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00:01 Paul wrote to the Thessalonians,
00:03 in 1 Thessalonians 5:13 he said,
00:07 "Now may the God of peace himself Jehovah-Shalom
00:12 sanctify you completely, and may your whole spirit,
00:15 soul and body be preserved blameless
00:18 at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ."
00:20 He who calls you is faithful and he will also do it.
00:24 Please join us today on Issues and Answers
00:27 as we discuss "Jehovah-Shalom,
00:30 the God of peace."
01:01 Hello, I'm Shelley Quinn,
01:02 and we are so glad that you're joining us
01:04 again on Issues and Answers.
01:06 Today we're going to be speaking
01:08 with our special guest Ernie Pyle,
01:09 who is a speaker for the ministries
01:13 called Knowing God Ministries
01:17 and they focus on the names of God.
01:21 Ernie, thank you for joining us once again.
01:24 We have so enjoyed
01:26 as you've been featuring different names of God.
01:30 Well, again I say this, but I sincerely mean it,
01:33 thank you for having me, and giving me this opportunity.
01:36 Well, it's just been beautiful.
01:39 Let's just kind of...
01:41 somebody may be joining us for the first time today,
01:45 just kind of give me a short little recap
01:47 of what your ministry is,
01:49 and why you chose in the idea of knowing God,
01:53 why you chose to feature and focus on the names of God.
01:59 I certainly will.
02:01 We have a home church
02:03 for about eight years in our home on Friday nights,
02:07 we'd have anywhere from 15 to 35 people and...
02:09 And let me ask you this, this is a small group,
02:11 but that didn't mean you were
02:13 still going to church on Sabbath.
02:16 Okay, so you had small group.
02:17 Yeah, exactly, thank you for catching that.
02:19 Yeah, on Friday night and we did a lot of topics,
02:23 we went through the Bible as it's written,
02:26 which is an interesting topic.
02:29 We went through the books of the Bible asking,
02:31 what does it say by God,
02:33 we went verse by verse through Revelation.
02:35 And Rob Shepherd brought to me
02:38 a concept of doing the names of God.
02:41 And that was the one
02:43 that the people really reacted to the most,
02:46 because it meant the most to them.
02:48 Yes.
02:50 We ended up forming a ministry
02:51 and we've been over 70 different places,
02:54 we've done large camp meetings,
02:56 we've done churches that had 20 people in them.
02:59 But we said to God,
03:00 we will go wherever we're asked
03:03 and we would give everything away free.
03:07 So God you must give us the place to go,
03:11 and the funds to go with.
03:13 And so our Sabbath school class
03:15 has funded most of our operation.
03:17 Rob and I obviously take nothing from the ministry
03:20 whatsoever and we've just been blessed.
03:23 The reason that we must go out and share the love of God
03:28 is that if we were to diagram both Rob and myself
03:32 our spiritual journey.
03:35 We would have some real highs,
03:37 but each one of us sad to say has hit the bottom.
03:41 And it was God that brought us back.
03:43 Amen.
03:45 So we have no other choice
03:48 but then to go out and share what God has done for us,
03:52 He will do for other people.
03:54 As Paul says the love of Christ constrain you.
03:57 That's right.
03:58 You just got to tell that message.
04:00 We chose the names of God
04:01 because in our studies this meant the most to us
04:05 because every time God introduced Himself to people,
04:11 it would be a name
04:13 that would give a description of His character and a promise
04:18 of what He would do in their life.
04:21 And we found through the names of God
04:23 that some names appealed to some people,
04:26 other names different people,
04:28 but yet the message is always resonating.
04:31 God loves you, no matter what you've done,
04:35 He wants you to come home to Him
04:37 and His greatest desire
04:39 is for you to spend eternity with Him.
04:42 Amen.
04:43 And that's the basis of our ministry.
04:45 Amen. And it's a beautiful ministry.
04:48 And when do you say that over the last six years,
04:51 God has drawn you closer to Him as you've been sharing this.
04:58 Quite often, this is a true statement,
05:01 I share, I always have,
05:02 we do four seminars in the church
05:04 and I always do the last one.
05:06 And I'll generally end by saying
05:09 when we came to this church,
05:12 Rob and I and our families prayed
05:14 that we would be a blessing to you.
05:18 What has happened is that you have been the blessing to us,
05:22 and for that we're grateful.
05:24 So many times, Shelley, we walk away,
05:27 we're the ones blessed.
05:29 Because as we preach what God can do for them,
05:33 it reminds us of what God has done already for us,
05:36 and we do come away
05:38 with the greater appreciation of Him.
05:40 Sometimes people ask me, well,
05:41 why do you travel so much Shelley
05:43 and go places to speak.
05:45 And it's different just to teach to a camera
05:50 than it is to be out.
05:53 First of all there is, you're more at liberty to...
05:57 I mean you're not so buttoned up
05:58 when you're not on camera.
05:59 That's right.
06:01 But the idea of having that exchange
06:03 when I go out to speak at a church,
06:06 I'm always far more blessed.
06:08 I mean it's just something that it invigorates you.
06:13 One of the things it's kind of unique
06:15 about our ministry, just our style,
06:18 we never preach from the pulpit,
06:21 we preach down on the floor.
06:23 And because we like to be close to those people.
06:26 Amen.
06:27 You know, and they're sitting right there,
06:29 and I'm kind of wanderer anyway.
06:31 But we know we're close to the people,
06:33 when you're up in the pulpit,
06:34 it seems like there is that divide,
06:36 and so we love to be among the people
06:39 and the Lord just blessed us,
06:41 but we give Him all the praise and glory.
06:44 Okay, so in the names of God,
06:47 some of the things that mean a lot to me, Jehovah-Rapha,
06:52 the lord who heals you,
06:54 Jehovah-Jireh, the Lord, God your provider.
06:58 What are...
06:59 you mentioned though and I didn't,
07:01 I wasn't aware of where it was introduced.
07:03 You mentioned something unexpected
07:07 in the Book of Judges
07:08 that a name of God comes up
07:11 amidst all of this violence,
07:16 all the problems that the Israelites were having.
07:19 What was the name of God
07:21 that came up in the Book of Judges?
07:23 We have to set,
07:24 the setting for the Book of Judges
07:27 to appreciate this name.
07:29 First of all, I can never remember in family devotion
07:34 reading from the Book of Judges.
07:36 I don't think so.
07:38 Maybe except for Barak and Deborah.
07:42 I can't remember the last time
07:43 the quarterlies come out on the Book of Judges,
07:46 because from just looking at it and reading through it,
07:49 that was a very bloody book.
07:51 And here's the story of judges,
07:54 it's repeated seven times the cycle
07:58 that the children of Israel goes through.
08:01 The children of Israel start out
08:02 and they're worshiping God,
08:05 and because they're close to him, they are blessed.
08:10 Idolatry comes in to the nation.
08:13 They began to follow idolatry, they leave God.
08:19 The next thing that happens,
08:21 in comes a foreign nation makes servants of them,
08:26 that generation begins to call upon God
08:31 help us, help us, and God comes in
08:35 and the children of Israel, cycle two,
08:39 they start believing in worshiping God.
08:42 Then they turn around and get into that.
08:45 And this is seven times,
08:47 every cycle they get lower and lower
08:52 and further and further away from God.
08:54 Judges 1 starts out
08:57 with the children of Israel praying,
09:00 Lord which of our tribes can go into the enemy's land
09:07 and have the honor of displacing them.
09:10 That's their prayer in Judges 1.
09:13 At the end of Judges,
09:15 they have sunk so low that their prayer is, Lord,
09:20 which one of our tribes can go up and kill our brother.
09:26 That's what sin does, just takes you lower and lower.
09:31 Well, God's not going to put up with that.
09:34 And so in this bloody book,
09:38 where there is a story that it get so bad,
09:40 that they take a woman, cut her into 12 parts,
09:43 mail the different parts to each tribe.
09:47 God comes in and he says hello,
09:52 my name is Shalom,
09:55 I'm the God of peace.
09:59 Now, when I come across that concept, it blew my mind.
10:06 I could think of other additives
10:08 that god could used to describe,
10:09 but I'm the God of peace.
10:14 And what it says in the Book of Judges,
10:17 can you imagine the sadness
10:20 that as God watched that cycle and that spin downward
10:26 that His children were going through.
10:29 Again we go to Jeremiah,
10:30 where he says my eyes well up in tears
10:33 and they run down my cheek.
10:35 Isaiah 49, how can you let, I can't let you go.
10:39 All of these feelings He had and yet He says,
10:42 I'm the God of peace.
10:46 And one of the outstanding stories,
10:48 remember you didn't grow up an Adventist
10:51 but you grew up in church.
10:52 Did you have flannelgraph stories?
10:54 No, we didn't.
10:55 You don't remember flannelgraph stories.
10:56 Well, we grew up with flannelgraph stories,
11:00 and it was kind of interesting
11:01 because the same guy that was Moses,
11:04 the next week he was David,
11:06 you know but one of the flannelgraph stories
11:08 was Gideon and he says oh, what a man of faith.
11:13 Well, writing a Book of Judges
11:16 is that God of peace that wants to bring healing
11:21 to his family.
11:24 And we find Gideon,
11:27 he is in a pit playing with the weed
11:32 and he was in a pit, because he was hiding.
11:35 His knees were knocking. That's right.
11:37 You could just imagine, you know,
11:39 throwing that weed up and then looking around to see
11:41 if anybody, and all of a sudden,
11:44 He hears a season, he hears a person
11:46 that says Gideon
11:48 you mighty valiant warrior.
11:54 And here is Gideon scared to death.
11:56 And yet God says to him
11:58 you're a mighty valiant warrior.
12:01 Shelley, the beauty of God is He sees in us what we can be,
12:07 not what we are.
12:09 And He calls things that are not as though
12:12 they are already were.
12:13 That's right.
12:14 So, here He is talking to this guy
12:16 scared to death hiding, you mighty valiant warrior.
12:22 Gideon says, me, you must be talking to me.
12:25 And we know the story.
12:27 Gideon finally, he says, well, how do I know it's you Lord,
12:32 so I'm going to run a little test.
12:35 And can you imagine how patient God is.
12:39 Yeah.
12:40 He says, now let's see Gideon I just talk to you,
12:43 I've just made you some promises,
12:45 but yet you want to check me out,
12:48 but God says okay.
12:49 So He does exactly what Gideon say.
12:52 He wakes up the next morning,
12:54 remember this is the man of faith.
12:55 Yeah.
12:56 Wakes up the next morning and he says,
12:59 man that could have been a coincidence.
13:01 The fleece and the dew. Yeah.
13:03 So God let's reverse it.
13:07 And again look how patient God is.
13:12 So Gideon decides he's gonna go fight for God,
13:16 and he creates a big army.
13:19 God's comes along, God of peace and says too big,
13:23 I don't need all these people, Gideon.
13:27 And we all know the story how he got down to three,
13:29 they didn't need to do anything,
13:31 bunch of lights and a bunch of pitchers
13:33 and a bunch of hollering
13:34 and that his enemy is destroyed.
13:37 So in the midst of one of the worst times
13:40 of the children of Israel
13:42 over many generations spiraling down
13:45 seven different times with the same reaction,
13:49 trust in God, taking on idols,
13:53 being captured, being servants, praying for God
13:57 all through the Book of Judges is the God of peace,
14:02 because all God ever wants to do
14:05 no matter what our affliction, our trials,
14:07 our situation is to bring peace,
14:12 and peace is knowing God.
14:16 And you know, as I teased to the program today,
14:20 one of my favorite scriptures on the God of the peace
14:25 is 1 Thessalonians 5:23 where he says,
14:29 "Now may the God of peace himself
14:31 sanctify you completely."
14:34 You know God is the one, as the God of peace,
14:37 it's not just that He doesn't want us
14:39 warring among each other,
14:40 but He is the one who sent His Son to die for us
14:43 while we were yet sinners to reconcile us to Him.
14:46 He wanted the peace between us
14:49 and Him and He is in the salvation business.
14:53 He is the one who will sanctify us.
14:56 Paul goes on to say,
14:57 he's gonna sanctify your spirit, soul, and body,
14:59 keep you blameless at the coming of our Lord
15:01 and Savior Jesus Christ
15:03 and He who promises is faithful.
15:06 So when I think of the God of peace,
15:08 this is the scripture I think of is that
15:11 He is the one who died for me,
15:15 to reconcile me to Himself and that He is faithful,
15:19 He is gonna complete the good work He's began in me.
15:22 That's to me is the most exciting thing
15:24 about the God of peace.
15:26 One of the definitions of sin
15:29 which I really like
15:30 if you look back in the Hebrew language
15:33 is restlessness.
15:35 Yes.
15:37 Stop and think when things aren't going good,
15:40 not doing the right things,
15:42 there is no peace, there is restlessness.
15:45 And that's what happens when we separate from God,
15:47 we become restless.
15:49 God comes along and says, my child,
15:52 I don't want that for you, I want to give you my peace.
15:58 And that's why Jesus came along in the New Testament and said,
16:02 if you got heavy burdens, bring them to me.
16:07 Come on to me all ye
16:09 that are heavy-laden and I'll give you peace.
16:14 So the name of Shalom
16:16 found in the most unlikely book of the Bible,
16:20 but isn't that just like God,
16:23 He shows up a different way than we perceiving
16:28 because He cares enough for us to meet us where we're at.
16:33 And so I'm just amazed that what a beautiful word,
16:37 a beautiful name found right there in the Book of Judges,
16:41 the God of peace.
16:42 So here we've got the God of peace,
16:47 but there is also Jehovah-Nissi,
16:50 not too many people know about that name.
16:53 Tell us about?
16:55 Jehovah-Nissi is only found one time in the Bible.
17:00 And it's one of the topics I like,
17:03 because I get to quote the great Bob Dylan.
17:10 In fact that's one of my teasers on Friday night
17:13 is be here Sabbath afternoon
17:15 'cause I'm going to be able to quote Bob Dylan.
17:19 Jehovah-Nissi is God
17:23 is my banner.
17:28 Here's reality.
17:31 We're either marching under the adversary's banner,
17:36 or we're marching under God's banner.
17:39 Amen.
17:41 There is no in between.
17:45 And we're a people of kind of in between.
17:50 You know Jesus said in Revelation,
17:52 I wish he was hot and warm, I can't take this lukewarm,
17:54 you see, or hot and cold can take this.
17:57 See, lot of people think
17:59 that they're going to ride the fence right in the middle,
18:03 but God comes along and says
18:04 you're for Me or you are against Me.
18:07 We even march under the adversary's banner,
18:11 or we march under God's banner.
18:13 Now even the great Bob Dylan understood that,
18:17 because one of his songs,
18:19 he wrote during his religious experience
18:22 was you got to serve somebody,
18:26 it might be the devil, or it might be the Lord,
18:29 but you got to serve somebody.
18:32 So even he recognized
18:35 that you have to march under one or the other banner.
18:38 Amen.
18:40 Now Jehovah-Nissi comes from the book
18:44 where the Israelites
18:47 are fighting the old Amalekites
18:50 and Moses is up over a mountain
18:52 and he has Hur and Aaron with him.
18:56 And they began to notice something
18:58 that when Moses' hands are raised,
19:00 what happened, Shelley?
19:02 They were winning. They were winning.
19:03 When his hands go down, what happens?
19:05 They were losing. They're losing.
19:07 Well, they're pretty smart guys,
19:08 so they figured out,
19:10 just keep Moses' hand up
19:12 and that's exactly what they done
19:14 and they won a great victory.
19:17 And so Moses was so impressed
19:20 that he called upon Jehovah-Nissi,
19:23 God is our banner.
19:26 Amen.
19:28 Now, Shelley, can I talk to you about two other banners
19:31 that were raised up.
19:32 Yes, please. Okay.
19:34 This one just makes me, just can't understand it.
19:40 Children of Israel in the desert wandering around.
19:44 We like to make fun of those people,
19:46 say how stupid can they be, how dumb could they be,
19:50 but kind of think every once a while I see
19:53 my name in there, Shelley.
19:55 So here's the children of Israel,
19:58 they have all the food they want,
20:00 they have air conditioning during the day with a cloud,
20:04 they have fire at night to keep them warm,
20:06 have water and they're complaining,
20:10 they're saying we ought have stayed in Egypt,
20:12 while we were better off in Egypt.
20:14 In the desert there had always been poisonous snakes,
20:18 but God had protected His people.
20:21 Their clothes were never tattered,
20:23 their feet were never bruised.
20:25 Shoes. Yeah.
20:26 That's the way God worked.
20:28 All of a sudden the serpents come into the camp
20:32 and some of them begin to die the people.
20:35 And Moses does what Moses does the best.
20:39 He comes to God and says I know you're not like this,
20:43 please do something to save my people.
20:48 And God stays right in the middle of the camp
20:51 take a pole, put a brazen serpent on it,
20:57 and whoever looks will live.
21:04 Now, I've read that passage, I've studied that passage,
21:06 he didn't say whoever keeps the right day
21:11 and looks will live,
21:13 whoever pays the right amount of tithe
21:16 and looks will live,
21:18 whoever eats the right vege burger
21:21 looks and lives,
21:24 he just simply said look and you will live.
21:30 Now here is what amazes me.
21:33 There were some people that were so stubborn,
21:38 so sad against God,
21:41 that they refused to look, and they died.
21:46 You know, Shelley,
21:47 you would think just as they were collapsing,
21:50 falling to the ground, had their head down,
21:53 they would just take a quick glance
21:56 had nothing to lose, but we cannot explain sin.
22:00 We cannot explain the separation from God,
22:03 we cannot explain leaving God.
22:06 And there are those people
22:09 who looked and live but some refused,
22:14 then I go to another banner,
22:17 the greatest banner of all, on Calvary.
22:23 And in my talk I won't take the time here,
22:25 we don't have time,
22:27 I talk about four people's lives
22:29 that were changed that Friday.
22:32 One of them was a foreigner named Simon.
22:35 He just happened to be there.
22:38 He was coming to visit his sons,
22:40 and he sees a procession,
22:42 he doesn't know what's going on,
22:45 he sees Jesus, he sees two thieves,
22:48 but it's Jesus that catches his eye.
22:52 And we don't know exactly what happened,
22:54 but he must have cried out or he must have felt empathy,
22:57 or he must have said oh, my anyway,
23:00 the soldier heard Simon.
23:02 And he stopped him and said, if you have pity for this man,
23:06 then you take up his cross and you carry up that hill.
23:11 Just think, Shelley,
23:13 a foreigner in Jerusalem
23:16 started out that Friday morning,
23:18 just a day to visit with his son
23:20 and he is carrying the cross of the creator of the universe.
23:26 Another man started out that morning,
23:28 and it was his last day on earth.
23:31 He was a thief,
23:34 must have been a long history of being a crook or criminal
23:39 because they just didn't crucify thieves
23:42 right off the bat.
23:43 So he starts out this Friday morning
23:45 knowing that's his last day on earth.
23:48 Oh, he's crying, somebody save me, unfair,
23:53 this isn't right,
23:54 he fights the soldiers, he does everything,
23:57 but as he's on that cross
24:00 he hears the man in the middle say,
24:04 John, take care of my mother.
24:09 And then he hears him say, Father forgive them,
24:15 they don't know what they're doing.
24:18 Now the thief on the other side was yelling,
24:21 hey you, king of the Jews,
24:23 get us out of here, do something.
24:28 And he was mocking Him. Yes.
24:30 And our thief finally says, paraphrasing, shut up.
24:37 We are getting what we deserve, but he is not guilty.
24:43 And then, Shelley, he turns his head
24:48 and just asked to be remembered,
24:52 and Jesus does what He does best.
24:56 He's saving even while He's dying.
25:01 Third man that day
25:03 when that banner was raised high,
25:07 his Friday morning started out as a work day,
25:11 because he was a centurion, probably had his lunch,
25:15 told his wife maybe we can do something this weekend,
25:18 I got a crucifixion I got to take care of.
25:21 He'd been battle worn soldier,
25:24 he'd seen blood, people dying, nothing to him.
25:27 But this Friday he's taken away.
25:31 Because he's never seen anybody like that third man.
25:35 The man in the middle. That's right.
25:37 And he hears him say, John, take care of my mother.
25:42 He hears, Father, forgive them,
25:45 he hears to the thief
25:47 you will be with me in paradise.
25:51 And then when Jesus dies, nature has lost its creator,
25:55 there are earthquakes, dark clouds, thunder,
26:01 and you know, Shelley,
26:03 as anybody who will look at the cross of Christ
26:08 with an open heart will come to the same conclusion
26:12 as that centurion did.
26:14 Surely, this is the Son of God.
26:18 Amen, Amen.
26:21 And then I point out
26:22 that I said that there were four people
26:26 and I kind of play with the audience a little bit,
26:29 I kind of act like I forgot the fourth person.
26:33 And one time I've even said, Sue, do you have my notes,
26:36 and you can see the people are just uncomfortable,
26:40 you know they feel sorry for me.
26:41 Then all of a sudden I say
26:43 I know who the fourth person is.
26:46 It's you, it's you,
26:51 it's me and, Shelley, it's you.
26:53 Amen.
26:55 We stand at the cross of Calvary.
26:56 Amen.
26:58 We see that held high.
27:02 The question is what do we do.
27:08 And so Jehovah-Nissi such a short paragraph,
27:13 such a short name used one time,
27:17 but yet the symbolic of it
27:19 is we all march under the banner of Christ
27:24 or we march around the banner of the adversary.
27:27 You know a scripture that really sums that up
27:29 which banner you're serving under is Romans 6:16
27:34 where Paul said, do you not know
27:37 that we have a choice of masters
27:38 this what he's saying,
27:39 "Do you not know that to whom you present yourselves
27:41 as slaves to obey, you are that one slaves
27:43 whom you obey whether it's sin leading to death,
27:46 or of obedience leading to righteousness?"
27:49 So we have right here those two.
27:54 Thank you so much.
27:55 This has been so special, Ernie.
27:56 Thank you. Thank you for being here.
27:58 And we want you to...
28:00 You can check out the ministry go to
28:05 and we just want you to know
28:07 that our hearts have been filled,
28:09 we pray that the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
28:13 the love of the Father,
28:14 and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit
28:16 would be with you always.
28:18 Serve under Jehovah-Nissi's banner.
28:22 God bless.


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