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Alcoholics Anonymous Part 4

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00:01 Something that you can count on
00:02 is that if you confess your sins,
00:05 God is faithful to forgive your sins
00:07 but more than that,
00:09 He is faithful to cleanse you of all unrighteousness.
00:13 Please join us today on Issues and Answers,
00:16 as we continue in the 12 step program
00:20 of Alcoholics Anonymous.
00:54 Hello, I am Shelley Quinn,
00:56 and once again we welcome you to Issues and Answers.
00:59 We have been doing something a little unordinary,
01:04 I guess you could say.
01:05 We have been talking about the program,
01:08 the 12 step recovery program of Alcoholics Anonymous.
01:12 And our special guest,
01:13 this is why it's unordinary has been in the shadow
01:16 to basically to preserve his anonymity
01:22 which is the tradition of Alcoholics Anonymous.
01:25 So what we talked about so far is the first four steps
01:31 which are to admit you are powerless over alcohol,
01:35 that your lives had become unmanageable,
01:39 to come to believe that there is a power
01:42 greater than yourself that can restore sanity
01:47 and that make a decision to turn over the will
01:50 and the lives to the care of God.
01:54 And then to make a searching and fearless moral inventory.
02:00 Those are the first four steps.
02:02 Let me introduce you once again
02:04 in a kind of a quasi fashion to our special guest.
02:09 Bob, thank you so much for coming here,
02:12 for sharing your testimony,
02:14 and for sharing the power of these 12 steps.
02:18 I am happy to be here. Thanks, Shelley.
02:21 Without further ado, let me just sum it up by saying this,
02:24 for those who may have missed the first few programs.
02:27 You were in the throes of alcoholism for 11 years.
02:33 You hit bottom, your bottom
02:36 when you shoveled yourself down into a hole
02:39 and the day you laid down your shovel,
02:42 or lay that down is the day that God can reach out to you.
02:45 You finally were out of denial,
02:47 you confessed that ''Yes, I am an alcoholic,''
02:51 and then you had an encounter with God.
02:54 Now let's see,
02:56 you have been sober for 29 years.
02:59 26 years.
03:00 26 years, I should know that by now.
03:02 So let's continue on
03:04 once you got into that point of making
03:07 this moral inventory.
03:09 What's the next step?
03:10 The next step, the concept is confession,
03:13 and the way Alcoholics Anonymous works it is,
03:17 we admitted to God to ourselves and to another human being,
03:22 the exact nature of our wrongs.
03:24 Now, after writing this long list of resentments,
03:28 looking at each resentment carefully,
03:30 finding out how it affected me.
03:33 What my part in it was.
03:36 Also a list of fears,
03:38 and why I have those fears and the sex inventory,
03:42 and how my selfish behavior had harmed other people,
03:47 and what I should have done instead.
03:50 This prepares me to let go of all of that,
03:54 to let go of the past by confessing my faults
03:57 to another human being, confessing my sins to God.
04:00 AA has no trouble with language that's used in Christianity.
04:04 In fact we call them defects of character,
04:07 we call them sins,
04:08 we call then an index of maladjustments
04:12 is in the other word that some people want to use.
04:15 It's interesting that it doesn't really matter
04:17 what it is, basically it's a list of things
04:19 that are wrong with us.
04:21 How we have harmed other people and in turn harmed ourselves,
04:25 and we need to lay down this burden of guilt somewhere.
04:29 And AA says it's important to deal with another person
04:33 because another person can ask questions,
04:36 another person can draw our attention
04:39 to the details of maybe we miss about ourselves,
04:42 and that we need to discuss this with another human being.
04:45 Now obviously needs to be somebody we trust.
04:47 And in my case, I have done several of this
04:51 and I have always chosen my AA sponsor who is a mentor,
04:55 who is my best friend in AA.
04:57 Who does not tell me what to do,
05:00 but walks this journey on a parallel path with me
05:04 and shares the journey with me, shares his experiences,
05:07 his strength, and his hope with me.
05:09 Logically for me, it was the person
05:11 that I chose to be my confidant,
05:14 to hear the worst things about my life,
05:18 and it took a leap of faith and a lot of trust.
05:21 Now, trust isn't something we give each other in AA.
05:24 Trust is something we earn from each other.
05:27 And this man had earned my trust,
05:30 and it's important that I trust him,
05:31 because I'm gonna have to tell him some things
05:33 that I don't want anybody else in the world to know.
05:36 And in this case what we did was we had afternoon off.
05:40 He had an afternoon off,
05:42 he invited me over to his house,
05:43 it was summertime, we sat in his backyard
05:46 and he put out three lawn chairs.
05:48 While two of them were across from me so,
05:51 automatically as we got comfortable,
05:53 I put my feet up on the third chair.
05:54 And he says, ''I wouldn't do that if I were you.'
05:56 ' I said, ''Oh, I am sorry.
05:58 I don't meant to mess up your chair.'
05:59 ' He goes, ''No, it's a lawn chair,
06:01 I don't care about that.'
06:02 ' And I looked to him kind of puzzle, then he says,
06:05 ''That chair is for God.'
06:07 ' And I thought, ''Oh, brother really this is kind of lame.'
06:11 ' But what happened, Shelley,
06:12 is as I went through the more difficult things,
06:16 there was always that temptation
06:18 to not quite tell all the truth.
06:21 To gloss over a few things, to leave a few things out
06:24 and I'm telling you every time
06:26 I caught myself being tempted to do just that,
06:29 I was staring at that chair.
06:31 And I knew I could not lie to this man
06:34 in the presence of God.
06:35 So, he was using the chair as a visual aid
06:38 just to remind you of the presence of God.
06:40 And, it worked, absolutely.
06:42 In fact I do that with all of my sponsees today,
06:45 and they all have the same story.
06:46 It's amazing how well that tool works to remind us,
06:50 that we aren't just telling another human being,
06:52 we're really speaking in the presence of God.
06:55 And it's pretty hard to lie or omit things
06:58 when you are committed to doing that,
07:00 and you know that God is present.
07:02 Amen.
07:03 So, it got down to a few things
07:07 I just struggled and I could hardly bring myself
07:10 to tell my sponsor about a couple of things
07:14 in my life that I was just mortified.
07:17 And he waded me out for quite a while,
07:21 and then all of a sudden he began to speak
07:23 and he says, ''You know,
07:25 the hardest stuff for me to tell my sponsor,
07:27 when I did my fifth step was,"
07:29 and then he launched into the worst things on his list.
07:34 And my mouth hung open because here is a man,
07:38 freely admitting to me things
07:40 that nobody would tell anybody else.
07:43 And because of his courage,
07:45 suddenly I had courage to tell him.
07:47 Yes.
07:48 And what I didn't know then, but I definitely know now
07:51 is that once those secrets are out,
07:54 once those horrible things come to see the light of day,
07:58 they don't own me anymore.
08:01 I realize this is who I was,
08:03 this is what happened in my life,
08:05 this is not who I am today.
08:06 See, I believe with all of my heart,
08:09 it is cathartic, but here is why, once it's out,
08:13 Satan's lost his power over you
08:15 because he is trying to rob you of your identity
08:18 of who you are,
08:19 or who you can be in Christ Jesus.
08:21 And as long as you keep those secrets in there, he...
08:25 You know, there is that voice that's constantly coming up
08:28 and telling you about them
08:29 but once they are out, healing begins.
08:32 Those things were things
08:33 that if I ever even remotely thought of them,
08:36 I would be driven to drink.
08:38 Today, what I've seen and experienced
08:41 and what I've used exactly like he did.
08:45 As those are tools to reach people
08:47 sometimes in those secret places that they...
08:50 that you just can't get through.
08:53 I couldn't get through on my own.
08:55 I am all too willing
08:56 to bring those out of their hiding places,
08:58 anytime I realize
09:01 that they can be useful to help that person.
09:03 You are using them as a tool for ministry.
09:04 Exactly, exactly.
09:05 And I don't freely share them,
09:08 in meetings I certainly don't share them.
09:10 I don't even share them with groups of people.
09:13 But one-on-one,
09:14 when I feel the impression from the Holy Spirit
09:17 to bring up one of those things.
09:18 Sometimes I'm not even sure why,
09:21 but I can tell you from experience
09:22 that every time I felt impressed
09:25 to share something from that special box
09:30 of where I used to be, from the shame, and the guilt,
09:33 and the remorse and all those things.
09:35 When I pull one of those out and share them with somebody,
09:39 invariably it has been somebody that needed to hear that,
09:43 that opens up a whole new level of honesty
09:46 for that person to be able to share
09:49 many times the exact same thing in their life.
09:53 So step five is,
09:55 you have a wound that's festered
09:57 maybe for years, it scabbed over.
10:00 And essentially what this is,
10:01 is you are scraping off that scab,
10:03 so that you can let all of the...
10:07 We'll say debris, all of the infection out.
10:11 Now, once you have confessed
10:15 this to someone else and to God.
10:18 What's happening next?
10:20 Well, the first thing I felt was a tremendous relief.
10:23 I can honestly say
10:24 I have never felt so much relief in my life.
10:27 I was nervous though and on the way home,
10:31 you know the instruction are to go home
10:32 and spend the quiet hour
10:34 looking over the first five steps,
10:36 making sure that every stone was in place,
10:39 that there was enough cement
10:40 to make a solid foundation out of this
10:43 because this is what we're building on,
10:45 building a new life.
10:46 And if there was something that I remembered
10:49 that I needed to tell my sponsor,
10:51 he made himself available.
10:53 Call me or we'll get back together tomorrow,
10:56 whatever you need to do if you remember another thing.
10:59 Sometimes that happens
11:00 where something truly escapes us,
11:03 but most of the time we've done a good job,
11:06 we are ready to move on.
11:08 The next day though I have to say, I was nervous.
11:11 I met him at a meeting
11:13 and I deliberately went and sat down
11:15 next to him and looked him in the eye,
11:17 and he turned around, and the smile on his face,
11:20 and the joy in his eyes to see me,
11:23 reassured me that what he had said the day before he met.
11:27 The day before when I was done, he hugged me and he says,
11:31 ''I am so proud of you.'
11:33 ' I could hear it in his voice and the next day,
11:36 I could see it in his eyes.
11:37 I had to look that man in the eye to make sure
11:40 that what he had told me was true,
11:42 that it did not make any difference to him,
11:44 what I had done, what I had been through,
11:47 that he loved me and he cared for me,
11:49 and he respected me, and was proud of me.
11:51 So he was reflecting God's,
11:53 a God we love, his unconditional love.
11:57 Sometimes people confess their sins
11:59 and as the scripture says in 1 John 1:9,
12:01 ''If we confess ours sins,
12:02 he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins
12:04 and cleanse us of all unrighteousness.'
12:07 ' Sometimes people confess,
12:09 but they don't experience healing,
12:14 maybe they fall back into that sin too quickly,
12:16 so what's the next step in AA after this fifth step?
12:21 The sixth step is we're entirely ready
12:24 to have God remove all these defects of character.
12:27 Okay.
12:28 It's a preparation step,
12:30 the seventh step is we humbly ask him
12:32 to remove our shortcomings.
12:34 But building up to that seventh step,
12:37 we need to become willing to have those removed.
12:40 Now my sponsor held me back on step six,
12:43 because I was in a hurry.
12:45 The book Alcoholics Anonymous
12:47 has very little to say about step six.
12:49 In fact in subsequent books, Bill,
12:51 who wrote this book
12:53 spent a lot of time talking about step six.
12:56 And for me it was a case of having to understand
12:59 how deep those character defects go.
13:02 You know, I like to think of it as like pulling weeds.
13:06 Some weeds have roots
13:08 that intertwine with other weeds
13:11 and they are very hard to pull out,
13:13 but the whole concept of step six is that,
13:16 I am not in charge of pulling the weeds in my life.
13:19 And naturally that's the human tendency.
13:23 I have to say that after that experiences in step five,
13:26 I thought I was free of those character defects.
13:29 But I had indeed only confessed them,
13:31 I had, nothing had changed, and I had to realize
13:35 that if nothing changes, nothing changes.
13:37 I can talk about it all I want.
13:39 But now it's time for action
13:41 and I did not understand step six,
13:43 in fact I couldn't understand
13:46 why my sponsor would not let me move on
13:48 to the seventh step.
13:49 He says, you don't understand this step enough.
13:52 Well, I'll give you an example.
13:53 Every time we met, he asked me if I had read,
13:57 reread what the book Alcoholics Anonymous had said
14:00 and what our book 12 steps
14:02 and 12 traditions had said about step six.
14:05 And I did it for probably two or three weeks,
14:07 I would read the whole chapter
14:09 and read whatever is in this book.
14:11 By the fourth or fifth week,
14:14 I was totally baffled as to
14:16 why he wouldn't let me move on.
14:18 And, he would ask me every week,
14:20 have you reread this, and I started saying yes,
14:23 and suddenly I realized you are lying to him
14:27 and it dawned on me that the very character
14:29 defect of dishonesty was still there,
14:32 and now I was blatantly lying to my sponsor
14:34 because I didn't want have to read it one more time.
14:37 So the character defect was there.
14:39 Well, believe me,
14:40 all the character defects were there.
14:43 Step four and five had made me aware of them.
14:46 I had felt the relief of letting them go verbally
14:49 to somebody and by the way in my fifth step,
14:52 I also received that forgiveness
14:54 and I felt that forgiveness from God.
14:56 And I am grateful that my sponsor loves God
14:59 and was more than able to help me see that.
15:03 But I had no idea
15:05 I was still hanging on the things,
15:07 and it got worse and worse.
15:09 I tried controlling my character defects.
15:11 You know, in the carnival
15:13 sometimes we'll have this crazy game called whack 'em all
15:16 where the moles keep popping up and you have a hammer,
15:18 and you keep hitting them down and the more you hit them down,
15:21 the faster they come and pretty soon
15:23 they're totally out of control,
15:24 that's the perfect example of what happened to me.
15:27 It wasn't just dishonesty,
15:29 I was hurting people's feelings,
15:31 I was doing all these things but now I am aware of them,
15:34 so I am recognizing that everything
15:37 is getting more out of control.
15:38 So what did I do? I tried to control them more.
15:41 And what happened?
15:43 Well, you know, as my sponsor said,
15:45 ''How did that work out for you.'
15:47 ' Not at all, I was totally powerless.
15:50 Now, not just over my alcoholism,
15:53 now I am powerless over dishonesty,
15:55 I am powerless over fear,
15:57 I am powerless over how I treat people,
15:59 my temper, my self-righteous, anger,
16:02 all these things were just coming out left and right,
16:05 and my frustration level was rising.
16:08 It got so bad with some of this character defects
16:11 that I felt like even though
16:13 I had told him everything in my fifth step,
16:16 they were now new things that I was embarrassed
16:19 that I didn't wanted to tell him.
16:21 And I started keeping those secrets to myself.
16:23 I was praying and praying and praying
16:25 and nothing was happening,
16:27 and I was so frustrated and angry
16:29 that one day I pulled him out of a meeting,
16:31 pulled him out of a meeting which never happened.
16:34 And we sat in his truck,
16:36 and I struggled to tell him what was wrong.
16:39 And I told him some things,
16:40 but there were other things I didn't wanted to talk about.
16:43 And finally,
16:45 finally I told him everything
16:48 that was going on in my life and you know,
16:50 there was nothing new to be honest,
16:53 but it was at a deeper level and I was so embarrassed
16:56 because I thought I was past all that.
16:59 I thought I wasn't going to keep falling
17:01 into those same things again and again.
17:03 And I was so embarrassed about feeling like such a failure
17:07 that I couldn't even look that man in the eye.
17:10 And I sat in his truck and I remember it was snowing,
17:13 and I was just watching the snow
17:15 out of the passenger side of the window.
17:18 And when I finally finish
17:20 telling all of those things to him,
17:22 I had tears running down my cheeks.
17:24 They weren't tears of self pity.
17:25 They were tears of frustration and anger, anger at myself,
17:30 and finally I said, ''I don't know what's wrong,
17:34 I don't know what's wrong, I am worst than I ever was.'
17:37 ' And he says, ''Bob, look at me.'
17:40 ' And I didn't want to look at him
17:42 with tears running down my face,
17:43 but I finally did, and you know
17:45 that man had tears running down his cheeks.
17:48 He says, ''Please listen to me.
17:51 ' He says, ''I want you to take the day off tomorrow,
17:54 and I want you to stay home,
17:55 and I want you to read that chapter one more time,
17:58 and then I want you to ask God
18:01 to remove your character defects
18:02 because if you don't, you are going to drink,
18:06 because if you don't,
18:07 your misery will increase to the point
18:09 where you're gonna seek relief out of a bottle again.'
18:12 ' And I took his advice and I stayed home.
18:16 And I read that chapter first thing in the morning
18:18 and then you know what I did,
18:20 I didn't pray, I didn't ask God,
18:22 there is a prayer in the book
18:24 where we ask Him to remove our character defects,
18:27 and I didn't do it.
18:29 Instead, I started doing housework,
18:32 I scrubbed the floors, I scrubbed the kitchen,
18:36 I vacuumed everything.
18:38 I tore the house apart. There you can control.
18:41 Exactly, and I realize that now
18:43 I was trying to clean myself up.
18:46 And it wasn't working like it never works.
18:50 I couldn't clean the insides of the cup of myself.
18:55 But I resisted, everything in me
18:58 was resisting asking God to do this,
19:00 because I didn't feel worthy.
19:02 I didn't want to let go off things
19:04 and that's what AA says
19:05 we find out very quickly that there are some things
19:08 that we enjoy.
19:09 I enjoy self-righteous, anger,
19:12 feeling superior to other people,
19:13 because I am right and I know I am right.
19:16 I enjoy sarcastic remarks, because it makes them feel bad,
19:21 and it makes me feel good for an instant
19:23 and then it makes me feel worse.
19:24 On and on it went.
19:26 I have to tell you there was a cat in my house,
19:29 I had this cat before I ever got sober,
19:32 and the cat was terrified of me
19:35 because of the way I'm sure
19:36 I treated her when I was drunk,
19:38 I don't know that I ever hurt her physically
19:41 but she was scared of me.
19:42 She lived under beds,
19:43 under the crouch in a corner away from me,
19:46 I knew she lived with me
19:48 because I changed her litter box
19:49 and I gave her food and water,
19:51 but she wanted nothing to do with,
19:52 she was very, very skittish.
19:54 And finally at the end of the day,
19:57 I exhausted myself and I lay on the couch
20:01 and I watched my aquarium
20:03 and I thought, I have got to do this,
20:06 I have got to do this, something has to change.
20:09 And I got on my knees in front of my coffee table
20:13 and I put my book out in front of me
20:15 and I turned to the page
20:17 that has the seventh step prayer in it,
20:20 and I'll read to you quickly,
20:23 Shelley, if you don't mind.
20:25 It says...
20:29 ''When ready, we say something like this:
20:31 "My Creator, I am now willing that you should have all of me,
20:35 good and bad.
20:37 I pray that you now remove from me
20:39 every single defect of character
20:42 which stands in the way of my usefulness
20:44 to you and my fellows.
20:46 Grant me strength, as I go out from here, to do your bidding.
20:50 Amen."
20:51 I said this prayer, I added my own words to it,
20:55 and I had my head in my hands
20:59 as I was leaning over the coffee table.
21:02 And I stopped at the end of my prayer
21:03 with my eyes close and I said,
21:06 ''God, I don't feel anything.
21:09 Oh, God please help me believe
21:11 that I have done the right thing
21:12 even though I don't feel any warm fuzzies.'
21:15 ' Those were my words, I said them out loud,
21:18 and at that very moment,
21:20 my cat jumped up on the coffee table
21:25 and she was purring,
21:26 and I was aware that she was there,
21:28 it didn't strike me anything strange,
21:30 but when I said those words,
21:32 ''Please help me believe
21:35 that I have done this right
21:36 even though I don't feel any warm fuzzies.'
21:39 ' That cat reached out
21:43 and put her paw on my cheek.
21:47 I have a hard time telling that story about praying.
21:49 Oh, I know that is precious.
21:51 The only creature in that house
21:53 that could have assured me of God's love for me,
21:56 and that he heard my prayer,
21:58 and that he had forgiven me and he would complete
22:01 what he had promised reached down and touched me.
22:04 And I got my warm fuzzies that day.
22:07 And I will tell you, I said, how does it happen,
22:11 how does it happen? Yeah, that's the Lord.
22:14 You know, Bobby, it occurs to me,
22:17 I teach on the steps to repentance.
22:21 You know, there is the God...
22:23 First you have to recognize your sin
22:24 and there is the Godly sorrow for your sin,
22:27 and then you have to confess your sin
22:29 and receive God's forgiveness,
22:31 but what steps six and seven
22:35 are is the true asking God.
22:39 You know, you can confess your sins
22:41 and if you're not asking for that gift of repentance,
22:45 if you're not willing to be turned around
22:49 to forsake those things, then it's just, you know,
22:52 you're back and forth, back and forth, confessing,
22:55 and then doing it again, confessing, and doing it again.
22:58 And it strikes me everything you're saying,
23:01 I mean everything you're saying is exactly in this teaching
23:06 that God gave me on this
23:07 as He was teaching me the steps to repentance.
23:10 What I love about this is it, it's so intentional.
23:15 Your sponsor held you back until he knew you were ready
23:19 because we can, it's kind of like, oh, okay,
23:22 I've got this far, what's next?
23:25 And, you know, we just, we just go and we do.
23:28 But he held you back until he was certain
23:32 that you were really experiencing the pain
23:37 if you will or the true...
23:41 you were sorrow of this,
23:43 and you were really ready to come to the Lord,
23:46 you've confessed it.
23:47 But now you were ready to say Lord,
23:49 change me as Acts 5:31 says that,
23:51 ''He grants us repentance.'
23:54 ' You're ready to say, ''Lord, grant me repentance.
23:56 I don't want to be like this anymore.'
23:59 ' So it's so intentional and it's all very biblical.
24:05 There is...
24:07 There was that moment when I realize
24:09 that my whole life was changing right then.
24:12 There was a different kind of peace
24:15 that fell over me that day.
24:17 Amen.
24:18 It wasn't that I understood all the mechanics of, you know,
24:21 I speak to you know looking back on 26 years of experience
24:25 with these steps, and by the way these steps
24:28 are part of my daily life.
24:30 When I get caught up in some mistake during the day,
24:34 I intentionally go back to six and seven.
24:37 I ask God to make me willing if I'm not, and if I am,
24:40 please don't leave me in this condition.
24:43 Please Lord, forgive me and change me.
24:47 There are no...
24:48 I mean even though there were major changes
24:50 leading up to step six and seven.
24:52 The major changes come
24:54 when we are finally willing to let go.
24:56 You know, I had a good friend that told me one time,
25:01 if I ask God to remove my defects of character
25:04 and they don't go away,
25:05 there is either something wrong with my prayer
25:08 or more likely something wrong with my willingness to let go.
25:12 Its all about humility, is it?
25:13 It absolutely is about humility.
25:15 In fact the step says humbly ask God to remove
25:19 these defects of character, the shortcomings,
25:22 so obviously these steps have everything to do with humility,
25:26 and humility is not just groveling.
25:30 Humility and humiliation are two very different words.
25:33 To be humbled by circumstance
25:37 or by the result of our own pride for example
25:43 feels very different than asking for humility
25:46 and then humbly walking with God
25:48 and offering myself to him.
25:50 I gave myself to him that day
25:52 to do whatever he wanted with me.
25:53 I had no idea where that would go.
25:56 But it didn't matter
25:57 because whatever it was would be relieve
25:59 from where I was.
26:01 Amen. Amen.
26:02 So...
26:03 Bob, it has just been such a blessing,
26:07 just to sit here and listen to you
26:09 and 26 years of experience with these steps,
26:12 knowing what God has done, just want to thank you...
26:14 You're welcome.
26:16 For being here, and we want you to come back
26:17 'cause you still got more to share.
26:20 For those of you at home,
26:21 we want you to know that you know,
26:25 what strikes me is the humility of our Lord
26:31 and Savior Jesus Christ.
26:32 Well, of the Trinity,
26:35 when you think about the humility of the Trinity,
26:39 the Holy Spirit does everything to bring glory to Jesus Christ.
26:45 Christ did everything to bring glory to the father
26:49 and then in turn the Father gives all glory to the son,
26:54 so it is so amazing.
26:57 My husband taught me something many years ago,
27:00 when we first got married.
27:01 And that is, you know, we pray Lord,
27:04 increase your faith, increase our faith,
27:07 increase this, increase that.
27:09 He daily prays, Lord, increase my humility.
27:15 When we do come humbly before the Lord,
27:18 confessing our sins,
27:21 we can count on Him to forgive us of our sins.
27:24 But step six and seven are to get to that point
27:29 where you're really ready saying God,
27:31 I detest this in me.
27:34 It's like you're developing his heart,
27:36 you see sin as He sees sin,
27:39 and you say I don't want to be like this anymore.
27:42 Lord, grant me repentance,
27:44 I am humbling myself before You.
27:47 I am yielding control.
27:49 I am asking you humbly,
27:51 please remove these shortcomings.
27:55 And you know what?
27:56 That's the part where it says that God is ready willing
28:01 and able to cleanse you of all unrighteousness.
28:06 That's the beauty, He doesn't just forgive us,
28:09 He cleanses us of all unrighteousness.
28:11 Well, I hope you're enjoying these talks with Bob
28:14 as much as I am,
28:15 and we're going to have him come back,
28:17 because there is some still some more steps
28:19 that we need to go through.
28:20 Thanks for joining us.


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