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00:01 Hi, if you are like me I am sure that sometimes
00:03 your life feels overburdened and if you are beginning
00:07 to get that sins that you can't even standup straight
00:10 because of these burdens, you will certainly want
00:12 to stay tune today for Issues and Answers,
00:15 as Dr. Janice Browne joins us to tell us
00:18 ten ways how to declutter your life.
00:44 Hello, I'm Shelley Quinn and we are so glad that
00:47 you've joined us today for Issues and Answers.
00:49 No matter, where you're tuning in from around
00:51 the world, I hope you had time just to kind
00:53 of sit back and really so can what our special guest
00:57 is going to bring to us today. Let me begin
01:00 by reading a scripture then I'll introduce
01:03 you to our guest. This comes from Luke Chapter 13
01:06 and I am going to begin with verse 10.
01:09 It's talking about Jesus and it says that he was
01:12 teaching one of the synagogues on the Sabbath
01:14 and, behold, there was a woman who had a spirit
01:17 of infirmity 18 years, and was bent over
01:22 and could in no way raised herself up.
01:25 Can you imagine, bent over and can't raise up,
01:28 but when Jesus saw her he called her to him
01:32 and said to her, women you are loosed from your
01:36 infirmity and he laid his hands on her
01:39 and immediately she was made straight
01:44 and glorified God. How wonderful, well I believe
01:48 God sent somebody here today to help us
01:50 if you are bent over with burdens.
01:52 He sent somebody here today to touch our lives
01:56 through what she has to say and that is
01:58 Dr. Janice Browne, Janice we are so glad to have
02:03 you join us on Issues and Answers.
02:05 Is this your first time to 3ABN?
02:07 No, it actually isn't, I was here about 10 years ago
02:10 and it's just absolutely wonderful to be able to
02:13 come back once more, I'm just very pleased to see
02:16 everything that has occurred since I have
02:18 been gone, the place is more beautiful than ever.
02:20 Grown a lot. The Church is now built
02:23 and it's just wonderful and it's a pleasure
02:25 to be here. We are so glad you are here.
02:27 Thank you. Now you have your Masters degree
02:30 is in Clinical Psychology, your Doctoral Degree
02:34 is in leadership with the Specialty in Psychology
02:37 is that correct? That is correct.
02:38 How did you happen to come into I know you
02:43 are married, yes, you are a missionary,
02:46 your husband was the President of the
02:48 Ethiopian Conference, the Ethiopia Union Mission,
02:51 the Ethiopia Union Mission, yes, alright,
02:53 and when you came back to United States
02:56 you became involved in a personal ministry
02:59 and your ministry is called Heavenly
03:02 Inspired Ministries. Why did you choose that name?
03:06 Because it's all about him, the acronym heavenly
03:10 inspired ministries and it's all about him.
03:14 So, I couldn't do anything, but come up with
03:18 something that would just in body and encompass
03:21 the idea that anything that I do in ministry
03:24 will be because it's all about him. Amen,
03:27 I like that. And you are adjunct professor
03:29 for three different universities, yes I am,
03:31 and then you go and you do speaking engagements
03:35 in a variety, you actually a beautiful singer as well.
03:38 Thank you, thank you. Now, when we are talking
03:43 today about how to declutter our lives;
03:47 one thing that I've noticed if I really began to feel
03:51 burden in my life, sometimes when I am
03:54 out of sorts, I can almost not always,
03:57 but almost always find a spiritual route at it,
04:01 so let's talk about the beginning of declutter
04:05 in our lives getting rid of these burdens.
04:08 You know it's interesting you should say
04:09 that and I myself experienced declutter
04:13 from time to time in my life and you are
04:15 exactly correct. There is usually a spiritual route,
04:18 so the first thing that I would suggest
04:22 for an individual, who is burdened with so many
04:24 things because you know we have family,
04:26 we have careers, we have children,
04:29 we have aging parents, Church, you know,
04:32 that can you know we get involved in a lot of
04:34 different things and sometimes we forget that
04:39 we need to get into the word of God, Amen.
04:41 We forget that we need to pray about it.
04:44 God knows everything, but he wants us to tell him,
04:48 so that we can become even more aware that
04:50 God I am bent over with too many things to do,
04:55 sometimes fasting is very necessary also.
04:58 Fasting helps God to know even though he already
05:03 knows that we are very serious about this
05:06 and we feel pressed down, we feel burden,
05:09 so prayer, fasting, and reading the word,
05:12 you know there were as you read at the beginning
05:15 and I just love that text because it talked about
05:18 a women that was bent over and she couldn't
05:20 stand up straight. Now we know that hers was physical,
05:24 she had a curvature of the spine, however,
05:27 we have spiritual curvatures of the spine,
05:30 amen, and we are bent over with so many things
05:33 in our lives and do you know what she did,
05:35 as you read she went to Jesus, he called her to him
05:39 and he said women standup you are loosed
05:41 and Jesus can do the same thing for us when
05:44 we go to him. Amen, so if we feel that I think
05:49 that's a good place to start as a starting
05:52 checkpoint is to when you are feeling overwhelm,
05:56 you know, the Bible says in First Corinthians 14:33,
05:59 God is not the author of confusion and sometimes
06:02 when I get a feeling like everything is just
06:05 overwhelming me, I can realize that I have somehow
06:09 allowed my life to become over schedule
06:12 and I am not putting enough time
06:14 in for the Lord. So, that's a good start point,
06:17 is number one, make sure that you are not
06:20 in a Christ, an absence you don't have an absence
06:25 of Christ presence in your life, yes,
06:27 that's the first thing. What about when we are
06:30 feeling overwhelmed, the burden of health,
06:33 diet this is something else that we really can,
06:38 if we are not paying close attention to what
06:40 we are doing this can be overwhelming for us.
06:43 Here again you are very correct, exercise,
06:46 diet is very, very important just as
06:51 we have to exercise our mind spiritually through
06:54 fasting and praying in the word of God,
06:56 it's very important that we take care of our
06:58 physical health, you know, we are running around
07:01 doing so many things, but sometimes we actually
07:04 do neglect our health and we find ourselves
07:07 so busy that instead of eating the proper foods
07:11 with the nutrients that are necessary for us
07:13 to stay healthy and happy and less dressed
07:17 we pop something in our mouths or we stand
07:20 and eat or sometimes individuals who will watch
07:23 television while they are eating, which they think
07:25 is relaxing when it really isn't especially
07:27 if you are looking at the evening news,
07:29 it can be very stressful. We do need exercise
07:34 and exercise doesn't mean that you have to get
07:36 this big gym membership, walking up and down
07:42 your stairs in your house that's a good thing,
07:44 walking up and down the stairs in front
07:46 of your house, walking up and down the street,
07:49 where you live hopefully you don't have very
07:53 mini-canned foods in your pantry, but if you have
07:56 some canned foods use that as weightlifters,
07:59 so that you can strengthen the muscles
08:01 and your arms, there are just so many things
08:03 that you can do that aren't difficult,
08:06 we do need according to some doctors
08:09 that have studied exercise and diet,
08:12 we need at least 15 to 30 minutes of exercise
08:16 per day and we find that when we do exercise
08:19 we don't feel stressed, we feel much better,
08:23 so it's very necessary. This is something that
08:26 sometimes, you know, we feel that we are so
08:28 busy throughout the day and we are just constantly
08:31 need to go and you think why do I need exercise
08:33 when I am just running constantly,
08:35 but it's quite different that the hectic activity
08:40 of our daily schedules is something
08:42 that is a stressor where as when you get out
08:44 and do the aerobic exercise and really get to
08:47 the deep breathing this brings a relaxation
08:50 and also really improves all the muscles, and I do know
08:53 that I am one that's very sensitive to foods,
08:57 so if I get stressed out and I am eating
09:01 in a hurry and just grabbing something
09:03 that's not healthy then I am gonna pay it for later,
09:07 you know, because I am gonna have a blood sugar
09:09 just drop or something like this so that's very
09:13 important. Now, when we think of the burdens
09:18 that are on our minds what about people,
09:22 who are constantly speaking in a negative way,
09:27 how much does this effect what we speak and say,
09:31 what we think, how much do you believe this affects
09:34 our ability to handle our life schedules?
09:40 Negative speaking and thinking really does have
09:47 a terrible effect upon us mentally, physically,
09:51 and spiritually. Self-talk that's always putting
09:56 one self down can cause depression,
10:00 it can cause an individual to become very stressed,
10:03 it of course lowers the self-esteem, it's very
10:07 important that you tell yourself good things
10:10 about yourself, there is something good in all of us.
10:12 After all we were created by the creator
10:16 and we are made in his image and he of course
10:18 didn't make anything that is not a value,
10:22 we are a value to him. And sometimes we find
10:25 ourselves always picking out the negative things.
10:28 Oh, I don't like my hair. Oh, I don't like the shape
10:31 of my face, I don't like my size,
10:33 I don't like my height, I don't like the way I sound,
10:36 I don't like anything about me and if you continue
10:39 that you will find that you fall into a slump
10:42 or a depression and the self-esteem goes down
10:45 the tubes as well, but I find it very helpful
10:49 to actually do what is known as positive
10:52 self-talk and this is why you tell yourself
10:55 I like this about me, find the positive things
10:58 about yourself. I like my eyes, I like the shape
11:02 of my nose, I love my hair and you will find
11:06 that the more you say those things about yourself,
11:09 the better you will feel about yourself
11:11 and guess what there is an added bonus to that,
11:13 guess what you will start to see more positive things
11:17 about other people and they will respond to
11:20 you differently. Sometimes, we are so negative
11:22 about ourselves that when we talk to people
11:25 the negativity comes out and it kind of pushes
11:28 people away, but if you become more positive
11:31 about yourself, you will become more positive
11:34 about others and it will draw people into
11:37 conversations with you more, it will draw them
11:39 into more friendships with you, so positive thinking
11:42 is very important and I happened to also believe
11:45 that when you speak negatively about yourself,
11:47 you are really speaking negatively about
11:49 the creator. I agree 100%, you know,
11:52 the Bible says in Proverbs 18:21 that there is power
11:55 of death and life in the tongue and I think
11:58 sometimes when we speak in such a negative
12:01 way about ourselves, we are speaking death
12:04 into our life and one of the things that I teach
12:07 actually because I think this is really wonderful
12:10 to change your self talk is to find God's promises
12:15 and to speak them over your life and to pray them
12:17 back to the Lord and suddenly it when our
12:21 self talk is kind of like the software that runs
12:26 a computer and if we've got bad software in there
12:30 what can we expect, except bad results,
12:32 but as we change ourselves talk in lineup in
12:38 agreement with what God has to say about us.
12:41 I think then very definitely it changes
12:44 rewires and renews the mind, so that you begin
12:48 to lineup in his will. So, I think that's very
12:51 important. Now, we said that we were talking about
12:56 and we are kind of listing all of these
12:59 burdens today, but one thing that you use a word
13:03 that really captured my attention for the title
13:06 of this program and that was a cluttered life.
13:09 I am a neat freak and you wouldn't be able to tell
13:12 it by looking at my office, sometimes my office
13:15 because I'm sanguine and out of sites, out of mind,
13:18 so I have little piles of things that I don't forget
13:20 to do it, but at home if things are not
13:24 in order at home, in my home then if there is chaos
13:29 in my home as far as not being clean and orderly
13:31 and put away then I don't function well.
13:34 How much does a cluttered life affect us
13:38 have the impact on us mentally? It has a very,
13:41 very major impact upon us. And it's interesting
13:46 you are not abnormal, you are very normal
13:49 there many of us who have that same kind of bent,
13:52 in fact it's interesting I am sanguineous as well
13:55 and you are correct, if things are not in order
13:58 at home they do tend to stress me and if,
14:02 my husband and I have a study, a joint study,
14:06 his side is perfectly neat, my side is in piles
14:11 because that's my filing system, yes, however
14:17 the rest of the house, the kitchen everything
14:20 has to be spotless, if it's not it can cause
14:23 difficulties cause stress and it makes me
14:25 very uncomfortable, you know, there are many
14:28 people out there, many listeners today,
14:30 who have clutter in their lives, in their at work,
14:36 in their houses, in their cars, just all over
14:41 the place and they don't realize how stressful
14:44 that really is. Let me tell you just a short story,
14:47 I was at the grocery store and I am a
14:51 people person, I just love people and I love to talk
14:56 so of course I struck up a conversation with a lady
14:58 in the grocery store and it was so interesting
15:01 because we seemed to be going down the same
15:02 isles most of the time. Well, after we finished
15:05 shopping, we happened to be in the line at
15:07 the same time, so we continued our conversation
15:09 and we got to the car and then our cars
15:12 weren't far from each other, she was first
15:14 and then I was second, when we got to our car,
15:16 she said I am so embarrassed and I said why?
15:20 She says my car is so cluttered, I don't even
15:24 know how I'm going to get these groceries
15:26 in the car. She says my front seat is full,
15:29 my back seat is full, my third seat in the van
15:31 is full and she says if I'll open it everything
15:34 will fall out, what am I going to do and I said
15:36 does it stress you out although and she said
15:38 it really does and she said I just love to do
15:42 something about it, so we just started talking
15:44 about ways to start removing things that
15:48 aren't necessary, not only in our lives with people,
15:53 you know people can clear their lives,
15:54 but also material possessions around us,
15:58 closets sometimes we are stressed when we are
16:01 getting dressed because there are so many shoes
16:03 in there and you have to go through all of the shoes
16:05 to find the ones you want. You are going through
16:07 the racks looking for the dress that you want,
16:09 mine are still in the shoe boxes, of course
16:13 neat freak, okay it has to be. But there are so many
16:17 people out there, who just have it thrown
16:20 in together and they find that when they clean
16:22 those places out and reward themselves
16:25 by giving to someone else feeling that altruistic
16:29 feeling that helps the endorphins do go up
16:31 and off in our brains, it just feels so much better
16:34 and is less stressful. It is actually more stressful
16:37 to have too many things that it is to have less,
16:41 when my husband and I left for Ethiopia
16:44 I had a Epiphanie. I felt so wonderful,
16:48 cleaning that house out even though it was neat
16:50 to look at, but there were so many things that were
16:53 neatly put away, I felt so wonderful to give
16:57 those things away, to throw those things away,
16:59 whatever it took to get the house totally
17:01 cleared out, so that can be stressful.
17:04 But let me ask you a question because
17:05 I do know that there are a lot of people,
17:08 you know, I think that we can sometimes
17:11 I maybe stressful, I make stress my husband out,
17:14 I try not to be obsessive-compulsive
17:17 about it, but he is the kind that comes in
17:20 and he'll put a little pile here and little pile there,
17:22 so I don't want to harp it and what I do
17:25 is go around behind him, I'll pick it up
17:27 and I put it where it belongs and then
17:29 he knows if he says well where is my step,
17:31 I'll say honey it's in it's spot, where it belongs
17:34 and you know he always tells me how much
17:36 he appreciates a clean home, but I do have to be
17:39 careful so that I don't stress him out
17:41 and you can go too far in either direction,
17:44 but I know for a fact it's kind of surprise me,
17:47 there are lot of people whose lives in homes
17:50 are very cluttered. How do you recommend
17:53 if somebody is sitting there maybe you're
17:55 watching us right now and you are one of those,
17:57 who sit with clutter all around you and you say
18:00 yeah I know I should, but I don't know
18:02 where to start, how if somebody are there people
18:05 that can help people, who how do you start
18:08 if you don't know where to start is my question.
18:11 Well, you know, there are people that can help
18:14 you in fact there are so many shows on the
18:16 television now, where they have the cleaning
18:18 squad to come in and they help individuals
18:20 to organize and to clean out their homes,
18:23 but so many people don't have persons
18:26 that can come in, sometimes friends can
18:28 come in and help, sometimes family members
18:31 are willing to do that especially if you have
18:33 a neat freak friend, who really kind,
18:37 that's it, partially, yeah, sometimes those
18:41 individuals can be very, very helpful. However,
18:44 the first thing that one needs to do is to tell
18:47 themselves that they need to make that change
18:50 because if you don't make the change mentally
18:52 you are not going to do it physically
18:54 so you have to make that commitment to yourself,
18:57 I want to change, I want to declutter my life,
19:00 I want to declutter my home and then you can
19:03 start very small simply by going and taking out
19:08 one or two things at a time. You can even
19:12 organize it for once per week, I am taking
19:15 something out of my closet and I am giving
19:17 to the goodwill or I am giving it to someone
19:20 who needs it or a neighbor or some child
19:22 or some family member or I am sending it
19:25 overseas to someone who needs it or I am going
19:28 to go to the homeless shelter and take my
19:30 things there, you will be surprised at how many
19:34 things you can get out of your closet,
19:37 out of your kitchen, kitchens with too many
19:40 things and then too many dishes
19:42 and there are so many people that can benefit
19:44 from it. So, making the commitment and then
19:47 following through by moving at least one thing,
19:49 if you are trying to do too many that becomes
19:52 stressful and overwhelming also,
19:54 so if you just start small, or just a room by room,
19:58 room by room, sure. And then there is a condition
20:02 called Hoarding and we are not, we don't have
20:05 time to even go there today, but if your clutter
20:08 is so severe and if you have absolutely no room
20:11 to put anything else because you never throw
20:13 anything away perhaps you should see a professional
20:17 about that because there is a condition
20:20 and that can be very serious detrimental
20:23 to your health. We need to kind a hustle on here
20:25 because our time is going away, but you mentioned
20:27 to me earlier about emotional and mental
20:33 hunger and that's something that can be
20:37 a real burden to people when they are emotionally
20:40 and mentally hungry, what did you mean by that?
20:43 Sometimes, I find that individuals are not feeding
20:48 their soul as we talked about at the beginning
20:52 with the word of God and then sometimes individuals
20:55 are not feeding their intellect, they are not
20:59 feeding that desire to read more, to listen to more
21:04 positive videos or look at more positive CD's,
21:08 reading is very, very, very, very important,
21:11 and if you are not a reader some people
21:14 don't like to read, but they do love to hear it read,
21:18 they are many, many CD's, where individuals
21:22 can listen in fact can I tell you about it,
21:24 about your books, yeah in fact I have a spoken
21:26 word CD that I have authored, I've written
21:29 the stories, and I read them and they are
21:32 actually 15 devotionals and people listen to them
21:37 and they told me that it suits them,
21:39 it calms them, it distresses them, and it feeds that
21:44 soul hunger. So, reading, listening to good books
21:50 that are, that are read, there are books on tape
21:53 books on CD that are very, very helpful.
21:57 When we don't have that in our lives,
21:59 we have a stressful feeling, anger can creep
22:04 in and we won't even know why and it's because
22:07 we are not feeding that part of ourselves. Amen,
22:10 and I'll tell you know some people,
22:12 it's such a vicious cycle, it's kind of like the little
22:16 hamster on the wheel just going round
22:18 and round is that sometimes we allow
22:20 our lives to become so cluttered
22:23 and overscheduled that when we do come home
22:26 from the work perhaps I hear so many people
22:28 who say oh I know I should be studying
22:31 or reading or I should do this that or the other,
22:33 but I am so exhausted, I just want to pull up
22:36 in front of the TV and I think sometimes
22:39 we just need to make an agreement with our self
22:43 that we are gonna fast from the television
22:45 for a week or so, not from 3ABN of course,
22:48 but to turn the television off during
22:51 certain hours so that we will be more apps
22:53 to read because sometimes the thought of picking up
22:56 and maybe reading your Bible or studying is just
22:59 another thing that seems overwhelming
23:01 because you are tired, but if there is nothing else
23:04 going on and you do pick it up suddenly
23:06 you find yourself revitalized and
23:09 reenergize, okay to carry on,
23:13 what about unforgiveness?
23:16 How much does that burden our life?
23:18 Oh boy, that is a biggie. Lack of forgiveness
23:26 is one of the areas of stress that is damaging
23:32 spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically.
23:39 Lack of forgiveness causes an individual
23:42 to live in hatred and it's not easy, bitterness,
23:49 yes bitterness, and I don't say this
23:53 very lightly, but it's something that
23:56 is not easily done and to forgive from my
24:00 perspective is actually a miracle, yes,
24:03 it's a miracle, it is not something that I can do,
24:06 it's God given, it's not something that you can do,
24:09 it's not something that our viewers can do,
24:12 but it's something that God has to do through
24:14 you that's why we have to have a close walk
24:17 with him, that's why we need to read the
24:19 word of God, that's why we need to study his word,
24:22 that's why we need to fast, we need to pray
24:24 because it's something that we can't do
24:27 within ourselves. Sometimes, we have been
24:29 justifiably hurt, amen, it hurts when someone says
24:33 something about you that isn't true,
24:35 it hurts when you've been married for
24:37 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 years and the spouse
24:42 walks away it hurts, when your best friend
24:45 is the person he marries it hurts, amen,
24:49 when the children you put your everything
24:51 into no longer wants to do what you've trained
24:55 them to do, it hurts and we find that because
24:59 it is so painful we start to become resentful
25:02 and bitter and angry and we don't forgive,
25:06 but lack of forgiveness is a danger, amen.
25:11 I have a friend Cheryl Vandenberg and Cheryl
25:15 said to me Janice you know what lack of
25:17 forgiveness is, it's like you taking poison
25:21 and waiting for the other person to die
25:23 and said Cheryl you are correct, that's right,
25:25 it really is because it damages you even more
25:28 than the persons that you are holding that anger
25:31 and the resentment against. So, that is one
25:34 of the things that we really want to take
25:36 out of our lives and we really have to go to God
25:39 and God can help you to do it. He says call
25:42 on to me and I will answer them, amen,
25:44 and I will show you greater in many things that
25:45 I know is not; I'll show you how to forgive
25:48 and unless we forgive he cannot forgive us.
25:51 He says forgives our sins as we forgive others,
25:56 right. Yes and I think that's something that.
26:01 Tell me do you agree with me here,
26:04 I feel that if I am still holding on to a hurt,
26:09 if I think back on something and it still
26:11 brings up all those intense emotions,
26:13 I feel like I haven't really forgiven, if I can look
26:17 back on things and hence realize that,
26:21 yes this was horrible, it was a disservice
26:24 to me in that, but I don't have all that intense
26:27 emotion I feel like yeah, I've actually forgiven,
26:29 would you agree with that? I would totally
26:31 agree with that. That's kind of, that's always been
26:33 my parameter. Some people say forgive and forget,
26:36 well it's not always good to forget because
26:38 if we forget sometimes we make the same mistake,
26:41 absolutely, but if we can say yes I remember
26:43 and it was wrong, but I forgive, amen,
26:46 I forgive the situation, I forgive the person,
26:49 you will feel so much better and you will
26:51 help yourself. And we have to like go of our I mean
26:55 to forgive ourselves, let go a bold regrets right,
26:58 we only have about 45 seconds, can you just
27:02 mention that what it's like to hold on to regret
27:06 some things that we've done in the past?
27:08 You know, sometimes we live in, what I call
27:10 the house of regret, we regret where we did
27:13 or did not go to school or if we did or did not go
27:16 to school, we sometimes regret whom we married,
27:19 we regret that we have or do not have children,
27:22 we find all kinds of regrets and I find that that
27:25 is one of the tools of Satan, if he wants us
27:28 to regret, regret, regret, we spend our lives
27:32 living there, thinking that and feeling
27:35 it rather than living in the moment, amen,
27:39 living in the positive, amen. As the Lord said
27:42 through Isaiah do no dwell on the past,
27:45 release it for I am doing a new thing in you
27:48 and see it will, do not recognize it,
27:51 it will suddenly spring forward, amen, yes.
27:54 Dr. Janice Browne, thank you so much
27:56 for being here today, you will return won't you?
27:58 Yes, indeed and it was my pleasure.
28:00 Thank you for those of you at home if you are
28:03 like the women, who was bent over just looking
28:05 in the dust and come to Jesus,
28:08 he'll cut those burdens free from you, bye, bye.


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