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Preparing for Satan’s Last Big Temptation

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00:29 Hello, I'm Shelley Quinn.
00:30 And again we welcome you to Issues and Answers.
00:33 Today, the issue
00:34 is the last big Temptation of Satan.
00:38 And we're going to talking
00:40 about preparing for Satan's last big temptation.
00:43 Our guest is no stranger to those of you
00:47 who've been watching 3ABN for many years.
00:49 He has done a couple of series here,
00:51 one was called "It's Your Money Isn't It?"
00:54 And the other was called "By My Spirit."
00:57 And I'm speaking of Ed Reid,
00:59 who has a Master's in Divinity, a Master's in public health,
01:03 he also has a law degree, and he is currently serving
01:07 as the assistant to the President of plan giving
01:10 for Adventist World Radio.
01:11 Formerly he was a stewardship director
01:14 for the North American division
01:16 of Seventh-day Adventists churches.
01:18 And I told him you couldn't have
01:20 a simple title, could you?
01:22 But Ed has done a lot of study on eschatology
01:26 and a lot of study in the area of finance and stewardship
01:30 and he is a certified counselor in stewardship.
01:33 So we're so excited to have him here.
01:36 And, Ed, once again thank you for coming.
01:39 It's a pleasure to be here with you.
01:40 Yes, tell us, you retired
01:43 from the full time church position
01:46 to work part time for the Adventist World Radio.
01:50 Have you slowed down at all?
01:51 It doesn't seem like.
01:53 We're traveling a lot and working a lot
01:54 and we're very active in our local church as well,
01:57 so we're staying busy and we like that.
01:58 Yes, I've heard actually that you may be busier
02:01 than when you were working full time.
02:03 It seems like, yes.
02:04 There is no retirement, is there, from the Lord's work?
02:07 That's why the millennium is a thousand years,
02:09 so we can all rest up a little bit, I think.
02:10 Amen. Amen.
02:12 This is just fascinating, your idea
02:16 and the title of preparation or preparing
02:18 for Satan's last big temptation.
02:20 I know you have a lot to say about this,
02:23 so I'm going to let you just kind of hop in here
02:26 but first explain what is the last big temptation?
02:29 It's very interesting that a number of things
02:34 happen to people as far as temptations.
02:36 You'll be tempted in a ways that I won't be
02:38 and I will be that you won't be.
02:39 Like for, I don't think I'd ever be tempted
02:40 to smoke or drink, I just...
02:42 I might but I don't think I would be.
02:44 But there's one temptation that everyone will face
02:46 and that's that...
02:48 just before Jesus comes the ones who are faithful
02:50 will not be able to buy or sell and everybody goes through it.
02:53 Everyone who leaves this earth alive
02:55 will go through that period of time
02:56 when they can't buy or sell.
02:58 And that's going to a fate almost worse than death.
03:00 In other words, when I came up here
03:01 I had to stop and get gasoline, of course,
03:03 and I just put my credit card in
03:04 and pulled it out and that let me put gas
03:06 but what if it says, "Card declined,"
03:09 and then you go inside and you can't fix it
03:11 in the service station either, then you realize
03:14 your phone service is not working
03:16 and, you know, you can't get on the internet
03:18 and your power is turned off and your water is turned off,
03:20 you just can't buy or sell.
03:22 This is one of these things that we're doing to countries
03:24 right now, you know with these embargos and so on.
03:27 Sanctions and so on,
03:28 but what will that be like when it happens to people
03:31 and how can you prepare for that time?
03:32 Yes.
03:34 Now, Jesus had a lot to say about money.
03:37 And I learnt from you that He actually spoke
03:40 more about money than He did about
03:41 faith and prayer combined.
03:43 That's true.
03:44 So money is a topic that He put much emphasis on.
03:50 And when it comes to the end, the end of times,
03:54 when that last temptation comes we're going to understand
03:58 why money is so important.
03:59 Exactly right.
04:01 I've determined myself that
04:02 the reason you talk so much about it
04:04 is so we would be ready at the end.
04:06 It's not because if we teach more stewardship,
04:08 people be more faithful with their tithes and offerings
04:09 because God does not need the money,
04:11 we all should understand that.
04:13 He's told us in Psalms, you know, that,
04:15 "If I were hungry, I wouldn't tell you
04:17 because the world is mine and everything in it."
04:19 So the big deal is that's for our own benefit
04:21 to learn how to manage money with the faith factor
04:24 and trusting in God.
04:25 Amen.
04:26 So why don't you just tell us,
04:28 just lay the foundation for this.
04:30 Well, the real...
04:31 The thing actually is a greater enigma
04:32 when you think about Jesus actually linked
04:36 money management to salvation,
04:38 and a lot of people don't realize
04:39 that it's not a legalistic perspective,
04:41 but I'll share it with you in this way.
04:43 One of the more interesting and simple stories
04:45 of the Bible is Zacchaeus.
04:47 And I'll just give you the one-minute version
04:48 but Zacchaeus was an attorney or a CPA,
04:51 he worked for the IRS as it were of his day,
04:53 so he'd be dressed in a business suit
04:55 much like I am today, but when he heard
04:56 Jesus was coming to Jericho,
04:57 he decided he wanted to go and see Jesus.
05:00 Well, the interesting thing is so did a lot of other people.
05:02 And when he got out there to the road
05:04 where Jesus would pass through,
05:05 you know, what do we know about him for sure?
05:07 He's a tax collector, he's a rich man,
05:10 but he was also short of stature,
05:11 the Bible indicates that in Luke 19.
05:14 And the interesting thing is he probably said,
05:16 "Well, please get away I'm a short man."
05:17 And they thought, "Well, you should have
05:19 thought about that yesterday
05:20 because we're out here waiting to see Jesus."
05:22 The most amazing thing
05:23 and this is a real touching point to me
05:26 when you want to see Jesus He wants to see you too
05:28 and this is the real incredible thing.
05:30 So Zacchaeus, though he's not a little boy
05:32 in shorts and tennis shoes, he runs ahead in his suit
05:34 and climbs a tree.
05:35 And Jesus moved the crowd right under his tree
05:38 and then looked up and called him by name,
05:39 though they apparently had never met,
05:41 "Zacchaeus, come down."
05:42 And I like to ask people, do you think
05:44 He knows your name too? And of course, He does.
05:46 All the stuff in the Bible is so we can have
05:48 a closer relationship with God.
05:49 And so Jesus did something that I would never do,
05:52 I doubt you would either.
05:53 He invited himself home for lunch.
05:55 "I'm going to your place for lunch today."
05:57 Isn't that interesting? That is.
05:58 And the most amazing thing about it all is that
06:01 Zacchaeus was cheerfully willing to have Him come.
06:05 He must have sent a runner on head to his wife
06:07 because when you get Jesus you get 12 hungry disciples,
06:10 they don't have regular meals.
06:11 So 13 guys are coming for dinner
06:13 and this is a big deal, you know,
06:14 for most people it would be
06:16 but the real bottom line is that
06:17 at the end of this one encounter with Jesus,
06:21 he said, "I'm going to give back
06:23 four times what I took from people
06:25 and half of what I have left them
06:26 I want to give it to the poor."
06:27 Now this is amazing because Jesus didn't say,
06:30 "That's a wonderful idea."
06:32 You know what He said,
06:34 "Today salvation has come to your house."
06:36 Isn't that incredible?
06:37 I mean, we'd all love Him to say that at our house.
06:39 So that one encounter with Jesus
06:41 changed his attitude toward wealth in this world
06:44 and a close relationship with God.
06:46 And I think the way we look at money
06:48 and money can either be something that is
06:50 the object of our affection and it's a very selfish thing
06:54 or we can look at money as being a gift from God
06:58 and a way to spread His gospel, if you will.
07:01 So Zacchaeus had a complete change of heart
07:04 at that moment.
07:05 And the selfishness all of what he had done
07:08 as far as perhaps cheating and lying
07:10 and everything else went out the window.
07:13 Exactly, with one encounter with Jesus.
07:16 Would have been nice and late it maybe the Lord recorded that
07:19 somewhere so we can watch it in heaven on the super DVDs,
07:22 but what Jesus said to him to bring about that
07:24 response is pretty amazing.
07:26 So the real deal is
07:29 how do you prepare for a time when you can't buy or sell?
07:31 But could you explain to...
07:33 Many of our viewers don't understand the context
07:35 of why you can't buy or sell.
07:37 Okay, Revelation 13:18, verse 17 actually.
07:40 Revelation 13:17.
07:42 It actually says that, "You cannot buy or sell
07:44 unless you are willing to receive
07:45 the mark of the beast."
07:47 This is an end time thing,
07:49 and it's an amazing thing where you understand that...
07:54 most people talk about living near the end of time now
07:57 and the reason that we know that is because
07:59 you have signs of the end which are being fulfilled
08:01 and the great prophetic timeline,
08:03 so the things we see happening now
08:05 have more significance than they would normally have had.
08:07 Isn't that true?
08:09 Oh, I mean, daily we see prophecies being fulfilled,
08:12 we see things that we've been told about for many years
08:14 and it seems like on a daily basis
08:17 the headlines are lining up what the world has to say
08:20 is lining up with what the Bible says.
08:22 Jesus told His disciples that people will make it
08:23 difficult on you and they'll think
08:24 they're doing God a service when they do this.
08:26 So they're not just hateful, they're thinking
08:29 they're doing God a service, that's the thing.
08:30 And then there will be this financial embargo
08:33 to God's faithful people that you cannot buy or sell
08:35 and that's in revelation 13:17,
08:37 so people can read that and see.
08:39 The interesting part about this is how do you prepare
08:41 for such a time?
08:43 And in the research that I've done
08:44 there's three things that would be a hindrance
08:46 to trusting God then.
08:47 If you're not willing to trust God,
08:49 you will leave your faith in God immediately
08:51 when that happens, because, you know,
08:53 if all of your services and supplies
08:55 are cut off in one day,
08:57 you're going to have to decide right then
08:59 or you will have had decide beforehand
09:00 what are you going to do when that happens.
09:02 You see what I'm saying? Sure.
09:03 So I think there's three things that keep people
09:06 or will encourage people to be faithful
09:07 during that time on the positive of that.
09:12 The negative would be debt bondage, being in debt,
09:15 you know, any kind of debt.
09:17 And the other one is you should have your treasure
09:19 stored up on earth
09:20 because if you're leaving here soon
09:22 you are looking toward heaven and not toward
09:24 your own possessions on this earth.
09:28 And the last one is unfaithfulness to God.
09:31 If we haven't learned to trust God with our tithes
09:33 and offerings and management of the way
09:34 He would have us manage.
09:35 That's going to be a very, very difficult time in the future.
09:38 And, you know, the Bible says a lot about debt...
09:41 not being in debt bondage.
09:43 Right.
09:44 And it truly is, I mean, that's a good word for,
09:46 it is bondage, isn't it?
09:47 Well, the Bible calls it that, Proverbs 22:7 says,
09:50 "The rich rule over the poor,
09:52 and the borrower is the slave of the lender."
09:54 So that's really, really bondage.
09:56 We will never be free until we're debt free.
09:59 But I had never really stopped there, you know,
10:00 and praise the Lord, I've reached that point.
10:03 My husband and I have reached that point in our life
10:04 where we're completely debt free.
10:05 Praise the Lord.
10:07 And the beauty of it is that with the money
10:09 you do have you can do more to support
10:11 the work of the Lord,
10:13 but I've never really thought
10:15 about how that would be at the end time.
10:18 I'm so glad you're bringing this topic
10:20 to those of you
10:21 who are watching by television or by radio,
10:23 or listening by radio,
10:25 or maybe watching over the Internet.
10:27 The idea that we are in the last times,
10:31 we are approaching this final great temptation
10:35 when we can't buy or sell.
10:37 If you have a mortgage on your home
10:39 and you can no longer pay the mortgage on your home
10:42 you would be much more likely to acquiesce
10:46 and bow down to what Satan's last temptation
10:52 is rather than lose your home
10:54 and have your family out on the on the streets.
10:57 Is that's what you're saying? Yes, it is.
10:59 I want to give you a little quote
11:00 from Scott Christiansen's book, "Planet in Distress."
11:04 He's a Christian author who lives up in New England
11:07 but he for many years served around the world
11:09 in humanitarian causes
11:10 and so on and worked for ADRA for a while
11:12 and he says in his Planet in Distress,
11:14 "The decay of our global food system
11:15 is something to be concerned about,
11:17 decay of our global climate, decay of our oceans,"
11:20 a lot of people don't realize
11:22 but there are a whole sections of the ocean
11:23 where nothing lives, it's just dead zones.
11:26 "And the decay of our freshwater systems,
11:27 decay of our financial system, and so on."
11:29 We'll talk a little bit more about the financial system
11:31 but then he ties this,
11:32 Scott does into religious experience
11:36 or what we would call the great controversy.
11:37 And here's just a little quote, he begins by saying,
11:40 "Eliminate debt
11:42 when you're in debt to the world
11:43 you're beholden to the world,
11:44 and must remain engaged in the world
11:46 in order to maintain our debt payments.
11:48 So in order to freely serve the Lord
11:49 whatever and wherever He calls,
11:51 we urgently need to eliminate debt."
11:54 So that's one of the reasons, the big one.
11:56 But you know, it makes me think also what this,
11:59 your second point was that the debt management
12:02 or debt bondage is going to be a hindrance
12:05 to you obeying the Lord.
12:07 But you mentioned that if we "store treasures on earth"
12:10 and that makes me think of the rich young ruler.
12:12 Yes.
12:13 This is an incredible story
12:14 because this will transition us into the second point
12:19 and that's treasure stored up on this earth.
12:20 Right.
12:21 Many financial counselors encourage people
12:23 to have a strategy of savings to have,
12:25 you know, a certain amount of money and so on.
12:28 My personal feeling is the very best thing
12:30 people can do is get out of debt
12:31 because it's cheaper to live out of debt.
12:34 And we don't need a huge amount saved up
12:36 because I tell people whether you're a Christian
12:39 or not when you die you're taking nothing with you.
12:42 So you have to have a plan to be of service to God,
12:44 your family, and to others, and so on.
12:45 And that's why
12:47 we have Christian Estate Planning for example.
12:49 You mentioned the rich and rule,
12:51 and I just tell you that that is such an important story
12:53 that the Holy Spirit
12:55 inspired three of the Bible writers
12:57 Matthew, Mark, and Luke to record that story.
12:59 All of them essentially the same thing
13:02 but this man comes to Jesus and says,
13:04 "What could I do to inherit eternal life?"
13:05 I mean, we all want to know that, don't we?
13:07 Jesus said, "Keep the Commandments."
13:09 And he said, "Well, which one?"
13:10 So Jesus started quoting the 10 Commandments.
13:12 And He honestly said, "You can stop now,
13:15 I've been doing that since I was a little kid.
13:17 What do I lack yet?"
13:18 And then Jesus told him,
13:20 "Go and sell all you have and give it to the poor
13:22 there by you will store up treasures in heaven
13:24 and then come and follow me."
13:25 By the way all three writers say
13:27 you store up treasure in heaven by helping others.
13:29 The interesting part about all of this,
13:31 and the viewer should understand this,
13:33 God does not require all of His followers
13:36 to sell everything they have, give it to the poor,
13:38 and become itinerant preachers that's not God's plan.
13:41 But I once said as a young man I told God in prayer,
13:45 "You have my permission to do whatever it takes to save me,"
13:48 and that's what it took for that guy.
13:50 He was so in love with his money
13:51 that God said the only thing
13:52 that's going to save us is get rid of everything.
13:54 And then, you know, and oh, by the way,
13:56 you know what He told him?
13:58 "Then come and follow me."
14:00 Those are the exact words He told in the 12 disciples.
14:03 He could have been the 13th disciple
14:04 and this is an incredible thing but even as a young man,
14:07 he had so many possessions,
14:09 he must so attracted to them that he went away sorrowful
14:11 because he had great possessions.
14:13 He knew he was making the wrong decision
14:14 but he couldn't let go.
14:16 And that's when we do, you know, the Bible says,
14:20 "Don't lay up treasures on earth
14:22 rather treasures in heaven
14:23 because what's on earth will rot, decay,"
14:25 and like you said,
14:27 you can't take it with us when you go.
14:28 But when our heart,
14:30 his heart wasn't really turned toward heaven,
14:32 he had not looked at the eternal benefit
14:36 when he stored up treasures in heaven toward God.
14:40 So the Lord laid down a challenge
14:42 he didn't expect and it was too much.
14:43 Isn't that true?
14:45 Well, another thing that is very interesting
14:46 is that sometimes decisions have to be made ahead of time.
14:50 When we came onto the grounds of 3ABN last night,
14:52 three deer ran across in front of our car.
14:54 It wasn't dangerous or anything we just saw them hopping along.
14:57 But the interesting part about it is in many places,
15:00 when we lived in Maryland about 1,500 deer were hit
15:03 and killed in our area every year by cars.
15:07 And of course, that can be a big serious accident,
15:08 so we tell our children to keep their steering wheel straight,
15:11 slow down if you can.
15:12 But the average person will think turn out of the way
15:15 and then you could cause something
15:16 very, very dangerous and end up in a bad wreck
15:19 or hurt somebody's property or your own car or whatever.
15:21 Well, the interesting thing
15:23 is you have to make this decision ahead of time
15:25 and that is to remember that no person
15:27 or anything is worth trading for eternal life.
15:30 And that's what Lot's wife didn't figure out.
15:33 That's right. It's true.
15:34 And that kind of, brings me to your third point
15:37 was financial unfaithfulness to God
15:40 is a hindrance to being prepared
15:43 for that last point.
15:44 If we are not faithful in returning
15:47 part of our tithe now,
15:49 if we're not faithful
15:52 with our finances toward God now,
15:55 how on earth will we be in the end times?
15:59 Let me give you a little illustration
16:01 that will help you to see what I'm talking about.
16:02 I believe that every time,
16:04 well, let me illustrate it this way.
16:07 We all understand the tithe is 10%.
16:09 Right. We could also all use a 100%.
16:12 I mean, I've got ways I can figure out
16:13 I could use all 100% for myself
16:15 and almost anybody could easily figure that out.
16:17 But we have to understand,
16:18 when we return our tithe to God,
16:19 we're not doing it
16:21 because we're of gratitude or generosity,
16:22 it's a matter of simple honesty.
16:24 We're being faithful with God
16:26 and we show our gratitude by our offerings,
16:28 and tithe and offerings together
16:29 show our faithfulness to God.
16:31 And this is incredible to understand.
16:32 Remember again, that God does not need the money
16:35 near as much as we need the blessings
16:36 because we need to strengthen our faith.
16:39 So I want to illustrate it this way.
16:41 Think in terms of every time you tithe,
16:43 the strength, the core that binds you
16:45 to God gets bigger, and bigger, and bigger.
16:48 And you see what I'm saying?
16:49 So, near the end
16:51 we're going to have to depend on Him a 100%.
16:53 But if I haven't developed a core that's strong,
16:55 my faith is not strong, it's not going to last.
16:57 You see what I'm saying? Yes.
16:59 Those are really amazing things to be to understand.
17:01 And, you know, it is so difficult too.
17:03 I remember when we were first married,
17:07 J.D. and I had a business partner,
17:10 a little on the shady side, I think.
17:12 And had $15,000 in debt when we're married,
17:15 and we were young and that's a lot,
17:18 that was a heavy load
17:19 but we didn't take bankruptcy and we were paying this back.
17:24 And we weren't tithing because there was no increase,
17:28 I mean, we were still making money
17:29 but it all went out to pay for the...
17:32 We were living on credit cards basically,
17:34 the money was going toward paying these debts.
17:36 But we decided that even though
17:38 we didn't have anything to tithe
17:40 because there was no increase
17:43 we decided that we would make an offering
17:47 and I cannot tell you when you're living in Dallas,
17:50 Texas and your grocery budget is a $100 a month,
17:54 we decided we're going to give a $100 a month,
17:56 and that was I mean, that 100 was basically it.
18:00 And, you know something, I don't know how,
18:03 I mean, I kept the books and I cannot tell you
18:06 how God blessed that 90%.
18:08 And how easy He made things for us
18:11 when we just started giving it off
18:12 and pretty soon we were able to pay tithe
18:14 because we started seeing an increase
18:16 and that's the money to pay the debts
18:18 and then holds money out for us
18:20 for something other than our business expense.
18:22 It was amazing to me that sometimes I'd look
18:26 and I think, "What's happened here?
18:27 How come we've got so much more?"
18:30 And we're living on 90%.
18:31 Well, that 90% God said belonged to me,
18:33 but the 10% belong to Him.
18:35 It's really, really interesting
18:36 and in my work and teaching stewardship
18:38 and money management,
18:40 I've heard literally hundreds
18:41 of similar testimonies of people.
18:43 So amazing that it brings tears to your eyes,
18:46 you know, and that develops our trust in God.
18:49 So I'll just mention it this way,
18:52 Psalms 33 talks about,
18:55 I'm going to get the exact verse for you
18:56 so you can see what it is.
18:58 But the most amazing thing about it is that there's,
19:04 you know...
19:07 This factor is I think, its 33:17,
19:11 where it says that,
19:12 "You may learn to trust the Lord always."
19:15 And then 33, this is Deuteronomy.
19:17 I'll just point it out to you.
19:19 Deuteronomy 14:22-23, states,
19:22 you know, "That you should tithe everything
19:24 that the Lord blesses you
19:25 with so you may learn to fear the Lord always."
19:27 And then Psalms 33 says,
19:28 "The fear of the Lord is trusting Him."
19:31 So you learn to trust God by being faithful
19:33 with your stewardship, it's a biblical concept;
19:35 it's not just something I came up with.
19:37 It's a biblical concept so that we can follow that.
19:39 So when we're faithful
19:41 we begin to develop our trust in God.
19:43 So in an ideal world when, I cannot buy or sell,
19:46 that wouldn't be ideal but here's my ideal response,
19:49 if I've learned to trust God I can just tell the devil
19:51 to take a hike
19:52 because I can just say, "Listen,
19:54 I've learned to trust in God,
19:55 and He's going to take care of me
19:57 no matter what."
19:58 Amen. This is a miraculous thing.
19:59 And it's interesting
20:01 that sometimes people scoff at people
20:03 who believe in miracles,
20:04 but I believe in miracles and I believe
20:05 that we've seen them in our own lives.
20:07 Absolutely.
20:08 And the amazing thing is when you learn to trust God,
20:10 you see miraculous things happen on your behalf.
20:13 You can just understand that God exists
20:16 and I tell people that you can't see God
20:19 and no one has seen His face,
20:20 and that's the most amazing thing,
20:22 but you can learn that to know that He exists
20:24 because He answers your prayers,
20:25 fulfills His promises,
20:27 you see prophecy being fulfilled
20:28 and it's Providence leading in your life
20:30 and those are amazing things then you learn to do
20:32 that through proper money management.
20:34 And you can be prepared for difficult times in the end
20:36 when that happens as well.
20:37 And it's like what the Bible says in Matthew,
20:40 I don't remember the verse but where He says that,
20:42 "Where your treasure is there your heart is also."
20:46 That's Matthew 6:21.
20:47 So as we put our treasures in heaven
20:53 and trust in the Lord,
20:55 that's where our heart will be...
20:56 Exactly.
20:58 That's when you were talking about Lot's wife looking back,
21:01 her treasure was back there,
21:04 that big beautiful home
21:05 or whatever she was leaving back there,
21:08 that's what caused her to look back
21:10 and be lost, isn't it?
21:11 As a matter of fact, in Luke 17:32,
21:14 Jesus says, "Remember Lot's wife."
21:17 Yes.
21:19 And this is not just an abstract
21:20 recollection saying like,
21:22 well, "Oh yeah, I remember that woman.
21:24 Isn't she the one that turned
21:25 to a pillar of salt or something?"
21:26 But when you remember in the biblical sense,
21:29 you do something,
21:30 like, when you remember the Sabbath
21:32 you keep it holy,
21:33 and, you know, that kind of thing.
21:35 Put something into practice. Sure.
21:37 And when God remembered Hannah, she had a baby named Samuel.
21:42 I mean, that's just the kind of thing you see
21:44 when you remember.
21:45 So when you remember Lot's wife,
21:47 you remember that whole story was kind of interesting.
21:49 God in His great mercy sent two angels
21:53 and He came down personally as well
21:55 to deliver Lot from Sodom.
21:57 And then it was God who said to them,
21:59 "Do not look back."
22:01 But of course, Lot argued with God
22:03 and said, "You know,
22:04 I don't want to go to the mountains,
22:06 there's this little city over here called Zoar
22:07 let me go over there.
22:08 And while he was arguing with God, his wife looked back.
22:10 Well, we understand now why she did,
22:12 and you've mentioned one of them
22:14 and that is that her stuff was still back there.
22:16 But her kids were still back there.
22:18 And all her family members were still back there.
22:20 I mean, it's just incredible.
22:21 And that's why I said earlier
22:23 that every person who leaves this earth alive
22:25 will have to have the same experience
22:27 when Jesus says, "It's time to leave,"
22:29 what will you say?
22:30 Do you understand what I'm saying?
22:31 Yes.
22:33 Believe it or not it's...
22:34 The children would be the most...
22:35 It's hard.
22:37 It's really hard to understand it.
22:38 There's probably not a person alive
22:40 who doesn't have a loved one
22:41 who has left the Lord or has never come to the Lord.
22:42 But we pray for those people regularly
22:44 and do our best to win them to the Lord
22:45 but some day we're going to have to walk off
22:47 and leave them.
22:48 That's pretty sad, isn't that?
22:49 But we have to make the decision ahead of time.
22:52 When we talk about our love for God in tithing,
22:56 I loved what you said about how you're developing that cord
22:58 so that you've got that.
23:00 But there is something that chains us
23:03 to the devil too, isn't there?
23:04 That's our loving buddy. Yes.
23:06 Ellen book, 'Steps to Christ' I think it's page 44,
23:08 we're told that,
23:09 "The love of money, the desire for wealth
23:10 is the golden chain that binds people to Satan."
23:13 That's very, very interesting when you think about it.
23:16 So from a Christian perspective
23:17 our goal is not to become millionaires
23:19 but it's to have our needs met and to have funds
23:21 that we can advance the cause of God
23:23 and help other people
23:24 which both of those store up treasures in heaven.
23:26 Absolutely. Absolutely.
23:28 So when you think about these three things...
23:35 God has a plan for our money, let's put it that way.
23:38 Yes.
23:39 And He's laid it out
23:41 and He wants us to have nice things,
23:43 I mean, He wants us to prosper...
23:44 Yes.
23:46 And, you know, one thing that I always tell people
23:48 is that something that I try to do
23:49 is I make certain that I buy the best I can,
23:52 but I always get it on sale.
23:54 So I'm buying good quality
23:56 because something that's going to last.
23:58 But Satan has a plan
24:00 for our money as well as, doesn't he?
24:01 Well, here's the interesting thing,
24:02 and since you brought that up I can use this illustration.
24:05 A lot of people, I think mistakenly,
24:07 believe that the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil
24:09 is only in the Garden of Eden,
24:10 and Adam and Eve only had that temptation.
24:13 Believe it or not, for us tithe and offerings
24:16 is our Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.
24:18 And the Bible is very clear about,
24:20 you know, that we learn to trust,
24:21 and I can just give you the illustration of this.
24:24 I'm not the only one that's come up with this,
24:25 I mean, I've heard Larry Birkhead
24:27 and Howard Dayton
24:28 and many others talk about this as well.
24:30 But what I can just share with you
24:31 is when God created Adam and Eve
24:33 and put them in the Garden of Eden,
24:34 He said, "Of all that you see you may freely eat.
24:38 I only reserve this one tree."
24:40 And that was the one for,
24:41 you know, that they were not to part take of.
24:43 And then in the same manner God has placed us
24:45 in all the abundance of the earth today
24:47 and He says, "This is for you, enjoy.
24:49 And I only ask you to return the tithe to me."
24:52 You see what I'm saying? It's pretty simple.
24:54 And so when I return the tithe to God
24:56 I show that I trust Him, I believe His word
24:58 and I'm willing to follow His counsel.
25:00 Those are the kinds of things that people need to recognize
25:03 that it's a relationship with Christ.
25:06 So let me ask this question.
25:08 If I'm understanding you correctly,
25:11 if I were to paraphrase,
25:12 if somebody asked me what we talked about today,
25:14 I would say, "Well, I think one of his main points
25:16 is that paying a faithful tithe
25:19 is very definitely preparing us
25:22 for the final great temptation of Satan.
25:27 And if we don't pay a faithful tithe,
25:29 if we're not faithful in our finances to the Lord,
25:32 or if we store treasures up on heaven and if we are not...
25:35 if we are in financial bondage
25:38 then you're not going to be ready to meet this temptation."
25:40 Exactly.
25:42 That's pretty, very close to it.
25:43 And I can tell you that
25:45 when you look at the money management situation thing,
25:48 we always have to remember two things.
25:49 One is God does not need the money
25:51 and He's only interested in our faithfulness.
25:53 And He even asked the question, "When the Son of Man returns
25:55 will he find faith on the earth?"
25:57 So that's the kind of thing that I think about.
25:59 And I'm looking for the idea
26:02 that selfishness is the primary thing
26:05 that keeps us away from a relationship with God.
26:07 People think that sometimes that a relationship with God
26:09 is just love, love, love all the time
26:11 and the God loves us and I love Him
26:12 and that's all that matters.
26:14 But we demonstrate our love by being faithful to God.
26:17 And that's... I think the real secret to it.
26:20 Okay, we have about one minute left.
26:22 What would you tell people who are watching
26:24 how to encourage them to be how to prepare.
26:29 Well, even though for some families
26:31 who living in difficult times now,
26:33 I mean, in the last five years
26:35 more than 12 million American families
26:36 have lost their homes to foreclosure.
26:38 So I don't need to tell people we're living in good times,
26:40 we're in a stressful time.
26:41 But the bottom line is if you put God first in your life
26:44 and you're faithful with Him,
26:45 He will take care of your family
26:46 and that's the most important thing.
26:48 And another thing is, this to me is very important.
26:51 Put God first in your life
26:52 and recognize that God has said,
26:54 "Prove me on this and see if I want pour out,
26:56 open for you the windows of heaven and pour
26:58 out such a blessing.
26:59 You don't have room enough to receive it.
27:00 And if you don't have room enough
27:02 you have a surplus you can help even other people."
27:04 We don't have to become millionaires on this road
27:05 because someday we're going to walk off and leave everything.
27:08 So the idea is let's be faithful with God
27:11 and God will be faithful to us.
27:12 Thank you so much for your message today.
27:14 And I would just add one thing with that
27:16 and that is learn to be content in all circumstances
27:19 because a lot of reasons people are losing their homes
27:22 is because they're out spending the money that they're making.
27:26 We need to start a little bit smaller
27:28 and then work our way up.
27:29 But thank you so much for joining
27:31 and I hope today has been something
27:33 that will really make you pause and think.
27:37 Our prayer for you is that you will be ready
27:40 for this final great temptation.
27:43 And the only way you can do that is to trust in the Lord
27:46 with all your heart.
27:47 Good bye.


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