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Unmistakable Signs of the Second Coming

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00:29 Hi, I'm Shelley Quinn.
00:31 And welcome again to Issues and Answers.
00:33 In this program, we are going to be
00:35 talking about the unmistakable signs
00:37 of the second coming of Jesus Christ.
00:40 And joining us today is G. Edward Reid
00:43 who is an attorney, he has his masters in divinity,
00:47 he has a masters in public health,
00:49 he's an author, but most of all,
00:52 he is someone who has dedicated his life
00:54 to serving God and to serving his church.
00:57 So we're very pleased to have G. Edward Reid returning.
01:02 And thank you so much. Well, thank you, Shelley.
01:04 It's a pleasure to be here today.
01:05 Yes.
01:07 And, you know, it's interesting to me, I mean,
01:08 it's fascinating to me how half of your books
01:12 are in finance,
01:13 the other half are on eschatology.
01:15 That seems like such a disparage...
01:18 Disparate thing that you would do...
01:21 These are your two interests though,
01:22 finance and eschatology.
01:24 It's really interesting that when Jesus says,
01:26 "Well done, good and faithful servant,"
01:28 the words "Well done" are only spoken to those
01:30 who manage their money Christianly.
01:31 So you actually bring eschatology
01:33 and money management together in one point.
01:35 Oh, well, I'll leave it to you to know that, yes, amen.
01:38 Now just briefly, I do want to mention
01:42 that you are an author,
01:43 how many books have you written now, eight?
01:44 I think eight, yes. Eight books.
01:46 And as I said, a number on finance,
01:49 but talk about the ones very briefly
01:51 that are on eschatology.
01:52 Actually I've written five on eschatology.
01:54 And I started out with "Even at the Door"
01:56 and then I wrote, "Sunday's Coming"
01:59 which was a study I did in the history
02:02 and prophecy regarding Sunday.
02:04 Okay.
02:05 And then I wrote the book "Ready or Not."
02:07 And that was the basis of the series
02:09 that we did here...
02:11 "By My Spirit"? "By My Spirit." Yes.
02:12 And then I did the one, "Battle of the Spirits"
02:16 which is about the Holy Spirit, and the false latter rain,
02:19 and those kinds of things
02:20 are very in time type of things.
02:22 And then the one that probably
02:23 has had the most circulation is the one...
02:26 It's a book on time actually.
02:28 And that's the one we wrote for the general conference
02:31 for the book of the year to distribute.
02:33 Yes.
02:35 And that's "Almost Home" is the name of it.
02:36 Wonderful.
02:37 It's a small book, 120 pages, but it's a book for sharing
02:39 and still available through the Adventist book centers.
02:42 And all the rest of your books are available on Ed's website
02:47 which is
02:50 O-M-E-G-A
02:53 Now I wanted to talk about that
02:55 because you are well qualified to speak
02:58 to the topic that you will be sharing with us today,
03:01 and that is the signs of Jesus' soon return.
03:05 Tell us beginning with Matthew 24.
03:08 Let's just kick off there, because the Lord
03:10 really made it clear, there were certain signs
03:13 that would be apparent to us.
03:16 And we certainly see
03:17 these being fulfilled around the world.
03:19 Yes, indeed.
03:20 Well, it's really interesting that Matthew 24 and 25
03:23 are Jesus' answer to the disciples'
03:25 simple question in Matthew 24:3,
03:28 "Tell us when will these things be
03:29 and what will be the sign
03:31 of your coming and the end of the world."
03:32 Yes.
03:34 So they actually recognize that they...
03:35 Jesus' second coming would be synonymous
03:36 with the end of the world, as we know it.
03:38 And that's an interesting theological thing
03:40 just to stay that alone.
03:43 But the interesting thing is that Jesus went on
03:45 to tell about all kinds of signs of wars and rumors,
03:48 wars and famines, and pestilence and so on.
03:50 And then in verse...
03:52 in chapter 24, He finally ends up saying
03:55 something that,
03:56 "Immediately after the tribulation of those days,
03:58 the sun would be dark
03:59 and the moon would turn to blood,
04:01 and the stars would fall from heaven,
04:03 and the powers of heaven will be shaken."
04:05 Yes.
04:06 Well, some people ask me, "Well, you know,
04:07 are we gonna see the sun, moon, and stars
04:09 something happen to them again?"
04:10 Well, remember that Jesus said they would happen immediately
04:12 after the tribulation,
04:14 so that essential ended in 1798, as we know.
04:17 Although it's coming back again
04:18 and that's what we've talked about in other programs,
04:20 but the interesting thing is immediately after
04:23 we had all these things happen,
04:24 there are matter of historical record,
04:25 the falling of the stars, the dark day, moon to blood,
04:28 the great Lisbon earthquake and all of that,
04:30 these have been fulfilled.
04:32 Now I happen to personally believe,
04:34 it would not have to happen, but I think Jesus may allow
04:36 some of these things to happen again,
04:38 just to wake us up, because these happened
04:40 at the appropriate time in prophecy...
04:43 And there is another tribulation,
04:44 and so it could be a real prophecy...
04:45 Sure, there you go. Certainly.
04:47 Well, the interesting thing is,
04:48 there's two ways that we can know
04:49 that we're near the end.
04:51 One is the great prophetic timeline where we learn
04:53 from the apocalyptic books of Daniel in Revelation,
04:56 and then we also have the signs that we learn from other...
04:59 those books also, but in Jesus' answer
05:02 to the disciples what would it be like.
05:04 So there's many of them.
05:06 They asked for one sign,
05:07 but He gave them a whole chapter full.
05:09 In fact, chapter 24 of Matthew are signs
05:11 that you would see out in the world
05:13 that you would see on the news or in the newspaper.
05:15 Chapter 25, are signs
05:17 that you would see in the church.
05:19 Isn't that incredible?
05:20 So they're both part of the same answer,
05:21 and they're both very significant,
05:23 but we will focus primarily on the ones that we see
05:26 in the world around us today.
05:27 All right.
05:28 And the first one, I think is, I've just mentioned
05:30 and that's the falling of the stars
05:32 and the big heavenly body thing.
05:34 That's pretty much happened already.
05:35 There's a matter, you can look it up encyclopedias,
05:37 it's already happened, it's very interesting.
05:39 It may happen again but doesn't need to,
05:41 to be fulfilled.
05:43 And another one is false prophets.
05:45 And I think that's interesting.
05:46 I'll just maybe I should go down to the list,
05:48 so we can be thinking about it.
05:49 And other one is signs in the religious world,
05:51 we're actually told things would happen there.
05:54 Signs in the natural world, signs in the financial world.
05:58 It's very, very interesting the Bible actually predicts
06:00 a time when there'll be great upheaval
06:02 in the financial world.
06:04 Another one is decline of morality,
06:06 as in the days of Lot and the days of Noah, you know,
06:10 everyone was thinking about evil only continually.
06:13 And then finally, and the best one of course,
06:15 is evangelism, it's going to all the world.
06:17 And that's Matthew 24:14, when the Gospel is preached.
06:20 By the way, I want to always emphasize
06:21 when I read that verse, this Gospel of the kingdom
06:23 will be preached to all the world
06:25 as witness to all nations and then the end will come.
06:27 God does not say when you do it I'll come.
06:30 He says, "It will be done and I will come."
06:32 So the reason I say that is that He,
06:34 Himself will finish the work and join with us
06:36 in seeing that it is done supernaturally.
06:38 I believe that Romans part...
06:40 Yeah, that's Romans 9:28. We're seeing that.
06:41 Yeah, we're seeing that, yes, exactly.
06:43 Especially in the Muslim world, you can see that.
06:44 Yes, indeed. We're seeing some amazing things.
06:46 And I'll tell you some about that as we get through.
06:48 But let's go to false prophets a little bit.
06:51 It's interesting in the era of the false prophets
06:53 that 3 times in Matthew 24
06:54 and this answer to the disciples.
06:56 Jesus warned about false prophets.
06:58 For example, in verse 4 and 5,
06:59 "Take heed that no one deceive you,
07:01 many will come in my name," and that kind of thing.
07:03 Verse 11, "Many false prophets will rise up and deceive many."
07:06 Matthew 24, "False Christ and false prophets
07:09 will arise deceiving if possible even the elect."
07:12 And that's the kind of people that we hope to be is the elect
07:15 that we spend our time committed to God,
07:17 studying His word and so on.
07:18 But he wants to even deceive that kind of person.
07:21 Now here's the real strange thing about this.
07:25 If someone came to you or somebody you saw
07:27 on the front page of USA Today,
07:29 this man claims to be Jesus Christ,
07:31 that would probably not deceive you,
07:32 it wouldn't deceive me, right?
07:34 No.
07:35 Unless you went to hear him speak.
07:38 These people have supernatural satanic powers
07:40 that just convicts people and I could tell you stories
07:42 about things like that happening.
07:44 It's amazing.
07:45 So that's why what Jesus says that they will say,
07:48 "He's here, over there."
07:49 Do not go.
07:50 Because you do not have power in yourself to resist that.
07:53 It's very, very difficult to do.
07:55 But a false prophet is basically someone
07:57 who claims to speak for God, but does not uphold
08:00 His Commandments and speech the truth.
08:02 So I'm gonna just ask a few questions
08:03 to the viewers here.
08:05 Do many of your favorite preachers,
08:07 are they trying to get people ready
08:08 to meet the Lord coming soon?
08:10 Or are they trying to get people back to obedience
08:12 to the laws of God in the commandments
08:13 like we're supposed to do?
08:15 Do you understand? Right.
08:16 This is pretty serious stuff when you think about it.
08:18 Boy, and when you think, you know, people often ask me,
08:21 when Jesus said that they will fool
08:24 the very elect if possible
08:26 and I have had had people ask me,
08:28 "Is it possible?"
08:29 And I say, "Yes, it is." It is.
08:31 Okay, you agree with me.
08:32 Yes, the bottom line is,
08:34 in our own strength, we're powerless.
08:36 We need to stay close to God every day
08:37 and pray like Daniel three times a day and so on.
08:39 You know, those are kinds of things,
08:40 we'll talk some at the end of the program
08:42 about what to do.
08:43 We're gonna go quickly into this next one
08:45 because it's really big one, it's a big deal.
08:47 And I've called it "Signs in the prophetic
08:49 and spiritual world."
08:51 So what I want to talk about is something that's very amazing.
08:54 And that is through what we call the dark ages
08:57 and the Great Tribulation,
08:59 there was an amalgamation of church and state.
09:02 The church and state worked together, in fact,
09:03 the church got the state to do its bidding
09:05 and punishing heretics and so on.
09:09 Millions of people were killed during that time
09:11 because of their...
09:12 didn't believe when the state church.
09:14 Do you see what I'm saying?
09:16 So what I'm gonna say today is something about that
09:19 that's happening today that the church,
09:22 the primary big church,
09:23 the Roman Church is getting back
09:24 into politics as never before.
09:26 And we're gonna see some of that.
09:28 For example, the late John Paul II,
09:30 the pope was on the cover of Time magazine 16 times.
09:35 It's pretty amazing.
09:37 And when the pope passed away,
09:39 it's interesting that
09:41 three of the United States presidents, who were living,
09:43 went to the funeral.
09:44 It was the largest gathering of the heads of state
09:47 in any event on earth's history,
09:49 including the Olympic Games.
09:51 The President George W. Bush,
09:54 President George Herbert Walker Bush,
09:56 President Bill Clinton, and their aides,
09:58 the three of them knelt down before the Pope.
10:00 This is amazing... By the way,
10:02 I'm gonna mention several things to you,
10:04 this is what we call unprecedented
10:06 which means that has never ever happened before.
10:09 There's never been a president that went to a papal funeral.
10:12 But in this time, three did.
10:14 Jimmy Carter wanted to go too, but they couldn't let him
10:16 because they limited the U.S. delegation
10:18 to 50 people and he would have made 51 or more.
10:21 And so it was just because they were so...
10:22 Millions of people came.
10:24 A largest attended funeral in earth's history,
10:26 pretty amazing.
10:28 Well, I'll just tell you another interesting thing
10:30 and that is what we call signs in the political world today.
10:36 There are three branches of government, the president,
10:39 and the Supreme Court, and the Congress.
10:42 And it's very interesting that the Supreme Court now
10:45 for the first time in history has a super majority
10:48 of Roman Catholics, six of them are Roman Catholics,
10:51 three of them are Jewish.
10:52 There are no Protestants at all of the U.S. Supreme Court.
10:55 I knew there were six Roman Catholic,
10:57 but I had no idea there were no Protestants.
10:59 Isn't that incredible?
11:00 Now the amazing thing about that
11:01 is something quite interesting.
11:03 When the sixth Roman Catholic was nominated and confirmed
11:06 by the Senate to be a Supreme Court justice,
11:09 and by the way they have lifetime tenure,
11:11 they're good people.
11:12 But here's what I want you to understand.
11:14 USA Today, July 13, 2009, when the sixth one were there,
11:17 this is USA Today, the front cover
11:19 has a big picture of the Supreme Court
11:21 with a rosary hanging on the front of it.
11:22 And it says, "Catholics cannot help
11:24 but interpret the Constitution
11:26 in the light of their own traditions."
11:27 Yes.
11:29 So I'm gonna ask you a question and most of the viewers
11:30 will understand why I'm asking this.
11:32 Why was Sonia Sotomayor, was she nominated
11:35 and confirmed as a U.S. Supreme Court justice?
11:38 Well, she's a nice person, she's a smart person,
11:39 she's educated but the reason that she was, she's a Hispanic,
11:42 and she's a woman.
11:44 And so she's to represent
11:45 the interests of women and Hispanic people.
11:47 Right. You see what I'm saying?
11:48 Yes.
11:49 Her primary interest is to uphold the constitution
11:51 but in the light of that background.
11:52 So if you have six Roman Catholics there,
11:54 what is their primary thought as well.
11:56 And the interesting thing is well, we'll, you know,
11:58 see that in the future.
11:59 And let me ask you, just a moment,
12:01 because there are some people who are watching right now
12:04 that they may not understand when we're talking about signs
12:06 in the prophetic and spiritual world.
12:09 What's the big deal?
12:10 Because they are Roman Catholics.
12:12 Oh, here's the deal. Yeah, it's very interesting.
12:13 The primary thing is they're getting back together
12:15 with church and state.
12:17 But more than that, when you study
12:18 the books of Daniel and Revelation,
12:20 Daniel 7 as long as...
12:22 Well, Daniel 2 outlines Babylon, Medo Persia, Greece,
12:25 and Rome with the big image
12:26 and then the divided kingdom and so on.
12:28 Daniel 7 is exactly the same thing
12:31 instead of with metals that uses beasts.
12:32 Right.
12:34 And then has the little horn power come up,
12:35 and all of the characteristics are about 12 of them indicate
12:38 that coming out of Rome after the 3 of the 10 kingdoms
12:42 were destroyed and so on, is the papal power
12:44 which ruled pretty much during the Middle Ages.
12:47 Revelation 13 confirms the same thing
12:49 with the beast power, but there are two.
12:51 One coming from the sea and one from the land.
12:53 And these are whole topics of their own.
12:56 But the bottom line is we're going to see
12:58 an image to the beast power.
13:00 And the beast power, it's not because
13:02 it's animalistic, but it was illustrated
13:04 as a beast coming up, you know, in prophetic times.
13:08 So this is very, very interesting to me.
13:10 It's a good question.
13:11 So this little horn power will be the persecutor
13:13 toward the end of times as well, so let's...
13:14 Again, the deadly wound was healed,
13:17 that was the interesting part from Revelation 13.
13:19 So it's a good question.
13:21 When Benedict XVI, the pope came to the United States,
13:25 it was actually April 16, 2008.
13:29 Did I say unprecedented earlier?
13:30 Yes. Unprecedented happened again.
13:33 Typically when a foreign govern person
13:35 comes to the United States, their ambassadors
13:39 or their embassy in the United States goes out
13:41 to Andrews Air Force base with the limousine
13:42 and picks them up and takes them
13:44 back to freshen up and so on.
13:45 And then, if they have appointment with a president,
13:46 they will come and see him.
13:48 And typically, that's a half an hour
13:49 because he's a very busy person
13:51 with all he's got to take all care of here.
13:53 But when the pope came, Benedict XVI,
13:55 this is the last visit to the United States of a pope.
13:57 President and Mrs. Bush were in office at the time.
14:00 They went to Andrews Air Force base
14:03 in the presidential limousine
14:04 and picked up the pope in person.
14:06 This had never, ever happened before,
14:08 took him back to the White House.
14:09 He spent the entire day at the White House.
14:11 It was the largest celebration of any kind ever to occur
14:14 at the White House.
14:16 That's amazing.
14:17 Something like 13,000 people were allowed
14:19 on the grounds of the White House on that day.
14:21 And bands were there, and playing and everything.
14:23 It was a pretty big deal.
14:25 But the bottom line of all of that
14:27 is what I'm gonna say is
14:28 that kind of set the stage for what's happening today.
14:31 And that's what we're gonna look at
14:33 probably in more detail.
14:34 And I'll just tell you that by the way,
14:37 Benedict XVI did not die.
14:39 He resigned and people saw on the news,
14:42 the airplane leaving...
14:44 The big white helicopter taking the pope
14:45 to another place.
14:47 Well, he was just leaving for a couple weeks
14:48 until his apartment was refurbished
14:50 and the one he would later get for be his home,
14:52 so now we have two popes in the Vatican
14:55 and they prayed together and counsel together and so on,
14:57 which has never, ever happened before.
14:59 Another thing is unprecedented, never happened before.
15:02 Well, when the new pope came, this is Pope Francis.
15:05 By the way, according to our Sunday Visitor,
15:07 which is the largest circulated Roman Catholic newspaper
15:09 in America, the choice of name,
15:11 that is Francis points to a desire to emulate
15:14 the two great saints of the church.
15:15 St Francis Xavier,
15:17 who was the founder of the Jesuit order,
15:20 which he is the Jesuit priest of course,
15:21 and the Francis of Assisi.
15:23 Francis Xavier was one of the founders
15:24 of the society of Jesuit.
15:26 This is our Sunday Visitor, March 24 in 2013.
15:29 But what has happened just in this year
15:32 are quite incredible.
15:34 The pope has been on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.
15:37 I just saw it on the Internet, I've subscribed.
15:38 Unprecedented.
15:39 Yeah, unprecedented again, on the cover of Time magazine,
15:42 which is unprecedented, Masonic times.
15:44 And then earlier this year,
15:46 there was this interview with Tony Palmer.
15:48 You know, a lot of people have seen
15:50 with the pope on his little Smartphone,
15:52 and brought it to the Ken Copeland thing.
15:54 Well, so many, many things have happened since then.
15:57 And that was in March of 2014 last year.
16:01 The House Speaker John Boehner announced that he had invited
16:04 the pope to come and address a joint session of Congress,
16:07 which have happened would be unprecedented.
16:10 Never, ever, ever, ever happened before.
16:12 And you know, when a joint session
16:13 of Congress meets,
16:15 you have potentially there all 535 members...
16:18 435 members of the house and 100 members of the Congress
16:21 that the senate which total is a 535 people.
16:25 The president, and vice president,
16:26 the cabinet members,
16:28 all the leaders of the military branches,
16:29 the Supreme Court is invited.
16:31 So everybody that's anybody in our government
16:33 would likely be there.
16:34 Right.
16:35 Well, just this week on Thursday,
16:37 John Boehner announced that it's official
16:39 he will be coming to a joint session of Congress
16:42 on September 24 of this year.
16:45 Unprecedented, Amazing.
16:48 But the reason this is so amazing
16:49 is that the pope had already on November 25 of this year,
16:53 spoken to a joint session of the European parliament.
16:57 That's would be last year, yes.
16:58 Yeah, in last year, in November 25 of 2014.
17:03 And they represent 28 nations of Europe, 500 million people,
17:08 and the pope spoke to that group on two occasions
17:11 which is very, very interesting.
17:13 So that the point is that...
17:15 He's getting involved in politics.
17:16 Yes, so we're seeing church and state being reunited.
17:19 And church and state do not mix
17:20 without there being persecution.
17:22 That's the real problem, the unusual situation.
17:25 So I'll just mention a couple of other things.
17:28 The pope has been involved in trying to resolve the crisis
17:32 in the Middle East, especially, with Israel and Palestine.
17:35 He's been there to visit the leaders.
17:36 He's had the leaders come
17:38 to the Vatican to talk with him.
17:39 And he also was involved very much
17:41 with the renewal of relations with Cuba as you may know.
17:45 The Pope, and Raul Castro, and President Obama,
17:49 just the three of them were the ones
17:51 that brokered the thing pretty much.
17:53 And the pope wrote both of them letters,
17:54 talked them both on the phone, and so on.
17:56 There hasn't been any change in politics in Cuba,
17:58 but the Pope has gotten involved.
18:00 Now things are where normalizing relations
18:01 which is interesting to me.
18:03 It's just because there's a religious twist
18:05 to political situation.
18:06 Yes.
18:08 And another interesting thing is,
18:09 in this regard,
18:10 that the Protestant leaders of America,
18:14 the two leaders of the largest churches in America
18:17 have been to see the pope, Joel Osteen
18:19 who many people see on television.
18:21 He has the largest church in America, 52,000 members.
18:25 And to me, it's fascinating to see
18:27 that he has been to the Vatican.
18:29 This is the Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas.
18:31 And of course, they meet in the former home
18:33 of Houston Rockets, it's a big, huge stadium place,
18:36 dome stadium where they have their services.
18:38 But he's been there and his statement was
18:40 it was a great honor to represent
18:42 the pastors of America and meeting with the pontiff.
18:45 Later, Rick Warren who has 40,000 adult members
18:48 in his Saddleback Church in Orange County, California
18:51 has been to see the pope,
18:52 and is lauding the pope as well.
18:53 And these are amazing things that are happening.
18:56 So, well, what I'm saying,
18:59 all this is unprecedented stuff.
19:01 We don't need to say too much more about that,
19:03 but I do want to go to the next point
19:04 because we have a lot to cover.
19:05 But it is a sign of Jesus' return
19:07 because we know that this is what the Bible
19:09 is pointing to when you read Daniel or Revelation.
19:11 It's a major, because the Bible in Daniel,
19:12 Revelation point to that happening.
19:14 Yes. And listen carefully.
19:16 Those of us, who have interpreted the bible
19:18 in Revelation chapter 13 and Daniel chapter 7,
19:23 do not have egg on our face at all
19:25 because it's happening just as if the Bible predicted
19:28 in our interpretation of it.
19:29 Absolutely. You see what I'm saying?
19:30 Yes. That's the amazing thing.
19:32 So we're going to go to the fourth point
19:33 of that signs in the natural world.
19:35 Okay.
19:36 And we have, what we call,
19:38 unprecedented natural disasters.
19:40 Scientists believe in the earthquake realm
19:43 that the great Lisbon earthquake
19:44 was probably a nine on the Richter scale.
19:46 I mean, it was a huge earthquake.
19:48 Believe me, there has never been a 10
19:50 on the Earth's history, the one that happens
19:52 when Jesus comes in association with the seventh plague
19:54 will probably be a ten.
19:55 But we've had four 911s in the last 40 years
19:59 including two in the last three years.
20:01 One in Chile and one in Japan that caused that big tsunami.
20:04 And, you know, people had pictures
20:06 with their cell phones of these huge waves coming
20:07 and washing whole of interstate highways away
20:10 and people's houses.
20:12 I saw a picture of a huge fishing boat
20:14 like a 50 foot fishing boat on a top of a 3 storey building.
20:17 How did it ever get up there? I mean, it's incredible.
20:19 I think that the earth liquefied is
20:21 what so frightening.
20:22 Yeah, that's amazing.
20:24 And the Tangshan earth quake
20:25 that killed 200,000 people in China.
20:27 And probably the one of the most significant is that
20:30 the Haiti earthquake close to us,
20:32 well, a million people were left homeless,
20:34 250,000 homes destroyed,
20:36 300,000 commercial buildings destroyed.
20:38 Chile, South America, amazing things have happened.
20:41 But probably, the one that I thought of the most is
20:43 when this big cyclone or typhoon,
20:46 super typhoon high end hit the Philippines in 2013.
20:50 According to the news, it was the...
20:53 Well, I'll read it from my notes here.
20:54 It was the most powerful storm to reach land
20:56 in the history of earth.
20:59 I mean, these things are just they are more frequent
21:01 and more intense which were signs of the end,
21:03 natural disaster.
21:05 Isn't that incredible?
21:06 Yeah, amazing things are happening.
21:07 The big, huge tornado that hit Tuscaloosa, Alabama,
21:11 and the one that hit a year later
21:13 in Moore, Oklahoma, we've all heard about them.
21:15 This is hardly news but I want to get on to the next one
21:18 because to me, it's quite significant.
21:20 And this one is the one
21:22 that deals with the financial science
21:25 in the financial world.
21:27 Many people don't understand that Bernie Madoff
21:29 had been the chairman of the SEC,
21:31 The Securities and Exchange Commission.
21:33 I mean, this is the watch dog organization
21:35 for the whole United States economy.
21:37 And he went off on his own
21:38 and did financial counseling and so on.
21:40 Everybody knows the end of the story.
21:42 I mean, he's spending 150 years,
21:43 the rest of his adult life in Federal prison.
21:46 But he had 5,000 clients
21:49 including a lot of well-known schools and institutions
21:52 that had money invest with him, $65 billion.
21:55 And it was a ponzi scheme. It was incredible.
21:58 He lost their money. It is gone.
22:00 A number of his clients committed suicide.
22:01 His own son committed suicide.
22:04 But these are the things of the end.
22:05 The rich, you know, are making more money
22:07 and the poor getting poor and so on.
22:09 There's much I can tell you about that because, you know,
22:12 finances is one thing I really study
22:13 and talk about a lot but I will you just tell you
22:15 that the government as I mentioned in the debt one
22:18 we talked about is $18 trillion in debt,
22:21 $800 billion carried over each month
22:23 in student loans or credit card debts,
22:25 and the student loans over trillion dollars.
22:27 Well, we just see those kinds of things multiplying.
22:30 But I want to talk about science in the moral realm
22:32 because that's a big deal.
22:34 The Bible says that...
22:36 this is Luke 17,
22:39 when Jesus has remembered Lot's wife,
22:41 the days of Noah, and the days of Lot are both mentioned
22:44 because of their immorality.
22:46 We all know what happened in Sodom.
22:48 Well, the interesting thing is
22:49 today we have corrupt government leaders, greed
22:52 and fraudulent business leaders,
22:54 practices, violence, immorality on television,
22:56 crime out of control, selfishness abounds.
22:59 And just today, we're not going to name the date
23:00 because of the timing of the program
23:02 but just today, the 37th state,
23:04 the state of Alabama has now been forced
23:07 to through court decree to recognize gay marriage.
23:11 Thirty seven
23:13 only thirteen states don't have that.
23:14 And it's interesting all but three of them
23:16 have been forced into that by court decisions
23:19 not by the vote of the people
23:20 which is very, very interesting situation.
23:22 Thirty seven states now have been forced to do that.
23:25 Let me give you a little illustration.
23:27 Most of us are not too much involved in sports
23:29 but people have remembered a person named Tim Tebow
23:31 who played for University of Florida,
23:33 won the Heisman Trophy
23:34 and played for Denver for a while and so on.
23:36 Well, he was known for his Christian commitment.
23:39 And people made fun of him,
23:41 especially, the news media when he would kneel down
23:42 and pray and that kind of thing.
23:44 But because he was Christian commitment,
23:46 he was marginalized and made fun of.
23:48 But you have somebody like Jason Collins
23:49 who is the former senator
23:51 for the Washington Wizards basketball team,
23:53 when he came out as a gay person,
23:56 President Obama called him personally
23:58 and congratulated him and asked, you know, and so on.
24:02 President Clinton issued a statement in support.
24:04 Oprah Winfrey then had him on a program,
24:07 a special guest in the first lady's box
24:10 at the State of the Union Address.
24:11 This is incredible where we're going.
24:14 And another amazing thing in the 2014, Winter Olympics,
24:17 this to me is interesting.
24:19 Usually, when you have the Olympics,
24:21 the president or the vice president's family
24:24 goes to lead the delegation
24:26 and to be the honor guard for the U.S. delegation
24:30 in the Olympics when they have the march in.
24:31 But instead of doing that,
24:33 the president sent openly homosexual athletes
24:35 to lead the...
24:36 no leaders for many of our political leaders,
24:39 no family members.
24:41 Very, very interesting.
24:43 Well, I would also tell you one other thing...
24:45 Can I just add one thing? Oh, sure.
24:46 I've read somewhere and that it said that...
24:50 what is it, gay, lesbian, GLBT bisexuals and transgender.
24:57 Total lesbians, gay, bisexual,
25:00 and transgender total represent about 3.5%...
25:04 A small percentage. Of the whole population.
25:09 And yet, what a strong lobby they have
25:11 because you've got that small percentage.
25:14 We see how people's minds are being swayed and changed...
25:16 I'll just tell you another thing.
25:17 Just in January of this year, the chief of police,
25:20 not the chief of police but the fire chief
25:23 and a public safety officer for Atlanta, Georgia,
25:26 Kelvin Cochran was fired by the mayor of Atlanta
25:29 for mentioning that the Bible definition
25:33 of homosexuality was a sin.
25:35 Very interesting. He lost his job.
25:36 He was the chief of fire department.
25:38 We're getting down to our last two minutes.
25:40 So tell us about science and evangelism a little bit.
25:42 Oh, wonderful. This is a good. Okay.
25:44 In the evangelistic world, we have media ministries
25:48 like 3ABN and Hope channel that are giving the message
25:50 around the world, Adventist world radio
25:51 and so on.
25:53 To me it's very, very interesting to see this.
25:55 We have the one day church, just our church,
25:57 just the Adventist church is growing
25:59 by more than 3,000 people every day of the week.
26:01 They're growing faster than we can build churches
26:04 to put them in.
26:06 To me, it's very interesting to see all of this happening.
26:08 But how can we be ready for Christ's second coming?
26:10 Signs are one thing, being ready is another.
26:12 And so what I'll tell you about that is something
26:14 that I've discovered.
26:15 And I mention this frequently when I talk,
26:17 spend time in God's Word every day.
26:19 These are important ones,
26:20 set aside time for prayer every day.
26:22 And if we follow Daniel's example,
26:24 we will pray three times a day, pray out loud to the Lord
26:26 to keep our mind focused.
26:27 And I even add, be financially faithful with God.
26:29 Amen.
26:31 And that's how we can be prepared
26:32 for that difficult time ahead.
26:33 Share your faith. Be willing to share your faith.
26:35 Seek the will of God and follow it.
26:37 Support God's church.
26:38 And I always add, words and all,
26:40 God's not finished with this church
26:41 that we got problems in the church
26:43 but it still God's church.
26:44 And then I would say pray for the Holy Spirit's power
26:46 in your life to transform you and fit you
26:47 to live in the company of holy being itself.
26:48 Oh, absolutely.
26:50 And something that I pray every day is
26:51 not just for the Holy Spirit for myself
26:53 and my loved ones,
26:54 but I pray that God will pour out His Holy Spirit on
26:57 all who call upon His name.
26:59 Oh, sure.
27:00 So that they will come to know
27:02 and we all have greater truth path.
27:05 The righteous will shine brighter and brighter
27:06 until the time of His return.
27:08 Had lots of information,
27:10 thank you so much for being with us again.
27:13 And for those of you at home, we know that we've sent this
27:18 or given you this information very rapidly.
27:21 But if you want to get a copy of this program,
27:23 all you have to do is call 3ABN
27:24 and you can order a copy of the program.
27:26 Our prayer for you is that
27:29 the grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
27:32 the love of the Father,
27:33 and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit
27:35 will be with you today and always.
27:38 And that you will be prepared for Christ's soon return.
27:43 Thank you for joining us.


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