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00:01 No one enjoys being in the darkness.
00:03 We are creatures of light, we need light to survive.
00:07 Today, I want you to meet someone who came
00:11 from darkness into light.
00:12 What an exciting experience,
00:14 we'll be right back.
00:40 Welcome to Issues & Answers.
00:43 I think that many people today have experienced
00:46 the issue of darkness, discouragement,
00:50 feeling disheartened, discouraged
00:53 and not knowing how to take the next steps
00:57 into the light, but God is faithful.
01:00 I'd like to have you hear this from the
01:04 message Bible, from the book of Psalms
01:07 and it's the first part of chapter 16 where David
01:11 is saying, "keep me safe O God,
01:14 I've run for dear life to you.
01:17 I say to God, Be my Lord! Without you,
01:20 nothing makes sense." And that's really how you feel
01:25 if you are in the darkness or you're experiencing
01:28 depression or discouragement.
01:30 Your life changes, it takes on a different hue,
01:34 a different color. So, and then he says,
01:39 "now that you've got my feet on the life path,
01:42 all radiant from the shining of your face.
01:45 Ever since you took my hand, I'm on the right way".
01:49 Our God is faithful and true and he does
01:54 keep us on the right path. He has a wonderful
01:58 purpose and plan for every life.
02:02 I'd like for you to meet our special guest today
02:06 Liana and Martin Kim from Berrien Springs,
02:10 Michigan welcome. Good, Thank you.
02:13 Hello, good to be here.
02:14 Liana said she is from Korea and Martin
02:17 is from Los Angeles. And Martin how long
02:21 have you and Liana been married?
02:23 It's been a little more then nine years now.
02:26 But you still look like kids, you've been
02:30 married almost, you're going on 10 years,
02:33 almost, that's wonderful. Now, we know
02:36 that you are working with the Southeast
02:38 Asia project, yes, raising money and working
02:42 with people in all of these countries,
02:44 tell us which countries again.
02:47 Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam,
02:49 and we are working also in Myanmar.
02:52 Four countries, five countries, five countries
02:55 with huge population bases and enormous needs,
03:00 yes, and problems; but you've seen
03:03 God's hand work. Yes. In wonderful ways too,
03:05 but I want to back up a little bit have you always
03:10 just been on the top of the mountain Martin,
03:13 have you always just been working
03:15 with God and everything was perfect.
03:18 I wish I could say that I had that kind
03:20 of experience; it has not always been like that,
03:24 I've spent much time down in the valleys.
03:27 And when did that start for you?
03:30 God helped, I was struck with a lot of anxiety,
03:34 mild depression growing up and I guess
03:37 I always grew up thinking one day I'll be happy
03:39 if I made a lot of money and that was the lie
03:41 I believed growing up and on one day
03:43 I realized that money is not what brings happiness
03:47 and then I started experiencing more
03:49 severe depression later on.
03:52 You thought you had an answer and
03:54 that was evasive. Yes. And so you were left
04:00 with the rug pulled out from under you again.
04:04 How did you find peace, you know
04:07 who you are today, you have peace.
04:09 Yes. And you know who God is and you know
04:12 he's with you, but that was not always the case.
04:15 How, did you grow up in a Christian home?
04:18 Yes, I pretty much grew up in a Christian home
04:20 all my life, went to church all my life.
04:22 I, I know what the Bible says but I guess
04:25 for me you know it was all up here,
04:27 I wasn't experiencing it and God kind of took
04:31 me on a journey where, where I had to
04:34 understand what it meant to live by faith,
04:36 because what you know and fear is ain't gonna
04:38 change your life at all, unless, that's right,
04:40 and you take the leap of faith and begin
04:43 walking by faith. You know really making
04:45 the promise of the God your own by appropriating
04:48 the promises God by faith.
04:50 It's not what we know it's what we believe,
04:53 yes and live, yes, because that's what's powerful
04:57 and no matter how good your parents maybe
05:02 that's not going to help you. Right.
05:04 So, Liana did you see him struggle after
05:08 you were married, with depression.
05:10 How did that make you feel?
05:14 Because God gave me the confidence that
05:17 he is the right one. Yes. And because of that
05:20 confidence that God gave it to me.
05:22 I think I could survive and then both of us not
05:26 only him but both of us we were having hard time
05:29 but I knew that even though God was silent
05:33 but I knew that he was with us.
05:36 And in the difficult times when you don't see
05:39 the answers you have to make a decision
05:42 I'm gonna go with God, because there is no
05:46 other way. I'm gonna go with God
05:49 and God comes through doesn't he?
05:51 Yes. How did he come through in your lives?
05:53 How did he teach you? How is he bringing you?
05:56 And it's a daily thing. Yes. You know
05:59 if you should decide, well Lord I think
06:01 I can do this on my own now, he would have
06:04 to let you try to do that and that is guaranteed
06:07 failure for any of us. Yeah. It just doesn't work.
06:11 We forget that we're puny human beings
06:15 and we don't know very much and we can do
06:18 nothing without him. So, tell us though how,
06:21 how is he has he bringing you to a
06:26 stability and strength and confidence and courage
06:29 and hope. There are lot people today who
06:32 want that. Yes, well in Matthew chapter 6,
06:36 over and over again Jesus says do not worry about
06:37 your life. And I realized that anxiety consumed
06:42 me and I said you know what of course
06:47 you know there are many factors that,
06:49 that can make an individual more anxious.
06:52 You know there are genetic factors,
06:54 environmental factors and I said.
06:57 And our own choices. Yes. And decisions
07:00 that we make inadvertently you know
07:04 unwisely but not intentionally obviously.
07:07 But regardless I believe that the peace
07:12 that God gives is available to all of us,
07:15 and quite often in the Bible you see like
07:18 when the disciples were afraid like when they
07:20 found themselves in a storm.
07:21 What Jesus says is O ye of little faith.
07:25 And, and so I said you know what if I have
07:28 faith in God then faith is the opposite of a worry,
07:33 maybe it's cause I don't have faith in God and,
07:35 and that's what led me on a journey where
07:37 I realized that I needed to grow my faith in God.
07:41 So, how do you do that Martin?
07:43 How did you do that?
07:44 How did the Lord lead you on that journey?
07:47 Well, I first began with a lot of praying
07:48 saying why God, why am I experiencing
07:51 these things in my life. If you are there
07:53 and this is what you would promised us, why?
07:56 And pretty much that's a simple prayer.
07:58 We're asking God, and when we call out to God,
08:02 God promises to answer and, and.
08:05 And the beautiful thing is you're talking
08:07 to someone who is listening. Yes.
08:09 He is there. Yes, yes. And he is going to be
08:12 faithful, so as you were crying out to him
08:15 as David does in the Psalms. He,
08:18 and I don't believe the Lord is offended.
08:20 No. Or this bothers him at all.
08:23 He knows what's going on in your life
08:25 and he wants us to be honest. Yes. So, take us
08:29 to the next step, what did he do that after that.
08:32 You know I wish I could have say,
08:33 I could say that the Lord just turned my life
08:35 around overnight but he didn't
08:37 and I can look back and I can see that it was
08:41 a long journey, but he had many things
08:43 to teach me and basically he's teaching me
08:50 to get into his word, teaching me to spend
08:53 much time in prayer and in Jeremiah 29 verse 13,
08:58 God says and you will seek me with all your heart.
09:00 When I first came to God and began this journey,
09:04 it wasn't my whole heart,
09:05 all I want it was just deliverance
09:08 from this pain. I wasn't ready to give God
09:11 my whole heart, but he want to lead me
09:13 on a journey where I would surrender
09:15 everything to him and. There is a big difference
09:19 isn't there? Yes. Because otherwise we want
09:22 things on our terms, and when you as a puny
09:26 human being want to stay in the driver's seat,
09:28 yeah, look out, yeah, because we're not
09:31 smart enough, we think we are, yes,
09:34 but we are not, yeah, and the Lord says alright
09:37 you know I'll just give you a little more time
09:41 but you've got to even if you keep hitting
09:43 the wall you've got to know that is not going
09:46 to work, yeah, without me, yeah.
09:50 So how did you, Liana how about you,
09:54 how have you been through this?
09:57 I think there is a couple, I think
09:59 we are one and the one person is sick
10:02 and then the other partner is sick too,
10:04 I mean emotionally and spiritually too,
10:06 True, true. And then both of us still went
10:08 through together and it was not easy at all,
10:13 but like my husband shared I think God allowed
10:17 all the things that one time. One time,
10:21 you know I had to say Lord, I don't want
10:25 anything else except you and he said you're peace.
10:28 You know God is, God wants to bless me upon
10:31 totally but the all he wants to, all he want
10:36 is you know I want you Liana, I want Martin
10:39 yourself and then God allow us,
10:42 both of us to go to the bottom of our life
10:45 but once we got there God said here I am.
10:49 I am going to help you one step at a time
10:53 in a time, right now even though even though
10:57 I say these things but in my heart you know
10:59 it's not easy, but both of us when we look back
11:03 our life it is the hardest time of our life
11:06 but it is the most blessing that we have
11:09 ever received from precious God.
11:12 You know there is a gospel song that
11:15 Rodney Griffin wrote and it says,
11:18 I've been to the bottom and I found at the
11:21 bottom a blessed holy rock.
11:25 The rock Christ Jesus and its just exactly
11:29 what you've been saying Liana,
11:31 that even though our life takes some
11:36 unavoidable turns and takes us places
11:39 we would not have wanted to go.
11:41 God doth never, he never leaves us for
11:45 us a moment. He is always there.
11:48 And I think you're absolutely right,
11:50 what effects one effects the other,
11:53 you go through this together because
11:56 you're partners for life and you are trusting
12:01 the Lord, but this is why the Lord gives strength
12:04 to one that will help the other. Yes.
12:06 And it's a beautiful experience,
12:09 what would you tell our viewers today?
12:13 If there is someone who is going through
12:15 a very difficult time maybe its depression,
12:18 maybe its financial problem, maybe it's a
12:22 loss of a job, our country is in turmoil today,
12:26 what would you tell them to do
12:29 for some peace in the time of storm?
12:34 I would tell them to learn to pray.
12:37 Charles Spurgeon, the great British preacher
12:39 in the late 19th century said that anything
12:45 is a blessing which makes us pray
12:48 and if it weren't for the difficulties,
12:50 the troubles in my life, I would not be the
12:54 praying person that I am today.
12:56 Now I believe that prayer is such a privilege,
12:59 it's such a blessing because prayer
13:02 is the practice that depends on God I,
13:04 I don't feel any, I can never get any closer
13:06 to God and feel more of his peace
13:08 than when I'm on my knees in prayer.
13:12 Beth Moore who wrote Praying God's Words
13:16 and other books has said the same thing,
13:19 you know she's gone through some very difficult
13:21 times in her life but she said it has given me
13:24 a hunger, a soul of hunger for God's word
13:28 and for his presence. And she said I would spend
13:31 days whole days, just in his word and prayer,
13:35 yes, and that is what brought me the hope
13:39 and the peace and the healing
13:40 and the Lord works with different people
13:43 in different ways, he doesn't call everybody
13:46 to the same path for healing, but he does say
13:50 if you know me intimately, yes, then I will make
13:55 you strong and able to do bold
13:57 and daring things, that's from Daniel 11:32.
14:01 So, what would you tell someone in the audience
14:04 who is saying I need aside from prayer,
14:08 is there something or is there a, some secret,
14:11 Liana that you would add to that?
14:16 I was not a Christian and even at a time
14:19 didn't know how to pray and I know that
14:21 there are so many people out there
14:23 who don't know about God and who don't know
14:26 how to pray but I would suggest that
14:29 God knows everything about you and whether
14:32 you say help me or I need help even
14:35 your silent God knows everything about you.
14:38 So please hang there and then God will help you.
14:42 That's right, how long have you been
14:44 a Christian? More than, I think it will be 13 years.
14:49 13 years. How did you and Martin meet?
14:54 It is another miracle, we were just friends,
15:00 I think my husband knows better.
15:05 In 95, Liana was just becoming a Christian.
15:10 Did you attend the same church?
15:11 No, no, no I was in Korea for one year. Okay.
15:14 Just studying the language and making
15:15 some money. And I met her at a
15:18 Friday evening Bible study at that time.
15:20 So, she was living in Korea at that time.
15:22 Yes, okay, yes and she was just becoming
15:24 a Christian, we were just friends,
15:27 a few months later I returned to the States
15:30 and we were apart for four years,
15:33 didn't keep in touch, but I often thought
15:36 you know if I were to marry someone in Korea
15:39 I would like to marry someone like Liana,
15:41 just because I remember that when she first
15:43 started coming to church there was this glow in her
15:45 face and it was because God was doing something
15:48 incredible in her life. It was when
15:51 she was coming to the Lord.
15:52 She was learning a lot of new
15:54 and wonderful things. Yes. Life changing.
15:57 And four years later, I had the opportunity
16:00 to stop by Korea for a little visit
16:02 and I really wanted to meet her and see how
16:05 she was doing because it's really easy to come
16:06 into the Church, but really easy to also leave
16:08 the Church, because of Sabbath issues.
16:11 Well, how did you know she wasn't married
16:12 there or something too. Well, I called her up
16:14 and I said, I said do you remember me
16:17 and the second question I asked is are you married,
16:20 because if she is married you know
16:21 there is no point in meeting her,
16:22 no point in pursuing this relationship. And,
16:25 and she did remember me and she said
16:27 she wasn't married and that day I asked her
16:31 if I go meet her. And basically she was two
16:33 hours away from my home which is in Seoul
16:36 and I took a train and made the two hour trip
16:40 that day to go see her. And prior to that
16:44 basically I had come to a point in my life
16:46 where I told God Lord, I'm gonna trust you to
16:49 find that person for me that you want me
16:52 to unite with marriage. I don't want
16:54 to make that decision, I'm gonna let you
16:56 and when I met her that day. And we spent
16:59 the whole afternoon and evening sharing,
17:02 I just felt like she might be the one but I need
17:06 a confirmation from the Lord.
17:07 How did you feel Liana, how did you feel,
17:10 were you glad to see him, did you have
17:12 a good time? How did you feel?
17:14 Really wonderful time but right after
17:17 I became a Christian at the time I was meeting
17:20 with somebody who was not a Christian
17:22 and then every time I asked the Lord.
17:25 Lord is he the right person, is he the right
17:28 person and every time I open the Bible.
17:30 God said that do not have the yoke
17:33 with unbelievers and I say okay, okay.
17:36 So, you have this other man in your life?
17:40 But he wasn't a Christian. That's right,
17:41 you know he was not a Christian and he was not
17:44 willing to you know about God, but later on after
17:49 even before I met Martin, I starting praying Lord,
17:52 I am okay even though I will not marry,
17:55 but if you want me to marry you know
17:57 you choose the right person for me
18:00 and I had a long list, the two big things
18:04 for my spouse was the first one.
18:07 I want to go to heaven together.
18:09 Oh that's good. And I want that, that person
18:12 and second thing is Lord, I want somebody
18:14 who loves you more than he loves me.
18:16 Because if he loves you then he will definitely
18:20 love me. So, I had been you know praying
18:23 for that kind of person and when I met Martin
18:26 after four years later. God gave me the
18:28 confidence that he is the right person,
18:31 but how did I know that and then what
18:33 if I like him but if he doesn't like me,
18:36 but on that day I wrote on my Bible,
18:39 thank you Lord for this person because
18:42 I know that there is somebody whom I want
18:45 to be with, and then saying that God
18:50 does answer my prayer. So, when he
18:52 and then three weeks later he called me
18:55 and he asked me to marry. Three weeks,
19:00 well but you were both really pretty settled
19:03 in your mind weren't you? God, but that's
19:06 an amazing and a beautiful story,
19:08 both of you were saying God you find
19:11 my mate for me. And the Lord just brought
19:14 this together so beautifully,
19:16 that's exciting, that's a wonderful story.
19:20 Tell us how you're doing with
19:22 anxiety now and depression?
19:27 Only those who have struggled with anxiety
19:29 know what it's like, I can find myself worrying
19:34 about the smallest things but now through
19:36 prayer as I've seen God come through
19:38 and open the doors and provide.
19:42 Now, because I've had this journey
19:44 and I've seen God come through so many times.
19:46 Now, I have less fear about the future
19:49 because I've seen how God has come through
19:51 for me over and over again.
19:52 And so now my life is, is full of more joy
19:58 and more peace. Now I find life worth living
20:01 and I find life to be an adventure just
20:04 because I'm always asking the Lord what
20:06 he has next in stored for me.
20:08 That is exciting and you know Martin,
20:11 and maybe you knew this too Liana,
20:12 but 365 times in scripture God tells us
20:17 don't be afraid. It's just like every morning
20:20 when you get up God says come
20:22 and spend sometime at my feet.
20:24 Come and let me get you ready for this day,
20:27 but the first thing I'm gonna tell you is
20:29 I love you, do not be afraid. Yeah.
20:33 He's got enough for one per every day,
20:35 don't be afraid. Yeah. The things that are
20:39 happening around us are too much for us
20:42 and he knows that, but they're not too
20:44 much for him. Yes, he can do anything.
20:47 You know another thing that I think is important
20:50 is when we pray we have to live our prayers
20:55 and by that I mean we have to live our faith.
20:58 So we have to be careful and watch our words.
21:03 For instance someone could pray for a child,
21:06 for 10 or 15 minutes or an hour,
21:09 because they're concerned about how this
21:11 little boy is doing in school then they get up
21:14 off their knees and somebody says
21:16 how is your child doing. Well, I don't know
21:20 he is just not learning as well as the other
21:22 kids are, I may have to hold him back.
21:24 Now, what kind of faith is that, you have just
21:27 talked to the Lord, right, for this long time
21:31 asking the Lord to intervene and then
21:34 you're saying, your ears are hearing your
21:37 mouth saying I don't know if God is hearing
21:41 my prayers. And I really believe that when
21:44 we start talking doubt and talking unbelief
21:47 that the Lord has to say to the angels wait,
21:50 wait, wait, he doesn't really believe. Yeah.
21:54 She is not really ready. Yes. Because
21:56 God honors faith. Yes. He honors faith.
21:59 Yeah. And this is why sometimes we have
22:02 to wait and wait and wait for an answer.
22:04 Because our faith is growing, yes, have you
22:07 found that? Yes, absolutely.
22:10 We make an effort to thank God for everything,
22:14 to praise him always, not only for the good things
22:18 but always and to talk faith.
22:21 Yes. To talk hopefully and cheerfully about
22:24 everything and, and we just see that that
22:29 honors God, that pleases him. And you know
22:31 in the little book Ministry of Healing,
22:33 we're told those very words, it says talk faith,
22:38 talk faith, and I believe that means I'm agreeing
22:42 with God. Yes. With what he says in scripture,
22:45 he says I am strong in the Lord and in the power
22:48 of his might and I want to say to the viewers,
22:52 if you know God and you're trusting him
22:54 and walking by faith in his word you can claim
22:57 that promise, you can say I am strong
23:00 in the Lord and in the power of his might.
23:02 And instead of thinking oh I don't know
23:05 if I can do this, go to his word, his word says
23:09 I can do all things through Christ
23:11 who strengthens me. Amen. So we have to declare
23:14 God's word, it's not just that we read it
23:17 and we believe it, but we have to talk faith,
23:20 we have to speak those words of faith
23:23 and trust because when we do that
23:25 we get stronger yes, in just making that
23:29 declaration that God is true and we are
23:33 following him. And I believe that the angels
23:36 and the Lord himself are happy,
23:38 when we say I choose to go with God.
23:41 I choose even though I can't see
23:44 I am gonna walk by faith. It's an interesting
23:48 and really joy filled journey to walk by faith.
23:52 Yeah, you know. Not always easy,
23:55 but it's great. The Bible is full of promises
23:58 and I realized that all these promises
24:02 are for me, they're for us. Amen.
24:05 And, and God want us to just bless us but
24:08 he needs us to assurance our faith in him.
24:10 That's right and he says in Jeremiah,
24:13 I have never asked you to call on me in vain,
24:16 I have never asked you to call on me in vain.
24:18 So, that means the same God who was
24:21 there at the Red sea is going to open the
24:26 Red sea again. It's not gonna look the same as
24:29 when he did at the first time but he is opening
24:32 and parting the waters all the time.
24:36 It's just an exciting thing to watch our God
24:39 at work. Yes. Liana, first what is the most
24:43 the easiest and hardest thing
24:45 for you in the Christian life?
24:50 The easiest thing is I think a doubt
24:52 for a human being just to doubt but. Yes,
24:55 the easiest thing is to doubt, you're right.
24:57 But I decided to refuse to do it.
25:00 That's good. And then the greater thing is,
25:06 is to you know to trust in the Lord
25:09 and just follow the word though I have a doubt
25:13 like you said talk about faith, cheerfully
25:16 and hopefully. That's good, that's good.
25:20 What about you Martin? Yeah, I think one of
25:27 the devils most successful tools to bring us down
25:30 is doubt and discouragement.
25:33 Yeah he is just always trying to
25:36 pummel us with discouraging thoughts.
25:40 There was a woman who was visited by her pastor
25:42 and she had been in a severe depression
25:45 for weeks and weeks so bad that she didn't
25:48 get up during the day she just stayed in bed.
25:51 And he and his wife went to visit her.
25:53 And he said she wanted to tell him all of the
25:57 things that were negative in her life
25:59 and he said I spend a third of my time here
26:02 on this problem and two thirds on the solution.
26:07 So, he said this is the solution I want you
26:10 every hour I want you to make a list of the
26:13 10 things that you're thankful for and then
26:16 every hour thank God out loud.
26:18 Use scripture if you can, but say this to the Lord
26:23 out loud, so that your ears hear that
26:26 you are being thankful and at first she didn't
26:29 think she would could do that, she wasn't excited
26:32 about it and she didn't even want to try.
26:36 But the longer she thought about it,
26:38 finally she said well I'll give it a try
26:40 and she did that. He went back, he and his wife
26:44 went back a couple weeks later and before
26:47 they had the, she had the blinds pulled
26:50 and you know she was just living in the dark
26:53 that was her choice, but now the blinds were up.
26:58 Amen. You can tell that there had been work done
27:00 in the yard and she had done some house work.
27:04 She was dressed and she obviously had showered
27:07 and washed her hair and she was in a house dress
27:10 and you know her life has changed
27:13 and she hadn't done anything except to stop
27:17 and declare God's word, speak words of gratitude
27:23 and faith. So, it really does work, doesn't it?
27:27 Yes. And God is good, he is faithful.
27:30 There is one place that we can always go for help
27:33 and hope and for stronger faith.
27:36 Yes. And that is to God's word. Our time
27:40 goes quickly and I want to thank you both
27:43 for being here with us today and sharing
27:45 from your hearts. I really believe that
27:47 this is so helpful and I hope that you have
27:50 been blessed as I have. And when you come to dark
27:53 days remember God's word and declare words
27:58 of faith and hope. So, we've enjoyed having
28:01 you with us. We hope that you will be,
28:03 you have been blessed and we'll see you again
28:06 next time on Issues and Answers,
28:09 until then God bless you.


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