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00:01 We're glad to see you.
00:03 And today, we are going to talk about
00:04 something really important.
00:07 It impacts all of our lives, a great man of faith,
00:11 and somebody that can be a great lesson to all of us.
00:14 We'll be right back.
00:40 Welcome to "Issues & Answers."
00:42 Today is one of my very, very favorite programs.
00:47 A man who is such a giant of a man of God,
00:51 I love the stories of his faith.
00:54 They have always encouraged me for years.
00:57 And this is one of my very favorite programs.
01:00 I hope it will bless you too.
01:03 This is the story of the life of George Muller.
01:07 He accomplished amazing, incredible things
01:11 in the City of Bristol, England.
01:14 I've been there, maybe you have too.
01:16 And today there are five huge stone buildings
01:21 that are still there as a silent monument
01:25 to the power of prayer, and the faith of one man.
01:30 It is just incredible what God will do
01:33 and it should be an encouragement for us all.
01:35 I'd like for you to meet my guest,
01:37 Liana and Martin Kim from Berrien Springs, Michigan,
01:41 and you like this man too, don't you? Yes.
01:44 I love stories of faith, I love stories of prayer.
01:48 Before we go to George Muller,
01:50 I want to tell you something that is a little more current,
01:54 but it is also a story from Europe.
01:57 A friend of mine by the name of Dr. Michael Hassle,
02:00 whose father used to be Dean of the school of,
02:03 at the Seminary, Dean of the Seminary.
02:06 They told this story in Mississippi last year,
02:10 and I was so incredibly blessed by it,
02:13 it was just such a great story,
02:15 don't tell him this,
02:17 he teaches in the school of archeology.
02:19 And I always thought, oh, how dull, how boring,
02:23 how can anybody be interested in that kind of stuff.
02:27 Old rocks and buildings and stuff, you know,
02:31 how can you get interested in that dry stuff?
02:34 But after I heard him speak a few times,
02:36 I thought, wow, this is really interesting
02:41 and I got very enthusiastic for his field.
02:44 So and his stories were wonderful.
02:47 He said that one year when he was,
02:51 I think at sophomore in college,
02:53 he decided that he wanted to go to Bogenhofen in Austria,
02:58 and take his college work over there
03:00 for one year, so he did that.
03:03 About Thanksgiving, he got a call from his parents
03:06 in Berrien Springs and they said,
03:09 we have planned a wonderful Christmas holiday break
03:13 for you, so you can come home
03:15 and spend Christmas with your family and extended family.
03:19 Now the thing that made this so appealing to Michael
03:23 was that, all, that whole fall,
03:26 they'd had nothing, but dreary, gloomy,
03:30 foggy, and rainy days.
03:32 He said, it was horrible.
03:35 And so, why wouldn't he jump up and down
03:38 because they told him, they were planning a family break
03:43 and vacation at Key Largo in Florida,
03:47 sandy beach, sunshine, and, you know,
03:50 it's just the opposite of what he had been experiencing.
03:53 So he said, well dad, let me think it over and he said,
03:59 I'm enjoying being here with my grandfather,
04:02 but that sounds great.
04:04 And his father said, well, we'll call you back
04:05 in two hours and we'll get the airline tickets.
04:11 So, for some reason he did not have peace,
04:14 he was troubled by this.
04:16 He went over to the girl's dorm and picked up his cousin.
04:19 He had the only car in the family on campus.
04:23 And so he had promised to take her
04:25 and her girlfriend shopping.
04:28 So he picked them up and he went into her room
04:30 and he said, you know, I just had a phone call
04:33 from my parents and they want me to come home for Christmas,
04:36 but I don't know if I should go or not.
04:40 And she said, Michael, have you prayed?
04:43 And he said, here she was a junior or senior
04:47 in high school and she was asking me,
04:50 a college theology major if I had prayed.
04:53 He said, I had to tell her, no, I hadn't.
04:56 So he said, she told me, all right,
04:58 let's kneel down here and pray about this.
05:01 So they did and she said, God just give him wisdom,
05:04 he doesn't know what to do.
05:06 Well, it seem to him like this was a no brainier,
05:09 I mean, where he had been
05:11 and where he had an opportunity to go
05:14 and he missed his family, so he really wanted to go home.
05:18 He took the girls down shopping
05:21 and he went to his favorite store
05:23 which was a huge sporting good store.
05:26 And he said, all the time that he was there,
05:29 he couldn't concentrate,
05:30 he was just walking up and down the aisles
05:32 and nothing interested him.
05:34 And so he said, well, you know,
05:37 he didn't do anything, he finally picked up the girls
05:39 and took them back to campus.
05:41 As he was walking into the dormitory,
05:45 the phone was ringing and it was his father.
05:48 So he ran to the phone and he said, dad,
05:51 I've been thinking about this ever since.
05:54 And his mother was on the phone this time too
05:56 and she said, Michael, we're so excited
05:58 about having you come home.
06:00 We have missed you, this is a long time for us
06:03 to be separated and you're long ways away.
06:06 So we, we're just so anxious for you to come home
06:09 for Christmas, and you know, how they would feel.
06:14 He said, I had prayed about this,
06:17 I've thought about it little bit,
06:19 but he said I heard myself say,
06:21 I don't think I'm gonna come home,
06:24 I think I'm gonna stay and spend Christmas break
06:27 with my grandfather in Austria.
06:30 Now his grandfather was a great man.
06:32 He had been a hero in the Second World War,
06:36 and had been treated very, very badly.
06:40 Hitler's regime, you know, nobody was a winner,
06:44 everybody was treated very badly,
06:47 but he, maybe you've seen the book written,
06:50 I think it's a Thousand Shall Fall. Yes.
06:53 It's written about him, great man.
06:57 And he said, I just think I'll spend Christmas,
06:59 you know, with my grandfather.
07:01 Well, his parents could not believe it.
07:04 They said, this is strange, I can't believe,
07:07 why you would want to do this?
07:09 We, you know, you've seen your grandfather,
07:11 you can go home to his place on weekends,
07:14 but we haven't gotten to see you,
07:16 we need to have you here for Christmas.
07:18 And he said, no I just think I'm gonna stay here
07:23 and when he said that he had peace.
07:26 His mother said, son we already have your ticket,
07:30 we have your reservation, everything is planned,
07:34 we really need to have you here.
07:37 And Michael's father Gerard also said,
07:41 Michael your mother is going to be heartbroken
07:44 if you don't come home.
07:45 You get to see your grandfather all the time.
07:48 And Michael said, no,
07:50 I just think I'm gonna stay here for Christmas.
07:54 So they hung up the phone, talked a little bit more
07:57 and then he walked away, but he had peace,
08:02 he didn't know why, but he had peace.
08:04 And then he went to his grandfather for Christmas.
08:07 During the Christmas break, he got another
08:11 long distance phone call from his parents.
08:14 This time, his father sounded visibly shaken.
08:19 He said, Michael, your mother and I had
08:23 your plane reservations on Pan American 102
08:30 that was the plan that went down in Lockerbie, Scotland.
08:33 Wow! And he said, as I heard that,
08:39 suddenly, you know, I was just breaking out in cold sweat,
08:44 thinking, I could be dead right now.
08:49 But God intervened and did something wonderful
08:53 in my life. So he said,
08:56 now everyday I go to the Lord and I say,
08:58 Lord, strengthen my faith and help me to see,
09:02 why you spared my life? Yeah.
09:05 So, you know, God is still working. Yes.
09:07 And George Muller in Prussia
09:11 it was then where he was born,
09:13 then came to Eastern Germany to study
09:18 and then came to England.
09:20 And tell us a little bit about what he did,
09:22 this is such exciting stuff.
09:25 Doesn't this just interest you and get you all excited?
09:29 Yes, he is the one of my heroes of faith.
09:31 Yeah, George Muller lives in a day and age
09:33 where no one prayed.
09:35 That's right. No one have faith in God.
09:36 That's right. They believed God
09:37 was out there, but that God did not interfere.
09:39 That's right. In the lives of men.
09:40 That's right. And it was God
09:43 who inspired him to pray.
09:47 For the orphans. Right.
09:48 But he said, there are thousands of orphans starving
09:52 on the streets or they would take them into the jails
09:56 or the mental asylums as they called them then horrible,
10:00 horrible places for these children to have to live,
10:03 but at least they had some food and a place to sleep.
10:07 But he said, as much as I want to help these orphans,
10:12 the reason that I'm doing this is to prove
10:14 that God answers prayers. Yes.
10:16 Not, that was his second, the orphans were secondary,
10:21 but the first reason while he prayed was--
10:24 For God's glory. That's right. To--
10:26 For people to see that God answers prayer. Yes.
10:30 So what, what, tell us a little bit about that.
10:33 What it got you excited about that?
10:37 It's exciting to know that that there is this God,
10:40 who truly owns the cattle on thousand hills.
10:42 That's right. All the silver and gold and,
10:44 who not only come through in a mighty way
10:47 for certain individuals, but, God gives His promises to us.
10:51 That's right. And when we stepped out
10:54 on faith and we're able to exercise our faith,
10:57 we're able to grow, and we're able to see
11:00 God come through for us.
11:01 And in the beginning of his journey,
11:03 he was only, he would ask God for little amounts,
11:06 of course later on in life that he was able to ask God.
11:09 More. For more.
11:10 And more and more. And that's how it is for us.
11:13 That's right. We grow little by little.
11:15 That's right. And amazing how in his lifetime
11:19 God gave him the equivalent of $180 million.
11:23 Million dollars, $180 million in our money today. Yes.
11:28 And he didn't keep it, he didn't hold it,
11:32 he used it for the buildings, of course,
11:34 he used it for food and to pay the staff. Yeah.
11:38 But he always sent money overseas. Yeah.
11:40 Hudson Taylor and many other people
11:42 and he established schools for the children
11:45 who weren't even there.
11:47 So, it was an exciting thing.
11:48 I love to hear what he did at the beginning of that work.
11:54 First, he and his wife decided they were going to give
11:57 their wedding gifts away and that they were
12:00 not going to keep a bank account for themselves,
12:02 they were going to live just by faith. Yes.
12:06 And they put a box in the back of the church
12:08 where he was the pastor, and he told the people,
12:12 if you feel led by the Lord to donate
12:16 to the pastoral salary then that's all he got. Yes.
12:20 And people told him he was crazy for doing that
12:24 because nobody had very much money,
12:26 but he got more something like four or five times more
12:30 than he would have, if he had relied on
12:34 tithes and offerings. Yes.
12:36 But when he felt that the Lord was leading him
12:39 to this orphan work, he found this house
12:43 on Wilson Street and he got staff and he prayed,
12:47 he prayed for the staff, he prayed for silverware,
12:52 for dishes, for bedding, for tower, everything,
12:57 he prayed for every, and he kept meticulous records. Yeah.
13:01 Amazing! But they went down there
13:05 to the house on Wilson Street and not one child came.
13:09 Do you remember that? Not one child came.
13:12 And he was so disappointed, but his wife Mary said to him,
13:16 and she was laughing, she said, George,
13:19 you prayed about everything else,
13:21 but you didn't ask the Lord to send you children.
13:25 So he said, oh, I didn't,
13:27 I just assumed that the Lord would know that
13:30 I was doing this for the children
13:31 and He would send the children.
13:33 But he learned from that,
13:34 you have to pray about everything.
13:37 So when he prayed for the children
13:39 then they came in huge numbers. Yes.
13:42 What's one of your favorite stories of George Muller?
13:45 One of my favorite stories is later on in life.
13:48 He spent a lot of time traveling around the world,
13:50 and he was on a ship and he is supposed to make it
13:53 to a city for speaking an appointment
13:55 and there was a fog. Yes.
13:57 And he spoke to the captain and the captain says,
13:59 we're not gonna make it there.
14:01 And he says, well I've never missed an appointment
14:03 and he took the captain down and he prayed.
14:07 And he said a simple prayer asking God to remove the fog
14:10 and then the captain was about to pray,
14:13 and he put his hand on a captain saying--
14:15 First of all, God's already heard the prayer
14:17 and answered, and second of all,
14:19 you don't believe what you're praying for?
14:21 You don't believe save your breath.
14:22 Yes, and they went up, the fog was gone
14:25 and that experience really impacted that captain's life.
14:28 That's wonderful. Yes, it's just amazing.
14:30 And they did arrive on time
14:32 and he was able to speak on time.
14:34 You know, I want to be sure
14:35 that our viewers know you, Liana and Martin Kim
14:39 from Berrien Springs, Michigan
14:41 and you're involved in the South Eastern, south, south--
14:47 East Asia. Southeast Asia.
14:49 Project. Project. Yeah.
14:50 That's not a tongue twister,
14:52 I don't know Southeast Asia Project.
14:54 The Adventist Southeast Asia Projects,
14:56 it's ASAP for short.
14:57 Okay, and you are working with five countries
15:00 and working with people who have all kinds of needs. Yes.
15:05 And you're seeing God intervened and answer prayers.
15:09 Yes, we have to look to the Lord,
15:11 and so George Muller stories really encourage us. Oh, yeah.
15:14 Really inspire us to look to God in the same way
15:17 to wait on the Lord knowing that if God came through
15:20 for George Muller, He will come through for us.
15:22 George Muller's favorite promise
15:23 was Psalms 81 verse 10,
15:25 "Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it."
15:28 And that is a promise, I take it to the Lord
15:29 everyday saying, God this is not a promise
15:33 just for George Muller,
15:34 you're not a respective of persons.
15:35 That promise is for all of us,
15:37 and especially in these times with the economic downturn.
15:41 Yes, I remind the Lord of that promise too
15:44 because I say Lord in our work in prayer ministries,
15:48 we pray for money everyday and the Lord provides,
15:52 but I have to remind, I have to take that to the Lord.
15:55 Yeah. We can't just assume that God is on a roll
15:57 and that He is gonna keep providing if we don't ask,
16:00 because the rules of the kingdom are asked.
16:03 Yes. And you shall receive.
16:04 Yes. Seek and you will find knock and the door
16:07 will be opened, so we do have a work to do. Yes.
16:10 But I love the promises, there were two verses
16:14 that he especially liked.
16:16 One was "Open your mouth wide, and I will fill it."
16:19 The other one was
16:21 "I will give you honey from the rock."
16:23 Honey from the rock.
16:26 Beautiful. And God is faithful. Yes.
16:28 And you know when George Muller,
16:31 first was introduced to scripture,
16:33 he was actually a theology student,
16:38 and he was taking that because his father said
16:41 that's a good career for stability,
16:44 you can make some money and you can take care of me,
16:47 the father in my old age,
16:50 but they had no connection with God.
16:52 It was just like a secular career.
16:57 So he went to this college,
16:59 university but his life was anything but Christian. Right.
17:04 He, you know, would run up huge hotel bills,
17:07 drinking and partying and then, you know,
17:11 runoff without paying the bill.
17:14 And his father kept bailing him out of jail,
17:17 you know, kept paying the fees
17:20 and taking him out of jail but we would beat him.
17:23 Nothing worked for George Muller,
17:26 until he met the God of the scripture. Yes.
17:30 The God of heaven.
17:32 And that's very encouraging to me. Yes.
17:34 That God can take someone with such a wretched past. Yes.
17:37 And bless and fill him with the Holy Spirit
17:41 and George Muller was a man I believe that really knew
17:43 what it meant to walk with God.
17:45 Amen. Liana do you have
17:47 a special verse or a special story
17:50 of George Muller that just touches your heart?
17:53 Oh yeah. I like the story
17:55 that one time George Muller doesn't have anything
17:58 to feed the children, he doesn't have any bread,
18:01 any milk and he was praying for the milk specifically
18:05 and also the bread and then he was praying
18:07 and nothing, there was nothing.
18:09 And then he went outside, he was praying
18:12 and praying and the one, one man came by
18:16 and he said George Muller, you know what,
18:18 I have a lot of milk and then George Muller said,
18:22 thank the Lord, thank you.
18:24 And George Muller said, what happened to you?
18:26 And this guy said, you know,
18:28 I was a driving with a lot of milk
18:31 and my car just broke out in front of your orphanage.
18:35 And I don't know what to do with this whole milk.
18:38 And then George Muller said, thank you Lord
18:40 and whenever I read that story,
18:43 I thought Lord there is nothing
18:46 that you cannot do for me and for us.
18:48 Amen. And, you know, the children,
18:51 there were thousands of children and they never knew
18:55 when there was no food.
18:57 But sometimes, you know,
18:58 there was nothing in the cupboard,
19:00 there was no food at all and yet the children never knew.
19:05 And there was a little girl
19:06 that lived next door to the Muller's.
19:09 And he would go by her house on these mornings,
19:13 when there was nothing in a kitchen.
19:14 And he would say to her, come with me,
19:16 we're going to see how God will answer our prayer.
19:20 Full of faith, nothing could get him down
19:23 because he'd learned that God
19:25 came through over and over and over. Amen.
19:28 And I believe the Lord wants us to have
19:29 that kind of faith today. Yes.
19:32 Because he went out of his way,
19:35 the Lord went out of his way to answer those prayers
19:37 for George Muller, so all of us would be blessed.
19:40 I have a friend in Franklin, Tennessee who as a hobby,
19:47 he has collected everything he could find,
19:49 every single book that's ever been written
19:52 on the life of George Muller. Wow!
19:53 He has a vast library and he goes and speaks
19:58 on the life of George Muller.
20:00 And he said that has been such a blessing in his life.
20:04 I believe the Lord wants us
20:06 to keep remembering these things. Amen.
20:09 Because he just met him over and over and over.
20:13 I went to visit one of those buildings,
20:16 in fact I've been there couple of times.
20:18 And you cannot stand there and see these
20:21 five huge stone buildings without having awe
20:27 in your heart, you are just filled with wonder.
20:31 And during the Second World War
20:33 for an all over England, there were
20:35 underground air raid shelters.
20:38 They the people chose rather than to go underground
20:43 for safety during a bomb raid.
20:46 Yeah. They would rush to those buildings. Yeah.
20:48 And they said God is here,
20:50 we're safer here than anywhere.
20:54 So but when you see those buildings
20:57 and then I walked inside and I saw
21:00 the classic features, beautiful stair,
21:04 winding staircases and the finest wood,
21:07 everything he did for the Lord was first class.
21:11 He said give God your best. Amen.
21:14 And it is just a beautiful story, powerful story.
21:19 And the Lord gave him $180 million. Yes, amazing.
21:25 They called him Robber of the Cruel Streets,
21:29 Robber of the Cruel Streets,
21:31 because the streets were cruel. Yeah.
21:33 These children had lost their parents
21:36 because of the plague and wars and they were just,
21:42 you know, literally out in the cold.
21:45 What stands out in your mind Martin,
21:47 as a crowning experience that you have
21:51 remembered about George Muller?
21:54 I once heard that a news reporter once said Mr. Muller,
21:58 how does it live to live, how does it feel
22:01 to live hand to mouth.
22:03 And he thought about it and he smiled and he said,
22:07 it's wonderful, God's hand, my mouth.
22:11 And I just liked that, it's so beautiful.
22:13 Isn't that good? God is faithful.
22:15 And, you know, the way that he was introduced
22:18 to this, he went to this Bible study
22:22 in somebody's home with his friend
22:25 who was kind of a so, so Christian.
22:29 The friend was hoping to learn the things
22:30 of the world from George, and George wanted to know
22:35 what made this guy tick, because he was kind of a
22:38 Christian but sort of riding the fence.
22:41 So they went to this home, remember?
22:44 And here were some people, simple people who were
22:49 just sitting around in a circle,
22:51 opening God's word and believing what they read
22:55 and then they would get down
22:57 in front of their chairs and pray.
22:59 And he said all of my life, I've never heard anybody pray
23:05 to someone that they thought was listening. Yeah.
23:07 I only thought, I only heard prayer books and recitations
23:13 and, you know, just ritual,
23:17 but not something that came from the heart of somebody
23:20 on earth to the heart of someone in heaven,
23:24 and it changed his life, totally changed his life.
23:28 He said somebody ask him,
23:30 how do you maintain your faith?
23:35 And he said every morning I get up and I go to God's word,
23:40 and I begin and I read the Bible through.
23:45 And however long it takes you to read, you know,
23:48 for or and prayed and he didn't just read scripture,
23:53 but he said I read scripture until the Lord stopped me.
23:57 And he said then when the Lord stopped me,
24:00 I would stop and think about that
24:02 and pray about that verse.
24:05 And we're told the same thing,
24:07 read until you find a scripture
24:09 and then make it your own,
24:11 and then it's alive and powerful in your life.
24:16 And he said, if you get bogged down
24:19 in the Old Testament like Leviticus,
24:22 and some of those books that are--Numbers.
24:24 A little Numbers, yeah little more difficult
24:27 to get through.
24:28 He said read for a while in the Old Testament,
24:31 then read for a while in the New Testament.
24:33 But mark your place, so that you know
24:36 when you're finished and then come back the next day
24:39 and begin at that spot,
24:41 and until you read the Bible through.
24:43 And then when you finished, begin and read it
24:45 through again and when you're finished,
24:48 read it through again.
24:49 And you know God does meet you.
24:53 Yes. In the words.
24:54 Yeah. Of scripture. Yeah.
24:56 He is available here and He is faithful.
25:00 Yeah, I've been encouraged by what George Muller
25:03 has written to be on a Bible reading plan,
25:06 and I know there are some days where God just gives me,
25:08 just exactly what I need to hear. Yes.
25:10 And only He can work it out for me to be,
25:12 you know, reading a certain passage on a certain day.
25:15 And it's just exciting to know that
25:16 the God of Universe, you know, is guiding you.
25:18 I believe that because nobody knows
25:21 what's in your heart.
25:23 Haven't you found that Liana? Yes.
25:25 When you go and open God's word,
25:27 here is something that answers a question
25:30 in your mind or in your heart and nobody else. Yes.
25:34 Knew it anything about it.
25:36 God is so good, He is so faithful.
25:40 I'll tell you a quick story about something
25:42 that happened to us in Oregon.
25:44 I was praying for money for clothing
25:48 for pastors and their wives,
25:49 because pastors and their wives sometimes
25:52 are on a strict budget they have mortgage
25:55 and car payments and tuition
25:57 if they have children and sometimes
25:59 their own clothing waits till the end,
26:02 you know, of the budget.
26:03 So I was praying, but I didn't say
26:05 anything about it to my husband,
26:06 because he was the president
26:08 and he likes to solve problems.
26:10 And I thought, I don't want him to solve,
26:12 I want God to solve this problem.
26:14 And so I was quite, but I was praying everyday.
26:18 Lord I want money for pastors for clothing,
26:20 for pastors and their wives.
26:23 Well, we were at a retreat and a physician came up to me
26:27 and he said, I have $10,000
26:30 and I want to give it to you
26:32 for clothing for pastors and their wives. Wow!
26:34 Nobody that ever said anything like that to me before.
26:38 And that wasn't enough, but as he walked away,
26:41 it gave me faith to ask more,
26:43 so when the check came in, it was for $15,000. Wow!
26:47 And I had to repeat the prayers
26:50 but that happened every year at Christmas, isn't God good?
26:53 Amen. I just believe
26:55 that the Lord wants us to take scripture
26:59 and to take the stories of great men and women of faith.
27:04 And go to Him and say Lord, I believe and I want you
27:08 to make me a woman of faith.
27:10 I want you to make me a George Muller. Yes.
27:14 And just give me the kind of faith that will honor You
27:18 and help me to know You better
27:20 and there is no more exciting way to live. Yes.
27:23 It's like His hand and my mouth.
27:25 Yes. Amen.
27:27 Someone has said that faith is an acronym
27:28 for a fantastic adventurous in trusting Him.
27:32 And that's what it's all about,
27:33 it's an adventure when you trust God.
27:34 That's right, that's right
27:35 and He gives you the peace and joy and hope.
27:38 And He tells you, nothing is impossible,
27:41 nothing is impossible with God.
27:44 He is great and wonderful and He has all power. Amen.
27:48 So what a privilege.
27:50 We're--we're just about out of time.
27:51 But I wanted to say, it's good to be with you.
27:54 Thank you for inviting us into your home.
27:56 And we just hope that you have been encouraged
27:59 and inspired to have faith in God.
28:02 No matter how things look,
28:03 believe and have faith and trust.
28:06 God loves you. God bless you.
28:09 We'll see you next time.


Revised 2014-12-17