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Questions God Asks About Sabbath Rest

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Participants: J. D. Quinn (Host), Troy Fitzgerald


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00:01 Today, we're gonna be looking at questions that God ask us.
00:04 Did you know that He ask us about our Sabbath rest?
00:08 Stay with us, see where this goes.
00:36 Welcome to "Issues and Answers."
00:37 My name is J.D. Quinn.
00:39 Today, we're gonna have a wonderful time with the Lord
00:42 and then we're gonna be talking
00:43 about the questions that God ask us.
00:46 And a person has done a lot of study
00:48 in this arena is Pastor Troy Fitzgerald,
00:51 and I just am glad that you're here with us today,
00:54 we want to welcome you. Thank you J.D, yeah.
00:56 First thing that we want to know, Troy,
00:57 is a little bit about yourself,
00:58 is it okay I call you Troy?
01:00 That's fine, that's what everybody else,
01:01 that's the best thing that most people call me so.
01:04 Amen, amen. Yes.
01:05 Well, tell us who you are?
01:06 Tell us about your family, tell us where you live?
01:08 Tell us what your responsibilities are?
01:10 Just I want to know something about you.
01:12 All right, well, I am the pastor
01:13 for Youth and Young Adult at Walla Walla University Church.
01:17 I've been there 12 years and my wife Julia
01:21 and I have been serving in ministry,
01:25 teaching and pastoral ministry for almost 20 years now.
01:30 And so I have two boys,
01:33 Cameron, who is about 13,
01:36 and Morgan who's 7 going on 8.
01:41 I guess, they're typical boys.
01:42 They like, they probably like sports, they--
01:45 They're boys, all boys, you know,
01:48 we gotta hose them off outside at the end of the day.
01:50 Amen, amen. Yeah.
01:53 Tell us about your education.
01:56 Well, I started studying just to be a pastor,
02:00 I thought I wanted to be a teacher, a pastor.
02:03 I did my Bachelors in Theology
02:06 and then afterwards, you know, I studied at the Seminary.
02:10 And then I noticed something that was interesting
02:13 and that was the most of the work of a pastor had to do
02:17 with teaching and I didn't know anything about teaching
02:19 and, and teaching and telling teaching and preaching.
02:24 Learning and listening are sometimes
02:26 two different experiences
02:28 and so I looked at Jesus as the master teacher,
02:32 I thought, I need to learn how to teach.
02:35 And so I got my masters in education. Okay.
02:38 So I can learn how to, how to teach and then
02:42 I eventually went on to do my doctorate in leadership.
02:45 Amen, why leadership?
02:47 Just leaders and leadership is one of those elements
02:53 of our culture right now that,
02:56 that are pastoring people thoughts change,
03:00 we need to understand the fundamentals
03:04 of leading people toward change.
03:07 We live in a world that's broken.
03:10 Our world has shifted, the world views of people
03:13 in this world have shifted and we need to understand
03:15 what it's going to take to move a group of people
03:19 from this place into another era.
03:22 And if you're out there
03:23 and thinking now everything is just fine,
03:25 or let's just do things the way we used to do.
03:28 Then you probably don't think leadership is very important.
03:34 But if you're looking for a new day,
03:37 then leadership is one of the primary things
03:39 that we need to be thinking about so, that's why I didn't.
03:42 Amen. Yeah.
03:43 One of the things that this program is about
03:46 questions that God asks.
03:49 And so in your opinion, what is one of the most
03:52 important questions that he ask of us.
03:54 Well that's hard, because I believe that
03:57 throughout scripture all of the questions that God asked
04:00 have some sort of challenge to us
04:04 to either think about what's going on inside
04:07 of our heart or what we're doing in our lives.
04:09 Usually when God asked the question,
04:12 it's usually because He wants us to respond,
04:16 He wants us to think and stop
04:18 and may be do something differently to change.
04:23 So throughout and it's hard to just pick because,
04:28 because so many of the ones
04:29 we have are good and yet, you try and count.
04:31 I mean, I would ask the people in their homes
04:34 they just think about all the questions
04:36 that you can list that God has asked people
04:38 and there hasn't, it's hard to come up with.
04:40 But when you scan through scripture,
04:41 we see God interacting,
04:43 one of the questions that has meant the most to me,
04:48 that's been perhaps the one of the harder ones to answer,
04:53 is the question that Jesus asked people
04:56 in church about Sabbath rest.
05:01 It's one of those awkward moments
05:06 that Jesus is in church
05:08 and if you're a pastor, the one thing you hope
05:10 never happens is somebody stands up
05:12 and causes a scene and breaks the routine.
05:16 And yet Sabbath rest should be the most
05:20 important thing to us because it just,
05:24 because what it means.
05:26 And what does it mean?
05:27 Well, the Sabbath is given to us because,
05:32 if we don't have Sabbath,
05:34 our brokenness just turns to dispirit to the point
05:37 where we forget who we are.
05:38 And we're running, we're a people right now
05:41 that it's running, we're running so hard.
05:44 And right now, you know, people are watching
05:46 or listening, you know, they're exhausted.
05:49 Very few people are gonna raise their hand and say,
05:52 I just feel so rested and ready. Amen.
05:55 I am not, you know, I've got tons of energy
05:57 and I'm ready to go.
05:59 No, that's not it.
06:00 In fact, some of the more recent survey
06:02 show that the people, 66, 67% of people out there
06:06 describe themselves as exhausted or drained,
06:09 over 50% of people have responded
06:13 and said that they feel overwhelmed.
06:16 And I don't think it's getting any better.
06:19 So when -- and maybe it was the same
06:22 back in the days of Christ, maybe, you know,
06:25 people are just as tired as they are now.
06:28 But we have things coming out so fast right now,
06:31 we have the news is on TV,
06:33 we have two faces up on the screen,
06:35 they're arguing back and forth,
06:37 below there is the weather,
06:38 there is a ticker tape of the stock market,
06:40 there's scores and highlights
06:42 and there is what's coming up next.
06:44 It's all coming at us at once all the time,
06:47 we're exhausted.
06:49 But back in the days of Christ, it was simple,
06:52 they didn't have that, but people were still very tired,
06:56 they're not tired necessarily from lack of sleep
06:59 but they're exhausted by trying to run their lives
07:03 in their own brokenness,
07:05 being held captive by their habits
07:08 or by their fears or by loneliness or isolation,
07:12 I mean, people are exhausted just based upon the depression
07:18 that's running through their veins right now.
07:20 So that moment, I think it's in Luke 13,
07:24 where the story is told.
07:25 Where Jesus walks into church and He's there
07:30 and the Bible says that there is a woman
07:33 who had been crippled, bent over for 18 years.
07:39 Eighteen long years and, and they're reading
07:42 and they're singing and they are praying
07:43 and they are doing the stuff and Jesus
07:46 just has his visceral reaction to a woman
07:50 that's been broken, bent over.
07:53 I mean all she has seen.
07:54 You talk about tiring, exhausting,
07:57 all you see are the cobblestones.
07:59 All you see is the garbage in the gutters,
08:02 when you walk to and from home or to the market,
08:05 all you see are the feet, the dirty feet of people,
08:08 you never ever see the sunshine,
08:12 you don't feel it on your face,
08:13 the wind doesn't blow on your cheeks,
08:16 you don't look and listen to the birds singing in the air.
08:20 Those things don't -- aren't a part of your reality,
08:22 you're walking and you're bent over and you're down.
08:25 And that's the way you're bent for 18 years
08:28 and Jesus could not stomach it.
08:31 And so He does something on Sabbath in church
08:36 that well it got the saints a little riled up.
08:41 And He healed her, He just said
08:44 "Woman, you are set free from your infirmity."
08:49 And she stood up. Amen.
08:51 She could see now well, you know,
08:53 how the choir directors tell us to sing. Amen.
08:55 You have to, you know, chin up, mouth wide open,
08:58 she's singing. Amen.
09:00 And the leaders, well they were disrupted by that,
09:05 they didn't like that.
09:06 And Jesus heard them and one of them actually
09:09 stood up and said, no there are six days in which
09:12 and you can just see the fan on six days
09:15 in which you come for healing but on the Sabbath day,
09:20 no healing and Jesus is saying, wait a minute,
09:22 I think I gave you this rule a long time ago
09:25 and it was not, it was,
09:26 it was supposed to be about freedom,
09:28 do you remember the story.
09:30 And so He says, He asked the question and I think
09:34 it's a question not just for that day but for us today.
09:38 He said, isn't it,
09:40 isn't this is what God wants us to do on the Sabbath?
09:43 He says, "This should not this child of Abraham,
09:48 his daughter of Abraham be set free on the Sabbath day."
09:54 Amen.
09:56 And how you are gonna answer that question
09:58 because He invoked something very unique there.
10:01 He called her a daughter of Abraham.
10:05 He says, you are. They understood that.
10:07 Oh yeah, because he pointed out, he says,
10:09 don't you know, you guys not, you untie your dog
10:12 if it's caught tied up around the tree,
10:14 you won't leave it out there.
10:16 If your ox falls into the ditch,
10:17 you'll pull your ox out,
10:19 a dog, an ox, this is not a dog,
10:22 this is not an ox, this is not your pet pig,
10:24 this is a daughter. Amen.
10:27 A princess, a daughter of Abraham and she's bent over
10:32 and you're angry because we set her free on the Sabbath
10:36 don't you even know about rest?
10:40 That's really Jesus' questions.
10:42 Have you not experienced the rest of the Sabbath?
10:47 And that applies to probably a lot of us today.
10:51 You know, a lot of people are very confused.
10:54 Ask the question to yourself today. Yeah.
10:57 Are you whole, or do you feel rested,
11:01 have you experienced the true Sabbath rest
11:04 and it's Adventist that's been in our name,
11:06 it's been a part of our life, our theology for years,
11:09 we know where it came from.
11:11 Well, why is the Sabbath so important?
11:13 It's because it's given to us a creation before sin. Amen.
11:16 We have the Sabbath,
11:17 it's not just a part of God's salvific plan
11:21 this is a part of who we are as humans.
11:24 It's our birthday.
11:25 Your birthday doesn't come around once a year,
11:27 it comes every week where you are reminded
11:30 that you are born again child of God.
11:34 You're made in his image. Amen.
11:36 And if you skip it, if you miss it,
11:38 if you work through it, if you ignore it,
11:40 if you focus all on your own stuff through it,
11:43 you're going to forget who you are.
11:47 And that's one of the reasons why God gave it.
11:49 And you know the example I always give is,
11:52 go to the Old Testament
11:53 when God's people were put into slavery.
11:56 They not only disobeyed God but they just,
11:59 they just fell back into the world
12:01 where they were absorbed by Egypt.
12:04 They started to think like Egypt
12:06 instead of God's children,
12:08 they started to act like Egypt they worship like Egypt
12:11 until their minds were changed
12:12 and they were Egyptians in every sense of the word.
12:16 If there was anything in them,
12:17 it was this story way back in history
12:20 something that they may be remembered
12:22 that their grandparents telling them about Yahweh,
12:26 about the God of Israel.
12:29 And when God delivered them, He brought them out,
12:33 here we have God's people
12:35 out on the sandy shore of the Red Sea.
12:39 You know, they're being told, guess what?
12:42 It's time to meet your God, He's your creator,
12:45 wait a minute, I thought we were created by a cow
12:50 or this golden emblem over here,
12:52 this animal over here, but no, it was God. Amen.
12:57 And they are told the story
12:59 and they're given the laws and the laws,
13:01 six days God created the heavens and the earth,
13:04 He made you and the seventh day He rested
13:07 and that's He sanctified it and He set it aside.
13:10 Not because He wanted to give us a rule,
13:12 not because we needed a day go to church,
13:14 not because you know,
13:16 of all these theological ramifications
13:18 because He knew that if you didn't celebrate your birthday
13:22 you would forget who you are and who you belong to?
13:27 And in the end, where you're going.
13:29 And that's why the law has given a second time, isn't it?
13:31 Because in Deuteronomy,
13:33 we have the same reading of the law
13:35 except there is one little difference to it.
13:37 It says, because I redeemed you,
13:39 because I delivered you from Egypt,
13:42 that's why you have the Sabbath day.
13:45 Celebrate the Sabbath, because don't you know,
13:47 I took you out of Egypt, well who is he saying that to?
13:51 He's saying that to the people who are born in the desert,
13:54 Deuteronomy is written to people
13:55 who are born in the desert.
13:56 No one was there in Egypt.
13:58 They don't know what Egypt looks like?
14:00 They don't know what the plagues were all about?
14:03 They were in the desert and he says you're delivered.
14:07 So two places, in the law that Moses gave,
14:12 you're created by God, don't forget who you are,
14:15 don't forget that birthday.
14:17 You're delivered, you're saved.
14:19 Even though you are born here in the desert,
14:21 all you have known is sand
14:22 and all you have heard about is the Promised Land.
14:25 We're going home, we're going home, we're going home.
14:27 Well, here is why because someone delivered us.
14:31 And that's why in the Book of Hebrews
14:33 it talks about Sabbath rest
14:35 and it's connected with salvation.
14:37 The rest of salvation for your souls,
14:39 I mean people are tired.
14:41 I love that story,
14:44 I love the story of this dog named Tattoo. Great.
14:49 It's a story I read in the Seattle Times I think it was,
14:53 this is owner, Tattoo's owner, you know,
14:57 got in the car and backed up but the leash,
14:59 Tattoo's leash got caught in the door, the back door.
15:03 And Tattoo was spotted chasing after the car
15:07 and there were down some of the back streets,
15:09 but Tattoo was having a hard time keeping up,
15:12 one foot infront of the other and it's a basset hound,
15:15 you know that, they don't go very fast
15:17 and they're not very long legged.
15:19 And Tattoo was trying as hard as he could to keep up.
15:22 One foot in front of the other as fast as
15:25 those little paws could carry him.
15:27 Cop speeds up I think,
15:28 one police saw what was happening
15:30 and caught the dog going up to 20 miles an hour,
15:32 25 miles an hour before he pulled the car
15:35 and the dog over and Tattoo was tired.
15:38 And I think a lot of people
15:39 out there today feel that exhausted.
15:41 Like all they can do is think about one foot
15:43 in front of the other and they're exhausted
15:46 and they don't have a rest, they don't have an identity,
15:49 they don't have a sense of who they are
15:50 and where they're going.
15:51 They don't have that notion of Promised Land.
15:54 They don't know how they're gonna get there
15:56 because they know they're broken.
15:57 They know they're lost.
15:58 And who's gonna save them, who is gonna be their deliver?
16:02 And so they're just running as fast as they can
16:05 and they don't know where they're going.
16:07 They don't know why they're going there,
16:08 they just know that they just gotta move that,
16:10 that foot forward and they're exhausted.
16:13 And that's why in our world today,
16:16 even as it was back in the days of Christ,
16:19 we need the Sabbath rest,
16:22 we need to stop and take a look where we've been.
16:27 And it seems like to me that I'm beginning to notice
16:30 that lots of people are beginning to look
16:35 more at the Saturday Sabbath.
16:37 In fact, I know I thought ten years ago
16:39 I think I picked up a little journal,
16:42 it's called Discipleship Journal
16:45 and in it was a whole series on the Sabbath
16:49 and I looked every word of the article
16:51 all the way down to may be one sentence at the end.
16:54 It sounded like something that I would write
16:56 or one of my professors would write
16:58 or one of my pastors in the Adventist church would write.
17:02 What's going on out right here?
17:04 Book after book after book has been released now
17:07 and that has to do with the Sabbath.
17:11 And it's not just the Adventist,
17:12 they're talking about it,
17:14 we've been talking about for over 150 years
17:16 and we are just going back through history, you know,
17:20 through the 17, 15, 16, 1700s Sabbath was being kept.
17:23 And going back even through the middle ages
17:25 God has had people to be the commandment
17:27 keeping people and have always responded,
17:29 there always been someone staying connected
17:32 to who they are, and where they're going.
17:35 That identity going all the way back to the time of Christ,
17:38 the New Testament Church.
17:40 But of late, I don't know what's causing it?
17:45 And I don't know what the resurgence is,
17:47 all about but I think it has to do with the fact
17:50 that humanity has come to need Sabbath
17:55 from an experiential point of view.
17:58 Theology has been out there for a long time
18:00 but now we just feel tired.
18:03 We feel empty. We feel disconnected.
18:08 We feel like we don't know where we came from.
18:12 We don't know why we matter?
18:14 Why it makes a difference?
18:16 We don't know where we're going.
18:19 We just know that's it's uncertain
18:20 and it's scary for a lot of people.
18:23 And the beauty of that one truth of the Sabbath
18:27 takes us and wraps us up together
18:29 and binds us to God and unmistakable to turn away.
18:33 I just don't want to let go.
18:34 I want to answer that question.
18:36 Why should not we be free,
18:39 set free on the Sabbath, why not?
18:42 Why not celebrate it.
18:44 So that's just one of those questions
18:46 that from week to week I have to ask. Amen.
18:49 And so as one of these youths would come up to you
18:52 and they ask this question
18:53 and I imagine it's gonna become asked more often.
18:57 Yeah. Because people are looking
18:59 for truths right now. Oh.
19:01 So how do handle them,
19:02 they will say what do you do on the Sabbath?
19:03 I mean how can I keep the Sabbath?
19:05 That's true, you know in Deuteronomy,
19:07 it's not just today but in Deuteronomy Chapter 6 verses,
19:09 "Love the Lord your God with all your heart,
19:11 and all your soul, all your strength."
19:13 It says in verse 20,
19:14 just read on through that chapter and verse 20,
19:17 in verse 20 it says, that one of these days
19:19 your children are you gonna come up to you and say to you,
19:22 hey, what's up with all these rules and regulations
19:25 and why we have to do this?
19:27 And why can't I do that and why do I do that?
19:29 And you can say,
19:32 'cause the Bible says so, or 'cause God says so.
19:34 Yeah, that answer's too cheap. It's not good enough.
19:38 We have to answer it more fully.
19:40 And the answer that we're told to give in Deuteronomy is
19:43 tell them that you were a slave in Egypt
19:47 and God brought you out with a mighty hand.
19:49 Tell them that, that God delivered you
19:53 as He landed the plagues on Pharaoh.
19:55 Tell them about how the Red Sea parted
19:58 and you walked there on that soft sand
20:00 looking at the fishes, like walls along side of glass.
20:04 Tell them the story of your redemption.
20:07 So when they do ask, that's what scripture tells us,
20:11 tell about the story of your history, your past,
20:15 how you're redeemed, how you were born.
20:17 And then they came up to me
20:18 and I was studying the Bible with them.
20:21 As I was saying, Jeremiah,
20:24 you know, do have any questions about the Sabbath,
20:27 and this young person is very devoted to God.
20:31 But he's very sequential,
20:32 he wants to know exactly
20:33 what there is to do and what not to do.
20:35 And I'm trying to get through to him,
20:36 and said, this is about who you are.
20:39 You get to take what God has said
20:43 and you flesh this out in the best way you can,
20:45 I told him, do good, save lives,
20:47 go and worship, share the gospel,
20:50 there are a million things that Jesus did on the Sabbath.
20:52 Walk through the grain fields with your friends
20:54 and talk about the kingdom,
20:56 be with the people but give yourself,
20:59 liberate people on the Sabbath of their brokenness,
21:02 whatever it may be with a song or a gift of kindness,
21:05 or a word of encouragement.
21:06 It might be a prayer that you pray on their behalf,
21:08 lift them up and they said,
21:10 but, I don't, I want to know what not to do.
21:14 I have to admit I got kind of frustrated with him.
21:17 On my desk there as we were studying, I gave him my best.
21:22 And I said, Jeremiah, grab that bottle of water
21:24 that's sitting there in front of you, and he picked it up.
21:28 And I said, I want you to tell me.
21:30 I'll tell you exactly what not to do,
21:33 I'll give you the longest list
21:34 that you've ever asked for, a long one.
21:38 He said, if you tell me
21:39 what's not in that bottle of water.
21:42 And he looked at me and I said,
21:44 well go ahead and get started, what's not in there?
21:47 Ketchup, chilli. No, no.
21:50 Bread, is there you know, is there lettuce in water.
21:57 Go ahead, let's just start making a list.
21:59 And he threw his head back,
22:00 he says that would take forever.
22:03 I said, I think that's what Jesus was getting at.
22:06 There are a million things that you can focus on
22:09 about what not to do on the Sabbath,
22:11 that's not why he, he gave you the Sabbath to avoid things.
22:15 The Sabbath in Mark 2 verse 26, 27 says,
22:20 "The Sabbath is a gift for you." Amen.
22:24 So remember who you are, where you come from.
22:28 You're not made to keep this, that's not why I created you.
22:32 The Sabbath came after I made you,
22:34 it's the present, it's your birthday cake.
22:37 This is the thing that you embrace and experience
22:41 so that you never ever, never forget who you are,
22:47 who you belong to and where you're going.
22:50 And--How did he respond?
22:53 Well, it took a while but he started to get it.
22:57 And I have to admit later I just, as I talked with him,
23:01 I baptized Jeremiah and he's a full on believer in Christ.
23:05 But one of the things that he's doing
23:07 and he's gonna have to do.
23:08 And he's gonna have to answer the question.
23:11 So how should I live this day out?
23:16 How should I be and who should I be about on this day?
23:20 One of the things that Christ would tell us
23:23 I'm just by his example in scripture.
23:27 Is to be about doing good
23:30 Be about giving what Jesus
23:34 calls a cup of cool water to someone.
23:36 You want to experience rest,
23:38 release people from their bondage.
23:41 We get, we get thrown into bondage lots of ways,
23:44 there are people who are just fully depressed
23:47 and they're out there,
23:48 many of them are gonna be watching
23:50 and they need to know that there's freedom. Amen.
23:54 There is a rest,
23:56 there is a rest from your loneliness because if,
23:58 if you're alone you'll be kept up awake all the time.
24:03 And it eats away and pulls at you.
24:06 There's a rest from your loneliness,
24:08 there is a God who remembers you,
24:10 who knows you, who wants to abide with you.
24:13 And if you get so busy during the course of the week,
24:16 He is giving you a day to stop and have a piece of cake.
24:22 Have a birthday, remember who you belong to.
24:26 And there are people who are just going through
24:28 unthinkable tragedy and uncertainty.
24:32 They don't know where the,
24:34 the next check is gonna come from.
24:35 They don't know how they're gonna keep the lights on.
24:38 There are people around the world that don't know
24:40 where their next meal is coming from.
24:43 They're worried about family and friends.
24:46 They are many out there today who just worry
24:51 about all of their lost friends and family.
24:56 And there's so much uncertainty,
24:57 they need the rest, we all do.
25:02 And there are those people
25:03 who are just working day and night,
25:05 whether it be for the gospel or for their own cause.
25:08 And that was one of the reasons
25:09 why I think God gave us the Sabbath,
25:12 it's because He made us to be workers.
25:14 And the whole idea of work came before sin too,
25:17 you know, work this earth, you gotta struggle with,
25:20 you're gonna, you're gonna plant and it's gonna grow,
25:22 then you have to work it out, you're gonna be tired,
25:25 He made us that way.
25:28 But the one thing I think God must have been afraid of
25:32 is that one day, if we forget who we are,
25:36 we'll define ourselves by what we do?
25:40 And there is nothing better than
25:41 going to a birthday party because it's always fun.
25:44 And if we could have a birthday party once a week,
25:47 if we can truly get that concept down
25:50 that we're with our brothers and our sisters,
25:52 we're with our favorite people. Yeah.
25:54 And we're getting to share something special.
25:57 And there is this celebration of who you are.
26:01 And there is no narratorial thing
26:03 going on in a birthday party,
26:04 we don't standup and list off the achievements
26:09 of our six-year-old daughter.
26:11 You did this and you did that,
26:12 what do we remember at the birthday?
26:16 Remember, we think about them or we'll bring out pictures.
26:20 And when we fold our hands and we pray
26:23 whether is cake in presence and food and friends
26:25 and hats and candles and all kinds of things.
26:28 We stop and we pray the prayer.
26:31 God, thank you that Susan was born. Amen.
26:36 That we received this gift from you, this gift of life.
26:41 And that's what we pray for. Amen.
26:44 And that's what we pray about, think about that, you know,
26:47 we don't go down the badges and the trophies,
26:49 the accomplishments, you were born.
26:52 The same is true for God's people,
26:53 we're born of God in His image, created after Him,
26:59 intended for a purpose.
27:01 Go in a direction, we got off track,
27:03 Sabbath is meant to keep us back on track
27:06 to who we were and who we--
27:08 where we belong and where we're going.
27:10 And I would just invite people today to answer that question.
27:16 Is it not for you, does Jesus not say to you today,
27:21 you were made for something greater.
27:24 Don't you want to be set free?
27:26 Don't you want to have that Sabbath rest?
27:28 Amen, amen, well, as you can see,
27:33 we're running out of time again.
27:36 This is such a wonderful, such a wonderful topic
27:40 because we all need that rest and yes,
27:43 indeed, we're all running so fast.
27:46 But I just want to thank you for being here today,
27:49 'cause this is just,
27:50 you've got a good grasp of this. Thank you.
27:52 And I know that if I had been a youth,
27:54 I would love to had a youth pastor like you.
27:57 Thank you, that's kind.
27:59 I just want to thank each one of you
28:01 for being with us today on "Issues and Answers."
28:04 You know how special you are to us here at 3ABN.
28:06 We love each and every one of you
28:08 and we wish you only the best.


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