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The Power of a New Attitude

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00:29 Hello, I'm Shelley Quinn
00:30 and we welcome you once again to Issues and Answers.
00:34 This program, we try to talk about topics
00:36 that many times it's topics that you have suggested,
00:40 it's issues that are relevant to you in the world today.
00:44 And we're going to be talking about something
00:47 that it's really important today
00:48 and that is the power of having the right attitude,
00:52 the power of a new attitude.
00:56 If we are new creations in Christ,
00:58 we should have renewed minds and a renewed attitude.
01:03 Let me introduce to you our special guest
01:06 who is returning and we're just...
01:08 She's just becoming a fixture around here,
01:11 we'd like to have her around more
01:13 and that is Doris Gothard.
01:14 Doris, it is so good to have you here.
01:16 Thank you for having me.
01:18 Thank you for inviting me.
01:19 You know, there's something
01:21 that we've never really talked about yet
01:23 and that is you have a degree
01:25 in pure mathematics and engineering,
01:26 you were a corporate manager
01:28 for General Motors Electronic Data Systems,
01:34 had a corporate career of leadership team building
01:37 and certainly you can speak to attitude.
01:40 But let me just back up for a second and ask you
01:43 how, you know, mathematics was my favorite topic,
01:48 and I wish I had pursued a different major.
01:52 What drove you toward getting your degree
01:55 in mathematics and engineering?
01:58 That's a great question.
02:01 I think it was because, it was a field at that time
02:07 that few females
02:12 were encouraged to enter into
02:16 and I grew up with most of my...
02:19 I grew up on a farm as a matter of fact,
02:20 let me just tell you that.
02:21 Did you really? Yes, I grew up on a farm.
02:23 And so some might say that I was like a tomboy
02:27 but most of my cousins that lived next door to me
02:31 on my grandfather's farm were boys.
02:34 And so every game that I played,
02:36 I played football, basketball with them
02:39 it was always with the boys.
02:40 And so when I made the decision,
02:44 of course, not going to college was not an option.
02:47 Even though we lived on a farm
02:50 and even though I worked on the farm,
02:52 education was important
02:53 and we were taught that
02:55 from the time that I could remember.
02:57 But I chose a field because keep in mind,
03:01 I had always worked with boys on the farm,
03:05 played with boys, all of my cousins were boys,
03:08 there were no girls at that time.
03:11 And I wanted to choose a field in college
03:15 where there were very few girls if any in my class.
03:18 Ah, that's so funny.
03:20 But you must've had a love for math.
03:22 Listen, I had a love for math and I did well.
03:25 If I could attribute it to a person,
03:28 I believe Miss Balner was her name,
03:30 the greatest math teacher ever.
03:33 And she was the one that instilled in me
03:37 that you could use your mind to think through
03:40 and solve problems without ever saying a word
03:44 and that was what attracted me to mathematics.
03:47 I could actually be in any place at any time
03:52 and work on a math problem
03:54 that I may have been unable to solve the day before.
03:58 And my mind would continue to work on it
04:01 even though I might have been doing a chore.
04:04 I loved mathematics
04:06 and it was a mind thing with me,
04:08 it really was.
04:09 And the fact that it was a class
04:11 that I wouldn't be too distracted
04:13 because I'd be in there with mostly boys.
04:16 Okay, so you weren't a girly girl at this point.
04:18 I wasn't a girly girl at that point.
04:20 But you are such a girly girl now.
04:22 Thank you very much.
04:24 Thank you very much.
04:25 Did you always...
04:27 One thing that attracted me to you when we met
04:31 was you are an exuberant personality,
04:34 you have a joyful personality,
04:37 and you have a very optimistic personality,
04:40 you have a great attitude.
04:43 Did you grow up...
04:44 was your family Christian?
04:46 Yes, they were Christian. Okay.
04:48 But they were not of the same religion
04:51 or denomination that I am today
04:53 because I am a Seventh-day Adventist today.
04:55 And my experience was,
04:59 because I was raised by my grandparents,
05:01 they were, one was Methodist and the other was Baptist
05:07 and we went to church on Sunday.
05:09 And because I love both of my grandparents,
05:11 I love them dearly, what do you think I did?
05:14 One Sunday I was with my grandfather
05:17 and then the next Sunday I was with my grandmother.
05:19 But it all worked out well
05:20 because there was nothing but love
05:22 and Jesus was at the center.
05:23 Wonderful. Wonderful.
05:25 So you are also an author,
05:27 I think you've written six books.
05:29 And one book that you've written about is attitude
05:31 and I know that 2 Corinthians 5:17
05:34 was kind of your foundational scripture.
05:37 You want to share that with us?
05:38 Yes, as a matter of fact
05:40 the subject of attitude is a passion
05:43 and I think every person should find out what your passion is
05:48 because if you know what your passion is,
05:50 then that's what you would do well at.
05:52 I have written more than one book,
05:53 I think maybe three books on attitude
05:55 because I learned
05:59 at the very early stage of my corporate career
06:02 that if i wanted to be successful
06:05 in my goal of being a part of the leadership team
06:08 which I was blessed
06:10 and I served for many years as a leader,
06:13 that attitude was key.
06:15 And I knew then
06:17 that attitude is a reflection of the person inside.
06:22 So when you see the smile is on my face
06:25 and you described me in other ways that are,
06:27 you know, I had like, I have joy
06:29 and I'm always, you know, just kind of upbeat,
06:32 that's truly who I am as a person,
06:35 that's the reflection of who I really am inside.
06:39 Shelley, I have inside of me
06:43 that which causes you to see what's on the outside of me.
06:47 What's inside is Jesus.
06:49 Amen.
06:51 He doesn't have a bad attitude.
06:52 Never.
06:54 Jesus never has a bad attitude.
06:56 And so I'm really just reflecting who it is
06:59 that I invite to live inside of me each and every day.
07:03 I'm really delighted to just share
07:05 my passionate subject on the subject of attitude
07:08 because I think it is the key to success.
07:11 I agree with you very much,
07:13 and I would like if I may to read 2 Corinthians 5:17.
07:16 Please.
07:17 Because this is our springboard for today's topic on attitude,
07:24 and Paul writes to the Corinthians saying,
07:26 "Therefore if anyone is in Christ,
07:29 he is a new creation.
07:31 Old things have passed away,
07:34 behold, all things have become new."
07:37 So those old attitudes, old which lead to habits,
07:43 you know, actions and habits, all of those are really dead,
07:47 that is the whole idea of baptism
07:49 is that we were buried with Christ,
07:51 those were buried
07:52 and then we are resurrected to a new way of life.
07:55 Now, of course, we know
07:56 sometimes things spring forward,
07:58 you know, old attitudes can come up.
08:02 Romans 4:17 Paul says, "God calls things
08:05 that are not as though they already were."
08:07 So when he says, "All things have become new,"
08:09 we have to accept that by faith,
08:11 but renewing our minds
08:13 through reading the Scripture, through prayer,
08:15 becoming a new creation in Christ as you said,
08:18 inviting the Holy Spirit to dwell in you day by day,
08:23 so that Christ may live in your heart by faith.
08:26 These are important
08:29 and it's something that's not just important for leaders
08:33 or important for people in our church,
08:36 the mature members,
08:37 what I think we need to do
08:39 and I'm sure this is where you're headed
08:42 from some things you've told me.
08:44 We need to impress upon our youth,
08:47 how important having a Christ like attitude is
08:52 and how this can make you successful
08:55 not just in the kingdom but here on earth.
08:58 I agree with you, I couldn't have said it better, Shelley.
09:02 But let's go back because you get the spirit
09:07 of how the Holy Spirit was leading me
09:08 to write about this subject
09:10 because we live in a world
09:13 where we read about many things
09:15 and we see many things.
09:16 And each book that I have written
09:19 passionately from my heart
09:20 on the subject of attitude
09:22 really was inspired by this scripture.
09:24 Yes.
09:25 But the part that I want us to focus on is
09:27 not just to read the scripture and skip over.
09:31 What I think is really the gem there.
09:33 And that is inherent in this text, at least for me,
09:38 and as the Holy Spirit has impressed me
09:40 is a most precious gift.
09:42 There's a gift.
09:43 Yes.
09:44 I mean, if anyone in Christ,
09:47 He's getting ready to do something
09:51 but He is also getting ready to give us the most precious gift
09:55 and that gift I believe is the power
09:59 in having a new attitude, a new attitude in Christ.
10:04 Attitude is really the key.
10:07 It is the secret to success
10:09 for what so many of our young people have a desire for.
10:13 You know, it's interesting,
10:15 here's the attitude that I have.
10:17 I believe that every parent who has a child
10:21 regardless as to what their religion is,
10:25 whether they have faith or not,
10:27 what community they live in,
10:28 whether they live in a big house
10:30 or a small house or an apartment,
10:32 whether they have no home
10:33 if they have children they have some...
10:36 their attitude is this,
10:37 they have some of the same wants and desires
10:41 as those who are more abundant if you will
10:46 and some of the things that they have been
10:47 able to acquire on this earth.
10:49 But God is a God of great promise
10:53 and He is the best gift giver I know.
10:55 He gave us Jesus, didn't He? Amen.
10:57 And He certainly has a power to recreate us into something new
11:03 and along with that that recreation,
11:06 with that new creation comes a most precious gift.
11:09 And so today is just appropriate,
11:11 I titled the book The Power of a New Attitude.
11:14 Nothing can stop a person.
11:17 I like what you say
11:18 that we need to choose a positive attitude.
11:21 I mean, day by day we have to choose
11:23 whom we're going to serve, is that not true?
11:25 That is very true.
11:27 So we have to choose to, when we get up to surrender,
11:31 control of our life to the Lord
11:32 and to know that He's in control,
11:36 if we will allow Him,
11:37 He will instill this attitude in us.
11:40 Let me tell you something.
11:42 There's no person exempt from waking up one day
11:49 and you think everything is going fine
11:51 but before the end of that day
11:53 you have encountered a challenge,
11:55 even here at the studio.
11:57 I know that there are many in our listening audience
12:00 who pray for this telecast all the time,
12:03 daily they make it as a matter of their prayer.
12:05 But you have to admit
12:06 that prior to our taping earlier today,
12:09 there was little technical problem.
12:11 Sometimes computers don't work,
12:14 sometimes our telephones don't work,
12:16 sometimes we have challenges in life.
12:19 But let me tell you something, for me the attitude that I have
12:25 because some of these things that we go through,
12:27 you and I sat here with a smile on our face,
12:29 you said a prayer, the Lord answered
12:32 and the technical problems were fixed
12:33 and even the technician acknowledged your prayer
12:36 and thanked you for it
12:37 and said, "God answered, the problem is fixed."
12:40 And I was just praising the Lord along with you
12:44 and with everybody else.
12:45 But let me just say this, this is just my personal view
12:48 about the subject of attitude which I'm passionate about.
12:51 I just don't like to really be around
12:54 people who have negative attitudes all the time.
12:59 Your attitude about the little stuff
13:03 is a great indicator
13:05 about the attitude that you'll have
13:07 about the bigger stuff.
13:10 And if you and I live long enough,
13:12 I mean, small problem
13:14 that's little stuff to have a little technical problem,
13:17 we've got very smart technician that can work through that.
13:21 But in life, sometimes,
13:25 some big problems can happen to good people.
13:29 Yes.
13:30 And it's our attitude about the little stuff,
13:33 those small things that will determine
13:36 how we'll handle the bigger stuff.
13:40 You know, I'm thinking
13:42 when you say that of Isaiah 26:3.
13:46 God says that if we will keep our eyes focused on Him,
13:50 trusting in Him,
13:52 He promises to give us perfect peace.
13:54 When you have perfect peace,
13:56 if you choose to have an attitude of trust in God,
14:00 then you will have that peace in your heart
14:03 and it seems that to me people who trust in God,
14:07 the reason I like being around them
14:08 is they're much more optimistic.
14:10 And when it comes to problems,
14:12 you know, everybody has problems
14:14 as you said everybody.
14:16 They come in different shapes and sizes...
14:19 In Reader's Digest I once read, Doris,
14:21 where they said, if you could put...
14:24 Let's say that you've got 12 problems,
14:26 I've got 12 problems
14:27 and we put them in a pile with everybody else's problems
14:31 that nine times out of ten
14:33 when you look at everyone else's problems,
14:35 you would choose the 12 you're dealing with.
14:37 You're right.
14:39 And that's so interesting.
14:40 But as a Christian, part of our attitude,
14:44 it is trusting in the Lord.
14:46 It keeps us optimistic.
14:48 We have hope. That's true.
14:49 I don't know how people who don't have the Lord
14:51 go through the problems.
14:53 Well, I believe that that's one blessing of the Christian life.
14:57 That's one of the reasons
15:00 why the Lord has blessed us with 3ABN
15:03 so that we can share with the world...
15:04 Amen.
15:06 That God is a God who sees everything
15:10 and He cares about every detail in our lives
15:14 whether it's small or big God cares.
15:18 You know, Shelley, this...
15:20 and sometimes in life about attitude
15:24 we all have to do a little self talk from time to time.
15:27 I was just getting ready to say.
15:29 And I do, the longer I live
15:32 I'm doing more and more self talk.
15:34 And I'll give you example of one of the things
15:36 that I am doing some self talk about.
15:40 I want to have as my life progresses
15:44 and we don't know always whether or not
15:46 we will be challenged with a major health problem
15:52 or something to that nature,
15:53 but there may be someone listening today
15:55 and I hope that this attitude conversation
15:57 that you and I will have will be encouraging to them.
16:00 But I say to myself and in my prayer
16:03 as I'm just having a conversation
16:04 with Jesus about it.
16:06 I don't know of anything
16:08 that I should be concerned about
16:10 that's going on in my body now.
16:12 But what I do know that I can speak about is,
16:16 "Jesus, I love You.
16:17 I love You for more than I can express
16:22 for all that You have done for me,
16:24 and where You have brought me from."
16:26 Amen.
16:28 "But I thank you for the life that I have today,"
16:30 that's how I began my prayer as I told you earlier.
16:33 When I recognize and I'm alive every day,
16:35 I fall on my knees and I, that's attitude,
16:38 and I'm thanking God for life,
16:42 for the provision of another day.
16:45 I don't know how the whole day is going to progress,
16:49 but I start out and I'm putting Him first,
16:51 and then I start praying for other specific needs,
16:53 but certainly my husband and my family,
16:55 and then I have very special friends,
16:57 we all have friends in ministry,
16:59 and we're praying for them
17:00 that they and their families will be successful in ministry.
17:03 And then I go now praying for every elder in my church,
17:05 praying for the pastor of my church,
17:07 praying for the leader of my conference,
17:08 praying, praying, praying, praying,
17:10 I'm down there on my knees for some period of time.
17:13 But I say to the Lord,
17:15 "I'm thankful for the degree of health
17:17 that I have today.
17:19 I'm thankful for life.
17:21 But Lord, if I should live
17:25 and be challenged
17:27 with something major
17:30 that's nothing positive," you know,
17:33 then I pray that, "My faith will keep me strong
17:37 that I will not let go of the joy
17:40 that I'm experiencing with you right now."
17:43 And so that's attitude and that's my prayer
17:47 that how I'm handling the small little things,
17:50 maybe a little headache every now and then
17:52 or maybe an ache or pain that,
17:55 you know, I'm wondering, "Well, why do I have this?"
17:56 No, don't let that be all consuming, just say,
17:59 "Lord, you know and I know you can handle it,
18:03 but if I happen to be challenged
18:05 with some bigger stuff,
18:07 I pray that I will be able
18:08 to demonstrate the same kind of faith
18:10 that I am demonstrating to you today."
18:12 Amen. That's attitude.
18:14 But you are, your attitude there as well
18:16 if I may identify that you have an attitude of thanksgiving.
18:19 It reminds me of what Paul wrote to the Philippians
18:22 in chapter 5, you know, to be thankful always.
18:25 And I think what you're saying right now,
18:27 I'm thinking of a precious little soul
18:30 who lives in Colorado.
18:31 I've not met her but we talk frequently
18:34 and she has become my Aunty Lorna.
18:36 And, Aunty Lorna, if you are watching,
18:38 "Hello, and I love you."
18:40 But this precious saint is she's up in years but...
18:45 and I know she has so many health challenges
18:49 but she never complains.
18:51 She is always focusing on how good God is.
18:55 Now that's power in her attitude.
18:56 Oh, she has most positive attitude
18:59 and love, I mean, she chooses to love everyone.
19:02 She opens her heart,
19:04 let God, lets, allows God to pour His love
19:06 into her heart for others
19:08 and she has an attitude of thanksgiving,
19:11 an attitude of love
19:13 and just her appreciation for everything
19:16 that sometimes I'll ask her,
19:18 "How are you doing today, Aunty Lorna?"
19:20 And she'll say, "Oh, honey, I'll be better,
19:24 I'll be getting better."
19:25 So she'll never say, "Oh, I'm down, I'm alone,
19:28 or I'm lonely," or...
19:29 She's just an amazing woman.
19:32 And I'll tell you something, it's interesting.
19:35 My aunt once told me that she had a friend
19:38 whose children did not want to talk with her.
19:41 They avoided phone conversations,
19:43 they lived out of town.
19:45 And the friend said to her,
19:46 "I don't know what's wrong with me
19:48 but, you know, my kids,
19:49 I don't know what's wrong with my kids
19:51 they won't call me."
19:52 And she said I finally had to tell her one day
19:54 perhaps they're not calling you
19:56 because all you do is whine and complain.
19:58 She said that was the way the conversation always went.
20:02 This is a different aunt that's telling me this,
20:04 but this is something that's so true
20:07 that I think the reason
20:08 that people were attracted to Jesus
20:11 is because He had this attitude
20:15 of love and joy, and...
20:17 Hope.
20:19 Hope and peace.
20:20 And healing.
20:21 And this is what attracts people to you.
20:24 It attracts people,
20:26 I mean, this is what makes me love Aunty Lorna.
20:28 I'm always eager to speak with her
20:30 because I end up being so blessed by the conversation.
20:35 So attitude is important in your self-talk.
20:39 Sometimes we just have to change
20:40 your perspective on things, don't we?
20:42 Yes, we do. Yes, we do.
20:44 May I share with you a couple of other thoughts
20:46 if we have the time? Surely.
20:48 Not sure how much time we have.
20:49 But one of the things that I would share
20:51 with my employees
20:54 was I think I had done
20:56 one, two, three, four, five step
20:57 and I think I would share them.
20:58 And that's, you know what,
21:00 I know who I am,
21:02 you know, as a person.
21:05 I've given time to think about
21:08 what it is I want to do in life,
21:11 what it is I want to become,
21:14 and I have made the decision
21:15 that I'm going to do everything that I can.
21:17 No one makes it in any degree of success
21:23 without having someone
21:25 who has helped them along the way.
21:26 So whatever accomplishments
21:28 I've been able to make in my life
21:30 I know that there were individuals,
21:32 certainly grandmothers, and my mother, and my parents,
21:37 and aunts and uncles who were always there praying for me.
21:41 People need people. Amen.
21:43 We need the Lord most of all.
21:45 But while I was praying for myself,
21:46 I know that there were many others who were praying.
21:48 But I would say to myself
21:49 and this was that self-talk
21:51 in having that positive attitude,
21:54 "I know who I am as a person.
21:56 I know that I'm doing the very best possible job
21:59 that I can do in the assignment that I have been given."
22:02 And I had one experience early on
22:05 that set me on the path to the successful career
22:09 that I believe I had in leadership and it was this.
22:13 No one really enjoys an evaluation,
22:17 and it doesn't happen so much,
22:19 you know, in churches
22:22 maybe we do a little of this in our homes,
22:24 but we had to undergo
22:26 an annual or a yearly performance job appraisal.
22:31 That was not a time that I would look forward to
22:34 but I learned that I needed to change my attitude
22:37 about having to go through that period
22:39 that was challenging,
22:41 my experience, and this was early on before
22:43 I ever was placed in a leadership position
22:46 was it seemed as though
22:49 no matter what I did on my job
22:51 in working for that particular leader at the time
22:54 was never quite good enough.
22:56 It was never enough.
22:59 And year after year I would go and sit for that hour review
23:03 and I knew that at the very end there would be a long list of,
23:08 "But, you know, you need to improve in this area,
23:11 but you need to improve in that area."
23:14 And the attitude
23:15 that I demonstrated in that session,
23:18 I think was a key contributor to me
23:21 having that same experience year after year.
23:24 Are you following me? Yes.
23:26 I changed my attitude
23:28 because you can't change the attitude of another person.
23:30 No. That's a good point.
23:31 That set me on a different path,
23:34 it set me on a journey
23:36 of success after success after success.
23:39 And here is what I did, I changed my attitude.
23:43 I prayed about it
23:44 and I said, "Lord, give me a new attitude,
23:49 just a new spirit
23:51 so that when I walk in that door
23:52 no matter what negative comes out,
23:57 my response is going to be,
24:00 "Thank you for bringing that to my attention."
24:02 Good.
24:04 "I'm committed, I'm going to work on it."
24:07 And I made note of all of those
24:09 negative, negative, negative things
24:11 and I was intentional about it.
24:13 And from time to time I would request a meeting
24:17 to go over those areas
24:18 that were identified as improvements.
24:20 With the change in my attitude,
24:23 you already know
24:24 that there was a change in my performance review.
24:27 From that point on
24:29 I learned that people reflect back to us
24:33 the attitude that we demonstrate to them.
24:36 So I no longer carry it around within me
24:40 an attitude that said, "I don't have a good leader.
24:44 This leader is not this,
24:45 this leader doesn't treat me right,"
24:47 or using some difference that there may have been
24:51 between me and the leader to suggest
24:54 that there was some unfair treatment.
24:56 When you change the way you see things,
24:59 then the things you see will change.
25:02 I changed my attitude and things changed.
25:05 And, you know, this just makes...
25:07 we're just down to the last couple of minutes
25:09 but I have to make it application to the church.
25:12 Christians, many have an identity crisis,
25:16 they don't know who they are in Christ.
25:18 You said, you knew who you were.
25:20 You came to know that... Yes.
25:21 And I think if we come to know as we get into His word
25:25 and read His promises,
25:26 if we understand who we are in Christ Jesus
25:31 that will change our attitude.
25:34 And when we have that attitude even when we're in the church
25:37 when someone comes to us
25:39 maybe with a critical or judgmental remark,
25:42 you know, when we're reflecting Christ
25:44 and He is in our heart, it will be much the same,
25:48 "Thank you for bringing me that to my attention.
25:50 I'll work on that."
25:51 It should be, you know, even if it's,
25:54 you think it's unfair criticism,
25:57 that poor person needs...
26:01 they need to have something
26:02 Christ like demonstrated to them.
26:04 But that's where you...
26:06 if you go into a church
26:08 where you find a good attitude in the church,
26:11 you know this is a church that is going to grow,
26:15 it is going to attract like a magnet would attract lead,
26:21 it attracts success.
26:23 And that's what happened with you.
26:25 Well, you know, I began by saying
26:27 that I believe that attitude
26:29 is a reflection of the person inside.
26:31 Amen.
26:33 And so when Jesus is inside, you can't hide a light.
26:37 That positive attitude will be reflected
26:40 from the first person to the least.
26:43 Whenever there is a visitor or a member
26:46 who comes to our door, or to the church,
26:48 or within your work environment,
26:50 they will know who is inside
26:53 by what is being reflected
26:54 in the attitude that you show to them.
26:56 Amen.
26:58 I just thank you so much for bringing this to us
27:01 and I just can't express enough of,
27:06 I mean, the word is escaping me right now
27:09 but I just cannot emphasize enough
27:13 how important it is that you,
27:16 if you're a parent or grandparent
27:17 teach your children how important attitude is
27:21 because there's an old saying
27:23 that your attitude determine your altitude.
27:26 If you think you're a chicken,
27:27 you're not going to soar with the eagles
27:30 and God wants us to soar with the eagles.
27:31 Yes, He does.
27:33 Doris, thank you for being here today.
27:35 My pleasure. And wonderful again.
27:37 And for those of you at home, may God richly bless you
27:41 and increase His mercies and compassions to you.
27:43 Thanks for joining us.
27:45 Good bye.


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