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00:01 Jesus said in John 17:3, these words,
00:05 "This is eternal life, that they may know You,
00:09 the only true God,
00:10 and Jesus Christ whom You have sent."
00:13 Knowing God is so important.
00:16 That is the key to eternal life.
00:19 And we're inviting you to join us today
00:21 on Issues and Answers
00:23 as we will be talking about the names of God.
00:56 Hello, I'm Shelley Quinn
00:57 and once we welcome you to Issues and Answers.
01:00 Today is gonna be a special treat
01:02 because we are starting today
01:04 on a topic that should be well known to most of us,
01:08 but unfortunately not many of us really do know
01:12 and that is the names of God.
01:14 Let me introduce a very special guest
01:17 who is also a personal friend and that is Ernie Pyle.
01:21 Ernie, we're so glad that you've joined us today.
01:24 Well, that's certainly
01:25 my privilege to be here, Shelley.
01:26 I look forward to spending some time
01:28 with the names of God.
01:29 Amen.
01:31 Now, you are one of the speakers
01:33 of a fascinating ministry called Knowing God Ministries.
01:37 You and Dr. Rob Sheppard.
01:39 Dr. Rob Sheppard,
01:40 we have the privilege of being the speakers for the ministry,
01:44 and we think our messages are little unique,
01:47 but it always points towards the love of God.
01:49 Amen.
01:50 In fact, I'd like to share
01:52 a little story about our message,
01:53 would that be okay?
01:54 Please.
01:56 There was a little girl in an art class
01:58 and the assignment for the day was to draw
02:01 a picture of somebody that you admired.
02:05 Well, most all the little kids
02:06 just kind of stared at the ceiling
02:08 and they looked around because they couldn't think.
02:11 Shall I do mommy or daddy?
02:13 The teacher noticed that there is one little girl
02:15 and she was already just drawing away.
02:18 Well, this caught the teacher's attention
02:20 and eventually she walked away over to the little girl,
02:24 and this little girl was drawing
02:25 she said, "Honey, well,
02:28 who are you drawing a picture of?"
02:30 And she says, "I'm drawing a picture of God."
02:34 And the teacher smiled and said,
02:35 "Well, honey nobody knows what God looks like."
02:39 And she says, "They will when I get through."
02:42 And that is exactly, Shelley,
02:46 the theme of our ministry is to draw a picture of God
02:51 that people will understand how much He loves them,
02:55 how much He cares for them
02:57 and that His greatest desire is that
03:00 they spend eternity with Him.
03:02 Amen.
03:03 And that is the theme of knowing God's ministry.
03:06 We just happened to use
03:08 the different names of God
03:10 to illustrate His character and His love.
03:14 You know, I've...
03:16 It's fascinating,
03:17 I just kind of want to go back to how you began the ministry,
03:19 because I know that you
03:21 and Dr. Sheppard were here at our church...
03:24 Yes, we were.
03:25 And you did a seminar, what was it?
03:29 How many hours?
03:30 We did four sessions.
03:31 Four sessions.
03:33 And what amazed me about the ministry was that
03:36 you gave away,
03:38 everyone who attended got a binder, materials,
03:41 it was all free.
03:42 Yes.
03:43 So, kind of, let's step back in history for just a second.
03:46 Tell me how Knowing God Ministries begin?
03:48 Well, it really begins...
03:51 I have the privilege of being a teacher
03:54 in the Arlington Church,
03:57 Arlington, Texas.
03:58 And after I taught the Sabbath school class,
04:01 I was walking in the hallway
04:03 and a personal friend had known our family for a long time
04:05 came up to me and she was almost mad.
04:09 And she pulled me aside and she says,
04:12 "Why are you wasting your talents?
04:15 And by the way
04:16 why is Rob Sheppard wasting his talent?"
04:20 Well, this got my attention,
04:22 I mean, this was out the blue.
04:24 We had a home church every Friday night in my house
04:29 and we have anywhere from 15 to 35 people there,
04:33 and we did a lot of different topics
04:36 and Rob Sheppard brought to me the idea,
04:38 let's do a series on the names of God.
04:42 And it was that series, Shelley,
04:44 that really seemed to hit home to the people.
04:47 Yes.
04:48 And the Arlington Church asked us to do
04:52 a three month series on the names of God
04:54 for prayer meeting.
04:56 That turned into be a year and half.
04:59 And we began to pray to God, and we said two things,
05:04 if we have a message have somebody call us.
05:09 And if you want us to go, provide the funds for us.
05:15 And so we've been in the ministry
05:17 for little over six years.
05:19 We've had over 70 seminars.
05:21 We've been to camp meetings in Canada,
05:23 cowboy camp meetings, Hawaii, all over.
05:26 And we also wanted everybody to understand that
05:30 Rob and I were dedicated to the ministry.
05:33 And we decided,
05:34 we would charge nothing for any of our materials.
05:37 So we charge nothing for the seminars,
05:40 nothing for the materials we give away
05:42 which is well over a $100 per person
05:45 that in the materials.
05:47 And we just kept saying,
05:48 as long as God provides the funds,
05:51 we'll keep going.
05:53 Our Sabbath school class is about 65 to 75 people
05:58 and 90 percent of our funds comes from that class
06:02 that keeps Knowing God's Ministry alive.
06:05 And so, we either, we run out of invitations
06:08 or we run out of funds,
06:10 otherwise we're gonna keep
06:11 proclaiming the wonderful love of God.
06:13 So that's how we got started.
06:14 You know, it reminds me so much of the Apostle Paul
06:17 because it was kind of like,
06:18 this was his, was with a Colossians.
06:22 Right now I can't remember
06:23 if it's Ephesians or Colossians but that was his most,
06:27 if you will is that,
06:29 I will not be any problem to you,
06:32 he did his tent making, he took care of everything
06:36 and that's what it was with the Thessalonians, was it?
06:38 Yes, Thessalonians.
06:40 My mind, but...
06:42 and then he had other people
06:44 who actually helped him to minister to others.
06:49 So why do you feel in your own words.
06:52 Why are the names of God so important?
06:57 It's a good question.
06:59 You know if I came on the Issues and Answers show,
07:02 and I said today, my name is Ernie,
07:06 and then you had me on tomorrow and I said my name is Daniel.
07:11 And then tomorrow afternoon, I said, my name is Andy,
07:15 and then later my name is Charles,
07:18 where you should kind of say
07:19 either we got a schizo or we got a nut here
07:22 what something different.
07:24 But that's exactly what God has done.
07:27 Shelley, he's come along in certain circumstances
07:31 introduced Himself by another name.
07:35 The reason that He does that is twofold.
07:38 Number one, every name
07:42 that He introduces Himself is a description
07:45 of His character
07:47 and what He will do in our life.
07:50 Number two, it is that promise.
07:54 I will do this in your life.
07:56 And as you begin to read the stories in the Bible,
07:59 as you become acquainted with these names,
08:02 the stories kind of come alive because all of a sudden,
08:04 you see in this particular circumstance,
08:07 here's God with a specific name.
08:10 Now one of the things down the road,
08:12 we're gonna talk about is the Book of Judges.
08:17 Nobody reads the Book of Judges at devotion
08:21 and yet is that name
08:23 the God introduces himself as the God of peace.
08:29 Jehovah-Shalom.
08:30 And the worst book perhaps of the Bible,
08:33 the bloodiest book,
08:35 He says hello, My name is peace.
08:39 So, I believe that names of God are important
08:42 because it's a facet of His character
08:45 that helps opens up who He is.
08:48 Now, it's not the only way to know God,
08:50 there is many ways.
08:51 It's just that we chose in our ministry to study
08:55 and to share with people,
08:56 the different names and the different promises.
09:00 One other thing that helped me personally,
09:03 in my Bible study many years ago
09:06 when I began to understand
09:09 that the hero of every story in the Bible is God.
09:15 It is not Job, you know, as a little boy,
09:19 I was taught Job just had all this faith.
09:22 Then as a teenager,
09:23 I began to read Job and he says why was I born,
09:27 I wished I would have died in my mother's womb
09:29 or what kind of faith is all of this, see.
09:32 But Job is not the hero, God is.
09:34 Joan is not the hero, God is.
09:37 David is not the hero, God is.
09:40 And so, as we have the privilege
09:43 of presenting the names of God,
09:45 telling what His character is and what His promise,
09:48 then God becomes the hero.
09:51 Now, in our ministry we hear two things
09:55 most every church that we go to.
09:58 The first one is,
10:00 "Why are we just now hearing this message
10:03 about the names of God?"
10:07 And the second one
10:08 which just thrills our hearts is,
10:12 "I knew that God loved me,
10:16 but I've really didn't know how much He love me?"
10:20 Amen.
10:21 And you know, Shelley,
10:23 the reason that I can present that message is that
10:29 I know what is like to wander from God.
10:32 I know what it's like for God to continue to seek,
10:36 and I know what is this like for God to bring one back home.
10:40 And so, I can think of no other message
10:43 that when you stand up
10:44 before 30 people sometimes and 3000 sometimes
10:49 to say God loves you
10:53 and His greatest desire is to spend eternity with you.
10:57 What better message could a ministry have.
11:00 Amen.
11:01 And it's such a beautiful ministry.
11:03 I know that everyone here,
11:05 when you're here we're so blessed at bour church.
11:08 You know, Ernie, like you,
11:10 I ran from God for a little while,
11:13 and He chased me down.
11:17 So it is something that as you...
11:20 The more we can know about God and as he said,
11:23 there is so many ways to learn about God,
11:26 and of course we...
11:27 Our primary way is just right here in the Bible,
11:30 and as the Holy Spirit inspires our understanding.
11:35 But I do know that the names have always been
11:39 of particular interest to me.
11:41 And one of the better known names is Yahweh
11:45 for which the Jews use a tetragrammaton.
11:51 Kind of talk to us about the name of Yahweh?
11:54 Yahweh is the second name
11:57 that God introduced Himself by the scriptures.
12:01 The first name is Elohim.
12:04 Elohim which we're going to discuss in another session,
12:08 simply means the covenant maker.
12:12 The second name is Yahweh.
12:15 Now, Yahweh says,
12:18 I am that I am, the great I am.
12:22 Well, what is that really mean?
12:26 And so Yahweh comes along
12:28 and says, I am everything,
12:32 I'm the standard of righteousness.
12:37 I also want a relationship with my child
12:44 and I will do everything
12:49 to give them the power to have that relationship with me.
12:54 So, Yahweh points out sin.
12:58 Now, lot of times we go in to places and they say,
13:01 that's the God of the Old Testament,
13:03 I know Him,
13:04 He is the one that points out,
13:06 you did this wrong and you did this wrong
13:08 and you did this wrong.
13:10 So we're kind of accustomed to God pointing out sin.
13:14 But you know, Shelley,
13:16 I have grandchildren that I am just crazy about.
13:22 And if one of the grandchildren came to me
13:25 and said, Grandpa,
13:27 I would like to go out and play with my wagon
13:32 and I'd said, sure, go on out there.
13:35 And the next thing I know
13:36 he is going out to the freeway to play.
13:41 Now, I wouldn't sit on the sidelines
13:43 and say, Shay.
13:46 I would do anything,
13:49 anything to get that boy's attention
13:52 to get him off of that freeway into safety.
13:55 So sometimes we look at Yahweh and they says, yeah,
13:59 He is going to point out sin,
14:01 but He points out sin
14:04 because He doesn't want anything
14:07 to separate His child from Him.
14:10 Amen.
14:12 And so, yes, He will point out sin.
14:14 But then this is the beauty of Yahweh,
14:17 He immediately turns around and gives you a path of escape,
14:22 a path to comeback to Him, the power to come back,
14:25 the want to come back.
14:27 So I like to look at Yahweh as a blank check.
14:32 Anything that you need
14:35 to keep in a relationship with God,
14:39 He'll fill it in on that blank check
14:41 and give it to you.
14:43 And all of a sudden,
14:45 you see Yahweh
14:46 in some of the different parts of the Bible
14:50 and you understand, yes, He's pointing out problems.
14:53 He's pointing out what separates 'cause He loves,
14:57 He wants to hold, He wants to caress and care,
15:00 and He's got to point it out just as any parent would,
15:04 but then He immediately gives you the road back to Him.
15:08 It's a beautiful picture of God.
15:11 Yes, I would say, grace writes the check,
15:13 faith takes it to the bank, right.
15:15 That's right. That's right.
15:16 When Moses was at the burning bush
15:21 and he asked who shall I say sends me.
15:25 Yes.
15:26 the response was Yahweh.
15:28 Yeah, Yahweh.
15:30 I am that I am.
15:32 In other words...
15:34 I was just gonna say so,
15:36 I always understood this that
15:38 God was saying I am self existing,
15:41 I'm not a generated, created being of any sort.
15:45 I am self existing and this is the God
15:49 who sent Moses to open up the way to give his children
15:55 escape from slavery, from bondage.
15:58 Yeah, He got him in back.
16:00 There's two places in the Bible
16:03 that we kind of highlight the name of Yahweh.
16:07 The first one is in Genesis the 3rd chapter,
16:10 Garden of Eden.
16:13 Now, it's interesting, Shelley, that Satan, the adversary,
16:17 he knows these names.
16:19 I'm gonna show that to you in just a second.
16:21 The first name as I mentioned in Genesis 1 is Elohim,
16:26 who is the great covenant maker,
16:28 I will never leave you.
16:30 Sub chapter two, we meet Yahweh,
16:33 the creator who says, "I am that I am."
16:36 In chapter 3 of Genesis, we see Eve going to the tree,
16:43 and she looks up
16:44 and here's this gorgeous beautiful snake
16:47 chomping on some fruit
16:51 and he says to Eve,
16:57 has Yahweh
17:01 told you that you can't eat of this fruit.
17:04 He did not use Elohim,
17:07 'cause Elohim is the covenant maker
17:09 who will never leave you.
17:11 He used the name of Yahweh.
17:14 And of course we know the story
17:16 how Eve was deceived
17:18 and eventually ate the fruit, brought it back to Adam.
17:23 In the cool of that evening,
17:27 here comes Yahweh through the garden,
17:30 just like He had done every other evening.
17:37 Except this time, it's a little different.
17:40 Yahweh is the same.
17:44 In the Hebrew,
17:45 it tends to leave us to believe that he,
17:48 as he called out for Adam and Eve,
17:50 he was singing their names.
17:52 There was a melodious voice that was calling now.
17:56 At this time, there was no answer
17:59 because when you separate yourself from God,
18:04 you want to hide
18:06 and that's exactly what they did.
18:08 And so Yahweh calls out, He finally sees them,
18:12 He asked them some question,
18:14 well, who told you, you were naked.
18:17 God knows those answers,
18:19 but it's important for Adam and Eve.
18:21 And we know what happened.
18:23 Now we're told, if we read the story
18:26 that we believe that all of a sudden,
18:28 God caste them out of the Garden of Eden.
18:32 Not quite.
18:34 As you look at Yahweh,
18:37 here is what I believe happened,
18:39 and there is some text I'm gonna give you.
18:42 I believe that He took them by the hand,
18:45 Adam and Eve,
18:47 and He walk them out of the garden
18:51 with tears down His, streaming down his face.
18:55 Jeremiah says in the 13th chapter,
18:58 God stands before His people, why won't you listen to Me,
19:02 and He says, His eyes swell up with tears
19:05 and they run down His cheek.
19:08 In Isaiah, He says, how brokenhearted He is.
19:12 So I believe He led them out
19:15 and put 'em outside the Garden of Eden,
19:17 because He didn't want them to sin.
19:19 Now, here is what's interesting.
19:21 I used to sell Bible books
19:23 when I went to school in the summertime.
19:25 And one the pictures I would show,
19:27 showed an angel with a sword,
19:31 standing in the entrance of the garden
19:33 and he was just kind of ready to let nobody in.
19:38 What a picture.
19:41 As you read there in Genesis, he says first of all,
19:44 at the entrance to the Garden of Eden was cherubim.
19:49 That means, Shelley, there were two angels.
19:53 And it says the sword was as
19:56 if it was a sword dangling in between.
20:01 Well, if you have a sword like this
20:03 and it's twisting and the sun and the rays hit it,
20:06 it sends off lights everywhere.
20:11 And so what was at the entrance of the Garden of Eden
20:13 was the two cherubim,
20:15 right in the middle was this light.
20:20 And every morning and evening,
20:23 this is where Adam and Eve could come and worship Yahweh.
20:28 What else, Shelley,
20:30 do we see in the Old Testament
20:31 with two angels with their wings touching
20:34 and the glory, Shekinah glory right there between.
20:38 They are on the mercy seat on the ark.
20:40 Yes.
20:42 That was exactly
20:43 what was at the entrance of the Garden of Eden.
20:44 Oh, that's fascinating.
20:46 So, you can see how Yahweh works.
20:48 Yes, He had to point out sin to Adam and Eve.
20:52 But He wasn't mad, He wasn't unhappy,
20:56 He was brokenhearted and then He came
21:00 and did the best He could
21:01 where they still could come to that gate
21:04 and worship Him.
21:06 That's Yahweh.
21:07 And He had to, it was love,
21:10 or by love that He led them out of garden
21:12 because He didn't want them to pluck anything
21:16 from the tree of life and eat from that
21:19 because then
21:21 they would have remained in their sin forever,
21:24 and God had a plan.
21:26 But that's the way that we need to present God.
21:30 And sometimes, you know,
21:31 can I give you one more? Please.
21:33 Children of Israel,
21:37 Jesus says, God is there at Mount Sinai
21:40 and He ask, I've done all these things for you,
21:44 fed you, give you air-conditioning,
21:46 heating at night, water to drink,
21:47 you know, will you do what I ask?
21:51 And they said,
21:52 oh, yes, Lord, yes. Tell us.
21:54 And so, He said, Yahweh said bring 'em to the mountain,
21:59 and it was there that Yahweh gave to Moses
22:04 for the children of Israel the Ten Commandments.
22:08 Now, I grew up most of my life understanding that
22:13 I should not have another God
22:16 and I should not kill
22:19 and I should not do this and I should remember.
22:23 You cannot command love. Yes.
22:28 You cannot command respect.
22:31 I can't say to somebody, you love me,
22:36 never works and God cannot.
22:39 Through study and this came from Rob Sheppard
22:42 in our studies.
22:44 We began to understand that
22:46 the Ten Commandments
22:48 were written in the future tense.
22:53 Now, when we share that with church congregations,
22:57 the Ten Commandments are written in the future tense.
23:01 We've yet for anybody to jump up
23:03 and say halleluiah, amen,
23:06 that chanting, you know,
23:08 where they said and they're kind like
23:09 okay, that's so...
23:10 What does that mean?
23:12 But what a difference it makes because God says
23:17 when you get to know me,
23:20 and that is the only way to eternal life is to know God.
23:25 He says when you have that relationship,
23:28 Yahweh says when you're my child and know me,
23:32 I will give you the power.
23:34 I will give that way of salvation
23:38 and when you know me,
23:40 well, you wouldn't even consider having another God
23:43 in front of me.
23:46 When you know me,
23:47 you'll never take my name in vain.
23:50 When you know me,
23:53 you love that I've taken a day
23:55 and set it aside
23:57 that you can be with your church family,
23:59 your family and you can be with me,
24:02 and certainly you will honor your mother and father.
24:06 Well, you wouldn't even think about killing, stealing,
24:10 committing adultery,
24:11 you would not want to do anything when you know me.
24:15 'Cause that's what covenant relationship is all about.
24:17 Absolutely.
24:19 Sometimes we get the list reversed.
24:22 If you do this, and this, and this, and this,
24:24 then you get to know God.
24:27 Well, Yahweh says, I'm the blank check.
24:31 You can't do anything without me.
24:34 You have no power without me.
24:37 And so as we go through Yahweh,
24:41 we point out to a God that yes,
24:43 He must point out sin,
24:45 but immediately gives you a way of escape.
24:48 All of a sudden, Shelley, is,
24:51 you look just a two stories
24:52 I've shared with you with a Garden of Eden.
24:55 When I began to understand that story,
24:57 that changed the whole picture.
25:00 Not that God was angry, not that God said get...
25:03 In fact I've seen pictures
25:04 where God's pointing, cussing, get out of here.
25:07 That's not God at all.
25:09 So, you can begin to see with the names of God,
25:14 it's just the facet that gives us an opportunity
25:17 just like that little girl painting a picture.
25:21 When I get through, they'll know what God is like.
25:24 And this is our prayer every time
25:27 we take the pulpit is when we get through
25:30 with the name of God,
25:31 the description that they'll know a little bit more
25:34 of what God is like, and if we can do that,
25:38 then we felt like we've done a tremendous blessing.
25:40 Amen.
25:42 Let me ask you a question that begs to be asked.
25:45 Okay.
25:47 You've been in the church for a long time.
25:48 Yes.
25:50 I know you're a strong believer.
25:52 How did learning the names of God
25:55 going into this deep study,
25:56 how has that impacted you personally?
25:58 Well, good question.
26:00 One must understand my background, I came up,
26:03 I won't mention the church town,
26:05 but I came up
26:07 in probably one of the most legalistic churches,
26:09 Adventist Churches there were.
26:11 I used to go around at the age of 16 years old
26:15 and debate in other churches
26:18 on the first day or the seventh day a Sabbath,
26:21 it allows my message, you know,
26:23 I put you down and prove I'm right.
26:25 So I was very, very realistic, uh, legalistic.
26:28 When I begin to see the names of God,
26:31 along with the philosophy that the story is always about God.
26:36 Over a period of years changed my entire concept
26:40 and relationship with God.
26:43 I used to look at God as somebody
26:45 I've got to strive to please.
26:49 When I realized that I'm His son
26:55 and wait till you hear
26:57 the one we're going to do next and he is my daddy.
27:00 Amen.
27:03 That changed my whole concept of God,
27:05 my whole relationship,
27:08 and so, I strive to know Him
27:12 and I'm kind of like Paul every once in a while,
27:15 I sit back and I say wow!
27:18 I don't do the things I used to like.
27:21 I do things I thought I would never like.
27:24 Well, who did this to me?
27:26 Well, it's God, because I began to understand
27:30 the relationship is everything.
27:33 Amen.
27:35 Well, we're just...
27:36 Ernie, thank you for being here.
27:38 We're looking forward to you joining us again next week,
27:41 because I believe
27:42 that this is a life changing message.
27:45 As Jesus told us, this is eternal life
27:49 and that is to know God
27:51 and the knowing there is a very intimate thing.
27:56 It's same word used for husband and wife
28:00 sharing intimacy together.
28:03 So, God wants you to know Him,
28:05 to know Jesus Christ whom He sent.
28:08 And there is so many names of God in the Bible.
28:10 Please join us next time
28:12 as we will be talking about a very intimate name for God.
28:17 Thank you for joining us.


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