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00:29 Hello, I'm Shelley Quinn
00:31 and we welcome you again to Issues and Answers.
00:33 This is a program
00:34 where we talk about issues
00:36 that are relevant to today's society,
00:38 to problems that you and I have,
00:41 and then we look at biblical answers.
00:43 And today we have someone who is just a dear sister,
00:47 I don't know her, haven't known her that long,
00:50 but I feel like I've known her forever.
00:52 And her name is Marie Fischer, she's from Jay, Oklahoma.
00:55 She's going to be talking to us
00:57 about the ABC's of abuse recovery.
01:01 And, Marie, I just want to thank you
01:04 for coming today.
01:06 It's a privilege. Thank you for having me.
01:07 You have an amazing testimony
01:09 and before we get into
01:12 the topic of recovery from abuse,
01:15 let's talk about your testimony, just a moment,
01:18 because that's what qualifies you.
01:20 That's why God chose you
01:22 to do these ABC's of abuse recovery workshops.
01:26 So tell us about your testimony.
01:29 Well, I was a third generation Adventist
01:32 but I didn't know Jesus personally.
01:35 I had head knowledge
01:36 but I did not have heart knowledge,
01:37 I didn't know him, I didn't love him
01:39 because I didn't really believe he loved me.
01:42 And you can't love someone unless you understand
01:44 how much they love you.
01:46 Amen.
01:47 And so I was a victim of abuse since of time,
01:51 I was four years old.
01:52 And what type of abuse are you speaking of.
01:54 There are fourteen different types of abuse.
01:56 I have had them all
01:58 but they fall under five different categories
02:01 which is physical, emotional, spiritual, verba...
02:06 And sexual. And sexual.
02:07 And I've had them all. Yes.
02:09 And so with that being said, the Lord has taken my life,
02:14 and turned it around,
02:16 and I had a burden for so many people
02:19 that have experienced the same things that I have.
02:22 And I wanted to let them know that God can set them free.
02:24 He can make their mess into a message
02:27 just like he's done for me.
02:28 And I love that terminology. What a great phrase.
02:32 "God can take your mess and turn it into a message."
02:36 And he certainly is using you in marvelous ways,
02:39 but because our time is so short,
02:41 what I'd like to do is get into the backbone
02:45 if you will of the ABC's of abuse recovery.
02:49 God really did,
02:51 you made a lot of mistakes in your life,
02:53 just bad choices
02:54 because of what happened to you
02:57 and the consequences of that impact,
03:00 if you will, on your own psyche,
03:03 in your own behavior.
03:04 But God, how did he first get your attention
03:08 to bring you out of the mess?
03:11 How did God get your attention
03:13 where you understood how much he loved you?
03:15 I had a horrific accident in 1999,
03:19 on November 11, 1999, it was Veterans Day,
03:24 where two of my sons were involved,
03:25 and it was a rollover accident.
03:27 I was supposed to be a quad and my six year old son...
03:31 When you say quad, because some people...
03:34 Paralyzed.
03:35 A quadriplegic. A quadriplegic.
03:36 They thought you would be paralyzed
03:39 from the neck down...
03:40 Yeah I had a broken neck.
03:41 I have had surgery and I have metal plates,
03:45 and screws, and brackets in my neck.
03:48 My spinal cord was already pinched at the time
03:50 and they weren't sure
03:51 if it was going to sever and kill me
03:53 but an option to walk was not something
03:55 they were giving me at that time
03:57 and my son, the six year old,
04:00 they weren't giving him hope for life at all.
04:02 They were actually asking for his organs at that time.
04:06 But God, I love our God.
04:10 We'll, you find that in the scriptures too,
04:12 when you're reading along it is like,
04:14 then you'll say, "But God."
04:16 But God had a different plan and it's so funny
04:19 because a lot of the people that I worked with said,
04:22 "Oh, we knew that if anybody would make it
04:24 through it would be you because of your faith in God."
04:26 And I'm like, "Are you kidding me?"
04:28 I'm not special to God,
04:30 not in any way other than anyone else is.
04:33 And at the time when they're saying
04:34 that about your faith in God,
04:36 you grew up in a religious environment
04:38 and you were walking in obedience,
04:41 but it was more out of fear or more out of,
04:45 this is what was expected of you.
04:46 You were, like many abuse victims,
04:49 you had the verbal camouflage, you said the right things,
04:53 you did the right things, put on the good happy face...
04:54 We tend to want to be perfect
04:56 because we don't want anyone to know
04:57 that there's such a horrible hidden secret
05:00 in our life
05:02 that we tend to want to excel in school.
05:04 I had to have straight A's,
05:06 I had to be the best cheerleader,
05:07 I had to be the best
05:09 whatever it was that I was doing,
05:10 I had to be the best
05:11 because that way people would see me as a good person
05:14 and not an abused person.
05:19 You know, I didn't want the abuse to show,
05:21 I wanted everything to be hidden
05:23 and I couldn't love myself,
05:27 or anyone else really because I was hiding.
05:30 I didn't even know who I was.
05:32 So people were sitting here
05:34 saying we knew you would be healed
05:35 because of your faith and yet,
05:37 your faith was really just, kind of, hanging by a thread.
05:42 The faith in the mustard seed, but they didn't see it.
05:45 You know, I talked the talk,
05:47 and I walked the walk
05:49 that looked for all intense purposes,
05:50 good on the outside.
05:52 Yes.
05:53 You know, but on the inside I wore so many masks
05:55 and one of my favorites was Snow White
05:57 and I always called it the snow white mask.
05:59 The one that looked so good that took care of everybody
06:01 and everybody's problems and I was the fixer
06:03 and I would do everything good.
06:04 But I really wasn't, I was dying on the inside.
06:07 Yes.
06:08 I felt like I had a big scarlet letter on me
06:10 that said, "Leprosy."
06:12 You know, because you literally feel like you're unclean,
06:15 unclean, unclean, unclean,
06:17 and like I should have been crying
06:18 that out everywhere.
06:19 But instead I hid it because I knew that my church,
06:21 and my family, and the people that I love,
06:24 the dearest wouldn't understand.
06:26 Yes.
06:27 You know, and if God couldn't love me,
06:29 how could they?
06:30 And you didn't think that God could love you.
06:33 So as you said, the Bible says that we love God
06:37 because He first loved us.
06:38 It's not until we understand,
06:40 how much God loves us
06:41 that we can really experience that reciprocal love.
06:45 But to fast forward, you have this accident,
06:50 it looks from all intents and purposes
06:53 that this is going to be perhaps the end of life,
06:55 as you know it,
06:56 that you will be paralyzed from the neck down,
06:59 your son is going to die,
07:02 but God showed up and totally reversed it.
07:05 Everything. Yeah.
07:07 And I believe that my injuries to my body
07:11 were from my growth spiritually with God.
07:14 The injuries that my son suffered
07:15 were actually to help other people
07:19 find the Lord through his injuries,
07:21 but I needed to know that Jesus loved me
07:23 and I needed to slow down.
07:25 I'm very busy and I have 10 children
07:27 and I live for them,
07:29 and my grandchildren, and my husband,
07:30 and, you know, I just always was busy, busy
07:33 and I worked and everything, and it was as if God said,
07:36 "Be still and know that I am god
07:37 and not only that I am God
07:39 but I'm beside you and I love you."
07:41 So what you're saying
07:43 is it was during the time of your recovery
07:46 that you really got into the word...
07:47 Absolutely.
07:49 That you had this time to,
07:51 you know, I love Jeremiah 29:11-14
07:55 and we often quote that.
07:58 You know, God says that, "I have a plan for your life.
08:01 Plan to prosper you, not to harm you."
08:03 But he says,
08:04 "Then you will seek me and you will find me.
08:08 When you seek for me with all of your heart."
08:11 And when you think about it, what you mean "then?"
08:14 It is once we recognize
08:15 that God has planned for our life
08:17 that we do seek Him and you begin seeking him
08:20 at that point.
08:22 I began seeking him because, I had...
08:23 I really think
08:25 that I began seeking him as a child,
08:27 because I always talked to him and I always asked him,
08:28 "Where are you?
08:30 Where were you when this happened?
08:31 How come this happened? How come that happened?"
08:33 But I believe that when I had the accident,
08:35 it was God reached down to me
08:38 and said, "I want you to know where I was.
08:40 I want you to know that I was right beside you,
08:43 I want you to know that I felt the pain
08:44 that you were going through.
08:46 And I want you to know that you are priceless to me
08:49 that I died for you, you alone."
08:52 And I'm like,
08:53 "Me, I'm so filthy, I'm so dirty."
08:56 And God was like,
08:58 "But you're mine and I can give you so much more
09:01 and I can give you joy and peace in your life."
09:04 And I said, "Really, Lord? How? Show me."
09:06 Because I always had this image that I was dirty
09:09 and he was unapproachable.
09:11 Unapproachable. Exactly, thank you.
09:13 Unapproachable
09:14 that I could never ever come to the throne
09:18 and he would and envelop me and wrap his arms around me.
09:20 Yes.
09:22 So it was like I had to cry out,
09:23 I'm so unclean
09:25 before I could ever let anyone love me,
09:27 especially God.
09:28 So God got your attention.
09:29 He turned you around,
09:31 and now he has you giving abuse recovery seminars.
09:36 Your brother told you
09:39 that he knew you would be doing this
09:41 and when God did give it to you,
09:43 you rejected that at first,
09:44 but when God gave you the material for this,
09:47 I know your brother happened to call
09:49 the very same day and said,
09:50 "Did you ever put this together, sis."
09:52 A miracle. Here you had it.
09:54 So tell us what the ABC's of recovery from abuse
09:58 because there are so many people
10:00 who are suffering from abuse
10:02 whether it's sexual, or physical, mental, emotional,
10:05 or verbal abuse, or spiritual abuse
10:08 there are so many people who suffer from this,
10:11 not just in the world, but in the church.
10:14 What is the A? The A is admit.
10:19 And all of it is a workshop,
10:21 so everybody is handed out a pamphlet
10:23 and A worksheet that they can work out.
10:27 Everybody works it out themselves
10:29 and no one has to talk about it.
10:31 So when they're admitting,
10:32 which is a very difficult thing to do,
10:35 they have to admit that they have been a victim.
10:37 They have to admit
10:39 that they have even been a perpetrator,
10:40 maybe, perhaps,
10:42 because God loves the perpetrator
10:44 and that's very difficult for a victim
10:46 to accept a lot of times.
10:48 But God loves the perpetrator and the victim equally.
10:52 He's no respecter of persons,
10:54 He is our Father
10:55 and He wants all of his children to repent.
10:57 Amen.
10:58 He wants them all to come to know him.
10:59 So until we get to the first step of admitting,
11:04 we can't finally let the masks
11:05 and the hiding behind mask fall away.
11:08 So we have to admit that it has happened
11:11 and there are biblical verses that go along with all of that
11:13 when they're in the program.
11:15 Okay.
11:16 Now the mission part
11:18 is actually the turning point when...
11:21 because there are many people who...
11:23 It's the confession
11:25 where it says confess your faults
11:26 and confess that you've sinned.
11:28 It's the same thing in meaning.
11:30 It's confessing that it's actually happened.
11:32 And you have to confess to God too,
11:33 you have to admit that it's happened,
11:35 you have to admit that you're angry
11:36 you have to admit that you're bitter.
11:38 You can even be angry at God for all of this.
11:40 Oh, well, most people are. Mm-hm.
11:43 So we're not saying that the victim has sinned
11:46 in the act of the abuse but that the victim is sinning
11:51 because they hold on to bitterness and rage
11:54 because they have closed God out of this area
11:58 of their life quite often.
11:59 They're never admitting guilt because it's never their fault.
12:02 It's never a victim's fault that they have been victimized.
12:04 Amen.
12:05 So they're never admitting guilt to that.
12:08 They're admitting that their carrying guilt,
12:10 and they're carrying shame,
12:12 and that they have actually had this happen to them.
12:13 Right.
12:15 You have to start somewhere
12:16 and in order to start healing
12:17 you have to admit that it actually happened.
12:19 Okay. So what does the B stand for?
12:22 Believe.
12:23 Believe that you must forgive and you must be forgiven
12:28 and it works for both again.
12:29 Every step works for perpetrator and victim
12:31 because God gave us all the tools
12:33 in scriptures to be used, to be healed,
12:36 to be set free,
12:37 to be to be a new creature in Christ
12:40 Amen.
12:41 You know, and to be filled with His Spirit,
12:42 we must empty ourselves of all that garbage
12:44 that we keep hiding behind.
12:47 So the believe is,
12:48 believe that you've been forgiven
12:51 for your part and even if you didn't...
12:54 If you weren't the perpetrator,
12:55 believe that you've been forgiven
12:57 for all the mistakes that you've made
12:58 because you've been a victim,
12:59 all the things that you've done because you know
13:01 that you've carried all this bitterness,
13:02 and you've made bad choices
13:04 because of this you justified it.
13:05 You have to admit your part of that.
13:07 You've justified your behavior.
13:09 So when you believe that you've been forgiven
13:13 and you believe that you have to forgive,
13:16 you can go forward.
13:17 Yeah, I just want to reiterate one more time.
13:19 We're not saying
13:21 that you have to be forgiven for the act
13:22 if you're the victim, there's no guilt on your part.
13:25 No.
13:26 But the shame that comes
13:28 with this often causes you to do
13:30 some pretty crazy things.
13:32 Very crazy things.
13:33 Get into various addictions, make a lot of wrong choices.
13:39 So first you have to as 1 John 1:9 says,
13:42 believe that God,
13:44 when you ask God for forgiveness
13:46 that you have been forgiven and cleansed
13:48 of all unrighteousness.
13:50 But there's a part, a second part to forgiveness,
13:54 and that it is what?
13:59 The second part of forgiveness...
14:01 The second part of forgiveness
14:02 is once you are receiving forgiveness
14:06 but to be forgiven...
14:07 You must forgive in order to be forgiven.
14:11 Christ says, "I cannot go before the Father
14:13 and forgive you,
14:15 if you cannot forgive your brother."
14:17 It is a requirement to be forgiven
14:19 to forgive others
14:21 and in order to truly love the Lord
14:23 it's something that he requires of us
14:25 we can't just pick the pieces that we want to do.
14:28 We are required by God to forgive.
14:29 Amen.
14:31 He does tell us that,
14:32 and especially in the Parable of the Rich Man,
14:35 who owed 10,000 talents
14:37 and then he was forgiven by his master
14:41 would be forgiven much and then he turns around
14:44 and will not forgive someone who owes him a smaller debt.
14:47 Mm-hm.
14:48 And then Jesus says this in the parable,
14:50 he tells this story
14:52 how this rich man then ends up in jail
14:54 over the whole thing
14:56 and he says so will your Father do to you,
14:58 if you will not forgive, your sins won't be forgiven.
15:01 That's right.
15:02 And that's even in the Lord's Prayer,
15:05 "Forgive us as we forgive others."
15:07 But that's easier said than done.
15:10 You don't forget and sometimes people think
15:15 that you're going to forget that it's going to wipe
15:16 your whole past clean.
15:17 No, it's not,
15:19 but it is going to set you free in order to forgive
15:22 and move on and move forward,
15:25 to forgive those people who have sinned against you,
15:27 just as you have forgiven, that's the Lord's Prayer.
15:30 You know, you have to forgive your debtors that they have...
15:35 you know what I'm saying.
15:36 So forgiveness is essential, Christ came to show that to us.
15:41 Forgiveness is an essential part.
15:42 Yes.
15:43 And it's one of the most vital parts
15:45 and a lot of people have a problem with that
15:46 because they're like I don't want to forgive someone
15:48 who's done this to me and done that to me.
15:49 I don't want to forgive.
15:51 I was I was raped at 15,
15:54 I didn't want to forgive that person.
15:55 He took something from me
15:57 that was vital and yet I lived with that for all my life
16:00 and never shared it until the Lord said,
16:02 "I want you to help others
16:04 that have experienced these things.
16:05 I want you to bury your soul."
16:07 I don't think that...
16:08 In fact, most people are never called
16:10 to bear everything out like I have been
16:12 and I'm not and that's not required of them
16:14 to do that.
16:15 Everything that they need to do
16:16 they can do in the privacy between them and God.
16:19 And, you know, that's interesting
16:20 that you said that,
16:22 because that's something similar
16:23 when I went into ministry.
16:24 I suffered a lot.
16:27 I grew up in a very dysfunctional environment
16:28 and suffered some abuse as well
16:30 but that's something the Lord told me
16:32 that I needed to quit painting this rosy picture.
16:36 I needed to share from my heart,
16:37 admit what had happened
16:39 because it would be healing for other people
16:41 and as you see it
16:43 not everyone is required to do that
16:44 but I think when God puts his hand
16:46 on you for ministry
16:48 particularly, you know, in your case your ministering
16:51 to abuse victims,
16:53 people need to know that yeah I've been there
16:56 and this is what God did for me.
16:58 Absolutely.
16:59 Now, for you I don't know but I remember a time
17:03 when I was praying
17:05 and the Lord impressed upon my heart
17:07 that I had to forgive someone who had threatened to kill me,
17:10 who put us deep into debt, it's a long story,
17:13 but the bottom line is this:
17:15 I didn't want him to be forgiven.
17:17 I didn't want to forgive him
17:18 and I didn't want God to forgive him either
17:20 because I was telling the Lord would he said to forgive him.
17:24 I said, "I don't know how to."
17:26 He said, "Pray for his salvation."
17:28 And I remember saying to the Lord,
17:30 "I don't want him to be saved, let him rot."
17:32 You know where and I may as well say it
17:35 because God knew what I was thinking, right?
17:38 And I know that sounds very unlovely
17:39 and unchrist like
17:40 but I was pretty much
17:42 of a baby Christian at the time.
17:44 And I finally said, "Okay, Lord,
17:47 I will pray for his forgiveness but you know I don't mean it."
17:52 In other words,
17:53 I was gonna be obedient to the Lord
17:55 but I didn't mean what I was saying.
17:57 You know, it's interesting that after two weeks of praying
17:59 for this man's forgiveness,
18:02 I don't know when God did this
18:05 but all of a sudden one day I realized
18:06 I was praying and I meant it.
18:08 I saw him as the lost and suffering person he was.
18:14 I saw that, you know, God forgives me
18:19 for all of my faults
18:20 that I needed to forgive this man
18:22 not that I was going to reestablish a relationship
18:26 with someone who's threatened to kill you,
18:28 it wasn't that.
18:29 But it was something that when I let go of that,
18:33 do you think that he cared?
18:36 Not at all, he didn't care if I forgave him.
18:38 But it absolutely changed my life.
18:40 It's a healing process for you.
18:42 That's why God tells us to...
18:45 It's a healing process for you
18:46 because you cannot go forward
18:48 if you're holding all that bitterness,
18:50 and you're holding all that resentment,
18:51 and you're holding all that anger inside,
18:53 and you can't forgive them, you can't go forward,
18:56 and you can't finalize anything with God
18:58 because you're still in that victim situation.
19:02 And I don't want to be a victim,
19:03 I want to be a vessel for the Lord
19:05 and you can't be both.
19:09 The victim mentality I can always tell
19:10 when somebody tells their story,
19:12 you tell your story and you're so vibrant.
19:16 You've got, you know, a lot in your background
19:19 but you're always so exuberant
19:21 because you're telling what the Lord has done for you.
19:25 When someone still tells their story from the past
19:28 and it's painful, and it's a struggle,
19:30 and it's something that they,
19:32 you know, you could see the resentment in their eyes
19:35 when they're telling it.
19:37 You know, they haven't finished the healing process.
19:39 And it's not a quick fix. No it isn't.
19:41 Scripture is given to us for all types of healing,
19:44 but it's a process it's in here
19:47 that you can use it over and over and over again
19:49 because we as victims tend to fall back in our safety net
19:52 and fall back and hiding behind the things
19:54 that our comfort zones are to make us feel good.
19:58 And these are three steps
19:59 that you can use over and over again
20:01 when you feel yourself falling back
20:02 into that pattern of being the victim,
20:05 and not being used for God.
20:07 And it's something I don't even think about now
20:10 and it's something that has gone so many years
20:12 that I don't fall back into that pattern.
20:15 But so many people will do it
20:16 for years and years and years
20:18 but they can pick up their Bible
20:19 and use those steps again and again and again
20:22 and be set free every time that they want to regress,
20:25 every time they want to go back,
20:26 every time they want to bad.
20:28 And I will tell you
20:29 the step of forgiveness was the part
20:31 where I found out,
20:32 I had multiple personality disorder
20:34 because I did not want to forgive
20:36 one of the people,
20:38 one of the perpetrators
20:39 in my life threatened my life also
20:42 and was very close to me and I loved very dearly,
20:45 but he also was my worst perpetrator
20:49 and to forgive him was very difficult
20:50 because he was dead by the time
20:52 I was going through my recovery.
20:55 And that's where C came in confront the people
21:00 that have hurt you.
21:01 Now I'm not saying you go out and you tell people
21:03 and you ruin people's lives
21:04 because God has specific rules on that as well.
21:07 You never go and destroy someone's home
21:09 or someone's life just so that you feel satisfaction
21:12 or that you feel
21:13 that you need to be healed that way.
21:15 You confront the issue
21:17 whether it's in a letter because,
21:18 I wrote a letter to the deceased person.
21:21 You can write a letter, we burn those at the end.
21:23 No one reads those letters, but you need to confront,
21:26 you need to expose yourself and say all the things
21:28 that you needed to say.
21:29 And one of the letters that they will have to write
21:31 is a letter to God.
21:32 You have to confront God,
21:34 you have to let him and open him up
21:36 and say this is how I felt about all of this.
21:39 Where do you stand on that, God?
21:40 Where are you?
21:42 Where were you when this is happening to me?
21:43 And where do you stand with me now?
21:45 You know, am I worthy to be called your daughter
21:48 because there are so many people
21:50 that have gone through all this
21:51 that just don't see themselves as heirs to the kingdom.
21:56 Right.
21:57 They still can't accept the fact
21:59 that God's blood has purified them.
22:02 He has made them new and whole, and it's an awesome thing,
22:06 and I just...
22:07 I have a burden for those people
22:08 because I know it took me 42 years
22:10 to be set free from that.
22:12 And I don't want people to go 42 years
22:14 without knowing the love of Jesus.
22:15 I don't want them to go a day
22:17 without knowing how precious they are to God.
22:20 So let me ask you a question
22:21 because there are some personalities
22:22 when you said confront,
22:24 I was thinking could I go and confront,
22:27 I mean, I'm that person
22:29 who doesn't care for confrontation.
22:32 Mm-hm.
22:34 So if I'm hearing you correctly,
22:36 if someone does not want to go
22:38 and have a conversation with someone,
22:40 you can just write the letter out,
22:42 which is very cathartic just getting it out.
22:44 First of all let's back up a little bit.
22:45 All right.
22:47 When you confront you're not going to go
22:48 and confront and ruin somebody's life.
22:50 You are also going to go with God.
22:52 You would pray about it
22:53 before you would ever do anything,
22:55 before you ever confront that person face to face,
22:57 and God may never have you go face to face with that person.
23:00 And God may simply say a letter is fine,
23:02 sometimes he will say I want you to call them,
23:05 it's between you and God, how he leads you.
23:07 And now I had a gentleman
23:09 because I do seminars that are for men and women.
23:12 And I had a gentleman
23:14 who actually went out of that C meeting,
23:16 the confronting meeting,
23:17 called his dad
23:19 who he hadn't spoken to in 10 years
23:21 and talked to his dad and came in weeping
23:23 and, you know, they had healed a rift
23:26 in their relationship.
23:28 Whatever it was, I still don't know to this day
23:30 but he just was so thankful.
23:33 I had another man and his wife who had been married 50 years
23:37 who thanked me that that I did this for the men
23:40 that I let them come to this workshop
23:42 so they could know how
23:43 they could help their wives biblically with God.
23:45 Yes.
23:46 For healing because a lot of times
23:48 we just tend to reach out to women
23:51 but victimization includes two people includes
23:55 the whole family.
23:56 If there is healing process there needs to be the knowledge
24:00 of how to help those people.
24:01 And as we're finding now statistically
24:04 even though that women are abused
24:05 about twice as often as men,
24:07 we're finding that
24:08 there are whole lot of abused men.
24:10 Absolutely.
24:11 But often at you're workshops
24:13 what you will do is take these letters
24:16 and then have a big bonfire, tell you about.
24:19 We have a bonfire to freedom, I call it a bonfire to freedom.
24:22 These messages that I usually do for abuse
24:25 I call on my freedom messages.
24:26 They're freedom messages,
24:28 they're to set you free I use all the freedom messages
24:30 that God gives you to have a newness in Christ,
24:33 to walk in the spirit
24:34 to be a different person made new,
24:36 and cleanse and create in me a new heart,
24:39 Lord, what David had said in Psalms,
24:41 I just love that.
24:42 And that's what we yearn for but we just don't know
24:44 how to get but once we have the tools
24:47 that we can work with over and over again,
24:49 we can have with that new heart,
24:50 we can have that newness of spirit,
24:52 we can walk with God,
24:53 and so when they have done those processes
24:56 and they have written those letters
24:57 no one is ever going to see those letters.
24:59 People are afraid to write
25:01 what they feel towards their perpetrator.
25:04 So I say write them
25:05 no one is ever going to see them
25:07 we're going to go to a bonfire freedom,
25:09 and we sing around the bonfire, and we praise God,
25:11 and we weep and we pray for one another
25:14 and we share because we understand
25:17 where we've been and that sets the freedom
25:19 and I will tell you.
25:21 We have people in my church in Ketchum, Oklahoma,
25:24 that started at my seminar,
25:26 that started in the workshop, that were never Adventist so...
25:29 Praise the Lord.
25:30 I praise God,
25:32 you know, it's to his glory
25:33 it's for it's one of his babies
25:34 and this is what my deepest desire
25:36 is to help one of his babies
25:38 find him that he can bring home.
25:41 Amen.
25:43 Now if someone,
25:45 I do want to put up your e-mail address
25:48 because if someone needs these ABC's
25:51 and would like to get in touch with Marie,
25:54 you can reach
25:55 or at Rioverdefischer.
26:01 At MSN. At
26:03 That's
26:12 Yes, no at
26:17 Can't buy me at Amazon. No we can't buy you at Amazon.
26:20 You know, it is amazing how God is using you,
26:23 and I know that you go to many churches
26:25 and do this,
26:26 and he's using you as a speaker in the minute
26:29 that we have left tell me
26:31 how long was the process for you?
26:34 This healing process.
26:36 This healing process for me
26:38 probably took me the whole year,
26:41 a whole year of really my recovery
26:44 from the accident took me a whole year
26:46 to go back to work.
26:47 It took me that whole year and nine months,
26:49 I wrote the ABC's of healing, 9 months after the accident,
26:53 so within 10 months I had given my first one
26:56 and so it probably took a whole year for me
26:58 to implement into my life
26:59 and really find that God can do amazing things.
27:04 Amen.
27:05 It has been said that we learn to teach
27:10 and we teach to learn.
27:12 It's usually as you're sharing with others
27:14 what you've learned
27:17 that you've really, really learned.
27:19 I can't believe how fast our time
27:20 has gone by but, Marie,
27:22 we'd like for you to come back
27:23 because there are some other topics
27:25 we'd like for you to speak to.
27:26 Thank you so much for being with us today.
27:27 Thank you for having me.
27:29 And for those of you at home as always our prayer for you
27:31 is that the grace of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ,
27:34 the love of the Father
27:36 and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit
27:37 will be with you always.
27:39 Thanks for joining us.


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