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00:01 One of my favorite scriptures that Paul wrote to the Romans
00:04 is found in chapter 8 in verse 15
00:08 here's what he said,
00:09 "For you did not received
00:11 the spirit of bondage again to fear,
00:13 but you received the Spirit of adoption,
00:17 by whom we cry out, 'Abba! Father!'"
00:21 Join us today on Issues and Answers
00:23 and find out why that is such a special promise.
00:57 Hello, I'm Shelley Quinn
00:59 and we welcome you once again to Issues and Answers.
01:03 We have someone returning this week
01:06 and his name is Ernie Pyle,
01:08 he is our special guest and a special friend.
01:12 Ernie, so glad that you could come back.
01:14 My privilege,
01:15 I suddenly had a good time last week with you, Shelley.
01:17 Amen.
01:18 You know,
01:19 you and my husband have known each other
01:21 since academy days.
01:23 1960. Oh, mercy.
01:25 Seems old when you think
01:26 you've known somebody for 56 years.
01:30 Someone asked me one time said,
01:32 how good a friends are you and Jim,
01:34 I know him as Jim,
01:35 you all know him as JD and I said well,
01:37 we are good enough friends
01:39 that we've been partners in about eight businesses
01:42 and we still talk to each other.
01:44 So I think that sums that up.
01:46 And we do have some fun sometimes sitting around
01:49 and talking about some of the things
01:51 you all have gotten into and done.
01:53 Well,
01:55 Ernie is one of the speakers for a special ministry
01:59 called knowing god ministries,
02:02 and this ministry focuses on the names of God.
02:08 And you were telling us last time a little about
02:12 how it began with you and Dr. Rob Sheppard
02:16 and how you began teaching this at the Arlington Church.
02:20 And it was supposed to be what six weeks in a...
02:23 Supposed to be three months. Three months?
02:25 Yeah, and ended up to be a year and half
02:27 and we began to pray that if God
02:33 saw that we had a ministry in a message
02:36 that he would give us some place to go,
02:39 and that he would give us the funds,
02:42 and Shelley, we've done no,
02:44 I'm a sales trainer by profession
02:46 and I know how to push things and get things done.
02:49 But we've done no advertising
02:51 or we just go by word of mouth from church to church.
02:55 We've had the privilege of doing camp meetings
02:57 all over the country.
02:59 We've done Baptist churches,
03:01 so our message is for everybody,
03:03 because when you're talking about the love of God,
03:06 you can talk to anybody.
03:09 We have a Sabbath school class that has about 65 to 75 members
03:15 and they're the ones
03:16 that give about 90 percent of our funding.
03:19 And a nice thing about our ministry
03:22 is that everything's absolutely free.
03:24 Rob and I did not ever want someone to question,
03:27 are we doing this for traveling or money or things like that,
03:32 we do the seminars free, our materials are free,
03:35 on our website we have over 500 sermons
03:39 and Sabbath school lessons
03:40 that anybody can download for free.
03:43 The reason being is,
03:45 Rob and I know what God has done in our lives.
03:47 Amen.
03:48 And we have to go share that message with other people.
03:52 And praise the Lord for that,
03:54 and since you've mentioned that,
03:55 if you would like go to their website,
03:58 the website is
04:04 and that is plural on the ministry.
04:06 Ministries knowing god ministries, all lower case,
04:09 and you might want to go there to contact Ernie or Rob,
04:15 and have them come to your church
04:17 or to get some of the materials,
04:18 and the materials they give out at the seminars,
04:20 they were here for our Thompsonville Adventist Church
04:24 and the materials they gave out were beautiful,
04:27 it was amazing to get, everyone was up here.
04:29 We surprise people. You do surprise people.
04:31 They're always kind of waiting for the other shoe to fall
04:35 and with knowing god ministry there is no other shoe.
04:37 That's praise the Lord.
04:39 All right, so we have spoken previously
04:42 when you were here last week about the name of Yahweh.
04:47 Now, today I've already teased to this,
04:50 but tell me what is your favorite name for God and why?
04:55 My favorite name by far, Shelley, is Abba,
04:59 A-B-B-A which literally is translated daddy.
05:05 Now, sometimes people are uncomfortable
05:09 with the word daddy for God the father.
05:14 I had a person name Mike in Oklahoma.
05:17 On Friday night I always introduce
05:19 what the topics are for the next day
05:21 and I introduced that mine was going to be Abba,
05:24 and he came up to me afterwards
05:26 and says I'm not gonna be here tomorrow,
05:29 and I curiously ask how come and he said,
05:33 I had a daddy that was worthless.
05:36 He beat me, he beat my mother and I don't want to hear this.
05:41 And I looked daddy and I said to him, Mike,
05:44 I cannot help what your earthly daddy was like,
05:49 what a pity?
05:51 But tomorrow be here
05:53 because I'm gonna introduce you to your heavenly daddy,
05:57 who will never let you down nor forsake you.
06:02 Mike's a very humble person
06:04 and every month since that time in Oklahoma,
06:08 we get a check from him for knowing god ministry.
06:11 Amen.
06:12 I love the name daddy
06:14 because I had a tremendous daddy.
06:17 Very close to him, he died about 18 years ago,
06:21 I'm still missing,
06:23 I think about coming up to 3ABN
06:25 how I would love to call him
06:27 when we got through and say daddy,
06:30 I was on 3ABN and you know, he would be so thrilled.
06:34 It's a very special name to me.
06:37 Can I share a little story about?
06:38 Sure.
06:40 Okay, nine years ago come July 13th one of our grandson,
06:46 Shay Landry Carr was born.
06:50 He weighed, Shelley, 1 pound 14 ounces.
06:54 Wow.
06:55 Sue and I saw him as they were moving him
06:57 from one operating room to another
06:59 for about 30 seconds,
07:01 and he look like a little bird.
07:04 We were just heart broken
07:07 God science and medicine are tremendous.
07:10 Amen.
07:11 And now, he's gonna be nine years old,
07:13 he is just a normal kid, a great kid.
07:16 When he was about to learn how to talk,
07:19 when he come over to my house,
07:21 I had pulled him aside
07:22 and I'll pull him up in my favorite chair
07:24 setting him on my lap and I would go say Shay,
07:28 grandpa, Shay, grandpa.
07:33 You noticed I didn't say, Shelley, Shay, grandfather.
07:40 That's so formal, you know,
07:42 it's like sitting around a table at Thanksgiving,
07:45 grandfather would you pass you know cell phone,
07:49 I want it that grandpa, grandpa.
07:52 Well, one day I came by Sue's office
07:55 and she was in there with Shay saying grandma.
07:58 So, you can imagine which one won,
08:01 I was grandma
08:03 but you see how personal and beautiful
08:05 that word daddy is.
08:08 Now, Shelley, one of the things
08:10 I love about the Aramaic language
08:13 is that they work in word pictures
08:16 but you like to hear
08:17 what the word picture for abba, daddy is.
08:20 I love it.
08:22 Want you to picture a daddy in the floor
08:26 with his children and their unwrapping presence
08:31 and they're rolling around in the floor wrestling
08:35 with each other, laughing and having a great time.
08:39 That's the word picture for daddy.
08:43 I've never heard that.
08:45 And I think how beautiful in heaven,
08:47 it will be times when we will be very formal
08:51 and we'll worship God and we'll sing,
08:54 but you know for eternity just think of that interaction
08:58 that we can have with our daddy up there.
09:02 You know and even now, I mean, you know, some of my story,
09:06 my daddy was killed in a plane crash
09:10 when I was only six years old.
09:11 He was 30 and so I grew up without a father,
09:15 and I was fearful,
09:17 I was thought to be fearful of God the father.
09:21 Yes.
09:22 I had a love affair with Jesus but fearful of God the father
09:25 because I saw him as being judgment
09:28 all ready to strike me down any moment.
09:31 And I recall
09:33 when I first studied the word Abba
09:35 and found that it could mean papa or daddy,
09:37 it was very intimate expression and, you know,
09:40 Jesus on the cross cried up Abba father,
09:44 so he had that intimate connection.
09:46 And I remember the first time I prayed, Ernie,
09:48 and used the title Abba and it was something,
09:53 some special because suddenly it wasn't like this formal,
09:59 I wasn't where it wasn't a formality.
10:02 I was praying to my Abba,
10:05 to my daddy in heaven
10:07 and that is a very, very special feeling.
10:11 Yes, yes, it is.
10:13 And that's why the names of God are so important
10:17 because every name that he gives himself
10:21 is a description of his character,
10:23 it's a promise of what he will do in our lives,
10:27 but different names appeal to different people.
10:31 And all of a sudden to some people
10:32 daddy becomes a very, very, beautiful word.
10:36 Abba is only found really in three places
10:39 in the New Testament, two of them is from Paul.
10:44 He talks about adoption.
10:47 Adoption back in the Roman time was a big thing.
10:50 Yes, it was.
10:51 First of all if you were born in a poor family,
10:54 you had no chance in life whatsoever.
10:58 And Paul says that ever once in a while
11:00 from the poor family a rich family
11:03 would adopt a child and bring them over
11:06 and all of a sudden that meant wealth,
11:08 education and opportunity and every thing to that child.
11:12 They became co-heirs.
11:13 That's right, and the child would cry out
11:16 once he got to know these new parents,
11:19 you know daddy,
11:20 daddy he was so happy to have a chance in life.
11:23 Yeah.
11:25 Another place I'm gonna share with you in just a little bit
11:28 because not many people realize where this, that word was used,
11:32 but I do have a question.
11:34 I know this is your issues and answers
11:35 but you don't mind
11:37 if I ask you a question, do you?
11:38 Go ahead.
11:39 Okay, are you familiar with a parable of the good daddy?
11:43 The parable of the good daddy, not right on my head.
11:47 You probably know it a little bit better
11:49 as the prodigal son.
11:51 Okay. Okay, now, Shelley.
11:53 why is that parable entitled the story of the prodigal son,
11:57 he is not the hero by any means.
11:59 Truly. The daddy is the hero.
12:03 And it's my belief that if we had only the story,
12:08 the parable of the good daddy
12:10 that we have everything
12:12 in the theme of salvation in that story.
12:16 You know, I would like to illustrate.
12:18 Sure.
12:19 We all know the story, father had two sons.
12:22 The elder one worked hard,
12:25 the younger one wanted his own way.
12:29 The story picks up where he comes to his father,
12:33 and he says, father,
12:36 I don't like what's happening here,
12:39 I want to go have my own fun.
12:41 Only I know what's better for me.
12:44 Really, what he was saying Shelley, was old man,
12:47 I can't wait for you to die.
12:50 Give me my inheritance. So give me my inheritance now.
12:55 What a son?
12:58 He'd done this many times and finally the story picks up
13:02 were the good daddy gives him his wish,
13:07 and so we find the son as he is leaving home,
13:11 he gonna have wine, women and song, a good time,
13:14 meet all of his dreams.
13:17 And the daddy,
13:19 he stood on the porch
13:22 and he looked way down that road
13:25 and he watched his son
13:28 till he was finally out of sight.
13:32 I wonder at times if the son
13:35 kind of gave his daddy the back of his hand,
13:38 if he turned around and waved daddy.
13:41 Most likely he didn't even give him a thought.
13:45 But I've also wondered
13:47 what did this daddy think as he saw his son.
13:53 Well, Shelley,
13:55 I know what was going through the daddy's mind,
13:57 would you be interested in knowing that?
13:58 Yes, I would.
14:00 Because you see I only have to go to Daniel.
14:05 In the Book of Daniel,
14:07 God called an angel and he said,
14:10 I want you to go down there and tell Daniel
14:13 that he is my special treasure.
14:18 And so the daddy watched
14:19 as his special treasure was going down the road.
14:24 I only have to go to Isaiah 49 Chapter
14:28 where God asked a very interesting question.
14:31 He says, Shelley, can a woman forget her sucking child?
14:36 Well, the answer is sadly yes.
14:40 We read all the time
14:41 where babies are dumped in garbage dumps,
14:44 left in closets, thrown, you know.
14:46 So a woman can forget
14:48 but God says, I will not forget you.
14:54 In fact, he says,
14:57 I have your name engraved,
15:02 we'd say today tattooed on the palms of my hand.
15:06 Imagine that, Shelley,
15:08 your name, my name on God's hands.
15:12 And so as that daddy sat and watch his son go,
15:16 he said, I won't forget you.
15:19 I'll never forget you.
15:20 I'll keep your name on my hands.
15:24 How do I know how the daddy felt?
15:26 I only need to go to Jeremiah 13,
15:29 when God was overlooking his wayward children,
15:33 and he says, my eyes well up with tears,
15:37 and they run down my cheek,
15:41 and so we see the daddy crying.
15:43 He also says in Jeremiah,
15:45 I thought you would call me my father
15:47 and not turned away from following me.
15:48 Yes, yes, this was what was going through
15:52 and then finally what was going
15:53 through the daddy's mind is Hosea 11,
15:57 one of the most beautiful
15:58 but yet saddest chapters in the Bible
16:01 where again God speaking to his wayward children,
16:03 he says, it was you that I thought how to eat.
16:08 It was you
16:10 who I took in my hands and taught how to walk.
16:13 It was you that I held in my arms
16:16 but you didn't want anything to do with me,
16:19 and I have to let you go.
16:22 And so we find the good daddy
16:25 not mad, not angry, crying,
16:30 saying I'll never forget you and longing
16:35 'cause he knew the heartache that his son was going through.
16:38 What a picture of our daddy.
16:42 Then Luke, you know, Luke has interesting word,
16:47 he says, well,
16:48 the boy came to his senses you know.
16:51 I often wondered and haul with that.
16:53 Yeah.
16:54 Here he is a Jewish boy
16:58 fighting the pigs for slop to keep alive.
17:03 Shelley, you can't get any lower than that.
17:09 How did he come to his senses?
17:11 Well, there's two powers working.
17:13 It's always two powers working.
17:16 One was saying, well, you can't go home.
17:21 You're a disgrace to your family.
17:24 The other power simply said, go home.
17:29 Well, you can't go home, your church,
17:31 what would they think about you?
17:33 Go home
17:35 and finally the cruellest of all,
17:39 nobody cares,
17:42 but that voice came through, go home.
17:45 And so we find the boy gets up,
17:49 must stop by seven-eleven and got some index cards
17:53 'cause we're told he started writing out his speech
17:56 and notice how Luke has his speech,
17:58 he starts out as dear father.
18:02 And so he is working on a speech.
18:05 Meanwhile the daddy
18:09 does what, daddy's do everyday, Shelley?
18:12 He got up and stood on the front porch of his house
18:16 and he looked and he looked,
18:19 and he hoped and he prayed
18:22 and one day could that be,
18:27 I think it is, it's my son.
18:31 Now, I want you to listen to the next part
18:34 because this is the beautiful part of the story.
18:36 It says the daddy ran.
18:40 Amen.
18:42 Now why is that important?
18:43 Well, in the Jewish culture,
18:46 the man was everything in his house,
18:50 and he stood at the front of his door on his porch
18:54 and no matter who came up
18:56 family, friends, visitors, dignitary,
18:59 didn't make a bit of difference,
19:01 they came to his front door to be accepted.
19:07 That's a picture of a father.
19:11 Tell you the picture of a daddy.
19:13 A daddy sees his son, Shelley, and he runs.
19:18 He's so eager.
19:20 Yeah, can you see the servants are like,
19:22 I didn't know the old man could even move,
19:25 and when he gets there,
19:27 the son pull out his index card and he starts his great speech,
19:32 father, I have sinned.
19:35 But, you know, what daddy's do, Shelley?
19:38 They're too busy, they don't listen to speeches,
19:41 they hug, they kiss, they cry,
19:47 they tell the servants get shoes for my boy,
19:50 get the ring for my boy and he start saying, well,
19:53 I'll start at the bottom, I'm not worthy,
19:57 but daddies don't listen.
19:59 And he says get the ring, this is my son,
20:02 and we're going to throw a big party for him.
20:08 That's what daddies do.
20:11 And, Shelley,
20:13 knowing god ministry has the privilege of going out
20:18 and sharing that picture of people
20:22 because I believe the greatest tool
20:24 the devil uses is that nobody cares,
20:29 your parents are ashamed of you,
20:32 your church is ashamed of you.
20:34 And so many people listen to the wrong voice,
20:37 they're listing to that voice, yes.
20:40 And they say, you can't go back.
20:42 What an embarrassment?
20:44 You got to get yourself cleaned up,
20:47 you got to go through that.
20:48 The voice, the other voice in the pit said go home,
20:54 go home, go home,
20:56 and finally when he went home,
20:59 there comes the daddy.
21:01 Amen.
21:02 Such a beautiful story.
21:04 The reason that I know the story is true, Shelley,
21:08 I've been in the hot pan.
21:12 I've been where nobody wanted to talk to me.
21:16 I've been where religious leaders
21:18 as I came down the aisle turned their back
21:22 but God...
21:24 Amen. Amen.
21:26 Kept saying, Ernie, come home,
21:31 come home
21:35 and that's why Rob Sheppard and I
21:37 feel that we have to share this message
21:41 because without my earthly daddy,
21:45 I would not be the person I'm today.
21:49 Without my heavenly daddy, I would be lost.
21:54 You know, it is such a beautiful picture what we,
21:58 I like what you call up the parable of the good daddy
22:01 rather than the parable of the prodigal son,
22:04 but it is such a beautiful picture of God
22:08 and how, you know,
22:09 he just chases us down with his love.
22:12 I mean he's, that's what he's all about.
22:17 I think that there're so many people,
22:20 you were gonna tell us one more place where Abba was,
22:23 so I don't want to break you off in this.
22:25 Let's go to that next round we reserve that.
22:26 Okay, then we'll come back yeah.
22:28 The next one kind of surprises you
22:30 because it's happened on a Thursday night.
22:32 But wait a minute, let me back up
22:34 because did they use the word Abba
22:37 in the story of the prodigal...
22:39 No.
22:40 Okay, that is the beautiful picture.
22:42 That is the beautiful picture.
22:43 It is the picture of the ultimate daddy.
22:45 It matches the word between the Aramaic.
22:47 Yeah, see one of the beautiful things about
22:50 Jesus coming to this earth
22:52 was he came to illustrate the Old Testament
22:57 that told all about
22:58 the character and the goodness of God.
23:00 Amen.
23:01 And so, that's why that story is so important,
23:03 it's the ultimate illustration of what a daddy is like.
23:06 Amen.
23:08 Let's go back Thursday night 2000 years ago.
23:12 The disciple had never seen Jesus like he is this night,
23:17 tired, worn out,
23:21 so we know he took his three favorite disciples.
23:25 He asked them to pray and he went ahead.
23:28 We found out that he lay prostrate on the ground,
23:31 clinging the ground praying.
23:34 The world was coming upon him
23:37 and Mark in the 16 chapter tells us
23:41 that in the greatest hour
23:43 when the decision was made to go to the cross
23:47 that Jesus cries out daddy,
23:52 daddy,
23:54 the most intimate word
23:57 a son can use with his daddy
24:01 and it was at that place he calls out for his daddy
24:05 and he pleads with him, take this away from me,
24:09 I don't want to go through this.
24:11 If there is any other way,
24:13 you see that's how a son talks to his daddy,
24:17 but he ends up by saying and thank God he did,
24:23 nevertheless thy will be done.
24:28 So, Jesus say in his humanity
24:29 there at the Garden of Gethsemane
24:32 in the time he was making the uttermost decision
24:35 cries out daddy,
24:37 then it tells us, Shelley, in our relationship
24:41 that we need to open up and share our concerns
24:44 and our thoughts and our feelings.
24:47 So often we think when we pray or we look at God
24:51 that we gonna got to have that formality
24:54 God invites just a bearer of soul.
24:56 Amen.
24:57 He already knows us, says,
24:58 I knew you before he was even born,
25:01 but how much it does,
25:03 I remember many times when I was in trouble
25:05 when I went home and sit down and talk to my daddy,
25:10 how comforting it was.
25:12 He sometimes was strict with me on it,
25:16 but I knew he cared
25:17 and it was just that comfort of sitting down
25:19 and saying, daddy, I'm in trouble
25:21 that's what our heavenly daddy ask us to do,
25:24 open up our heart and he will work with us.
25:27 You know, Ernie,
25:28 you were very blessed to have a loving father,
25:31 someone who modeled God's unconditional love,
25:34 because so there is so many people
25:36 who don't have that and as that young man
25:40 that you said did not want to attend,
25:42 it's a little more difficult
25:44 but there is a lot of people
25:46 who've grown up and they have been the picture
25:51 that has been painted in their mind of God
25:54 doesn't match what the scriptures really say.
25:58 And it's so difficult for them to know
26:01 but it is so true as Paul said,
26:05 you have not been received
26:07 the spirit of bondage again to fear
26:10 but you've receive the spirit of adoption
26:13 and when you have been adopted, you can cry out Abba, Father,
26:18 Daddy, God, please.
26:20 And so this is something that I think it is a beautiful,
26:23 and thank you for sharing the stories,
26:27 it's a beautiful message.
26:28 You know I had a lady come to me
26:31 and she said all of my life,
26:34 I've been searching to find out to who my dad was.
26:38 Yeah.
26:39 And she says I've spent thousands of dollars doing it
26:43 and she says thank you,
26:46 I don't think I'll never find out my earthly daddy,
26:49 but thank you for introducing me to my heavenly daddy.
26:53 What a picture of God changed in her life
26:56 and I think that's the pictures that we need to know, yes,
26:59 God is approachable and I'll say it many times,
27:03 the greatest desire that our daddy has for us
27:07 is to spend eternity with you.
27:09 Amen.
27:10 You know and how can we not love a daddy like that.
27:13 You know, Ernie,
27:15 that there was a time that I was praying very earnestly
27:18 with many, many tears and the spirit of the Lord
27:23 just impressed this thought upon my mind
27:26 that for years I had cried out
27:28 that I wished that my daddy had lived
27:30 that I wanted to be able to crawl into his lap
27:33 and have someone who would say, okay, I'm gonna take care of it
27:37 and the Spirit of the Lord said to me,
27:41 but I've always been here,
27:42 I'm your daddy and that was, that was an amazing thing,
27:46 that was life changing right there.
27:47 Yeah, yeah, that is life changing.
27:48 Well, I cannot believe how fast our time has gone.
27:52 I think could sit and listen to this all day along
27:54 but we're going to have to say goodbye
27:57 to Ernie Pyle right now and goodbye to you.
28:00 We just want you to know that your Abba, father,
28:05 your daddy God is calling out to you right now.
28:09 He wants to establish that relationship with you,
28:14 the one in the picture sitting down, opening up the presence,
28:19 rolling around together that's God,
28:22 may not be creative thinking, your picture is,
28:25 but that's God.
28:27 Join us next time.


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