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00:01 In the very fist verse of the Bible, Genesis 1:1,
00:04 there is an interesting story about God,
00:08 something he reveals to us about himself.
00:11 It says, "In the beginning God, Elohim,
00:15 created the heavens and the earth."
00:18 Stay tune to find out
00:19 what the meaning of the word Elohim is.
00:52 Hello, I'm Shelley Quinn.
00:54 Once again we welcome you to Issues and Answers,
00:57 and once again we're so excited
00:59 to have Ernie Pyle as our special guest
01:01 because he is going to tell us something special
01:06 about one of the names of God.
01:09 Ernie, thank you for coming back,
01:11 you are a speaker for Knowing God Ministries.
01:16 That's correct, along with Dr. Rob Sheppard.
01:18 Dr. Rob Sheppard.
01:20 And we've a heard a little,
01:21 you've told this how you began and how you all go out
01:25 without asking for any remuneration,
01:28 that you go to camp meetings, you do seminars in churches.
01:32 And Lord has had you very busy in the last six years.
01:36 And the entire focus of Knowing God Ministries
01:40 is on the names of God.
01:44 Why the names of God?
01:46 We've we have chosen the names of God as a special interest
01:50 because every name the God introduces himself by,
01:54 and there's over 300 to 400 names,
01:57 is every name is a description of who he is.
02:02 And it's a promise of what he will do in our lives.
02:08 And as we go through the story of the Bible
02:10 and we recognize the different names
02:12 and the situations
02:14 we see how God arises to the situation,
02:17 how he, and tells people
02:20 that he has the solution to their problem,
02:22 and promises to do in his life.
02:25 The next one is a perfect one because in the Book of Judges,
02:30 one of the most bloodiest books in the Bible,
02:33 so bloody that the take a woman,
02:35 hack her up into 12 parts and send all parts to this,
02:38 every tribe of Israel.
02:41 God says, "Hello,
02:44 my name is peace, shalom."
02:49 The God of pace in that book of judges.
02:53 Yes. It's amazing story, Shelley.
02:55 And that's why the stories come alive
02:58 as we learned names of God and what they mean,
03:01 we see how he interacts with his people.
03:04 And as we already said, to know God is eternal life,
03:09 that's what Jesus said in John 17:3.
03:10 Absolutely.
03:12 So, what is the name that God uses the most
03:16 when he's introducing himself to others?
03:19 The name that he uses is Elohim.
03:24 In the very first words of the Bible he says,
03:27 "In the beginning, God."
03:30 So, every time, Shelley, you see capital G,
03:35 little o, little d.
03:38 That is Elohim.
03:41 When the people translated the Bible,
03:44 they didn't know how to do these names,
03:46 and so they gave a spelling, for every name,
03:49 each name a different spelling.
03:51 So anytime you see G-o-d, that's Elohim.
03:56 Elohim is used 2250 times in the Bible,
04:02 the name that God uses the most.
04:05 So as I was to begin to study the names,
04:07 I thought, well, there has to be a reason
04:09 that he uses his name the most.
04:12 Elohim simple means I made you,
04:18 I've created you,
04:20 I hold you in the palm of my hand,
04:24 and my promise to you
04:26 is that I'll never, never let you go.
04:33 So, Elohim is the covenant maker,
04:36 and his covenant is I'll never let you go.
04:41 Now, as you know, Shelley,
04:42 there is a lot of discussion about covenants.
04:46 You know, did old covenant come before the new covenant
04:50 or that the new covenant become before the old covenant?
04:54 Well, I'm is a simple old Texas boy.
04:57 And so I like things where I can understand it.
05:01 And as I've gone through the Bible I've decided,
05:04 here is God's covenant with his people.
05:08 Remember, Jesus said
05:10 that we should be able to teach salvation simply
05:15 that a child can understand it.
05:17 So here's what I think the covenant is,
05:20 he says in Exodus,
05:22 "I want to be your God and you be my people."
05:27 He says in Leviticus, "I wanna be your God,
05:31 you be my people."
05:32 We can go through all the way over to Jeremiah,
05:35 "I want to be your God and you be my people."
05:39 We can to Ezekiel,
05:41 "I want to be your God and you be my people."
05:45 We can go through the New Testament, the Revelation,
05:48 the 21st chapter
05:50 where God is describing heaven and guess what he says,
05:55 "I'll be your God and you'll be my people."
06:00 So, Elohim, such a beautiful name,
06:04 used the most because God is expressing
06:08 all he wants in our life
06:10 is that we look up to him as our God.
06:14 And obviously, he looks to us as his people.
06:18 Amen. We call that a relationship.
06:22 And that's the message and the name of Elohim,
06:25 I will not forget you.
06:31 And the interesting thing to me is that in the Hebrew,
06:34 Elohim is what I call a uniplural.
06:39 Yes.
06:40 You know, and I love when he says,
06:43 the Lord, your God, Elohim is one God, Echad.
06:47 So it's more then one personality wrapped up,
06:53 and it says it right here.
06:55 So we see a picture of what we had called the trinity.
06:59 Right, right, from the very beginning.
07:01 Right here from the very, very beginning how God create it
07:04 because we know throughout New Testament,
07:06 the Bible says that Jesus,
07:08 all things were created through him.
07:10 Right.
07:12 We know that the spirit hovered,
07:14 so we see the father, the son,
07:16 and the spirit right here at creation.
07:18 Right.
07:19 And this is the covenant maker, the covenant keeper.
07:23 Right.
07:25 The God who keeps' covenant with those
07:26 who keep covenant with him.
07:27 Right.
07:29 From the very beginning God says, I care for you,
07:32 I'll not let you go.
07:35 When I was about 12 years old
07:39 my daddy didn't allow my brother
07:42 and I to go to movies at all.
07:45 And one a day he came to me and he says,
07:47 "I want to you take to your brother to movie," suddenly.
07:52 I mean, all right, yeah.
07:53 Wow, okay.
07:55 I mean, I was shock, you mean,
07:56 I'll get popcorn and a drink or something.
07:59 And it was a movie called the Ten Commandments.
08:01 Yes. Cecil B, the male's classic.
08:05 And so we went to the movie and of course,
08:07 we were just kind of awed by it.
08:10 But it was interesting that one of the things in the movie,
08:13 the Ten Commandants that just stuck in my mind,
08:15 I don't know why,
08:18 was just before Israelites to leave Egypt
08:22 to go in to the promise land,
08:25 it shows that they are carrying the bones of Joseph
08:31 as they go in to the promise land.
08:34 And for some reason that just stuck in my mind.
08:38 Now lets move forward many years
08:40 when I started learning the names of God and studying,
08:43 and I'm looking through them,
08:45 I came up on Genesis, the 50th chapter.
08:49 And here's Joseph, he knew he was dying,
08:53 he calls his family together and he tells them,
08:58 "I believe in Elohim,
09:02 the covenant maker
09:04 and one day he's gonna fulfill his promise to father Abraham,
09:11 and he's gonna go and take you to the promise land.
09:16 When he does that I want you to carry my bones
09:22 and buried me in promise land."
09:25 So, here we see Joseph starting out a life,
09:29 he's kind of a smart like a teenager.
09:32 "Ha, ha, ha, look what I got, you don't."
09:35 Goes to Egypt, looks like he's got it made,
09:38 falls in prison, fall asleep, all through their life.
09:42 But yet, when his life was ending,
09:45 it was Elohim, the covenant maker
09:49 that was a blessing in his life
09:50 and he had so much faith in the covenant maker,
09:54 he says, I know that the promise land will be here
09:58 and I want to be buried in that.
10:00 And all of a sudden the Elohim and the movie kind of clicked
10:04 because for some reason
10:06 that just stuck in my mind as a teenager.
10:10 You know, this is something that,
10:12 when we think of, even the Ten Commandments,
10:16 most people think of God, from the movie, you know,
10:21 speaking in this voice that is just you know,
10:24 "Those shall not..."
10:26 Not recognizing,
10:28 as I learned from Dr. Rob Shepard
10:31 who works with you that the Ten Commandants
10:36 are read in the future tense,
10:38 which indicates there are promise.
10:40 What God is saying when he wrote the Ten Commandants
10:43 as this covenant keeping God
10:45 is that when you're covenant relationship with me
10:49 you won't want to have any other Gods before me.
10:53 You're not going to take my name in vein,
10:55 you're not gonna bow down idols,
10:57 you're gonna be excited about the Sabbath,
11:00 you're not...
11:01 You're gonna honor your parents,
11:02 not gonna murdered, not gonna commit adultery,
11:04 not gonna liar, you not gonna bear false testimony,
11:07 you're not gonna covert
11:09 because this is what covenant relationship.
11:11 I'm gonna be the one that works in you
11:14 to will and to do my good pleasure.
11:18 So, we see,
11:20 as you a taking about all the different names of God.
11:24 Well, we're talking about some of the names of God.
11:27 We see that God was trying with each name
11:31 by which he introduced himself,
11:34 he was painting a picture of who he is and what he'll do.
11:40 Right.
11:41 And every picture is the picture of love, it's...
11:44 Yeah.
11:46 You know, Sue and I at the age now, well, she is,
11:50 were we began to kind of wonder
11:52 what our future is gonna to be like.
11:55 You know the beauty of God is he says, just as you said,
12:00 if you know me
12:02 here's what your life is going to be like.
12:05 You're going appreciate day that you can worship me,
12:09 you're going to do all these things.
12:10 And how wonderful it would be if we took the Ten Commandments
12:16 and presented them in that light of a promise
12:19 verses something you got to do to please God.
12:22 Amen.
12:24 Let me give you another example of Elohim, how he works.
12:29 We all the story of Jonah.
12:32 Now, it's pretty heard to you think
12:33 the God would speak to a man
12:35 and he was just go do opposite.
12:37 Why, I don't know if that's so hard, you know.
12:40 I think they're probably...
12:42 It happens to all of them, it's done.
12:43 He might not speak directly but he speak through his word.
12:47 But he went... and we all know the story.
12:49 So it's interesting thing
12:51 that when Jonah was swallowed up by the great fish,
12:55 he's in the belly and he began to pray.
13:01 And guess what name of God he uses?
13:04 Elohim. Elohim.
13:05 Elohim.
13:07 God, you promised me that you would not let me go.
13:13 And when you read that prayer
13:15 you see exactly that's what his thanking is.
13:18 Yes, I've missed up, yes, I've done wrong,
13:22 yes, I probably deserved what I'm getting
13:26 but you promised you would delivered me.
13:30 And, Elohim, I'm calling up on you to fulfill that promise.
13:34 And off course, we know the next thing,
13:36 the fish throws up on the dry land
13:38 and there is Jonah.
13:40 So it's interesting that in that,
13:45 what I called the pit of the fish,
13:48 he was in the same condition
13:49 as the boy was in the hog pan in the story of the good daddy,
13:53 Prodigal Son, call out to God.
13:57 Elohim says to all of us, Shelley,
14:00 don't care what you've done, where you at, call out,
14:06 my promise is I'll be there.
14:07 It's a very beautiful promise.
14:10 And I'd like to give you one more story
14:13 that I think is just fascinate in about Elohim.
14:16 Would that be okay. Absolutely, please.
14:19 If I would, well, I'm gonna ask you.
14:23 Name one or two of what you think
14:26 the most wicked people on earth have been.
14:29 Manasseh.
14:31 Well, stop there.
14:33 I'll never ask you another question,
14:35 never again, Shelley.
14:36 Most people would say Adolf Hitler, Stalin,
14:42 who killed a you know, 20 million people,
14:44 compared to Hitler, six.
14:46 But one of the words absolutely was Manasseh.
14:49 Yeah.
14:51 And Manasseh
14:53 was the king over the gods people
14:59 and yet we're told there during his reign it was bloody.
15:04 One author his suggested
15:05 that the streets ran with blood,
15:08 he was killing that much people.
15:11 And so there were so wicked,
15:13 so separated from God
15:16 that God allows Assyrian army to come in
15:20 and capture Manasseh.
15:22 Take him off with the hook in his nose.
15:24 Takes him off to Babylon
15:27 and the Babylonians want to throw a great party.
15:31 And so its important, as you said,
15:33 but its important for people to understand
15:36 here's God chosen servant, king of his people,
15:41 and he's been imparted down streets of Babylon
15:44 with the hook in his nose,
15:46 chains on his hands, chains oh his feet,
15:49 and their is literally
15:51 thousands and thousands of people.
15:54 And they're saying, if this is the man
15:57 that represents Israel, ha, ha, look how week.
16:01 And we would say, if we're not careful
16:05 that Manasseh got exactly what he deserved.
16:10 Oh, absolutely.
16:11 I mean, he introduced adultery, child scarifies,
16:16 he was so evil, it was unbelievable.
16:18 Yes.
16:20 Yea, we have a tendency to say,
16:21 he's is getting he just deserves.
16:23 In fact, I would say, well, see, this is what happens
16:26 when you don't serve God, this is what God does.
16:29 Yes.
16:31 But though he was so wicked...
16:33 Amen.
16:35 He turned to Elohim
16:40 and his life changed.
16:44 Now this is the beauty about God.
16:48 We could think that God would take Manasseh
16:50 and starting at the bottom of the ladder,
16:53 he brings him right back, Shelley,
16:55 and puts him right back on the throne,
16:58 and we restores kingdom right to him.
17:00 Isn't that amazing?
17:02 How beautiful God.
17:03 See, here again,
17:04 one of the principles of Knowing God Ministries
17:08 is the stories always about God,
17:10 its not about Manasseh, it's always about the God.
17:13 Put shim right back.
17:15 Manasseh had one of the profits sawed in half.
17:20 Isaiah.
17:21 And so...
17:22 And don't know what it's gonna be like on that day?
17:24 That's what I'm getting ready to say, Shelley.
17:27 I hope me and you were there
17:29 when the prophet turns the corner
17:32 and he runs into Manasseh.
17:34 Yes. Can't you imagine the shock?
17:37 But I think it won't, don't you know
17:39 the Isaiah is not gonna be saying,
17:42 "What are you doing here, " and upset about it.
17:44 He's gonna be going, "How did God save you?"
17:48 Absolutely, absolutely.
17:50 And you can just see him hugging.
17:52 Yeah.
17:53 And so happy that they are there.
17:55 That is the goodness of Elohim.
17:59 You know what, Ernie, I always tell people that,
18:02 you've heard this, I'm sure.
18:04 That some people just don't see grace in the Old Testament,
18:10 in the old covenant, they can't see grace.
18:12 And I tell them, if you wanna see grace in action
18:16 look at the story of Manasseh,
18:18 how God took this one that thumbed his nose at God,
18:25 this heathen, he was so wicked.
18:29 And how, when he, like the prodigal son,
18:32 when he came a his senses in the pit,
18:35 and called out on Elohim,
18:38 the covenant maker, how God restored him.
18:41 I mean, that's nothing abut grace.
18:43 You know, the interesting thing in the story of Manasseh,
18:45 as you know is that all though he turned back fully to God
18:50 and he tried to tear down the high places,
18:53 he tried to restore,
18:54 he couldn't undo the consequences for sin.
18:57 It had already influence too many.
18:59 And that's sometimes, as we forget in our lives
19:03 that even if we turned back
19:05 there's still the consequences of actions that keeps on going.
19:10 I think the story Manasseh is a story for all.
19:13 As we've gone through over 70 seminars
19:17 we've constantly have people share with us
19:21 that they felt they have gone too far,
19:24 they've committed their unparalleled sin,
19:28 that God doesn't care, church doesn't, you know.
19:32 This is Satan's biggest lie that he puts on people,
19:38 that God is a condemning God
19:43 and that God is one who,
19:46 he will point out what you do wrong.
19:48 And yet the glory of it is he says,
19:51 I've created you, I'll never leave you.
19:54 And he's proven that over and over.
19:56 You know what, here's the scripted that release
19:59 because I grew up believing that,
20:01 that not that I've committed the unpardonable sin
20:03 but I grew up believing,
20:05 I had to be perfect for God to love me.
20:07 And I finally, I remember, you know,
20:10 in high school I would a Sunday school teacher.
20:13 I mean, I was, you know,
20:14 they called me miss goody two-shoes
20:16 when I first went off to college.
20:18 It wasn't a Christian collage,
20:19 so every body would call me Polly Anna,
20:21 that was my nick name, you now.
20:23 They'd say, oh, she's a Polly Anna.
20:24 And I do recall, though, you know,
20:27 I had this love affair with Jesus
20:29 'cause I know he died for me.
20:30 But the idea that of the father
20:36 was one that he was just ready to strike me down
20:38 at any moment, until I read this scripture.
20:42 And it says, and this is Hebrews 1:3,
20:46 it's talking about
20:48 how God has spoken in the last day to ascend.
20:52 And he says, "Who, " talking about Jesus,
20:56 "being the brightness of his glory
21:00 and the express image of his person,
21:06 upholds all things by the word of power."
21:08 Now just gonna stop here.
21:11 You know, I always looked at the part,
21:14 the B part that he upholds all things
21:17 by the word of his power,
21:18 because my focus was on the power, the word.
21:20 And then one day I'm reading this and it's like,
21:23 wait a minute, this says that Jesus is the affluence of God,
21:28 that everything we see in Jesus,
21:31 this is way the father.
21:32 Absolutely.
21:34 So as loving is non-judgmental as patient,
21:37 as compassionate as Jesus was.
21:41 That's who the father he is.
21:43 And it blew my mind because all of the sudden,
21:46 I'm Jesus said, he came so that to reveal the Father.
21:49 He was here. And we all know how.
21:52 We don't look at Jesus as being, you know, judgmental.
21:56 No.
21:58 But that how we feel about the Lord.
21:59 You know one of the things I also grow up
22:01 is Jesus was my friend, God was a kind like,
22:06 Santa Claus, seeing who's is naughty and nice,
22:08 and they Jesus had to explain God who I was.
22:12 Well, what a picture of the father.
22:14 Yeah.
22:15 I love it when Jesus came to this earth and he says,
22:19 I want to show you what a God of the Old Testament is like.
22:23 And when he come across a leper,
22:27 he would hug the leper
22:30 and then he would heal him.
22:34 I think if I was doing it
22:36 I would heal the leper then I would hug him.
22:38 That's a good point.
22:40 But see, that's what the father is like.
22:43 Can you imagine a leper...
22:45 That's good.
22:46 You know, they're unclean,
22:47 nobody come within 10 feet of them,
22:50 they had to howl unclean or ring a bell.
22:53 Can you imagine, a leper going year after year,
22:56 nobody ever touching him.
22:57 And then, all of sudden here comes this man
22:59 who hugs him and then cures him.
23:05 He cure 10 lepers, they all took off running,
23:09 one of them stopped and said, you know,
23:12 I guess it would being nice if I went back thank the guy.
23:16 But that's, Jesus says,
23:18 that's what your father in heaven is like.
23:22 If he was here he would be hugging lepers,
23:26 he would be having children sit on his lap.
23:29 If the God, the father was here,
23:31 he'd be at a well at noon, taking to us Samaritan woman.
23:35 Yeah.
23:37 Have you ever read
23:38 the translation of the word rejoice?
23:42 It actually means to twirl about,
23:46 to kick of your feet or your,
23:49 like a calf would kick up its heels if it was released.
23:53 I want to read you just one of my favorite promises.
23:55 Love to hear it.
23:57 This is about the Lord, your God, that's Elohim.
24:01 "The Lord, your God in your midst..."
24:03 This is, I'm sorry, Zephaniah 3:17,
24:06 "The Lord your God in your midst,
24:08 the mighty who have saved,
24:11 he will rejoice over you with gladness,
24:16 he will quite you with his love,
24:18 he will rejoice over you with singing."
24:22 Now I had just study out the root
24:28 and the meaning of rejoice,
24:30 when I read this one night.
24:31 And all of a sudden here's the picture of God
24:35 who get so excited over me, he actually stands up,
24:39 twirl round and he's singing over me.
24:41 Yes.
24:43 Ernie, we've got a correct picture
24:46 that people have in their minds of who God is.
24:48 We say in our ministry on this
24:50 that God is up in he's clapping,
24:52 singeing, and he is dancing.
24:54 Yes.
24:55 Because one person has come back,
24:59 and again it's his, always been his child,
25:01 but he's come back to the family of God.
25:04 We need to tell the world
25:07 and our ministry has a small section of that,
25:12 God loves you, God cares for you,
25:15 his greatest desire is that you spend eternity with him.
25:22 And that's the picture
25:24 that we try to portray through the names of God.
25:27 There's many ways of doing it,
25:28 we just chose the names of God because just with Elohim,
25:33 you can see it interacting in people's lives,
25:36 and they call upon him.
25:37 Yes.
25:39 And we share with people, don't care who you are,
25:42 what you've done, Gods still loves you,
25:45 God still cares, and God want you to come home.
25:48 Amen. That's the essence of our.
25:51 And don't listen to the wrong voice,
25:53 if somebody is trying to convince you that you know,
25:57 if Satan's trying to convince you
25:58 that you've committed the unpardonable sin.
26:01 You would even, you would be concern
26:03 if you'd committed it,
26:05 you wouldn't be concerned about it.
26:06 You would be like Satan
26:08 that there is no chance of you turning back, so.
26:10 You know, one of the things that happen to the prodigal
26:13 in the pig pan was the daddy was always in the pig pan
26:18 right there with them.
26:19 It was the daddy's voice that keep saying,
26:22 come home, come home.
26:24 And so that what our ministry share with people,
26:27 just come home.
26:29 Don't worry about getting cleaned up,
26:31 don't worry about getting things in order.
26:34 But we can come home. That's right.
26:36 It's like, he said in Jeremiah, you know,
26:39 you think you can change your heart?
26:41 You can't change yourself anymore
26:43 than a leper can change his skin
26:44 Or Ethiopian is
26:46 or leper can't change his spots or Ethiopian his skin.
26:49 So its this idea of yielding to God
26:52 and letting him do all of these things.
26:55 I mean, the salvation belongs to God,
26:58 no if, and, or buts about it.
27:01 I can't believe how fast, you have a closing comment?
27:03 Well, the only thing I can see is you can see
27:07 the covenant maker, I will not let you go,
27:09 why God use that name
27:12 more than any other name that in?
27:14 Because it is his greatest promise.
27:16 Amen. Amen.
27:18 Well, I just want to you certain
27:20 that we give your ministry website address
27:25 because if you would like to get in touch
27:27 with Ernie and have Dr. Rob Sheppard,
27:29 and Ernie come to your church
27:31 or and they gave free materials,
27:34 they're wonderful materials.
27:36 Or if you like to get on their website,
27:38 may be download any of their sermons that are free,
27:41 you can go to
27:49 And that's all in lower case.
27:50 Thank you so much for being here.
27:53 Well, thank you for having me.
27:54 It just I love to talk about God.
27:57 Amen. Amen.
27:59 And that shows Ernie is precious.
28:01 Well, for those of you at home,
28:03 our prayer is that you will come to know God,
28:06 and one way to know him better
28:08 is to know how he introduces himself.
28:10 Because, in the Bible,
28:12 names meant something to do with you character,
28:15 and this is why God use so many different names
28:19 to tell us who he was.
28:21 Please join us next time,
28:22 we're getting to get Ernie to come back,
28:24 and we look forward to next week.


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