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Surrender: How It Makes The Single Life Fulfilling

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00:01 In Matthew 19:6, it tells us,
00:04 "Therefore what God has joined together,
00:06 let no man put asunder."
00:09 Today, we're gonna be talking about surrender and divorce.
00:12 Stay with us, we'll be right back.
00:39 Welcome to Issues and Answers. My name is J.D. Quinn.
00:43 I want to read to you from Matthew 11 verses 28 to 30.
00:48 "Come to me, all you who labor and are heavy laden,
00:51 I will give you rest.
00:53 Take my yoke upon you and learn from me,
00:55 for I am gentle and lowly in heart,
00:59 and you will find rest for your souls.
01:01 For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light."
01:06 Today, we have a special guest,
01:08 his name is Pastor Greg Jackson.
01:11 Welcome, Pastor Jackson. Thank you.
01:12 It's good to see you. It's good to be here.
01:14 Tell our audience a little bit about yourself.
01:16 Well, I am a pastor in the Allegheny West Conference,
01:20 and I now pastor the Bethel Seventh-day Adventist Church
01:23 in Cleveland, Ohio.
01:24 I've been a minister for 31 years
01:26 and married to Marilyn Jackson, for 14 years,
01:31 we have five children, five grandchildren.
01:35 Amen. And that's basically it.
01:39 We're talking about a topic today
01:40 that's gonna grab a lot of people's attention.
01:43 And divorce a blessing?
01:46 In your book, "How surrender makes marriage happier,
01:49 divorce a blessing, the simple life fulfilling."
01:52 You have a chapter on divorce a blessing?
01:57 Please, explain that.
01:58 Yeah, that's the title that does generate
02:02 debate or inquiry and sometimes confusion,
02:07 divorce a blessing those seem to be two conflicting ideas,
02:11 but my purpose in writing the book is to show that,
02:14 when we deal with surrender in any situation,
02:19 we can find the blessings of God in that situation
02:22 There are many people that I've gone through divorce
02:25 and divorce has just ravaged them emotionally,
02:27 spiritually, and every other kind of way,
02:30 but it doesn't have to be that way,
02:32 if they're dealing with surrender,
02:33 they can find the peace and the blessings of God
02:36 even in that negative situation.
02:38 I also noticed here, Greg,
02:40 how to turn your pain into peace, why divorce?
02:44 Yes, yes. There is, that's the whole focus of it
02:51 really as well as showing how you can even find peace
02:59 after the divorce has happened,
03:01 but there is something that very few people understand
03:04 and I think that, if they understood it
03:08 and dealt with surrender,
03:10 it would stem a lot of problems.
03:12 If both married partners did it,
03:15 it would save the marriage. Amen.
03:17 If one does it, it may not save the marriage
03:20 because in order to save a marriage, it takes two.
03:23 But it can give them peace in the midst of the problem,
03:27 in the midst of the situation, and that's why I deal with it.
03:30 So, and that, that is this.
03:33 In every situation before you come to the decision
03:38 to divorce, there is a process that takes place.
03:41 Now let me put it like this.
03:43 When you get married, you either going through
03:45 one or two processes, either going through
03:49 the process of God joining you together
03:51 because that's a process.
03:52 When you first say, "I do."
03:54 You're not fully joined at that point,
03:56 you're announced as husband and wife.
03:59 But, only God can join you more and more,
04:02 and that's the process.
04:03 The marriage is a process of God joining two individuals,
04:09 two different individuals and joining them and molding them
04:13 in more and more into oneness, that's a process.
04:16 So we're either going through that process of being made
04:19 one by Jesus or we're going through the process
04:24 of what I call the process of divorce.
04:28 Now, it may not end in divorce,
04:32 two people can still stay married,
04:34 but they don't have too much love for one another,
04:36 and that too they're not one.
04:38 They're like two different individuals
04:40 living two ships passing in the night.
04:44 But, in order for it to be a true marriage,
04:47 you have to be going through the process
04:48 of being joined together.
04:51 There is the other process of being -- process of divorce
04:55 if you recognize the symptoms, you can avert it.
05:00 And that is this, you see,
05:02 when we get married,
05:03 again this goes back to an early interview
05:07 we had about the purpose for getting married.
05:10 And remind our audience
05:13 what the purpose of getting married is.
05:14 The purpose for getting married is,
05:17 is because you are convinced
05:19 that's God's will for your life, amen.
05:21 And God's purpose which becomes your ultimate purpose,
05:25 it's develop His image in you, which is His agape love.
05:30 And so, in marriage it's more about giving
05:33 than it is receiving. Amen.
05:34 Now, so when if our purpose is other than that,
05:40 what happens is, we are joining to the other person,
05:45 when we say, I do,
05:46 like I did in my first marriage,
05:49 I was a Christian individual, my wife was the same,
05:53 we both loved the Lord and both were sincere,
05:55 when I said I do, I meant for life
05:58 and I'm quite sure she did too.
06:00 But what I didn't understand is that,
06:04 I had the wrong purpose and it was depending
06:07 on the wrong source,
06:08 and relating with the wrong kind of love.
06:10 And so, when I said I do,
06:12 I'm thinking that this woman God has given her to me
06:16 and she's gonna meet all my needs
06:17 and she's probably thinking the same thing.
06:20 Well, what happened was, she was human
06:25 and I'm human and so I didn't meet all of her needs
06:27 and she didn't meet all of mine.
06:28 And when that happens your needs are not getting met
06:32 what happens is every time
06:34 your needs are not getting met there's hurt,
06:37 there's pain, there's a scar.
06:41 And the more the person doesn't meet the needs
06:46 and the less needs they meet, the more you feel that pain
06:50 and what happens is you began,
06:53 at first it doesn't effect you too much 'cause
06:54 you still have hope that the person is gonna do.
06:57 But after a while if it continues,
06:59 you began to feel, wait a minute,
07:02 I don't know if they can ever make me happy
07:04 and meet those needs.
07:05 Now what starts happening is a process of divorce.
07:09 Because when you come to the conclusion that this person,
07:11 I made a mistake or this marriage
07:14 is not gonna make me happy
07:15 or this person can never meet my needs
07:17 or somebody out there better, or whatever.
07:20 You're beginning the process of divorce I don't care
07:23 if you're married, you're beginning that purpose.
07:26 If you don't stop that process and start the other process
07:31 of being joined together,
07:33 it's going to either come to physical divorce
07:36 or emotional divorce, where you're still
07:38 in the same house, but you're not divorced
07:40 or the best scenario, the best scenario,
07:44 you're still married, you have a degree of happiness.
07:47 But, you know, a lot of it is just, you know,
07:51 I'm used to this, we've been married and so,
07:53 you know, I've put a lot of time into this
07:55 and we're gonna stay married, you know.
07:59 But, and even I'm pretty happy in it.
08:04 That's why I said, makes marriage happier,
08:08 because the best marriage will be enhanced
08:13 when the two understand surrender,
08:15 have the right purpose for being married,
08:18 are depending on the right source
08:19 and relating to the right kind of love.
08:22 So, whenever divorce is happening
08:24 it's because the worse scenario is happening.
08:27 It's the same thing, you know,
08:28 you had the wrong purpose
08:31 and maybe with the wrong kind of love.
08:33 Just the fact that you're so radically
08:35 different in personality that the needs not being met
08:43 or the conflicts that you run into are much more frequent.
08:47 And the needs being met are much less,
08:50 because the person is so radically different
08:53 from who you are.
08:54 And that process begins to happen
08:58 and it happens in ways that we don't know
09:02 and don't even recognize until we get to that point
09:04 where we say, "I'm ready to end this thing.
09:07 " But there was a process that happened way before then
09:10 and if we realize and when we began to see
09:12 just a little tell-tell signs of,
09:14 you know, that I make a mistake,
09:17 I don't know if I can ever be happy,
09:19 you know, those little kinds of things.
09:21 Any kind of doubt or whatever,
09:23 it lets you know you're in that process
09:25 and you need to understand
09:27 the process of being joined together,
09:29 which comes from understanding surrender.
09:35 Again, the reason we go through the process of divorce
09:40 is because we're not going through the process of being
09:41 joined together, the reason we're not being
09:44 joined together by God is because
09:46 we're not surrendering fully to God
09:49 and depending on Him to supply our needs,
09:52 that's why that text that you opened up with,
09:56 "Come unto me all ye that labor."
09:59 "And are heavy-laden and I will give you rest."
10:03 You know, "take my yoke upon you,
10:06 learn of me, for I am meek and lowly in heart
10:09 and you will find rest."
10:12 That's the only way we can turn this around,
10:14 but we have to, we have to come to grips
10:18 with the truth that in Christ dwells
10:25 all the fullness of the Godhead bodily.
10:28 And in Him, we are made complete.
10:32 Let me just say this quickly, you know,
10:35 one of the biggest errors of our,
10:40 of our not only our time throughout time
10:43 concerning marriage is -- and the church helps perpetuate
10:48 this error in many ways.
10:49 I mean, we say, "You're not complete
10:53 until you have the other half."
10:58 And we, and we and now, you know,
10:59 that sounds good and we, I've heard it many pastor
11:03 I've done it myself, we feel sorry for single people.
11:07 And we, we pity them and feel that they are,
11:11 they can't find happiness until we find them a mate.
11:15 And it is true that God came up
11:18 with the institute of marriage is a beautiful thing,
11:21 but He never instituted it for the reasons that we give.
11:26 For instance, we use this text and I've used it like this,
11:29 I hear it, use it like this all the time.
11:31 It is not good for man to be alone.
11:36 Now, we interpret that text from a sinful perspective.
11:43 What do I mean by that? I mean by that is this.
11:46 We interpret that from our sin experience.
11:50 When God did it, there was no sin.
11:53 We are born in sin that means we're born separated from God.
12:00 We're not born with God in His rightful place,
12:03 ruling our lives, intimately connected to Him,
12:07 knowing His power in our lives.
12:09 We're not born like that, we're born separated from God.
12:11 Therefore, we're born with a hole in our center,
12:16 that is crying out to be met by whatever
12:20 and whoever we can see, touch, feel, whatever.
12:24 And we use people, places and things to fill that hole,
12:28 well, until we come to grips with Jesus Christ.
12:32 But, what happens is we are spoiled
12:35 by the philosophies of this world
12:38 and the rudiments of this world
12:39 in our own human, faulty human nature that says,
12:43 we need someone other than Christ to fill this gap.
12:47 Because in Colossians 2:8, it says,
12:48 "Don't be spoiled by the philosophies
12:52 and the traditions and the rulers of this world
12:55 as if you can find it in other than Christ,
12:57 for in Him who has all the fullness."
12:59 But we don't feel that,
13:01 that's not -- we're not born with that,
13:04 because we're born separated.
13:05 That is an act of faith until we get to know God.
13:08 And so we don't know until we interpret that text
13:15 it's not good to be alone to say this.
13:20 You need to be married to someone
13:22 because it's not good to be alone,
13:23 so they can give, so you can receive from them.
13:28 It's not good for you to be alone so
13:29 you need somebody else to make you whole,
13:31 to deal with your loneliness.
13:33 So with some more receiving,
13:35 I need for you to receive.
13:36 So when we get married, we get married
13:38 for the whole purpose of self and that's sin.
13:42 Our whole focus, when I married I said,
13:44 I do, this woman's going to make me happy,
13:48 fulfilled, complete, this is the one
13:51 and for the rest of my life,
13:53 I'm gonna stay with her.
13:54 She is saying, this is my knight
13:55 in shining armor, he's going to be my deliver,
13:59 that's Jesus, not me.
14:03 He's going to be for all and so we get it in
14:05 and that doesn't happen.
14:07 And we perpetuate that, it's not good,
14:09 the Bible says, it's not good to be alone.
14:12 Now, when Jesus said that, when God said that,
14:15 He said, "I have made you in my image."
14:20 God is love and His love is the kind
14:24 that doesn't receive it gives,
14:26 and the more He gives the happier He is.
14:29 He said, it's not good for you to be alone
14:31 because you're my image,
14:32 you have the kind of love I have,
14:33 you in order for you to go grow in that image,
14:36 you must give of yourself selflessly to others.
14:41 Therefore, it's not good for you to be alone,
14:43 you have to have someone else that --
14:45 and soI'm gonna give you equation,
14:47 I'm gonna give you a mate that's made like you,
14:48 and I'll get into that in depth in the book.
14:50 How that the one that's like us requires of,
14:54 requires us to give more selflessly
14:57 than even the inanimate,
14:58 the nature, inanimate nature.
15:00 So, when God did that,
15:02 He did that for His ultimate purpose,
15:05 which is to develop us in His image.
15:07 The more we grow in that image,
15:10 the happier we are, because I've learned
15:13 as I am dealing with God,
15:15 His love is beginning to complete me.
15:19 And the more I am used of God to spread that love selflessly
15:24 I am blessed.
15:26 I tell people, you know, when I'm ministering,
15:28 the Lord's working through me,
15:30 it's more of a blessing to me than it is to you.
15:32 You know, and so God, you know,
15:35 and when He said that, that's what He was saying.
15:38 He wasn't saying it's not good for you
15:40 to be alone because you're gonna be lonely.
15:43 Because Adam didn't even know he was lonely
15:46 when God created him, he said, you know,
15:47 now name the animals, he started naming the animals.
15:49 He said, wait a minute, I noticed something,
15:52 there's two of them and only one of me.
15:54 And then, you know, once he realized,
15:57 he said, my Lord, he said, you know, the Lord,
15:58 I put it like this.
16:01 The Lord says, you know, okay, okay,
16:02 now that you realize that,
16:03 now that you know that you have your wholeness
16:06 and completeness without your companion,right.
16:10 You're ready for her, 'cause if you try, if you,
16:13 so I'm gonna put you to sleep,
16:15 why he had to put Adam to sleep?
16:17 It didn't hurt him for God to take the rib,
16:20 God can do without the-- he put Adam to sleep
16:22 because he wanted time alone with Eve.
16:25 The first man Eve saw was not Adam, it was God.
16:30 I don't know how much time they had together,
16:31 but I'm quite sure she realized
16:33 and that time together that my wholeness is in him.
16:36 God wanted her to realize that.
16:38 The reason sin came is because Adam either forgot that
16:43 or ignored it, because when Adam realized
16:48 that he was not going to have Eve,
16:50 he wasn't willing to do that.
16:53 And there's a quote in Patriarchs and Prophets,
16:57 it said that, you know, Adam,
16:59 he forget all, he knew the love,
17:02 but he turned away from all that for the love of her
17:05 not realizing or not thinking and remembering that God
17:09 could be all that he need and supply her place.
17:12 See, he put too much and then immediately after he did it,
17:18 all that love he had for her was gone,
17:20 because when God came, He said, this is that woman,
17:23 she did it, you know, don't get me God, get her.
17:26 And then she said, oh, no.
17:27 It was, you see that that's the result of self law,
17:32 that's the result of it.
17:33 And we get married for that very reason.
17:39 And, you know, like I say,
17:40 the church puts its stamp on it,
17:41 because we say, isn't not good for man
17:43 to be alone, you need somebody.
17:45 Well, you do need somebody,
17:46 but not for the reason you say.
17:48 When you have God right in your life
17:50 that's what John could, you know,
17:51 be on the Island of Patmos and be complete wherever,
17:54 and be imprisoned.
17:56 And because we need Jesus and we have Him.
18:00 Now, we do need others because
18:02 we need to give ourselves selflessly,
18:04 single people need others for that reason
18:07 and they can find the joy of the Lord in this singleness,
18:09 if that's God's will for them,
18:12 they can find just as much joy in that as a married couple
18:16 can find in their marriage.
18:17 Because the source of their happiness is the very same,
18:21 it's the relationship with Jesus Christ
18:22 and God has ways of fulfilling
18:24 even the human aspects of our needs through others
18:28 in legitimate ways when we have the right connection.
18:31 What do you think about going through Christian counseling?
18:37 I think you do what you have to do
18:41 and wherever you are, so I have no problem.
18:43 So then your relationship spiraling downward, yes.
18:46 Okay, and now you're beginning to,
18:48 you certainly sense that hey,
18:50 this is not my knight in shining armor.
18:52 Yes. And vice versa... Yes.
18:54 And so now you reach out.
18:57 Yes, yes, I have no, I have no problem with counseling.
19:02 The care that I have in that to make sure that
19:06 you pray about it and ask God to lead you
19:07 through right kind of council. Amen.
19:09 Because the counselor can either be good or bad
19:12 and I don't say this, very few counselors,
19:15 even Christian counselors will lead you to the right source,
19:21 more often than not.
19:23 We try to altar the people to fit the situation
19:29 rather than point them to Jesus who only...
19:34 Can first of all meet their need, amen.
19:36 We're trying to tell needy people
19:39 what they need to do in order to solve the situation.
19:46 If they had all of that capacity,
19:49 it wouldn't be a problem, they need something,
19:53 you know, for it to happen.
19:55 And even when they do those things,
19:58 they're not gonna work, like you say,
19:59 "Well, you need to fix yourself up most,
20:01 so when he comes home, you know,
20:04 well it doesn't matter,
20:05 I mean it may work for a day or two,
20:08 but after a while okay."
20:10 Because what causes us to go through,
20:13 what we go through us inside of us,
20:15 there is a need and that need is the Lord.
20:18 So the counseling, yes, but pray about it and let it,
20:23 and make sure they're leading you
20:24 to have a closer walk with the Lord.
20:27 So, is it possible for a married couple
20:29 who's going through the process of divorce
20:31 to start a process of regeneration?
20:34 Very much so, It requires surrender them,
20:37 It requires surrender, Becuase...
20:39 And that's what you're talking about here
20:41 how surrender makes divorce a blessing.
20:43 Yes, yes. Then go ahead.
20:44 And let me just say this,
20:47 and I'll say this at this point because any,
20:52 we think when we're going through the process of divorce
20:55 and we get to the point where we're ready to divorce,
20:57 that divorce is the answer.
21:02 My thing is always this, I've talked I had,
21:07 and I've had this happened before,
21:10 a couple that they're vibrant in their ministry now,
21:14 they're wonderful together,
21:15 they had me to do their renewal of vows and things.
21:18 But, when they came, they had heard about
21:23 one of my books it leads in and the husband said,
21:25 I want us to go here to talk with him,
21:27 because that was in their city at the time
21:28 I'm going to tell you what that city was.
21:31 But, they came to me and he had talked he say,
21:34 "If you just go with me this one time,"
21:35 and she came and she take that in my living room said,
21:37 "look, pastor, I'm tell you this right now.
21:39 We've been to all kind of counselors,
21:41 we've been through all kinds of seminars,
21:44 I'm done, I'm done.
21:46 I'm only here because I, he agreed with me
21:50 if I came with him to this meeting,
21:52 he would leave me alone and give me my divorce."
21:55 And I said, and I told her this,
21:57 I say look, "I'm not gonna tell you
21:59 that things will work on your marriage,
22:02 you know, I'm not gonna tell you to go home and do this,
22:04 what I'm saying to you is this,
22:06 is that right now you're hurting
22:09 and you need some healing.
22:11 And you're about to make one of the most important
22:13 decisions in your life,
22:16 when you're not well, you're hurting.
22:19 And all I'm saying to you is this,
22:20 I'm not saying go home and try to patch up the marriage,
22:23 as a matter of fact, I'm gonna tell the both of you
22:25 don't even focus on saving your marriage."
22:27 You know, I told him I said,
22:29 "you need to stop pressuring her, let her alone.
22:31 What you need to is get your healing too
22:34 and that means that both of you need to go home
22:37 and start relating to the Lord in ways,"
22:40 and I'm, I didn't have, I don't have time to go into
22:44 'cause I'm telling them how to, but start relating
22:47 and then gave them one of my books
22:48 on how to really start dealing with the Lord.
22:51 I'm saying, I'm just, I'm telling you not,
22:53 I'm not telling you not to do it,
22:55 I'm just saying before you do it,
22:58 let God give you some healing.
23:00 You know, you have time I mean it's, there's no hurry,
23:03 I mean it's not gonna change you don't have to work.
23:06 So just work on that right now,
23:09 I'm not telling you and even told her husband,
23:11 back off, leave her alone.
23:13 Matter of fact, if you always, you know,
23:15 if you're living in separate places,
23:16 leave that alone, you know, give her some space.
23:19 You take your time because you need some space,
23:22 work on your relationship not your marriage,
23:25 work on your relationship. With the Lord.
23:28 That's right. Work on that,
23:29 because and I told where her need was,
23:31 her need was not to work on your relationships
23:34 that you can stay married, because that's her pain.
23:37 She's saying, no, no, and I've been
23:40 through all kind of counseling, no.
23:43 But her need was, I need, I'm in pain,
23:47 and if I get this divorced, it may not stop my pain,
23:49 but it's gone ease it some.
23:51 And my thing was, go to Jesus
23:54 and let Him deal with your pain,
23:56 because He can bring you some healing.
23:57 Now she started hearing that because
23:58 that's what her need was, I'm in pain
24:00 and all I'm hearing from people are these words
24:02 of what I need to do and all that's,
24:05 what the Bible says, what the Spirit of prophecy says,
24:07 but that's, you know, all that's going
24:08 just bring more pain to me,
24:09 I've been trying to do, it doesn't work.
24:12 But, when you start here, here don't worry about it,
24:15 deal with your pain, and if you feel
24:17 you need to do it, go ahead and do it.
24:19 But deal with God first,
24:21 in the way of seeking your healing.
24:24 Long story short, she called me about a month later,
24:29 and she said, "Pastor, guess where I'm?"
24:31 I said,"Where are you?" She said,"I'm in Florida."
24:32 So that's nice and guess who I have standing beside me.
24:35 I said, who? She said, "My husband."
24:37 She says, "Oh I'll tell you, really,
24:38 I just have to tell you, when I came down here,
24:40 I was coming down here to get away from him
24:42 and meet a old friend we, you know,
24:44 going to another man, she said,
24:46 but when I was on the plane,
24:47 the Lord started speaking to me about that
24:49 and so and so, now when I got here,
24:51 I called him up and say, you know,
24:52 did you want to join talk about it,
24:54 he came down and I tell you the Lord has worked
24:57 some miraculous things and we want to try it again.
25:00 Long story short about a year later,
25:02 they called me they've been vibrant in ministry together,
25:05 and they say they wanted to me to do the renewal.
25:07 The Lord brought that marriage back together.
25:10 One of the things that, you know,
25:11 when I say and I'll say this, and when people come to me
25:17 hurting about marriage, I don't even deal with
25:20 how to make your marriage better,
25:22 I deal with how to make your relationship better.
25:25 Relationship with the Lord.
25:26 That's right, because when you make your relationship
25:29 with the Lord better, if God wants to save that marriage
25:31 and more often than not He will,
25:33 you know, He wants to.
25:34 The only way He doesn't to is neither one of us,
25:36 if both of you are surrendering,
25:38 you know, He'll do that.
25:40 I have another part which says,
25:41 if God wanted a divorce and be surprised,
25:44 I don't have time to begin to that,
25:45 maybe we'll have some other time for that.
25:47 But, you know, is if more often than not,
25:51 if both of you're doing, He's gonna save that marriage.
25:54 So don't focus on try to save the marriage.
25:56 So you're getting yourself out of the way.
25:58 That's right, and God's will
26:00 is for the marriage to be whole.
26:02 So you both start dealing with God,
26:04 start surrendering to God, let him start healing you,
26:06 start fixing you and molding you,
26:09 He'll work in you both to will
26:10 and do of His good pleasure, His good pleasure,amen.
26:14 And He'll bring you together, so don't work on that,
26:17 work on your relationship people can hear that.
26:19 And when you meet where they are,
26:20 they're hurting, God's going to heal they're motivated.
26:23 Amen, and when you say for His good purpose,
26:26 what do you think that means, God's good purpose?
26:29 When I say for His good purpose,
26:31 I don't know, quite sure what... Okay.
26:33 God's purpose for the-- Yes.
26:34 Okay, well His purpose ultimately is to develop you
26:37 in his image, to make you in his character,
26:40 in his character of love, agape love, selfless love.
26:43 That you're giving of -- and when he has two people
26:47 like that, that's a little bit of heaven on earth.
26:49 And you don't have to be married too,
26:50 to have that for a single person,
26:52 as they're like that, near around people like that.
26:55 There is still heaven on earth.
26:58 And what is our role as being brothers and sisters
27:00 in Christ for those that need love?
27:02 Our role as brother and sister in Christ is to first of all,
27:07 beyond giving them a counsel is to reflect
27:11 the loving character of God. Amen.
27:13 And the only way you can reflect the care
27:15 and loving care 'cause, you know,
27:17 we try to reflect love and we do it either to one extreme
27:21 or the other, we've two pains and that too not enough.
27:23 But reflecting now that means surrendering to God
27:26 and let God use us to go there to be used of God.
27:29 Not to try to correct them well I'm not telling
27:31 what the Bible says about this,
27:32 what the Spirit of Prophecy says about this,
27:34 but spiritually, that's why I love this,
27:35 let those who are spiritual,
27:36 that means you're gonna surrender to the spirit.
27:38 Lord, show me how if I can be used.
27:40 And it might be don't say anything right now,
27:42 just put your arms around them, whatever,
27:45 but you have to let the spirit of God work through
27:47 you to reach out to them to love them.
27:49 Amen, amen, what a good topic,
27:54 divorce a blessing, but yet we know that
27:57 God is what it's all about. Yes.
27:58 You know, ultimately.
28:00 Just thank you for being with us today
28:02 on Issues and Answers. Yes.
28:04 I want to thank our audience for being with us.
28:06 You know, that our desire for you is that
28:09 He just blesses you abundantly, God bless.


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