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Getting What We Expect, Or Expecting What We Got

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00:01 The question is, do we get what we expect
00:03 or do we expect what we get?
00:05 We'll be right back, stay with us.
00:33 Welcome to "Issues and Answers."
00:35 My name is, J.D Quinn.
00:36 It's like I asked a while ago the big question is,
00:39 do we get what we expect or do we expect what we get?
00:43 Today, I have a special guest Troy Fitzgerald.
00:47 I just want to welcome you Troy.
00:49 It's good to have you here at Issues and Answers.
00:52 Tell us a little bit about yourself.
00:53 Well, I'm pastoring in Walla Walla Valley, Washington.
00:57 It's beautiful there right up against the Blue Mountains,
00:59 and I've been working with this church
01:03 Walla Walla University Church for 12 years now
01:06 as the youth and adult pastor.
01:09 My wife Julia, we've been married for 19 years.
01:13 I got two boys, Cameron 12 and Morgan 7.
01:17 Amen. They're dynamite.
01:18 We have the best of times together.
01:21 And that's what we like to do
01:23 as we spend time together as a family.
01:25 It's what we do for fun.
01:27 Now I know that you are quite athletic,
01:28 are the kids pretty athletic?
01:30 My boys love to get out and do things
01:34 and my oldest boy is probably just by his age is pretty,
01:39 pretty oriented that way, but they like to do a lot.
01:41 He plays the cello and so they're trying to--
01:45 we're trying to keep them well rounded but--
01:46 Amen, well balanced. Yeah.
01:49 They love the Lord that's what we care about the most.
01:51 Most certainly. Yeah.
01:52 Tell me about your education.
01:55 Studied theology and went into Pastoral Ministries.
02:00 I got my Masters in Education,
02:01 did some teaching, also just wanted to learn
02:07 how to teach, so that I could be a better pastor.
02:10 And then I eventually did my Ph.D. in leadership
02:13 because I really wanted to be a part of engaging
02:19 our world, our church, and a life of change
02:23 that was positive and productive.
02:27 And so I was excited to be able to
02:28 do a Ph.D. in leadership too.
02:30 Amen, well, that sounds like that's quite balanced to me.
02:34 I also know that you've authored
02:36 four, five, six books.
02:37 A few of them, yeah. Amen.
02:39 I know one book that I've read of yours
02:41 that I really like is 20 Questions
02:43 God Wants You to Ask.
02:45 Life-Changing Encounters with the Divine, Troy Fitzgerald.
02:50 Yes. I like this book.
02:52 And I've gone through it and its simple enough
02:56 to understand what you're saying.
02:58 It doesn't get into, you know, lots of doctrine,
03:01 lots of stories, and it's just really neat
03:03 the way that you tied all in with the biblical principles.
03:07 Thank you. Yeah.
03:08 It's really a lot of work and, you know,
03:11 it's hard to--it's hard to find something that just
03:16 rings your bell that you can write over and over and over
03:19 about most of my ministry.
03:22 I didn't have a whole lot that I could just continue in,
03:27 but I found this theme in scripture
03:30 as I was studying the teaching ministry of Jesus.
03:33 One of the qualities that was so powerful
03:36 in His ministry was His ability to ask good questions.
03:41 In fact, that's one of the things I do
03:43 when I am teaching a class in the life of Christ whatever,
03:46 so I'll just have the students open up
03:48 red letter edition bibles.
03:50 I'll say look around for the question marks
03:52 and find what Jesus is curious about,
03:56 what does God want to know,
03:59 and they will look through and see some
04:03 very penetrating questions. Amen.
04:06 You know, why don't you have more faith?
04:08 Why are you afraid? Who are you looking for?
04:11 You know, what do you want Me to do for you,
04:14 He says to the blind man.
04:16 And so lots of questions that's God asks,
04:21 if we answer them, we can find
04:25 that there is a window that opens to God's heart.
04:29 We can see what God's like by answering these questions.
04:32 We can also find a way to walk in His will,
04:35 I believe that, there is this door that opens
04:39 and we can walkthrough and follow Him by responding
04:43 to the things that He asked us to do.
04:46 I would think that if someone was
04:49 wanting a closer walk with the Lord,
04:51 that'll be a great place to start.
04:53 Go to the gospels look under the red letters--
04:56 and look for question marks.
04:57 Well, you can certainly find a lot of things to think about.
05:01 But God doesn't want us to just think about things
05:03 He wants us to answer. Amen.
05:05 And sometimes questions are meant to be
05:07 just thought about but most of the time
05:10 in scripture God wants us to speak up, to stand,
05:12 to say, to go, to do in response to His curious,
05:19 His curious notions. Yeah.
05:21 And so He gives us to us and I'm so grateful for them,
05:25 talking about getting closer to God.
05:27 I had to answer the questions myself
05:29 as I walk through the whole of scripture
05:32 and I did it because I just want to respond,
05:34 I just--I wanted to interact and have this contact
05:38 with God in a very meaningful enduring way.
05:41 And so my questions weren't good enough.
05:43 I mean, I'd ask superficial questions or even questions
05:46 that I felt were theological and big
05:48 and they turned out to be, well, he didn't answer them,
05:52 they must not be that important.
05:55 I believe God thinks I'm important.
05:57 Which is why here comes back
05:59 and says, Troy, do you believe this?
06:03 He'll say, Troy, you know,
06:05 tell me about your faith is it big enough?
06:08 And He will ask me questions,
06:10 do you want to go home?
06:13 You know, He will-- so He will follow through
06:15 and that's what's been so rich about this study.
06:19 And I think it's been helpful to lot of people as well.
06:21 Amen, I know today we're gonna be talking about
06:24 expectations, wholeness, where do we go with that?
06:28 Well, I'll tell you where, I was--as I was
06:31 going through the gospels, I was looking at these
06:35 little stories and events where Christ
06:36 asked people in crisis something
06:40 and so if you come to a moment
06:43 in your life or ministry where there is a crisis,
06:46 sometimes the questions
06:47 people ask during those moments
06:49 are pretty pivotal, especially with Jesus.
06:53 He comes upon a man at the pool of Bethesda there.
06:58 And in John 5 this story is pretty amazing.
07:02 He happens upon this man and I'll just read it
07:05 real quick here, "There is in Jerusalem
07:07 near the Sheep Gate a pool,
07:08 which in Aramaic is called Bethesda
07:11 which is surrounded by five covered colonnades.
07:14 Here a great multitude, a great number of disabled
07:18 people used to lie, the blind, the lame,
07:22 the paralyzed and one who was there
07:26 had been an invalid for 38 years."
07:31 So I'm reading this story and I'm thinking, okay,
07:33 well, what's Jesus gonna do here.
07:36 Well when Jesus saw him lying there
07:38 and learned that he had been
07:40 in this condition for a long time,
07:41 so Jesus must have investigated it,
07:44 he asked him a question.
07:48 He asked him, do you want to behold?
07:51 Amen. Or do you want to get well?
07:55 And behind that questioned is this world of possibility.
08:01 You'd think, I mean, if somebody came to me
08:03 and said, you know, do you want to behold
08:07 or do you want to get well? And I was sick.
08:10 I'm leaning forward in my chair
08:12 and I'm thinking you know I do.
08:15 Yeah. What do I have to do?
08:16 But in this case he doesn't respond that way.
08:20 And in fact his answer has to be
08:22 a little bit disappointing to Jesus.
08:25 He says sir, "I have no one to help me
08:28 into the pool when the water gets stirred,
08:31 while I am trying to get in,
08:32 someone else goes down ahead of me"
08:34 In other words for me. Yeah.
08:36 Nothing ever good happens to me
08:38 I've been here for 38 years and I'm broken.
08:41 And every time I get a chance
08:44 somebody else gets in ahead of me,
08:46 so frankly your question is a mood point.
08:48 It doesn't matter what I want
08:50 or what I hope for what I think is a possibility
08:53 and I'm paraphrasing here,
08:54 "It doesn't matter what those things are somebody else
08:56 is gonna get in ahead of me and so I might as well
08:58 just sit here and complain about it."
09:01 Well, I might be over-dramatizing that.
09:03 I don't know if you are not.
09:06 But we hear this daily from different people
09:09 in the form of an excuse for doing this
09:12 or I mean, just those pity parties.
09:15 And unfortunately I've heard them too
09:18 and the hardest place to hear them
09:20 is when they come out of my own mouth.
09:23 I've been like this, I can recall several moments
09:26 in my life when someone asked me, you know, Troy,
09:30 why don't you getup and why don't you preach a sermon.
09:32 Oh, nobody cares what I think.
09:34 No, you've got something that you should say.
09:36 I mean, I think you should say it.
09:38 No, nobody is gonna listen,
09:39 somebody is just gonna criticize me.
09:42 Now I've seen these things coming out of my mouth.
09:44 Well, let's go to church today.
09:47 Oh, nothing good is gonna happen there.
09:50 Well, you know, those are those moments when I know
09:54 Jesus wants to describe us by our robes
09:56 and just jostle us a little and says,
09:58 wakeup I've got something better
09:59 and if you just step up you might experience it,
10:03 so in this story he gives the excuse and, you know,
10:10 when we ask that question immediately, do you,
10:14 do you just get what you expect from day to day?
10:18 In another words or do you expect what you get.
10:23 Sometimes I think we just go along with life
10:26 and whatever happens happens
10:28 and that's what we've come to accept
10:31 but I don't think that's the way
10:33 Christ is calling us to live.
10:35 It's like that story that was told of a disaster
10:41 that was talking place in the small Midwestern town.
10:43 Somebody was going around, shooting the town up,
10:46 a sharpshooter, you know, it was a sharpshooter because
10:50 there were these targets and in the dead center
10:55 of the bull's-eye of the target
10:56 was the bullet hole, exactly center.
10:59 The town was frightened with terror.
11:02 They just didn't know what to do.
11:04 They stayed inside,
11:06 the authorities came in, the FBI came in.
11:07 The FBI finally caught him as the story goes,
11:12 this guy wasn't a sharpshooter at all,
11:14 he short first and then painted
11:16 the target afterwards. Oh, my goodness.
11:19 And so you have this, this target that you just kind of
11:23 accept whatever happens, so you just shoot the target
11:26 and then well that's what we're aiming for.
11:29 This guy shows up at the pool everyday
11:31 and nothing happens and nothings gonna happen
11:34 and he knows it and 38 years just gone by.
11:38 And I just wonder if there are people out there today,
11:39 that don't expect much from church,
11:41 from Christians, from life, from God.
11:45 They don't expect possibilities to emerge
11:48 that are beyond their wildest dreams.
11:50 They just don't expect much and I think
11:53 they get exactly what they expect.
11:57 I've had enough disappointing moments
11:58 where I've been hopeful about something
12:00 and it hasn't come through and there are those moments,
12:02 but in this story Jesus comes and He ask the question
12:06 to this man that I think He asked for all of us out there.
12:09 And that is, do you want to behold?
12:11 Do you want more?
12:13 Do you want more than this pool
12:14 and this fabled hope that if somebody stirs the water,
12:18 it's gonna cleanse you from your infirmity.
12:20 Didn't even know if that was gonna work or not.
12:22 It's just an old story, that's all he had
12:25 and Jesus comes into his life
12:27 and brings him a little bit more,
12:30 but he has to learn what I call the law of expectation.
12:35 He has to learn and Jesus does this.
12:36 He picks him up, He just--He says all right,
12:40 here's what I want you to do,
12:41 pick up your mat and walk.
12:45 Now something had to happen in that man's mind,
12:48 he had to just flip the switch from going,
12:51 from just expecting what you get
12:55 or getting what you expect, right?
12:58 He had to stop just taking what comes his way
13:01 and he have to start saying, I want to expect more.
13:05 I'm gonna hope and dream and think that
13:07 this might be the moment.
13:09 The moment he starts pushing up the muscles in his legs
13:13 rising up, he felt the strength and he gets up
13:16 and he experiences healing, wholeness.
13:22 Something had to be there, something had to happen
13:25 in his mind for him to standup.
13:28 In other cases throughout the gospels
13:30 Jesus actually pulls people up
13:32 who can't do it are moments like
13:34 that were Jesus will just heal you,
13:36 whether you're asking for it or not.
13:39 And think of the paralyzed man
13:40 who has dropped from the roof,
13:42 didn't ask for healing but he got forgiveness,
13:45 lifted him right up healed him.
13:47 But in this case I think it teaches us to expect more
13:50 because I believe that God believes
13:54 great things on our behalf.
13:56 He believes the best about us
13:58 and He hopes for the greatest things
14:00 and I think sometimes we're so short sited
14:03 that we don't experience the abundant life
14:06 because we don't think it-- we don't think it
14:08 should happen to us or we don't believe
14:11 it's gonna happen to us.
14:12 It's like that I mean, you know,
14:14 what's the different between
14:16 a thermostat and a thermometer.
14:19 We got thermostat on the wall
14:21 and then we got thermometer on the wall.
14:23 What are their functions? They're different.
14:26 They are much different, thermometer just--
14:31 Just tells us where we are. Yeah.
14:33 That's what I meant, it just registers the temper,
14:35 but a thermostat, sets the temperature.
14:39 In fact if you turn it to 72
14:42 and it's 100 degrees outside,
14:45 all of the resources, electrical,
14:49 Freon, whatever it is that makes an air conditioner
14:52 kick on are gonna be deployed to make sure it
14:55 gets to that until it gets to 72 there is no stopping
15:00 and it'll grind away and drawn energy
15:03 and it'll suck all of that energy till it gets to 72
15:07 and I just think as Christians we got to start dreaming big
15:10 and expecting more, expect not just the healing
15:13 but the great things for churches to rise up
15:16 and be planted and the gospel to go to places
15:19 that we just don't expect it to.
15:22 But first we've got to know that,
15:24 you know, that He can do it for us.
15:27 Precisely and he tells us to-- Amen.
15:29 He says in John 14, He says, if you believe in Me,
15:32 you will do the thing I do and he stops there
15:36 and says no, you will do even greater things-- Amen.
15:38 When I go and the Holy Spirit comes.
15:41 And again that's kind of what Peter expected,
15:43 I mean, to happen at Pentecost--
15:46 how many people are in Jesus' church
15:49 on resurrection morning.
15:52 It's probably not too many maybe,
15:55 handful up to maybe a 120, that's not very large
15:58 after feeding how many thousands
16:00 that He fed and healed whole towns.
16:03 Where are his people? And that Peter comes in
16:07 tells the story of the risen Christ and how many?
16:10 Three thousand. So there is something
16:13 to this law of expectation.
16:16 It's God calling us to say, do you want be a thermostat
16:21 or do you want to be a thermometer.
16:24 It affects the whole teaching.
16:25 I don't know if you've had teachers
16:27 that have expected a lot from you.
16:30 I mean you could probably think and start wincing right now.
16:34 Yeah, teachers who just you knew--
16:38 They expected much but they might not
16:40 have been able to give you much.
16:41 Yeah. I mean, there is that concept too but--
16:45 They set the bar high.
16:46 They set it high and then some don't really care.
16:49 Yeah. You know, you're just one of a number that's in there.
16:53 And I think that's what, I think must frustrate
16:57 the Lord the most and they did this research projects
17:01 on teachers in schools this one intercity school area
17:06 and I was so troubled to find what they found.
17:09 They found that there are teachers who just
17:14 because of the color of a young person's skin
17:17 were not capable of learning math the same way
17:22 and so they were just--
17:25 they wouldn't teach them to aspire
17:30 and yet when that student get's in a classroom of a teacher
17:33 that dreams big for their students--
17:35 And looks right into their beautiful eyes
17:38 and says you know what you could be the next president.
17:43 Amen. Or you could, you know, learn to read,
17:47 you could learn to do math, you could do be an engineer,
17:50 you could learn to revolutionize the farming industry
17:54 you just have to seize the opportunity.
17:57 Now those are the teachers that we hear
17:59 and read about that inspire us, right?
18:02 It's a lot of expectation.
18:04 In fact, there is this one particular teacher
18:09 that is inspired by the master teacher,
18:11 his name is Bruce Wilkinson.
18:12 He wrote the book "The Prayer of Jabez"
18:14 and a couple other books on teaching and learning.
18:20 His first few days as a teacher in college,
18:24 at a Bible College, he was given the task of teaching
18:28 three sections of Bible study methods
18:31 and section 1, 2, and 3. Now he was nervous,
18:35 because he was just right out a college himself.
18:38 One of the esteemed professors came up to him
18:41 and said to him, how did you get to teach section 2?
18:46 And he looked astonished, he says, what do you mean,
18:48 I've got section 1, 2, and 3.
18:49 He says, I've been teaching here 25 years
18:52 and they've never let me teach section 2.
18:55 He says, what is section 2?
18:56 He says, you don't even know that's even worse.
18:59 Section 2 is the cream of the crop,
19:01 the finest students that come to our school,
19:03 the highest achievements scorers,
19:05 they put them all in one class room,
19:06 and you don't even have to teach them
19:07 they just pull it right out of you.
19:10 He went back to the class looked at the names
19:12 and, of course, just looking at the names
19:14 and names looked smarter to him.
19:16 Jonathan and Susan and Frank,
19:20 those are just genius names he thought to himself.
19:23 And when he got to class section 1 went fine,
19:26 section 2 was just alive,
19:29 there was electricity in the air, there was energy.
19:33 Section 3 was a bit of a disappointment.
19:36 And that's how the whole school year went.
19:39 Section 1, section 2, boy, they just rolled along,
19:41 got through the material, stacked up the papers high.
19:44 Section 3, didn't turn anything in hardly.
19:47 When he finally finished, he went back to the school,
19:50 to the academic building
19:53 and he met the academic dean this time.
19:55 He says, how did your first core teaching go?
19:58 He said, it was fantastic
19:59 and thank you for giving me section 2.
20:03 And he says well, why are you thanking me for that.
20:05 He said, because they're the cream of the crop,
20:06 they're brightest of the bright,
20:07 they just, they just pull it right out of you.
20:09 He says, yeah, that used to be what we did,
20:12 but we don't do that anymore.
20:15 He said, but go check with the registrar.
20:16 He went up to the registrar he said, section 2,
20:19 best of the best, cream of the crop,
20:21 they just pull it right out of you, right?
20:22 She said, yes, no, we don't do that anymore.
20:27 He said, you mean to tell me that all of the students
20:29 in my class were a mixture of all different types of students
20:35 they all had the same potential.
20:37 Wow. She said, yes, they did.
20:40 He went back feeling like a fraud.
20:43 But he learned a valuable lesson
20:44 about teacher expectations. Amen.
20:48 Is that when we set the expectations our students rise
20:53 and as disciples of Christ,
20:55 you know, Christ sets the bar high,
20:57 do you want to behold, do want to be healthy,
20:59 do you want to live, do you want to be full,
21:01 do you want to make difference,
21:02 do you want to change the world,
21:03 do you want to bring one soul to Christ,
21:05 do you want to bring a whole nation to Christ,
21:07 do I stop at one, right? Amen.
21:12 And so that's the challenge for us
21:14 is to live this law of expectation.
21:19 And I would-- what I would like to think
21:21 that if you know, who you are in Jesus Christ,
21:25 you could be very passion about that.
21:28 And that passion that's contagious.
21:31 Exactly, in fact, when you look at people
21:35 who are contagious they're not contagious
21:38 or bitter or angry or critical,
21:41 people who are contagious are alive with possibilities.
21:45 Amen. There are the hopeful ones.
21:47 Now we need a few naysayer's out there
21:49 to say don't do that project, that's not gonna work,
21:51 I had a couple of farmers
21:52 when I was pastoring in Michigan said,
21:54 that's not gonna work, and they were right,
21:56 I listen to them.
21:58 But then they are those who see,
21:59 you know, we have to try it,
22:01 we have experiment, we have to do great things.
22:04 I believe that they're whole TV ministries
22:07 that are built on the promise, the possibility,
22:10 the notion that God can do great amazing things with us.
22:17 I just believe that with all my heart I've implemented
22:19 that in my ministry I give you a couple of examples
22:23 well, first of all I did my,
22:25 my doctoral research on student missionaries.
22:27 I tried to think of one of the things
22:29 it's the most practical learning experience for young people.
22:33 There were summer camps and great things
22:35 like that but student missionaries,
22:38 students that we empower to take a year out of college
22:40 and go away and spend a year teaching in Korea or Saipan
22:45 or Africa or Bolivia or Brazil, all over the world
22:50 and some of them stay in the States,
22:52 but they go and they function as teachers,
22:57 deans, pastors, principals even,
23:01 who haven't had a year or two of training in that area,
23:05 so how dare we do that.
23:06 Well, whole schools are run by student missionaries.
23:09 Like in Micronesia right now,
23:11 all the schools down there depend upon a college student
23:14 saying I'll take a year out and go.
23:17 And then some naysayer could go and say
23:19 but you're not a trained teacher,
23:20 you don't know how to teach?
23:24 You're not old enough, do you have a degree?
23:27 They say no, I'm gonna-- I'm a little overwhelmed
23:30 by the whole thing myself but they go.
23:34 And they give and what happens with the law of expectations
23:36 is they're asked to teach second graders in Palau
23:41 and they pray like they've never prayed before.
23:45 They study like they've never studied,
23:47 they pay attention to every face in the classroom
23:51 and previously they might of ignored everybody
23:53 in their own class while they sat in college.
23:57 They think and work and try new things
24:00 because why they're expected
24:02 to do great things in the name of Christ.
24:05 I started doing that with my young people in my church.
24:09 I started asking them, I said I've got this young person
24:12 that just made a decision to be baptized.
24:15 They responding to the call
24:17 and I said I need you to study with him. Amen.
24:20 Well, here is a 16-year-old saying,
24:21 "Study with him, that's' your job."
24:23 I said, I know, but I'm pretty busy
24:26 and I know I do it, but something has got--
24:28 I've got a leave for a couple of weeks too.
24:31 I've got a do a series of meetings in Africa
24:32 and for two, three weeks
24:34 I can't just leave the young person.
24:36 You have to, you have to step up,
24:38 can you--do you think you can do it,
24:39 "Well, no, there is no way, I don't know anything."
24:42 I said, you don't know anything?
24:44 Now come on are you willing to try?
24:48 And just like that man by the pool,
24:51 the notion pops into their mind
24:52 that just maybe God has great possibilities for them.
24:57 He said, I'll try and you know what it turns out,
25:00 the 16-year-old young lady teaching
25:02 the 12-year-old young girl is the perfect combination.
25:06 Because the 12-year-old wants to be like the 16-year-old.
25:10 Amen. They don't want to--
25:12 I don't know any 12 year old girls
25:13 that dream of becoming like me.
25:16 No, no. They don't even imagine.
25:18 Exactly. But that other person so influenced there
25:22 and not to mention they study harder
25:24 for these Bible studies than I do.
25:26 I've been trained I think I know the Bible already.
25:29 They put their heart, their prayers, they worry about it.
25:34 Do I worry about a Bible study?
25:36 I don't, I probably should but they take it so seriously
25:41 and what happens, the impact is significant.
25:45 I don't do anymore of those classes.
25:47 I do one maybe but I've got 15, 20, 30 kids
25:50 deployed doing that, well, the job of the pastor.
25:56 And what I hear you saying is,
25:57 they draw on the resources that are available and because,
26:00 you know, they have conscientiousness about them.
26:04 Yeah, they have something
26:05 that they're just unwilling to let go,
26:08 once you taste that, you don't want to let it go.
26:12 You don't want to ever expect small.
26:14 You hold on to the one thing
26:16 that means the most to you, it's a legacy.
26:19 Amen. I think of this-- the Tennessee Valley Project,
26:23 they're trying to get this family,
26:26 this operation family of Hillbillies
26:28 to move to the other side.
26:29 They built a cabin for them.
26:30 They built with water and lights
26:33 and everything all the amenities
26:34 and yet they couldn't get this family to move.
26:37 They had to bulldoze the whole other side
26:39 and they looked and they tried
26:41 to find out why they wouldn't move.
26:42 They stood there with their shotguns.
26:45 Finally a social worker came in and found the problem.
26:49 The man said, I won't move
26:51 because that fire you see in the hearth,
26:53 it's a fire my grandpa started
26:55 and it hasn't been put out since. Amen.
26:58 We didn't have money for matches,
26:59 so we kept fire going.
27:00 My daddy kept the fire going,
27:02 when my daddy died, I kept the fire going. I'm not moving.
27:06 Amen. And so they said well,
27:09 if we were able to carry the fire with us,
27:13 would you be willing to go, so they got in a huddle,
27:15 they discussed it, and they got this big apple kettle,
27:17 took up the coals and the fire,
27:19 and the whole family moved
27:21 to the other side of the lake with the fire.
27:25 And I believe that, that's what Christ wants us to do
27:27 with our young people, with our people
27:29 that are just young at heart in church.
27:31 He wants us to expect more great things to happen,
27:34 do you want to be behold? Yeah.
27:37 And I think our answer to that is,
27:39 you said so Lord I'll go.
27:40 Most certainly, keep those fires going? That's right.
27:42 We're out of time again Pastor Troy,
27:45 I mean, it's just actually time just flies by.
27:48 I just want to thank you so much for being with us today.
27:51 You're a wonderful teacher.
27:52 Praise God. You're so balanced.
27:55 Anyway I want to thank each one of you out there
27:59 for being with us today.
28:01 We love each one of you, we wish you only the best,
28:05 and I know that God has a special plan for your life.
28:08 God bless you.


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