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Restoration Of Communication With God, Pt. 2

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00:01 How would you like to be able to pinpoint
00:03 your exact location on the Time Line of Eternity,
00:07 you know, Daniel the prophet wrote in
00:10 Daniel 12 verse 4 that at the time of the end
00:16 many shall run to and fro and knowledge
00:19 shall increase. Today, we are going to talk about
00:23 where we are in this Cosmic Time Line
00:28 and how you can survive, join us.
00:57 Hi I am Shelley Quinn, we are so glad that
00:59 you are joining us for Issues and Answers,
01:01 you know Jesus said Mathews 16:26,
01:04 what is a profit of man, if he gains
01:06 the whole world, yet loses his soul.
01:08 Well, we have a Gentleman with us today
01:12 who really was tapped on the shoulder by God,
01:16 he heard that and he responded.
01:18 Let me introduce our special guest Jim Ayer.
01:21 Jim, so thankful that you are here today.
01:23 Hey can you shake your hand good to be here,
01:25 amen, now you are a Vice President for
01:28 Adventist World Radio (AWR) you are also
01:30 the host of 'Making Waves', what it tell us
01:35 about that program that airs one 3ABN.
01:37 Making Waves, I have so much fun because
01:39 I get to travel around the world
01:40 and look at the God's peace people worship,
01:43 the lives they live, their economies, the country
01:46 where they are, and then we go into
01:48 illustrious story how someone life
01:50 was dramatically altered by the Gospel message,
01:52 amen. And let me tell you God is altering lives
01:55 all over the world, it's like the book of Acts
01:57 out there really. I mean the Holy Spirit
01:59 is been poured out Shelley. And you know
02:00 we see it even more, I agree with you
02:02 and we see it even more in countries
02:05 that are underdeveloped, it seems like,
02:07 it's like our opening today, when I was telling
02:11 you about this Cosmic Time Line,
02:13 when Daniel wrote that people will run to
02:18 and fro and knowledge shall increase,
02:20 of course we know that there is talking about to
02:22 and fro looking into the world,
02:24 yet I do believe that the devil is doing everything
02:28 he can to keep us so busy in the developed worlds
02:31 we have got all of these new conveniences
02:33 and yet we are losing ground as far as
02:38 our spirituality is concerned because
02:41 what you see and what we hear testimonies
02:43 of the underdeveloped world God's pouring out
02:46 his Holy Spirit and thousands upon,
02:48 thousands are responding because time is getting
02:51 close, yes, yes, you know, Ellen white
02:55 made an interesting statement
02:56 and I love her writings, the first book
02:59 I ever read as I joined the Adventist church
03:02 one of the first books was called
03:03 the great controversy and I read that book
03:05 and I thought, wow, this lady is really something
03:08 she has got more than just a good writing
03:10 ability, but she said she saw a speeding train,
03:14 it seem like the whole world was on this train
03:17 and they were speeding toward the destruction
03:19 and the devil was the conductor of that train.
03:21 And, you know, we are such a time seems like
03:25 everything is just going so rapidly I brought
03:27 some statistics today. If it's okay,
03:29 if I show you some of them with you, please yeah.
03:31 First of all you know in 1800,
03:34 there was one billion people on the planet,
03:36 130 years later it doubled, 30 years later
03:40 went to 3 billion, 15 years later
03:42 went to 4, 12 years later to 5 and only 11 years
03:46 after that to 6 billion and now we are heading
03:48 towards 7 so rapidly, and listen this,
03:51 and this almost is going to become unsustainable,
03:53 yeah, yeah absolutely and one of every 8 couples
03:58 who get married now, get married
04:00 from the online contact, one out of eight, yes,
04:03 that's amazing. There is two trillion text messages
04:06 sent everyday, two trillion can you imagine,
04:08 there are five hundred forty thousand words
04:11 today in the English language at the time
04:13 of Shakespeare it was five times less than that.
04:16 So even the language has been increasing
04:19 and Nano technology, I am not gonna pull
04:21 a hair out of my head because I don't that many,
04:23 but, but you know, I will share a few,
04:26 if I pulled the hair out of my head,
04:28 Nano technology is a hundred thousand times
04:31 smaller, that's amazing, than my human hair.
04:34 And here, let me there is some great ones here
04:38 that, you know, we're preparing student today
04:41 in classes for things that don't even exist,
04:45 we are doing training for them for things
04:47 that don't even exist here. So you mean,
04:49 they are being trained for jobs or positions,
04:50 yes, yes, that don't exist yet, yes, yes
04:52 and we don't even know what problems
04:54 are going to face, but we are training them
04:55 how to deal with those problems that
04:57 we don't know what is going to crop up,
04:58 I mean, it's going so rapidly. Listen this,
05:01 one week's worth of the new old times
05:03 that's more information that somebody in the 1800s
05:06 in their entire life had. So today's issue,
05:11 one issue the new old times offers us
05:14 more information that they had in their entire life,
05:16 in their entire life. No wonder,
05:18 I'm gonna have feelings of guilty when I forget
05:20 something because we have got stuff coming here
05:23 so rapidly. When we say, you know,
05:25 we are going through a hard drive to check out
05:27 the various files. It's really true we are storing
05:30 so much more up there now and unfortunately
05:32 most of is useless information, you know,
05:34 well I speak for myself, but let me read you
05:38 another we have there four xBytes,
05:39 don't ask me what an xByte is?
05:41 Now I just getting ready to ask you,
05:43 how many terabytes, I am not even sure
05:45 how many mega bytes makes up a terabyte,
05:48 but now they have got xBytes.
05:49 But here is the definition it's four times
05:52 10 to the 19th power. In other words,
05:55 you would have zero strong out here for miles
05:58 that amount of information is generated
06:01 this last year, that's some, just this last year.
06:04 It's estimated that's more than the previous
06:07 five thousand years combined.
06:09 So in one year we have generated more knowledge
06:13 and information than in the last
06:15 five hundred thousand years combined,
06:17 well the last six thousand years, six well
06:20 that what you said five thousand, I am saying,
06:21 I said five thousand years but that's what
06:24 they say but we know biblically
06:26 that we're been here about six thousand years.
06:28 So, there is more information now
06:30 than all of that previous time is what
06:32 they are telling us. Now the other thing is
06:34 that amount of information is doubling
06:36 every two years now, unbelievable.
06:39 I can't even wrap my neurons around that.
06:42 Listen to this fellow that he developed
06:46 the flatbed scanner and voice
06:49 recognition software. So you could speak
06:51 to your computer and it starts doing
06:53 what you want. His name is Ray Kurzweil,
06:55 listen to what he says, there is even
06:57 exponential growth of the rate of exponential growth
07:00 within a few decades machine intelligence
07:03 will surpass human intelligence leading
07:05 to the singularity, technological change
07:08 so rapid, so proven it represents a rupture
07:12 in a human fabric, you know, when we look at
07:17 how rapid the pace of this world is.
07:20 When we look at the population, explosion
07:24 and realize that at some point planet earth
07:27 will be overwhelmed, it will be unsustainable
07:31 as I said before when we look at the governments
07:35 that are collapsing, society that's
07:37 breaking down, all of the prophecies of the Bible
07:41 particularly this one of Daniel saying
07:44 that people will be running to and fro
07:45 and knowledge shall increase, of course
07:48 I believe that in part Daniel was referring
07:51 Bible knowledge, which we have seen
07:53 an increase in Bible knowledge but yet
07:56 we can apply it to what's going on in our world.
07:59 It would seem on the cosmic timeline
08:02 that we're getting to the point, where we can
08:05 identify where we are? Oh yeah, let me share
08:09 one more quote with you, it is just kind of,
08:11 I read this and it almost stop me in my tracks,
08:14 okay it says the scientist name is von Neumann
08:17 was quoted a saying that the ever
08:20 accelerating progress like technology gives
08:23 the appearance of approaching some
08:25 singularity in the history of the human race
08:27 beyond which human affairs as we know
08:30 them could not continue, wow,
08:33 so here we are secular scientists even are saying
08:37 what's going on, we see this happening
08:39 and we envision that society couldn't
08:41 even continue on, yes, but we serve a God
08:44 who knows best and we serve a God
08:46 who really knows, you know, when your are saying
08:49 this I was wondering if the camera was looking
08:51 at me because my tendency was
08:53 when I heard the seculars. The quote from
08:55 the secular scientist was to break out in a smile
08:59 when he said it can't continue on
09:00 and we don't feel because it's time to look up
09:04 and know that are redemptions drawing in,
09:06 that's is so true, so true, we who love
09:10 Jesus Christ and everybody here all the audience
09:12 can love Jesus it's so simple to fall
09:15 in love him, we can look forward to that time
09:18 when all this mess is over around.
09:20 The simple way to fall on love with Jesus
09:25 is to know how much he loves you and once you
09:27 begin to understand that we love him because
09:29 he first loved us, yes absolutely, amen.
09:31 But you know here is you talked about Daniel
09:34 and it's perfect because you just drop back
09:37 some chapters to chapter 2 and in chapter 2
09:40 God gave king Nebakanezer who is the king of all
09:44 the Babylon the greatest kingdom at that time
09:46 on earth, gave him a dream and he couldn't
09:50 figure out the dream at all and finally
09:53 he took God's man to talk with God
09:55 and say please God show us what it means
09:58 for the King because he can't remember it,
10:00 he went to the king and said oh king live
10:02 forever you know and but he said there is a God
10:06 in heaven who reveal secrets and here
10:09 is the secret he goes on to share his whole dream
10:12 and he painted this incredible picture of
10:15 here was the kingdom of Babylon.
10:18 Nebakanezer's kingdom is this head of gold
10:20 of this great statue, but then it moved down
10:23 into arms of silver, which was Medo-Persia,
10:25 the crossed arms of those two great nations
10:28 who joined forces down into Alexander's kingdom,
10:31 the kingdom of bronze, and then down into
10:34 the iron kingdom of Rome, down into the feet
10:38 of iron and clay and this feet of iron
10:40 and clave where told they couldn't mix
10:41 just like iron doesn't mix with clay,
10:43 now we can follow history and we can see it
10:47 led all the way down to the European times.
10:51 You know, if Charles the fifth,
10:54 I think it was Napoleon and Hitler have
10:58 they ever read the Bible they would have
10:59 never tried to unite Europe because God said
11:02 it wouldn't be done, yes, and so here is God
11:04 we can trust because, it couldn't cleave together.
11:07 Yeah, history has proven it off but then the one
11:10 I wanted to bring the viewers too today
11:12 is found over in Revelation chapter 6
11:18 because it's pretty exciting to read this
11:22 and to realize where we are in time.
11:24 Revelation chapter 6 and we look at verse 12,
11:30 verse 12 says and behold when it opened
11:33 the sixth seal, and low there was great
11:35 earthquake and the sun became black
11:37 as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood
11:40 and verse 13 says And the stars of heaven fell
11:43 from the earth, even as a fig casteth her;
11:46 on timely figs, when she shaken of a mighty win.
11:48 Now we can look back in history
11:50 and we can pinpoint, we can pinpoint
11:54 even from the newspapers of the day exactly
11:57 when these things occurred and from other
11:59 prophecies which we don't have time to go in today
12:01 but we know that's happen so we can say okay
12:06 those have occurred in 12 and 13
12:07 now look at verse 14 and the heaven departed
12:10 as a scroll when it is rolled together
12:12 in every mountain and island are moved out
12:15 of there place, amen, is that occurred,
12:17 have we seen every mountain
12:19 and island moved out of there place,
12:20 not yet but soon. So, Shelley I would say
12:22 to you and to all the viewers they can draw
12:24 a line between those two verses, verses 13 and 14
12:28 and put a little note there and say here
12:29 I am, they can write their name
12:31 and say here I'm between two verses in eternity.
12:35 I mean that's where we are and so what,
12:39 what is that have to do with today.
12:40 Well, we got to get I believe off of that
12:42 speeding train that Ellen White saw in my own life
12:47 I got on that train. I started getting
12:50 into business and making money, I started lobbying
12:53 and congression, capital hill; I have my own radio
12:56 talk show I was writing for a newspaper
12:58 as people views excess on planet earth.
13:02 I was very successful, but I'd also sit in church
13:05 and I was lost. I really know
13:08 I was just absolutely lost. I look good,
13:10 looked apart, acted apart, I even went on preached,
13:14 but I preached without the power
13:15 of the Holy Spirit and God,
13:17 you were a busy person, you know what busy stands
13:20 for bondage under Satan's yolk
13:24 and I think that's the devils plan, oh yeah,
13:26 and even being myself in ministry
13:29 and as you know in ministry we can become
13:32 so busy with ministry that it begins to interrupt
13:36 the rhythm of our relationship
13:38 with the Lord. It doesn't matter
13:39 who you are, it doesn't matter who you are
13:42 because the plan is to get us
13:44 where we are bound up by our busyness.
13:48 And you know Shelley with a scripture,
13:52 reading a quick Scripture from our Bibles
13:54 with my hand on the door in the morning,
13:57 running out to go do my job doesn't correct
14:00 it doesn't give us the relationship
14:02 that we need to make it out of this world
14:04 on God side. Because God's prepared you know
14:08 John 14, it says I prepared these wonderful
14:14 mansions for you, I have done all these things
14:15 for you for those love me you know
14:18 and we've got to understand that
14:21 loving God is that personal friendship like
14:23 husband and wife, when you fall in love
14:25 and you continue that relationship I don't know
14:28 about you, but I have still got a work
14:30 at my relationship with my wife.
14:32 If you quit working at, it usually it's not that,
14:37 it's not always a conscious effort
14:40 of working at it, it's something that,
14:43 how can I say this, yeah we don't want to get you
14:46 in trouble with your husband.
14:47 No, but I mean it's not that your consciously
14:50 when you are really madly in love with somebody
14:52 you are always doing for them,
14:54 you want to be near them, you want to please them,
14:56 yeah when it really becomes a conscious effort
15:00 is when you realize there is a little break here
15:03 and this person loves me, it's like even
15:06 with the Lord, when you are in the right rhythm
15:10 of your relationship with God.
15:12 It doesn't take a conscious effort,
15:14 you want to be in the world, you do spend
15:17 more time in prayer, but then when you suddenly
15:20 put your finger on your pulse and realize
15:22 you are not doing these things then God began
15:26 once again you recognize that he is drawing
15:29 that he loved us with an everlasting love
15:32 and that he is wooing us near him then we got
15:36 to put little work into it will you agree,
15:38 oh absolutely, absolutely, you know
15:40 there, there are times that I just realize
15:44 because I been around my wife so long
15:46 now that if I just did this for her,
15:48 it make her so happy if I did this
15:51 and it's a joy for me because I get excited
15:53 to do it, you know, I think oh, this is gonna
15:55 make her real happy and so I'll do this
15:58 and I'll do that, I even tell her you know
16:00 I all out the garbage because I know how much
16:04 you want me to all of the garbage not that
16:06 I necessarily like all of the garbage,
16:07 but I know how much you are loving
16:09 and sure enough she does and but it you know,
16:15 in Mathew it says what is a profit a man to gain
16:18 the whole world, yes, and lose his own soul.
16:21 We can, we can be working 24x7,
16:25 we can make all kinds of money,
16:27 we can have the boat, we can the house,
16:29 we can have the Harley-Davidson
16:30 in the garage maybe we got two of them.
16:33 We can have all these things and never be happy
16:36 why because God is not in our lives
16:38 and that's the only happiness that comes,
16:40 amen, everlasting happiness, yeah when Jesus
16:43 walked in a room he said peace to you
16:46 and you know later he said peace
16:48 I leave unto you. You know for the viewers
16:51 out there, we really have the peace
16:53 that comes from knowing God from
16:56 understanding God from getting to know him
16:58 as our very best friend and that peace comes
17:02 as we abide in Christ, it's not enough
17:05 just to know him here that mentally accent,
17:09 but we have to allow him to live in our heart
17:12 as Colossians 127 says Christ in us is the hope
17:17 of glory, exactly, exactly,
17:18 and we abide in him now I know that
17:21 you are someone who has every evidence
17:25 that you abide in Christ tell us how you do
17:29 that because if as we are stating here,
17:32 we are at that point we can pinpoint on the
17:37 cosmic timeline where we are and know
17:40 that Christ is returning soon that this world
17:43 is not going to last that much longer,
17:46 we have got another solution of how
17:49 we can survive these in days,
17:53 how we can have that peace, how did God
17:57 teach you to abide in him.
17:58 Well it's exciting that you ask that because
18:01 God has promised this for everyone of us
18:03 and laid this out in John chapter 14, 15, 16, 17
18:08 and these chapters incredible chapters now
18:11 Jesus had left the upper room he knows
18:14 what his destiny is because he has come
18:17 to the earth in order to die for us.
18:19 As he his walking toward that garden you think
18:23 what, what would say to your disciples
18:26 who remember one of them he told Peter
18:28 when you are converted Peter then this
18:32 and this will occur. Peter been with around Jesus
18:35 for three and a half years, yes,
18:37 but he still didn't have that conversion experience
18:40 and so in the upper room there are the disciples
18:43 had kind of looked at one and another
18:45 and thought I am better than you,
18:46 I am not gonna wash your feet,
18:47 I am better than you, I am not gonna do this
18:49 so there is all this chaos going on in their hearts
18:53 and their minds and Jesus is almost it's time
18:56 for the cross what's he is going to say
18:58 and here we find the John the one that Jesus
19:00 loved shares with us in, in John 14
19:04 and onward just some phenomenal things
19:06 and I hope you know everyone at home
19:08 will running go get their Bibles right now
19:10 if they don't have them and look at these
19:13 incredible chapters. These ought be chapters
19:16 that are you know circled and underlined
19:19 and, yes, and note I mean just incredible things
19:22 going on, but God tells us let not your heart
19:24 be troubled, you believe in God and believe
19:26 the house on me and in my Fathers house
19:28 there are many mansions. I go to prepare a place
19:31 for you, it's got your name on the door,
19:33 you know, Shelley Quinn there is her name right
19:36 there on the door it's waiting there for you,
19:37 there is one for me, one for all of the audience
19:40 here today and then God continues on verse 6
19:44 he says I am the way, I am the truth,
19:48 I am the life here is, here is the pathway
19:51 for us, he is getting to know him personally
19:54 and following him personally, verse 7
19:57 if you had known me you should have known
19:59 my father you can't beckon now.
20:01 Now Thomas asks the crazy question well Lord
20:04 show us the Father. Jesus said have you been
20:07 with me so long and haven't seen the father.
20:10 I know people today look at the old testaments
20:14 and say oh God was retired and he was a
20:16 horrible God now as a father. You know,
20:19 but Jesus, oh, Jesus is loving.
20:20 No it's kind of the other way around,
20:22 Jesus was actually did everything
20:25 of the old testament, he was the pillar of fire,
20:27 he was the cloud, he was the one who watched
20:30 over his children continually,
20:33 they have lived with the Lord, but you know
20:35 if you read, I think sometimes people read
20:38 the old testament with this certain filter on
20:41 and they were looking at everything that God
20:44 warned his people of in their thinking,
20:46 oh it sounds so harsh, it sounds so harsh,
20:48 but if they recognize how long God suffered
20:53 through this and kept warning them for years,
20:56 decades and before he ever acted it wasn't
21:01 harshness God was trying to warn them to say
21:03 this is what's kind to happen if you don't
21:06 and he was kind a like a parent saying to a child.
21:09 If you doesn't straighten up I am gonna
21:11 have to spank you, don't make me spank you.
21:13 And that's what God was doing. You know,
21:15 you are exactly right, I look at my life.
21:18 Shelley, if I had been God I would have done
21:20 away with me a longtime ago, I mean literally
21:23 I could, oh couldn't we all say that, you know
21:25 I was horrible, but God even from the time God
21:28 said Jim you have got a short-time to decide
21:30 and God literally told me that it was two years.
21:35 I continued all this garbage and stuff
21:38 for two years and finally God said okay now
21:41 its time when I finally woke up,
21:45 I mean long suffering, you talk about long suffering.
21:47 I mean there is an ultimate point in which
21:50 God just finally has to say enough is enough
21:52 because it's causing everyone too much hurt
21:55 and pain, yes, but here God says is the way
21:58 he said verse 20 and that day you should know that
22:02 I am in my father, and you in me and I in you.
22:06 Here is the whole trinity wanting to be with us,
22:12 you know, I and you and you and me,
22:14 and God says I want a tabernacle in you
22:16 and I want to dwell in you, I want to be your
22:19 very best friend, so that you can live a peaceful
22:22 and happy life. Because he is the true wine
22:25 and we are the branches of and he said
22:27 Jesus goes on in verse chapter15 and verse 5
22:30 to say that, if we are not abiding in him
22:33 apart from him we can do nothing, nothing
22:36 that we do has eternal value,
22:39 it will last for eternity, it has to be in him.
22:43 You know, you mentioned the wine
22:44 and here you think why did God pick that example,
22:48 you know he is the wine and we are the branches
22:51 it's organic, it's living, it's real and it's living
22:56 and the energy, the vitamins, the nutrients
23:00 everything has to flow out from the source out
23:03 to the branches and that's what how God
23:06 wants to do with you and with me,
23:08 and you mentioned abide here, yes,
23:10 you know in this chapter alone it's eleven times,
23:14 a eleven times John says, abide, abide,
23:18 dwell, live in, dwell and remained in,
23:22 remain connected closely too and I have,
23:25 so in we only have about four minutes left.
23:28 What do you do to abide in Christ?
23:32 There is somebody watching us right now Jim
23:36 who is saying I want to abide Christ,
23:39 I have been going to church for 30 years
23:41 may be during the same situation
23:44 you were in before. How did you finally make
23:47 that surrender to God and come into that
23:52 rest of abiding. Well, that's the key,
23:56 how did I make the surrender. I came to God
24:00 did all the things and studied and prayed,
24:04 but then I backed off of all those things
24:06 and I found itself was rising up again.
24:09 Jim Ayer wanted to do things in his own way.
24:13 I remember one time fellow said
24:16 I was driving down the road,
24:17 stopped for hitchhiker said come on
24:19 get in the car. Hitchhiker said no. Oh,
24:21 what do you mean come on get into the car.
24:23 No, no I why not, because I want to drive.
24:27 What do you mean, you want to drive
24:29 and this is the way it is with God.
24:31 You know we are willing to take God
24:32 long as a hitchhiker. We are willing to take God
24:34 out there to, you come along in my life
24:37 to follow me as I wanna do my things,
24:39 but God says no, no I wanna drive.
24:42 I wanna take control of your life.
24:46 I used to think I had watched folks
24:48 who are new age and they say oh,
24:50 I just wake up in the morning and I just kind
24:52 of go along with the universe.
24:54 And I thought that was so crazy and it is the way
24:57 they lay it out. Yes. But the way God says it.
25:00 You know my sheep here, my voice,
25:03 I want to dwell in you, I want to mold you,
25:05 make you, shape you in my image
25:07 whole different thing. Except and he will never
25:09 take control. We always have to yield the control.
25:13 Choose you this day whom you will serve.
25:15 Whom you will serve, yeah. Amen.
25:16 And I was down and do we have enough time
25:19 couple of minutes maybe, yeah bit.
25:20 I was down in the Dominican republic
25:22 and I was doing an evangelistic series
25:24 and the pastor one day said Jim
25:26 would you do this funeral for me,
25:29 where you don't have time, no he says
25:30 he don't have time. Is it well okay.
25:32 So after he told me this I started to ask him
25:35 well was he a good guy, no he wasn't everybody
25:37 hated him. He wasn't a Christian,
25:39 no he wasn't a Christian, hated Christians.
25:40 I'm thinking now I know why the pastor asked me
25:44 to do the funeral and I'm thinking what on earth
25:46 am I going to do. I was laboring over this.
25:48 I went to the house. I mean there was people
25:51 everywhere they were spread out around
25:53 the sidewalks because they love the family
25:55 and I got there and they rushed me right
25:57 in between the wall and the open casket
26:01 and I'm thinking oh, this is what am I gonna do,
26:04 you know and I'm going on with this
26:06 and finally I thought I'm just gonna preach
26:07 about the second coming of Jesus.
26:09 I'm gonna preach about the Lord
26:10 and his love and I did all that.
26:12 I preached about the second coming
26:14 and I invited people to come to my meetings
26:15 and you know what that guy down
26:17 there in the casket had to say about it
26:19 who hated Christians. Nothing. Nothing
26:22 because he was dead. Amen.
26:23 Paul says I die daily, daily.
26:26 Every moment of everyday I have to come
26:28 to the point say I've got to surrender
26:29 today to God. And that's the only way
26:32 I can really live because God will change us
26:35 and give us so much power to do
26:37 the right things to walk. This is the way
26:39 he says walk in it. He will do that for us.
26:43 You see that's the secret is the secret
26:45 of learning to surrender is to understand
26:48 that even in surrender would depended upon
26:50 his power. We have to go there
26:52 and pray help me Lord pick up my cross.
26:54 Yes, it's all God. Help me Lord. Exactly.
26:56 Put exactly mistakes of my flesh from the Holy Spirit.
26:59 The only part we have is understanding
27:00 the correct use of our will.
27:02 I can will to choose God at this moment in time.
27:05 Exactly, exactly. You know I can't believe
27:08 how fast this third imminence went,
27:10 but I just want to thank you Jim
27:13 for being with us today. Well thank you.
27:15 Hope you will comeback and I just kind a wanted
27:17 to sum this up for us at home. We do know
27:20 that we are getting close to the end of time
27:23 and it is, it doesn't matter what's coming
27:28 at us. We can still have peace.
27:30 We can still have contentment.
27:34 We can have confidence in what our Lord offers us.
27:38 Please if you haven't received Christ
27:40 as your savior today don't be like King Agrippa
27:43 when Paul was telling him about him
27:46 and King Agrippa was just waiting
27:48 for a more convenient season,
27:50 the time is drawing nine. It is soon I believe
27:55 that Jesus will return, so we invite you
27:59 to invite him into your heart and ask him
28:02 to help you heal control. He has got a great plan
28:05 for your life. It will be an exciting time
28:08 with the Lord. Thank you.


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