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Restoration Of Communication With God, Pt. 1

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Participants: Shelley Quinn (Host), Jim Ayer


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00:01 Have you ever suffered a breakdown of communication
00:03 between you and someone you love,
00:05 how did that affect your relationship?
00:07 Well you know when we think about it there
00:09 was a breakdown of communication between man
00:13 and God in the Garden of Eden. But God knew that the
00:17 relationship wouldn't stand unless
00:19 He bestowed it and He did just that.
00:22 Please join us today on Issues and Answers,
00:25 as we look at the restoration of communication with God.
00:55 Hello, I am Shelley Quinn and we are so glad that
00:57 you've joined us today, no matter where you're tuning
01:00 in from around the world, whether you're watching us
01:02 on Television, by Internet or listening by radio.
01:05 I think this is a program that you're going
01:07 to really enjoy. I wanna share a scripture
01:10 with you and it's a scripture that has a lot of meaning
01:14 and sometimes we seem to, we can read past this
01:18 one without really catching the depth of it.
01:20 It comes from John 17:3 and the Bible says this is Jesus
01:25 speaking, he says, this is eternal life that they may
01:30 know you, the only true God and Jesus Christ whom
01:35 you have sent, that's eternal life to know God,
01:39 to know this God of love, of righteousness,
01:43 a God of mercy to know him is to love him and today
01:48 we have a special guest with us, this is a man who came
01:53 to know God a little later in life and when he found
01:57 out what God was like and who he was, he
02:00 surrendered his life totally and completely to him.
02:04 And he is now enjoying eternal life I believe that,
02:08 Amen, don't you Jim, absolutely, surely I do,
02:11 oh glory to God. Jim Ayer, Ayer I knew I would do that,
02:15 because well that's okay, if it's in, if
02:17 it's in India they say Iyer. Well, someone told me Ayer
02:20 they corrected me and I knew I am just gonna say
02:22 that wrong today. Jim Ayer and you are with an
02:25 Adventist World Radio (AWR), that's right.
02:29 You are a vice president. How long have you been
02:31 with AWR? About three and half years.
02:33 Alright and what are you, what do you with them?
02:37 Well, one of great things I get to do, I am with the
02:39 Making Waves. Have you ever heard of Making Waves,
02:42 I believe so, that's a popular program on 3ABN,
02:45 on 3ABN several times a week. I get to travel around
02:48 the world and talk to the people about how their lives
02:51 have been dramatically altered when they heard
02:53 the Gospel message through radio.
02:55 Amen, and it's, it's tremendous Shelley what God
02:58 is doing out there, you know, this program Making Waves
03:01 is very popular with our viewers, because
03:03 you have such exciting testimonies and speaking
03:07 of exciting testimonies you have one as well.
03:11 Jim could you just give our viewers just a little
03:16 synopsis of what God has done in your life. Well,
03:18 just a couple of snippets, I was a drug dealer,
03:21 alcoholic and a thief actually, it's amazing,
03:24 it's didn't look like this at all. But God came
03:27 in and spoke to me I mean literally spoke to me and it,
03:32 it didn't take, it didn't really take, it was kind
03:36 of interesting it took actually about two years
03:39 and God spoke me again and finally that time it
03:41 was like basically. Ayer excuse me,
03:43 when you speak to you, you think are you speaking
03:45 of life 1st Kings 19:12 that a still small voice for Lord
03:49 where He is impressing his thoughts upon you almost
03:52 to the point they seem audible.
03:54 It could very well been Shelley, but I mean to me it
03:57 was just like you and I are talking right now
03:59 and God one time said Jim, tonight is your last night
04:02 to decide, you've got to make up your mind and there
04:04 was a cross roads of eternity right there, wow,
04:07 and that was the moment, that was the turning
04:09 point in my life but you know even that didn't stick,
04:12 I started studying and praying and learning
04:17 God's word. I even had a call to the ministry but some
04:20 way somehow because I kind of quit praying as much,
04:23 I stopped studying as much,
04:25 I lost that communication with God,
04:27 when I had the call I turned my back on it.
04:31 I went off into the business world,
04:33 became very successful in the business world,
04:35 very successful and sitting in a church pew, look nice,
04:40 did all the right things, paid tithe,
04:41 did all these good things. But I really believe I
04:44 was lost and then God again spoke to me and this time
04:47 I think it was more of the internal so Jim,
04:51 the Holy Spirit may be poured out all around you,
04:54 you will never recognize or receive it, and I thought,
04:56 wow, wow, I can't let that happen in my life.
05:00 I've got to do something and so it was an interesting
05:02 trail how God continued to lead me and wow,
05:06 what a, what a journey it's been Shelley. Yes,
05:08 it has been. So, that kind of gives me then a glimpse
05:14 into why you have chosen today's topic and that
05:18 is restoration of communication with God,
05:22 when you, when God first got your attention did you
05:28 feel that you were like Adam and Eve that you were
05:32 running from him. You know, I didn't even,
05:34 didn't even know God. I mean, I had no concept of
05:37 what God was. So, you didn't grow up in a Christian home,
05:40 didn't grow up Christian home really, you know,
05:42 my mom and dad said well you know you go to church,
05:45 as I was child they thought it's good you should go,
05:48 but they didn't go and you know I just kind of went
05:53 but I never heard anything, as a child it just never
05:56 stuck and so I quit going when I was old enough
05:59 as said I don't want to do any more to do with this.
06:01 You know high school, I thought the only time
06:03 I'd go to a church was to take a cute girl or something
06:06 you know some good excuse.
06:08 And, but I just didn't want go and so I just totally
06:11 wandered, wandered away. So, you believed there
06:14 was a God you would just agnostic.
06:17 Yeah, I kind of believed there was a God but it was,
06:20 it was during that time period when everybody had
06:22 some great ideas about something you know even
06:25 Timothy Leary, you know drugs are the ultimate
06:27 way to God. LCD is the way to find God and so,
06:31 but you know, I don't know who Timothy Leary
06:33 was that he sure had crazy ideas.
06:35 That was his own desire. Well, and you know somehow
06:38 praise the Lord, by the grace of God I entirely missed
06:43 I remember when I was in high school that there was
06:46 reports of people doing marijuana and things
06:49 and I would just avoid those people like the plagues,
06:52 so somehow even in college I was blessed that I missed
06:55 that whole culture. You see it's interesting this
07:00 was what the devil wants to totally do,
07:02 he wants to block out God, he wants us to think there
07:05 is no such thing as God. In the beginning
07:10 we're told in the Bible that the devil rebelled against
07:14 God he begins thinking that he could do things better
07:16 than God. He had this whole plan in his mind.
07:20 He began sharing with everybody in the universe
07:23 that why if I was in that position I could do things
07:26 so much better and he was so well his stuff
07:31 was at the, may be the right way to put it is,
07:33 his stuff was incredible that many believed him
07:36 and the Bible says there was war in heaven now many,
07:39 many think that that's probably a war
07:41 of words or war of ideas and it certainly was,
07:44 it says he ultimately he was cast out down to this
07:48 earth and you know at that time Shelley,
07:50 God had just done a beautiful new creation Adam and Eve,
07:54 man and woman and this was going to be his crowning
07:57 achievement. He said let us make man in our image,
08:00 after our likeness we were to be created in the
08:03 image of God. Amen, imagine that you know and it is
08:07 so exciting to think about that but then God says
08:10 you know, there needs to be a test you because
08:13 there's been this whole situation going on in heaven
08:16 and there does need to be a test of loyalty.
08:18 So, if you love me, Adam, if you love me,
08:21 don't go near this tree over here,
08:23 this is the tree of knowledge of good
08:25 and evil. If you love me just stay from that one tree,
08:27 I have given you every tree in the garden that's good,
08:31 just stay away from that one and you know we find
08:34 that here Eve gets away from the side of her husband.
08:37 She goes up and she sees this tree.
08:40 Why this tree it looks nice and she goes up
08:43 and you know there is a serpent in that tree,
08:45 Shelley that says. Hey Eve, Eve darling,
08:48 come a little closer, he spoke in a voice why she
08:51 thinks never heard of. A serpent speaks
08:54 in a human voice. He says, Eve God say you shouldn't
08:58 do this, but Eve he knows from the day you do it,
09:00 you will be just like God, go ahead try it, try it.
09:03 Ayer, you know even he was a little more insidious
09:07 than that because he first planted that seed of doubt
09:10 didn't he, didn't just say God said you,
09:12 you shouldn't do this, but he said did God really
09:15 say this, like are you sure this is what God said
09:19 and you and I both know we run into it in the ministry
09:22 all the time that often this is what happens,
09:25 it's kind of like people will read something and they
09:27 will say, oh, yeah, but is that what God really means
09:30 that I can't do this, that or the other,
09:33 and so he started there and start getting her to doubt
09:37 and then he starting sucking her in,
09:40 didn't he? He did and then he says you know go ahead
09:42 try it Eve, well she begins thinking about it,
09:45 just as you said, you know this concept begin sticking
09:48 those things. Well may be God really doesn't
09:50 what me to know how good this is.
09:53 And she takes that fruit whatever it was,
09:55 she begins eating and then all of a sudden we're told
09:57 she feels this accelerating feeling,
09:59 this is exciting, this is wonderful and it's just like
10:03 today the devil is handing out drugs to people,
10:06 just to try it, here you'll be like God, go ahead,
10:09 it'll lift you higher, it'll make you feel wonderful
10:12 go ahead. And you know drugs and alcohol
10:16 and all these things are the devil's counterfeit
10:18 to God's tree of life. Amen. And, and so here she
10:22 takes this fruit oh, this is great and she becomes
10:25 the first drug dealer, she runs to her husband,
10:27 she grabs up this fruit. She runs to her husband
10:29 and says, here honey try this, it's wonderful well
10:33 Adam's countenance you know I can imagine drops
10:35 because he knew immediately what had happened?
10:39 He is just sick about it but then he thinks God says
10:42 in the day we take of this fruit we will die and I don't
10:45 wanna lose Eve she is my partner.
10:48 Surely God can never ever replace her and so he
10:51 takes over the fruit and all of a sudden at that moment
10:54 even while the juice is dripping on his lips he feels
10:58 funny and they look at one and another and you know
11:01 the story, Shelley they're, we're naked they had
11:05 never seen nakedness because they had their own
11:07 righteousness before that and all of a sudden
11:09 they're starting to feel cold and something
11:12 is feeling funny, you see in that moment they really
11:13 did started dying just as God said that they would.
11:17 But now the wonderful things is,
11:19 God just didn't leave them in that situation.
11:22 You know God wandered in the cool of the afternoon
11:26 he said Adam and Eve where are you?
11:28 Where are you? He knew exactly where they were,
11:32 he's God, but he wanted them to respond to him
11:35 and finally they come out of the bushes and
11:38 they've got these fig leaves that they've sewn up
11:40 their own little aprons to cover their own nakedness,
11:42 their own "righteousness" and they said Lord,
11:47 here we are. Adam and Eve what have you done?
11:50 Lord, it's the woman you made,
11:53 it's the woman you made, God it's all your fault
11:55 and notice all of a sudden here's that communication
11:58 gap, the devil was successful right there in breaking
12:01 the communion with God. God had wandered with him
12:04 and walked with him in the garden in the cool
12:07 of the day talk with him. It was such a wonderful
12:10 experience and now all of a sudden you're attiring God,
12:13 if you had made this serpent and this woman because
12:16 then he looks to Eve and he says it is the serpent
12:18 you know that you made. This blame game goes
12:22 back and forth. And you know when you think
12:24 about it a thought occurred to me that it actually
12:28 that communication broke the minute here they are
12:32 clothe with the light of God and they didn't recognized
12:36 their nakedness, but once they recognized
12:39 their own nakedness and tried to make themselves
12:43 righteous on their own, which sometimes
12:45 we try so hard to do. In own righteousness
12:49 we can't stand before the Lord.
12:50 So, here comes their loving God and they're already
12:54 hiding from him and he has to seek them out
12:58 and don't we do that sometimes when God just like
13:01 what you say how God approached you over
13:04 and over again and you were kind of hiding from God
13:07 so then even when they stepped up to the plate
13:10 all of a sudden the communication
13:12 is not only broken but now you see that it's fractured
13:18 because now they began to accuse God
13:21 of doing wrong just as Satan did.
13:24 Yeah, yep, It was a terrible situation and at that
13:27 moment the devil thought aha, I've got them now
13:30 I am gonna yell to the whole universe you see
13:33 God's gonna have to destroy them because they did one
13:35 little thing, but then all of a sudden something
13:38 really strange happens Jesus I believe called two little
13:42 lambs over there, that were grazing near by
13:44 and he took a knife and he slit their throats
13:47 and he says Adam and Eve, this is death,
13:49 this is what you deserve and then he did something
13:53 else strangely. He, he, he, he is doing something all
13:56 of a sudden he clothe them with this,
13:59 with these garments the skins of the lambs
14:02 and he says Adam and Eve one day in the history
14:04 of man I will come and I will die, just
14:07 as these little lambs have died, I'll earn the right
14:11 to give you this righteous covering that I've given
14:15 you and then he does something even more
14:16 strange that the devil can't quite understanding
14:19 what's going on and he says Adam and Eve
14:21 and he looks at the devil I am going to put
14:23 enmity between you, between the woman,
14:26 between your seed and her seed.
14:28 Can you explain enmity because some people
14:30 don't understand that word? Well there in that
14:32 you know for one I looked at this what is this?
14:34 You know when you take magnets that are,
14:37 that are poles are opposites that you try and
14:39 shove them together, as a kid I loved to do that,
14:41 you show one magnet it bounces back you know
14:43 they repel. God says I don't want to only clothe
14:47 you with my righteousness on the outside,
14:50 I am going to come and live via the Holy Spirit
14:53 on the inside so that my righteousness repels evil.
14:58 So enmity then is a kind of a hatred, a repulsion,
15:02 I mean it's something that you, you can't stand
15:06 to be around. So that's what God was saying
15:09 I'll put enmity between you, exactly, and Satan,
15:12 exactly, exactly I will give you the power in your life
15:14 to repel the evil now. You have given away your
15:18 own righteousness, you've given away your own
15:20 power of choice, you've surrendered it to the devil.
15:24 But now I am going to give you the power back I
15:26 will earn right. You see God, God in heaven they
15:29 was a crisis when the devil stood before the universe
15:32 said God's a tyrant. I'd be a better ruler I will do
15:35 this and this and this. Well, they,
15:37 they didn't understand, they've never seen sin
15:39 and the council of God gets together,
15:42 God the father, the son and the Holy Spirit
15:44 and they come up with a plan, we're going to nail
15:47 two pieces of wood together, the son of God is
15:49 going to hang on it. I mean you say all that's so
15:52 simplistic, it is so simple a child can understand it,
15:57 but if so in death that we'll study it for all eternally,
15:59 isn't that truth, and, and so Jesus came in order
16:03 to die for men and women. He laid out that plan
16:05 to restore communication right there in the garden
16:09 of Eden. In the Revelation 13:8, yeah,
16:11 that he was the lamb slain before the foundation
16:14 of the world. I remember when I was about
16:16 19 years old and doing a, a very deep Bible study
16:20 and I don't know why but it was like for the first
16:24 time I wanted to know what they wear clothed
16:26 with and I had looked at how God lived in
16:29 unapproachable light and realized that the Psalm says
16:32 that he is covered with this robe of light and I
16:36 thought I bet that's what was on Adam and Eve
16:39 and then as I've realized that they had lost this,
16:43 it was the first time in my life that I realized
16:47 that was the first sin offering was when God made
16:50 for them these lamb skin coverings and it,
16:54 and I thought where did that come from?
16:57 God had to have killed a lamb. So I believe as your
17:01 describing, you know it dawned on me that from
17:04 the very beginning they knew, God shared the plan
17:08 of salvation with them. As he went through these
17:11 things and explained it to them that Adam and Eve
17:15 and therefore Cain and Abel were also taught,
17:18 exactly. What was acceptable to God is
17:21 a sacrifice and that, yes, God's got this plan
17:25 of salvation. So, it's an incredible thought that God
17:30 to restore communication had to promise to die
17:34 for us so that we could stand before a Holy God
17:38 not in our own righteousness, but covered
17:40 with his robe of righteousness.
17:43 Exactly, now this, this sacrificial system that
17:45 you're talking about, this was all designed
17:48 to bring their focus back to God, to turn their eyes
17:52 once again upon God because they had focused on,
17:56 on the serpent, they had focused on the serpent,
17:58 so now it's, it's to bring them back and we kind
18:01 of fast forward through the Bible of violin and God
18:05 had chosen the people, the Israelites and through
18:09 Abraham he had said I am going to,
18:10 I am going to make you a great nation of people
18:13 and sure enough he had a tremendous nation of people
18:17 and he gave a prophecy and he said in
18:18 four hundred years they're going to be in bondage,
18:21 but I am going to deliver them. Now,
18:24 we know that story and it all took place in Egypt
18:27 and they ended up in bondage in Egypt
18:30 and we look at that, they ended up in sin in Egypt,
18:32 yes, and God brought them out,
18:35 God brought them out of that land under his power
18:38 by his might. They didn't do anything on their
18:41 own except follow the instruction of God look
18:44 to that sacrifice and God brought them out in this
18:49 journey and all of a sudden as they're on this journey,
18:51 they get up to the Red sea and here's the whole
18:53 army of Pharaoh behind them and then they said,
18:56 why did we ever come out here,
18:57 why did we ever start this journey,
18:59 why did we trust God, yeah, why did we ever
19:01 trust this God, you know, now they've been slaves
19:03 for a long time, they've totally taken their eyes
19:06 off of God and so now it begins a process of training
19:09 them, how to look back to God again and God says
19:13 hey go forward, you know, why are you standing
19:16 here, go forward now and an interesting thing
19:19 is right there, he brought down a cloud in a pillar
19:23 of fire. That enmity that separation between the evils
19:28 of Pharaoh's armies in the separation to protect
19:31 his children and then he parts the seas for them
19:34 and they go through on dry ground and you read
19:37 in Exodus15 this incredible song of victory,
19:41 incredible of song of victory, God has done this,
19:44 and God has done this and God has done all these
19:46 things and it's interesting Shelley,
19:48 go all the way through to Revelation 15
19:51 and again a song of victory that virtually the same
19:55 song that the children of Israel sang,
19:58 a song of deliverance out of sin and bondage.
20:01 But this time it's God's people,
20:03 all of us standing on the sea of glass.
20:07 However we gain the victory? It's through God
20:08 by keeping our eyes upon God. But you know
20:11 there is a, there is a sad moment in there because
20:14 we go to Numbers chapter 13 and in Numbers
20:18 chapter 13 God wanted take now his children
20:21 to the Canaan land. He wanted to get them to the
20:24 Canaan land and he says look it's a land flowing
20:27 with milk and honey. It's a, it's a wonderful land.
20:31 Well they, they were just maybe doubtful a little
20:33 and they said lets send in spies and check it out,
20:35 lets just check it out. Well, they went in for
20:38 forty days and they came back and you know
20:40 at the camp, they look and say, look, look,
20:42 look over there, look at that.
20:43 What, what's happening and all of a sudden
20:46 they see these two guys bearing one cluster
20:49 of grapes on a great big stick, can you imagine
20:53 one cluster of grapes. I picture that as kind
20:55 of like in heaven you know hey come on over
20:57 Shelley over to my house we'll split a grape
20:59 for lunch. Yeah. You know, big grapes,
21:01 huge grapes, and here they were,
21:05 they all get back I mean the evidence they say yes
21:07 God everything you said is true it's absolutely true.
21:10 It's is a land flowing with milk and honey.
21:14 But then all of a sudden you know the sad story,
21:17 absolutely, all of them say but the that,
21:20 that's is the worst word in the whole Bible
21:22 and they said but was nevertheless they were
21:24 giants in the land. We've seen them with our own
21:27 eyes and in our own sight. We are like
21:30 grasshoppers. So this is that grasshopper
21:34 identity syndrome that so many of us have,
21:37 I've never heard it said like that but yes.
21:39 We don't recognize who we are in Christ,
21:42 but we're getting down, I can't believe how
21:45 quickly this is, is escaping us our time.
21:48 When, when they, God is trying to restore
21:53 communication to them, he is trying to get them
21:56 to trust him. What do you suggest we started
22:00 this program with John 17:3, That Jesus,
22:04 God said Jesus here to really restore us if you will
22:08 and to see that we might really see who he is.
22:13 As Hebrews 1:3 says he's the exact representation
22:16 of the Father. And Jesus is saying this is eternal
22:20 life that you may know that know him the only true
22:24 God and the one who him sent. What, what,
22:28 what is your response or what is your suggestion
22:33 to our viewers. How to restore communication
22:37 with God? Well like the song says turn your
22:39 eyes upon Jesus and all of the things of this world
22:42 would grow strangely dim, in the light of his glory
22:45 and grace, there the children of Israel
22:48 at the borders of Canaan land look to themselves,
22:51 but you go to Joshua chapter 3
22:53 and here's is a lady who was a prostitute of a
22:56 heathen land and she began sharing her story,
23:00 we saw what your God did, he parted the seas.
23:03 We saw what your God did, he destroyed the
23:05 heathen Kings. So, remember what God
23:07 has done in the past, so, it is one way of looking.
23:09 So, so, always look to God, okay, now the,
23:12 the texture quoted, this is life eternally
23:15 that they might know thee. Yes.
23:17 Well, this know with Adam and Eve they knew one
23:20 and another and they conceived a children,
23:21 very inmate, very personal, you've got to,
23:24 you've got to get to know this God, look to him,
23:27 turn your eyes on him. Not on the giants,
23:29 not on all the giants out there because there
23:31 are giants everywhere and the devil is trying
23:34 to destroy us continually, there is real devil,
23:36 there is real evil angels and there is a real God
23:40 and powerful God who loves us who died for us,
23:43 to us the power to overcome, you know,
23:46 Revelation chapter 2 and 3: looks God says for over
23:50 comers to him that overcomes,
23:53 I will give the right to sit with me on my thrown.
23:56 Can you imagine, God wants to provide us
23:58 with his power, with his strength to overcome
24:02 the viles of the devil and as we go along in our
24:05 daily walk, how do we do it, we've got to spend
24:09 time in his word. Because I've heard you talk
24:10 about the logos, you know his word,
24:13 his word is transforming, amen,
24:15 his power is transforming in our lives and unless
24:19 we spend that time on our knees and prayer and study,
24:21 I saw it in my own life when I quit doing that
24:25 even though God had called me and then soon
24:28 I dropped away, you know I got busy with
24:30 all the things of life and I became a businessman
24:33 and I was too important to spend time in study
24:36 and prayer. Well, but, and you were still going
24:38 to church, so there was some little you know,
24:40 sometimes we, we satisfy ourselves by saying
24:45 well I am getting the weekly message or
24:47 I am doing this, and to really know someone
24:50 it'd be like if you were married and you always
24:53 spoke to your wife once a week.
24:56 But you are in the same house and avoiding
24:58 her all the rest of week, what would your
25:00 relationship be, that's right, how many husbands
25:03 can sit, you know husbands, my phone rings
25:04 and I pick up the cell and I say, who is this,
25:06 yes, who is this? Oh honey, it's you how,
25:11 how long would I be married to my wife,
25:13 if didn't recognize the voice of my wife, amen,
25:15 and the Lord says my sheep hear my voice
25:18 and they follow me and we need to learn to listen
25:22 to God's voice and that voice comes to us
25:25 through his word. Yes, exactly.
25:26 Number one way he talks to us is through the word.
25:29 But now the restoration of communication,
25:33 sometimes people will spend time in the word but
25:37 they don't really pay much attention to the prayer
25:40 of life, what would say about that?
25:43 Well, you, you don't have one without the other
25:45 because as you read this is an encounter with
25:49 a God of Universe. His word is a direct encounter,
25:52 he says I am the way, I am the truth,
25:56 I am the life and I am light, I am the bread,
26:00 all these things, God doesn't say come follow me
26:02 and I'll show you where this is, no,
26:05 no he says I am, amen. We send these pages
26:09 as he is the God of the universe,
26:11 desiring to live in our lives to, to clothe,
26:15 to clothe himself with our bodies that he might
26:20 live in our temple, to give us the victory,
26:22 to give us changes, to overcome the problems
26:25 that beset us so easily in this life.
26:27 Yes, you know, it's a, the Lord once spoke to me
26:31 and I'm trying to think, here's how he said it,
26:33 that time is life, how you invest your time is how
26:38 you invest your life and boy,
26:40 sometimes we can invest our lives,
26:42 waste our lives, by, by wasting our time,
26:47 yet you have a saying about time,
26:50 share that with us. Well, we weren't created for time,
26:52 we're created for eternity, amen.
26:54 And we've got to focus on that.
26:56 God, God wants to transform us Romans
26:58 12:2 Be ye therefore transformed by the renewing
27:02 of your mind and God does it all.
27:04 He clothes us with his righteousness just as Adam
27:06 and Eve in the garden. He sends us the Holy Spirit
27:09 when he is invited in, yes, to live in our lives to
27:13 changes and we. live in the blast moments of earth's
27:16 history, Shelley, we don't have time to do things
27:19 that we used to do. Amen, and he does renew
27:21 our mind but when we spend time in the word
27:24 this is the best way to renew our mind,
27:27 and as James says in, amen, James 1:21 and it is,
27:30 that word is planted in our hearts,
27:32 it has the power to save our souls.
27:34 Thank you so much so much for being with us Jim Ayer,
27:37 thank you, oh thank you, and we are so grateful
27:39 to all of you for joining us.
27:41 I pray that if you feel that your communication
27:45 with God is suffering right now,
27:47 just look heavenward and say Lord,
27:50 I want to be able to communicate with you
27:53 on an intimate level, just one and one and God
27:56 will help you restore that, we're so grateful that
27:59 you've joined us and now our prayer is at the grace
28:03 of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of the father
28:05 and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.
28:08 We'll be with you today and always, see you again.


Revised 2014-12-17