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Surrender: The Secret To Perfect Peace And Happiness

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00:01 Do you understand the house and wise
00:02 are surrendering to Jesus?
00:04 Stay with us. We'll be right back.
00:32 Welcome to Issues & Answers. My name is J. D. Quinn.
00:35 As I mentioned earlier,
00:37 we're going to be talking about
00:38 the how's and why's of surrendering to Jesus.
00:41 A person that has written a book on this
00:43 is our guest today. And it is Pastor Greg Jackson.
00:48 Greg, welcome to Issues and Answers.
00:50 Thank you, thank you.
00:51 I know that you have written a book
00:53 on "Surrender, The Secret to Perfect Peace & Happiness."
00:57 What else do you do?
00:58 Well, I pastor in the Allegheny West Conference.
01:02 I'm now pastoring the Bethel Seventh-day Adventist Church
01:04 in Cleveland, Ohio.
01:06 And then I travel doing seminars on to surrender life
01:10 and then on marriage and divorce, and single life.
01:13 I do several kinds of seminars,
01:14 that's why I stay fairly busy.
01:17 I can imagine being a pastor
01:19 is a fulltime job in itself. Oh, yes.
01:21 You're married? Yes, I am.
01:23 Yes, I am a married to Marilyn.
01:25 I've been married to her for 14 years.
01:27 We have five children between us
01:30 and five grandchildren, amen, so-
01:33 Amen. So your plate is full.
01:36 Oh, yes. Okay.
01:37 Of course it's good full. I understand.
01:40 Now on this book, "Surrender, The Secret
01:42 to Perfect Peace and Happiness."
01:45 Why, what was your purpose for writing this book?
01:50 My purpose for writing the book was-
01:53 because I'm convinced that the majority of God's people
01:56 don't fully understand
01:58 the meaning of the word surrender,
01:59 the depth of that word.
02:02 Because if and when we do, we're going to experience
02:06 what the title of the book promises or the perfect peace
02:09 and happiness that the Lord promise us.
02:12 He says in Isaiah 26:3 that,
02:13 "I will keep him in perfect peace
02:16 whose mind is stayed on me."
02:19 And that is what surrender does.
02:21 It keeps our minds stayed on God.
02:24 And so I wrote the book to really deal with that.
02:28 So that God's people can begin to enjoy
02:32 the peace and the happiness,
02:33 and the power that God promise us.
02:35 I also know here, pastor, it says,
02:38 "The Secret to Perfect Peace." What do we mean by secret?
02:43 Well, I just kind of cover that to some degree.
02:45 Most people don't understand that that is the key.
02:50 Because if they did, they would truly seek
02:53 to surrender all to Jesus everyday. Okay.
02:57 But because they haven't experienced that peace
03:01 and really don't know
03:03 the depth of the word surrendering.
03:04 It's really a secret.
03:06 And I'm trying to expose that secret in that book.
03:08 Okay, because I just know in my own life.
03:11 Whenever I truly invite the Holy Spirit
03:13 and I press in,
03:15 there's not a greater feeling in the world
03:17 than have impressed with my life.
03:19 And I know, that I know,
03:21 that I know that he is working.
03:23 And He certainly simplifies, He simplifies, you know,
03:26 my path, my path, you know, so yes, yes.
03:29 You know, you're talking about a formula
03:31 that you used in this- in this book and everything.
03:33 Can you tell us about that formula that,
03:35 that you feel will solve
03:37 most of the problems that we have?
03:39 Yes, I, whenever I say that people feel that,
03:43 that's really not realistic.
03:47 When you say that, you have a formula. Yeah.
03:50 That can solve every problem that you face.
03:53 And it just has three, three, three things in it.
03:56 People's ears prick up,
03:57 but their minds are in disbelief.
04:01 But it works for me.
04:02 And really it is the formula
04:05 that will take us to the depths
04:08 that surrender requires, so I love it.
04:11 And that formula is this
04:12 and then we'll go back over it.
04:16 My problem is always self. Okay.
04:24 The solution to my problem is always Jesus. Amen.
04:31 And the way to the solution,
04:34 which is Jesus, is surrender, always surrender.
04:38 My problem is always self. My solution is always Jesus.
04:43 And the way is always surrender.
04:45 Now the biggest-
04:48 the biggest hurdle to that equation is the first thing.
04:56 My problem is always self. I shared this before.
05:02 And as I talked with someone, I was giving some counseling,
05:05 and I just kind of shared the formula with him.
05:09 And he was, he was dealing with his wife cheating on him.
05:16 And when I say that, he said,
05:17 "Pastor, are you telling me that I am the problem
05:23 when my wife is cheating on me?"
05:27 And I said to him,
05:32 "I'm not saying that you're the problem.
05:35 What I am saying is this.
05:37 Is that you have allowed your wife's conduct to come in
05:43 between you and your God and that's your problem."
05:49 Because God promised to give you peace.
05:52 He promised to supply your needs.
05:54 He's promised- you've got
05:56 many precious promises in the Bible.
05:58 But you've allowed a human being,
06:00 no matter how close,
06:02 to come in between you and the Lord,
06:05 and your relationship with Him.
06:07 And until you solve that problem,
06:10 you can't find the peace that you're requiring.
06:14 What you are requiring for your peace is that God
06:19 overwrites your wife's choice
06:24 and make her do for you what you feel is right,
06:28 even though it's a right thing,
06:30 God won't do that.
06:32 So what you in essence have done
06:33 is you have given your wife power over your life.
06:39 You have given her the key to your happiness.
06:41 Really in essence, she has become your God.
06:43 Because now God can't even do for you
06:46 what He requires, because
06:47 your happiness and your peace is based on
06:49 a human beings conduct rather than God's promises
06:53 and that's your problem.
06:57 The solution to that problem is Jesus,
06:58 because you can't change the way you feel.
07:01 You can't heal the hurt that you-
07:05 that you feel, that's real.
07:07 You cannot meet the need
07:09 that your wife has been to some degree meaty,
07:16 but Jesus can't. Amen.
07:19 And the way He can do it,
07:22 and what is required of you for Him to do it,
07:26 is that you must surrender yourself to Him
07:28 in whatever way He chooses to do that.
07:30 Now that- now that is the issue.
07:33 When we understand surrendering that decree,
07:35 then a lot of people say, "Well, when you say surrender,
07:39 you have to do more than that."
07:41 And then whenever I hear that,
07:42 I realized that people don't really understand
07:44 what surrender really is.
07:45 Because when you understand
07:46 what surrender is, you won't say,
07:48 "That's a do nothing thing."
07:50 It requires everything you have
07:52 because when you are hurting like that.
07:59 And you hear that because our human nature says,
08:03 "I want, I want someone, some power,
08:07 God, whoever to make that person do for me what I need."
08:14 When we have to surrender that desire to God,
08:18 and say, Lord, whatever way you want to do it,
08:20 I give it over to you.
08:22 That requires everything we have.
08:25 You know, and I agree with you.
08:26 I mean, I'd like to take this little bit deeper,
08:28 because I know that
08:30 we have different connotations of surrender.
08:33 Normal, whenever you come to a guy and you say,
08:35 "You're supposed to surrender." Yes.
08:36 He will say, "Oops, I give up."
08:39 You know, and but then you go
08:40 to a woman or female and you say,
08:43 that you're gonna have to surrender.
08:44 Normally, they- they bring in.
08:47 No one is gonna control me. Yes.
08:49 And so, you know, we sometime have
08:51 these skewed ideas of what surrender is. Yes.
08:55 Now you're saying, taking it to Jesus.
08:58 Now where do we go with that?
08:59 I mean, do we get on our knees?
09:03 We're saying his issue.
09:05 We're saying that God is here, Jesus is here saying,
09:08 "Hey, I'll bring you perfect peace." Yes.
09:10 Now what is our next step? Our next step is just-
09:14 Again, it is just that going, as you surrendering,
09:17 really giving Him our will, giving Him our emotions.
09:23 So is that just done, just by,
09:25 just raising our hands and say,
09:26 "Father, this is bigger than I am.
09:28 I'm turning this over to You.
09:29 I'm giving You permission to be in charge."
09:31 It is done that way. It is done whatever way.
09:34 You know, it is more so an attitude.
09:37 The words cannot comprehend,
09:39 I mean, that was- that was a good one.
09:41 The key is- so often
09:44 we're looking for a prescribed way.
09:48 It's more so an attitude or desire
09:51 where you want the law to fix it
09:53 and you're willing to go over,
09:55 give it over to Him, and let Him fix it.
09:57 And you're giving Him- you've to see,
10:00 because we not only want God to fix it.
10:02 We have a way we want God to fix it,
10:04 and that's what we have to surrender. Yes.
10:06 That's what we have to surrender.
10:08 So often we say, "Give it over to God.
10:10 We give it over to God like the quarterback
10:12 gives a football to the runner."
10:15 We give it to God with the instructions,
10:17 cut here and make that here.
10:19 And really, we're still in control of it.
10:21 When we surrender, we release,
10:23 we relent to stay in control, that's the biggie for us.
10:27 Because control is our issue, that's our issue,
10:31 that's what sin has done to us.
10:33 Sin has put us in God's place.
10:35 God originally created us in a way
10:37 where He was in that control center.
10:39 And as long as He's in that control of center,
10:41 we have freedom,
10:43 we have power, we have control.
10:45 When we remove Him by in throwing ourselves there,
10:51 self, actualization and by the way,
10:55 that's the world's tomb. Yeah.
10:57 You know, I did it my way. Yes.
10:59 And that's sin.
11:00 We think sin is pulling the gun,
11:02 pulling trigger, that's a result of it.
11:04 The sin that so easily besets us is putting self
11:09 where God belongs, amen. Self-exaltation.
11:14 And that's what it requires,
11:16 and that's why it's the biggie,
11:18 because it reverses that whole process
11:20 and puts Jesus back on the throne.
11:24 Now, the way I- because I say surrender.
11:28 Surrender does it in the way
11:31 is that Jesus gives us the strength.
11:35 See, so often we say things like this,
11:38 and we interpret and that's how we really
11:41 interpret the cross sin against.
11:43 One of the things I get into 'cause I say,
11:45 what is the cross experience?
11:48 We see the cross as some burden,
11:50 I hear it all the time, that's my cross.
11:53 One day, if I carry my cross out win my crown
11:57 and we-you know, we had that- Trudge along.
12:00 Yeah, we had that trudge along.
12:02 That's not what the cross is for.
12:04 The cross is for dying. Amen.
12:07 The Lord says, "Come unto me,
12:10 all ye that labor and are heavy laden,
12:12 and I will give you." Not a cross, not burdens.
12:15 "I will give you rest. My yoke is easy."
12:17 Amen. "And my burden is light."
12:19 Now if we're carrying a heavy cross,
12:21 isn't that the cross that Jesus is giving?
12:24 That's a self-made cross.
12:25 Matter of fact, that's even a quote
12:27 from the writings of Ellen White.
12:30 Jesus cross is not for carrying, it's for dying.
12:36 Now I can't crucify myself,
12:38 and that's another thing we say.
12:40 Well, self-denial.
12:43 Self-denial is just that, that means
12:45 there's no self in it.
12:46 Now, if I have to do it, then it's not self-denial,
12:50 its self-exaltation.
12:52 Self-denial is not I, but Christ. Amen.
12:57 And the way we get the not I,
12:59 but Christ is we go to Jesus and let Him crucify us.
13:03 That means, when I'm hurting like,
13:06 the man with the wife that is cheating on.
13:11 Then I go to Jesus who is my healer
13:15 and my redeemer and who loves me
13:19 and died for me, and has all power.
13:22 I go to Him and I say, "Lord, I need Your healing.
13:27 I need for You to do for me what I want.
13:29 And I've been looking for my wife to do for me.
13:32 I need for those promises in the Bible,
13:36 the word to become flesh." Amen.
13:39 And like you say, I will supply a new dwells
13:41 all the fullness of the Godhead bodily.
13:44 You and I can be made complete,
13:46 I need that to happen. Amen.
13:47 I can't make it happen. I need for You,
13:50 because I need to let this burden go,
13:52 but I can't, there is a need.
13:54 There is a void in my life that is not being filled.
13:56 And I can't let it go, until that void is filled.
13:59 She won't fill it.
14:00 I've been trying to make her do that, Lord.
14:03 You say, that you would.
14:05 Now I come to You with all that I have.
14:08 Work in me, both dwells in You,
14:10 and that's that process.
14:12 I love it the way Philippians 4:13
14:15 "I can do all things through Christ
14:17 who strengthens me." That's right.
14:18 And then it takes a step further
14:19 in some translations that Jesus speaking
14:24 "I will empower you." Yes.
14:26 "I will infuse inner strength into you." That's right.
14:29 Which is precious to me, because
14:32 for my weakness I can do nothing. That's right.
14:34 And here I'm very frustrated
14:36 in a situation as you're giving here. Yes.
14:38 My wife is messing around on me. Yes.
14:40 I'm confused. Yes.
14:42 First of all we know that, he is not author of confusion.
14:44 That's right, but yet he says here okay, J. D.
14:46 if you will surrender, then I will empower you. Yes.
14:51 Let me carry that for you. Right, right.
14:54 I think that's what I'm picking up that you're-
14:57 And that makes it, you know,
15:00 because so often we try to solve people's problems.
15:07 The problems we face today are awesome.
15:11 They're so complicated, there is no good answer.
15:16 And if you try to solve that by giving solutions
15:21 you're going to run into problems.
15:23 And that's why there is so many suites for pastors
15:24 and ministers, even psychologist.
15:27 I mean because we're trying to solve things
15:30 that we don't have the wisdom or the strength to do,
15:32 even if you can point to them.
15:34 If you can point out to them the problem,
15:37 there is nothing they can do about it.
15:38 See when I tell people that your problem is that,
15:44 you're depending on your wife to supply your needs.
15:47 He can't stop depended on that-
15:50 the only way he can stop depending on that. Amen.
15:52 Is to find another source
15:55 that we're adequate to do it. Amen.
15:56 The only other source is Jesus.
15:57 And when you go to Jesus, Jesus knows that problem
16:02 and He knows all the ins and outs.
16:04 He knows the end from the beginning. Amen.
16:06 And He not only will work it out,
16:09 but He will give you the power. Amen.
16:12 That you need while He is working it out.
16:14 So my, I'm not-
16:16 I don't major in knowing the right answers,
16:22 Oh, well, I do. The right answer is Jesus.
16:25 I have one this one thing I do in this one,
16:29 our major inch knowing
16:30 how to get people to Jesus. Amen.
16:33 Once I get him to Jesus, the problem is solved. Amen.
16:36 And so that's why that solution,
16:38 that formula. Amen.
16:39 Solves every problem. Amen.
16:41 Because they formally get you to Jesus. Amen.
16:44 So its going from yourself into the hands of Jesus. Yes.
16:48 And because now you understand
16:50 the redeeming power of Jesus,
16:53 then you get on your knees and you surrender. Yes.
16:55 And then that takes away to self. Yes.
16:59 And let me just say this.
17:00 You only have to understand
17:01 and most likely you don't understand
17:03 the fullness of the redeeming power of Jesus,
17:04 I've done it when I didn't fully understand it.
17:06 I just told to believe it, and that's what faith is.
17:08 Faith is a choice to trust and believe in Jesus.
17:12 Amen. That's what it is.
17:13 I don't have to feel it, when I do,
17:15 because I have done it, when I've been afraid,
17:17 you know, the consequence, I say Lord,
17:19 I don't know if you can really do this thing.
17:23 I feel really so messed up now that I can't, you know,
17:27 I don't want the problem solved,
17:29 I want it gone. Yeah.
17:31 But I'm gonna trust you now. Amen.
17:33 And I'm going to Him like that
17:35 and God is worth lifting- Amen.
17:36 and that's what He ask of us. Yes.
17:38 You know just, just trust me. Yes.
17:41 And you know my prayer quite often is,
17:43 father increase my faith,
17:44 increase my belief in you. Yes.
17:46 You know, I give you permission
17:47 to work in me. There you go.
17:48 Now, you're talking also about
17:50 the three greatest fears concerning surrender.
17:55 Yes, one of it I kind of hit the core of it,
18:00 because we're afraid that, that when we give,
18:03 when we give the Lord total control
18:06 that we're going to miss out on a happier and better life,
18:10 that, that's gonna make us like a Robot.
18:15 We don't have control anymore
18:17 and really as violation of our will
18:20 and that's number two.
18:21 And then the third one is that, you know,
18:24 we're really not going to,
18:27 we're gonna live in our personal growth,
18:30 you know, I have dreams, ambitions and goals
18:33 and if I surrender all to the Lord
18:36 and what happens to those, you know,
18:37 I'm suppose to have.
18:39 So those are the three greatest fears,
18:41 and you know I'll just say briefly
18:44 the book covers it more extensively,
18:45 I've more of time.
18:47 But to the one that, you know,
18:48 better and happier existence out of fear that,
18:52 and I limited the law
18:55 when I first came and I stopped the drugs,
18:59 I gave this in my personal testimony
19:01 before in another program,
19:03 but stopped drinking and drugs and then the smoking.
19:08 I know the drugs and smoking
19:09 and the pointing lifestyle,
19:11 because I really truly believed
19:15 that I could be happy without that. Yes.
19:19 But I went back to drinking because I told myself
19:21 I can't be truly happy with the Lord
19:23 if I don't have some kind of substance,
19:25 because I've had some kind substance for so long.
19:27 And until I was ready
19:29 to let that go up, I couldn't get victory
19:31 and the Lord helped me to get there so. Amen.
19:32 You know, that limited God,
19:34 there is another line that they miss God
19:36 when we feel that I'm gonna lose control
19:38 and I've my will.
19:40 Really what happens you gain more control. Amen.
19:42 I was- I didn't have
19:44 after I gave it all to the Lord,
19:45 I have more self control than ever I had before. Amen.
19:48 So that's another law.
19:50 And it's not a violation of your will,
19:52 it's the right use of your will,
19:54 because you have to choose it.
19:56 That's why people say, why don't I have to ask-
19:58 why I have to give him permission
19:59 because that's your right,
20:01 that's where your power is. You have no other power,
20:04 but that will and it's weak as what as it is,
20:07 give it to Him and He will make it strong.
20:11 Then the last one where you know,
20:13 He's talking about, He was going to-
20:15 He's gonna live in my personal growth.
20:17 And one of my greatest fears
20:18 also even after I got into ministries
20:20 if I gave it fully to the Lord.
20:23 I had ambitions and goals, timetable about so and so
20:27 and I felt that I'm going to in five years
20:29 I want to be so here in my ministry and so and so,
20:32 and even in pastoral ministry, you know,
20:33 people think well, you know,
20:35 I know that you don't look at that as a career,
20:37 yes you do because everybody wants success the way
20:41 and we see it in the way the world
20:43 defines it in. I did as well.
20:45 I did necessarily want to, my praises sung to the tune of,
20:49 I did it my way,
20:50 but I did want to sung to the tune of
20:52 Jesus keep me near the cross, you know, but my praises.
20:57 I was sincere, trust me I was sincere
21:00 and I love the Lord
21:01 and I want to do right and I even looked it
21:04 and say well that's where the Lord can really use me,
21:05 but there was still that part
21:07 that I couldn't fully give it over
21:08 and I really didn't find a four pieces.
21:11 But on one morning as I was, you know,
21:14 I would have my sessions with God
21:16 as I understood this thing with
21:17 surrender is spending time and I will love.
21:19 That's why I call it my sessions,
21:21 because is like I have my own personal psychiatrist
21:26 that makes all, you know,
21:28 that deals with all my problems
21:30 and knows me like a book.
21:31 Not only he can tell me what's wrong,
21:33 he gives me power to overcome.
21:35 I don't have to pay him a dime.
21:36 I can get him anytime I want. Amen.
21:38 I have my sessions with God and I was with myself
21:41 and I wasn't feeling
21:43 the closeness that I normally felt
21:44 and I was talking to a doctor a friend of mine one morning,
21:46 all he knew, but he shares me
21:48 whenever that happening to with me
21:49 there's something I haven't fully given all to the Lord
21:52 and the Lord is, He is really addressing at the time.
21:55 And you know before he hadn't dealt with it
21:56 he deals with the- He brought me,
21:58 so I wasn't feeling because he knew he get my attention
22:01 and so I start praying to the Lord-
22:02 I already knew that, but it's just the Lord that use it.
22:06 Prick my mind, I said Lord what is it.
22:08 And He let me know it's my ministry
22:10 into that degree you know because I was sincere
22:13 but there was a little inkling.
22:14 And I said okay I will get that to you
22:17 because I had this in mind
22:19 if I give it over to the Lord I know,
22:22 because He already impressed me when I came.
22:23 He say, your ministry is going to be like Jeremiah ministry.
22:26 A lot of people not going to know what
22:27 he is talking about, you know,
22:29 its not going to be that popular
22:30 and truly surrender of self is not popular,
22:34 because you know we have to give some great thing,
22:36 but good things must I do, but when it comes to,
22:39 I wish we shall all praise you.
22:41 Master will do good thing.
22:42 What, tell me good thing, I'll do it.
22:45 But when the Lord told him
22:46 and really was surrender, you know,
22:48 the good thing wasn't to give up all your money,
22:50 because we look at and say, oh that means
22:51 I give up all the money, that wasn't
22:53 what the good thing was, because the Bible says
22:55 if I give all my goods to feed the poor,
22:57 and have that love is nothing.
22:59 He hadn't he wanted perfect peace.
23:02 He say, what can I do to find that.
23:05 Lord say, if you want be perfect
23:06 that's the word you say if that will be perfect
23:09 go and say all that you have,
23:11 give to the poor come follow me,
23:12 his claim was when he says, when he says what good thing,
23:15 they will say keep the commands,
23:17 you're looking for good thing.
23:18 But before you said that he said
23:19 there is only one good, that's God.
23:20 Goodness is not in our thing, it's in being and that's God,
23:23 that's not you, there is only one.
23:24 But he knew, he's going to have us,
23:25 if you're looking for good thing, I'll give you,
23:27 keep the commandments.
23:29 You know, this really gets us over there. Amen.
23:32 We're looking for good things.
23:33 There is nothing wrong to good things,
23:34 but that's not what's gonna do it.
23:36 The good one. Amen.
23:37 So he said I've been doing this.
23:40 So but I don't have it, what like I get.
23:43 He say, okay now
23:45 if you want to be perfect go and serve on to him.
23:50 Now we jump right into a good thing.
23:51 Oh, we got to give it all,
23:52 oh, I can't do, not that's not what.
23:55 He is saying surrender all to my control.
23:58 You still have God, you still have something
24:00 that you depend on more than me.
24:04 If I, if you want me to make you perfect,
24:06 you have to surrender all to me,
24:08 because if that's not surrendered to me
24:11 all the devil has to do destroy your peace
24:13 is to touch your bank account and I can't help you,
24:16 because you are depending on that money more than me.
24:20 If you want to be perfect, surrender all,
24:24 give me control of that.
24:26 You say, you can keep the commandments.
24:27 Commandments are based on two basic things,
24:29 supreme love to God
24:33 and unconditional love to your brother and you sister.
24:35 Now if you love me supremely,
24:38 let me tell you what to do with my money,
24:42 it's God's money not his.
24:44 And if you love your brother unconditionally,
24:47 then give it to him and come and follow me.
24:51 I'm not going to hurt you, because I'm the one
24:53 that gave the money in the first place. Amen.
24:55 You don't have to worry about that.
24:56 Do you trust your bank account more than you trust me?
24:59 Do you really love me supremely?
25:01 Do you really surrender all to me?
25:03 You see really he's saying that to all of us.
25:05 When we surrender to God,
25:07 and this is where the tithe and offering thing comes in.
25:10 You often we struggle with this and we do the good thing.
25:13 And we relate to it like we were relating to a mafia boss.
25:16 I'm gonna pay God off, get him off my back,
25:18 then I can do with the rest of the way I will.
25:21 But when we really relate to it at the right way,
25:23 then we have peace no matter
25:24 whether we have that money or not,
25:25 because it says, Lord I recognize
25:28 that the rest of this money,
25:29 its all comes from you and I trust you
25:31 and I depend on you and no matter what
25:33 even if my bank account goes,
25:35 all that I'm, all that have comes from you
25:37 you've been good to me
25:38 and you will continue to keep me.
25:40 And that's where that fear comes from,
25:42 so when we realize, it won't let me it,
25:45 get us just, it gets better.
25:47 We've got about a minute, minute and half left.
25:50 You talk about surrendering daily.
25:53 Yes. Kind of explain that.
25:55 Well, its yesterday surrender isn't good enough for the day
25:59 and every day is a new adventure for God,
26:01 and in your prayers never get boring,
26:04 because your life isn't boring
26:05 what you have to deal which isn't boring.
26:06 What God will reveal to you isn't boring.
26:08 It's an exciting encounter with God
26:10 and so it's a daily thing.
26:13 And once I start in the morning,
26:15 it keeps me throughout the day.
26:17 And if I need to pray again because I got connected,
26:20 it's like a trolley car.
26:21 When I connect in the morning, I'm on tuning,
26:23 if I need to pray the Holy Spirit prick me pray.
26:25 If I need a song, the Holy Spirit-
26:27 He is in charge, so once I connect in that morning
26:30 and that's my morning session,
26:32 He keeps me throughout the day,
26:33 so that' what daily surrender is about.
26:37 It is just not only just praying in the morning
26:39 that is your time,
26:40 that is because in you're the way
26:43 it works for you is that then you can feel
26:47 His coat of righteousness on you from the very
26:49 when you get up probably the last thing you do it
26:51 and I this is oh, Jesus, just please be with me,
26:54 let me wake up in the morning
26:55 you know with happiness and cheerfulness in my heart.
27:00 Yes, yes and throughout the day its communication,
27:03 because I've connected and I stay connected,
27:05 it keeps me connect throughout the day.
27:07 Amen, amen.
27:08 Okay. Oh, listen.
27:13 I know that I have certainly enjoyed reading these books,
27:16 "Surrender, The Secret to Perfect Peace and Happiness"
27:19 by Pastor Gregory L. Jackson.
27:22 And I just appreciate the time that you spend with us today.
27:27 I know I can just tell your love for the Lord.
27:32 I can tell that, He is just all over you
27:34 and I know that as busy as you are,
27:37 you start every day off in the right way.
27:41 So, I just appreciate very much
27:42 for you being at 3ABN today.
27:46 I know that you did another program yesterday
27:49 and you'll be doing more before us I think.
27:52 Anyway I just, I just appreciate everyone
27:56 being here with us joining this program
27:58 sharing this time with us on Issues and Answers at 3ABN.
28:02 And I just ask the God will just richly bless you
28:06 and all that you do and you say. God bless.


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