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00:01 Have you ever found yourself saying what's
00:03 wrong with me Lord, and just wondering,
00:06 why you are having a difficult time changing
00:09 some bad habit. Well you know what,
00:11 Paul said to the Galatians you foolish Galatians
00:15 having begun in the Spirit, are you now trying to
00:19 perfect your walk in the flesh. Join us today;
00:24 because we are going to talk about God's power to
00:27 change us, it's not something we can do on our own.
00:55 Hi, I am Shelley Quinn and I'm glad you've joined us
00:58 today and I think you're gonna be glad as well
01:00 because we're gonna hear some exciting testimonies
01:03 and learn something about the power to change,
01:07 God's power to change. Let me share, I'm gonna
01:10 share two scriptures from Ephesians with you,
01:12 and there are some of my favorite. Ephesians 3:16,
01:16 Paul is praying for, he is saying that he prays
01:20 for them that, God would grant you according to the
01:23 riches of His glory, to be strengthened with might
01:27 through His Spirit in the inner man, get set that
01:32 we are strengthen with power through the Spirit
01:35 in our inner man and then he concludes in verse 20
01:38 by saying, now to Him, God, who is able to do
01:44 exceedingly, abundantly above all that we ask
01:49 or think according to the power that works in us
01:54 what's that power. I should say who is that power,
01:58 it's the power of the Holy Spirit in our hearts,
02:02 and here with us today is a gentleman who has
02:06 been touched by that power, has been filled
02:09 with that power, and he is, God transformed his
02:13 life dramatically. Let me introduce our special
02:16 guest Jim Ayer who is a Vice President for AWR,
02:19 Adventist World Radio, Jim once again so glad
02:23 that you are with us. Well thank you very much;
02:25 it's good to be here. You know what, you know,
02:27 I enjoyed being around you because in so many ways
02:31 the Lord has led the two of us along the same path.
02:36 Now, something that in the previous times
02:38 I don't think I've mentioned you or an author,
02:41 you've written a couple of books one was Lift Him Up
02:44 or no He Shall Lift You Up, absolutely,
02:48 He Shall Lift You Up, and the other is called
02:51 Second Chance. Now, that's a book matter of fact
02:54 that you co-published with review on air,
02:56 fairly recently. 3ABN; it is a 3ABN book so,
03:01 what is Second Chance all about? Well, it's my whole
03:07 life story and my wife's life story really as we
03:11 joined together and we weren't Christians,
03:14 we got married, matter of fact I asked my wife
03:16 to marry me, I got her stoned loaded with drugs
03:21 down at the creek and then I asked her to marry me.
03:25 Oh, you took unfair advantage of that woman.
03:27 That's the way we started out our life together,
03:30 yeah. It's amazing, it's only by God grace so
03:32 we ever stayed together in those situations but
03:35 you know, after some years when God really
03:38 spoke to our hearts and we listened,
03:40 we listened to that still small voice that you have
03:42 mentioned before, and we answered and wow,
03:47 it was so incredible that we ended up,
03:49 we were baptized in that very river, at the very
03:52 spot, where I asked her to marry me when we
03:55 were stoned on drugs. How precious,
03:56 so you were heavy into drugs, alcohol, you were
04:00 not a very nice person. Not even according to
04:04 say a non-Christian secular person, who is just living
04:10 an average life they would look at you and say let's
04:14 cross the street. I thought I was a nice guy, but,
04:19 but you know you couldn't, you couldn't tell for a
04:22 lot of appearances at a certain point in my life
04:25 because I became you know respectable,
04:27 I had a business, and but we were still just doing
04:31 all of these things, but then like I say God spoke
04:36 to us, we had this incredible transformation
04:38 in our lives really, realizing that God could change
04:42 us, I couldn't get off a drugs at my own I tried,
04:44 I couldn't get off of those things, but when I finally
04:48 said God, it yours I want to follow you, all of a
04:52 sudden it was like this huge weight was lifted
04:54 off my shoulders, amen, amen. A way I didn't
04:56 realize I had, and I want to imagine lot of folks
04:59 listening today don't realize they've got this
05:01 weight bearing down so heavily in their lives
05:04 because the Devil does it slowly, you've heard
05:07 the old saying it's like put a frog into the water
05:11 you know, he swims around and pretty soon
05:13 he keep turning it up and turning it up,
05:15 he doesn't realize until he finally boiled, you know.
05:18 That's the way it is with the lot of folks.
05:20 The devil make certainty only, does these things
05:23 a little bit at the time and that's way he started
05:26 out. I was a great guy "originally" and then just
05:29 slowly got into all these things and went further
05:32 and further down and down. Jeanine was a sweet young
05:35 lady, she would never do drugs, she would never do
05:38 any of these things, and I talked to her into it,
05:40 and slowly she start doing more, but then here
05:44 we came at that cross roads in our life when God
05:46 says hey I've got a better way for you,
05:49 a way that will bring happiness, I died for you,
05:52 I gave my life for you and, while you were yet
05:55 a sinner, yeah and I didn't have any idea
05:57 who God was even, even when I accepted him,
06:00 I didn't really have any idea, I mean, I got to
06:03 the point where I wanted to follow God so much
06:06 after He touched our hearts that, that I realize
06:09 it was come in Easter time and I've been studied my
06:11 Bible, and it talked about a sacrifice.
06:14 Well I wanted to go find a lamb to sacrifice
06:16 because I thought that's what I should do.
06:18 Oh, and so I started looking in the newspapers.
06:22 Well, where do you find a lamb for sacrifice you know
06:24 and I thought my wife is gonna think I'm crazy,
06:27 everybody is gonna think I am nuts, but I want to
06:29 follow God. So had you only read the Old Testament
06:33 at that time, you had made it to the story.
06:36 Well it just like my mind just didn't comprehended
06:39 yet, maybe it was just too much drugs or something
06:41 yet, but it just in comprehended and then
06:44 you know I was reading this book and it said Jesus
06:48 is the lamb slain from the foundation of the world
06:50 and I went halleluiah, amen. Oh God I saw Him
06:54 all of a sudden what He done for me and it was
06:56 so precious, and so wonderful to realize that
06:59 I didn't have to sacrifice a lamb, it have been done
07:02 for me, and all my sins have been washed away,
07:05 and all the stuff I done, all the evil nasty stuff
07:09 was just gone, thrown in the depths of the sea
07:12 and it was exciting. Behold the Lamb of God that
07:15 takes away the sins of this world.
07:16 So you at this point, God really did do a work in
07:21 your heart once, oh yeah, and you became a new
07:24 creation in Christ Jesus, as II Corinthians 5:17 says
07:28 that we are new creations the old has gone
07:31 and the new has come. God cut you free from the cord,
07:35 the cords that were binding you before, yeah.
07:39 Now, did you, where you aware that there had been
07:45 this metamorphosis like here you are like the little
07:49 Caterpillar that's crawling on the ground and all of a
07:52 sudden you go into this cocoon stage or learning
07:55 and then now you are able to fly, well you aware.
07:59 It's all interesting you use that metaphor because
08:02 that's Romans 12:2, Paul says be therefore transform
08:06 by the renewing of your mind and the word
08:10 transform there is metamorpho in the
08:12 Greek metamorpho, which is where we get our
08:15 word metamorphosis, a changing from a warm to
08:18 our glorious butterfly and I brought a quote actually,
08:21 okay. On that very thing I was so excited about
08:24 this text. This fellow William, let's see how do
08:28 I pronounce his name, Biederwolf every creature
08:32 born into this world has a nature after its kind.
08:34 Well we were born in the sin; you can't train a bird
08:38 to crawl for the same reason you can't train
08:41 a snake to fly. Truth to his nature a Caterpillar
08:44 crawls and when he sees one we see him we don't
08:47 say oh what had accomplished from caterpillar,
08:50 but we say the creature has been changed when
08:53 we see the flying butterfly, yes. It's a new nature,
08:58 it's a new creature, and that's what happened
09:01 to me and my wife Jeanine; we became new creatures
09:04 in Jesus Christ. He came in and He totally
09:08 transformed us. You know a burden I've got Shelley,
09:12 if I might share with you is I've got one friend that
09:16 he was just a nasty guy, he made me look like
09:19 I was the saint, I mean this fellow had a Fifth
09:22 W's, 52 page rap sheet. You know rap sheet,
09:25 where all the pages you can pile at the police
09:28 department over all the crimes you've committed
09:31 52 pages he had, wow, and he went to Pelican
09:35 Bay Prison in Northern California. High security
09:38 prison and some way some how God spoke to his heart
09:42 while he was in prison and he decided that he do
09:44 a Bible study, and that man was absolutely energized
09:49 and found God in prison transformed and he came
09:53 out; he is now an elder in his church I mean excuse
09:56 me a deacon in his Seventh-Day Adventist
09:58 Church praise the Lord. I've got another friend
10:00 that he was in the Mafia in New York City;
10:04 he slept with us, sort of shot gun by his bed.
10:06 He slept with a 45 in his pillow, under his pillow,
10:10 and one day God spoke to him and he accepted God,
10:15 it's been 10 years now and he is absolutely the most
10:18 wonderful Christian man you would every meet you
10:20 think, this guy was in the mafia you know.
10:22 He wanted to go kill people and he has transformed.
10:26 It is so exciting to hear testimonies like that,
10:29 we hear, you know, 3ABN is being broadcast
10:33 and I know that there are many prisoners watching
10:36 us today and people have written to us to say you
10:41 know we never knew freedom when we were
10:44 out in the world, but when we were behind close
10:48 doors, behind these cells, these bars then we met
10:52 the Lord and now whom the son has set free,
10:56 is free indeed and they've been changed right there
10:59 in prison. I was up in an area called Shimla clear
11:04 up in the North; it was a North West Portion of
11:07 India. I went to talk with these fellows who
11:10 were in prison and I wasn't able to personally get
11:12 in but I had a friend who is Indian, they let him in
11:15 the prison talk with these guys and told us
11:18 his history, this fellow, he is, well actually he
11:22 and his dad and brother, the father gotten an argument
11:26 with one son over a little piece of real state little
11:29 piece of property, and soon this argument
11:32 became so bad the son broke the father's arm
11:34 and the father went to the other two brothers
11:36 and said look what your brother did to me go do
11:38 something about it. Well they went they got into
11:40 an argument and the one brother took a Machete
11:42 and killed the other brother. Oh no, now
11:45 all three men went to prison and we are talking
11:47 with them, but their lives had been changed
11:51 because the one brother got a hold of a radio
11:53 and while he was in prison he began tune in it
11:55 and he came across to our radio program,
11:57 Adventist World Radio, fell in love with Jesus Christ
12:00 and then he became sharing with everybody else
12:02 you know when you got Jesus in your life
12:03 you just wants to bubble out there.
12:05 You've experienced and I know, yes amen.
12:07 And, and he was got so excited, he began
12:10 sharing with all the other prisoners and the official
12:13 said, wow you know something has changed
12:15 in this prison. We are going to give you fellows
12:17 a 40 day furlough to go home. You know three
12:20 murderers now, they send them home for 40 days
12:23 and just say when you're done come back, wow,
12:26 and they went home and guess what they took
12:28 the one young man took to his mother a radio,
12:31 praise God, he says mom, I've got to share
12:33 something with you and he takes his radio
12:36 and he tunes it to our program, she falls in love
12:38 with Jesus Christ, the daughter-in-law does,
12:41 all of the family does, and she told me she said,
12:44 it is so exciting she says, the cattle she says now
12:47 give more milk than anybody else's cattle,
12:50 the water buffalo work harder than anybody
12:53 else's water buffalo. Now this is a very strong
12:56 Hindu area, and the Hindus worship thousands of Gods
13:00 you know they are trying appease all these Gods,
13:02 and she says even our crops produce more than
13:06 everybody else's, our fruit trees give more
13:08 fruits than everybody else's fruit trees,
13:11 favor of God, and now people come from miles
13:14 and miles around to find out who is this God
13:17 that does all these marvelous things for you,
13:19 he is the creator of God who loves us.
13:22 You see, we see all these transformations with
13:25 people who come to God, but then we kind
13:27 of say okay we live all the power of God right
13:29 there in the baptismal tank and we will say that's
13:32 as far as God can go, He transform them,
13:35 He change them, now we baptism them
13:36 and now we've got to live this life for sin,
13:38 and sinning all the times in our life in the church.
13:44 Do you think that's just, I mean that comment
13:46 kind of catches me little off guard. Do you feel
13:49 or believe that a lot of people feel that way is
13:52 that once we get them into the baptism pool that,
13:56 alright there is nothing to go further as far as
14:01 sanctification I mean you catch me off guard little
14:03 bit here. Well, the reason I say at that way is
14:06 because lot of people believe that God can't do
14:09 anything else in our lives until He comes.
14:11 We only have this transformation that
14:13 Paul is talking about, once we get to heaven
14:15 and then God can change us but until that time,
14:18 we just keep on sinning and sinning and sinning.
14:21 And I found myself doing as a Christian too
14:24 I found myself I would come home sometimes
14:26 and pray oh God I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry for
14:29 the same exact sin, over and over and over.
14:32 Not even any new ones okay the same ones,
14:36 but then one day I really discovered that wow it
14:39 was because, I had not really allowed God to
14:43 really work in my life because there was
14:45 parts of my life that I really did want to hang
14:47 on to, okay. I remember one preacher said,
14:50 Lord you know yesterday I gave you all my troubles
14:54 and problems and trials, I wrapped them up and
14:56 I place them at the altar, he says Lord today
14:59 I promised to do the same, but today Lord I'm gonna
15:03 give you the string in all because yesterday
15:05 I tripped over the string I was still hanging on to,
15:07 yeah. We tend to want to just hang on to something
15:11 of the whole life because, the living a new life in
15:14 Christ can be scary, it can. Well you know to
15:19 give God every bit of me, I was a self-made man;
15:22 I had done all these things on my own. You know as,
15:25 for me the North America is someone from America,
15:29 I am a self-made person, you know I've made my
15:31 own money, I've done all this, got my own schooling,
15:34 but God says hey, I want to take charge in your life,
15:38 I wanted to lead you over here Jim, it's kind a like
15:42 Abraham you know he is what 70 some years old
15:46 God says hey, Abraham come on over here,
15:48 I would like to build a great nation and I would like
15:51 you to join me in this work, and Abraham says
15:54 wow Lord I've got to go some place else I don't
15:57 know where it is I'm 70 years old, I got to uproot
15:59 all my house and everything, yes.
16:01 You see you can't stay where you are and go
16:04 with God, and that's what God asked Abraham to do
16:07 is go with him and so it was crisis of belief for
16:11 him at that moment, same with Moses. Knock on Moses'
16:15 heart one day in the form of a burning bush say hey
16:17 Moses I'm delivering the children of Israel I would
16:20 like you to come and join me in that work would
16:22 you join me. Well but Lord I've been out in the desert
16:27 for 40 years, I can't do this, you see at that moment
16:32 that call of God was something totally outrages
16:36 for Moses but he had to decide do I stay where I am
16:39 or do I go with God, amen. And it comes for each one
16:42 of us God says hey, I've got a new life for you
16:44 Shelley Quinn, and I'm gonna be excuse me I'm gonna
16:48 be doing this and this and this through you,
16:50 and you've got to decide do I stay where I am or do
16:52 I go with God and allow God to take my life,
16:55 God been there and I'll tell you what,
16:57 when you make that decision to accept to
17:00 God's will for your life it is so incredible of the
17:04 journey that He, you know, step by step as
17:07 He takes you, He doesn't let us know everything all
17:10 at once, but when He change his direction
17:12 you say yes Lord I'm willing to follow and you start
17:15 following the Lord, it's exciting what God opens up.
17:19 You know, I know God has made tremendous
17:21 transformation in your life, absolutely.
17:24 And, I see God doing that everywhere and I mean,
17:28 I was in Ethiopia, talking with this young lady,
17:31 sweet young lady in our 20s, and she said Jim
17:35 she said, I was counseling other young people
17:37 and how to lead their lives, oh she said I talked
17:40 to them about drugs and alcohol and teen
17:43 pregnancy and doing all these things she said
17:46 I sought to lead them in other direction
17:50 but she said, in reality I had all the same problems,
17:53 I had all the same problems and I didn't
17:56 know what to do about it, I had finally decided
17:58 I was going to commit suicide. And I was driving
18:01 down the road one day and I turned on your
18:03 radio program, and I began listening about
18:05 Jesus Christ and I heard these people who had
18:08 gave testimonies of changed lives of how God's
18:11 life was so wonderful as he wanted to live it in me,
18:15 and I accepted at that moment Jesus and she says
18:19 now she said and she just being with smile I can
18:22 began to give the same kind of being that she did,
18:25 but that you could just see God radiating out of
18:28 her just like Moses when he came down from mountain,
18:30 I remember that, yes, children of Israel God says
18:32 I mean the people said cover your face, cover
18:34 your face, because he glowed for God, amen
18:37 and that's what God wants to do in each one of us,
18:39 just glow in our lives and this lady says I counsel
18:43 everybody now in a whole different way,
18:44 because I point them to Jesus, I point them to
18:47 the true solution. So, she was one who,
18:51 when she came to the feet of Jesus, she was ready
18:55 to go forward with the understanding that he was
19:01 gonna make this change and he would help her
19:03 not to sin again. Absolutely, absolutely,
19:06 it's like choosing moment by moment every moment
19:09 of everyday we have to choose, whether we are
19:12 going to serve God. It maybe, I'm sitting home
19:14 at night for my own life, I like television I mean,
19:18 I've been a person, I was a TV baby and I grew up
19:23 I could watch a test pattern and get excited about it.
19:25 Now people today probably don't even know what
19:27 test patterns are, you know but I can get excited
19:29 about a test pattern, so I like television, and well
19:34 matter of fact, when God finally woke us up the
19:36 second time really gave us a second chance
19:38 and I said Lord, I just don't have time for study
19:43 and prayer I'm too important, I'm too busy,
19:45 I just can't do it, but finally I said okay God
19:51 I'll commit to you, and you know God gave me
19:54 the opportunity and the time to study because
19:56 the first thing He said Jim take off all the premium
19:59 channels of the television and I had slowly as a
20:03 Christian as a Seventh-Day Adventist Christian
20:05 I had slowly started watching these TV programs
20:08 and some would have bad language but I said well,
20:10 it's that same kind of language on the world,
20:13 you know I've got a listen to it anyway and pretty
20:16 soon it was worse language and it was worse
20:18 language and it's like, I just numbed myself to
20:22 the real realities of what God wanted to do in me,
20:25 and God says put this stuff away and all of a sudden
20:29 while I had time to study the Bible and realize there
20:35 I could go to, I could go to Luke and John and think
20:40 well Jesus staggered under the weight of sin for me.
20:44 He did all this for me and I began falling so deeply
20:47 in love with Him, and he really did change my life
20:50 and he wants to change our lives everyday.
20:52 Alright, so I have a question for you,
20:55 when the woman who was caught in adultery
20:59 was brought to Jesus feet, and of course I love
21:04 that passage because, when they were ready
21:07 to stone her and Jesus sits there of course
21:09 they trying to trip Him up, but He just simply said
21:13 let he who is without sin cast the first stone.
21:18 Well, that if anyone was honest with himself then
21:22 no one was qualified to get to stone, exactly,
21:26 but now he told her go and sin no more.
21:30 Is that what you are saying is that, when we come
21:35 and be baptized we believe in the power to change
21:38 to get someone to that point of saying I'm gonna
21:43 accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior, but we don't
21:48 believe I mean is that what you are tying to say to
21:50 us is that we've got to believe that there is power
21:53 to give up the rest of this, I am trying to.
21:58 Now see, as you talk about this and you've mentioned
22:00 this lady there, you know crouch down I mean she
22:03 had sin no doubt about it, Lord told her where are
22:08 your accusers, she looks around and said well there
22:10 are none Lord said neither do I condemn you,
22:14 and then as you say those five words "go
22:16 and sin no more. " Now, let's we think I was just
22:19 an isolated incident, the Lord comes up to a fellow
22:22 what the Pool of Bethesda been there for 38 years,
22:26 and he tells him take up your bed and walk.
22:28 Little while later he finds him in the temple and
22:31 by the way that's a good place to be when you have
22:33 an encountered with God is go to the temple
22:35 and worship God, yeah and thank God and praise God.
22:37 He is there and Jesus says to him, go and sin no
22:41 more same five words. Now, either God isn't
22:44 Evil Prankster, that knows we can't do it
22:47 or he really met it, he really will empower us
22:52 to do that very thing. You know Jim what
22:55 I always say is that anything the Lord commands
22:57 that sounds like a command to me, anything that
23:00 he commands is also a promise because he will
23:03 calls us to be all that he calls us to be and I think
23:06 that's very important, but the idea of, I mean
23:11 it's something that we all realize in 1st John says
23:16 that any of us who says that we are without sin,
23:18 we are liar the truth is not in us, but I think
23:23 you are right that we do make excuses to say
23:26 you know I'm just gonna to be a sinner until
23:29 Jesus comes back, and yes while it's true we may
23:33 stumble and fall and sin it's something that God
23:38 will give us the power. Romans 8:13 says it's
23:43 by the power of His Holy Spirit that we put to death
23:45 mist deeds of the flesh. So it's learning to rely on
23:50 his power and not be like those foolish Galatians,
23:53 who were trying to perfect their own walk.
23:56 It's all about learning how to yield to the power
24:00 of God. That's right matter of fact in
24:02 The Book of Romans, Paul takes three chapters
24:05 basically to deal with justification, now
24:08 justification is a big word but basically
24:10 it's God saying here is my righteousness
24:13 you are totally righteous in the sight of all
24:15 universe, and so then he takes six-and-half chapters
24:20 to discuss sanctification, in other words the
24:24 changing, the transforming, the allowing the power
24:27 of God to make us new creatures in him,
24:30 every moment of everyday and we are told that's
24:33 a work of a lifetime, but as you said Shelley
24:36 earlier his biddings are enabling in other words
24:40 if God bids us to do it there is got to be some
24:42 power in it because I have nothing in myself, I,
24:45 Jim Ayer can't do anything when I get up
24:47 in the morning there is a nothing I can do on my
24:49 own in reality, amen, even my breath is God's.
24:52 Someone once said, when you wake up in the
24:55 morning praise God for 10 things and he said
24:58 if you can't think of anything hold your breath
25:00 for five minutes, and then see if you can't think
25:02 of at least one thing. Well, its true God gives
25:05 us even that breath, our lives are held here
25:08 in this world by God's power. He says the just
25:12 and the unjust all the same he supports everybody,
25:16 but it's all by the power of God. So I don't want
25:18 anybody to think that I'm saying we can do this on
25:21 our own because the trasheaps of history are
25:24 strummed with people who tried to become righteous
25:27 on their own, and it doesn't work. Oh and you know
25:29 this is, this is why people, I have a teaching that
25:32 I do when I go out it's a series, I call it
25:35 Sanctification Seekers and everybody is
25:38 always fine with that title Sanctification Seekers,
25:41 but as soon as I translate and say that it means
25:44 to pursue Holiness there will be just as little
25:47 Holy hush that comes across the crowd,
25:49 because it's the idea of that God says be holy
25:52 because I'm Holy we get scared of holiness
25:55 and we don't recognize that the job of making us
26:00 Holy, it's God had we are sanctified by His word,
26:05 we are sanctified by the blood of Jesus,
26:07 by His life, by His death, we are sanctified by the
26:10 spirit, it's God who is gonna work in us to willing
26:13 to act according to His good purpose.
26:15 So by the time I go through the teaching people
26:17 get excited, but we are all weary of being of people
26:27 trying to mold us and make us without the power
26:30 of God or of having teachings that we've
26:33 got to change and thinking it's up to us.
26:36 Yes, God wants us to become water walkers
26:40 what do I mean by that, if you go and you look
26:42 in the Bible there was Peter in the boat he said Lord,
26:45 if it's really you out there walking on the water,
26:47 bid me to come out there. Jesus said yes,
26:50 he gets on he starts walking on the water but then
26:52 he turns around he looks and he is kind of
26:55 bragging on himself hey I'm doing cool and he
26:57 sinks and he calls out to God help me and Jesus
27:01 is right there to lift him up. Now we always yell
27:04 at Peter for this, but what really happened
27:06 is from there on Jesus walked arm and arm
27:09 with Peter on top of the water all the way back
27:11 the boat, and that's the only way we can walk
27:13 on water but we can when we are arm and
27:16 arm with our God, amen. I cannot believe that
27:19 how quickly this time has gone by;
27:21 Jim Ayer thank you so much for joining us again today.
27:25 Well thank you, and I just want to say again to you
27:28 at home remember Ephesians 3:16 and 3:20,
27:33 it is the power of God that's within us,
27:37 the Holy Spirit, in our inner man that makes God
27:40 able to do exceedingly, abundantly more than
27:44 we could ever ask or think. It is true that God
27:48 has a plan for your life, it's better than the one
27:50 that you are living and you know there is such
27:54 happiness when we are walking with the Lord,
27:56 it is a joy unspeakable. Thanks be to God for His
28:01 indescribable gift and my prayer is that you
28:05 learn to know God and the one that
28:08 He sent Jesus Christ, bye bye.


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