he's going to try and go,
09:25 I don't want to be present with these feelings
09:28 and I wouldn't want to be
09:29 present with those feelings either.
09:30 I mean, one of the negative messages
09:32 I had was I'm rejected,
09:33 so then we're going to go find something
09:37 and both of us growing up in different areas found drugs.
09:40 There is lots of different addictions,
09:41 but now he's trying to medicate
09:43 so he goes from feeling bad about
09:45 being rejected to doing cocaine.
09:47 Now while he's doing cocaine he feels good
09:50 but then he feels bad later,
09:52 so what does he do to feel better?
09:53 He goes back to doing cocaine,
09:56 and then he feels bad,
09:57 so what is he going to do to feel better?
10:00 More cocaine and now he is addicted,
10:02 he's got this thought pattern, I feel bad, I go to drugs.
10:07 And so we've got the cycle of sin and forgiveness.
10:09 And so if we're going to help him,
10:11 we have to help him
10:12 identify that core issue
10:14 which happens to be in his case the rejection.
10:16 And, you know, it might not be cocaine,
10:18 lots of people have never done illegal drugs.
10:20 You know, actually when I was reading a book,
10:23 I realize that, I always said,
10:26 I don't know how I escaped my past
10:29 without having some kind of addiction,
10:33 without having something that I used to medicate myself,
10:37 because I consider myself a well balanced person,
10:41 I've been very independent in it,
10:43 that was difficult for me.
10:44 When you grow up in dysfunction,
10:46 you learn to be independent for self survival,
10:48 so it's difficult for me to learn
10:50 to really yield to the Lord,
10:52 but as I read your book I realized that how my...
10:58 How I self medicated if you will was through overwork,
11:03 I mean I became "a workaholic"
11:05 and that was, you know,
11:08 we don't often think of that's an escape,
11:11 a route of escape but it actually is.
11:14 And it's socially acceptable.
11:16 Yes.
11:17 I went from being alcohol to workaholic now
11:19 so I can identify so I switch fruits,
11:21 that's not freedom.
11:22 Yeah.
11:24 And so what we want to do is
11:25 deal with those belief systems behind the behavior,
11:28 the roots 'cause the fruit is often
11:31 negative thoughts and feelings,
11:33 negative feelings and behaviors.
11:35 And the fruit being the behavior,
11:37 the root being whatever the cause
11:39 the lie of Satan is the root
11:42 when he's trying to rob you of your identity,
11:45 when he's telling you in first person
11:47 where you're saying,
11:49 you know, I'm not worthy,
11:50 I'm rejected, I've been abandoned,
11:53 I'm going to be abandoned,
11:55 all these things these are the root
11:57 but then the fruit is whatever behavior
12:00 those negative lies create, right?
12:04 Yes.
12:05 And so you have the root system,
12:06 imagine a negative thought, negative belief, lie,
12:11 it's going to create negative feelings
12:12 and negative behaviors
12:13 'cause those behaviors are going to be
12:15 how do I get away from the feeling,
12:17 and I would define addiction and bad habits as very simple.
12:20 I feel bad,
12:22 I go to cocaine, food, drugs, sex,
12:24 or whatever to feel good,
12:26 I end up feeling worse or numb.
12:28 And some people say, I would never do cocaine, no,
12:31 but what they do five bowls of ice cream.
12:34 And which tastes better, the first bowl or the fifth?
12:37 The first because ice cream is cold
12:40 and it numbs your tongue,
12:41 so if I remember what the first bowl
12:43 tasted like guess what?
12:45 I'm chasing the original feel good,
12:48 but it's harder to get it because now
12:50 the taste buds are numb.
12:52 Well, it's no different than cocaine.
12:54 Ice creams are a lot cheaper
12:56 but really the first line of cocaine
12:59 is going to be the best because it starts numbing you,
13:02 it gets you high but it numbs you.
13:04 So whatever we do, it doesn't matter
13:05 whether it's ice cream or cocaine,
13:07 socially acceptable or not, I feel bad,
13:11 I go to something to feel good,
13:13 I end up feeling worse or numb,
13:15 that tends to be the addictive cycle.
13:17 And some people say, I don't have addictions,
13:18 I just have habits.
13:20 Okay, either way when Keith was in addiction
13:23 and he was destroying his life stealing his life,
13:26 but here he has a Jesus tempted
13:28 to believe he's rejected by his father
13:30 so he can identify with Keith,
13:32 tempted to numb his pain like Keith,
13:35 and then as Keith gets healing and freedom,
13:36 he start sharing his story with other people.
13:39 And they start telling him things about their life
13:41 that he didn't know,
13:42 these are friends he'd known for years.
13:44 He used to help race cars and work on cars
13:46 and he's talking with some of his friends
13:47 and he's sharing how now Jesus can identify with him.
13:50 He has seen the power of self from the side,
13:52 he's not, nobody told him about witness.
13:54 He's just sharing what Jesus had done for him.
13:56 He's excited.
13:57 And some of them were Christians,
13:59 some of them were not.
14:00 He's just sharing his story which is what a testimony is.
14:03 And one girl starts talking about, you know,
14:05 being gang raped, okay.
14:07 Well, Jesus was strip naked,
14:08 physically violated by group of men in power over him.
14:11 There is a bull's eye.
14:13 Somebody else is drinking because of pain in their past.
14:16 He start sharing what Jesus did for him
14:19 and she stops drinking.
14:21 Praise the Lord.
14:22 Somebody else starts talking,
14:24 another guy starts talking about stuff in his past
14:25 that he never told anybody about,
14:27 so Keith starts talking about his story being rejected,
14:31 being Japanese and feeling uncomfortable with that,
14:34 and all of a sudden
14:36 because he's sharing his story in a positive way,
14:38 not a negative way,
14:39 he's not glorifying sin but he's sharing his story.
14:42 And you know what people do?
14:44 They start sharing their story back.
14:45 Yes.
14:47 And he's not just sharing his story,
14:48 he's sharing his story
14:50 and how it connects with Jesus story,
14:52 so they begin Christian or non-Christian to see,
14:54 wait a minute, the savior isn't up
14:58 in a cloud playing a harp.
15:00 This is a rubber meets the road Jesus
15:03 that's walked in my shoes,
15:05 so he can meet me in my pain
15:08 and brokenness and heal me.
15:09 I had, that's my aha-huh moment.
15:11 It is, it's you know, we can say yes,
15:14 Jesus identifies with us
15:17 and that brings some kind of healing
15:19 but what it is,
15:21 is that we recognize that
15:24 he isn't just up there looking down being judgmental,
15:28 he's been here,
15:29 he understands completely and he's rooting for us,
15:33 he's trying to give us the victory.
15:36 Thanks be to God who gives us the victory in Christ Jesus.
15:39 And that's
15:42 it's making me think of Romans 5:17 just a second,
15:46 I think that's it,
15:48 Romans 5:17 says,
15:54 "If by the one man's offense death reigned through the one,
15:57 much more those who receive abundance of grace
16:00 and the gift of righteousness will reign in life
16:04 through the One, Christ Jesus."
16:06 So it's as we recognize
16:09 that he fully understands us,
16:13 he's walked in that, he can give us the victory.
16:16 He gives us this abundant grace
16:18 that's more than just forgiveness,
16:19 it's healing and now he's going to help us
16:22 reign in life
16:24 because the thief comes to steal,
16:26 kill and destroy that's the devil,
16:28 but he came to give us life and life abundant like.
16:32 That's right.
16:33 And the power of this is that
16:36 it's both theologically and biblically sound
16:39 and yet it's lived out in his life,
16:41 if this is Christ in you the hope of glory.
16:43 Amen.
16:44 He is receiving the acceptance of Christ,
16:46 he's not just identifying with Christ on the cross
16:48 and that's powerful that we've been talking about.
16:50 Christ is tempted to numb his pain,
16:52 Christ is tempted to believe that
16:54 his Father has rejected him
16:55 in his deepest, darkest moment.
16:57 But now God didn't stop there.
17:00 The rest of the story that he raised Jesus from the dead
17:02 and that resurrection life,
17:04 that abundant life now can be poured into Keith.
17:06 Keith sees himself in a new way and starts sharing his story.
17:09 You know, we think of the apostle Paul
17:11 as this type A energizer bunny,
17:13 he now come down he gets backup,
17:14 no, nothing stops him, and there was that part of him.
17:17 But he says in 1 Thessalonians 2:8,
17:19 we loved you so much
17:22 that we share with you not only the gospel,
17:25 this good new story
17:27 but our lies as well
17:28 because you've been so dear with,
17:29 so Paul couldn't share the gospel story
17:32 without sharing his story
17:33 and having other people share theirs,
17:35 and that's what Keith found as he's going on vacation
17:37 and connecting with old friends that he shares his story
17:41 and how Jesus story came into his
17:43 and they start sharing parts of their story
17:45 they haven't told other people.
17:48 It's not something somebody told him to do,
17:51 it's part of his life.
17:52 That's the response.
17:54 And it's the overflow,
17:55 you know, Colossians 2, Paul says,
17:56 as you've received Christ continue in him
17:58 being rooted and grounded in Christ
18:01 overflowing with thanks,
18:03 so we want people to work off the overflow principle
18:05 where it's natural and joyous to say
18:08 I want to tell you something that's happened to me
18:10 that's made a difference.
18:11 Here is who I was,
18:13 here is where Christ just brought me
18:14 because of his suffering, his death and his resurrection,
18:17 where I'm getting forgiveness and I'm getting freedom
18:21 and growing in grace.
18:23 Amen. Amen.
18:25 And, you know, I imagine that
18:27 when it comes down to,
18:29 we often think, you know,
18:31 there is someone in my office who's always talking about,
18:34 she does the personalities
18:36 the choleric, sanguine,
18:37 melancholy and phlegmatic,
18:39 you know, she always say
18:41 oh, you're a sanguine choleric, you know,
18:44 you take charge but you're just so sanguine.
18:47 And you think of sanguine people
18:50 as being more talkative,
18:51 more...
18:53 Somebody said they're great at going out sharing,
18:56 I wouldn't see you as a sanguine personality,
18:59 I don't put a whole lot of stock in the personalities
19:02 but what I'm trying to point out is
19:04 that it doesn't sound,
19:06 when I read Keith's story,
19:08 it didn't sound like he would be
19:09 what you would consider the sanguine personality,
19:13 but when you're working from the overflow
19:16 it doesn't matter if you're phlegmatic, choleric
19:19 whatever you are,
19:20 and I believe that when Christ enters,
19:22 he kind of balances out those things you know,
19:26 but when you're working from the overflow principle,
19:29 you just naturally going to share.
19:31 One thing I appreciate about your ministry
19:33 Straight 2 the Heart is that
19:37 you put a lot of emphasis on discipleship.
19:41 I'd like for you to please address
19:43 that we have about I think eight minutes left.
19:46 Could you kind of talk about the importance,
19:50 why it's importance to us individually to share,
19:53 'cause Keith could have kept all of this to himself
19:56 and just bask in the glow of his healing
20:00 but he would have really lost something
20:02 if he hadn't shared.
20:04 Why is it important to teach discipleship,
20:07 to have community, small group,
20:10 so we're getting together people
20:12 who are sharing or going out two by two
20:15 as the biblical principle?
20:16 Well, Jesus sent the 12 out two by two,
20:18 he sent the 70 out two by two.
20:21 Moses had Joshua,
20:25 Elijah had Elisha, Paul had Timothy,
20:27 Barnabas, Silas.
20:30 What I find is that
20:32 like Keith and I actually became prayer partners.
20:35 When we're praying and he knows my story
20:36 what I'm going through
20:38 and I know what he's going through
20:39 when we're praying there is a community there
20:40 and the Father sent a Holy Ghost,
20:43 the Holy Spirit or Trinity.
20:44 Right.
20:46 And so I believe that we all need support,
20:48 men should be praying with men, women with women,
20:50 husband and wife praying together.
20:51 I'm so glad you said that
20:52 because you have to be careful
20:55 and I learned this the hard way.
20:56 I was doing a prayer ministry long distance with a man,
21:00 who was calling repeatedly
21:03 who then transferred his feelings of affection toward me
21:08 which it was shocking,
21:10 'cause he was very young and I'm very old,
21:12 but I mean, it was shocking
21:13 so this is something that you know,
21:16 we wouldn't counsel one on one
21:18 man with a women
21:19 or at least we were taught that,
21:21 we'd always...
21:22 If I'm going to counsel to somebody
21:23 my husband's going to be there if it's the opposite sex.
21:25 Yeah.
21:26 But even in a prayer ministry it becomes very intimate,
21:30 you have an intimate connection in prayer ministry.
21:31 What happens as you start sharing
21:33 and sharing is intimacy.
21:34 Yes.
21:36 So bonds can develop
21:37 and so we have to make sure that
21:38 everything is open up and you know,
21:40 Paul said in Ephesians,
21:41 avoid even the appearance of evil.
21:42 That's good.
21:44 So we want to avoid even the appearance of evil,
21:46 but if men are praying with men and it's tough for men,
21:49 we like to be lone rangers, it's natural,
21:52 it's not spiritual,
21:54 so we need to pray and say God
21:55 what's keeping me from that community,
21:57 we need support.
21:58 We need to have other men to know our story.
22:00 I need to know
22:02 what's going on in Keith's life,
22:03 he needs to know what's going on in my life
22:04 so when we're praying,
22:06 even if I'm thousands of miles away,
22:07 if he knows what's going on and I know he is praying,
22:10 Jesus knew it was so important
22:12 that he sent the 12 out and the 70 out
22:14 and Paul followed the same model.
22:15 So having that sense of community
22:17 and women praying with women,
22:19 women intuitively understand women,
22:21 men intuitively understand men,
22:23 so we can build that community there is more power.
22:27 It's when disciples came together
22:29 for 10 days and prayed,
22:30 when they came together as a group
22:32 that's when the Holy Spirit fell.
22:34 So I believe the community that two by two,
22:37 two and three and four men or women praying together,
22:40 supporting each other is critical to our growth
22:43 if we're going to reveal the fullness of God's love,
22:46 and grace, and character to people.
22:49 So now what about small groups
22:52 you've mentioned couple of times
22:54 in your book about people getting together
22:57 in these groups to have this kind of prayer ministry
23:00 and then I mean,
23:02 are getting together for study
23:03 or are they studying
23:04 and then breaking off into prayer.
23:06 Yeah, what we do is we have
23:08 13 week discipleship process...
23:10 Where we go deep in
23:11 one person's area of their life,
23:12 we talk about their losses,
23:14 how they learned to protect themselves,
23:15 their patterns of self protection
23:17 which end up being patterns of self sabotage.
23:20 We look at how to receive forgiveness
23:22 for what they didn't or did not about it.
23:24 We talk about generational pattern,
23:26 'cause we've all inherited stuff.
23:28 Sure.
23:29 Then we look at how do we receive Jesus'
23:30 spirit of forgiveness for those who hurt us,
23:32 and then we look at
23:34 how do we take all this stuff in our life,
23:37 how it's got weaving it together,
23:38 working it to good for the calling he has for us.
23:41 Let say somebody has been addicted like Keith
23:44 and he gets free, he can start a recovery group.
23:46 Yeah. So we could take that.
23:48 You know, addiction of cocaine
23:50 isn't on any spiritual gifts list.
23:51 Abortion isn't any on spiritual gifts list, right?
23:55 Being beaten or actually beat
23:57 isn't on any spiritual gifts list.
23:59 Losing a child isn't on any spiritual gifts list
24:01 but could these stories connect with Jesus' story
24:05 and bring healing
24:06 and then they turn out ministering
24:08 to other men and women
24:09 who've gone through same experiences,
24:10 so they're not on a spiritual gifts list
24:12 but can God heal them,
24:14 set them free and move them into ministry
24:16 and so this where we're wanting
24:18 to start them with their losses,
24:20 their patterns of self protection,
24:21 forgiveness, but we want to end up
24:23 where they're accepting their calling in Christ,
24:25 learning how to share their story and their gifting
24:28 and ending up committing to two by two
24:30 and looking for their harvest daily.
24:32 I think that is so wonderful.
24:34 You know, I can't believe it, Paul,
24:36 but we're down to just the last few minutes of this program,
24:38 and there is one thing that I wanted to point out.
24:41 In your book you mentioned that
24:43 there is a prayer actually
24:45 that people are praying to God and saying,
24:48 Lord, reveal to me the barrier that I have up,
24:53 put up that is blocking your blessings.
24:56 And I think this is something that
24:59 what your ministry is doing
25:01 is getting to the root, that's all,
25:04 what's it's all about is getting to the root
25:06 of our negative thoughts
25:08 and I just wanted to read the scripture to you,
25:10 it is from 2 Corinthians 10:4 and 5,
25:15 and here is what Paul says,
25:16 "The weapons of our warfare are not carnal
25:19 but they are mighty in God
25:21 for pulling down the strongholds in his mind,
25:24 casting down arguments
25:26 and every high thing that it exalts itself
25:29 against the knowledge of God."
25:31 And I would say that
25:33 when the devil is whispering in your ear,
25:35 when you're a child of God
25:37 and he's whispering in your ear
25:38 that you're rejected
25:40 or that you should be fearful of abandonment,
25:43 that is something that is exalting itself
25:47 against the knowledge of God
25:48 'cause God says he'll never leave you,
25:50 he'll never forsake you, he'll ever abandon you.
25:53 And then he say that
25:55 these weapons are casting down the arguments
25:58 every high thing that exalt itself
26:00 against the knowledge of God
26:01 bringing every thought into captivity
26:05 to the obedience of Christ.
26:08 This is what it's all about, is it not?
26:12 It is.
26:13 And when we deal with addictions here we have,
26:17 we're not going to use worldly weapons.
26:18 We're not going to try harder in our own strength.
26:21 We're not going to take every thought captive
26:23 and how do we do it?
26:24 By breaking, by using divine power
26:26 which points me to the cross in Jesus' suffering,
26:28 death and resurrection.
26:30 And then it says we're going to break those strongholds
26:32 by taking every thought captive,
26:34 so what is the stronghold?
26:35 It's the strong thought patterns,
26:37 creating the strong negative feelings
26:39 that lead to the strong negative behaviors.
26:43 Amen.
26:45 That, when you said that
26:46 you're going to kept those cords,
26:49 Psalm 129:4 is one of my favorite scriptures
26:53 to share with people as a promise of the Lord
26:56 and it says, "The Lord is righteous,
26:59 He has cut in pieces the cords of the wicked."
27:04 So God that is his point, it is his job to do,
27:09 we can't really do it our self.
27:11 I can't fix Shelley Quinn, you couldn't fix Paul Coneff.
27:14 You can get all the education you want,
27:16 study all you want
27:18 and it all comes down to turning it over to God
27:21 and God fixes it, right?
27:22 But he will cut us free
27:25 from all of those negative roots
27:28 that the devil, all the lies of Satan.
27:30 God will give you your true identity in Christ.
27:34 Time is up, I can't believe it.
27:36 Paul, thank you so much for joining us,
27:39 and if anyone would like to invite you
27:41 to come to their church and do a training.
27:44 I know you're going to be at Andrews soon
27:47 giving another training,
27:48 but if you would like to invite Paul,
27:50 you can go to Straight 2 the Heart...
27:53 Well,
28:00 And we also highly recommend your book
28:02 which you can see it here all about on his website.
28:06 Thank you so much for joining us.
28:08 Our prayer is that
28:10 the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
28:12 the love of the Father
28:13 and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit
28:16 will be with you today and always,
28:19 and we look forward to seeing you once again.
28:22 Bye-bye.


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