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00:01 Are you a single person,
00:03 and desire to surrender to God?
00:04 Stay with us, we'll be right back.
00:32 Welcome to Issues and Answers.
00:33 My name is J.D. Quinn.
00:36 We're gonna take our scripture today
00:37 from Colossians 2, 8 through 10.
00:40 "Beware lest anyone cheat you through philosophy
00:44 and empty deceit according to the tradition of men,
00:47 according to the basic principles of the world
00:50 and not according to Christ.
00:52 For in Him Christ dwells
00:55 all the fullness of the Godhead bodily,
00:57 and you are complete in Him,
01:00 who is the head of all principality and power."
01:03 As I mentioned earlier we're gonna be talking about
01:05 the single person and surrendering to God.
01:09 Our expert guest today is Pastor Greg Jackson.
01:14 Welcome to "Issues and Answers."
01:15 Thank you, good to be here.
01:17 Tell our audience a little bit
01:18 about yourself, Pastor Greg.
01:21 I have been in the ministry for 31 years.
01:24 I'm Adventist educated,
01:27 graduated from Oklahoma College in 1978.
01:30 I'm married to Marilyn Jackson for 14 years.
01:33 We have five children, five grand children.
01:36 I'm now pastoring the Bethel Seventh-day Adventist Church
01:39 in the Allegheny West Conference.
01:42 And I think that pretty much covers it.
01:44 Amen, amen.
01:47 Do you know that you're a busy man,
01:48 because not only do you have your church
01:50 that you pastor, but you're also put on retreats,
01:54 seminars, camp meetings and et cetera.
01:56 Yes. So busy, busy, busy.
01:58 And you have found time to read,
02:00 to write a couple of books.
02:02 One of the books that you have written is
02:03 "How surrender makes marriage happier,
02:06 divorce a blessing, the single life fulfilling."
02:09 And I've read most of these book
02:10 and I did really enjoy it.
02:13 Now according to your book and one of these chapters,
02:16 you talk about is, you talk about the hope and the comfort
02:20 that the people that are single can have.
02:24 Can you go more into that?
02:26 Well, the hope and the comfort basically comes from,
02:28 what-- you know what I see it in the text
02:31 that you read in Colossians 2:8 through 10,
02:34 where it says, you know, don't be spoiled,
02:37 or fooled by the philosophy of this world traditions
02:41 and the rudiments of this world,
02:43 the teachings in the way even the way we feel.
02:46 As if we can find fulfillment
02:49 and anything other than Christ.
02:51 For in Him dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily.
02:54 And in Him we are complete,
02:55 and basically we have been spoiled or fooled
02:58 or duped by the traditions of this world
03:01 and by our nature, human nature.
03:06 That, you know, it's we're always looking
03:12 for fulfillment in someone or some human being
03:18 or some activity or some material thing.
03:22 And the fulfillment that we're looking for,
03:25 the completeness that we're looking for is in Jesus.
03:27 And we're even told, even sometimes
03:30 a church backs it up-- if not directly
03:35 in the way we imply, that unless you're married
03:39 or in a relationship with some other person
03:44 you're really not complete.
03:45 You really can't be complete that way.
03:48 And even though that's the way we feel naturally,
03:55 it's not the truth and when we step out of faith
03:58 we can really find that in Christ
04:01 and in Him alone, Him alone. Amen.
04:04 Can we find the fullness of all our needs
04:09 and desires met, that we can be complete in Him,
04:12 is this hard for us as humans to grasp that?
04:16 Yes. So a person can be single
04:19 as Paul was. Yes.
04:22 You know, a person can be single
04:24 and if Jesus is the sinner of their life,
04:26 the focal point of their life,
04:29 then there can be completeness there.
04:31 That's right.
04:32 Or during your walk on this earth,
04:35 you find someone that their priorities
04:38 and your priorities are the same through Jesus Christ.
04:41 Then you could be happy there.
04:43 The key is, is that you're in God's will.
04:48 And God, that is not to say God doesn't want
04:51 all of us to have a mate, because God is the one
04:52 that came up with the concept of marriage
04:55 and the institution of marriage.
04:56 But because of sin everybody's not gonna get married.
05:00 And what makes marriage happy?
05:03 That's why I say in my book,
05:05 what really what gives the married couple
05:09 the ultimate happiness is they're being in Christ will
05:13 and the Christ in them,
05:16 and they share that one with another.
05:17 That's the same thing that it's true
05:20 for the single person.
05:22 The key to my happiness and my wife knows
05:25 this and it doesn't take offense
05:26 and the key to her happiness.
05:27 My wife found her happiness in the Lord
05:31 before she knew me. Amen.
05:33 I found my happiness in the Lord before I knew her. Amen.
05:36 And it was the Lord's will that we come together
05:37 and because we're in that will,
05:39 we're enjoying each other's company.
05:42 If we were not in the will,
05:45 I'll come in together wouldn't be happy
05:47 even as many marriages testify to
05:51 the majority of marriages end in failure
05:53 and those that are together
05:55 most of them are very unhappy.
05:57 So marriage is not the key to our happiness
06:00 and our fulfillment, Jesus Christ is.
06:04 And when we have that, then marriage is beautiful
06:08 just as well as any other existence,
06:10 as Paul says, "I've learned
06:12 how to be content in whatever state
06:14 I found myself for in Christ,
06:16 I can do all things." Amen, amen.
06:19 I know that in your book you talk about
06:22 that it's hard for us humans to accept the truth
06:28 about being single and about being
06:31 what the Lord is saying here
06:33 that we're complete in Him.
06:36 So can you go into that a little bit?
06:38 Yes, because I tried to be as practically as possible,
06:42 because there is one thing to say,
06:44 you know, we can be complete in Christ.
06:47 And, you know, I've had to deal with that myself,
06:50 having gone through a divorce
06:53 and having been singled before being married.
06:57 And being single during the marriage
07:00 and maybe we can get into that to some degree
07:02 because, you know, that's the worst way to be single,
07:05 while you're still married.
07:08 And then I've been single after divorce.
07:11 So I know how that single, that single loneliness
07:16 and other issues of singleness can be.
07:18 And I've also found that in Christ,
07:22 truly we can be complete.
07:23 And that's something that's hard because
07:28 we are not born connected to Jesus Christ.
07:33 We're born disconnected, that's what sin is.
07:38 And so those needs that Jesus only can meet,
07:44 we don't realize that because
07:47 we've never experienced it like that.
07:49 All we've ever experienced is
07:51 a human being meeting those needs.S
07:53 When we came to this world,
07:54 our mother was the first one,
07:56 you know, most times
07:57 that we receive that nurturing form,
08:00 but if we look back on it,
08:02 the more the mother was in contact with God,
08:04 the better the nurture. Amen.
08:06 So the nurture that really was God
08:09 nurturing us through our parents.
08:12 And we receive the love of God.
08:15 And the goodness of God through people,
08:20 and I put it like here's one of the sayings that I have.
08:25 "Everybody enjoys the love of God,
08:30 whether they know God or not.
08:32 They enjoy and are benefited by the love of God.
08:37 Because the things we enjoy through people
08:41 are really the image of God on married in people.
08:44 What I enjoy about my wife is the love
08:49 that is pure from God that's--
08:54 and what you enjoy for me is that kind of love.
08:55 When myself interest love
08:57 comes in me, that hurts here.
08:59 You know, 'cause I'm getting what I can out of it.
09:02 What really blesses her is that image of God
09:07 that is still there that ministry,
09:10 and more that image's restored,
09:14 the more she is blessed and vice versa.
09:18 So what we really enjoy is God's love through people
09:22 even when we enjoy them is really God's love.
09:25 And what I've come to find
09:28 that if I can enjoy the love of God
09:32 through faulty vessels.
09:35 How much more can I enjoy God as love?
09:39 That means, go straight to the source
09:42 and receive it untainted.
09:44 And that's the learning process was because
09:47 we're not born with that.
09:49 And we don't know that, that's the step
09:50 and a leap of faith really.
09:54 And so when we first hear that kind of thing,
09:58 it's hard for us to relate to,
10:01 hard for us to accept because we don't feel it,
10:05 it is not natural for us.
10:07 We've never experienced it, we haven't seen it,
10:09 I have not seen, you have not heard
10:12 neither has it entered into our mind.
10:14 What God can do for us
10:16 and what He has prepared for us?
10:17 But if, and that's the quote
10:19 from First Corinthians 2 Chapter,
10:23 but it says in verse 9, but in verse 10 it says,
10:28 "But He reveals it through His Spirit."
10:30 And so what I deal with is the things that will help us
10:37 begin to relates spiritually
10:39 because the Bible says,
10:40 "Spiritual things are spiritually discerned."
10:43 To the natural man it's foolishness.
10:46 You know, that sounds good,
10:49 but that's not real, you know,
10:52 and I'm a realist, that's, you know,
10:54 and that's natural, that's true
10:55 when you're natural.
10:56 It is only as you deal with the spirit
10:59 that you can experience it.
11:01 So I deal those practical things
11:03 that help us to get spiritual,
11:06 that help us grow in the spirit
11:09 and so I have four things that,
11:12 I say we must do
11:13 and I talk about in that chapter 2,
11:14 really began to experience that the four--
11:17 And what are those four things?
11:19 The four things are, first of all accept the truth.
11:24 Then the second thing is fight the fight of faith.
11:28 The third thing is be patient.
11:32 And the fourth thing is put first things first.
11:35 And I'll go through each one of those,
11:37 you know, and that is accept the truth,
11:41 that's the first thing.
11:43 The Bible tells us in Hebrews 11:6,
11:47 "Without faith it's impossible to please God."
11:49 And then it defines what faith is,
11:51 it says, for He that come as a God
11:53 must believe that He is.
11:56 And very seldom do we really break that down.
11:59 Believe that He is, so we often times
12:02 believe that this person is, the situation is,
12:07 I am, I know what's best for me
12:10 and if I can just get this, Lord,
12:12 you know we believe we know what's best
12:14 and we believe that somebody else has,
12:16 but we must believe that He is.
12:19 He's the source.
12:20 He knows what it is if we just get to Him.
12:24 If we can just get in
12:25 connection with Him, we'll find it.
12:28 When we believe that we seek Him
12:29 with all our heart, mind, body, and soul, is not.
12:34 You see when I believe that only in Jesus
12:37 I'm gonna find what I'm looking for,
12:39 then I seek Him with intensity.
12:41 When I think I can find that in any other source,
12:43 that's what I seek out.
12:44 I may pray to God, but I'm not praying to God
12:46 to get close to Him.
12:47 I'm not praying to God to get His will.
12:49 I'm praying for God to use His power to do my will.
12:54 And we call that faith.
12:56 And we call that surrender, but it really isn't that.
12:59 It is only when we believe that He is,
13:03 and that He is a rewarder of them
13:06 that diligently seek what they think they need. No.
13:11 That diligently think what they think
13:12 that the promise in the Bible said,
13:15 well, that's almost here, but no,
13:17 because often times we misinterpret.
13:20 But diligently seek Him because
13:22 we're convinced that He knows me
13:24 better than I know myself.
13:26 He knows not only best from me,
13:28 but He knows how to satisfy the desires of my heart.
13:31 And if I just seek His will
13:33 and get in His will, I'm gonna find
13:35 the desires of my heart satisfy
13:37 that's what He promise us.
13:39 And if we believe that,
13:41 then we seek Him like that and that's when we find Him.
13:45 You know, and truth is different things
13:47 for different people.
13:49 You know what I mean,
13:51 to some people truth is not centered on,
13:55 focused on Jesus. Yes.
13:57 How would you, in 25 words or less,
13:59 tell someone that was not satisfied with their life?
14:06 But there is another truth in them.
14:09 You know, in the name of Jesus,
14:11 and do they get on to their knees,
14:12 do they ask Him to come into their life,
14:13 what do they do?
14:15 I'm not quite sure if I understand
14:16 that question, but I tell you this.
14:18 If a person doesn't believe in Jesus,
14:23 there's not too many things you can tell Him,
14:25 because you don't have a common base.
14:27 I don't try to convince people
14:28 who don't believe in Jesus,
14:29 the best thing I can do for them is live it.
14:32 When they see my life, and they see you see,
14:35 you can argue with facts.
14:39 I make a difference between facts and truth.
14:41 Fact is the Seventh-Day of the Sabbath.
14:43 The truth is that you can only find
14:45 rest in Jesus Christ,
14:46 that that day is a symbol of and a sign of.
14:49 But, you know,
14:50 that's another whole issue right there.
14:52 Many people have facts, but they don't know truth.
14:55 People can argue with facts,
14:57 but they don't want to argue with a lie.
14:59 And if your life shows the goodness of God.
15:04 They can't refute that, and most times don't want to.
15:07 When they see that, that breaks down every barrier,
15:09 then they begin to open up and ask you.
15:12 And then they hear him because
15:13 they've already seen it.
15:15 And that's it, so I don't try to convince people.
15:18 I just live it. Amen.
15:20 Number two is fight. The fight of faith.
15:24 First of all let me just go back to accept the truth.
15:29 You know, that seems like a elementary thing,
15:31 but most time we don't wanna accept the truth.
15:33 To accept the truth that I can
15:35 find my full completeness in Jesus Christ
15:37 is not a truth that we really by nature want to accept.
15:41 I remember when God first put that to me
15:43 when I was going through my process of divorce,
15:46 when I was still in the marriage
15:47 and I felt that this is wrong
15:49 and this person never is gonna make me happy,
15:52 I need to get out of this
15:53 if I'm gonna find happiness,
15:54 but I can't get out of it
15:55 'cause that does not please the Lord.
15:57 And, you know, I was just in a cycle of misery.
16:00 And when, and I asked the Lord
16:03 is there any out of this.
16:05 And He say, "Yes," and I say what?
16:08 I mean, now I said He said,
16:09 I mean not like it, He's the thoughts in my mind.
16:11 And so how do know that's God?
16:12 Because I don't think like this.
16:14 My mind says, get out and get out now.
16:17 You know, but the Lord was saying,
16:19 you know, I'm the way out.
16:21 I said, well, Lord now, you know,
16:22 I know you, I serve you, I love you,
16:25 I'm ready to be a minister, I know,
16:27 but I'm still hurting.
16:28 So it's got to be more than that.
16:32 And that's why I wrote this book on surrender,
16:34 because he let me know.
16:35 No, Greg, not to the depth
16:37 that I'm talking about.
16:40 You really have been depending on me,
16:42 you've been depending on her.
16:44 And, you know, he had to turn
16:45 that and so-- I don't have time,
16:47 I meet, or we'll have time
16:48 to get in that another time.
16:49 But basically, bottomline I had to
16:51 come to the point where I accept it,
16:52 because first I didn't want to accept it?
16:54 I said, no, I don't want it like that.
16:56 I don't want it from you,
16:57 I want it from another human being.
16:59 Because, you know, I said it to Lord,
17:01 I don't want you to be my woman.
17:03 I don't want that, I want a real woman.
17:06 And I can understand that and I can't explain
17:09 how God can be that to you
17:10 because and God didn't try to explain it to me.
17:12 All I had to be is wiling to accept it.
17:15 And so that was a big hurdle for me
17:17 and I had to pray, Lord, I believe, help my unbelief.
17:21 Help me because I don't believe it
17:24 and I don't want to believe it,
17:26 because I could see myself being by myself
17:28 for the rest of my life,
17:29 we get all these connotations.
17:30 But I came to realize, you know what,
17:32 as I found living Christ,
17:34 He really wouldn't have matter.
17:35 But God is good God,
17:37 He's a prodigal Father and He says,
17:38 Greg, the whole reason I won't do it
17:39 is because I can't find anybody
17:41 that's really gonna make you, give to you,
17:44 but if I can find that, we're gonna hook it up
17:46 because that's my desire for you.
17:48 So you don't have to be afraid of that,
17:50 but what he does is empower you to find happiness
17:52 in whatever state until and unless you can do that.
17:55 So I don't have to be miserable
17:57 wanting for more while he's working it out.
18:01 I can satisfied and if it never happens so what?
18:04 But if it does, beautiful.
18:05 And he has and so I'm enjoying it,
18:08 but I got to the place where I say, Lord,
18:10 I can do this till you come, I'm good.
18:13 Matter of fact he had to talk to me
18:14 and convince me after I get out,
18:15 when we brought that message in
18:17 that I needed to do it again.
18:19 And I say, well, Lord, I'm pretty,
18:20 I don't want to, you know,
18:21 if-- well, the Lord said okay,
18:23 we can work with this and you know.
18:24 So we worked that, sort of accepting that,
18:26 then fighting the fight of faith
18:27 because your human nature everyday, says, "No,"
18:31 and you have to fight that.
18:32 And fight it with prayer,
18:33 the fight of faith to continue to believe
18:35 and so you keep going back to the Lord.
18:36 Every time that feeling comes back,
18:38 because I don't care
18:39 if you're in a good relationship,
18:40 you're gonna feel unloved sometimes.
18:43 You're going to feel unhappy sometimes.
18:46 I don't care how well you--
18:47 how good your marriage is, you're gonna feel
18:49 that because that's our human flesh.
18:52 So you have to do that whether you're married
18:53 or whether you're single, it doesn't matter.
18:56 So when that feeling comes, it's a lie.
18:58 And I have to fight the fight,
18:59 so I'll go with, I'll fight it through prayer.
19:01 Lord, you know how I'm feeling,
19:02 work with me, Lord, I believe, help my unbelief.
19:05 Be patient is the next thing.
19:07 Because it tells in Galatians 6,
19:12 "Be not deceived, God is not mock"
19:15 you know, if you've been sowing to the flesh,
19:17 you reap of the flesh,
19:18 so of speech reap everlasting life.
19:20 Now all these years have been sow into the flesh,
19:21 because I've been depending on flesh to satisfy.
19:24 I've been believing that for years and years
19:26 and so I was deep in, within my pores,
19:30 it's in my nature.
19:31 So I start sowing to the spirit by faith
19:35 believing that He can do it.
19:36 Well, you know, what happens is God says,
19:39 "Okay, you keep on sowing,"
19:40 and the process works much faster going to,
19:44 but it doesn't, it's not like
19:47 Dorothy's shoes in the Oz,
19:48 when she click them together
19:50 now you're in Kansas, you know,
19:51 everything is beautiful.
19:53 When you start, it gets better immediately,
19:55 but it's still, you know,
19:56 you've been sowing to that fresh for years.
19:58 So you know I started off praying away
20:01 and I had peace but it will leave,
20:04 it wouldn't last as long
20:05 and I had to pray a little longer again.
20:07 But the more I did it.
20:09 I had to pray less long and my peace lasted longer,
20:12 you know. And I like I say
20:14 even when you're-- even when you are marriage,
20:18 you're gonna have to do this even in your marriage.
20:20 That's why unless and until
20:22 you deal with surrender you're really not,
20:24 you're really not really ready
20:26 to be the kind of meet that person needs.
20:29 And that God wants you to be.
20:30 So, so, so as I did that more and more,
20:34 I found God's peace more,
20:35 I grew more and more in the spirit
20:37 and after awhile, to God I said,
20:39 you know what, Lord, if you want me to stay
20:41 in this marriage for the rest, I can do this.
20:44 If not, you know, and He saw
20:46 fit to end it in His time, His way.
20:49 But I was good whatever way he wanted to go.
20:52 And that's one thing I would like to say
20:53 to people who are in the throws of divorce
20:58 and the process of divorce
20:59 something I dealt with in another setting
21:02 we had previously.
21:05 I would like to let them know that,
21:07 really the answer God may work it,
21:10 but don't think the solution is divorce.
21:13 Because even if that works out,
21:15 if you haven't really dealt with the Lord,
21:17 you're still in problem, you're still in pain.
21:19 And you're just going to be in pain
21:21 and take that to the next relationship,
21:23 that's gonna to be more problems.
21:24 Just take that baggage to the next level.
21:25 You have to, that's right.
21:26 So you need to deal with that regardless.
21:30 And so you know, what I encourage people do,
21:33 is deal with that before you make
21:34 a decision on divorce.
21:35 Because you're getting ready to make
21:36 one of the important decisions
21:38 that will impact your life in such a powerful way.
21:41 You're gonna make that decision
21:42 while you're hurting.
21:43 You need some healing, you know.
21:45 And you're gonna have to do this anyway.
21:47 So do it before and if you feel like that,
21:49 you know as you beginning every year,
21:51 and as you're going along, you feel like.
21:52 Then didn't make it, you know,
21:53 that's between you and the Lord.
21:55 But do this and, and because
21:58 that is really what you need.
21:59 We think, if I'm just get out of this divorce,
22:03 my pain, I get out of the misery,
22:04 no you can't, no you won't.
22:07 You'll create a new set of pain,
22:08 a new set of miseries that you're going to
22:11 have to go to the Lord to dissolve anyway.
22:14 And God may-- you may not have to even deal with that
22:18 if you go to Him now.
22:20 And then even if you do,
22:21 if you go to Him now you'll be ready for what.
22:24 And you know, of course
22:25 when the Lord ended my first marriage,
22:27 or allowed it to come to an end,
22:30 I was at peace to the whole process
22:32 and that's what I shared in the book.
22:33 I was at peace, because I had
22:35 surrendered to the Lord and I said, Lord,
22:37 I will stay in this thing until--
22:39 and I even and for me that was a huge step,
22:41 I even grew to the place where I worked to save it.
22:48 And I have to even, I was the first one
22:49 to want it out, and help get my wife to where she was.
22:53 Because of where and I, you know,
22:55 like I say, hopefully we'll be able to
22:59 get to my testimony on that.
23:01 But the key was I had to
23:05 fight the fight of faith and I had to be patient
23:07 and I saw it going.
23:08 And then last thing, put first thing first.
23:13 The Lord says, "Seek first the kingdom of God
23:15 and His righteousness."
23:16 And all these other things
23:17 you're worried about I add them to you.
23:20 As I got busy just doing the Lord's will,
23:23 focusing on being what he really wanted me be--
23:27 instead of focusing on trying to be happy,
23:31 trying to be fulfilled.
23:33 I focused on just Lord, what is it you want,
23:36 and I want it today, I wanna do your will.
23:39 God makes us happy, God makes us fulfilled.
23:44 And the Bible says,
23:45 and this is the conundrum that we face.
23:48 And this is one of the spiritual things and so.
23:49 Because they're just the opposite
23:51 from what we are naturally,
23:52 because we're sinful naturally, He's spiritual.
23:55 And spiritual things are foolish,
23:57 because they're totally different.
23:59 Sin has reversed everything.
24:02 To us, righteousness is reversed
24:05 but it's true, it's the truth.
24:06 We're the ones that are whack.
24:09 And it tells us that he that seeks happiness shall lose it.
24:16 But he that lose it for my sake shall find it.
24:19 When I try and my focus is,
24:21 I want to be happy and I seek that,
24:26 because self is in the way,
24:28 flesh is in the lead, the way I feel,
24:31 the way I see things, the way I understand
24:33 and the way, you know, all of that is leading
24:36 and I pray and we think that's spiritual.
24:37 We think, well I've been praying about it.
24:39 I ask the Lord, this sinner,
24:41 I asked the Lord to guide me
24:43 but did you surrender to that.
24:45 Did you say Lord, look I want your will,
24:49 now I true, I want the mate,
24:52 but if that's not in your will for me,
24:54 I'm going to, help me to accept
24:55 whatever your will is.
24:57 It's true I wanted it at a certain time.
24:59 But if not, as Jesus said.
25:02 If you even take the cup, you just say,
25:03 this is the way I feel, but if not.
25:06 The prayer is not to convince or fit God into our will.
25:11 The prayer is to ask God to work with us
25:15 so that we can fit in His will.
25:17 So we have to, we have to,
25:18 we have to accept the truth,
25:19 we have fight the fight of faith,
25:21 we have to be patient and we have to put
25:23 first things first, and when we stop putting God first,
25:26 His work first, the Lord says,
25:28 "I'll take care for all that,
25:29 all you do is be an ambassador for me,
25:32 I will take care of all that you're concerned about."
25:35 And I find that the Lord
25:36 can take care, better care of me
25:37 than I can ever take care of myself.
25:39 And truly I'm finding that he knows
25:41 how to satisfy the desires of my heart.
25:42 I've just had to learn to trust Him.
25:44 And depend on and surrender this flesh to Him,
25:47 because this flesh does not trust God.
25:49 This flesh does not believe,
25:50 I don't care how many sermons I hear,
25:52 I don't care how many sermons I preach,
25:53 I don't care how many songs I've sung,
25:55 I don't care believe how many Bible studies I gave.
25:56 This flesh is the flesh it will always be the flesh,
25:59 that which is born of the flesh is flesh.
26:01 It has to be crucified, it has to die.
26:04 And only Jesus can crucify it,
26:06 so I have to go to Him on a daily basis,
26:08 that's what surrender is about.
26:09 It's not, it's not self, it's not suicide.
26:13 It's going to Jesus and surrendering.
26:15 As you know we say, that's a bad word
26:18 and that's a-- to us that's a bad connotation.
26:21 Again we're all screwed around.
26:23 The very thing that will bless us,
26:24 we're afraid of, it sounds negative.
26:26 But we surrender to people all the time.
26:29 We surrender to the boss and they mistreat us.
26:32 We surrender to the so and so
26:33 and we're miserable because
26:35 we're surrendering to these people and these things.
26:37 We're human and faulty like us and they misuse that.
26:41 The one person we need to surrender
26:43 to is the one we're afraid to do it.
26:45 And if we just learn to trust Him,
26:47 we'll find that all that we're seeking,
26:49 we'll find stop trying to finding,
26:52 because the flesh will seek it the wrong way.
26:54 Trust God and go to Him,
26:57 for He that believe that He is.
26:59 And He's gonna want of them that diligently seek him.
27:02 And without that faith,
27:04 it's impossible to please God
27:06 and if it's impossible to please God,
27:08 it's impossible to find the joy of the Lord.
27:10 And that's what we really want
27:12 and that's what we truly desire.
27:13 And that's what we're really looking for
27:15 and only God can give it.
27:16 Exactly, you know.
27:18 And so in five words or less,
27:22 a single person can also be a nurturer.
27:24 Is that right? That's correct.
27:25 I'm glad you did it,
27:26 because I can't do it in five words or less.
27:28 Well, you know, I just know that
27:33 whenever the Lord becomes the focal point of your life.
27:35 Yes. Everything changes. Yes.
27:38 Because a whole different love comes out it,
27:41 a love for your fellow man
27:43 and people are attracted to that.
27:46 I, you know, sometimes people think that I think--
27:49 after saying these things that I've arrived
27:51 or I think I've arrived, and the fact is I haven't,
27:54 I realize I haven't, I have a long ways to go.
27:56 But God is good and He's be what I am,
27:59 I thank Him, I love it. Amen.
28:01 I wanna thank you for being with us today, Pastor Greg.
28:05 I wanna thank each one of you
28:06 for sharing your time with us.
28:08 We love you here at 3ABN. God bless you.


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