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00:01 God's gifts are real.
00:03 We want to talk about His gifts today.
00:06 And maybe explain and illustrate that
00:10 through something that happened in a beautiful, beautiful hotel.
00:14 One of the most beautiful hotels in Europe.
00:16 This took place in Bern, Switzerland.
00:19 We'll be right back.
00:44 God's gifts are real and they're great.
00:47 They're huge. It's amazing.
00:50 The Holy Spirit gives us gifts to live
00:53 as Christians and to be useful.
00:57 Here's something that is so big.
00:59 In Ephesians 3, He says,
01:02 he wants us to comprehend with all the saints,
01:05 something about the width, and length,
01:08 and depth of His love.
01:11 He wants us have the ability to comprehend,
01:14 to have the capacity to understand that.
01:17 To know the love of Christ, which passes knowledge
01:20 that you maybe filled with all the fullness of God.
01:24 What an amazing gift, His presence,
01:27 His goodness, His love.
01:30 And then the 20th and 21st verses of Chapter 3,
01:33 "Now to Him who is able to do exceeding abundantly
01:38 above all that you can ask or think."
01:42 No matter what you imagine, no matter what you ask for?
01:46 God says, I have something better.
01:49 Is that all you can ask for? I have something bigger.
01:53 You're still coming to the ocean with a teaspoon.
01:56 I have something great.
02:00 Bigger than we can ask or think
02:02 according to the power of the Holy Spirit working in us.
02:06 To Him be glory in the church
02:10 by Jesus Christ through all ages.
02:13 He is a God of love. He's a God of power.
02:16 And of great and wonderful gifts.
02:19 In the fourth Chapter, it says that,
02:22 "To each of us grace was given
02:24 according to the measure of Christ's gift.
02:26 Therefore he says, When he ascended on High,
02:30 He led captivity captive, and He gave gifts to men."
02:36 It is His nature to give
02:40 and His glory to bless, that's our God.
02:43 It's His nature to give.
02:46 And that last verse was Ephesians 4:7, 8.
02:52 Our special guest today is
02:54 Pastor Roy Rugless from Alabama,
02:58 and you're also our Director of Prayer Ministries
03:01 in the five states.
03:03 And let's see if I can remember all those.
03:06 Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Part of Florida, Mississippi.
03:11 You got it.
03:13 I was counting on my fingers. You have it.
03:17 So, Roy, how does it make you feel
03:19 when you read verses like this about
03:22 God's enormous gifts for His people?
03:26 The first question that comes to my mind is,
03:29 why do we need the gifts?
03:30 There maybe people who are listening out and says, okay.
03:33 He gives gifts, so what difference does it make?
03:36 Do I really need it? Do I really need it?
03:38 And my response to that is this,
03:41 if you understand that God is love.
03:45 And if you understand that part of His love is giving.
03:49 And if you look at the Ten Commandments.
03:51 And this is really, really important, Ruthie,
03:53 because there has been a misconception
03:55 about the Commandments.
03:57 I believe that.
03:59 People have said that the commandments
04:00 have been done away with.
04:01 That's the Jewish tradition, that's Old Testament stuff.
04:05 We're not living under the law.
04:07 We're living under grace.
04:08 But if they really understand the commandments,
04:11 the commandments are nothing more than love.
04:14 Love to God, love to your fellowman, that's all it is.
04:18 If you look at the first four commandments,
04:20 if you love God, you won't have any other Gods before Him.
04:23 If you love God,
04:25 you will not take His name in vain and it goes on.
04:28 And actually I believe that the Ten Commandments
04:31 are like a safety net or like a fence at the top of a cliff.
04:35 Okay. If we live by those then the Lord,
04:40 we understand the character of God better,
04:42 we understand Him because he is speaking to us
04:46 through that and that's His character.
04:47 That's His character
04:48 and we are supposed to assimilate His character.
04:52 All right, so the first four commandments
04:55 deal with Love to God.
04:56 The last six commandments deal with love to our fellowman.
04:59 If we love our fellowman, we won't steal from him.
05:02 If we love our fellowman, we won't lie about him.
05:05 And it goes on.
05:06 Love to God, love to our fellowman.
05:09 And if we're supposed to be like God,
05:11 if we're supposed to be with God,
05:13 then we're supposed to be like God,
05:14 therefore I love God, and I love fellowman.
05:17 How do I demonstrate my love then to my fellowman?
05:20 By ministering to Him.
05:22 Let me tell you something, Ruthie.
05:24 There is no way that we can be like God
05:27 or be with God without doing God things.
05:31 By that I mean, and by the way,
05:32 I'm not talking about this being a matter of salvation.
05:36 I'm not talking about you have to do things to be saved
05:39 because we're saved-- that would never work,
05:41 we're saved by faith, grace in Christ.
05:44 All right. That's bottom-line.
05:46 We don't do things to be saved.
05:48 We do things because we are saved.
05:50 That's right. If we're saved individual,
05:52 automatically love bounces out of us in loving acts.
05:58 There is no way, and this is the first point
06:01 that I want to make.
06:02 There is no way that we're going to be with God
06:06 without doing things like God.
06:09 Therefore we have, we have a mission
06:14 to do what God would have us to do to reach out to others.
06:17 I want to make that very clear
06:19 because people wants to think that, okay,
06:22 all I have to do is accept Christ as my personal Savior.
06:25 And come to church, get baptized and that's it.
06:28 That is not it.
06:30 We have been saved to save. That's right.
06:32 We have a responsibility to reach...
06:34 That's just the beginning.
06:36 Beginning, it's the commencement.
06:38 We have been saved to save.
06:39 And so therefore, I have a responsibility
06:42 and God understands that.
06:44 And so when we go to our word, why do we need gifts?
06:47 Because God has a work for me to do.
06:49 That's right. All right.
06:50 Now I don't know how to do this work,
06:52 don't worry about doing it.
06:53 I will give you the gift that enables you
06:55 to be able to, isn't God good?
06:57 And he matches the gifts with our own personalities,
07:02 he gives us things that we are comfortable with.
07:05 He doesn't want us to stay in our comfort zone.
07:09 He wants us to move out of our comfort zone.
07:11 And depend on him, but he matches the gifts
07:15 with something that brings us fulfillment,
07:18 and satisfaction, and joy.
07:20 I want to tell you story about a friend of mine.
07:23 Something that happened this was Dr. Michael Hussle,
07:28 when he was 17, he had family living in Europe,
07:32 and so he went over there at 17 and got a summer job.
07:36 This was in Bern, Switzerland,
07:38 the capital of Switzerland and he said,
07:42 I got a job at the hotel
07:45 which is the most prestigious in that whole country.
07:49 It was right close to the parliament buildings,
07:52 and he said, if you looked at the title of my job,
07:54 it actually translated only meant shoe.
07:58 In other words he was a courier, he just delivered things.
08:02 But he got to wear a tuxedo,
08:04 and he said, I really felt at 17,
08:08 like I was having a fun summer job,
08:11 because he said, I even had a Swiss bank account.
08:18 And, but one of the first things that he discovered in this job
08:23 at the very hotel was that he had a supervisor
08:27 who could be a little overbearing.
08:30 And one-- in his first week there
08:32 he called him into his office, close the door.
08:35 He said, do you see that big stack of newspapers?
08:38 I want to you to carry them to all the guests
08:40 and then there will be about ten maybe left over.
08:44 He said I want you to give those to my friends
08:46 down in the food service department.
08:49 He said the chef expects this everyday
08:52 and his assistants and there are people there
08:55 that just they're my friends.
08:58 And I want you to be sure that they get that those newspapers.
09:02 Michael looked at him and he said sir, I can't do that.
09:06 I have just come from an orientation class
09:09 given by your superior, who told us do not ever
09:14 confuse the amenities that are intended
09:17 for the guests with the employees.
09:20 There is a big difference, the employees are paid,
09:24 the guests are given free amenities, don't confuse those.
09:29 So he said, I will not be able to deliver
09:31 these newspapers to your friends, I'm sorry.
09:34 Well, he looked at his boss, who was getting angrier at,
09:39 you know, every second.
09:41 You could see the veins sticking out on his neck,
09:44 he was just you know, ready to show Michael, who was boss.
09:50 And Michael took the newspapers,
09:52 smiled and walked out of the office.
09:54 He delivered the papers came back with a stack
09:57 and left them in the lobby.
09:59 So he knew, I mean, the boss knew
10:01 because he could see what he had done.
10:04 Next day the same thing happened, he said,
10:07 Michael, you disobeyed me deliberately,
10:10 I want you, you know, what you're supposed to do
10:13 with those newspapers.
10:14 Michael said, I know what you want me to do with them
10:16 but sir I can't do that.
10:18 I cannot do that.
10:21 I was told and I understand my job by your superior,
10:27 I can't do that.
10:28 He smiled he walked out, this happened Monday,
10:32 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, on Friday
10:37 he called him into his office again.
10:39 And he said Michael, be sure the door is closed.
10:45 He said, now I have a new position,
10:47 a new job for you to do today.
10:49 This afternoon I want you take this envelope put it
10:53 in the inside of your coat and walk across
10:58 the street to the hotel, to the bank.
11:01 He said it will have hundreds of
11:04 thousands of dollars equivalent in U.S.
11:08 And that is our deposit I want you to do that.
11:11 That's your job now every Friday.
11:13 He said, there was somebody from one of -
11:19 I think it's some place in Saudi Arabia,
11:21 who had come with his family
11:23 and some of the people on his staff
11:25 and they had rented a suite of rooms and he told Michael,
11:31 he said, this would be equivalent in your money.
11:35 He said they left this morning and they paid their bill.
11:38 The equivalent in your money would have been about $40,000.
11:43 And he said so the amount of money
11:46 that you've in this envelope is huge.
11:48 We're trusting you because I've discovered
11:51 that I can trust you.
11:52 Wow! I've discovered that you're honest and you've integrity.
11:58 I believe Roy, that, that is one of the gifts of God.
12:03 When you're being--when you've given him your life.
12:08 And you've said, Lord, I need you.
12:10 I need your Holy Spirit.
12:12 I need to be the kind of person that will reflect who you are.
12:17 And I just need to have you here with me,
12:21 to make me strong, to give me the strength.
12:24 One of the gifts, I believe that God gives
12:27 is strength of character, honesty, integrity.
12:31 Let me take it a step further,
12:32 I want to piggy back on that story.
12:37 Michael had valuables that he was to take it to the bank.
12:42 That's right.
12:44 The Bible says that we have this sacred treasure.
12:49 In earthen vessel. In earthen vessels.
12:51 Clay vessels. Now, watch this, watch this.
12:55 The sacred treasure is the good news
13:01 that goes to the world that tells people God loves you.
13:05 He demonstrated that love on Calvary.
13:08 Amen. And He wants you saved.
13:09 Now think about that, think about that.
13:14 These finite vessels of ours that are laced with sin
13:21 and we are so inadequate.
13:24 That there is no way, we could do this without Him.
13:27 So inconsistent. That's right.
13:29 So unreliable that He would trust us to carry
13:34 such a valuable and expensive mission.
13:39 A gift. I was reading another quote,
13:41 where it was said that God could have called angels,
13:47 true to the work of giving this message
13:50 and it would have been done years ago.
13:52 Sure. But he left.
13:53 And better. And better.
13:55 But left up to us faulty, finite,
14:01 sinful, messed up human beings
14:03 on such an expensive errand
14:07 that we fumble over, stumble over, refused to do.
14:11 We have a responsibility and it just blows my mind
14:15 how God with such a valuable treasure
14:19 of a message leaves it with us.
14:23 Amazing. It's amazing.
14:25 You know, there is another little story in Allegory.
14:30 That says this, when Jesus went back up to earth
14:34 after his resurrection, after the ascension
14:38 that we see take place in Acts 1.
14:41 The angels are there to greet him and to meet him
14:45 and they're saying, Jesus, what is your plan?
14:49 Now, you've given your life,
14:52 you've just done an amazing thing on earth,
14:55 but what is your plan just to carry on in your absence.
15:01 And Jesus smiles and says, I've got the disciples,
15:05 I've got the people.
15:07 And the angels say to him, what if they mess up?
15:11 And he says, I'm giving them gifts.
15:15 That's my plan, I have nothing else.
15:19 That's it. Isn't that something?
15:21 He trusts us. He trusts us.
15:23 And I believe he gives us experiences
15:26 like Michael, had at the hotel.
15:28 Because that's something tangible
15:32 and that is something that helps us to see the greater things,
15:37 the spiritual lessons that we can draw from this.
15:41 But Michael couldn't have even done that,
15:43 without the power of the Lord.
15:46 But I don't want us to miss the point
15:48 and this is what also blows my mind
15:50 is that God has commissioned us.
15:54 Yes. To tell it. Yes.
15:56 Matthew 28 verses 18, 19, 20, after Jesus, went up to heaven.
16:01 Just as he was ascending he says,
16:03 all power I'm going to give to you,
16:06 go, tell, baptize, that's what we're supposed to do.
16:11 So how can we do this thing?
16:12 I don't know how to preach?
16:14 I don't how to teach? I don't know anything?
16:16 And will give you a gift. That's right.
16:17 Now the one thing we don't miss.
16:19 Two things I don't want to miss.
16:22 Everybody has a responsibility to tell somebody about Jesus.
16:26 We may not be able to tell it in the same way.
16:29 We may not be able to use same vehicle.
16:31 But everybody has a responsibility.
16:33 That's why when you go to Ephesians 4,
16:36 it talks about how we have the various gifts,
16:38 not everybody is called to preach.
16:40 But there are some preachers, there are some teachers.
16:42 The gift of honesty, it goes on.
16:45 What we need to do now, Ruthie,
16:48 is ask God, okay now God,
16:49 after we become connected with him.
16:51 All right now, God, show me my gift.
16:56 That's right. That's right.
16:58 Show me my gift?
17:00 And then after he shows you, then empower me to use my gift.
17:05 I want to let you know, there was a statement made
17:07 that there will be no starless crowns in heaven.
17:10 I believe that.
17:11 Everybody's going to have to trust somebody.
17:13 That's right.
17:14 And you know, Roy, I have some friends
17:17 and you may know them too.
17:19 They're right here in the State of Illinois.
17:22 Rod and Donna Willey, he's a dentist,
17:25 but he's also a pastor because he started
17:28 giving Bible studies and then the,
17:32 he planted a church because of his Bible studies.
17:36 But the Lord led him to do something
17:40 that I think is inspired, tremendous idea.
17:44 When they baptized people and now they have a church
17:47 of about a hundred people.
17:49 And they have spawned other churches
17:51 and planted other churches.
17:53 But when they baptize someone
17:55 and someone wants to join the church.
17:58 He says, I'm going to ask you two questions.
18:01 One is why do you want to become a member of this church.
18:06 Do you love the Lord? Do you know the Lord?
18:09 Do you understand what it means to be his child?
18:12 And to be member of his body.
18:14 And the second question is what are you going to do for him?
18:20 What is the gift that you're going to give back to him?
18:24 Very important question.
18:25 He has given you gifts.
18:27 What gift of service and ministry
18:29 are you going to give back to him?
18:31 There was one woman her name was Robin,
18:35 she was baptized and she weighed 300 pounds
18:39 and she was in a wheelchair.
18:42 They said what gift are you going to the Lord.
18:45 What ministry is he calling you to do?
18:48 She said, I'm going to begin a community service center
18:52 because you aren't doing that here.
18:54 And they wondered they said,
18:56 this is impossible for you in your condition.
19:00 But she said watch me, she had been hospitalized
19:02 thirteen times the year before
19:04 because she really had some serious health issue.
19:07 But she got teenagers to help her,
19:09 they started a community health service.
19:12 They've had many baptisms because of that
19:15 and then her doctor came to Dr. Rod Willey,
19:18 the dentist and he said what are you teaching Robin,
19:21 changed her life.
19:22 She's lost a 100 pounds, she is healthy, she is happy.
19:26 I want to know what you are teaching her.
19:28 See how God's gifts snowball. Yes.
19:32 But something else we don't to miss, Ruthie.
19:35 Is that there are three integral parts to our spirituality.
19:41 There is prayer. There is a study of the word.
19:46 But it's also witnessing. That's right.
19:47 And they cannot be separated. That's right.
19:50 We can pray and we can study. But if we don't witness.
19:55 We're missing all, as a matter of fact,
19:57 if we don't witness, we're not growing.
20:00 When one exercises, he becomes stronger.
20:03 When you stop exercising, you become weaker.
20:06 And so what needs to happen is an exercise of our gift.
20:09 The mistake that many churches make is that
20:12 when people come into the church.
20:14 They sit, they don't do anything.
20:16 That's why I like what Dr. Willey is doing.
20:19 He is saying I want you know,
20:21 and when you have to think that through,
20:23 this is why I want to be a member
20:26 and this is what God is leading me to do.
20:28 I like that, I like that, I like that.
20:29 So what we do is that we make people spiritually weak
20:33 because we don't put them to work.
20:35 They don't actively involve themselves.
20:39 So they're not growing, they're not growing.
20:43 I was reading a quote in one of my favorite books.
20:46 It was entitled "The Desire of Ages" and the author says this.
20:50 When there is no active labor for others, watch this.
20:55 Love wanes, our love decreases
21:00 and our spirituality decreases as well.
21:02 So you're actually, if you're not exercising,
21:05 if you're not ministering, if you're not serving,
21:08 doing something for others.
21:09 You are depriving yourself of spiritual strength.
21:13 Exactly. As well as depriving others.
21:15 And let me tell you something else.
21:17 We're gonna be held accountable for what we could have done,
21:22 but failed to do.
21:23 Now God is not asking us to do some insurmountable thing.
21:27 He is asking us to do whatever He needs done
21:30 within our parameter of influence.
21:33 That's right, that's right. I believe that.
21:35 He doesn't ask us for more than our five loaves and two fish.
21:39 Exactly.
21:40 He doesn't ask you to give him something you don't have.
21:42 But use what you have. That's right.
21:43 The little boy only had five loaves, two fish,
21:45 that's what, that's all he had.
21:47 That's all God needed. That's right.
21:48 But it was multiplied. That's right.
21:50 And the more you use it.
21:52 The more becomes stronger and it multiplies.
21:55 I like the thought that we, He calls us to work
21:59 and we have to be diligent and faithful
22:02 as if it all depended on us.
22:04 Yes. But knowing that it all depends on Him.
22:08 That's what prayer goes.
22:09 You work as though everything depends on you
22:12 but you pray as though everything depends on him.
22:15 And you know, it really does. Yeah.
22:16 But let me tell you this.
22:17 The devil knows how important it is.
22:20 Once again I got to get back to that statement
22:23 about the sacred treasure in earthen vessels.
22:26 The devil knows how important it is to get this sacred treasure,
22:30 this Gospel of the good news out to others.
22:34 So what he does,
22:35 he tries in a variety of ways to float back.
22:38 And one of the things that he does to float
22:41 that is to put fear in hearts.
22:42 That's right. I'm afraid to witness.
22:45 I'm afraid to testify. I'm afraid to use my gift.
22:49 I've got to tell you something
22:50 because you have just given me a perfect opportunity.
22:55 And you'll like this.
22:57 A friend of mine who is a pastor in Tampa,
23:00 does all kinds of things to reach out
23:02 into the community and meet people.
23:04 And he said, so many times people come into his office
23:08 and they'll say, Pastor Steve, I'm afraid, I'm scared,
23:13 I just can't do this.
23:14 I am fearful.
23:16 And he says, I'm scared too.
23:18 Let's all go and be scared together.
23:21 But let's do it. Let's do it, let's do it.
23:24 So prayer.
23:27 First of all, if we recognize that we have a responsibility
23:30 to our neighbor that God has commissioned us to go.
23:34 That he has given us gifts to go.
23:37 We've a responsibility and he enables us.
23:41 Yes. He is with us. Yes.
23:43 And I like the quote from the same book,
23:45 Desire of Ages, that says angels rejoice
23:49 that they can use your lips.
23:50 Oh yes. Angels rejoice.
23:52 Yes. So you're not going alone.
23:53 Yes. And it's a privilege.
23:55 But now you put all that together now and then
23:58 the devil comes in with fear or doubt.
24:01 Just like Moses, when God told him to go to Pharaoh,
24:04 God, Moses said, I don't how to speak?
24:07 I don't know what to say?
24:09 I don't think that made God happy.
24:10 I don't think that made God happy, either.
24:12 He said well, you can have Aaron, but that's not plan A.
24:15 I want to use you. That's right.
24:16 I want to use you.
24:17 And you know, later, you look through the Book of Exodus,
24:21 the Lord gave Moses a backbone.
24:25 He gave-- Because you don't see,
24:27 you don't read any big speeches being made by Aaron.
24:30 That's right. Moses is the spokesperson.
24:32 Moses is the one that steps forward. That's right.
24:35 And I think he is the one who was the leader
24:37 that God ordained and appointed.
24:39 But let me show you,
24:40 let me show you the other prayer thing now.
24:42 Once we realized our responsibility.
24:44 Once we understand our venerability
24:47 and our inability to do what God has commissioned us
24:50 to do to save others, then we go to our knees and pray.
24:55 We go to our knees and praise him, my Lord.
24:58 I'm like a little child, I don't how to go out or come in.
25:03 I don't how to do this stuff.
25:04 But I know that you want me to do it.
25:07 And the love that I have in my heart.
25:09 I want to go and help others but you have to help me.
25:12 Yes. And as we pray this, I guarantee you,
25:15 if you pray this prayer sincerely.
25:16 I got to say this too.
25:19 I teach a seminar on the Lord's prayer,
25:21 and part of the seminar when I get,
25:24 deal with, give us this day our daily bread.
25:27 We should be asking for bread to give to others.
25:30 Yes. All right.
25:31 Now, I tell my participants this.
25:34 I dare you to ask the Lord.
25:36 Lord, show me who You want me to witness today.
25:40 Send someone my way. Yes.
25:42 I dare you to pray that prayer. You know, why?
25:45 Because invariably if you ask God to send somebody
25:48 your way who needs your mission
25:50 and your witness, he'll do it.
25:52 He will. Every time. He will.
25:54 Now Roy, I want to ask you a personal question.
25:57 Yes, Ma'am. I want to ask you a question.
25:59 We've been talking about giftedness,
26:03 it's His nature to give and His glory to bless.
26:08 What gifts has God given you that you can identify
26:14 and know that those are gifts from the Holy Spirit.
26:18 One gift that comes to my mind is the gift of teaching.
26:21 Yes. I love to teach.
26:23 And I've seen that here today.
26:26 You're teaching us all, that's a gift.
26:28 Another gift is the gift of preaching. Yes.
26:30 Oh, I love to preach. You're a good preacher.
26:32 I've heard you preach. You never heard me preach?
26:35 I did. I did.
26:36 You heard me preach? I did.
26:38 You preached at the prayer retreat
26:41 we had down in Mississippi.
26:43 Did I preach there? Oh, you preached. I tell you.
26:46 And that was just a seminar.
26:47 Oh, you were preaching up a storm.
26:50 I tell you, it was good.
26:52 Another gift is the gift of administration.
26:54 Organizing. I like organizing.
26:56 You're, yes, you're organized. I try to do that.
26:58 And the list goes on.
27:00 But here is the ultimate thing would be,
27:02 here's the ultimate thing.
27:04 The ultimate thing is that with the gifts that God has given us,
27:10 ultimately it goes back to God. That's right.
27:13 He wants us to use our gifts for his honor and glory. Amen.
27:17 So all of the things that I just enumerated to you.
27:20 If I'm able to preach, if I'm able to teach,
27:23 if I'm able to administrate, whatever that maybe,
27:26 I give it all back to him.
27:28 Amen. Amen.
27:30 Well, Roy, it has been so good to have you here.
27:33 My pleasure, my pleasure. Thank you for being here.
27:35 And I want to say, it's been good to be with you too.
27:38 And it's true.
27:39 When use your gifts, God surprises you,
27:43 he gives you such joy and such excitement,
27:46 and everyday is a new fulfillment
27:49 of the out working of his Holy Spirit.
27:52 Because his, he tells you, I've plans and they're good.
27:56 A woman in California tells us that she goes out everyday
27:59 and her life has become so full and so exciting.
28:03 So I just want to challenge you, pray, ask the Lord,
28:06 show me my gifts and use me.
28:08 God bless you.


Revised 2014-12-17