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00:01 Have you ever traveled in
00:03 Southeast Asia, one of the most
00:04 gorgeous places in the world? Well
00:06 today you are gonna have a chance.
00:08 There is some excitement from
00:10 Southeast Asia. We will be right back.
00:37 Hello and Welcome to Issues & Answers.
00:39 I promised a trip to the Southeast, didn't
00:42 I, Southeast Asia. Well, before we go
00:44 there though, I like for us to just
00:47 remember together the words of a
00:49 powerful old hymn. In our Church Hymnal is
00:53 page 100, and it says "Great is Thy
00:57 faithfulness," O God my Father, There is
01:00 no shadow of turning with Thee; Thou
01:03 changes not, Thy compassions, they fail
01:06 not. As Thou hast been Thou forever
01:10 wilt be. Great is Thy faithfulness!"
01:14 Today, we just want to focus on God's
01:17 faithfulness to us as individuals and we'll
01:21 take a peak at some exciting things that he
01:24 is doing through two beautiful young
01:26 people, who are involved in work for
01:30 Southeast Asia. I'd like for you to meet
01:33 my special guest Kim Martin, and Liana
01:37 Kim. Liana, I understand you were
01:40 made in Korea, is that right.
01:41 Yes. And where were you born Martin?
01:45 I was born in LA.
01:46 LA. Okay, so you get half credit, she gets
01:49 full credit. Yes. But you have Korean
01:54 parents. That's correct. Okay, so tell us what
02:00 you are doing, what, why is Berrien
02:03 Springs your home? Berrien Springs,
02:04 Michigan is quite a bit different, isn't it,
02:07 temperature wise, weather wise from the
02:11 Far East or especially from Los Angeles.
02:14 Yes. What do you do? I am working for, we
02:17 are working for Adventist Southeast
02:18 Asia Projects and it was last year in August that we
02:23 moved out because our ministry is located in
02:26 Berrien Springs, Michigan.
02:27 So, that's the headquarters of this project.
02:30 Yes. For Southeast Asia.
02:31 Alright, so what does it mean project, that could
02:35 mean anything, that could mean raising
02:38 money, it could mean care for the lepers, I
02:41 mean you know anything, we don't
02:42 know what. So tell us what's your project is about?
02:45 Our ministry through humanitarian, education,
02:48 and evangelism projects, we seek to reach out the
02:51 people of Southeast Asia. And we believe in a
02:53 holistic approach. So we don't wanna just share the
02:56 Gospel, we wanna meet their basic needs, and so.
02:59 Help them live better lives.
03:01 Yes. And that's a huge part of the population of the
03:04 planet, isn't it? Sure is. Okay, tell us which
03:07 country you are especially involved with.
03:10 We work in Cambodia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam,
03:14 and a year ago the Lord open up the doors for us
03:17 to begin work in Myanmar.
03:18 Wow, that is Burma. Yes. It used to be Burma. Yes.
03:24 Huge population areas. Yes, lot of needs out there.
03:28 So, what would you say are the most basic needs
03:32 and how many of you people are involved, is
03:36 more than just you two. At our office, we have a
03:39 team of about eight and we employee a few
03:44 volunteers and my wife actually is working as a
03:47 volunteer for our ministry.
03:48 Wonderful, wonderful. So what do you do with
03:53 these eight people and the volunteers? Do you go
03:58 out to the Far East often to access needs? Who
04:01 decides what are the needs are and what needs
04:04 to be done, and who is gonna meet the needs. Do
04:07 you have actual people that you paid that are out
04:10 there in those countries Thailand, Laos, all these
04:13 places? Our ministry works very
04:15 closely with the missions in these countries in
04:18 which we work, and so it helps us out to work very
04:22 closely, the 550 workers that we sponsor are
04:27 supervised by the Pastors in these countries, where
04:31 we work in. So you have 550 people?
04:35 Roughly about 750, we have church planters,
04:39 youth evangelists, lay pastors laid by the
04:42 workers. And you are paying their support?
04:44 We pay their salaries. Where do you get this
04:47 money? Well, ultimately it's the Lord and God moves
04:52 upon people's hearts, and impresses people to give
04:55 and we just move forward and pray.
04:57 What is your budget? Last year the Lord blesses
05:01 with a little over two million, which really
05:04 allowed us to set a much bigger budget for his
05:07 fiscal year. That's what I was going
05:08 to say two million dollars is a very small budget
05:11 when you think of that many people that you are
05:14 working with, but God can do anything, can he
05:17 Yes sure he can. That's wonderful. Liana
05:21 what, what do you do? And I will comeback to
05:23 you too Martin, what do you do?
05:25 Actually every year when we go to Southeast Asia, I
05:29 travel with our staff members, so that we will
05:31 see how they are doing, you know, and then I
05:34 interview them and I take a letter pictures and when
05:38 I comeback, I sort all the pictures and organize the
05:41 pictures, and I actually help anything that office
05:45 needs. So, it's like taking a trip
05:47 to Southeast Asia when you get back. So, I
05:50 promised our viewers that we have a trip did you
05:52 bring any pictures with you? I'd like to know though
05:58 how many languages do you speak?
06:01 No, actually I just speak two, Korean and English.
06:05 Korean and English. How many languages do you
06:08 speak? I was a Spanish major
06:10 when I was in college, but that was a while ago, I do
06:15 speak Korean group speaking in the home, but
06:17 with the harsh English accent and I am still
06:20 working on my English. Okay, well you don't have
06:24 much use for your Spanish, do you?
06:27 Not much. Not in Southeast Asia.
06:31 Well tell us how did you get involved in this, this
06:35 sounds like a very ambitious and wonderful
06:38 project, how did you, how did you get involved, how
06:42 did you get interested in this? Back in 2004 my wife
06:45 and I finished up at the same seminary at Andrew
06:47 University, and the doors opened up for us to go out
06:50 to State of Washington to work for Seattle Central
06:54 Korean church and I was pastoring there. I am in
06:57 charge of the English ministry.
06:58 Is that in the Seattle area? Yes, actually located in
07:02 urban, but because there are number of Korean
07:04 churches and it's like the central of all of the
07:06 Korean churches, it's called the Seattle Central
07:08 Korean church. Okay, okay. Okay, so you
07:11 went out there and worked at this church.
07:14 How did that put you where you are now?
07:16 After about a year and half of being there, we
07:21 had this one missionary come to our church to do
07:25 a presentation during the weekend and during that
07:28 weekend he shared this quote with me comes
07:31 from the book Gospel workers, where we were
07:33 told that if the if we in the local church get involved
07:39 in supporting the for mission work that God
07:41 would bless the local mission work, and I
07:44 thought much about that and I had always prayed
07:46 much asking God to bless our church and I was
07:49 looking for ways in which God would bless our
07:52 church, and I thought much about that quote
07:55 and I realize that you know if we could some
07:57 how get involved in supporting the mission
07:59 work overseas, I believe that God would do great
08:02 things for us and so after much prayer our leaders
08:05 and I decided that we ought to help the less
08:09 fortunate neighbors in the Asian countries.
08:13 What was your position at this church, where you
08:15 pastor, assistant pastor or what? I was associate
08:17 Pastor. Associate pastor, and how large is the church?
08:21 It was the church about 250 members.
08:24 250, but you had a wider base than that of other, if
08:29 you count all the Korean churches, what would you
08:32 say thousand, two thousand? In the whole
08:35 Seattle area, I would say it probably be close to a
08:38 thousand. Okay. Yeah of course speaking
08:41 about Adventist churches, and I was in charge of a
08:44 youth involved group of about 70 members.
08:46 Okay, and so when this missionary came from the
08:52 Far East, and was talking about what's happening
08:55 out there, you decided our church needs to get
08:59 involved. Yes. Okay, were all of your
09:01 members immediately on board?
09:03 They were really inspired by that weekend, but here
09:08 in America its really hard to get your members
09:11 mission minded because we've just got so much
09:13 and my leaders and I had prayed that God will
09:16 show how we can get involved in being a part
09:18 of fulfilling the Great Commission because we
09:21 did not exist just for ourselves or just to do
09:23 local mission work, but to be involved in the big
09:26 picture. You know our blessings can actually be
09:30 a danger. Yeah. Because they can make us look
09:34 down instead of up or out. Yes. To the bigger
09:38 focus for I believe the Lord wants us to be seen.
09:41 That's correct. Where you with him
09:44 Liana from the beginning, did you think this was
09:47 something exciting. Did you both go to Korea or
09:50 Thailand or somewhere together then when you
09:53 were pastoring in Seattle. Before we have got to
09:57 seminary, we spent a year out after our first year of
09:59 marriage, lived in Korea, and we had gone on a
10:02 short commission trip up to China.
10:05 Okay. But now you are not involved in China now.
10:10 No. So you were both, you just had that in your
10:14 blood, you were excited about it. Yeah. What did
10:20 your parents think about this Liana?
10:22 Oh my parents, actually my parents are not
10:25 Christians, but I think as I just believe in trusting the
10:31 Lord, I think they can see something different in my
10:34 life and now they are supporting me.
10:36 They are supporting you now. But at first they
10:39 thought this is little weird.
10:41 That's right. They can't understand, they can't
10:44 understand to feed a poor, and to help other people
10:49 because these days all the people they just want to
10:51 get for themselves and they just want to you
10:55 know make a lot of money, but they are now,
10:58 now they understand. The mentality of the
11:01 United States is me first, you know, get what I can
11:07 for myself and my family. So if you are not a
11:12 Christian you don't have that. That's right.
11:15 That focus at all. Martin how did your family feel?
11:18 My parents were very supportive of the fact that
11:21 I was doing ministry. They believed that it's a
11:24 very high calling, so they were very supportive of
11:28 all that transpiring. And you have chosen and
11:30 prepared for the ministry? Yes. So this was just
11:34 another branch, another phase of it. Well tell us,
11:38 tell us how this went from being pastor to what you
11:42 are doing now? Okay, well before the
11:46 Lord gave us this call to come join this ministry, it
11:49 was at the church where we decided to set aside
11:52 our third Sabbath, loose offerings, and sent it
11:55 overseas to help our less fortunate.
11:57 Okay. Asian neighbors in Southeast Asia at our
12:02 church since we are able to keep the first and third
12:04 Sabbath and loose offerings, which would
12:06 come out to about three hundred dollars per
12:08 Sabbath. For us it was not a big deal, but we knew
12:11 that in the Third World countries.
12:13 That's a lot of money. It's a lot of money, and
12:16 we wanted to help our young people know that
12:18 the little that we can give to the very poor in the
12:21 world can make a huge difference, and we
12:23 wanted to keep before their minds that we exist
12:25 to the missions, and so this was in 2005
12:28 December that we collected our first
12:31 offering, and we collected somewhere around three
12:35 hundred dollars. And then in January, we collected a
12:39 second offering. It was surely after collecting our
12:41 second offering that I picked up this tape that
12:44 had been sitting on my office desk for quite a
12:48 couple of months by this missionary and I
12:50 happened to listen to that tape. And this missionary
12:53 was sharing story after story about how God was
12:56 providing as they were moving forward in faith.
12:58 And then this missionary shared something, which
13:01 I will not forget. He said we will never have
13:04 enough money to finish the work, how much will
13:07 be enough, a million, ten million or 100 million.
13:11 He says we need to move forward in faith and trust
13:14 the God of infinite resources to provide.
13:16 And I said that is so true, and why is that.
13:20 Oh, powerful, you know, back, to back up a little
13:22 bit remember Hudson Taylor did that.
13:25 Yes. In China, founded the
13:28 Inland China mission with no money.
13:31 Yes. And George Miller would
13:34 send him money and George Miller didn't have
13:38 any money either. Right. But he prayed the Lord
13:44 provided and so he as soon as he got the money,
13:45 he would give it to missionaries, and it's just
13:48 an amazing thing and God is the one who has
13:50 gotten all the glory. Yes. So, what did that do to
13:53 you when you heard that tape?
13:55 I said God, I know its about faith, I want to see
13:58 you do great things, and I said Lord I refuse to
14:00 believe that you have to be a missionary out in
14:03 some Third World country in a malaria high
14:05 risk area in order to see you do great things.
14:08 Right. And I believe that North America is a great
14:11 mission field. And I said Lord what do you want
14:14 me to do, and I thought about our Third Sabbath
14:17 mission offerings for ASAP, and I thought
14:23 about charging our members to pay for a
14:25 500 dollar offering, but I'm like that doesn't
14:28 require much faith, I then thought about a 700
14:30 dollar offering, but I find that you now it will take
14:33 faith to pray for a 1000 dollar offering. Now in
14:36 January in the offering we just collected, it was to
14:38 provide rice for the people at Vietnam and
14:41 back then for 20 dollars you could provide rice for
14:45 whole family for a month and that's how far 20
14:48 dollars goes. Amazing.
14:49 In a country like Vietnam. Wow. And so
14:51 now for our next offering in February, we wanted to
14:54 provide Bibles so we could provide for their
14:57 spiritual nourishment. That's right, that's right.
14:59 And it costs 5 dollars to provide a Bible, and so I
15:05 showed up in church the next Sabbath, and I said
15:07 to my members, what if we pray for a 1000 dollar
15:10 offering. We could provide 20 Bibles for the
15:13 people of Vietnam and we encouraged our
15:15 members to pray everyday. Amen. And there were
15:19 midweek newsletters reminding them to pray
15:23 and every Sabbath we made announcement, and
15:26 a month later in February the Lord blesses us with
15:30 an offering of 4382 dollars.
15:32 Yes, 4000. Well you know Martin, I think the
15:37 Lord was giving you that call to step out in faith
15:42 and then he was saying you haven't seen
15:44 anything yet watch this. Yeah. Watch this, but I
15:47 do think its important in your newsletters to keep
15:51 your people informed because they want to
15:53 know is this working. Everybody wants to be
15:57 part of something that is succeeding.
15:59 That's right. They want to see something move
16:01 forward, they want to see it accomplish something.
16:04 Yes. So, you really followed the right steps there in
16:09 communication. So you got 4000 dollars, what did
16:14 you do with it, you brought Bibles.
16:16 Yes, we were able to send over 876 Bibles.
16:19 Wow. And this, I was blown away by it, our members
16:23 were blown by it, you know like Lord this is
16:26 really you are doing. Is it difficult to be able to
16:30 purchase Bibles in the right languages at the
16:33 right price? Where did you purchase these,
16:36 where did you get them? Pastor Isaiah Yuang, I
16:43 know him, yes he is the leader of the Albion
16:46 movement, that's right, and also the speaker for
16:49 the peace and happy related program. He is the
16:51 one that is pretty much in charge of getting the
16:54 Bibles into the country to the people.
16:56 Okay, okay. You know he is another miracle in
17:01 himself because he was going to take medicine
17:05 and the Lord just kind of tapped him on the
17:09 shoulder and said, no I don't need you as a
17:12 physician, I need you to do something else. And
17:15 so he has been giving the Adventist World Radio
17:19 programs into Vietnam and he has seen
17:23 phenomenal miracles. Yes. I mean just amazing
17:27 miracles. Yeah, we heard many stories
17:28 coming out of the country of Vietnam just truly
17:31 amazing. Yes it is, and I believe it's
17:34 because one man has stood strong and firm,
17:38 reminds me of the story of Joshua. When Joshua
17:42 was fighting the Amalekites and he knew
17:46 that he had to have more time, otherwise they
17:49 would escape and comeback and bother
17:51 him. And he said son standstill, standstill. He
17:56 knew that his God had the power. So the Lord just
18:00 stopped everything in the Universe as far as
18:03 you know the earth rotating around the sun
18:05 or rotating on its axis, and he did that and answered
18:12 to one man's prayer. Yes. So, I really see Isaiah
18:18 Yuang as a tremendous man of God, and I am sure
18:23 he has been a good mentor for you.
18:25 You should ask, yeah, he is a praying man.
18:27 Yes. He is a praying leader yes, and therefore his
18:30 followers are praying people. These people in
18:33 Vietnam, they pray so much.
18:34 Yeah. And I believe it's because
18:35 of all their pray that the message is spreading so
18:38 rapidly. It is, it is. They had never
18:41 seen anything like this in Vietnam. Well take us on
18:46 the next step, what did you do after the 4000
18:48 dollar offering? At first we were like what
18:52 do you do. Yeah. I mean you go back to
18:54 pray for another 1000 dollars, but then I
18:56 remember what that missionary would always
18:59 say. He would always saythat
19:01 when God blesses should we ask for just a little bit more.
19:03 That's right. And that's the way you grow in faith.
19:04 That's right. I really believe that when the
19:06 Lord gives you something, that's to test
19:09 your faith and the strength in your faith,
19:11 but next time he does want you to ask for more.
19:14 Yes. Because I don't believe he ever wants us to come
19:18 to the ocean to get water with a teaspoon.
19:20 Yes, I like that. He has got lots of water
19:25 out there and he wants to test our faith, he can do
19:28 anything, but he wants to test and strengthen our
19:31 faith. Alright, so then what happened?
19:33 So then we decided to ask for just a little bit more,
19:36 we decided to pray for 4500 dollars. So, we
19:39 could built eight bamboo and thatch churches in
19:42 Cambodia. Oh Cambodia. And it costs $550
19:45 to built a bamboo and thatch churches, nothing
19:47 fancy church more. Now where any of your
19:50 people from Seattle going out there to access needs
19:54 or meet with people at the missions or where they
19:58 just mainly at this point involved in financial
20:01 support. In just financial okay and prayer support
20:04 at this time. Okay. A year later many of
20:07 them are on a mission trip to Cambodia and that was
20:10 a wonderful experience for them to see first hand
20:12 this country. What a tragic, tragic situation
20:18 with Cambodia. Alright then what happened?
20:21 And so once again we encouraged our members
20:24 to pray and pray everyday for the whole month, and
20:28 the next month in March God bless us with
20:30 offering of $6684. And this like you to
20:34 saying, why didn't you ask for more.
20:35 Yes. Oh, you have little faith.
20:39 Yes, but still that was a stretch for you.
20:41 Yes. Because you have been
20:43 giving three hundred dollars, your church had
20:44 been giving three hundred dollar, but what was the
20:47 attitude of the members in the church when they saw
20:50 this happening. That's a really good
20:52 question because like when we got out when
20:56 God blessed more than four thousand, then
20:59 already a lot of our young people and adults very
21:04 excited. Sure, sure. And then even they
21:07 changed the way they spent their money.
21:09 Oh yes. One of the young adult,
21:11 who is a lawyer at a time, she said you know what I
21:17 didn't believe that God blessed us more than four
21:20 thousand dollars, but after God answered the prayer,
21:24 her prayer life and her faith that was changed.
21:28 Amen, you know this is digressing just for a
21:31 second, but just recently I heard a father and mother
21:36 tell a story about. They were having family
21:39 worship and they showed they have two little sons,
21:42 and they showed lets see they are about six and
21:46 three, and they were showing these children
21:49 pictures of the work in Mexico because their
21:53 father had gone down with some people, and
21:55 helped in orphanages and various things in Mexico.
21:59 And when he came back, he showed the pictures to
22:02 his family, and he said this little boy didn't have
22:06 anything to eat, but we got some food and we
22:10 took some food to him, and this his daddy only
22:13 has one meal a day or every other day, and they
22:18 don't have homes, they don't have churches, they
22:22 don't have clothes, they don't have a meager or
22:26 basic needs and one of his little boys was quiet for a
22:31 little bit, and finally he said daddy can we skip
22:34 treats, can we save our money that we would
22:38 spend on treats, and I thought what a beautiful
22:43 sweet spirit. Yes. You know we need more
22:46 adults, who are that child like and willing to say,
22:50 yes take the money that I am misusing and let some
22:56 good be done with it. Alright, so then take us to
23:01 the next step. You have had young people in your
23:04 church, who have really been excited because they
23:07 see what God is doing. They know that this is not
23:10 anything that your one church did on your own.
23:14 Exactly. So what, yeah this does something
23:16 to the spiritual life of the church. Yes, we really
23:20 saw God raise the spirit and faith in the church.
23:22 As young people started praying and believing
23:26 prayer, and sing that we do serve a God. You
23:29 know we read all these amazing stories in the
23:30 Bible by how God parted the Red Sea in one hour,
23:32 but to see ourselves see God moving a mighty way.
23:37 And we should ask that for lot more, but at that
23:40 time we were little slow in learning and we
23:42 decided to ask God for just a little bit more and so
23:45 at that time we prayed for seven thousand, we could
23:47 support ten lay by the workers in Vietnam for
23:51 one year. Wonderful. So then how much did
23:54 you get from that? And the next month the
23:56 Lord blesses with 8470 dollars. Eight thousand,
24:00 every time, it's like the Lord just saying you are
24:03 too small. Yes. Your faith is too small,
24:05 I've got more than that, oh how thrilling, how
24:09 thrilling, and your church is becoming more
24:12 dependent on the Lord. Yes. And more in love with
24:17 the Lord and with his work in the Far East. So
24:21 how is this church functioning today?
24:24 Well, surely after we left the young adults
24:29 eventually planted another church because
24:33 they had seen what can happen when we unite
24:37 together and pray, and how God can move. God
24:39 eventually open up the doors for them to start
24:42 another church. In the Seattle area.
24:44 In the Seattle area. And God was very good
24:46 because God allowed us to stay there in that area
24:48 to be a part of this initial church plant before he let
24:52 our house sell and before he moved this out to
24:54 Berrien Springs. So, God was very good in
24:56 allowing us to be a part of that experience.
24:58 Well and that was good for you.
25:00 Yes. And it was good for them
25:01 because the continuity I think is so important. Tell
25:07 us about your house in Berrien Springs, Liana. I
25:12 love this, I think this is, you were praying for a
25:16 palace won't you in Berrien Spring.
25:19 That's right, last August actually we moved from
25:22 Seattle to the Berrien Springs in Michigan, but
25:25 right before we moved we had a opportunity to
25:29 attend so called camp meeting and at a time
25:32 Pastor Provo Tara from Indian Ocean Africa,
25:39 South African Indian ocean division.
25:41 He came in and he spoke about faith, and then I
25:45 was so amazed, he talk about faith and then just
25:48 to believe in the promises of Lord and just go, and
25:52 at that time I was praying about a house in Berrien
25:57 Springs. And then Lord so far I was praying for
26:01 just a small house, but Lord I want to pray for a
26:05 palace. I want to pray for palace
26:09 because you have been impressed by the story of
26:12 the man who went to Alexander the Great, and
26:15 ask for a palace. That's right. And Alexander was
26:19 offended. He said I love that request because he
26:23 knows I am king, he knows no one else can
26:26 supply that, and so you went to the Lord and said
26:30 Lord I want a palace, you are king, and what did he
26:33 give you. And then yes he surely
26:36 gave us a palace, a small palace with the beautiful
26:39 palace by the lake. Yes, right on Lake
26:42 Chipican. I saw a picture of that, it's a nice home. I
26:48 just believe that God is happy when we expect
26:52 large things of him, let's pause right now, and
26:56 pray. Our time is running short, and it goes so fast.
26:59 Father in heaven what a mighty God we serve. We
27:02 thank you for the ways that you led your obedient
27:05 people in Washington State and now for what
27:09 Liana and Martin Kim are doing for you. We are so
27:12 thankful for your power and love, and goodness.
27:16 Bless this wonderful work in Jesus name, Amen.
27:20 Amen. I hope as you have been listening to these
27:24 stories today and seeing the enthusiasm on their
27:29 faces, that it has given you something in your
27:33 spirit that says I would like to have more faith,
27:35 I'd like to see God working in my life daily,
27:39 I just want the excitement of what happened out
27:42 there in that church in Washington State, and so
27:45 I would just want you to encourage you, look
27:49 around, God is doing wonderful things right
27:52 where you are. Ask him how you can join him in
27:55 his work. You will be surprised and amazed
27:59 because he has promised to give you, to tell you
28:02 secrets of how you can help. So God bless you.
28:06 Glad that you are with us and we'll see you
28:09 next time.


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