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00:01 I think I can speak for most of us.
00:03 There are times in our lives whenever we ask God questions,
00:06 but did you know that He also has questions
00:08 that He ask of us? Stay with us,
00:11 and see how we're gonna answer these questions.
00:40 As I mentioned a while ago there are plenty of questions
00:42 that we have to ask of the Lord,
00:44 but He also has questions that He ask of us.
00:47 Today, I have a special guest,
00:50 Pastor Troy Fitzgerald from Walla Walla, Washington.
00:54 And he has done a study on this and I think that
00:57 he can enlighten us in many ways.
00:59 So I'd like to welcome Pastor Troy.
01:03 Thank you, J.D. Welcome. Yeah.
01:04 Well, first of all, people want to know a little bit
01:07 about who you are, what do you do,
01:09 what are your responsibilities,
01:11 about your family, et cetera and et cetera?
01:13 Well, the best part is my family, of course,
01:17 and my wife Julia and my two boys,
01:19 Cameron and Morgan, 12, actually 13.
01:23 He says, he's 13.
01:25 He's got a few days before that happens
01:27 and Morgan's 7 years old and the love of my life
01:30 and I just enjoy being with them.
01:32 I live in Walla Walla,
01:33 I pastor at the Walla Walla University Church.
01:36 And so I spend most of time with youth and young adults.
01:40 I'm getting them ready to head out into the world,
01:43 to be missionaries, to be mission minded,
01:45 and to transform the culture that they live in
01:48 by the power of God's grace, so--
01:49 Amen, so did you have a good youth pastor
01:53 when you were growing up?
01:54 Yeah, I've only had a youth pastor
01:56 for about six months, but it was really
01:58 the most transformational season in my life.
02:01 I thank God regularly for just having someone
02:05 who could push me forward and engage me in ministry
02:08 and responsibility of ministry at a young age.
02:11 Amen, and I know whenever I was looking
02:14 over your resume that you have a degree in Theology,
02:18 that you have a degree, a Masters in Education,
02:21 and then a Doctorate in Leadership. Yes.
02:24 What is a Doctorate in Leadership?
02:26 Well, Doctorate in Leadership expands really
02:28 a whole spectrum of skill sets that that we need to have
02:33 and of late especially,
02:35 the whole dynamic of leadership,
02:37 organizational development.
02:39 And how to make change happen is really--
02:43 and has been done throughout history and through leaders.
02:46 And so I just decided to study how God can use me
02:51 and how I can just avail my skills to God to transform
02:57 and to create change.
02:58 In a world that, you know, and I know, J.D.
03:01 that we need some serious change to happen, so--
03:04 Amen, amen, now we're talking about as we mentioned,
03:09 we all have questions that we ask of God,
03:12 but now you've brought this back and reverse
03:15 that there are questions that He ask of us.
03:17 Yeah, I had to, I went through seasons in my life
03:21 and I'm not naturally a skeptical person,
03:25 but I'm curious and I like to have answers.
03:28 And as you go through a life,
03:29 you have these basic questions about God.
03:31 Did Adam have a belly button,
03:32 and how can God have always been?
03:34 And those are basic questions that children always
03:37 throw at pastors and people to try and stump them,
03:39 but as you, as you get older and you experience
03:43 more of life, your questions become much more serious.
03:47 Because you see tragedy or you see things
03:51 that happen that shouldn't happen.
03:53 You feel things and you bump into life
03:56 in such a way that it breaks you.
03:59 And you wonder, you know, God,
04:01 is this suppose to be this way?
04:03 Or why is this happening?
04:05 Where are you in all of that? And people throughout history
04:09 have asked those questions.
04:11 And sometimes in the Bible, we have these scenarios
04:15 where God breaks open the clouds and speaks,
04:18 or He knocks you on the head
04:19 or He comes into your fiery furnace
04:21 or He'll speak through a donkey to you.
04:24 But then there's the vast multitude of people out there
04:27 that that hear no answer.
04:29 They don't really have a response to the deep questions
04:33 that burn in their hearts.
04:35 You know about whether God is real,
04:37 or God is really working in their lives,
04:39 so when they pray, does, does God really hear
04:41 and does He really care and is He answering those things?
04:45 And so you get these serious questions
04:47 and then you don't really hear or response
04:50 the way you might have seen happen in scripture
04:54 time and time again,
04:55 and you begin to wonder about the things
04:57 that you don't know,
04:59 the things that you don't hear answers to.
05:01 And so that was my journey, I just,
05:03 I had all these unanswered questions and then,
05:06 I just happened on a few moments in scripture
05:11 where God didn't answer the questions of humans
05:15 and people who are inquiring of Him,
05:17 but He certainly had some things to say to them
05:20 and they came in the form of a question.
05:22 I've often thought, oh, maybe my questions
05:27 aren't as important as the questions
05:29 that God might have for me.
05:31 As I studied those new answers
05:33 and I studied each story and scripture
05:35 where God actually opens up and says, look,
05:38 I have something I want to ask you now.
05:41 At that point, people's lives shift and change
05:45 as they answer the questions that God has for them.
05:48 Things happen in a big way.
05:50 In fact, we get this doorway into God's heart
05:54 just by looking at the nature of the questions that He asks.
05:58 Where are you? He says to,
06:00 you know, Adam and Eve.
06:01 Well, everybody knows that God knows
06:04 where Adam and Eve are in the garden,
06:06 but Adam and Eve need to say it,
06:08 they need to understand what's truly happened,
06:12 their decision has caused them to be lost.
06:16 And that is, so those moments are just huge.
06:20 So answering the questions seems to be one of the things
06:23 that God wants us to do, His questions for us.
06:27 When did the -- have you always been this curious?
06:31 Well, I'm-- I know that,
06:33 if you're dealing with youth,
06:34 if you're dealing with young adults,
06:36 I think that you were saying 30
06:38 and below was your audience. Yeah.
06:43 But, so I'm sure that they ask these questions
06:46 and then whenever you're put on the spot,
06:48 you probably go do research,
06:49 but have you always been curious?
06:51 Well, I probably have been.
06:53 I tend to forget the times when I've caused
06:56 people trouble with all of my curiosity.
06:59 Oh, I've been around young people,
07:02 they ask questions and then you think about
07:04 how to answer them and then you hear yourself
07:06 answer some of these questions and you know answers,
07:09 do not satisfy, and so, yeah,
07:12 I've been a little bit curious.
07:13 I think one of the times that caused me to just look fully
07:17 at the questions that God asks.
07:20 I think what prompted that was just doing a study
07:24 on Jesus as a teacher.
07:26 For He is in fact the master teacher of all.
07:29 And so, I loved the Savior and the way He taught people.
07:34 And as I always doing just a look through the gospels
07:36 I went through all the red letters in my Bible
07:40 and I looked for question marks.
07:42 And I counted up 277 questions
07:46 that Jesus asked in the Four Gospels alone.
07:48 And as I looked at all those questions
07:51 I just became enamored with
07:53 how penetrating they are, how perceptive.
07:57 And how if I were to just dare answer that question,
08:02 it's likely that my life might change.
08:05 You know, do you believe this, he asks of Mary and Martha.
08:10 He says, "I'm the resurrection and the life."
08:13 This is at a critical moment where they're weeping
08:17 and grieving for the lost of their brother
08:19 and Jesus comes to them with a message and says,
08:21 "I'm the resurrection and the life.
08:23 If you believe in me even though you die you will live."
08:27 And then He asks the question.
08:29 It was a great sermon Jesus,
08:31 but then He asked the question.
08:32 Do you believe this? Amen.
08:36 Every believer, every believer on this planet
08:39 needs to answer that question.
08:41 Do you believe that Christ is the resurrection and life?
08:45 And say it out loud. Amen.
08:47 I do believe that. And even saying that,
08:49 I mean, there's power in just responding to that question.
08:52 So I looked at all of them.
08:54 I looked at every single question that Jesus asked
08:57 and then I thought well, is it just in the gospels
08:59 that He asked these questions, or is it throughout the,
09:03 you know, the Old Testament and the New Testament,
09:05 and sure enough right in the first few Chapters of Genesis,
09:08 He's asking Adam and Eve,
09:09 where are you? where are you?
09:11 And then Moses, you know, what's in your hand, Moses?
09:13 And Elijah, what you're doing in this cave?
09:15 Job, were you there
09:18 when the heavens and the Earth were made?
09:19 And even afterwards would you ask Saul on the road aswell,
09:22 why are you persecuting me?
09:24 So, again as God engages people and He speaks to them,
09:31 it's usually in the form of a question.
09:34 Amen, amen, so I guess that
09:37 what's really important is
09:38 there is a principle involved here and that principle is,
09:41 do you know or do you not know?
09:44 True, and that that's probably the one thing
09:47 that's prompted me toward a study like this.
09:53 Just watching people negotiate through tragedy
09:58 and just disheartening moments.
10:02 Sometimes I found especially with young adults.
10:05 I looked at college students especially.
10:08 As college students go through their life,
10:11 they get to the season
10:13 where all the big decisions are in front of them.
10:16 And they have all of this education and training
10:19 and life experience up to this point.
10:22 They have these ambitious ideas about what to do.
10:25 Who they're gonna marry,
10:26 what they're gonna do for a career,
10:28 and what their impact on the world might be like.
10:32 And then there is all this stuff that they don't know.
10:38 They don't have answers
10:39 to all of their theological questions,
10:40 but they have questions.
10:42 And so I share with them a principle
10:44 that I've had to just integrate into my life
10:48 which like I said,
10:50 fostered just me looking into this discussion.
10:54 And that is the principle that,
10:56 don't let what you don't know confuse you
10:59 about what you do know. Amen.
11:01 As you do that, you take all the things.
11:03 I know God exists, very basic.
11:05 I know God loves me, reveals it in His word.
11:08 I know the Bible can speak truth in my life.
11:11 I know Jesus came and died and rose again,
11:13 and He said, He's coming back.
11:15 So why is it that sometimes people
11:18 when they experience tragedy, or they experience
11:22 some part of life that causes them to wonder,
11:25 well, where is God in all this?
11:29 They erase all that they know.
11:31 Well, you shouldn't, you make your list
11:32 of the things that you know.
11:34 And then you take the things that you don't know.
11:37 And instead of having this list over here
11:40 undermine everything that you've already discovered
11:43 and you know it to be good, right, and true.
11:45 Instead just turn it and look at the things
11:48 that you don't know through the lens
11:51 of the things that you do know.
11:53 As I studied each encounter where God asked people
11:57 a question in scripture, I found a lens by which
12:00 you learn in spite of the things that you don't know
12:04 what you can know to be true, and it calls for a response.
12:08 I think that was the key.
12:09 Is that in every scenario there is some sort of response
12:13 that needs to be made by the person
12:14 who was asked a question by God.
12:16 And that response is what's life changing.
12:19 So there is a time in our lives
12:21 that we need to know that we know that we know,
12:24 and then that will lead them to being
12:26 intellectually honest about one self.
12:29 And I think that the Bible has given us road markers.
12:32 I think that it says, you know that,
12:34 "I will build an altar here because I'll know,
12:36 I know that this is an experience
12:39 that I can build own." That's right.
12:41 And so that's basically what you're saying.
12:43 Yeah, and those markers become critical.
12:46 And sometimes in those moments
12:49 where you respond to the questions that God asks.
12:51 Sometimes in those moments, there's not a whole to say,
12:56 sometimes the questions-- and some of the best questions
13:00 are questions that just make you think
13:01 and arrive at the truth that you maybe aware of,
13:05 but not sure how that might be applied in your life.
13:09 Sometimes those questions prompt a response
13:11 that cause you to just agree with what everybody
13:16 around you can see and, you know, are you struggling?
13:21 You know, yes, I'm struggling.
13:23 And so sometimes just saying those words opens up
13:27 a doorway of freedom for you to walk through
13:29 and you know where to go.
13:31 Yeah, you know, the sad thing about it is,
13:33 is I think that the majority of people out there,
13:35 I don't know if I were to take it up to 70-75%
13:39 basically base their beliefs on what their parents.
13:43 If it was good enough for mom and daddy,
13:44 then it's good enough for me.
13:46 And then because they don't know
13:49 that they know that they know,
13:50 and that they have not studied it themselves.
13:53 I love it that you're sitting here looking at the questions.
13:57 And so I think that whether or not
13:59 you're 15 years old or you're 85 years old, yeah.
14:03 You need to ask those questions,
14:05 what does God expect of me?
14:07 And if you don't ask that question, God will.
14:11 And that's the beautiful part of that that these moments
14:14 that we talk about young people.
14:16 And over the years we've researched
14:18 our young people to ask, you know,
14:21 what do they really know.
14:23 And you talked about an intellectual knowledge,
14:25 but there is also emotional knowledge.
14:26 Emotional knowledge. Or experiential knowledge
14:28 where it's, where all those things are kind of tied in.
14:30 And one of the things that we know about young people
14:34 is that they struggle with the assurance of salvation.
14:37 They struggle to know for sure, without a doubt,
14:42 with this conviction and deep abiding response to God
14:46 that they're gonna go home
14:47 when Christ comes to get them.
14:49 And so part of it for them is just this
14:54 experiential understanding of salvation and one of the,
15:01 you know, one of the topics that I just love in scripture,
15:05 one of the moments that really got me thinking
15:10 about this more was, I mean, the story,
15:13 the famous story of the woman who was caught in adultery.
15:16 Yes, and we know that she was set up in John Chapter 8.
15:22 We know that, that she was, she was not innocent,
15:28 that she was caught in a dubious act,
15:33 but she was set up and postured for failure.
15:37 And then, of course, by the time
15:39 they bought her to Jesus, this was a mob.
15:43 Now when they brought her there, they were after Jesus,
15:46 they didn't care about the woman,
15:47 and pretty much anyone who knows the story
15:49 has talked quite a bit about that.
15:51 And as they bring her to Jesus,
15:53 He begins to, of course, you know,
15:56 writing the names and the things in the sand,
15:59 I don't know exactly what He wrote,
16:00 but the crowd disperses.
16:03 There is this judgment scene and she is brought
16:06 before the judge, Christ, and the whole courtyard
16:11 is dispelled and dismissed.
16:14 Because every one of them is broken,
16:16 every one of them is wrong, and every one of them
16:18 has been caught in the bad way,
16:20 either in the sand or in their conscience.
16:23 And the only two people that are there
16:25 are Jesus and this woman.
16:28 And yet He still asked the question,
16:31 "woman, where are your accusers?"
16:37 I bet, and that's one of the things that I've always
16:40 I've sought to ask young people,
16:42 who's accusing you?
16:44 Who is the one who sits there before you
16:47 and points their judgmental finger at you and says,
16:50 "you're not going home, that you're not good enough,
16:54 and you can't make it." That you're lost.
16:58 And the same respond the woman looks up.
17:01 Now she could have just noticed the empty courtyard,
17:05 but Jesus said, "where are your accusers,
17:09 has anyone condemned you."
17:12 The only one, and Jesus made sure of this,
17:14 the only one who could condemn her
17:16 was standing right in front of her, amen.
17:18 And she says, she says the words,
17:21 "no one, no one has condemned me."
17:26 He says, "neither do I, go and sin no more."
17:30 He wanted her to answer the question
17:33 because something happens when you say it,
17:36 something happens when you convey the truth
17:40 that you know to be true.
17:43 And it transformed her, I know it did.
17:46 And that's what happens when young people
17:47 when you ask them, do you believe that
17:50 Christ died for your sins? Yes.
17:53 Is there anything that stands in your way?
17:57 And they say, "well, you know, no."
17:59 Is there anything that stand in your way
18:02 who can condemn you if Christ has done for you?
18:05 Nothing. "Say it louder,"
18:07 I say to them. Nothing.
18:10 You almost want them to just get confident
18:12 and say it over and over again.
18:14 I know we've been taught to say that I'm not saved,
18:18 to be overconfident about that.
18:19 But, and what else can we be confident
18:22 that Christ is able to save us
18:24 and He want us to say the words.
18:27 I'm going home because of what Christ did, amen.
18:30 I think that's one thing that not only young people,
18:32 but those of us who are just young at heart
18:34 need to say more often.
18:36 And what happens is as we say it
18:38 that confidence in our heart grows.
18:40 The faith muscle inside of us grows.
18:45 Now, now there is something extremely,
18:47 you know, it totally says it's just part of life
18:49 and death on the tongue. Yeah.
18:51 And so, I mean, I appreciate this and I mention,
18:54 I think that this will probably touch
18:56 a lot of people's heart out there.
18:58 You know, number one is to go back and, and study,
19:03 I mean, this is a great example right here.
19:05 Yeah. Are there other examples?
19:07 There are, well, I'll give you a modern day example 'cause,
19:11 you know, you talk about getting it
19:12 and to experience that.
19:15 I didn't really understand how powerful
19:17 God's amazing grace was, the power to change you,
19:21 and to cover you, and to transform your life.
19:25 Until I worked at summer camp,
19:27 I know lots of people go to summer camp,
19:29 they have a great time, but I was working at a summer camp
19:32 in Yosemite National Park and it was Camp Wawona.
19:36 And I was going on a pack trip, you know,
19:39 all the kids load up their horses within overnight,
19:42 sleeping bag and a mat, they go out,
19:45 they ride their horses out in the wilderness
19:46 and they stay overnight in the woods.
19:49 I drove out, brought my guitar,
19:50 I was gonna do a little worship for the kids.
19:53 And so I drove out to the meadow we're at several,
19:56 several minutes away by truck
19:58 and about several hours by horseback.
20:01 I'm checking on the horses as they get out of the truck
20:03 and I'm walking by the horses
20:04 and I walked by this one horse.
20:07 And the saddle soaking wet and it didn't take me long
20:13 to discover what had happened.
20:15 I got close and I thought, these are teenagers.
20:20 What happened, some, some young person had an accident?
20:25 They wet the horse. I thought who would,
20:31 who would do that and how did that happen.
20:34 So I made my way out to the meadow,
20:35 as I was making my way I thought,
20:37 oh, there is one boy who is not a teenager.
20:39 He is a 10-year-old boy, who is working,
20:43 his parents were working at the camp,
20:45 and he was just a young kid who went on the pack trip.
20:48 Now what, what must have happened and sure enough
20:51 he's standing in line with his legs crossed,
20:54 trying to stay out of sight.
20:56 And as I came up to him, I said,
20:59 "hey, you know, Joshua, we need to go out back
21:01 and, and we need to go for a walk in the meadow."
21:05 I wanted to get him away from the teenagers
21:06 'cause I thought, boy, if the teenagers, yeah,
21:08 if the teenagers get a hold of him,
21:10 he's gonna be done, he's gonna be finished.
21:12 Valuable lesson right here, valuable lesson.
21:15 That's right, so I pulled him out
21:17 and I walked him out and I said,
21:18 "Joshua, I notice you, you wet the horse."
21:22 And tears started streaming down his face,
21:24 the shame and the embarrassment.
21:26 He's started crying, I don't know the
21:27 bears and the girls."
21:29 Of course, there are two things
21:31 that forced him to do what he did and that was,
21:35 we told him not to go in the woods by himself
21:37 because there are bears out there.
21:39 So we trapped him, then there are teenage girls
21:41 which are even more frightening than bears,
21:43 and so he had his accident.
21:46 I walked him out to the other end of the meadow
21:48 and I heard the trickling of the creek, amen.
21:51 And I brought him close and I said,
21:53 "Joshua let's, let's get your change of clothes."
21:56 He says, "These are all the clothes I have."
22:00 So I said, "Why don't you come over here?"
22:02 And the thought came to me, I know God put it in my mind
22:05 'cause I'd never think like this.
22:08 I leaned over the creek, I said, "Come here."
22:11 And when he got close and I first splashed him
22:12 with a little water on his face.
22:14 And he said, "Hey, you're gonna get me all wet."
22:18 So I started splashing him and he started splashing me
22:21 and I put him in the creek and I wash him back
22:24 and forth in a deeper portion, kind of do a spins cycle.
22:27 We were soaking wet up to our shoulders,
22:30 to the shoulders down we were soaking wet.
22:34 And we walked back to camp and one of the directors
22:37 and this young person and kids asked the question,
22:41 "hey, what happened to you guys."
22:44 No more shame, no more guilt, completely free.
22:48 The young person answered he says, "we got wet." Amen.
22:52 And that just reminded me of that passage in Corinthians
22:55 where it says, "The Christ who knew
22:57 no sin became sin for us,
23:01 that we might become the righteousness of God."
23:06 And J.D., I want to walk around with my head held high,
23:11 my heart humbled by this notion
23:14 that I am the righteousness of God for what He did for me.
23:19 Amen. And I need to say it, I need to answer that question
23:23 because even in the end,
23:24 how are we ever going to stand up against the accusers,
23:30 you know, blame in court to us.
23:34 Revelation 12 talks about that.
23:36 How will they said? The accuser stands before them
23:38 day and night, how will we ever answer.
23:42 And they say, they testify, we have the blood of the Lamb,
23:46 and that they don't love their own lives even unto death.
23:48 That, that ability to say that this is what
23:52 Christ has done for me is powerful.
23:54 Amen. Is powerful, amen.
23:56 And what I also love is the way
23:57 that the Lord touched your heart, yeah.
23:59 And He instilled that grace through you,
24:02 you know, His grace. You were emulating Him.
24:04 That's something that Christ would do,
24:06 not to sit and embarrass someone.
24:08 And you give Him the praise and the glory.
24:11 That's right. And God put this in my head.
24:13 That's right. Walking toward a creek.
24:15 You're just trying to wrap your arm
24:17 around this precious young man and just,
24:19 where do I go from here and the Lord gave you the answer.
24:22 Yeah, and that that connects with what Paul said
24:25 about the ministry of reconciliation.
24:27 If you have been bought with that price and you know it,
24:31 you've answered that question, no one condemns me,
24:34 I stand before God as His child,
24:37 saved and righteous.
24:40 Then what are you doing?
24:42 You have a Ministry of Reconciliation to the world
24:46 that that your, what you emanate
24:49 and what you live and how you live
24:51 is one of those grace oriented,
24:55 mercy driven missions where you want others
24:59 to be covered just like that.
25:02 To, to release the shame of sin
25:04 and to walk in newness of life.
25:07 And like I said, you know, earlier about the young kids,
25:11 it's an experiential thing
25:12 which you've got to kind of taste and say
25:16 and see and touch, and grapple with.
25:19 It's a question that probably doesn't--
25:22 The first time you answered it,
25:23 it doesn't sound believable to you,
25:25 but it is as you do it.
25:27 It's, I illustrated this when I was in England
25:30 speaking there, teaching the British
25:33 how to make a cup of tea.
25:35 And, of course, they're the champions of this.
25:37 But I held out a hot cup of water,
25:40 and a clear mug, and I took the tea bag
25:43 and I dipped it in there and I said,
25:44 "This is how you make tea." And I took it out immediately.
25:47 And they all looked at me and said,
25:48 "What are you, what are you doing?
25:49 It's not how you make tea, leave it in there."
25:52 And I said, "Okay."
25:53 And I left it in there for three seconds and I pulled out.
25:56 They said, "no, it's not long enough.
25:59 Leave it in there longer."
26:00 And sure enough as you leave it in there what happens.
26:05 Well, that hot water gets in to the bag of tea
26:09 and what's in the bag tea gets into the hot water
26:12 and you see it's squeezing out and changing the color
26:15 and the flavor and the richness,
26:17 and that's why I believe that answering that question
26:20 is just like that little moment.
26:22 It's got to get in.
26:24 And these questions that God ask,
26:26 they soak into us.
26:28 And the more we answer them,
26:29 squeezes that flavor out and the more
26:31 we abide in the richness of those moments
26:35 where we interact back and forth with God,
26:39 then the flavor of our lives change,
26:42 becomes rich and deep, and you know,
26:44 the bottom-line for me is,
26:47 as I think about that is that's
26:50 answering that question.
26:53 It's so much more important than answering the question
26:56 of how could God have always been or did Adam
26:59 have a belly button, or when is this gonna happen,
27:04 how is that gonna look?
27:06 When I look at all those questions,
27:07 those questions just they're shortsighted,
27:10 they're lame questions compared to the ones
27:14 that Christ has for me and as I answer them,
27:19 I'm different, I'm changed.
27:22 Well, I love about it, is that we become one, yeah.
27:25 You know the, and the more that we can verbalize it
27:29 not only to ourselves internally,
27:31 but we're giving Him and so then it just,
27:35 man, I can tell a story on that,
27:36 but we're running out of time.
27:39 That's the beauty. Amen.
27:40 We're just running out of time.
27:42 I just want to appreciate you so much.
27:45 Thank you. Pastor Troy for being here.
27:47 And I just, I know that there is people
27:49 that are listening to this, that that they maybe seeing us
27:52 for the first time.
27:53 God does ask me questions,
27:55 they'll go look in the red print, Just respond.
27:58 Amen, amen. I just want to thank you
28:02 each one of you for being with us today.
28:04 Today is a wonderful day in the Lord.
28:06 God bless each and every one of you.
28:08 See you next time.


Revised 2014-12-17