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00:01 You know, day by day as we get up,
00:03 get out of bed and go out into the world we
00:06 are facing a very real adversary.
00:08 There is a great controversy going on.
00:11 God is all powerful, but we need to know our enemy.
00:15 Stay tune today because we are going to be
00:18 talking about how to overcome the foe.
00:45 Hello, I am Shelley Quinn and welcome again to
00:48 "Issues and Answers". I think this is a program
00:51 you are going to be glad you tuned into
00:52 because we are going to be taking about
00:55 "Yours and My Adversary", the Devil.
00:58 You know the Bible says that, "he masquerades
01:01 as an angel of light", but the Bible also says
01:05 Verse Peter 5:8 that we need to be sober
01:07 and vigilant because it's says your adversary,
01:11 the devil walks around like a roaring lion,
01:14 seeking whom he may devour. One of the thing
01:18 that I've noticed if you ever watch National
01:20 Geographic or any program on nature and you see
01:24 a lion that is approaching the herd what they do
01:29 is they try to separate their prey from the herd,
01:34 and then when they can get them all alone that's
01:39 when they attack. Let me introduce you to a very
01:42 special guest, Jim Ayer who is a Vice-President
01:46 with Adventist World Radio, and Author, a Christian,
01:52 and I think that's the label you are most proud of.
01:55 Absolutely! As a Christian. Absolutely, Amen.
01:57 And you are also a programmer on 3ABN,
02:00 Adventist World Radio has a program called
02:02 "Making Waves" great testimonies from around
02:05 the world and I know you must have a lot of fun
02:07 as you go out to all these different countries,
02:10 and speak to exciting people. I do, I do.
02:13 Jim, when you do go out though, there is
02:17 something that you know in United States
02:20 I think that most parts of United States,
02:25 I know there are certain areas that maybe get
02:29 into a little voodoo or something but most
02:31 parts of the United States, we have been in some
02:36 way sheltered from the idea or resisted the idea
02:42 that the devil is real, and therefore,
02:46 some people have difficulty when they are reading
02:49 the new testimony about demonic possession.
02:52 Yet, I think that we are seeing a whole lot
02:57 of activity going on and we don't understand
02:59 what it is with a new age beliefs that have
03:03 become so pervasive in our society.
03:06 What has your experience been when you are going
03:09 out where there are people who actually
03:11 worship demons? Has a devil and demonic possession,
03:16 has that proven itself to be true to you?
03:19 First of all I say yes it's true and I hate even on
03:23 some levels bring up this topic today on this subject
03:26 because many people may take it wrong way,
03:28 and first of all as we talk about the devil and
03:32 demons, I've read my Bible from cover to cover
03:34 and God is more powerful. Amen.
03:37 So whoever tunes in it any point, God is the winner,
03:40 Amen, and God is more powerful and he can handle
03:42 the devil. The question is for each one of us.
03:45 Do we think we've got power on our own to deal
03:48 with the devil? And the answer of that is no,
03:50 we do not, and I remember well, let me backup just
03:54 for second in the book of Mark if people doubt it,
03:57 there is such a thing as far as demon possession
04:00 and things all they have to do is read the book of
04:01 Mark and start to underlining how many
04:04 times Jesus cast out demons- but the good
04:07 thing is Jesus cast them out. We've always got
04:10 to remember that keep that paramount,
04:11 Jesus cast all the demons out every time.
04:14 But here is the situation, I went to this one
04:18 country and I had never seen such a thing
04:21 and I was doing an evangelistic series there
04:24 and I've got a friend who is, oh, he is about
04:27 my height but he weighs about 250 pounds all muscle.
04:30 He is out there baptizing a lady in the river,
04:33 and all of a sudden, I see him straining and
04:36 I am thinking what's going on? What is happening?
04:40 And pretty soon this little, she is about 90 pound
04:44 lady dripping wet, she comes up and she is all
04:47 contorted, she has kind of all these funny looks
04:50 and all of a sudden it's like God said Jim demon
04:54 possession. And I walked down to the river side
04:57 as these two fellows were pulling her out,
05:00 pull my hands on her and I said them the name of
05:02 Jesus Christ come out of her, I demand it come
05:04 out of her, and in the moment she starts wiping
05:08 her eyes, she puts back her hair and she looks
05:10 around and she is just fine. And I went home
05:14 there at night with friend who is a Pastor,
05:16 and this particularly is in India, and I said,
05:20 oh that was a really an interesting day and
05:24 he said, well, Jim he said, don't they teach you in
05:27 your schools there, how to cast out demons,
05:29 and I said no this is not something, you know,
05:32 we do on a regular basis. And he said oh,
05:35 we talked more about, they even give some
05:37 classes on how to cast out demons and that was
05:40 my first, you know, first touch was such a thing.
05:44 See I think my personal belief is that people
05:49 who have been into demonic worship,
05:52 which many religions are worship the demons
05:55 and idols that these people know the power
05:59 of the devil, and that's why we are seeing such,
06:03 when they learn that there is a greater power,
06:06 a loving power, a personal God who takes interest
06:13 in the details of their lives. This is why I think
06:16 that we see so many flock to the Lord,
06:20 and we see such great evangelistic results
06:25 and out reach where begins to just multiply
06:29 exponentially is because these people are,
06:33 they accept the power of the Holy Spirit because
06:37 they've known spirit power before it
06:39 just wasn't a Holy Spirit. Yes, that's right,
06:42 and all you have to do is read some Roger Morneau's
06:45 books, yes. If you remember Roger Morneau,
06:47 unfortunately he passed way now but he was in
06:50 the demon worship and he was into all of that
06:53 power of demons and they commune with demons.
06:56 I was down in a Madagascar. I talked
07:00 with the lady who had been a witch and
07:03 she held open commune. She talked just like you
07:06 and I do, in their house with demons.
07:09 They were wide open walking around the
07:11 house on regular basis and one day these demons
07:14 said to her, we want to give you more power.
07:17 We want you to become a witch for us. Well she
07:20 said okay, and they told her, go down to the river.
07:22 She went down to the river and this is the part
07:25 now I've got the cameras rolling and I kind a went,
07:27 she said, I went down the river where they told me
07:30 to go underwater where I stayed for day and half.
07:33 I said for how long. A day and a half and she said
07:37 the demons fed me underwater and took
07:39 care of me while I was underwater.
07:41 Now if we don't think that the devil has power
07:44 and that we can handle these kind of things on
07:47 our own the power of the one who was closes in
07:51 command to God and the universe were greatly
07:54 mistaken, that's why we've got at least and
07:57 I feel compel to share these things so the
07:59 people realize the foe we are fighting as I said,
08:02 the roaring lion that you talked about in the
08:04 very beginning. And I do want to add this caveat is
08:07 that we don't want to go from the extreme of not
08:14 believing that the devil has power to the extreme
08:16 of thinking that every problem we have is one
08:20 of demon possession, you know, absolutely,
08:23 and I'll give you perfect example of this.
08:25 There are people who think that anyone who has a
08:31 mental illness that it is demonically derived and
08:34 many times I mean I am not saying that a demon
08:37 cannot make it appear as a mental illness but
08:40 there are chemical imbalances and having
08:46 a mental illness may not be any different than
08:48 having a sugar diabetes which is a chemical
08:51 imbalance with the pancreas etc.
08:53 So we don't want to, we are not trying today
08:58 to actually glorify the topic of demon possession
09:04 because we're not trying to get you off pace,
09:06 what we want you to recognize today is that,
09:10 yes it's real, but there is a greater power and this
09:14 power is our Lord Jesus Christ, the father,
09:17 the spirit, the sun who can help you overcome
09:22 all problems, right. That's right and let me
09:24 contextualize for you too. I have been to 53
09:26 countries and many of those countries many,
09:29 many times, and an all those times and all the
09:32 situations I have been in and all these really weird
09:35 places, I have seen demon possession and experienced
09:39 it in various things maybe 10 times. Okay.
09:43 Ten times all those years in all those countries,
09:46 so it is unlike it's around, and just what you were
09:49 saying, it is around every corner. Right.
09:51 But the devil is out there, the devil is real,
09:55 and he wants to destroy us. And if he is not trying
09:58 to possess us for certain he will oppresses,
10:01 and we do see demon oppression quite often.
10:04 Yeah. He wants to trap us up. See God is looking
10:07 for a people that he can hold up to the universe
10:10 and say see they can follow me. The devil said,
10:13 it's impossible and that God is a tyrant,
10:16 and God's rules and laws, no one can follow.
10:20 And God is saying, hey, I am looking for this people.
10:24 Here is the people to display the universe that
10:26 wherever the lamb goes they will follow.
10:29 And it's a people who have learnt that the way
10:33 to follow is to relied and depend totally upon
10:38 Him for the power to do what he asks us to do.
10:41 That's right. Okay. That's right.
10:43 I've got to share one more story with you.
10:46 Great. I was again in the Dominican Republic,
10:49 down there doing of evangelistic meetings
10:51 and one night, a lady came to me said,
10:53 would you please visit me. Sure I will. I went
10:57 with me translator. We got to the house
10:59 and the house I mean it's just you can see through
11:01 the boards in the house it's got a dirt floor and
11:03 everything, but sweet lady. And I said, well,
11:07 what's your problem. She said well, every night
11:09 when I go to bed, she said I close the door,
11:12 there is a little man who opens the door,
11:13 runs up on the bed, jumps up and tries to choke me.
11:16 I am going okay. I said what do you think this is?
11:20 She says, I think it's the demons, a devil.
11:22 I said, yeah, I would agree with you. I said
11:25 let's pray to God about this. I have never prayed.
11:28 I said okay then follow me. So we got down on
11:32 the dirt floor, my translator she was right
11:35 across from me I was right here, they closed their
11:37 eyes I kept my eyes wide open. I said, you just
11:40 repeat after me. Lord Jesus thank you so much
11:43 for your love, went round the circle.
11:45 I said, Lord Jesus you are a such a wonderful God,
11:48 went round the circle, then Lord Jesus I ask
11:51 right now that you would wash over me with your
11:53 cleansing blood and give me your power, is that
11:56 God around her and I knew what to expect
11:58 because I've seen that before she just gets out
12:02 of her mouth she slammed on the floor
12:05 and she is reaching around, grabbing up to her throat,
12:08 and I see she is chocking, and I grabbed hold of her
12:11 and demanded the demons to come out of her.
12:13 And in a moment she seems like she was okay.
12:15 But she was still kind of playing pain with her
12:17 throat and I thought this isn't quite right.
12:19 I said, you are right. Yeah, I am okay.
12:21 She came that night to the meeting. I said, you
12:24 are right. She said, I am okay. Next night you
12:27 okay? Well, no, she said, would you come again.
12:30 Came again, the very same thing repeated the
12:34 identical thing again. And I still thought,
12:38 just does not seem quite right here.
12:41 But next night she came to meet and everything
12:44 was fine, next night everything was fine.
12:46 We are at the final night I give a call for Baptism
12:48 and then the Pastor was Baptizing some people
12:51 and she wanted to be Baptized but she wasn't
12:54 married to the man she was with and it turns out
12:58 I found out that man was taking her to the witch
13:00 doctor for healing, had a witch doctor in the
13:03 neighborhood and all these other things were going on
13:06 in her life and see that's where the devil still
13:08 got this entrance to her life is, is through
13:11 all these other things. Amen. You can't dabble,
13:13 you can't dabble with the devil and follow God.
13:16 And you know I am glad you mentioned
13:18 that because that's where people who,
13:21 and I know Christians, I mean many different
13:24 denominations, I know Christians who will have
13:27 their key leaves read or go to a psychic or call
13:32 a psychic hotline or and they claim to be Christians
13:35 and yet they read the horoscope or they dabble
13:39 with these things like the Ouija board and think
13:43 that it's all fun because you know it's like they
13:47 make light of it and it's like, oh this is just
13:50 entertainment, yet, you are opening the door for
13:55 the devil to come in when you do these things.
13:57 They watch this program on the Sci-fi channels,
14:00 that's having spirits in the houses and following
14:04 all these crazy things. You know, it is coming
14:08 up to the edge and this daring the devil to do
14:12 something in your life. We can't do that.
14:15 Okay, but now the Lord said that when he sent
14:18 his disciples out, he said that he was going to
14:21 give them power over demons and if someone
14:25 is watching right now because since we broach
14:28 this topic, what do you suggest if maybe there
14:31 is some young teen who is saying, hey, you know,
14:34 I've been playing dungeons and dragons.
14:36 I have been playing with the Ouija board
14:39 or I have done certain things, you know,
14:42 I am fascinated with witchcraft.
14:44 What would you say to someone like that?
14:47 Where do they start in a prayer to denounce these
14:50 things? Well, if I can, let me kind of finish
14:53 that other story, sure, that we were there and
14:57 this lady came forward at the Pastor's call,
14:59 this lady came forward and by this time now she
15:02 pretty much said, okay, I don't want anything to
15:05 do with any these other things. She put it out
15:06 of her life. But she was standing there.
15:09 The Pastor had this called, he was praying while
15:13 he was praying she was virtually lifted up and
15:15 slammed straight down on the floor.
15:18 You knew from a human's stand point
15:20 that isn't really possible the way it happened.
15:22 But these people down there, are used to
15:24 these kind of things because they worked
15:26 in a different culture and they see it, they pulled
15:29 the curtain across the stage, everybody was
15:31 dismissed, the end of the meeting,
15:32 and this lady was there shaking and slamming up
15:35 and down violently and we all grabbed her and
15:39 she was looking away and demanded demons
15:41 to come out of her. But she was looking away and
15:42 all of a sudden I said, in the name of Jesus look
15:44 at me and she immediately turned over and looked
15:47 to me and I mean surely it was like I was
15:49 staring in the pitch of hell. It just sent chills
15:52 down me spine but I demanded in the name
15:55 of Jesus Christ to come out of her.
15:58 And in the next moment she was whipping her face,
16:00 she sat up, I said, you okay and she said, yes.
16:03 And I had to leave the next day, but two weeks later
16:07 I got a message from the Pastor that said,
16:09 the devil tried the drown her in the baptismal
16:11 tanks but Jesus got the victory she was Baptized,
16:15 she is free and she is so happy in Jesus Christ.
16:17 Glory to God. And that's we've got to share
16:19 with the young people as God is more powerful.
16:22 God is more powerful and if you've been dabbling
16:24 in these things whatever it is, ask God,
16:27 invite him and right now this moment,
16:29 he will give the strength. In Mark,
16:33 he sends the disciples out and he says,
16:35 I am giving you power, go cast out demons,
16:38 go heal the sick, go raise the dead,
16:40 do all these things. And the disciples went out
16:43 and they did all these things and they came back
16:45 they were just rejoicing and said, why Lord the
16:48 spirits were subject to all of these things,
16:51 everything you said we can do. How did
16:55 they do it? In the power of God and in the Bible
16:58 there at least in the New Testimony, at least
17:00 a couple types of power, one the power is Dunamis,
17:04 the Greek word Dunamis where we get our word
17:05 Dynamite, yeah, exactly, Dynamite power of God.
17:09 And then the other one is Exousia, the authority.
17:13 The authority, He is the creator, God of the
17:16 universe. Yes. He's got the authority,
17:18 so he gives them the power of God and the
17:20 authority of God to go out and cast out demons,
17:24 heal the sick, raise the dead, and it happened
17:26 exactly as God said. And that's the power
17:29 we need to invite into our lives. God says
17:32 I want to dwell in you. I want to come live in
17:34 your life. And you know I believe, I am so glad
17:38 we are talking about these. At first it was
17:40 kind a like, oh this is going to be interesting
17:42 program. I believe that the reason many of
17:48 our youth and our younger generation and,
17:51 the reason many people are dabbling with the occult
17:55 with witchcraft, with new age is that people are
18:00 looking for power. People feel powerless,
18:02 particularly our younger generations.
18:04 They have got so much coming at them
18:07 and they feel so powerless and in many ways what the
18:11 Church has had to show them has been a powerless God.
18:15 Yes, yes. And so if, that's not what the Bible says,
18:20 but what's being demonstrated to them
18:22 is a powerless God or perhaps they see parents
18:26 who profess religion, profess a relationship,
18:30 and yet they don't seem to have power to change
18:33 so pretty soon people are going, you know the
18:36 younger generation is like, right on, so what do
18:38 I want with God? I need power, but if they
18:41 understand that God has that dynamite power
18:45 and if they understand He is willing to share
18:48 that dynamite power with us to reside in us,
18:51 to overcome sin, to be an overcomer,
18:55 but also then to live a victorious lifestyle
18:58 if they knew God had the answer,
19:01 God had the power I think more would turn to him
19:03 instead of new age. Oh! Amen, and amen.
19:06 You know, we want to give our young people problem
19:09 today, and God wants to say, hey, come on to me
19:12 I am all transforming with the tremendous life.
19:17 I feel such a burden as during this program
19:20 people watching out there are so shackled by so
19:24 many things, pornography on the internet.
19:26 That's dabbling with the demons. Is pornography
19:30 on the internet, with so many programs on
19:33 Television with so many things that we are
19:37 dealing with today. We dabble with it.
19:39 We temper with it, and the devil can come in
19:42 and mess our lives up so badly when God's say hey
19:46 I want you to have an Abundant Life.
19:49 I want you to have my peace, my happiness,
19:51 my joy and he has got that for us right now today.
19:56 And you know that's what the grace of God is
19:57 all about. It's not just the gift of eternal life
20:00 but the grace of God is the supernatural power
20:04 of God unto salvation. It's his divine assistance.
20:06 Amen. It's his power working in us that
20:09 we might overcome these things.
20:11 Some people think well we are saved by grace,
20:13 it doesn't matter if I am involved in pornography,
20:16 yes, it matters, God hates sin. It's an abomination.
20:20 Adultery is an abomination to the Lord.
20:23 Well, God will give you the power to overcome this,
20:27 alright, let's preach. Amen, keep going. Amen.
20:31 Well, let's go to, we say okay what's the practical
20:34 application? How do I do this? How do I get from
20:37 point A to point B here? If everybody turns to
20:40 Luke chapter 24, let's look at some practical.
20:48 Luke 24. And let's look at let's see here Verse 13,
20:59 okay "And, behold, two of them went that same day
21:02 to a village called Emmaus, which was from Jerusalem
21:06 about threescore furlongs." What is the story about?
21:09 Here is two fellows, they had just watched the
21:12 crucifixion. They had watch their Lord being laid in
21:15 the tomb, and they are just downtrodden,
21:18 they are broken heart. They are feeling terrible.
21:20 And so they've got this, it's about a seven mile
21:22 walk downhill and that's the direction, their
21:25 hearts and their hearts lives are going right now
21:26 was downhill, a terrible direction.
21:29 And all of a sudden, "a stranger" comes up
21:33 beside them in this story. He virtually blocks their
21:37 eyes and I could show you so many wonderful stories
21:40 in the Mission Field how God block's the eyes of
21:42 certain people to protect from sins, but God blocked
21:46 their eyes and he began sharing with them
21:48 everything in the scriptures about himself,
21:50 about himself. So they know there is a man there.
21:53 They just don't know it's Jesus. Yeah, yeah,
21:56 and so they continue on, Verse 16, "But their eyes
21:59 were hold that they should not know him".
22:01 That they should not know him at that moment.
22:04 Well, he continues on, "and Jesus then begins all the
22:09 law in the prophets and he shares with them
22:12 who he really is and about his power and all these
22:15 things, and they get right up near the end of the day
22:19 and they were just about to their house,
22:20 and let's see where, oh! let's see, 24, 25 says,
22:29 and then Jesus says, "O fools, and slow of heart".
22:31 Now that's an interesting way for someone is
22:33 giving a Bible study. You only fools, slow of heart,
22:37 you know, do not believe all the prophets has
22:39 spoken and he continues on, and down at Verse 29,
22:44 Jesus is about ready to continue on to walk right
22:47 on Pastor house and Verse 29 says something very
22:50 interesting, they said please come in and abide
22:53 with us, abide with us. Jesus was going to walk
22:57 right on path if they had not given an invitation
23:00 to come in and have dinner with them.
23:03 Now they get into dinner and Jesus sits down at the
23:06 meal and he raises up his nail pierced hands
23:09 and he holds that bread up and he blesses it,
23:11 and they recognizing and puff, he is gone.
23:14 And all of a sudden they said, it was our Lord,
23:17 it was our Lord. They recognized the nail prints,
23:20 they recognized now. They have had a good Bible study.
23:23 They followed him throughout the Bible
23:25 and they realized and then they are running back.
23:27 They're gonna tell everybody Jerusalem who this is?
23:30 They just had an encounter with their God and they
23:33 said, did not our hearts burn within us.
23:36 Why did their burns within them because they pressed
23:39 upon Jesus to please come in, come in with us,
23:42 abide with us and they got so incredibly blessed
23:47 beyond imagination. And he was opening up
23:51 the scriptures to them, and they were sitting at
23:55 his feet to learn which is something
23:56 I think it's very important. Yes, yes, exactly, and
23:59 Shelley we've got all these stuff going on in
24:02 the world, all these things everything in this world
24:05 is so important too. When in reality there is
24:07 only one important thing, that's to have a
24:10 friendship and relationship with Jesus because
24:12 he will give us an incredible peace now. Amen.
24:15 Can I share a little story? Yes. We have time to
24:19 share a little story with you. A lady, a little
24:21 old lady, a grandma, she loved to play monopoly
24:25 and her grandson got old enough to began playing
24:27 monopoly. She said, come on honey I want to teach
24:29 you how to play? Well, he began loving the game.
24:32 You know, he count out all the ones, fives, the tens
24:35 and the twenty's and stick them on the board
24:36 and then what he real loved is casting the dice
24:40 and going around go and collecting $200.
24:43 Oh! This he loved, collecting $200 but then he noticed
24:47 that grandma would buy this property and he had
24:49 to pay rent and he just didn't like that.
24:51 He didn't like to pay rent. Oh! He hated it,
24:54 and pretty soon all of his money is gone and
24:56 he storm up and he said grandma I just knew
24:58 grandma. He gets so excited. Grandma said,
25:01 honey, honey one day you will understand.
25:03 Oh! Grandma go out of the house.
25:06 That summer a friend of his showed up who really
25:09 knew how to play monopoly. He said, I am going to
25:11 learn how to play so I can beat grandma,
25:13 and he played all summer long and at the end of
25:16 the summer he was ready to play grandma again.
25:18 He went over knocked on the door, grandma,
25:20 grandma let's play monopoly. He got out
25:22 the board, now there was no fun. Man he's
25:25 counting out all the money and he starts rolling
25:27 the dice and you know, what monopoly can do,
25:29 went back and forth, back and forth and they have
25:32 been flowing stacks of money in the hotels and
25:35 pretty soon he was getting grandma,
25:36 he was getting the edge, and he was getting closure
25:39 and closure and pretty soon he got the last
25:41 of dollar. He grabs that all up, said, I got you
25:43 grandma, I beat you, I've got it all, I got all
25:45 houses, the railroads, everything. Grandma says,
25:49 honey, honey, what grandma? Honey one
25:52 day you will understand. What do you mean grandma?
25:55 What do you mean? Honey, when the game is over it
25:59 all goes back in the box. For our listeners today,
26:04 our viewers today, this world is but
26:08 a blip on the screen of eternity.
26:11 Amen. God has created us for eternity,
26:13 not for this short time. The devils tried to trip
26:16 us up here. He has tried to get us
26:18 to break communication with God, but God has
26:21 come to restore it and he wants to restore life to us
26:24 abundantly in a major way.
26:27 The devil does not have to win.
26:28 God has the power and he can win
26:30 in our lives if we just simply put away the
26:32 stuff and spend time with God and invite God.
26:36 And realize that at the end of our lives all that's
26:38 left is what they put in their box, really.
26:40 Yeah, yeah. It's all that can be burned up.
26:42 We are looking for eternity.
26:44 God has created us for fellowship with him forever.
26:47 Jim you've given us a lot to think about and
26:49 I just want to thank you again for being with us.
26:52 We appreciate, my pleasure, your visit to 3ABN.
26:54 I want to sum this up for those of you at
26:57 home because we talked about the
27:00 reality of our foe that he is a powerful foe.
27:04 He is an intelligent, Satan is an intelligent
27:07 creative being, but the Bible says Verse John
27:11 4:4, greater is he who is within you that he
27:14 who is in this world, and then in
27:17 Revelation 3:20, when it's like when the man
27:21 of the mass invited Jesus to abide with
27:24 him, he would not have stayed if they
27:26 had, here what the Jesus said in
27:28 Revelation 3:20, he says, "Behold, I stand
27:32 at the door and knock; if anyone hears my
27:35 voice and opens the door, I will come in to
27:38 him and dine with him, and he with me.
27:42 To him who overcomes, I will grant to sit with
27:45 me on my throne, as I also overcame and sat
27:51 with My Father on His throne."
27:53 Amen. Please I ask you today, do yourself
27:59 a big favor, the greatest thing you will
28:00 have to do. Ask the Lord to abide with
28:03 you. He is standing at the door, ready to
28:05 come in, he will be there for eternity. Bye, bye.
28:10 it with
28:11 me on my throne, as I also overcame and sat


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