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Impossible Dreams Made Possible

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00:01 Do you have dreams and aspirations
00:03 that just sometimes seem impossible.
00:05 Well we believe that God may be putting
00:08 those in your heart, and if he is,
00:10 he wants to fulfill them. Please stay tuned today
00:13 for Issues & Answers, and learn
00:15 a little bit more about this
00:38 Hi, I am Shelley Quinn, and thank you so much
00:41 for joining us. I think today is going to be
00:43 really an exciting day because we are going
00:45 to talking about dreams, goals and aspirations
00:49 and where they originate from and why they are
00:53 important to our lives.
00:54 I was reading once in Luke verse 6,
00:57 chapter 6 in verse 39, where the Bible says
01:01 "For with the measure you use,
01:03 it will be measured back to you. "
01:05 And suddenly what was impressed upon my mind
01:07 were these words, increase the measure
01:10 of your expectancy, for the measure
01:12 you use will be measured back to you.
01:15 I believe that sometimes we put God in a box,
01:18 we're afraid to pray for anything
01:21 that might be too grand.
01:22 We are afraid to attempt the things to bear
01:27 the abundant fruit that God says
01:29 that he wants us to bear because we don't really
01:35 trust ourselves, and what we need to do
01:37 is quit leaning on ourselves and start looking to God.
01:39 Here today to talk to us about this is
01:42 Dr. Janice Browne and Janice we're so glad
01:46 that you have come back and be with us.
01:48 Thank you, I am very happy to be here again.
01:51 Now you have a masters in clinical psychology
01:55 and in your PhD is in leadership with a.
01:59 Concentration in psychology.
02:02 A concentration, tell me a little bit out what a master
02:06 or a PhD in leadership entails.
02:09 Actually it's in educational leadership,
02:11 and it basically entails teaching.
02:14 It entails curriculum development,
02:17 administration, anything that has to do with school
02:22 from grades one up to college,
02:24 and on to the university level.
02:27 I am of course on the university level
02:29 even though I teach in the psychology department.
02:32 So basically it's just an educational degree
02:35 and also it deals with consultation
02:40 and developing leaders and
02:43 leadership skills in individuals.
02:45 Okay, now when you, your husband and you
02:50 were missionaries for a number of years in Ethiopia.
02:53 Yes. That's correct, and when you returned,
02:56 tell me a little bit about the dream that God
03:00 actually planted in your heart almost through a seed
03:03 that he planted in your husband's heart.
03:05 What actually happened is that I interacted
03:10 with so many people there in Ethiopia
03:13 being the President's wife, the constituents,
03:16 the pastors, the pastor's wife. Your husband was the president
03:18 of the Ethiopian Union.
03:20 Yes, he was and I found that when I came home
03:26 I met people in America but they have the same needs
03:30 and I said you know people are the same
03:33 all over the world. They have needs,
03:36 they have goals, they have dreams, they have visions,
03:38 and I started to conceive a ministry
03:42 that would involve training leaders,
03:46 that would involve teaching individuals how to dream,
03:50 helping persons to realize that they do have dreams,
03:54 and that dreams are something special
03:57 that have been given to us by the almighty creator.
04:01 Amen. You know you wanted to start this program
04:06 and let me go ahead and do that for you
04:08 with a scripture from John 15:60,
04:12 and I think that ties in exactly
04:14 with what you are saying.
04:15 Jesus said you did not choose me,
04:18 but I chose you, and appointed you
04:20 that you should go and bear fruit
04:23 and that your fruit should remain,
04:26 we that whatever you ask the Father in my name,
04:30 he may give you. Now Jesus is saying basically
04:36 what you're saying is that he is calling us.
04:40 He puts something in our heart, so that we can go out
04:44 and bear fruit. How do you think all of that works.
04:47 I really believe that according to that text
04:50 God has called us, he has chosen us
04:53 and he has anointed us with the Holy Spirit,
04:57 and once he has called you whether you recognize
05:00 the call or not, there is something within you
05:04 that is a strong desire to either aspire to something
05:09 or to meet a goal that you have set for yourself
05:13 or something that you dream of doing,
05:17 you know its unfortunate that we as adults
05:20 sometimes gets so bogged down.
05:22 We become so jaded and we become so troubled
05:27 and so busy that we really forget to use
05:30 our imagination, our Godly imagination.
05:33 We forget how to dream and we certainly
05:36 you know don't bother with
05:37 trying to reach certain dreams.
05:39 Now there are people that dream, they dream big,
05:42 they follow through with it whether they're young
05:45 or they're old, and then there are some individuals
05:48 who are afraid to dream.
05:50 They don't know how to dream.
05:52 I was in Zimbabwe about four weeks ago,
05:56 and I did a session on dreaming,
05:59 I called it the dream session.
06:01 God wants us to dream the impossible,
06:03 and I remember very clearly standing before
06:06 about eight hundred women and I said how many of you
06:10 have a dream and people raised their hands,
06:15 and I said how many of you know how to dream,
06:19 and a few raised their hands, and then I said
06:22 how many of you don't know how to dream,
06:24 and I was really surprised at the
06:27 number of hands that went up,
06:28 sometimes dreams have been snatched from people,
06:32 sometimes they're so involved in what
06:34 they are doing, they don't have time for it,
06:36 or sometimes people think that it's impossible,
06:40 but we know that it's not
06:41 because God has told us that it's not.
06:43 Well, and there times that I like what
06:47 you said in the beginning that sometimes
06:50 God puts something in our heart and we get his desire,
06:52 not every desire that we have, not every dream
06:55 we have may be inspired of God,
06:57 and so I would say that one of the most important things
07:00 to do is to make that mental check and go and see if
07:06 what you are aspiring to do, does this line up
07:09 with the principles of the Bible, would you agree.
07:12 I would totally agree with that. Okay.
07:14 And I also really believe that just as we should
07:16 try the Spirits to see if they are false spirits
07:19 or if they are really of the Holy Spirit,
07:21 the same is true with dreams,
07:22 and I really believe that God places dreams
07:25 in our heart, and he gives us the skills
07:28 and abilities and the talents to go along
07:31 with those dreams. We call them talents sometimes.
07:35 Things that you just naturally do.
07:37 I don't know about you as a little girl,
07:39 but I can almost, I almost have a thought that you
07:45 were a little girl you liked to talk,
07:47 you probably liked to talk in front of people,
07:50 you probably have the gift of speech,
07:52 and God knew that, so he eventually put the dream
07:56 in your heart, it was there all the time,
07:58 but he opened it like a flower,
08:00 and he brought you to the point where
08:02 you are living your dream, you are speaking to millions
08:05 all over the world, and not just speaking to them,
08:09 but you are talking to them about God. Amen.
08:11 You are talking to them about things
08:13 that are important to them and things
08:15 that are important to God.
08:16 I know that when God called me
08:17 to full time ministry, I thought
08:19 well who wants to listen to me, what would I say,
08:22 but the one that really sticks in my mind right now
08:25 is your, comes to the forth front of my mind is that
08:29 many times people would tell me,
08:31 I can't tell you how often people told me
08:33 you need to write a book, you need to write a book,
08:35 and I made the comment frequently,
08:38 I'll never write a book unless its for the glory
08:40 of God. well what did I have to say I thought
08:44 and when I remember when I was writing Exalting
08:49 His Word, my first book
08:51 that as I was coming to the final chapter,
08:55 I thought Lord what do you want to put
08:58 in this final chapter,
09:00 and I was writing this final chapter suddenly
09:04 I remembered the Lord reminded me you said that
09:07 you would never write a book unless
09:09 it was for my glory, and now child is the time.
09:12 And I, it hadn't even occurred to me,
09:16 hadn't dawned on me, and I realized that sometimes
09:18 we say things and we don't even realized,
09:23 I mean I wouldn't say it was my dream to write a book
09:25 for God. I just, he gave me a talent,
09:28 and I just simply said I won't write a book unless
09:32 it's for God's glory.
09:34 And then God took that simple little sentence
09:39 as if to say okay I'll give a mandate,
09:41 this is the desire in your heart, 'cause somewhere
09:44 in there must have been, and he gave me the mandate
09:47 to write a book for his glory.
09:49 So that's amazing, yeah.
09:51 And then a couple of points there
09:53 I would like to point out sometimes
09:54 we don't even realize what the dream is
09:58 and we will just inevitably say it or say something out
10:02 loud and I am a firm believer that words
10:06 of course fitly spoken are like apples of gold
10:08 and peaches of silver.
10:10 We also know that words can hurt, words can bless,
10:14 words can kill, and we know that when you put words out
10:18 there in the universe, and really that's Gods ears,
10:21 he hears those, but they not really
10:24 come from inside of us, they are there already,
10:27 and he prompts us to respond by saying
10:31 those words. So you know as one things in their heart
10:36 so are they when you say things if you say I can do it,
10:40 you know you will eventually began to do it,
10:43 and you will put yourself in a position to fulfill that.
10:47 If you tell yourself that you can't I wish I could,
10:50 but I really can't, then you're limiting yourself.
10:53 God knew that he wanted you to write
10:56 a book to his glory. Yes.
10:58 And so he had you to say I'll never do it unless
11:01 I do it to his glory. That's what he needed to hear,
11:04 and then when the appropriate time came
11:06 he reminded you, my child. Yes.
11:09 This is a dream you didn't even know you had.
11:11 You have done it now, and you wanted to do
11:13 it to my glory, and here it is, and it's to his glory.
11:16 And I do believe there are times,
11:18 you know a lot of people are afraid to pray,
11:21 and ask God's for God's will in their life,
11:24 because they are afraid that
11:25 he is going to put them in Ethiopia.
11:29 And maybe they don't want to be called,
11:31 you know we talked about you recall you were chosen,
11:34 you didn't choose me, I chose you.
11:37 Are there times do you believe that you've said
11:40 that sometimes there is a dream in it,
11:42 it's a strong desire in our heart, sometimes
11:45 I think maybe, I don't know how to
11:47 articulate this Janice. I believe sometimes
11:50 that there is something out there
11:53 and it's not a strong desire,
11:55 I will give you an example when your husband told
11:57 you just a few days after you married that
12:00 God has impressed upon his mind that you were to have
12:03 a speaking and teaching ministry,
12:05 and you were like no, no, no, I am a singer,
12:07 I am singer. So that was God's dream
12:12 he put it first in your husband's heart
12:14 because he knew, I mean that was God's dream
12:17 for you, his plan for you, but you had to accept
12:22 the seed for the dream through your husband,
12:24 would you agree. I would agree,
12:26 sometimes he does send people to us,
12:28 and just as you said people used to come to you
12:30 and says oh you need to write a book.
12:32 You know God sends affirmation and confirmation
12:36 through other human beings, and when my husband
12:38 said that it was very difficult to accept
12:41 not because I didn't love God, not because I didn't
12:43 want to do it but I never thought of myself.
12:46 I teach in a classroom,
12:48 I teach college and university students,
12:51 but to stand before people, and to actually expound
12:56 and talk about the word of God, to preach
12:58 and to teach wasn't something
13:00 that even I even thought I had the ability to do,
13:03 but once when my husband said it,
13:05 the Lord began to put me in places where that talent,
13:11 those gifts would come forward.
13:13 And speaking of dreams let me tell you,
13:15 you know God really does have a plan for all of us.
13:18 Amen. And speaking of Ethiopia,
13:20 when I was sixteen years old, I had a dream,
13:25 I really did. We had our sixteenth birthday party
13:28 for me and in our family there were six children,
13:30 mom and dad, and every sixteenth birthday
13:33 we would all come together with just the family
13:36 and not invite any friends, and we were supposed
13:38 to tell our parents about our dreams,
13:40 and aspirations, and goals were for us.
13:43 And I said to my parents when my time came
13:47 I said and I am the oldest, so it's number one.
13:49 They said what are your dreams Janice,
13:51 and I said I want to be a missionary.
13:53 But listen to this I forgot that I even said that.
13:57 Over twenty years later we get a call
14:00 from the General Conference inviting us to go,
14:04 and it was on New Year's night,
14:06 and I was speaking with my father
14:07 back in the day talking, and for some reason
14:09 I decide to go and see who was calling may be it
14:12 was another holiday call, and my husband said,
14:13 they're calling us to Ethiopia,
14:15 I jumped up and I scream, yes, yes, yes, let's go,
14:18 and he is very calm and he says
14:20 I think that means we'll be going.
14:23 I could not believe it, my sister when we told
14:26 the family, she said Janice don't you remember
14:28 at the age of sixteen at your birthday party
14:31 you said you want to be missionary.
14:33 So sometimes we have dreams and we forget all
14:35 about them, but God doesn't forget,
14:38 and they may not happen overnight
14:40 but they eventually happen
14:42 and they do take place in our lives.
14:43 You know I think some people are afraid
14:46 of the word dreams because sometimes
14:49 it has a negative connotation like you know
14:51 many a child has been probably
14:54 told you're nothing but a dreamer,
14:56 you will never amount to anything,
14:58 and we are afraid that we are putting our desires,
15:04 how can I say this on the Lord.
15:06 In other words in that scripture
15:08 from Psalms 37 verse 4 it's so misused
15:11 about delight yourself in the Lord and he will,
15:14 what's misused is the 'the' part where he says
15:17 he will give you the desires of your heart,
15:19 and some people think that well
15:22 I want to dream that I am going
15:23 to have this huge mansion,
15:25 and I am going to be the top social life in the city
15:30 or whatever. But the scripture actually says
15:33 delight yourself in the Lord,
15:35 then he will give you the desires of your heart.
15:38 I believe as we delight ourselves in God,
15:41 as we, his will becomes our will and his thoughts
15:47 and purposes becomes our thoughts and purposes,
15:49 that is the safe position from which to spring board
15:54 or segued into a dream if you will,
15:57 that you can, a dream can be birth in a heart,
16:02 a dream that you can be confident in can be birth
16:06 in our heart who is delighting itself
16:09 in the Lord, right. I would agree with that
16:11 wholeheartedly because if you're delighting in the Lord,
16:15 truly delighting in him, then you have
16:18 a relationship with him, and when you have
16:20 a relationship with him, he is able to talk to you,
16:23 he is able to guide you, he is able to put you in places
16:26 and on paths where he want you to be,
16:29 if you are delighting yourself in him.
16:31 I believe that word delighting means not only
16:33 just talking to him but being excited about him.
16:37 Amen. You know and just being so ready to hear
16:42 what he has to say and how he has to say
16:45 it to you that that's delight,
16:47 and then he puts something in you,
16:50 and I say that's a calling. Exactly.
16:54 A dream is a calling.
16:55 You know who Pastor John Carter is and
16:59 he most of our viewers are quite familiar with him.
17:02 He has a number of programs on 3ABN,
17:04 but the Lord called him obviously to be an
17:08 evangelist and when I was mentioning earlier
17:11 at the beginning of the program that sometimes
17:12 we put God in a box, we're afraid to ask
17:15 for something too much.
17:17 Well some people if you call to be an evangelist
17:20 they might say oh Lord let me have a
17:23 successful campaign in Los Angeles, or in Chicago,
17:26 or in New York, or let me do this for that,
17:30 but what John Carter, and I love this about him
17:35 when he prayed his Lord give me Russia,
17:38 not give me Nizhny Novgorod, Russia,
17:43 but give me Russia, and the Lord used him,
17:46 I mean he put that and I know
17:48 that was calling of God on John Carter's life.
17:51 He put that dream in his heart, he gave him,
17:55 he burst in him that excitement, that enthusiasm.
17:59 God within, and he gave him that desire
18:03 to evangelize Russia, and God used him to begin
18:07 a huge work in Russia.
18:09 And to me that's why you know
18:14 that's what I used to, I wouldn't say give me
18:16 Coleman, Texas, I would say give me the world Lord.
18:20 And God put me in a place where
18:23 I can speak unto the world, that's amazing.
18:25 Isn't God awesome. Yes he is.
18:27 And he knows what kind of dreams to put in us,
18:31 and he equips us, and you always hear the statement
18:35 and I've heard it before it says he doesn't call
18:37 the equipped. He equips the called.
18:39 There you go, and sometimes people
18:42 I think refuse to dream or don't dream
18:44 because they are afraid that they can't meet up
18:47 to a standard, or they won't be able to do
18:50 what it is that they feel that
18:52 they have been called to do.
18:53 But God isn't concerned with that,
18:55 his only concern is that we delight ourselves in him
18:58 and as you said earlier that we just be open
19:01 that we are flexible that we are willing,
19:05 and we just allow the Holy Spirit to work within us.
19:08 Whatever it is that God has called you to do,
19:12 he will give the ability to do it.
19:15 He would put people in places
19:17 that will allow you to do it.
19:19 He will actually speak to you in the midnight hours,
19:23 or the way he does to me in the morning about 3 O'clock.
19:26 So I keep this pad and pencil beside the bed
19:29 and as he gives me the ideas, I write them down,
19:31 and I fall back to sleep and I wake up and go
19:34 oh how beautiful, and I know that comes from God.
19:37 Amen, amen. It's a good thing that you write it down
19:40 because if you don't sometimes
19:41 he's done with me, and I think oh I will never
19:44 forget that, and you wake up and think
19:46 oh I know there is something special.
19:48 I've done too. You know when you were talking
19:52 about he will give a vision in the night
19:54 and how he equips the called, not calls
19:58 the equipped, it makes me think
20:00 about our founder of 3ABN Danny Shelton,
20:03 because here is a man with a high school education,
20:07 a contractor, a builder, who knows nothing
20:11 about media, and when God called him to build a network,
20:18 a television network, that would reach the world
20:21 with the undiluted truth of the Three Angels message,
20:26 a message that would counteract the counterfeit.
20:29 He didn't even know, I mean he had no idea that
20:32 God put that dream into his heart and he went out
20:36 with just what he had in hand which was less than
20:39 two hundred dollars, and he just began
20:40 and God met him every step of the way
20:44 as he exercised his faith, and I believe that.
20:47 I know the Bible tells us that,
20:49 God has the Holy Spirit gives us
20:51 each a measure of faith,
20:53 but I believe that God gave him that Holy Spirit
20:59 gift of faith, it's one of the gifts,
21:01 you know it's a manifestation of faith
21:04 that is greater than most people have.
21:07 That has to something special
21:08 anointing of the Holy Spirit. So dreaming is,
21:12 being a dreamer is okay in your mind.
21:14 Almost definitely, remember Joseph. Yes.
21:17 Joseph was a dreamer, of course
21:19 he was a you know pretty verbose about his dreams
21:23 and of course when people hear you say
21:25 and you were bowing down to me,
21:27 individuals don't really like that,
21:30 that happened within his family,
21:31 but Joseph continued to dream,
21:35 and he continued to share his dreams.
21:37 Now sometimes when you have dreams
21:40 Satan is standing right there to crush that dream
21:44 and you can't always tell others about your dream.
21:48 I called them dream crushers.
21:51 They're standing there waiting to crush
21:54 your dream. Suppose the man that made the cell phone
21:58 and big clunky phones that we used to have in cars
22:01 had not dreamed and gone on and done it,
22:04 we wouldn't have a cell phone today.
22:06 Suppose Thomas Edison had allowed someone to crush
22:10 his dream, it would not have occurred or God
22:13 would have given it to someone else.
22:15 But you know going back to the Bible Joseph
22:17 was a dreamer and Joseph eventually lived out
22:22 his dream. And the thing about God
22:25 that I love so much is that he gives us the impossible,
22:31 and he makes it possible because he is a God
22:34 of possibilities,and he is the God of impossibilities.
22:39 He can make those things that we think are just
22:42 absolutely outrageous come true,
22:44 and that's what he did for Joseph.
22:47 Joseph was a dreamer, its okay to dream; in fact
22:50 it is good to dream.
22:52 Now I don't mean daydreaming idly,
22:54 sitting and thinking about things that are not positive,
22:56 things that are not spiritual,
22:57 things that are not healthy, things that
22:59 will not help you to grow.
23:01 We are not talking about dreaming
23:02 about winning the lottery.
23:03 No, we are not. We are talking about delighting
23:07 ourselves in the Lord.
23:08 We are talking about allowing God
23:09 to use our gifts, our abilities, our talents,
23:12 whatever they may to serve others, to serve the world,
23:17 to enjoy life, to have abundant life.
23:20 God wants the best for us, and dreams
23:22 aren't always something that are,
23:24 something that's frightening.
23:26 Some people are frightened by their dreams,
23:29 but sometimes God just puts dreams in our hearts
23:31 to do things we love to do.
23:33 I want to clarify because you said some people
23:36 are frightened by the dreams.
23:37 We are not necessarily talking about
23:38 the type of dream that you might
23:40 receive in the middle of the night, although the Lord
23:42 says this will happen in the end times
23:46 that he will give these dreams.
23:47 We are talking about a desire that
23:49 God can plant deep in your heart,
23:51 and it can be, I mean if suddenly you are desiring
23:56 something that seems beyond your reach
23:59 it can be very daunting,
24:00 but its something that my advice would be see
24:05 if you agree with this. If someone were asking me
24:08 about is it dangerous to dream,
24:11 and I think sometimes it is, there is certain type
24:14 of dreaming that is dangerous where people
24:17 just will not submit and commit their lives
24:21 to the Lord, but if they are, if somebody asked me
24:25 if it was dangerous to dream.
24:27 I think what I would say is not as long as
24:29 you are taking this dreams before the Lord
24:32 and asking Lord is it from you, because
24:34 if it's from God, you know even the Lord
24:37 may make you a very successful businessman
24:40 and his purpose may be, so that you can fund things
24:43 that happening. You may not be called to be a missionary
24:46 or an evangelist, but he may have
24:49 you be a very successful,
24:50 give you very successful business ideas.
24:53 So that you can fund the work in his harvest field.
24:56 And I really do believe that for every original
25:00 there is a counterfeit, and sometimes our dreams
25:04 are real and they come from God,
25:06 and then there is a counterfeit from Satan
25:09 that might be right there as well,
25:11 or if we as we said earlier don't delight ourselves
25:15 in the Lord. We might get that dream and corrupt it.
25:19 That God dreams for you to be a great businesswoman
25:24 or a great man, and of course he gives you
25:28 that dream, he gives you that desire,
25:30 he gives you that opportunity,
25:31 but then you don't use it to help others to do anything
25:36 that is a benefit other than for yourself
25:39 or your family, then I think
25:41 that Satan is properly corrupting that dream.
25:44 For example somebody is given an incredible music
25:48 talent, and they had this gift of having a life
25:54 you in music ministry perhaps,
25:57 and then they end up corrupting the talent,
26:00 the gift, and using it to serve in the
26:06 carnal industry. So there's times that
26:08 how would you as a parent if you were talking
26:12 to parents out there.
26:14 How would you guide a child
26:15 that you're trying to explain the benefits
26:19 and the dangers of dreaming.
26:21 Well first of all I think first
26:23 and foremost prayer is necessary.
26:25 Parents need to pray for themselves,
26:28 and they need to pray with their children.
26:32 Parents have a responsibility to share
26:35 the love of God with them, and to be as God
26:39 would be with them. You know the greatest sermon;
26:41 the greatest message is what a person
26:43 does rather than what they say.
26:45 As far as their dreaming is concerned,
26:48 I firmly believe that parents can help to make
26:52 mold and shape a dream in a child
26:55 or they can destroy it. They can decimate it,
26:59 they can corrupt it.
27:00 I think when parents talk to children,
27:03 they need to talk to them from the vantage point
27:06 that they're special, God has something special
27:09 for them to do, and that they can do it
27:11 by the grace of God and with his help.
27:13 Amen, and I think that's wonderful advice,
27:16 I would add to that perhaps
27:17 that they also ought to model.
27:19 The parents shouldn't always
27:21 come to your children and act like things
27:25 are impossible. If God's on your side,
27:27 all things are possible. Dr. Janice Browne,
27:30 we enjoy having you at 3ABN so much,
27:33 and thank you for bringing this delightful topic today.
27:38 Thank you, it's my pleasure.
27:40 For those of you at home please remember
27:42 don't put God in a box,
27:44 the measure you use will be measured back to you.
27:47 So increase the measure of your expectancy,
27:50 and the way that you do that is get into the word,
27:53 find out what God's promises are to you
27:56 as his child, and then hold fast to those,
28:00 and let God plant dreams in your heart.
28:03 And may he do more than you could ever imagine
28:07 with those dreams and plans he has for you.


Revised 2014-12-17