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00:01 My husband J.D., has a precious habit,
00:03 he leaves little notes around the house
00:06 that I can find just in inconspicuous places
00:10 and it always makes feel me so
00:12 loved when I find them,
00:14 please join us today on Issues and Answers
00:16 as we talk about love notes from God.
00:43 Hello and welcome to Issues and Answers.
00:45 We are so glad you've tuned in no matter
00:47 where you are tuning in from around the world
00:49 and today we are going to be talking
00:52 about love notes from our heavenly Father.
00:55 I want share one of my favorite love notes
00:59 with you, it's in Jeremiah 31 and verse 3
01:02 and this is the Lord speaking and he says yes
01:05 I have loved you with an ever lasting love
01:08 and therefore I have drawn you
01:11 with loving kindness, you know God
01:13 wants us to understand his love
01:16 and that is a concept that's difficult
01:19 to understand the length, the breadth,
01:21 the height and the width of God's love,
01:24 it's almost impossible but joining us today
01:28 is Dr. Janice Browne and Janice
01:31 is going to be talking to us about
01:34 something that I believe is
01:36 very important Janice, we welcome you back.
01:39 Thank you, it's good to be back.
01:41 Now tell us a little bit,
01:43 people may not have seen you
01:44 here before tell us little bit
01:46 about your educational
01:48 background and your ministry.
01:50 Well, I have a Bachelors of Science
01:53 and Psychology and Sociology
01:55 from Oakwood University, I have Masters of Science
01:59 and Clinical Psychology from
02:01 Alabama A&M University and I have a
02:04 Ph. D Degree from Andrews University
02:07 in leadership through the School of of Education
02:11 and a Concentration in Psychology.
02:14 So, why would someone like
02:17 yourself who is so highly educated
02:19 and particularly in the field of Psychology,
02:24 why would you think it is
02:25 so important for us
02:27 to focus on God's love.
02:30 Because that is the greatest love
02:33 that exists in a world filled with chaos,
02:36 and anger and hurt and anxiety,
02:39 oil spills and all kinds of terrible things,
02:42 we need to fill love and sometimes
02:46 even in our own families there isn't
02:48 enough love for some individuals,
02:50 so we need to know that in spite
02:54 of what's happening around us
02:55 or in spite of the person who
02:57 might be very lonely, someone
02:59 today watching us right now
03:01 might feel very lonely,
03:02 you may feel very, very alone
03:04 but God loves you that is the greatest love.
03:08 Amen, I always tell people it's
03:11 something that Lord told me to try to,
03:13 he told me to say it every time
03:15 I speak because I think sometimes
03:18 you may not understand,
03:21 you might think yeah I know
03:22 God is love but could he possibly love me
03:26 and here's what the Lord says
03:27 that he loves you, your worth
03:30 to him nothing less than the price
03:33 that he paid for you with blood
03:36 of his son Jesus Christ,
03:38 that's how much God loves you,
03:39 that's how he demonstrated his love
03:41 for us Romans 5:8 says is by sending
03:44 his son die for us while we were
03:46 yet sinners, so if that is what he did
03:50 then think how much he loves
03:52 us once we've accepted him
03:54 and become children of God, it's amazing.
03:58 It's beautiful. Yes, it is.
04:00 Absolutely outstanding, you know
04:01 I as I think about love from God
04:04 I decided that and I loved what
04:07 you said about your husband leaving
04:08 you little love notes.
04:10 I had a similar experience
04:11 where we were cleaning in our garage
04:14 something that isn't very fun
04:16 to do and one of the box
04:18 I almost throughout had a lot of
04:21 love notes that were written
04:23 to me by my husband before
04:25 we got married and it reminded me
04:27 of the love notes that God writes
04:29 to us in his word, you know
04:32 the greatest lover really
04:33 is our heavenly Father.
04:34 Amen. In fact God our heavenly Father
04:37 is the greatest lover and the
04:38 scripture in Hosea 2:19 says,
04:41 And I will betroth thee unto me forever;
04:45 yea, I will betroth thee unto
04:47 me in righteousness, and in judgment,
04:50 and in lovingkindness, and in mercies.
04:54 Some people are not married,
04:56 but God says he will betroth us to him,
05:01 he will marry us in righteousness
05:04 and mercy and lovingkindness
05:06 isn't that a wonderful love.
05:07 It's a beautiful love.
05:09 Isn't that a wonderful marriage?
05:10 And when we think about it,
05:11 he is not only the perfect father
05:14 but he is the perfect husband
05:15 and he said you know your maker is your
05:17 husband and that's the whole
05:19 thing in the Bible that's set up
05:21 as the analogy of actually marriage
05:25 is like the example and used
05:28 as the analogy of the relationship
05:29 between Christ and the Church
05:31 and its meant to be a perfect
05:33 relationship, so that is a great
05:36 thing of love, a great expression of love,
05:39 when someone wants to marry you.
05:40 So, what are some of the
05:41 other love notes that you have?
05:43 Let me start by saying first
05:44 of all that God really does love us.
05:46 Amen. God loves you, God loves you each
05:49 and every person that's watching right now,
05:51 he has a special love for you,
05:53 he says I rejoice over you for
05:57 as a young man married a virgin
05:59 and as the bridegroom rejoiceth
06:01 over the bride so shall thy
06:03 God rejoice over thee. Isaiah 62:5.
06:07 Amen. Love you God. Isn't that beautiful?
06:11 I love it. You know one of my scriptures
06:14 that I love I mean as a love note
06:16 is if I can find it here, isn't it
06:18 funny how you know where these books
06:21 are and then you start fumbling
06:22 when you're on TV,
06:24 it's Zephaniah 3:17, listen to this,
06:26 the Lord you God in your midst,
06:29 the mighty one will save;
06:31 he will rejoice over you with gladness;
06:34 he will quiet you by his love;
06:36 he will rejoice over you with singing,
06:39 can you just imagine,
06:40 the picture I know growing up
06:43 my idea of the Father God,
06:45 I love Jesus but my idea
06:47 of the Father was that he was up
06:49 there on his heavenly throne,
06:52 just watching, ready to zap me
06:54 if I did something wrong and when
06:56 I read this scripture I thought wow
06:59 God is singing over me in heaven
07:01 that is a picture that's almost
07:04 unimaginable but it's a wonderful
07:06 thing, it's a beautiful love note.
07:08 You are right. And it's so interesting
07:10 you should say that my idea
07:12 as a little girl was that my dad
07:14 was my father and that was the
07:16 only father and it was only after
07:19 my father passed away approximately
07:21 7 years ago that I really met
07:23 my heavenly Father and really
07:27 realized that he is my Father
07:30 and that he loaned me my earthly father.
07:33 Amen. So the idea that my
07:35 Father in heaven loves me
07:37 is overwhelmingly beautiful for me.
07:40 And you know I think it's difficult you
07:42 were very blessed because you grew up
07:45 in a Christian home and had a good relationship,
07:48 a good situation in the home,
07:51 some of us were not so blessed and then,
07:54 it's very difficult my father was killed
07:56 when I was six and had an abusive alcoholic
08:00 as a stepfather and sometimes people grow up
08:04 and they have had things,
08:05 you know and I just feel impressed
08:07 to tell you if you're watching today
08:09 and we're talking about love notes
08:10 from God and it just seems
08:11 so foreign to your mind,
08:13 God these are not just words
08:16 when he says that God is loving it
08:18 and that he loves you.
08:20 This is real and I am sorry
08:23 that you've had the past that
08:26 you've had and the hurts that you've
08:27 had but we can't have in our mind
08:31 a picture of God in comparing to our
08:34 heavenly, I mean our earthly fathers.
08:36 The ideal God wanted the earthly
08:39 father to kind of be as his example
08:42 and be that perfect father
08:44 but many are not, yet we have
08:47 to remember God is, he is the ideal.
08:50 Right. He really is. Amen.
08:52 And if we just accept him it helps us
08:55 because he has already accepted us
08:58 and it is unfortunate that some
08:59 individuals do have horrid pictures of
09:01 fathers that don't love and that's why
09:04 the love of God becomes even greater
09:06 because he will never leave you,
09:07 he will never forsake you,
09:09 he will never abuse you,
09:10 he will never do those things
09:12 that are hurtful and painful.
09:13 God the father is loving.
09:16 But Janice, how do you read
09:18 to somebody who perhaps is watching
09:22 and had an abusive father or a father
09:25 that never affirmed them
09:26 and they just you know
09:28 can't get over this and it's hard
09:30 for them to connect,
09:31 how did they connect to the Lord?
09:33 You know that is one of the most difficult things
09:35 for people to do once they have
09:36 had fathers who have not been
09:38 there for them or fathers who were
09:40 abusive or fathers who are not
09:41 responsible or fathers who had
09:43 illnesses such as drug abuse
09:45 and other kinds of difficulties,
09:47 it is very good for individuals
09:50 of that nature, first of all you
09:52 know we talk a lot about prayer,
09:53 prayer is very important and the
09:56 father can send people into
09:58 the lives of individuals,
09:59 who have never had those kinds
10:01 of relationships and that's
10:03 why it's good to have someone
10:06 that you know and can trust
10:08 and talk to, we call them
10:10 mentors now, yes, they can
10:11 help individuals to know
10:13 what it's like to have someone
10:14 who unconditionally loves you
10:17 and that can be transferred
10:20 over to our feeling for the
10:22 heavenly Father and it also helps
10:25 the individual to learn to forgive
10:27 the Father who may have
10:29 been all of those negative
10:30 things to them, it takes
10:32 a lot of prayer, it takes a lot of work
10:34 and sometimes therapy is very
10:36 important the individual can go
10:38 and talk with someone, a councilor or
10:41 a psychiatrist or a psychologist
10:43 or a psychotherapist and
10:45 talk about those feelings
10:46 and what it feels like and
10:49 also from that step they can
10:52 begin to study about the Father
10:55 and who is. We know that Jesus
10:57 was the perfect example
10:59 of what the Father is
11:00 and was he said when
11:02 you have seen me,
11:03 you've seen the Father.
11:04 In Hebrews 1:3 says that Christ
11:06 was the exact, perfect
11:09 representation of the Father. Yes.
11:11 So everything he was,
11:13 is patient, loving, kind and
11:15 gentle as Jesus was so is the Father.
11:18 That's right, that's right,
11:20 can I give you another love notes? Please.
11:22 Satan wants you but you are mine,
11:27 and the scripture is from Luke
11:30 22:31 and 32 and it reads
11:32 behold Satan hath desired to have you,
11:36 that he may sift you as wheat:
11:38 But I have prayed for thee,
11:40 that thy faith fail not.
11:44 Amen. Yours always, God.
11:47 You know when I was in Ethiopia,
11:49 we lived on a compound and we come
11:52 outside of the compound and there
11:54 was a little house, a very tiny
11:56 little house, one room and
11:58 there was a woman there
11:59 called the sifter and so I knew
12:02 about this text and I wanted
12:03 to see how wheat was sifted.
12:05 She take it and she pull it down,
12:08 she put it on this basket
12:10 and then she'd shake it up.
12:11 Yeah. Satan likes to shake us up.
12:14 He does like to shake things.
12:15 He wants to shake us up
12:17 but God says don't worry
12:19 about it, you're mine.
12:21 And you know I like what Jesus
12:23 said in the context there is he
12:26 said that when you have returned
12:30 to me then you know strengthen
12:33 your brethren and you think about
12:35 that Jesus was telling poor Peter,
12:39 hey I know you are going to fall
12:42 and sometimes we think oh
12:44 we've disappointed the Lord,
12:45 you know how can I turn back
12:46 to God after what I did,
12:48 but he already knew what Peter
12:51 was going to face and knew
12:52 he was going to fall and he says
12:54 but don't worry your mine
12:56 I've prayed for you and when you
12:58 return to me strengthen your brother,
13:00 your brother and so he was
13:02 telling him in advance you're going to fall
13:04 but you're going to come back
13:05 because I'm not going to
13:07 let go with you, you know and
13:09 I love that because sometimes
13:11 I think that one of the devil's tricks
13:13 in the sifting what his snare
13:15 is that he can sift us and
13:18 make us feel that we have
13:21 so let God down that we're
13:25 filled with shame and guilt
13:27 then he knows that he can pass off
13:30 that baton of condemnation to us
13:32 and they we're going to beat ourselves
13:34 over the head and we avoid God
13:35 because we feel guilty, so that's
13:38 a precious love note from God.
13:40 It really is. And just
13:41 knowing that he is actually
13:43 praying for me. Amen.
13:45 He is praying for you, he's praying for you,
13:48 that is comforting thought.
13:50 Amen. Another love note? Please.
13:52 Your sins are forgotten,
13:56 sometimes we hold on
13:58 to our sins and we think God
14:00 holds onto to them too,
14:01 but he says in Micah 7:19,
14:04 He will turn again, he will have
14:07 compassion upon us;
14:08 he will subdue our iniquities;
14:10 and thou will cast all
14:12 their sins into the depths of the sea.
14:16 Amen. And I would like to say
14:17 never more to be remembered
14:19 and it's signed, I don't
14:22 remember a thing God.
14:26 I love that and you know in Micah 7,
14:28 he does say too. Do not rejoice over me
14:32 my enemy Satan, when I fall
14:35 I will arise, when I sit in darkness
14:37 the Lord will be a light to me.
14:40 He is going to show us the way
14:42 out and that is such a precious thing
14:45 to think about so you hold on,
14:47 keep your eyes focused on Jesus
14:50 the author who can show you faith.
14:51 He will show you the way out,
14:53 'cause he does love you.
14:54 Share another one please.
14:56 Listen to this love note.
14:57 You are going to love this. 'Cause it's all scripture.
14:58 I love it. Yes.
14:59 You must forgive others. Amen.
15:05 This is what the scriptures say Mark
15:07 11:25 and when you stand praying forgive,
15:11 if he have ought against any
15:13 that your Father also which
15:15 is heaven may forgive you
15:17 your trespasses, Mark 11:25
15:21 and it sound, it's signed
15:23 proud of you, God. You know
15:27 sometimes we walk around
15:29 with our regrets and our anger
15:30 and our hostility and our resentment
15:32 and our bitterness and then
15:33 we go to God and we pray to him,
15:35 but he says that's the one thing
15:37 I can't do, I can't forgive you
15:39 if you haven't forgiven others
15:41 and we want to be forgiven.
15:43 Well and I think when you agree
15:47 that God asks us to forgive others
15:50 for our own benefit because
15:51 he knows that when we have
15:53 bitterness of anger in our
15:54 heart the Holy Spirit can't
15:56 flow through us. So, he asks us
15:59 in my book Pressing into his Presence,
16:02 I put this analogy the Lord gave me
16:05 an illustration of forgive, unforgiveness,
16:10 if you could picture this little
16:11 mountain stream, that's coming down
16:14 through the valley and
16:15 it's just a little shallow mountain stream
16:17 but if you were to anchor a wire
16:19 on either side of that and then
16:21 somebody up the stream throws
16:23 trash into the stream it comes
16:26 and collects around that wire
16:27 and then others, other little bugs
16:30 throw things in and they collect around
16:32 that wire and pretty soon
16:34 just like a beaver would build
16:36 a dam stick by stick that stream
16:38 I mean it's dammed up,
16:43 well that little piece of wire
16:45 is representiveof unforgivenes in our heart
16:48 and then all of the trash of life
16:51 begins to collect around that
16:53 and pretty soon it dams off
16:55 we get bitter, resentful and
16:58 the Holy Spirit, the living water
17:00 can no longer flow through us,
17:02 that's right. So, I think
17:03 what God tells us, you know
17:04 every time he commands us to do
17:06 something that's actually a promise,
17:08 something he will empower us to do,
17:10 that he will work in us to do,
17:12 so it's wonderful that we can let go
17:16 and have God help us learn
17:18 to forgive because even
17:19 that's a gift and it's for
17:21 our own benefit so that we can be happy.
17:24 I totally agree with you,
17:25 I even think it's a miracle.
17:27 Amen. It's a beautiful miracle,
17:29 would you like to hear another one? Please.
17:31 God says, I will always be faithful,
17:34 you know sometimes individuals
17:36 are in relationships where the spouse
17:39 or the friend isn't faithful,
17:41 even between best friends sometimes
17:43 a best friend isn't faithful but God
17:44 says I will always be faithful
17:46 and the scripture that he has given
17:48 us today is Lamentations 21 through 23,
17:51 one of my favorites, this I recall to my mind,
17:55 therefore have I hoped,
17:56 it is of the Lord's mercy
17:58 that we are not consumed
18:00 because his compassions fail not,
18:02 they are new
18:03 every morning. Hallelujah, amen.
18:06 Great is thy faithfulness and
18:09 it's signed faithfully yours, God.
18:12 Amen. He is faithful.
18:14 Faithfully yours the God of new
18:17 beginnings, the God of second chances,
18:18 halleluiah that's how much he loves us,
18:21 we mess up he doesn't just toss
18:24 us aside and say well done with you,
18:26 so that's a beautiful love note from God.
18:29 Absolutely. And another one.
18:32 Here is another one, sometimes we
18:35 want things, we have dreams,
18:37 we have goals, we have ambitions
18:39 and we think it's impossible you know
18:42 I can't do it I don't have this,
18:44 I'm not equipped but God says
18:47 what you're asking for isn't impossible
18:50 and the love note that he gives us
18:53 in scripture is found in Matthew 19:26
18:56 and it reads with men this is impossible
19:00 but with God all things are possible.
19:05 Amen. And he signs it,
19:08 I'll make it happen God.
19:10 Amen. You know sometimes people pray
19:17 and they don't think that God is answering
19:20 their prayer and sometimes we pray
19:24 and we think if you are the God
19:25 of the impossible why haven't
19:27 you done what I've asked.
19:28 My experience has been that
19:31 sometimes God's answered prayer
19:34 and we just don't know it
19:35 that his answer has been no
19:38 and anytime he tells me no,
19:42 when he doesn't answer something
19:43 the way I wish it were done.
19:45 It's always because he is
19:47 working on the part of my eternal
19:51 benefit and that he has something
19:54 better and usually we don't see
19:57 it for a little while and we can be
19:58 frustrated and think oh God
19:59 if you love me you know you're
20:01 words you should give me the desires
20:03 of my heart, of course it says
20:05 that we had got to keep
20:08 our eyes on the Lord, trusting in him
20:10 and making him our top priority
20:12 to do that, but then when he
20:14 does do something and what he says
20:16 no to one and you look down
20:18 the road and you think oh Lord
20:20 thank you that you answered me
20:22 no there because what you've
20:23 given me is so much better.
20:24 I totally agree with that how
20:27 many times have you asked
20:29 for one thing and he did
20:30 something that was even better,
20:32 absolutely or how many times
20:33 have you asked for something
20:34 and you looked back and
20:35 you said oh thank God,
20:36 thank you father, amen,
20:38 that you didn't answer that
20:39 prayer the way I wanted it answered.
20:41 We have to remember that
20:43 he really does love us,
20:44 he really does care about us,
20:47 he really wants what's best
20:49 for you, he doesn't withhold
20:51 anything from you that's
20:53 not good he only tries
20:56 to guide us, lead us,
20:57 direct us and give us those things
21:00 that will help us
21:01 in this life and the life to come.
21:03 And you know when we think
21:04 about if he is allowing trials
21:08 to come our way, sometimes
21:10 people get confused by that
21:11 and they'll say well how can
21:13 God you know if nothing happens
21:15 without getting through him,
21:17 how can God do that but
21:19 here is one in these little notes that
21:21 I like and it's talking about it's
21:25 in James chapter 1 and he is
21:27 talking about that God allows things,
21:30 he says my eyes aren't focusing
21:32 real well, anyway he talks about
21:34 knowing that he allows these trials,
21:38 knowing that the testing of your faith
21:42 produces patience and patience
21:45 we let it have it's perfect work
21:47 that you may become perfect and
21:50 lacking nothing, so I think God
21:53 sees a potential in us that
21:55 we can never reach without these trials.
21:57 If life was just hunky dory
21:59 all the time then you probably meet
22:01 people like this, that they just
22:02 had this life that everything
22:04 has been handed to them
22:05 on a silver platter and they've never
22:07 had any problems and they never
22:09 reached their potential because they
22:11 don't know what it means to be shrived.
22:14 I think about people who,
22:15 rock polishers when they put
22:17 those rocks into the canister and
22:21 then they roll them and they bang
22:23 around and all this and here
22:25 this old rough rock goes in there,
22:27 but once it's been through
22:29 the trail of that polishing canister
22:32 it comes out and it's beautiful
22:33 and I think that's why
22:34 God trust us with trials.
22:36 I would totally agree with you.
22:38 Amen. We do need some of those because
22:39 we've become spiritually sedentary,
22:41 amen, you know just fat
22:43 and good for nothing, complacent,
22:46 complacent and I think God knows
22:49 that if that happens to us
22:51 then he is going to lose us
22:52 and we are going to lose
22:53 our hold on him. Can I
22:55 give you another one? Please.
22:57 You know sometimes we want
22:58 to handle things ourselves,
22:59 sometimes we're self sufficient,
23:01 sometimes we think we know
23:03 better than God does. Well God
23:06 says let me handle it and then
23:09 he sends us a love note
23:11 in Romans 12:19 and it reads
23:13 Dearly beloved, avenge not
23:16 yourselves, but rather give place
23:18 to wrath: for it is written,
23:20 Vengeance is mine;
23:23 I will repay, saith the Lord. Amen.
23:28 And it's signed I will take care
23:30 of it, God. The battle is the Lords, amen.
23:34 That's right, exactly. Sometimes
23:38 we are broken, sometimes our
23:41 hearts are broken, sometimes our
23:44 lives are broken but God
23:46 sends us a love note
23:47 in Psalm 147:3 and it reads.
23:51 I love that one. He healeth
23:53 the broken in heart and
23:56 bindeth up their wounds.
23:58 And it signed your heart mender, God.
24:03 Oh that's beautiful. Isn't that fabulous.
24:05 That's is beautiful. I thought that
24:06 was so pointed because I think
24:08 of a broken heart and I think
24:09 of the Father just sowing it
24:11 back up with his love, with
24:14 his very gentle tender hands,
24:15 you see he is not human,
24:17 he is all encompassing,
24:20 he is divine, he controls the universe
24:24 and yet he comes down to
24:26 little me, little you, to little you
24:29 and he binds up the wounds,
24:32 he binds up the broken heart.
24:34 Exactly. I love that and he is the
24:37 lifter he says Psalm 33
24:38 he is the lifter of our heads.
24:40 That's right. Perfect God.
24:42 And of course this is one that
24:43 you mentioned earlier the battle
24:45 is not yours he says it's mine,
24:48 exactly you know we think
24:49 we have to fight every battle
24:50 but we can't fight any battle
24:52 without the help, the strength
24:55 and the power of God and he says
24:57 in Second Chronicles 20:15,
24:59 Thus saith the Lord unto you,
25:00 Be not dismayed by reason
25:02 of this great multitude;
25:04 in our multitudes of troubles and trials
25:06 and tribulations and problems and difficulties
25:09 and financial debt, for the battle
25:12 is not yours, but God's.
25:15 God takes our battles on, he takes our trials,
25:20 our tribulations, our sufferings,
25:22 he takes those on himself
25:24 and he fights those battles
25:27 for us and he signs it your
25:29 loving protector, God. That's beautiful.
25:33 He protects us. That's beautiful,
25:35 he takes care of us. Great.
25:37 Another one, sometimes we tell
25:41 people that I will never leave you,
25:43 we'll be together forever,
25:45 you're my universe,
25:46 you're my world, you're my everything,
25:48 we can never depart from each other
25:51 but sometimes those words aren't
25:54 always true. God says we are
25:57 going to be together forever,
26:00 that's a promise he has made us
26:02 and it's found in First Thessalonians
26:04 4:16 which is another one
26:06 of my favorites, it says For
26:08 the Lord himself shall descend
26:09 from heaven with a shout,
26:11 with the voice of the archangel,
26:12 and with the trump of God:
26:14 and the dead in Christ
26:15 shall rise first. Then we which
26:18 are live and remain,
26:19 shall be caught up together
26:21 in the clouds to meet the Lord
26:22 in the air and so shall we
26:24 ever be with the Lord
26:27 and it's signed, I can
26:29 hardly wait to be with your forever, God.
26:33 Exactly. He wants to be with us
26:35 forever and he will never leave
26:37 us nor forsake us, that day
26:40 is coming, when we'll be
26:41 caught up together with him in the air.
26:44 And it's coming sooner
26:45 than I think. Oh I agree with you.
26:47 Most people realize, so I think
26:48 we have time for one more.
26:50 Oh great, he says on
26:53 that same note I am
26:54 coming to get you very soon
26:56 and you're right, he is coming soon
26:57 and he says to us
26:59 in Revelation 22:7, behold I
27:02 come quickly and he signs
27:04 it see you soon, God.
27:06 Amen, amen. You know an experiment
27:10 was done a number of years back,
27:12 where a ruler of a country
27:13 had taken the babies and he
27:16 put them in a nursery and
27:18 didn't allow any kind of physical contact,
27:20 even the nurses that were changing
27:22 their diapers couldn't touch them,
27:23 they couldn't speak to them
27:25 and he wanted to see what language
27:28 these children would speak once
27:30 they grow up if no ever
27:31 spoke to them assuming it
27:32 would be German and what happened
27:34 is all the children died, they were
27:36 love deprived, they were touch
27:37 deprived and I hope that something
27:40 today has touched your heart
27:41 and you realize how much God loves you.
27:43 Dr. Browne, we thank you
27:46 so much for being with us today
27:48 and hope that you come back to 3ABN again.
27:50 Thank you, I'd love to.
27:51 And for those of you at home please
27:54 I encourage you to open up
27:56 the word of God and find
27:59 all of these love promises in there,
28:02 find out the only way you're gonna
28:05 ever get to know how much
28:06 God loves you is to read his word and accept it.


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