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00:01 Have you ever been in Nashville Tennessee?
00:04 You probably have, my husband and I were there
00:07 recently. I want to tell you about something that
00:10 happened just recently. We will be right back.
00:37 Hello, welcome to Issues & Answers.
00:40 Before we take you to Nashville Tennessee,
00:44 I would like to talk to you a little bit about unity
00:48 and togetherness. That's what our program is about
00:50 today. Unity, how we can work together and make
00:54 each other stronger. Here is something that I think
00:58 you would be interesting in too. Once again today,
01:00 this comes from the little book "Praying God's Word."
01:03 Once again today, God has a will for your life.
01:07 Christ has a word for your life and the Holy Spirit
01:10 has a way for your life. Nothing is impossible.
01:14 When we understand that? We just want to share that
01:17 with other people because in sharing our own Faith
01:21 grows stronger. My husband and I were in Tennessee,
01:26 in Nashville Tennessee for a gospel concert.
01:29 We love gospel music. There are two kinds of gospel
01:34 music, some of that is repetitious and doesn't have
01:39 it's much meaning as others, but, but gospel music
01:44 that is written based on God's word. Really builds
01:48 Faith and it's tremendously encouraging.
01:52 As my husband and I were there for that concert,
01:55 it was in this great Opryland Hotel in there big
02:00 delta auditorium. And there were probably 1200 people
02:05 maybe more. This quoted from Nashville;
02:08 legacy V came and sing the song. We were so taken with
02:14 it and so blessed. And I wasn't surprised at all
02:18 that when they finished, everybody like one person
02:23 came to their feet in a standing ovation
02:26 because that crowd of people was so blessed and felt
02:31 so ministered too and so reached. I want you to
02:35 listen to the words; this is the words of the song
02:37 they're saying. The title of it's, "What Faith Does."
02:42 You ask me why? I believe like I do.
02:46 Why I'm so convinced that the Bible is true?
02:49 Well, I'm here to tell you it's only because,
02:53 I have come through enough to see, what Faith does?
02:58 Have you come through enough to see what Faith does?
03:03 Faith seized the invisible. Believes the impossible,
03:09 receives the incredible no matter what was?
03:14 Faith moves the unmovable. The Immovable Proves the
03:19 Un provable for anyone, anyone willing to trust.
03:24 Believe and you will see what Faith does?
03:28 If there is a mountain that stands in your way from
03:32 all you can see, it will be there to stay.
03:34 God said, with a Faith of a small mustard seed.
03:38 That mountain will move believe and you will see
03:43 Faith seized the invisible. Believes the impossible,
03:49 receives the incredible, no matter what was?
03:54 Faith moves the immovable, proves the un provable
03:58 for anyone, anyone willing to trust.
04:01 Believe and you will see what Faith does?
04:04 Believe and you will see what Faith does?
04:08 There is a question for you, has your Faith grown
04:12 stronger as you have gotten to, to meet God in his word
04:18 and in your prayer time. And you just have the sense
04:22 of urgency and great desire to find someone,
04:27 who needs their Faith strengthens.
04:29 I believe this is how God works. He, he do leads us
04:33 to people. And he says, now be a blessing in this
04:36 person's life. My guest today is Kelly Veilleux.
04:40 A dear friend from Northern New England,
04:43 up in the cold, cold country, but it gets warm
04:48 and beautiful in the summer. Thank with us.
04:51 So, Kelly welcome. Thank you. Glad you're here.
04:55 Do you believe that Faith moves the immovable?
05:00 Absolutely! Amen. And proves the un provable
05:04 for anyone willing to trust. And it's seized the
05:07 invisible. Amen. Faith believes and,
05:11 and we walk by Faith, not by side,
05:14 but how does it helps? Then to get with other people,
05:19 who are also growing in their Faith.
05:21 Have you seen the importance of that?
05:24 Yes, I have. In fact, it's kind a like one of the
05:27 prayer partners in my area says,
05:30 it's like a safety net under each others prayers,
05:33 when we pray for each other, to be able to here
05:36 someone agree with my prayer or to take my prayer
05:41 even to another level maybe something that I hadn't
05:44 thought of, but while I was praying,
05:45 she thought of that. And so prays it for me.
05:48 And what a beautiful experienced to pray together
05:51 that way. It really brings us into unity.
05:53 And it does something, when you hear someone mention
05:57 your name in prayer. And to see that,
06:00 that there is something about togetherness.
06:03 God's people coming together. Amen.
06:06 To strengthen one another. Kelly, you have something
06:10 very unique going on. In Maine and that whole area
06:16 of a Northern New England. How many years ago,
06:19 Kelly started something. You won't believe this,
06:22 but it's true, it's absolutely true.
06:25 They started a 6 A.M; prayer Telle conference,
06:30 they get on the phone every single morning at
06:34 6 'O' clock. And how many of you do this?
06:38 How many in a group, in your group.
06:40 Well, there is, there is a core four or five of us,
06:43 but some mornings it can be 6 or 8 or 10.
06:47 This morning, there was 7 on the line.
06:51 And how long ago did you start that?
06:53 So, there could be four usually always, but yeah,
06:57 it fluctuate to maybe more. Yes. In that,
07:01 how long ago did you start this?
07:02 And you have been doing it every single day.
07:04 Yes, we're, we just entered into our third year
07:08 of every single morning. And it's been a blessing.
07:13 I could just tell you story-after-story of
07:15 blessings that have, have come the Lord has been
07:17 moving in our conference in some mighty ways.
07:20 And we believe that it is indirect correlation and
07:22 answer through prayer. So, what he is doing is,
07:27 bringing unity, not only to your little group and
07:31 togetherness and strengthening and bonding
07:35 that group and also strengthens the bond with
07:38 himself, yes, but it's also having an affect on the
07:42 wider church body yes, because you're praying not
07:45 only for yourselves, but you're praying for the
07:50 body of Christ. Amen, and that was really our focus,
07:53 when we first begin was to start a ten day coming
07:58 together and praying for the outpoint of the
08:00 Holy Spirit, that's would started that.
08:01 So, when you first did this, you didn't have plans,
08:04 no, that still being then, no, together nearly three
08:07 years later. No, it was, it was a ten day focus.
08:11 And we were so blessed by the end of the ten days
08:13 that we decided that we just won't ready to stop,
08:16 we just wanted to keep going. And so, it was open
08:19 into that that point well. Let's just keep going then.
08:22 And we were so enjoying, the fellowship of coming
08:24 together in the morning and praying together the,
08:27 it just has been part of our lives.
08:31 There is a tremendous strength in coming together
08:34 to encourage one another. And you know, that's not
08:36 just a good idea. That is a command found in Hebrews,
08:41 that's right. Where Paul says, encourage one another
08:44 in the Lord. Amen. So, God wants his people to come
08:48 together to encourage each other. Amen, and you know.
08:52 It only takes half a brain to be critical.
08:55 Anyone can could criticized, anyone can tare down,
08:59 if you don't like what your Pastor is doing
09:01 and you want to point out false. You can do that,
09:04 but you're hurting yourself and you're hurting other
09:08 people. It's, it's very, very damaging and harmful,
09:12 but when you are coming together to encourage one
09:16 another. Amen. It's edifying it builds
09:19 and it's strengthens. Well, at the end of our ten days.
09:22 So, after praying for the outpoint of the Holy Spirit,
09:24 which we had did received. He gave us the vision
09:28 and the desire to keep praying and to,
09:31 and he began to give us areas to focus.
09:34 And so, one of the, one other things that we do
09:38 every morning as we, we pray for our specific
09:41 Pastor of the day. In our conference,
09:43 we have around 28 to 30 Pastors.
09:46 And so, it works well to have each of them have
09:48 their own day of the month. So, they know, that once
09:50 a month, they're gonna be prayed for by name.
09:52 Yes, they do. And sometimes, we're able to follow
09:56 through and actually get a hold of them and find out,
09:57 what their, their request or other needs that are
10:00 going on in their district. Other times, if we can't
10:03 make that contact well. We just continue to pray
10:06 and in general areas, but also maybe what they
10:09 have share with this from the month before.
10:10 And sometimes the Pastors even come on the line with
10:13 us. And that's good. That's what it's a real blessing.
10:15 That's, so that's one of the key things we do as pray
10:17 for the Pastors then in our second year,
10:20 when we began our second year, we decided to add the
10:23 teachers in our conference also to that.
10:25 So, we just finished the school year of praying for
10:29 a different teacher each day and bringing them before
10:33 the Lord. And their district and their school.
10:35 I think that is so important because you know,
10:37 Pastors and teachers in Christian's schools.
10:42 Do not walk an easy walk. No. They have a very
10:47 difficult role to play. And so they need the
10:52 encouragement and the strength of coming together.
10:56 That's right. For the encouragement and help.
10:58 I wanted to stop here just a minute Kelly and role
11:04 back a little bit I, I can just hear somebody saying.
11:09 Well, that's good, but how in the world,
11:11 does it's work. How are the mechanics of this possible?
11:16 There is a great organization and you can
11:19 find out on the internet,
11:25 You can go to that organization
11:29 and they give you a free phone number then your next
11:34 responsibility is to just get that to the people,
11:38 who are going to be coming together for that phone
11:41 call. And in most cases, it is a free call.
11:46 Many people now have unlimited long distance
11:50 calling, but if you don't it is minimal, minimal
11:55 charge. So, this is why? It has been so easy for you
12:00 to get your group together because there is really
12:02 basically no cost involved. Yes. And it has been such
12:08 a joy. I joining that group and then and I'm always
12:11 so blessed. Amen. Tell us Kelly, what has happened,
12:16 as these people come together
12:17 day-after-day-after-day. And just lift up one
12:22 another and lift I know, that they have been praying
12:25 for seven unsaved husbands. Seven husbands,
12:30 who are unbelievers? And we're seeing progress,
12:33 aren't we? Yes, we're, we certainly are.
12:36 We, we, we came up with the seven name the first year.
12:40 And at the end of the first year, one gave his heart
12:43 to the Lord. And he was a baptized; we're praising the
12:46 Lord for that. Wonderful! So, we were able to replaces
12:50 name with another name. And we will continuing forward
12:53 and every one of the wives report on a regular basis
12:56 to us that. The little things and big things, yes,
13:01 that God is doing in their homes. When they know,
13:04 that they're being prayed for that let that,
13:05 it just really, they, they, they're aware of seeing
13:09 God's moving in their husbands heart.
13:11 And I believe that God can do more. Yes. As a result
13:15 of all of those prayers on a daily regular basis.
13:18 Yes, while you have heard that saying.
13:20 When we work, we work, but when we pray God works.
13:23 That's right. And that's really the picture of what,
13:26 of what this is. You know, many churches are small
13:29 and not able to have for a meeting on a regular basis.
13:33 That's right. And some that do, they struggle
13:35 what really had to do an affective prayer meeting.
13:38 And that something in my conference that
13:40 we're desiring to teach into model through the churches,
13:44 all the churches is how to have really truly affective
13:48 Holy Spirit you know, powerful prayer meeting
13:51 because that what God desires to do.
13:53 And, and so by having the prayer line in the morning.
13:56 It enables folks from all over the conference,
13:59 we have geographically. Our conference is spread out
14:01 over three states. And so we would now, ordinary early
14:05 be able to get together this particular group.
14:07 We have some from way up in Vermont and up in the
14:10 Northern part of Maine. And, and just all over that
14:12 gather together on that phone in the morning.
14:14 And, and become the body of Christ praying together.
14:17 That also. Beautiful, that's beautiful.
14:20 And you know, there is something that has happened
14:22 within that group, they know, that God meets with
14:27 them. Amen. They know how necessary this group has
14:31 become and how important it is to church at large.
14:35 Yes. And the thing that I have as I have been on from
14:41 time-to-time is, it's not only the sharing of prayer
14:45 request, but it's also the, the that stories,
14:50 the testimonies, the answered prayers.
14:54 There is just a lot of encouragement there.
14:56 Amen, yes. And we have one lady that has been on the
15:00 line about a year with us now. And she just came back
15:04 to church after having been away for many, many years.
15:06 And it has just been back to church just a year.
15:08 Didn't you say, that she had been gone from church
15:12 for 40, 40 years. Yeah. And, now one of the first
15:15 thing that she does, when she comes back to church is
15:18 to get involved in the 6 A. M. prayers.
15:21 It felt wonderful. Yes, well you know,
15:22 she and her own before she came on the line in her
15:26 own time, she was saying Lord teach me to pray.
15:28 I know, there is more to this. Teach me to pray
15:31 and little did she know, what the Lord had stored
15:33 for her. She clearly has the gift of intercession
15:36 and she loves to come on the line and pray.
15:39 And in fact, she says, you know, just read this little
15:41 piece from her .She says, since I live alone the early
15:44 morning prayer line connects me with others
15:46 as we plead for the infilling of the
15:48 Holy Spirit. Sometimes the Holy Spirit takes control
15:51 of our agenda and makes it's his own.
15:53 Now, you're talking blessings and she loves
15:56 to pray. Isn't that good? With the agenda of the
15:58 Holy Spirit. And you know, some of the issues in our
16:01 life today, you look around loneliness is a big issue,
16:06 yes. People live alone or they long distances from
16:11 their families and close friends. So, loneliness is
16:15 a big issue. Another issue is letting having the
16:21 opportunities for your Faith to grow.
16:24 And this is, what I see happening in your
16:26 6 'O' clock every morning group because people,
16:30 who are lonely look forward to this.
16:32 They had got friends. Amen. Who support them?
16:35 And they're needed in that group.
16:37 So, it, it really is an answer for them.
16:41 Beautiful, amen. Karen writes this,
16:45 my five-year-old grandson wondering into the room one
16:49 morning. I was praying on the phone line.
16:52 Nana, he was pursed, his eyes white, are you talking
16:54 to God on that phone. Yes, I wish for back.
16:57 We're praying to God with wonder in his voice.
17:01 He whispers back. Nana, do you have God's phone number.
17:04 And I guess, it's true we do have God's phone number.
17:09 And day-after-day, he meets with us and we know,
17:12 that he is there. Isn't that awesome, Oh! Beautiful God.
17:15 That's beautiful. You know, my husband doesn't join
17:19 in the call at 6 O' clock, but he hears my end of the,
17:24 the prayer. And he also sometimes hears,
17:27 if I'm closing enough to I'm, he can hear the
17:29 whole thing because he hears other peoples
17:32 prayers and responses and he loves that.
17:36 There is just something about God's people coming
17:39 together, amen, in this way. Amen, well that's
17:42 what brings the unity in the church. That's right,
17:44 that's right. You know, working together and getting
17:46 to know, each other, it's all part of unity,
17:48 but when we really, when we pray together,
17:50 that's when we really become heart-to-heart with each
17:52 other. When we, when we open of ourselves and share
17:56 the, the depth of our own experiences you know,
17:59 Ruthie this is something that's happening in my
18:01 Sabbath school class. That we have in our church,
18:04 in my home church. And what a joy it is to watch.
18:08 How God is just moving in the lives of each one around
18:11 the circle? As we have prayer meeting together,
18:13 we have whispers together, and we have our,
18:16 our study time right after our church service and to
18:20 see, how the lives are just being impacted and more
18:24 Openness and Venerability.
18:26 As they learned to pray together.
18:28 Don't you think that people today really need that
18:32 connectedness? Yes. And they need a place where it's
18:36 okay to share their story, yes to ask for request,
18:41 ask for prayer for specific family members or some
18:45 specific need. You know, I get emails all the time.
18:50 And probably you do too. Someone will say,
18:53 please pray for my son and pray for my daughter.
18:57 They're going through a job situation or their housing,
19:04 they have a huge problem with their mortgage or and,
19:07 and I'm happy to pray for these people and to get this
19:11 prayer request, but that that's a different level or
19:15 different kind of connectedness.
19:18 And it doesn't somehow mean the same as actually
19:22 meeting face-to-face or hearing the voice on the
19:27 phone line. There is just a different kind of support
19:30 that you get that way. That's right.
19:32 Well, we really can become the hands in feed of Jesus
19:35 and love each other. That's right, that's right.
19:37 When we're in those kinds of situations praying
19:39 together. What have you seen happening in the lives
19:41 of the people, who have been so determined?
19:44 Because it takes, this is a decision. You're gonna be,
19:48 you're gonna resolve that Jesus hears your prayers.
19:52 And that you're going to be their part of that group.
19:55 It takes a determination to go to bed early night
19:59 to get up early in the morning and to start with
20:03 that group. What have you seen happen in some of
20:06 the lives of these people? Well, I have seen growth
20:10 obviously, huge evidence of growth in the moving of
20:14 the spirit in the lives of some people, who have been
20:17 church members maybe even there entire life.
20:21 That are willing to their, you know, later years of
20:24 of lives. So, you know, 70s and 80s up and there
20:27 and yet there was room for more growth and more depth
20:31 in praying together. Especially when we,
20:34 when we seek the blessing of the Holy Spirit always
20:37 do in our prayer time. And so I'm seeing growth
20:39 and depth. Kelly don't you believe it's very possible
20:43 to know the Lord, to study his word and to attend
20:49 church, and to do the things you know, that we have
20:53 been talk to do as Christians, but still miss
20:57 a big portion of his blessings. Yes. The joy,
21:01 the joy of supporting one another and of being part of
21:06 a group, Where Faith is growing. That's right.
21:09 We just read the words of that song Faith seized the
21:13 invisible. Amen. And, and scripture teaches that.
21:17 We walk by Faith, not by side. So, that means
21:20 we can't see the things that we're asking for us,
21:23 but we believe. The Lord just recently brought into
21:27 our class or study class that we have a church
21:31 brought an interesting person to our class,
21:34 who he the, the Lord knew, that he was ready for some
21:38 deep healing in his life. And as he came the first few
21:41 weeks and began to just open up a little bit at a
21:45 time and sharing allow us to pray for him
21:48 and to witness to him. He kept coming back and within
21:53 probably about a month after bieng with us.
21:55 and praying with us. He shared one time as during
21:59 our circle of prayer you know how they gets very open
22:02 and honest, absolutely. And he shared that his,
22:05 the God have brought conviction in his heart
22:08 for a lifestyle of homosexuality
22:11 that he had been living. And it was really want him to
22:14 just lay it all down and say God set me free.
22:17 I don't wanna live this life anymore,
22:19 come and set me free, and I. But don't you believe
22:22 that he was gaining strength from single lives,
22:27 yes, the Christians around them, definitely.
22:29 Who were living a life of victory, amen,
22:33 and this gave him the Faith to ask the Lord.
22:36 That's right, that's right, the hope.
22:37 That's right. To ask him, to help him overcome
22:41 the strong hold in his life. it's exactly right.
22:43 Ruthie, and you know, the, the beautiful part about
22:45 this is, when God brings these people to our
22:48 churches, we don't have to run out and point out the
22:51 sins in their lives. No. And try to tell them,
22:53 what they need to overcome. No. But we can just love
22:55 them. That's right. And, and live that example in front
22:58 of them. And by leading them to the throne over and
23:01 over again. They're experiencing,
23:03 the outpoint of the Holy Spirit and he brings that
23:06 conviction of sin in their lives and awesome things
23:08 happen and so, you know, this man has been on this
23:12 incredible journey and has allowed us to be a part of
23:14 that journey, which is just exciting and, and our prayer
23:17 we treat that we just recently having last few
23:20 weeks. He shared his testimony in full.
23:22 And it just ministered to the hearts in a powerful way
23:27 because he was willing to get up and share.
23:29 And you know, Kelly, there is something that happens,
23:32 when you hear, when you own mouth says something
23:36 and your ears hear you say that. Yes. It just makes a
23:41 very indelible impression on your heart that
23:44 what you're saying is true. And so when you are giving
23:48 your testimony of what God has done in your life.
23:52 It, it just deepens that awareness in your own heart.
23:55 Yes. So, this is why we're told to share and to glorify
24:01 God, it doesn't glorify the sin, but it shows
24:06 the power, amen, of God. That's right.
24:08 And so he will be stronger because God gave him
24:12 the courage to do that. Amen, and I'm seeing
24:14 it already just in a few weeks. Isn't that wonderful.
24:17 You know, Ruthie, I really believe that there is
24:19 so much more the God wants to do for his people,
24:22 corporately together. I believe that.
24:24 If we will just come together in,
24:26 in the wilderness to be unified and prayer.
24:28 That's right. And I'm, and you know,
24:30 sometimes churches are resistant to really go to,
24:34 to the full prayer meeting experience.
24:36 You know, still wanting to make it maybe a Bible study
24:39 or a focus on a particular book all of, which are good,
24:42 we need the Bible study. Obviously, but we need
24:45 prayer meeting to be real prayer meeting
24:47 where the entire time is just devoted to really
24:50 sharing and praying and lifted, lifting each other
24:53 up. Okay. As brothers and sisters,
24:54 that's what they were doing in acts.
24:56 That's right. In the early church. That's right,
24:58 that's the acts model. Amen. And you know,
25:01 Kelly I love the story, this experience that happened
25:04 in Apopka Florida, not too long ago.
25:08 This young man Kevin, who had huge estate,
25:14 he have a big job making six figure income,
25:21 but he also had a cocaine habit and through that
25:24 he lost his family, lost his job, he lost everything.
25:28 One day, he decided that he was going to just comment
25:32 suicide. His mother was praying for him.
25:37 So, he went to her Pastor's office.
25:40 Derek Morris and he told him the story.
25:43 And he said, this is just a way it is,
25:45 I have had everything and now I have nothing,
25:48 but Derek looked at him and he said,
25:50 Kevin are you willing. He said, I just think
25:53 you need to be ministered to by the body of Christ.
25:57 Would you be willing to come to prayer meeting tonight
26:00 and tell your story there and let people love you
26:02 and pray for you, amen, and ministered to you?
26:04 He said what can I herd? So, he went, he note at
26:11 the front people surrounded him laid hands on him
26:15 and prayed for him. And he, he just has made tremendous
26:20 phenomenal progress. Now, if you and maybe you saw
26:25 him because you were there. Now, at the alter on
26:30 Wednesday night at prayer meeting, if there is someone
26:32 there with a problem with alcohol or drugs,
26:36 you will see Pastor Morris, motion to Kevin,
26:39 Kevin come over here. And he appoint to this person.
26:43 Kevin will go over to that person, put an arm on their
26:46 shoulder and pray for them, whispering their ear, amen,
26:48 and pray for them, beautiful.
26:50 That is strengthening Kevin. That's right.
26:52 But he said, I really didn't know that there was hope
26:55 until these people gathered around me and decided,
26:59 it's okay, whatever you've done in the past,
27:01 we know over God, amen, who can save you and change
27:05 you, turn you around completely. And it was
27:07 through their eyes that he could see God, amen.
27:12 He could look in to their, their eyes and see that,
27:15 they were giving him hope and encouragement.
27:18 Amen. So, I just want to encourage you,
27:23 if you're in a church, ask the Lord how you can be
27:27 used to strengthen the body of Christ. Amen. By coming
27:32 together in a group and praying together
27:35 and encouraging one another as it says in Hebrews.
27:39 God has a plan and a purpose for every life.
27:42 And he had the plan and a purpose for you.
27:46 Whether your issue is loneliness or something
27:49 specific that is just that seems too big for you.
27:53 Share it, share it with someone, share it with the
27:56 Lord. And you will find hope and healing and then
28:00 you will find that God has something for you to do in
28:03 helping those around you. It's been good be together,
28:07 we will see you again next time and God bless.


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