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00:02 Glad to see you. Would you like to hear about a man
00:05 who wanted something desperately for 20 years.
00:09 We'll be right back.
00:34 Hello, Welcome to Issues and Answers.
00:37 We all have issues and we are looking for answers.
00:42 I'd like to share something before we get to the man
00:48 who wanted something for 20 years. Listen to this,
00:52 this comes from scripture. How I thank you God that
00:56 you will heal my waywardness,
00:58 you love me freely. Today, I'd like for us to focus
01:03 on how much we loved, how much God values us.
01:09 There are lot of people today that don't understand
01:12 how valuable they are, and how much God loves them,
01:15 and that he has a plan and purpose for their lives,
01:19 and your best days are just ahead because of God's great
01:23 love. I promise I would share this story with you.
01:28 I love it and I think you will like it too.
01:31 It's written by Max Lucado and I am going to just
01:35 share this quickly. For the past 20 years,
01:38 I have wanted a dog, a big dog, but there has always
01:43 been a problem. The apartment was too small,
01:46 the budget was too tight, the girls were too young,
01:49 but most of all Denalyn his wife was unenthusiastic.
01:54 Her logic? She'd already married one slobbering,
01:58 shedding beast, why should she put up for the second.
02:02 So, we compromised and got a small dog.
02:05 I like Salty, but small dogs aren't really dogs.
02:10 They don't bark, they yelp, they don't eat,
02:13 hey nibble, they don't lick you, they sniff you.
02:18 I like Salty, but I wanted a real dog.
02:21 A man's-best-friend type of dog, a fat-pawed,
02:25 big eating, slurp you on the face type of dog
02:28 that you could saddle or wrestle or both.
02:33 I was alone in my passion until Sara was born.
02:37 She loves dogs and the two of us were able to sway
02:42 the household boat. Denalyn gave in and Sara
02:46 and I began the search. We discovered a woman in
02:49 South Carolina, they live in Texas.
02:52 We discovered a woman in South Carolina
02:54 who breeds golden retrievers in a Christian
02:58 environment. From birth the dogs are surrounded
03:02 by inspirational music and prayers. Can you imagine
03:06 this, this is a true story. No I don't know if they
03:09 tithe with their dog biscuits, but when the
03:12 trainer told me that she had read my books,
03:15 I got on board. The woman with such good taste had to
03:19 be a good breeder, right? So we ordered a pup,
03:23 we mailed the check, selected the name Molly,
03:28 and we cleared a corner for her dog pillow.
03:31 The dog hadn't even been born, and she was named,
03:36 claimed, and given a place in the family.
03:40 Can't be said, can't the same thing be said about
03:43 you? Long before your first whimper,
03:47 your master creator claimed you, named you,
03:51 and hung a reserved sign on your room.
03:55 You and Molly have more in common than maybe
03:58 your eating habits, just teasing he says.
04:02 You're both being groomed for a trip,
04:05 I like this, you're both being groomed for a trip.
04:09 We prefer the terms maturation and
04:12 sanctification to weaning and training,
04:14 but it's all about the same. You're being prepared
04:18 for your master's house, you don't know the departure
04:21 date or the flight number, but you can bet your puppy
04:25 chow that you'll be seeing your owner someday.
04:28 Isn't this the concluding promise of David?
04:32 David says in Psalms 23:6, And I will dwell in the
04:37 house of the Lord forever. Where will you live forever?
04:43 In the house of the Lord with the one who loves you
04:47 and values you so much. I love that story
04:51 because I think it's such a wonderful illustration
04:54 and example of God's great love before you were born
04:59 God loves you, and he want you to know that
05:01 he loves you. My guest today is a dear close friend
05:06 Kelly Veilleux from Northern New England.
05:10 Yes. Waterville Maine. How far are you from Canada?
05:15 Oh, probably two hours. Two hours
05:19 and how far are you driving time from Boston?
05:22 Three hours. Three hours, and how far are you
05:25 from the beach? Little over an hour if you hurry.
05:29 An hour if you hurry. So but you are up in the
05:33 beautiful country. Yes. How far are you from
05:36 New Hampshire? Probably hour and a half,
05:39 two hours may be. Okay, and how far from Vermont?
05:44 Well depending on which part, but probably four to
05:47 five. What's the most valuable thing,
05:51 we are talking about value today,
05:53 what's the most valuable thing in the State of Maine?
05:57 Well if you are asking me or you are asking the
06:00 lobster fishermen. I suppose Maine is one of the things
06:04 Maine is known for is this lobsters certainly,
06:07 and also blueberries. That's right. Yeah.
06:10 Don't cranberries come from somewhere up there?
06:12 Cranberries too yeah, but blueberries is a predominant
06:15 crop. Blueberries and lobsters, and Moose.
06:20 And Moose, you know whenever I have been up there,
06:23 I see the signs Moose crossing, and I've never
06:26 seen one, I have seen them in Alaska, but I've never
06:29 seen a Moose in Maine. So, I tell people this is false
06:33 advertising. They are there. And they tell you,
06:36 you want false advertising. That's right.
06:38 Because you don't want them out on the road.
06:43 Kelly how did you learn that you had great value to God.
06:49 Do you believe the story first of all,
06:51 do you believe that before you were born
06:53 God loved you. Yes, I do believe that.
06:56 As you read in that story, it took my mind to recently
07:01 I went through that human body exhibit.
07:03 Have you ever had an opportunity to go through
07:04 that, just going around and some of the science
07:07 centers around the country. No, I haven't seen it.
07:09 Oh, if you haven't yet seen it you wanna try to see
07:11 that. The human body exhibit is amazing,
07:14 they have literally taken apart the human body in a
07:20 way that it's just amazing to be able to see that
07:23 we truly are fearfully and wonderfully made.
07:25 And the first time that I walked though that exhibit
07:27 I was just in awe of the creator and the detail
07:33 that he put it into us as his children, and a very
07:36 thought that we were created in his image.
07:39 When you really let your mind up around there,
07:40 you begin to see the value that there is on us.
07:44 And you know Kelly, Louie Giglio in his DVD's shows
07:49 that very graphically he has the, he talks about the DNA.
07:54 DNA, yes. And he says when you are converted and you
07:59 become a Christian, God actually changes your DNA.
08:02 Now that's good news. Amen. Yes.
08:04 That's wonderful news, because you don't have to be
08:08 what you were. Amen, that's right.
08:10 You can be who xyou are now in Christ,
08:14 and you know the exciting thing is that people
08:17 who are born into a family of privilege.
08:21 For instance Bill Gates children, these are children
08:25 who are born into a special family and they have
08:29 privileges that many children don't have in other
08:33 families, but for a Christian when you are born into
08:39 God's family, you have a Father who is greater than
08:44 anyone, anywhere the Sovereign God of the
08:47 Universe, and you belong to a new family.
08:49 Yes, amen. And do you know that he loves us,
08:53 we got the father now, who loves us at least as much as
08:56 he loves his own son because he was willing for him
08:59 to die for us, is that a beautiful thought.
09:01 That is mind boggling, isn't it? At least as much,
09:03 you know I, that is mind boggling.
09:06 It is. When I first heard that I had to really
09:08 let my mind wrap around that, does he really love me
09:10 that much. You know Ruthie early on in my after
09:14 my conversion experience even though
09:16 I have been a Christian my entire life,
09:18 I've only been a converted Christian for about the
09:21 last 12 to 14 years, but early on in my journey after
09:25 becoming converted as a Christian,
09:27 I didn't experience, I didn't understand
09:30 that depth of love and often in my quiet time with the
09:33 Lord, I would say Lord what do you want to say to me,
09:36 what is that you want to say to me, and over,
09:39 and over again it was how much he loves me,
09:41 and he would say that I love you.
09:43 Kelly I just love you, can we just be together,
09:45 I just love you over and over again.
09:48 That was amazing. And he wants us to realize
09:51 how valuable we are to him. Yes.
09:54 He just wants to be with us. May be you have heard
09:58 this sweet story about the 90-year-old retired Pastor.
10:04 He was invited back to his church and ask to speak
10:09 at the 11o' clock hour. And he had difficulty walking,
10:14 he kind of shuffled his feet, and he had difficulty
10:18 speaking, but his mind was very sharp and clear.
10:23 He still just exuded the love of the Lord,
10:27 and people loved to be around him because he was
10:31 just that kind of a loving and lovable person.
10:35 So they were eager to hear his sermon and when it came
10:39 time for his sermon, he rose from the chair behind the
10:45 pulpit with some difficulty and it was like he was
10:49 saying alright bones altogether and so he stood
10:54 up and then he kind of shuffled up to the pulpit,
10:58 grab the pulpit on both sides, and he said this is
11:04 the most important thing I have learned in all of my life.
11:08 Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so.
11:13 Amen. And he looked out at the congregation he smiled,
11:20 he said that's still true. He turned around,
11:23 went back to his seat and sat down.
11:26 That was the sermon. That was the sermon.
11:28 Wow. And you know people came to him afterward
11:31 and they said that's not just a song that's worn out,
11:36 it's not just something that children need,
11:40 you look around and you say why are you a Christian
11:44 and people will say I am a Christian
11:46 because Jesus loves me. Amen.
11:48 God loves me. He has a plan for me and he shows me his
11:53 favor. What does that word mean to you Kelly favor is
11:59 something that is supernatural,
12:01 and God has quite a bit to say about his favor in his
12:05 word? What can we as Christians expect,
12:10 what this favor mean to you, God's supernatural favor.
12:14 I think for me it is meant to be enable to see the
12:19 bigger picture of life and the whole great controversy
12:24 that's being played out, you know, I mean the battle
12:27 for my soul and your soul that goes on all the time
12:30 and being able to really recognize that and our lives
12:33 experiences around me. So I guess may be
12:37 it's a spiritual discernment is a favor that God has
12:41 given to at least to me and to many of us I think
12:44 to be able to see the bigger picture, and recognize
12:48 his moving in that picture.
12:51 I believe that, but you know sometimes we take things
12:54 for granted, and I believe we shouldn't,
12:59 I think when something happens to us,
13:01 it's not a happened stance, that's because God is with
13:04 you and he is showing you his favor.
13:06 I think I mentioned this story, but I just want to
13:09 share it because to me it was God's favor.
13:14 My husband and I were getting ready for a trip
13:18 and we were going to Virginia, we live in
13:19 North Georgia and we were driving the next day.
13:25 So my husband Don was getting the car ready to go.
13:30 He pulled the car out of the garage and hooked up the
13:34 vacuum cleaner and he was cleaning the car
13:37 and vacuuming in, and this you know getting the car
13:40 ready. In the process, he took his car keys from the
13:45 car and laid them on the trunk of my car or the other
13:50 car there in the garage, and he put with that a roll
13:54 of tape for wide tape for packaging packages
14:00 and some receipts, and he put them all there on the
14:04 trunk of the car and got busy you know and was
14:09 vacuuming the car. Well a little bit later I needed to
14:13 run an errand. So I jumped in the car not knowing that
14:18 he had put those things on the trunk of the car
14:21 and it's kind of a wide space for the things
14:24 you know with some horizontal space.
14:27 So, I just jumped in the car because how often do you
14:31 check the exterior of the car before you get it into
14:34 drive off. Right. You don't, its just not a habit,
14:38 but as I after I came back, my husband said can you
14:46 help me find my keys and we looked everywhere
14:49 and he said oh I remember where I put them,
14:53 and he said they were with the large roll of tape
14:56 and some receipts, and I put them on your car,
15:00 úon the trunk of your car. So, we walked up our fairly
15:04 steep driveway, walked out on the road looked in the
15:09 grass beside the road, we found the receipts,
15:13 we never did find the roll of tape of course
15:16 because we live on a hill, and you know where that
15:19 tape is its down at the bottom of the hill
15:21 somewhere, but we didn't worry about that,
15:23 he was glad to find the receipts, but he knew then
15:26 where the keys were, they were somewhere there.
15:29 We looked and looked, and we just could not find those
15:33 keys. So we came back in the house and he said
15:38 lets look everywhere in the house again because maybe
15:41 they weren't with everything else that I left on the
15:44 car. So we went through everything again inside
15:47 and out, couldn't find the keys, and I said Lord
15:51 I really need to find those keys for Don.
15:54 He needs them desperately. By then he was on to another
15:57 task that he had to do to get ready for the camp
16:00 meeting trip. And I said Lord would you let me find
16:05 those keys for him, and so I picked up the keys to my
16:10 car and I said I am gonna go down the road.
16:15 Well, we live a mile up the hill from the road down
16:20 below exactly one mile. I said honey
16:25 I'll be right back, he said where you going,
16:27 I said I'm gonna look for keys. So I drove down the
16:31 hill very, very slowly looking for keys by the side
16:35 of the road, couldn't see a thing. So I retraced
16:39 my steps, I went everywhere that I had been on that
16:44 previous errand couldn't find them anywhere.
16:48 I even went to the supermarket
16:50 and because I had gone there, ran inside and ask
16:54 at the desk, I said did anybody turn in a set of
16:58 keys from the parking lot out here.
17:01 She said when would have that been.
17:03 I said within the last hour or two. No, nothing.
17:06 So I came back home, but just as I turned into the
17:11 road that led up the mile up to our driveway,
17:16 a car of a neighbor came right up behind me.
17:20 So I pulled off into someone's driveway,
17:23 so that he could pass because I wanted to take
17:25 my time going up that mile because I haven't found
17:29 them coming down. And the neighbor passed me
17:34 and then there was one kind of a hairpin curve on the
17:38 way up to our house. Strange, but he was standing
17:43 there, he had parked, he has quite a long driveway,
17:46 but he had pulled into the driveway and parked
17:50 and was standing out beside his car, and he raised his
17:53 hand like this to me, like I thought he meant stop.
17:58 So I stopped right there in the middle of the road
18:01 because there wasn't any traffic and I said did you
18:06 happened to find some keys, and he said no
18:10 I wasn't asking you to stop, I was just being friendly,
18:14 and I said oh well I was trying to find my husband's
18:18 keys they are somewhere on this road, I am sure.
18:21 He said just a minute, he looked behind the car over
18:27 off the road in the gravel of the pavement,
18:33 and he said I see something shiny over here.
18:36 He ran and he picked up the keys and brought them,
18:40 he said these must be your keys. I said they are.
18:43 Amen. You know when he gave me those keys
18:47 and I drove up to our home, I have to admit my eyes
18:51 were wet. I was saying Lord you showed me your favor.
18:58 Amen. You sent an angel here because this man
19:02 did not know why he stopped, he didn't know
19:05 why he waved, he didn't know why he didn't go up into
19:09 his driveway, and into his garage.
19:11 The whole thing was a set up, the Lord did that,
19:16 and I was just overwhelmed with emotion thinking God's
19:20 love is so great. He is even interested in helping us
19:24 with little things that may not be earth shaking,
19:28 but it was important to us and when I went up to our
19:32 home, and I held the keys up like this for my husband.
19:38 He said where did you find those keys and when I told
19:41 him the story, he said that's the favor of God.
19:45 Amen. God's sent his angel that's the favor of God.
19:49 And I think that we need to look for those times,
19:53 and realize that's God's favor. God really loves me.
19:58 So I want to ask you, there is power in remembering,
20:03 there is power in remembering, God wants us to
20:06 remember, when he has been good to us because that
20:09 teaches us that we have value and that he loves us.
20:14 Kelly don't you just love to remember.
20:17 Yes. Times when God did something really special.
20:21 That's right. And you knew that was him.
20:22 And something personal. Yes.
20:24 For you, I know while back when I was getting ready
20:27 to take a trip, and you know how we always have to do
20:30 list and the things you need to make sure you remember,
20:33 and I had gone through everything on my list,
20:35 I couldn't think of anything that I was forgetting,
20:37 but one habit that I've developed recently is to
20:40 pray before I put my car in gear as I am to back out
20:43 of the driveway, I always just say little prayer
20:45 Lord is there anything that I am forgetting.
20:47 Well this particular time, that I asked him that
20:50 he said yes you are forgetting your neck pillow,
20:53 you know those ones you use on the aeroplane
20:55 because I was going for a long flight across the
20:58 country, and I knew that I would wanna try to take
21:01 a nap. So I wouldn't be all tired out when I got there,
21:03 and I said yes thank you, I forgot my neck pillow,
21:06 so I ran into the house, where we had just sold our
21:08 house and moved into a little rental house,
21:10 and things were still everywhere in boxes,
21:13 and as I ran in the door, I said Lord now problem
21:16 number two where is it, and this is clear as can be.
21:21 He said look in the closet at the bottom of the stairs.
21:24 So I ran over to the closet, opened the door
21:26 and look up and down, I don't see it, I think it
21:28 must be upstairs with my suitcases. So I ran upstairs
21:31 to look with the suitcases all the while he keep saying
21:34 look in the closet. I looked around the suitcases no
21:37 I run back downstairs, and again he is saying look in
21:42 the closet. So I open the door again, look in the
21:45 bottom of the basket he told me, bring out the blanket,
21:48 sure enough there it was. And I would have never
21:51 thought to look there, but you know I think that this
21:55 little stories or little evidence of his leading in
21:59 our lives that when we think of that verses says pray
22:02 without seizing. Sometimes people say what do you
22:05 think that means. I think it's a continual
22:07 conversation being in that attitude of prayer
22:10 all the time with God. Talking, that's right.
22:12 Talking all the time, whether it's out loud
22:14 or just silently, but always be in tune that practicing
22:18 the presence of God. Did you read that little book?
22:21 What a beautiful little book. Yeah to think about the
22:23 fact that God is always there and he wants to be
22:26 involved in every aspect of our life.
22:29 And when he puts a thought in your mind.
22:31 To recognize you. Follow through on that.
22:33 Yes. Because I was saying with the keys,
22:35 I was saying Lord I would like to help Don.
22:38 I would like to find those keys, will you help me,
22:41 and the next thought was get in your car,
22:43 drive down the hill. Yes. And so I went.
22:46 Your sister out in Oregon had a beautiful experience
22:53 that taught some people in the community about the
22:56 value of young people and their prayers,
23:01 and how much God values us all.
23:03 Tell us about that, that's an exciting story.
23:06 Well, I wish that she was here today.
23:08 I do too. To be able to tell you all the details,
23:10 but they have a small Christian school in a rural
23:13 area of Oregon and they have been looking and praying
23:18 for ways that God could get them more involved in
23:21 their community and to kind a raise the awareness that
23:24 not only that they are there, but the God is there.
23:27 And so they lone behold you know God does interesting
23:30 things to answer our prayer sometimes but.
23:33 But often is not what we expect. That's very true.
23:36 It can be a big surprise. And it certainly was in this
23:39 car. There was a bank right near by their school that
23:42 was robbed, not just once, but twice this little bank
23:46 was robbed. In this small town.
23:48 In the small town. Is this Springfield.
23:50 No, it's the Eugene area. Eugene area. Yes. In Oregon.
23:53 And so they decided the holy sprit impressed the
23:57 principal, my brother-in-law Don and his wife Kim to
24:00 call up the Bank President and see if they could bring
24:03 the kids over from their school. Now this is an
24:05 elementary school K through eight and bring the kids
24:08 over there and ask if they could actually pray for the
24:12 Bank, and for the bank officers, and just general
24:14 healing, prayers of healing for that Bank.
24:17 You know Kelly I think that is so important
24:19 because obviously things were out of control.
24:22 Yes. This is something beyond the control of the
24:25 Bank personal and if it happened twice,
24:29 the police weren't on it either.
24:31 You know they haven't solved that. That's right.
24:34 And so, but here I think this is so important
24:37 because here our children who are seeing that they
24:41 can be used. That's right, that's right.
24:44 And to be a help to somebody. Yes.
24:47 And it show God's love. And it's exciting the way the
24:49 God wants to bring his people,
24:52 his name into the community. I believe that.
24:55 And often times, its in the crisis or tragedy
24:57 situations because that's when he gets our attention,
25:00 and we know that you know crisis is coming on the
25:06 levels probably that we have never seen before,
25:08 and all the more reason why we need to be prepared as
25:11 Christians do, to share the love of God,
25:13 and the value that he places on us as people,
25:16 kind of back to where we started with.
25:17 That's right, that's right. The whole, you know
25:19 the whole value that God has on us as his children
25:22 so much that he sent his son to die for us.
25:25 So they took this group of young people,
25:28 children, and they stationed themselves
25:32 around the bank, and this is during the day.
25:35 During the day. And did the kids hold hands.
25:39 I believe that's how it happened, yes.
25:41 And they were praying. And they actually prayed
25:42 for the, you know, for the community, for the bank.
25:45 Protection. For protection, prayers of protection,
25:48 of course the news media showed up.
25:51 So you know the kids kind a got some exciting time to
25:54 be able to be on the news. But again it was all away
25:57 that God, that we as human beings can make God look
26:01 good, and that's what they did that day.
26:03 Isn't that good. Amen.
26:05 And the people in the Bank, what was their response.
26:08 Very positive, very open yes. They probably loved it.
26:13 And have you heard about the, was the crime solved.
26:16 I have not heard, we need to look into that.
26:19 But the young people had a very positive experience.
26:23 Yes. In going to meet somebody who needed prayer.
26:29 Amen. And they stationed themselves around this Bank
26:31 and they said dear God take care of this Bank,
26:35 its happened twice, don't let it happen again.
26:37 Amen. And as far as we knew that was the end of that.
26:41 That's right. We have not heard any other incidence.
26:43 And you know it just goes to show that prayer is one
26:45 of those things that crosses all boundaries.
26:49 That's right. You know, it just, it does,
26:51 it crosses cultural boundaries,
26:53 and age boundaries, and denominational bound
26:56 everything. Prayer is just seems to be the common
26:59 denominator. That's right, I agree. Well we have had
27:03 a good time here today Kelly remembering.
27:06 Amen. Remembering what God has done,
27:10 and how good he is because there is such power
27:14 in remembering. Amen.
27:16 And I just would like to challenge you take sometime
27:20 maybe everyday to just stop and remember,
27:24 what has God done for you. There is really a great
27:27 deal of power in pausing, and looking into his word,
27:32 and thanking him for his goodness,
27:34 not only for the ways that he blessed David,
27:37 or Joseph, or Moses. He opened the Red Sea,
27:41 and that's wonderful, but he is still potting the waters.
27:45 Amen. He is still opening Red Seas for people.
27:49 There is such power in remembering,
27:53 and I believe that when God recalls those things to
27:56 your mind, he wants you to just pause,
27:58 and say dear God thank you so much for
28:02 what you did. I want to develop an attitude of
28:05 thanksgiving and gratitude. Amen.
28:08 God bless you. See you again next time.


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