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Great Help In Hard Times

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Participants: Ruthie Jacobsen (Host), Pr. Roy Rugless


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00:01 Are you experiencing hard times?
00:03 Do you know anyone who is? Our country is experiencing
00:09 problems that we have never seen before in our lifetime.
00:12 But I'd like to have you meet a guest and I would like
00:17 to have you hear a story from Indian Creek,
00:19 Tennessee that will bring you great hope.
00:22 We will be right back.
00:47 Welcome to Issues and Answers.
00:51 Before we go back to Indian Creek,
00:54 before we talk about the hard times.
00:56 I would like to have us look at something that can
00:59 give us hope. There is light at the end of the tunnel
01:03 because of who we know. It's not who you are,
01:08 but whose you are, who do you belong to.
01:13 And here is a wonderful promise. The New King James
01:16 version in chapter 18 of the Book of Psalms.
01:22 The Lord promises for you will light my lamp,
01:26 do you have a lamp that is burning a little bit low.
01:29 Do you need little bit light? Here's where to go for it.
01:33 You will light my lamp; the Lord my God will enlighten
01:36 my darkness. For by you, I can run against the troupe.
01:41 By my God I can leap over a wall. Are you facing a wall?
01:47 He says I'll give you strength to leap over that wall.
01:52 And then in Verse 32, it says it is God who arms you
01:56 with you strength and makes your way perfect,
02:00 and then he says he will make you feet like the feet
02:02 of deer. So yes, we are in difficult times,
02:08 but we have a God who is so great and who knows
02:12 the end from the beginning, and he says I'll walk with you
02:17 I'll light your lamp, I'll make your path clear.
02:20 What a wonderful, wonderful God. I have a special guest
02:24 with me today and I am anxious for you
02:26 to meet him. Pastor Roy Rugless from.
02:31 Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville, Tennessee.
02:33 Yes mam. Okay, and Roy you are pastor,
02:38 and you also are a prayer leader for.
02:43 South Central Conference. How many states is that?
02:45 Five states. Ah, tell us where they are?
02:48 At Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky,
02:53 and Northwest part of Florida, and I also pastor
02:57 in Athens, Alabama. So, I have two jobs Ruthie.
03:00 I know. I am a pastor full-time and I am a
03:03 full-time Director of prayer ministries,
03:06 which stretches me out. That's good for you, isn't it.
03:10 But it's good for the Lord, this is his work.
03:12 Absolutely. Yes. And doesn't he make your
03:14 work a joy? It's a pleasure,
03:17 anytime we do ministry, it's not a job. That's right.
03:22 It's, its, it's a joy. That's right, I can't think of
03:24 doing anything else except working for the Lord,
03:26 its joy so irrespective of all the pressures that come
03:31 knowing that you are in the will of God,
03:33 and doing what God would have you to do.
03:35 He lifts your burden. He does. And that gets back to some
03:39 of what you would talking about in terms of what
03:41 people should do in difficult times.
03:45 Do you anybody that's having a hard time right now?
03:48 I had a visitor come to my church.
03:50 She is not a member for my church,
03:52 but we have prayer meeting and people around my
03:55 community know about prayer.
03:57 She came to my church. I want to stop you
04:00 though because that I get excited about that.
04:03 Okay. When I hear that people who are not
04:06 members of your church, here that this is a place to come
04:10 for prayer, and for help, and for hope.
04:14 That's what it's all about. Yes, yes.
04:16 So, I just have to stop and say praise the Lord.
04:18 Oh yeah. Because of what he is doing,
04:21 he is meeting his people there, and he is showing
04:25 people who don't know him. This is a place
04:27 to come for help. Prayer is the key.
04:32 I think Ruthie that, well, let me back up.
04:37 We are so materialistic here in United States.
04:40 We are, we are. We have and part of the reason
04:45 we are in the trouble that we are in is that we always
04:47 want more than what we need. We become very
04:51 materialistic; we become very credit dependent,
04:55 we become dependent upon goods.
04:58 And you know Roy, the sad thing of it is,
05:00 we try to keep up with the Joneses, and then we
05:03 discover that Joneses aren't going anywhere.
05:05 Yes, yes, yes. And that is sad.
05:07 Yes, yes, yes. So we become dependent upon things,
05:13 and we now are placed in a position where we no longer
05:15 are able to get those things, and we overextended
05:19 ourselves. Sometimes, Ruthie the Lord allows things
05:22 to happen to get our attention. That's right.
05:25 He doesn't necessarily do these things,
05:27 but he allows us to go our own ways into.
05:30 He can use that. And I think that's what he is doing
05:33 in these economic times right now.
05:35 I think that he is using this or has allowed that to
05:38 happen to get our attention, so that we can depend
05:42 more upon him. And then, then we can see what we
05:45 really need, not what we want, but for we the things
05:50 that we want on a human level materialistic
05:53 things on this planet are never going to satisfy.
05:57 No, no, no. But what he has is the real deal.
06:01 Yeah, so that's why sometimes he has to take
06:04 away those things to bring our attention to who has
06:07 provided those things for us, and who will continue
06:10 to provide for us. Let me just back up just little bit.
06:14 When you go back to the Book of Genesis,
06:17 and I've always ask myself the question. Why do we have
06:22 to have food? God could have made us like automatons
06:27 or robots in a human form, so that we would not have
06:31 to eat all the time. We have to eat to refresh ourselves,
06:34 and the thing that came to my mind Ruthie was the Lord
06:38 made us that way, so that we would be dependent
06:41 upon him for our provision. Yes, he could have made us
06:44 and we could gone on our way and we would never
06:46 have had to have food to eat or water to drink,
06:49 and things to sustain us. But he has allowed those
06:52 things to come into play, so that we would be
06:56 dependent upon him. I like that, and you know
06:59 with the children of Israel in the desert for 40 years
07:04 he provided Manah every single day. Yes, yes.
07:09 It didn't fall on the Sabbath, but he fed them every
07:13 single day for 40 years. And they realized where
07:16 it came from. That's right.
07:17 This was a miracle. That's right.
07:19 This was a miracle. So, here is my point.
07:22 God made us dependent. When we become
07:25 materialistic, we become independent.
07:28 It is not to say that we should not have things
07:31 because God wants us to have things.
07:33 God says I worship of all things that you would
07:35 prosper and be health. He wants us to have things.
07:37 Sure. But he wants us to recognize from where
07:39 these things come, and so the problem is Ruthie
07:45 that we have become so independent because
07:48 we have these things that we no longer need God.
07:51 But I have a question for you. Yes mam.
07:53 Are we independent or do we just think we
07:57 are independent? We think we are independent.
08:00 See that's phony. Yes. We are not really
08:03 independent? Yes. We have to depend on him
08:05 for every breath we take. Yes, yes.
08:08 So, we are just fooling ourselves, we are just,
08:12 you know, living in something that is totally phony.
08:15 Yes, yes. We are totally dependent on him
08:18 for everything. Let me take it a step further.
08:20 The Bible says in Deuteronomy, it is God
08:24 that gives power to get wealth. Many times Ruthie,
08:28 we think that okay I got this job on my own based
08:32 on my intellect, based on my achievements,
08:35 I got this job on my own. Alright,
08:37 you got on your own. I'll take away the job
08:39 from you. Now, where are you,
08:43 who provides you a job? Right.
08:45 Now, folks who are jobless now have to look up.
08:49 That's right. Do you see what I'm saying.
08:50 Sure. Those independent individuals now
08:52 become dependent. That's right and that
08:56 is a beautiful truth. And I believe the Lord even
09:01 though he doesn't always take these things
09:04 from us, he can use every situation
09:07 to get our attention. Yes. But Roy I want you to
09:10 take you because I promise before the show
09:13 started. I wanna take you to an experience,
09:18 I wasn't there. So, I want to hear this from
09:21 your lips, I have heard it from others who were
09:22 there, but God did something very out of the ordinary.
09:27 He did something very unusual for a group of pastors,
09:32 who were meeting together at Indian Creek
09:36 in Tennessee. Right. And yes we are
09:38 experiencing hard times. Yes, we are coming to a
09:42 place where we really, really need God,
09:45 but I believe the Lord is saying. Alright,
09:48 if you are seeking me in earnest, I have the
09:52 Holy Spirit in great measure that I want to give
09:56 you for peace and hope and power and ministry.
10:01 Tell us what happened there. Okay.
10:02 I love this because I want to hear this from you because
10:06 you were one of the leaders who God was
10:09 using to bring all of this about.
10:10 Before I do that though I want to finish our
10:14 train afar relative to difficult times.
10:17 Oh, did I interrupt you. Well no, no.
10:20 Go ahead. I didn't wanna leave the people
10:22 out there hanging. Okay. I want to finish my train
10:24 of thought relative to the need for us to become
10:27 dependent. Oh good, okay. And that's why, that's why
10:30 the Lord has allowed some of these material things
10:34 to come away, so that we would look to him. Amen.
10:37 The bottom line Ruthie is This God wants to save us.
10:43 The only way that he can save us is that we have
10:46 to see our need of being saved. That's right.
10:48 So many times these materialistic things get in
10:51 the way of our vision and our view of God.
10:54 That's right. And our need for him.
10:56 That's right. We get so consumed with what we have
10:59 and what we are that we forget from where it comes,
11:03 so therefore the God. So, we look inward instead
11:05 of upward. Exactly, so what God has to do?
11:08 He has to sometimes allow these things to be removed
11:12 and so we are in a position where people have no jobs,
11:15 people who have no homes, people who have
11:18 a difficult time relative to having food to eat.
11:22 That's right. So, so where do we go.
11:24 God says okay, now I want you to direct your attention
11:26 toward me and more important than anything else.
11:30 Once we begin to see that we need God then he can put
11:34 us in a saving relationship with himself and these.
11:37 That comes first. That comes first,
11:38 and then Ruthie the overflow, the outflow of that
11:42 is now we begin to reach out others
11:45 with the same Gospel of hey look God wants to save us,
11:49 we need him. And so now he has us in a position,
11:52 where we have no other choice but to look up.
11:55 So, we have a job to do. Because he has such a big
11:58 plan and as long as we are looking in a wrong direction,
12:02 we will never find it. Right, right.
12:04 And he has the real happiness, the real joy.
12:07 Yes. And he wants us to experience that.
12:11 Yes, so the ultimate objective of God is for him
12:17 to provide all the homeless with a home.
12:20 Ah that's good. We are homeless.
12:23 That's right. The reason I say that is that
12:25 we are pilgrims on this earth, nothing belongs to us.
12:27 All this is going to be burnt up. I just have
12:30 to stop a bit. Yes ma'm. I want to say to our viewing
12:33 audience, don't you like that thought.
12:36 We are all homeless, we are all homeless,
12:39 we are pilgrims on this dark planet.
12:42 And it's a little tiny speck in space
12:45 but God has such a big plan and he wants to give us
12:50 so much more. Pastor Roy, I am so glad
12:54 you said that, because I think that alone
12:58 is such a wonderful thing for us to focus on, to hold
13:01 on to. It's a big truth, huge truth. Thank you now.
13:06 So, so he wants to give us a home with him.
13:11 Yes. His desire is that we be with him,
13:13 John 14 Verses 1, 2, 3 says 'I want you to be with me.'
13:18 Yeah. We have a responsibility first for ourselves
13:22 to make sure that we are in right relationship with him,
13:24 so we could be with him and also tell others about
13:28 the great plan that he has for others to be with him,
13:32 that takes power, that takes something beyond us.
13:36 First of all if we plan to be with God,
13:38 we have to be like God. Therefore, we need a power
13:40 outside of ourselves that will come within us
13:43 and transform us into his image.
13:45 We will never be able to accomplish that on our own.
13:48 That's where the Holy Spirit comes in.
13:49 Amen and he knows that. Yes, yes. He knows that.
13:52 So, we need the Holy Spirit individually to transform us,
13:56 to change us, to be like him, so that we can be
13:59 with him, that's number one.
14:00 And you know the promises for the Holy Spirit
14:03 are so real. He says ask, ask for the Holy Spirit.
14:09 Yes, yes. Because I want to give you more.
14:10 Yes, yes. You can't do that. Yes, yes, and then at the
14:15 same time that we are asking for the Holy Spirit
14:18 to help us to be like him and to transform us.
14:21 We also need the Holy Spirit to go and tell others.
14:24 That's right. You know it's hard to go and tell others
14:27 without power, you need some power,
14:30 and so God's plan now is for his people to have power
14:34 for transformation within ourselves and for
14:37 transformation throughout the world.
14:40 I keep interrupting you. That's alright.
14:42 But you are just getting me all excited here.
14:44 That's alright. Well, I like what our friend Sam
14:46 Telemach says about that. Sam is my friend
14:51 from the Caribbean, and he says it's like a triangle.
14:57 God is at the top, you are here, and here is at the
15:02 other apex of the base of the triangle is someone else
15:08 that you are praying for, and wanting to reach
15:10 for God. But the Holy Spirit is already working
15:13 over there because you are praying.
15:15 So it takes all three, it takes the Holy Spirit,
15:20 but you are wanting to join the Lord,
15:22 he is already working. Yes, yes.
15:24 And you need the Holy Spirit to make that triangle
15:28 complete, you need the power.
15:29 You need the power. Of the Holy Spirit,
15:31 but he is working. He is working over there.
15:33 But he wants to work even more,
15:35 he has promised to work even more.
15:37 I believe that. If you go back to the Book of Acts,
15:40 you start with Chapter 2 and onward you begin
15:42 to see that God's plan in terms of his wanting
15:45 to be with us has been expanded. Yeah.
15:48 After the day of Pentecost five thousand,
15:51 three thousand met at a day, five thousand. One day.
15:54 One day. That's right. You see how great God is,
15:56 you see how much he wants to love,
15:58 and Ruthie he wants to do the same thing today.
16:00 Now, now. Yes. I believe that. But the problem
16:03 is that we have not been accessing the power,
16:08 can I just be very honest with you. We have a,
16:12 we have a limited perspective of what church is.
16:17 Now, you know getting back to your original question
16:20 about how we deal with difficult times,
16:23 the church has been set up as a citadel for refuge.
16:28 That's right. What has happened is that we have
16:32 taken the church for ourselves. We come in,
16:36 get what we need, go back out and keep it to
16:38 ourselves. It's not suppose to be that way.
16:40 Oh! Right, we're supposed to go ahead.
16:42 No, that you are absolutely right on target with that.
16:46 People it's so easy to just to come to church
16:49 for a blessing. If I like what the pastor is saying
16:53 today, then I agree with him, and I like what
16:56 he is wearing, and people smile at me, then this is
16:59 the good day, and I can go home happy and blessed.
17:02 It's all about me, it isn't. That's right. It isn't.
17:06 That's right. It's we don't come,
17:07 yes the Lord wants to bless us,
17:10 but he wants us to, he wants to change us,
17:13 so we can be useful, it's all about him.
17:15 But on top of that Ruthie, he wants the whole world
17:18 to be changed. That's right.
17:19 He wants the whole world to be changed and so
17:21 therefore the church has a special mission,
17:25 not only to come in to be changed but also to go out
17:29 and be agents of change to others. That's right.
17:31 And we've missed it, we have been all inclusive.
17:36 Preach it, preach it. You are right on target.
17:38 We've been all inclusive. That's right.
17:40 We've not been doing what God wants us to do.
17:43 So, now God is saying look, I am getting ready to
17:47 come, I still have a job for you to do.
17:49 I could call angels to do it if I wanted to,
17:52 but I want you to do it. So, therefore you are
17:55 now missing what the ingredient is for us first
17:58 of all to be changed and also to be an agent of change
18:02 to others. And the ingredient that we are missing
18:05 is the baptism of the Holy Spirit. We need the
18:08 Holy Spirit, no we don't need money,
18:11 no we don't need food, no we don't need a house.
18:14 What we need is more of Jesus and when we have
18:17 Jesus in more in our lives and along with Jesus
18:21 comes the Holy Spirit, the Lord will do for us exceedingly
18:25 abundantly more than we can ever ask or think,
18:29 and more than anything else, he wants us saved.
18:32 He says look it, look it, look it. That's right.
18:34 When you come with me, you don't have
18:36 to worry about the house; I've already built
18:38 the house for you. When you come with me,
18:41 you don't have to worry about a grocery bill
18:44 or anything, I've got food prepared for you
18:46 that you known that of. That's right.
18:47 When you come to me, you don't have to worry
18:49 about going to the hospital or be involved in a
18:52 funeral tree because I am going to wipe away all tears,
18:56 no more death, no more pain, no more sorrow,
18:58 just come with me. That's right.
19:01 That's the message he wants us to give.
19:02 I got it all, I got it all. That's it, and I want you
19:05 to tell others. Yes. You don't have to worry
19:07 about the as above stuff that's going on right now.
19:10 That's right. He doesn't want us to be satisfied
19:12 with that we see. Exactly.
19:15 He wants us to walk by faith. Yes.
19:17 And then going back to this in the Psalms,
19:20 it is God who arms you with strength,
19:23 we don't have to depend on our own strength,
19:25 we don't have it, we don't have. Yes.
19:27 Without him we can do nothing. Yes.
19:29 But Roy I get so excited about this,
19:32 but I promise our audience that we would tell
19:35 them that. I am going there.
19:36 Indian Creek. I am going there, I am going there.
19:39 Therefore, the church needs the baptism
19:42 of the Holy Spirit. Amen. We need the baptism of
19:44 the Holy Spirit, however, the church follows
19:47 the leader. That's right.
19:48 So, in order for the church to really receive
19:51 it the leader has to have the vision.
19:53 That's right. So, the Lord impressed me,
19:54 my President wanted me to do a large prayer project.
19:58 And the Lord impressed me, I said Mr. President
20:00 in order for this thing to be successful we need
20:02 to bring all of our pastors on board.
20:04 That's right. They need to have the experience
20:07 of the baptism, Ruthie I wanna tell you,
20:09 we had a, we had a pastors prayer summit the first
20:12 time in the history of our conference we got.
20:15 Involving all five states. Yes. How many pastors were
20:19 there? We had approximately hundred pastors.
20:21 Wonderful. Hundred pastors.
20:24 My President Elder Benjamin Brown,
20:27 he courageously put aside his agenda,
20:29 now it wasn't easy for him because he is an
20:31 administrator and he had all these things on his
20:34 agenda that he want to accomplish.
20:35 When the pastors see the President there,
20:39 they say well this is important. Yes.
20:41 I better get myself there. Yes.
20:44 And really the leadership sets the pace.
20:47 It does, and that's my point. If in fact the church
20:51 is supposed to do what God has commissioned us
20:53 to do its starts with the leader. That's right.
20:55 So, the Lord blessed us Ruthie to get all of the
20:57 leaders together and I'm gonna tell you,
21:01 we read about Pentecost in Chapter 2 of Acts.
21:04 Now, you know, now you know.
21:06 The Holy Spirit came. The same God.
21:11 We talked about the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
21:14 We pray for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and God
21:18 came down like we never experienced him before,
21:23 he broke hearts, the pastors become transparent,
21:28 we confess one to another, we forgave one
21:30 and another. We prayed, and we pleaded, we cried,
21:33 we agonized and the Holy Spirit fell like
21:37 we've never ever experienced it before.
21:40 Oh! Ruthie I can't even describe it.
21:42 I can't even describe it. But he was there;
21:44 the Lord was there with you to bring hope
21:47 and healing power. Yes, yes.
21:49 And when your pastors left, they were totally changed.
21:53 Let me tell you something, I've had pastors come
21:57 to me and say, I've been transformed.
22:00 Amen. I've been touched. Amen.
22:01 But it doesn't stop there; I'm gonna go back
22:03 to the local church now. Since that experience now
22:06 that we got all of our pastors on board,
22:09 this thing now has reverberated throughout the
22:12 conference, and pastors are now preaching prayer.
22:17 Now, let me tell you, I just had an experience just
22:19 this past Sabbath, the Riverside
22:22 Seventh-Day Adventist Church.
22:23 Where is that located? In Nashville, Tennessee.
22:25 That's right. Pastor Furman Fordham.
22:28 Yes. Watch this talking about the church,
22:30 talking about hope. Yes, yes.
22:32 He preached a sermon, and getting ready to give
22:37 a better diction he made an altar call,
22:39 and there was appropriate person who is not a member
22:42 of this church, who came forward.
22:45 And then after he came forward, he asked if he
22:50 could give a testimony, this was unusual.
22:54 He asked if he could give a testimony.
22:55 So the pastor because he was not a member of the church
22:57 said okay go ahead and give your testimony.
23:02 He gave a testimony. Then somebody else got up,
23:04 now this they have been in church all day.
23:08 Somebody else got up said Pastor I feel impressed,
23:11 I want to give a testimony, he gave the testimony
23:13 about somebody who had, who had problems
23:15 with their brain, he is getting ready to have brain
23:17 surgery, who stood up and said the Lord had told me
23:20 you are gonna be healed. Somebody else got a Pastor,
23:23 and now the Pastor is standing up there ready
23:25 to give the benediction, ready to close.
23:28 And the Lord is saying no you are not ready.
23:30 Ruthie. I want to do more. This happened last week,
23:33 the Holy Spirit just came in that place.
23:35 Folks were jumping up, I got the testimony,
23:38 people were talking about how their marriages were
23:40 on the rocks, and how they need to pray and how
23:43 would God had done. People were talking about
23:45 emotional damage that has been done.
23:47 They were given testimonies, praising.
23:49 People were talking about how they have been healed.
23:53 The Holy Spirit took over the church service,
23:56 Ruthie let me tell you something, I know
23:57 we got to go, but let me tell you this.
24:00 He never said the benediction until 7 o'clock that night.
24:06 Seven o'clock. He told the people.
24:09 The Lord had some works to do first.
24:11 He told the people, he says I know it's time for us
24:14 to leave, and those of you who have to leave,
24:17 leave, nobody left. Nobody. He had about five hundred
24:20 folks there, nobody left. After two, three more hours
24:23 he says well you know it's time to go,
24:28 but he did not stop the meeting, he said may be
24:29 about hundred left, there was about four hundred
24:30 people left, and he said the people were hungry,
24:35 they were tired, they were just there praising,
24:39 it was very evident that the Holy Spirit was there,
24:43 and he had a work to do. Power, power.
24:45 And he was breaking hearts people were weeping
24:47 and crying, and praying. So, is this already started.
24:53 Yes. And what I am trying to say.
24:54 God is working. What I am trying to say is that if
24:57 we can get all of our churches in that same mode
25:01 knowing that the church is a citadel of power?
25:04 God is ready. That whatever you need, it is there.
25:08 All we got to do is pray for it and God will show up
25:12 and provide for whatever you need.
25:16 Amen, and you know it goes back your friend Kelly
25:19 and I were talking about this. It goes back to the time
25:23 of Solomon when God says if my people who are
25:27 called by my name will humble themselves and pray,
25:32 and a little lady told us this long time ago and I think
25:37 its in the Book of Early Writings. She said the
25:41 testimony time, the time of testimony. Powerful.
25:45 Is a precious time for our church. Powerful.
25:47 And so we need to go back to scripture,
25:50 we need to go back to our needs and realize
25:53 what God has in store for us.
25:55 Revelation Chapter 12 Verse 11 says,
25:58 'And they overcame him by the blood of the lamb,
26:01 and by the. Word of their testimony'.
26:03 Powerful. The word of our testimony.
26:06 Praising God. That's right, that's right.
26:08 Its praising let me tell you. Allow him to do it all.
26:11 You asked the question about how to get in difficult
26:14 times when the people came to church not focused
26:17 on their issues or their problems,
26:19 but there focus was on God and what he could do.
26:22 He praised too. They started praising him.
26:24 Yes, yes. What you do in difficult times,
26:27 don't worry about it, praise him.
26:29 That's right. Give him praise, give him glory,
26:32 sing and testify about the goodness of God.
26:35 The Bible says that God inhabits praise.
26:37 That's the answer, that's the answer.
26:40 Ruthie, Ruthie when they started giving testimonies
26:42 about God's power and its miracle working in their lives
26:45 they started praising him and singing songs of praise
26:48 and give it. God couldn't help but come down.
26:51 That's right. He loves that kind of meeting,
26:54 he loves his children. And people would touch.
26:56 Worshipping, that's true. People were healed.
27:00 That's right, that's right. Emotionally.
27:02 That's right. And physically, oh it was tremendous.
27:05 And it's the same God. He is the same yesterday,
27:08 today and forever. Well, I hope that you are as
27:13 energized and as excited and is filled with hope
27:17 as we are here today because God has a plan
27:22 and he has a purpose. He wants us to look to him
27:25 in the difficult times and to realize
27:28 I will arm you with strength, why,
27:31 because I have something for you to do.
27:34 And he loves as Pastor Roy said he loves to hear
27:37 the praises of his people. So, I have a question
27:40 for you. Are you going through a difficult time,
27:43 that's when God wants to hear you sing. Yes.
27:47 That's when God wants to hear you praise him,
27:49 and worship him, and pray for others. Yes.
27:52 So, thank you so much for joining us today.
27:56 It's a privilege for us to come into your home
27:59 and worship with you. We just look forward to
28:03 meeting with you again next time,
28:05 but until then remember God is faithful
28:08 even in the hard times. Amen. God bless. Amen.


Revised 2014-12-17