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00:29 Hello, I'm Shelley Quinn
00:30 and welcome again to Issues and Answers.
00:32 We're really excited today,
00:34 because G. Edward Reid is joining us again
00:38 and we've had a couple of programs
00:40 with him recently
00:41 and he has had on his financial counselors hat,
00:45 but today he is going to switch hats
00:47 because he's not only very well studied
00:50 in financial counseling and finances
00:52 but also in eschatology
00:55 So let me introduce G. Edward Reid,
00:58 author Esquire Master of Divinity,
01:02 the list goes on.
01:04 Now, Ed, you are currently serving
01:07 as the assistant to the president
01:10 for Planned Giving of Adventist World Radio.
01:12 Yes.
01:13 Tell us just briefly what is Adventist World Radio?
01:16 Adventist World Radio
01:18 is the official radio ministry of the Adventist Church
01:21 and the flagship station was of course on Guam
01:23 and has been there for over 25 five years now
01:26 and transmitting the Adventist message
01:29 by a short wave, F.M., and so on.
01:32 And essentially the entire world
01:34 is now covered with Adventist Radio transmissions.
01:36 And I've been on the programs here at 3ABN
01:40 which John Lomacang and others talking about that,
01:42 but we're not in competition, we're cooperating with 3ABN.
01:46 So the people, everybody can hear ministries.
01:48 And the reason that I'm so excited
01:49 about the radio ministry
01:51 is people are still listening to radio
01:53 and as you are well aware.
01:54 And it was radio that brought our family
01:56 into the Adventist Church many years ago,
01:57 so I'm excited about that.
01:59 So I think whenever this broadcast go out,
02:02 that there's families like our little family
02:04 in Northern California
02:05 that we're hearing the message and will,
02:06 you know, respond positively
02:08 and learn more they can about the Bible.
02:10 Wonderful.
02:11 I just want to briefly say you're also an author.
02:13 You did a series.
02:15 We've done a couple of series on 3ABN,
02:16 one was called "Your Money!
02:18 Isn't It?"
02:19 But the other was "By My Spirit."
02:20 And you have written
02:22 a number of books on eschatology.
02:24 Tell us about those just quickly.
02:25 Well, the first one I wrote was called "Even at the Door"
02:28 and it's talking about the signs
02:29 in the great prophetic timeline,
02:31 that's how we know we're near the end.
02:33 And then I wrote the book "Sunday's Coming"
02:36 and that was research
02:38 based on current events in the Bible
02:40 and in the Spirit of Prophecy about that topic.
02:43 And it was...
02:45 I guess it was the best selling book
02:47 in the Adventist Church for four years in a row,
02:48 a lot of people, then I rewrote the book
02:50 and updated it with ten new chapters
02:51 and that's what we have now.
02:53 And then I wrote the book "Ready or Not,"
02:55 and that was the basis
02:56 of the "By My Spirit" series here.
02:58 So the big idea is this,
03:00 one thing to know that Jesus is coming soon
03:02 but there's another one to be ready.
03:03 And that's one of the things
03:05 we're gonna talk about today is "how do you get ready?"
03:07 And then the final, the last big one that I wrote,
03:09 these are all 250 page books, the big books.
03:12 The fourth one is "Battle of the Spirits"
03:14 and it's talking about the role of the Holy Spirit
03:16 and the counterfeit spirit at the end time.
03:18 It has a lot of interesting things
03:20 about the early rain and the latter rain
03:21 and the close of probation,
03:22 the things that people are interested
03:24 in on end time things.
03:25 Yes, and I just want to tell our viewers,
03:28 if you're interested in getting any of Ed's books,
03:30 you can go to his website
03:35 That's
03:38 Now today you gave a title for this message
03:41 that you're going to be sharing with us
03:43 the information of "Preparing for the Lion's Den."
03:47 How did you come up with the study?
03:49 Well, it's interesting.
03:50 I was tasked with making a presentation
03:53 to a group of religious liberty leaders.
03:56 And I thought well, you know,
03:57 most of us know about the cases in court
03:59 and all those kind of things.
04:00 And I thought how much better it would be,
04:01 if we would just understand
04:03 "how can we be faithful in difficult times,
04:05 that because they're surely coming."
04:06 In fact we're told in 2 Timothy 3:12,
04:09 "All that live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution."
04:13 So I did just a brief introduction
04:16 by talking about some of the characters of the Bible
04:18 and characters during the Reformation times
04:20 and so on.
04:22 And I'll just share a couple of these with you.
04:23 Most of us are familiar with Jan Hus
04:25 and his friend Jerome,
04:26 that were both burned alive at the stake.
04:29 And this is an incredible one
04:30 because they were given the opportunity to go free
04:32 if they would recant their Christian beliefs
04:34 and neither one were willing to do it.
04:35 But the interesting part about it is that,
04:38 someone who was of the Catholic faith
04:40 at that time, a zealous priest wrote
04:43 about Hus and Jerome these words
04:45 and this is in Wylie's History of the Reformation
04:48 check book three.
04:49 He says "Both of them bore themselves
04:51 with constant mind
04:52 when their last hour approached.
04:54 They prepared for the fire
04:55 as if they were going to a marriage feast.
04:57 And they uttered no cry of pain.
04:59 When the flames rose they began to sing hymns,
05:02 and scarce could the vehemency of the flame
05:04 stop their singing."
05:05 You know, I always love that.
05:08 Because I read somewhere
05:09 where Jan Hus the night before
05:11 had a candle in his cell and tried to put his hand
05:15 over the flame
05:16 and could not leave his hand over that flame,
05:18 it was much too painful.
05:20 And then you think of the thought
05:22 that he actually sang as they were burning him.
05:25 I believe God had to do something supernaturally.
05:29 I tell people either God removes the difficulty
05:31 or goes through it with you.
05:33 And so he was with God,
05:35 like he was with three young men
05:36 in the fiery furnace I believe,
05:37 so they could sing.
05:39 And then you think of the Apostle Paul
05:41 who went through so much persecution.
05:44 This is incredible because in Paul's own writings,
05:48 we typically think of the salvation things
05:50 that he offers.
05:51 You know, I'm not ashamed of the gospel of Christ
05:52 and so on, the power of God and saved by faith and...
05:56 It's incredible but what he went through,
05:59 almost hidden sometimes.
06:00 But he states in 2 Corinthians 11,
06:03 some of the things he went through.
06:05 And one of them he says five times
06:08 I was whipped or received 40 stripes save one.
06:13 And most people who study this understand that,
06:15 it was believed that if you were whipped 40 times
06:18 the way they were whipped then with metal and bone
06:21 in the end of the whip
06:22 and so on that it would kill you.
06:23 So it was whipped only 39 stripes,
06:26 five times
06:28 with in a hair's breath of killing him five times.
06:31 Then he was stone one time, they thought he was dead.
06:34 And you can only imagine getting conked in the head
06:36 with big stones, you know, it's just incredible.
06:38 And he was shipwrecked and he says,
06:40 it was a night-and-day in the deep.
06:42 If you can imagine without a life preserver
06:44 out in the ocean and thinking
06:46 the shark might get you at any time
06:47 or some bad thing happen.
06:48 Okay, just being so bone-weary.
06:50 Yeah, just so tired, it's terrible.
06:51 You just keep your head above the water.
06:52 And then he's talking about journeys
06:54 and perils and all kind of things.
06:55 You can read it about in 2 Corinthians 11.
06:56 How can people go through that and still be faithful?
06:59 That's my big question.
07:00 And I will actually turn to the idea of thinking
07:04 about people treating each other cruelly.
07:07 Well, how can they even do that?
07:09 I mean, it's amazing.
07:10 And how could you endure it?
07:12 And so when I was reading in the Book of Daniel,
07:14 I decided, I was going to make a presentation
07:16 on the third chapter of Daniel
07:18 and on the sixth chapter of Daniel.
07:19 I'm only gonna talk about the sixth one today,
07:21 but the interesting part is, and to me this is fascinating.
07:25 Probably no one in America will ever be thrown
07:27 to the lions
07:28 or no one will ever be burned in a big fiery furnace
07:31 because according to the Eighth Amendment
07:32 of our US Constitution
07:34 that, you know, prohibits cruel and unusual punishment.
07:36 So, I mean, we even try to protect criminals
07:38 so they will have no pain when we put them to death
07:40 if someone ever does go to death.
07:41 But we do need to prepare for what we know is ahead
07:44 and that's what I want to talk about today.
07:46 It's pretty interesting.
07:47 We can go back to the sixth chapter of Daniel
07:49 and see the experience of Daniel.
07:51 Daniel's experience was an amazing one.
07:54 A lot of people think of only
07:55 what they read in the bedtime stories
07:57 or what they hear the fantasy stories of Daniel
07:59 in the lions' den and so on.
08:01 And you say, "Well, what's not to like
08:02 about being Daniel?"
08:04 You know, because for example
08:05 he was of the royal line of Judah
08:07 and he was not executed like many others
08:10 where I believe was taken to the courts of Babylon.
08:13 He was granted a place at the king's table
08:15 and he was given riches
08:19 and so on, friends that were honored
08:21 by the world's richest empire.
08:23 He got a good education
08:24 and since we talked about finances last time
08:26 I was with you,
08:27 no student loans, no cost to himself,
08:30 you know, doctor's degree if you please.
08:32 And he was counted among the counselors
08:35 of the king of Babylon.
08:37 Very amazing and protected
08:39 when he's thrown in the lions' den
08:40 and on and on
08:41 he was a prophet and at the same time
08:43 as a prime minister.
08:44 So I asked the question
08:46 "What's not to like about being Daniel?"
08:47 Well, that's the good news side,
08:48 that's where God protected him,
08:50 but the day-to-day life of Daniel was very different.
08:52 And a lot of people don't realize
08:54 what Daniel went through in his life.
08:56 In 605 B.C.
08:57 when King Nebuchadnezzar came and surrounded Jerusalem
09:00 and essentially ransacked it,
09:01 killed a lot of people and took a lot of them captive.
09:03 Daniel's mind went back to 100 years
09:05 before when Sargon,
09:07 King of Assyria had come and captured
09:08 the ten northern tribes of Israel,
09:11 taken them all captive back to Assyria
09:13 and put other people in their places
09:14 who became the Samaritans.
09:16 And to me this is amazing
09:17 when you understand what happened there,
09:19 because the ten tribes of Israel
09:23 were never heard from again, lost to eternity.
09:27 I mean, you know, for all conscious history.
09:30 So here's Daniel now being hauled off to Babylon
09:33 as a captive
09:34 and this little two tribes that are left...
09:36 It's interesting the tribe,
09:38 you know, in Judah and Jerusalem area.
09:41 This is all that was left of King David's big kingdom,
09:44 and now they're being destroyed
09:46 and their only hope was
09:48 that 70 year prophecy that Jeremiah had made
09:50 that someday they would come back.
09:52 Can you imagine living through that?
09:53 And he was a young man.
09:55 He was just a teenager, 16, 17 years old probably.
09:58 And this has something to do
10:00 with good training and good parents.
10:01 I would think a lot of it.
10:03 But with the temples being ransacked
10:04 and all the golden vessels of the temple
10:07 were taken away and so on.
10:09 But when Daniel was taken to Babylon,
10:10 most people don't understand what I'm gonna tell you next.
10:13 Daniel was not taken to Babylon on an airplane.
10:16 He was not taken to Babylon on a air conditioned tour bus,
10:18 like people go and visit the Holy Land today.
10:21 He was marched on foot for over a 1,000 miles,
10:25 most of it desert conditions.
10:26 Well, it would be a death march.
10:28 Oh, it was for many people, indeed it was.
10:29 It's like the "Trail of Tears"
10:31 in the experience of the Cherokee Indians
10:32 in the United States.
10:34 And the amazing thing about it,
10:35 he was shackled with chains around his legs
10:38 and a chain around his neck
10:39 to the next guy behind him and so on.
10:41 The Bible indicates that.
10:42 It's very interesting, that's Isaiah 52:2.
10:45 And the interesting part about it,
10:47 their chains in uproot, they lost everything.
10:49 People don't understand how long this probably took.
10:51 It's like a death march.
10:53 There's no indication in the Bible
10:55 of how long it took,
10:56 but we do know one thing about it.
10:57 Seven years later
10:59 when the Babylonians freed them to go back home,
11:02 Ezra and some 50,000 people made the trek
11:05 with the king's assistance with horses
11:07 and transportation, it took them four months.
11:10 So most historians think Daniel was marched in chains
11:13 for like six months, 1,000 miles across the desert.
11:16 And then when he gets there, they make a eunuch out of him.
11:18 Oh, mercy,
11:19 that's the incredible thing about it.
11:20 Yeah, to me this is amazing
11:22 because these teenage guys when they were passing
11:24 in through the walls of Babylon,
11:26 this great city that's, you know,
11:27 has all the beauty and the riches about it.
11:29 People are on the walls laughing
11:30 and scoffing at them and so on.
11:32 And so what do they do next?
11:33 And you've mentioned this, Daniel and his three friends
11:37 were humiliated by being castrated,
11:39 which means no family, no children,
11:41 no grandchildren, no heritage at all,
11:43 their parents are gone, they're gone,
11:44 it's just incredible to think about that.
11:46 They changed their names
11:48 from the names their parents gave them
11:49 to names of the Babylonian gods.
11:52 And the most amazing thing about it is 66 years
11:54 after they arrived in Babylon
11:56 and Daniel now is close to 83 years old
12:00 when Belshazzar had that feast
12:01 in which he brought out the golden vessels,
12:03 they were drinking wine from the vessels
12:05 from the house of God, that's when that hand,
12:07 the bloodless hand came and wrote on the wall.
12:10 And no one knew, the Bible says,
12:13 Belshazzar was so nervous
12:15 and devastated and excited and fearful
12:18 that his knees smote together.
12:20 I mean, he couldn't help himself,
12:21 he was just trembling all over.
12:23 So anyway...
12:25 Someone came in, the Queen and said,
12:26 there is a man of the captives of Judah.
12:29 And when he came in, 66 years later now, he says,
12:32 "Are you one of those guys from the captives of Judah,
12:34 I want you to tell me now."
12:36 Now, this is amazing.
12:37 He was thought of as a captive of Judah his whole life.
12:40 Isn't this incredible?
12:41 Even his friends made fun of him,
12:45 not his three friends
12:46 but the guys who were the counselors with him
12:48 and they're always trying to trap him into something
12:50 and it's really, really good they're conniving by colleagues
12:53 and so on, to me this was an incredible thing
12:54 to understand.
12:56 So I thought to myself,
12:58 "How in the world could a guy
12:59 who was essentially mistreated all of his adult life
13:04 ever stand up to being thrown into the lions' den?"
13:07 So I came up with seven things
13:09 and I want to share them with you,
13:11 what I think of when I think of Daniel.
13:13 Okay.
13:14 And the bottom line is,
13:16 if this could help Daniel, it could help us too.
13:19 Amen. You see what I'm saying?
13:20 Certainly.
13:21 So the first one is,
13:23 as a young man he made a total commitment to God.
13:26 We used to sing a song years ago,
13:28 I have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back.
13:32 This is the deal.
13:33 You know I've decided to follow Jesus.
13:35 And I don't know
13:36 whether it was just his upbringing,
13:38 you know, they will put God first
13:40 or to recognize that,
13:42 you know, this was his only hope
13:44 and this is going to be one of our other things
13:45 that we talk about but the preparation was,
13:48 he purposed in his heart
13:49 that he would not defile himself.
13:52 This to me is really, really incredible.
13:55 I'm gonna go right to the second one
13:56 because some of the others are a little bit longer,
13:57 we want to make sure we get them in.
13:59 But the real interesting part about it to me,
14:01 he made a decision and this was his decision
14:05 and not somebody else's decision.
14:07 While being chained to others and his feet shackled marching,
14:10 he made a decision, not when I get there
14:12 I'm going to do whatever I want to,
14:13 I'm going to kill somebody
14:15 or I want to get out of here or whatever,
14:16 he made a decision, I'm going to follow God.
14:18 Yes. That's the big deal.
14:19 100% commitment.
14:21 And another one and this is really interesting to me
14:22 because you mentioned
14:24 that I have a master's in public health
14:25 and so I'm quite interested in health
14:27 and I know you are and many people here,
14:28 and you do health shows on 3ABN
14:30 for the reason of health and that's the benefit to me.
14:34 It's not meritorious
14:37 and so we have clear minds, the idea.
14:39 But he made a decision to honor God
14:41 with his body temple.
14:43 And the Bible says that he decided
14:45 that he would request a plant based diet
14:47 and water to drink,
14:48 which meant very carefully, no pork chops,
14:51 no Big Macs, no sugary soft drinks, no wine.
14:56 Now what do you think did happened to these guys?
14:57 Did they become ugly and stupid as a result?
14:59 The Bible says they became
15:01 ten times wiser than anyone else.
15:02 And better looking. And better looking.
15:05 Isn't that incredible?
15:06 Rosier cheeks. Yes.
15:08 They didn't adopt the vegetarian diet
15:10 as a wonder drug
15:11 or they didn't do it as a meritorious thing
15:13 to earn salvation, they did it because they knew
15:15 that this was God's plan for healthy living
15:17 and they wanted to have sharp minds.
15:19 Now the interesting thing about it is,
15:21 I saw a movie years ago
15:23 that was a scientific kind of a documentary
15:25 and it was called "Just One Drink"
15:27 and people don't realize this, but when you drink alcohol,
15:31 every time you do it destroys brain cells.
15:34 And a guy like me,
15:35 I can't afford to lose any brain cells
15:36 because you know we just prepare...
15:38 Well, you've got most of yours
15:39 that are already in operation, you know.
15:40 Well, the whole point is, we need all we've got,
15:42 especially when we're facing difficult times at the end.
15:45 Daniel could have rationalized it.
15:46 Well, it wouldn't hurt to slip a little wine with my supper,
15:49 but he decided I'm not going to defile myself
15:51 with the king's wine
15:52 or the food that he eats and this is amazing.
15:55 There's so many other things
15:56 that he could have rationalized about.
15:57 He said, you know, who am I as a captive to refuse
16:00 what set before me?
16:02 And he's a 1,000 miles from his parents,
16:03 if they're still living even,
16:05 from any rabbis or anybody who would care.
16:08 He could do whatever he wanted to do but he said,
16:10 I'm not going to do this.
16:11 He made that decision and I think that's amazing.
16:13 That is.
16:15 And especially again when you think
16:16 he was a 17 year old boy.
16:18 Yes, to me it's amazing.
16:20 So I found this little statement
16:21 in the book "Temperance" page 156.
16:23 Daniel's clearness of mind
16:25 and purpose, firmness of purpose,
16:27 his power in acquiring knowledge
16:29 and resisting temptation
16:30 were due in a great degree to his plainness of diet.
16:34 Now as a person trained in healthful living,
16:36 I can just tell you that most of us eat too much.
16:39 Most people would be better off eating
16:40 less than they eat even if they're not obese.
16:42 Isn't that incredible?
16:44 Because you have a sharper mind and your body will tell you
16:45 how much food you need
16:47 if you're in a good dietary plan.
16:49 Very, very interesting stuff.
16:52 The thing is to eat the proper food
16:55 where you're getting nutritionally
16:58 or dense food when you eat a lot less.
17:00 Yes.
17:01 The thing I learned in public health school,
17:03 as you eat a wide variety
17:05 of unrefined fruits, grains, nuts,
17:07 and vegetables in sufficient quantity
17:08 to maintain your ideal weight.
17:10 So you have a good variety of things
17:12 and that's apparently
17:13 what they had available down there
17:14 and he was glad to get it and it did bless him.
17:16 By the way it was not only the food that blessed him,
17:18 I think God blessed him too, don't you?
17:20 Oh, absolutely. No doubt, no doubt.
17:21 Because of making that decision.
17:23 Now the next one, number three
17:24 is that Daniel purposed in his heart
17:28 that he would be a regular prayer,
17:29 that he would pray
17:31 and he prayed on a regular basis.
17:32 Three times a day, why? Three times a day.
17:34 Why three times that people often ask.
17:36 This is interesting, very interesting.
17:38 I'm gonna give you another thing
17:39 and then we'll answer it from the Bible.
17:40 Okay.
17:42 Three times a day he prayed and he prayed out loud.
17:44 Yes. Isn't that interesting?
17:46 Now frequently we pray out loud,
17:48 we'll more in a group like we get prayer groups
17:49 at prayer meeting or whatever we pray out loud
17:51 for the benefit of the others in our group.
17:53 But Daniel prayed out loud even in his private prayers
17:57 and that's interesting because I'm gonna tell you
17:59 why he did it I believe and that is in Psalms,
18:03 that was written 500 years before he was born.
18:05 And I'll just tell you the reference,
18:07 it's Psalms 55:16 and 17, David had written.
18:11 "As for me I will call upon God and the Lord shall save me,
18:15 evening and morning and at noon
18:17 I will pray and cry aloud and he shall hear my voice."
18:21 That's Psalm 55:16 and 17. That's interesting.
18:24 Isn't that incredible?
18:25 So we got the idea from the Bible
18:27 that was written by at that time
18:29 from the writings of David the Psalms,
18:31 and this to me is incredible.
18:33 Now, another interesting one is,
18:35 "Why would he pray out loud
18:37 systematically three times a day
18:39 when he knew
18:41 that it was illegal to pray to anyone
18:42 except the king for that 30 day period of time?
18:45 I've always thought he was just being a witness
18:47 to those around him.
18:48 Well, this is kind of interesting.
18:50 He wasn't just sticking his finger
18:51 in the eye of the king.
18:53 Here's the deal.
18:54 The Bible says something interesting
18:55 that when you pray,
18:57 sometimes it's best to go in your closet
18:58 and close the door.
18:59 But when it's illegal to pray, then you go and hide,
19:04 then you're showing that the king's God
19:06 is greater than your God.
19:07 So he was doing as a witness just like you said.
19:08 Yeah.
19:10 And the Bible even says he was facing Jerusalem.
19:12 And the interesting part is that you remember Solomon
19:14 in his prayer, it's in 1 Kings 8,
19:16 when he dedicated the temple.
19:18 If your people ever go into captivity,
19:19 if they pray by your name and face Jerusalem
19:21 and then you will hear them and honor their prayers.
19:25 So he remembered that.
19:27 And the big question for me is, "Why did he pray out loud?"
19:30 And I think the answer,
19:32 at least from my perspective
19:33 and you have done a lot of study
19:35 and writing about prayer,
19:36 so I'm gonna ask you what you think about this too.
19:38 Sometimes when I pray
19:40 my mind will wander a little bit,
19:41 you know, what I'm talking about.
19:42 Surely.
19:44 And so I think if you pray out loud,
19:45 it's almost like God's in the room
19:46 with you and so you honor,
19:48 keeping active and your mind is straight
19:50 and that kind of thing.
19:51 And it's more intimate somehow it is.
19:53 You do, you're more engaged because, you know, you hear...
19:57 Sometimes too I think that the Bible says faith comes
20:00 by hearing and hearing by the Word.
20:02 And as you're praying to God,
20:04 it increases your faith when you're praying aloud
20:06 because, you know, surely I'm sure
20:09 that Daniel prayed
20:11 some of God's promises back to Him.
20:13 I'm sure that he was praying according to the Word
20:16 and that increased his faith.
20:18 Many of the prayers in the Bible were prayed out loud.
20:21 Yes.
20:22 And I'll give you just one short example
20:23 and that is Simeon, when he,
20:25 when Jesus' parents were leaving the temple,
20:27 asked to hold the baby, went and held up the baby,
20:29 He said words to the effect out loud
20:31 in front of the parents.
20:32 Lord, let your servant die in peace,
20:33 I have now seen the Messiah
20:35 and he knew because the Lord had inspired him to do that.
20:38 Okay, there's another one that's really interesting to me
20:41 and that would be number four.
20:42 Daniel plan to develop his mind
20:45 and this to me is very, very interesting
20:47 because I wanted to tell you a little bit about this.
20:49 Why was Daniel so smart,
20:50 so intelligent and so bright in comparison to other people?
20:54 Well, one thing that he meditated on the law
20:57 of the God day and night.
20:58 Yes, interestingly enough,
21:00 and that was exactly right
21:02 because the Bible says in Psalm 119,
21:04 when we'll meditate on God's word
21:06 that He will bring wisdom to us.
21:07 Yes.
21:08 And I used to teach academy and college some,
21:10 and I remember reading this one from verse 119,
21:14 Psalm 119: 99.
21:16 "I have more understanding than all of my teachers
21:18 for your testimonies are my meditation."
21:21 So you get smarter than your teachers
21:22 if you spend time in God's Word
21:24 and to me that's an interesting one.
21:26 Well, it's also interesting
21:27 that if placed
21:29 under the control of God's Spirit,
21:30 he can, the more thoroughly the intellect
21:32 is cultivated the more effectively
21:33 it can be used.
21:34 So I'm gonna ask you a question now
21:36 and this is interesting.
21:37 Some people will ask me why I studied so much
21:39 and this is one of the reasons right here.
21:41 We actually have the idea that...
21:43 Well, I'll just...
21:45 Can God use anybody who's willing?
21:47 The answer is yes. Yes.
21:48 And the Holy Spirit can guide them.
21:50 But we're told that those who have the benefit
21:53 of a thorough education stand on vantage ground.
21:56 Well, you know, we always say that God equips the called
21:59 but I believe that part of the way
22:01 He equips the called
22:02 is when you're called to do something,
22:03 God will open a door
22:05 that you can go get trained in that.
22:06 I think you are right. Now that's pretty interesting.
22:08 And I found a statement
22:09 that I thought was quite interesting.
22:11 The youth determined to secure a well balanced education,
22:13 they became skilled and secular as well as religious knowledge,
22:16 but they studied science without being corrupted.
22:20 Isn't that interesting? That is.
22:21 They studied science without being corrupted.
22:23 So these guys were smart,
22:24 not because they were lazy but because they decided
22:26 that they would want to learn something.
22:27 Yes.
22:29 Okay, point number five is an interesting one.
22:31 And this one to me is amazing. Daniel did not seek revenge.
22:35 Oh, that is a good one.
22:36 This is amazing
22:37 because, you know, when the wise men
22:40 couldn't figure out that image in Daniel 2,
22:43 what the image was or what it meant.
22:45 When Daniel was given the vision
22:47 after praying with his friends,
22:48 the first thing he said to Arioch,
22:50 the captain of the guard, do not kill the wise men.
22:53 Now remember, it's interesting,
22:54 they had nothing to do with what the interpretation
22:56 or find out what the dream was but he saved these guys,
22:59 who later would turn on him
23:00 and have him thrown in the lions' den.
23:01 But the interesting...
23:03 And no doubt had been taunting him before.
23:04 Yes, the amazing thing is that the right,
23:07 the wicked people don't realize this
23:09 but many times they're saved because of the righteous.
23:11 Yes, that's correct.
23:12 For example, they were saved because of Daniel.
23:14 Had not Daniel been there, they would have been killed.
23:17 To me it's amazing.
23:18 Paul and Silas saved all the prisoners
23:20 in the jail of Philippi.
23:21 For the sake of Paul,
23:22 all the lives of people were saved
23:24 on the ships that he was sailing on.
23:25 Where would the world be today?
23:27 This is pretty interesting to me.
23:28 For the sake of the righteous it is still spared.
23:32 And we won't take time to read this but you can read
23:34 in the first three verses of Revelation 7.
23:38 These angels are coming down
23:39 and holding the four winds of strife
23:41 and another angel come says, do not hurt the earth
23:44 till I have sealed the servants of God
23:46 in their foreheads.
23:47 God is protecting the whole world
23:50 because He wants to save the righteous.
23:52 Isn't that incredible? That is. That is.
23:53 To me it's pretty amazing when you see it.
23:56 Well, another one is,
23:57 this one is pretty heavy and that is,
24:00 do not get involved in politics.
24:02 Well, we're gonna have some people writing in on this one.
24:04 Well, I'm gonna tell you that.
24:05 Believe it or not,
24:06 there's hardly a person you've ever interviewed
24:08 that's not more personally,
24:09 mentally involved in politics than yours truly.
24:12 I mean I stay up for every State of the Union Address,
24:14 I stay up for every election, I vote in every election,
24:17 I stay up till the last vote is counted,
24:18 even though the president was elected
24:20 two hours before.
24:21 I'm very interested in stuff.
24:22 And sometimes the two senators
24:25 from our state voted in favor of increasing the debt load.
24:28 And I thought how did we ever get those guys up there,
24:30 you know what I'm really talking about it.
24:32 But listen carefully,
24:33 Daniel was not involved in politics,
24:35 he was apolitical, he was not a Democrat,
24:37 he was not a Republican,
24:39 he was a ambassador for Almighty God
24:41 and we should never forget that and this is amazing.
24:43 If I came here and telling you I was a Democrat,
24:45 half the people in the audience would hate me.
24:47 If I told you I was Republican, the other half would hate me.
24:49 Do you understand? Yes.
24:51 But if you are ambassador for God, no one hates you.
24:52 They say that man is a man of God
24:54 and that's what...
24:55 From now on that's what I want to be thought of,
24:57 as not as a Democrat or Republican
24:58 and I do not speak for either party,
25:00 I speak for Almighty God.
25:01 Amen.
25:03 That this is something amazing really,
25:04 something I just learned.
25:06 I mean, it's the first time I've ever said it on TV,
25:08 but it's incredible when you think about it.
25:09 Well, I think it's interesting because what you've said,
25:12 I've never heard anyone say it like that,
25:14 but that's the reason
25:15 that I registered as an independent
25:17 because I didn't want to be identified
25:18 with either party.
25:19 Well, it's a fact that we have the God given responsibility
25:23 to vote for people who we think will do a good job,
25:25 but we have to vote for people
25:26 that we think will do a good job.
25:28 We do not live in a democracy in the United States,
25:30 we live in a,
25:31 what we call a representative of republic,
25:35 a democratic republic.
25:37 And the fact that we choose the leaders
25:39 by the democratic process
25:40 but then they have to uphold the constitution.
25:42 We want to make sure they do.
25:43 Well, I want to give you the last one
25:45 because it's very interesting.
25:47 And we'll make a few closing remarks about it.
25:49 Number seven is I think Daniel took the long view.
25:52 And was number six the politics thing?
25:55 Yes. Okay.
25:56 Number seven is take the long view.
25:57 Look to the time of the end
25:59 when God of heaven will set up a kingdom
26:00 that will never be destroyed and he knew
26:02 that from the image of Daniel 2,
26:03 when the rock comes and hits the image on the feet,
26:05 God is gonna set up the kingdom
26:07 that will never be destroyed.
26:08 He's looking for a city that has foundations
26:09 whose builder and maker is God with walls of jasper
26:12 and gates of pearl and so on, very, very interesting.
26:14 He looked forward to wearing the crown of righteousness.
26:16 It's amazing to me that from the story of Daniel
26:18 we can understand that there is a way to cope
26:21 with these things.
26:22 And a way to live a life without reproach.
26:25 Yes, when people went to find some dirt on him,
26:27 these bad guys, they found nothing.
26:30 The only way that they could find anything
26:31 about him was the way he served his God.
26:33 Isn't that incredible? That is an amazing stuff.
26:35 So I ask people,
26:36 "Do you want to live a life above reproach?"
26:38 "Do you want to live a life preparing yourself
26:40 to live in the company of holy beings in heaven?"
26:42 And I think we can all say, yes, we do.
26:44 Then let's remember to put God first in our lives,
26:46 to have a regular prayer life,
26:48 to live healthfully, you understand,
26:50 not to be vindictive,
26:51 not to get involved in road rage
26:52 and all that stuff, study the best you can,
26:55 get out of politics.
26:56 This is pretty serious now I'm telling you.
26:58 I can give you a whole lecture on that one thing,
26:59 but then look to the future.
27:00 I wish we had more time.
27:02 There's a time that is coming, when there's no more sorrow,
27:04 no more death, no more pain,
27:06 and this is the kind of thing
27:07 that we must look forward to as Christians.
27:08 Whatever we go through, when we get to heaven,
27:10 we'll say it's cheap enough.
27:11 I think that this is a new book that you need to be writing.
27:14 Well, the Book of Daniel is really inspiring,
27:16 I need to study more about it,
27:18 but this one is the sixth chapter of Daniel.
27:19 It's quite amazing. Amen.
27:21 And thank you once again for being here.
27:23 So our question is, "Do you want to be ready for
27:26 and prepared for the lions' den?"
27:28 We're all going to face
27:29 some kind of persecution in our life
27:31 and if we're let alive at the end times,
27:34 we will face "our own lions' den."
27:37 We thank you for joining us today
27:39 and hope that God has blessed you
27:41 through this message.
27:43 We'll see you next time.


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