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00:01 Hello and welcome to Issues & Answers.
00:04 You know, sometimes we humans
00:06 have issues don't we, huge issues.
00:09 You might feel sometimes like you are
00:12 in a deep valley or on a dry desert.
00:14 Today, we're gonna talk about where to go for answers.
00:18 We will be right back.
00:43 Welcome back. Today, we want to talk about
00:47 where you go for answers. Where do you go?
00:50 I think the most powerful, the most;
00:53 the greatest privilege in our life is to go to
00:57 God's word that is the one thing that will
00:59 never change. We find out who we are,
01:02 and who he is and what his plan is for us?
01:06 There is a wonderful prayer in this book,
01:09 praying God's word by Beth Moore.
01:12 The little prayer is based on John 15:9 listen to this.
01:17 LORD GOD, help me not only to fully accept how much
01:21 you love me, but help me to abide in your love!
01:26 That's the answer, isn't it? To find out that
01:29 we're loved by almighty God and that we can
01:33 abide in his love. We can walk with him.
01:36 We can talk to him. We can listen to him to his word
01:40 I have a special guest today. My dear friend,
01:44 Kelly Veilleux, she is from Waterville, Maine.
01:49 And she is doing some exciting and wonderful things
01:53 in prayer ministries for that part of
01:56 Northern New England, so welcome Kelly.
02:00 Thank you. It's really good to have you.
02:01 Thank you. You have been working in-prayer ministries,
02:05 helping people to find answers, helping people
02:08 to connect with God. Sometimes you know when I travel
02:12 and maybe this happens to you too, sometimes people
02:15 will say to me. Ruthie, I don't feel like I really
02:19 know how to pray. And if you don't feel comfortable
02:23 in praying, you probably don't do it as much.
02:26 We don't do what we don't feel comfortable with.
02:30 Have you found that too?
02:33 I sure have and I really appreciate that verse you
02:36 started this off with because I really think it
02:38 it goes back to the whole abiding me principle. Yes
02:41 Many times when I get ask that question, I will share
02:45 some my, some thoughts about devotional life and the
02:48 importance of getting to know, who he is?
02:50 who he is? And, and once we do, we find that our
02:52 prayer just takes on that conversation.
02:54 Yes, it's a relationship.
02:56 Just like you and I talk, exactly.
02:57 A relationship. And, and that's I think
02:59 the whole you know, the whole emphasis behind prayer
03:02 is to just have that abiding, abiding principle
03:05 in our lives and then when we go to him
03:08 and talk to him, it's just like talking to a friend.
03:10 That's right, and prayer isn't something phony,
03:13 it isn't something that you have to conjure up;
03:16 it isn't something that you have to work on,
03:19 it's something that is based on a relationship
03:23 and a faith relationship. I have to tell you Kelly,
03:28 something that really helped me to understand
03:30 that even more. Most Christians today know
03:34 who Dr. Henry Blackaby is and many do.
03:37 He wrote the book Experiencing God and he
03:41 really has led probably millions of people into a
03:45 deeper prayer life. He was speaking one day,
03:49 he said to a group of CEO's, administrators
03:53 of corporations and he tried to help them to see.
03:56 In fact he said, don't leave your home, don't;
04:00 don't begin your day without spending enough time
04:03 with God, almighty God so that he can strengthen you,
04:08 he can show you who you are? He can give you the
04:10 purpose and plans for your day. Then you're ready
04:14 because you know he is with you and he will give you
04:17 wisdom as he has promised. After it was all over,
04:20 one of the young CEO's came up to him and he said,
04:24 well Dr. Blackaby obviously you have no idea,
04:29 how busy I am. I mean asking me to do that
04:33 kind of thing, my day is already too full.
04:36 And Dr. Henry Blackaby smiled and he said,
04:40 obviously you don't understand who it is
04:43 you meeting with. Amen, yes.
04:45 What a privilege to meet with the sovereign
04:48 God of the universe. Amen.
04:50 We can't afford to pass that up. Amen.
04:53 We can't afford it. And to know that he wants to meet
04:56 with us, he is longing to me with us.
04:58 That's right. I know when I first started my journey
05:01 into having a devotional life, it was like,
05:06 he was just drawing me there in the mornings.
05:09 That's right. And, and I too had a busy life
05:11 and I often, in the beginning I would wonder how
05:14 am I gonna find time for the devotional time,
05:17 but it soon became very clear.
05:19 And you don't, if you put it on top.
05:20 Exactly, that's right. If you just fit it in
05:22 after everything else is done. You never have time
05:25 because the enemy himself will keep you busy.
05:28 He, he trembles when we pray.
05:30 That's right, that's right. And I think we should
05:32 giving the best of the day anyway, which for me
05:35 is always the beginning.
05:36 That's right, that's right.
05:37 So, I learned early onto get up and spend those early
05:40 those first quite moments. The first hour or two
05:43 of the day to give that to the Lord
05:46 and what a difference it makes, when we do that.
05:48 Changes everything. Amen.
05:50 And you know, Kelly out of that that time spent
05:53 with the Lord he has led you into a ministry,
05:58 prayer ministries for the Northern New England
06:01 Conference and it's grown farther than that conference.
06:04 Now, you're leading in three big areas of the
06:10 East Coast of all of North America.
06:13 And, and God himself enlarges our territory.
06:18 Yes, he does. But tell me, when you first started
06:21 working in prayer ministries what, were there some
06:25 changes in your own life in your perspective?
06:28 How, how did this affect your life?
06:30 Well, there was big changes in my life
06:32 in the beginning Ruthie because I have been a
06:36 Christian my whole life, but there was just something
06:41 missing. And one day, number of years ago
06:44 I came home from church one afternoon and I just said,
06:47 Lord you know, if this is as good as to gets.
06:49 I just don't want to do this anymore.
06:52 There is got to be something more to this.
06:54 Something missing. Something was missing.
06:55 And the Lord knew that I was getting close
06:58 to that point of my life and, and so he had set
07:01 into motion, the plan you know, how he
07:03 does that for us. And he had prompted my mother
07:06 to send me a book titled,
07:07 Let Prayer Change Your Life. And you know,
07:10 I, I had the usual few moments of prayer
07:13 particularly before, I would send my son off to school
07:17 or maybe over a meal, there is something
07:18 but to really have a prayer life,
07:20 didn't even know there was such a thing and so,
07:23 And goes back to what we were saying before,
07:25 it's a relationship that you can't live without.
07:27 That's right. And you were getting to a place
07:29 where you felt hopeless without it,
07:32 that's right, and somebody said, really the place
07:35 of hopelessness is a great place to come to because
07:39 you realize, I don't have this hope in myself.
07:42 That's right. I have to find it.
07:44 That's right, and so that's kind of, what changed
07:47 for me was when the Lord prompted me to go
07:49 pick up that book, I had had it there on my desk
07:51 for several months since the time that my mother
07:54 had sent it to, to me, but had no interest
07:56 in really reading that. The title didn't catch my eye
07:58 until that day, when I cried out to the Lord
08:01 and said that that you know this; there is got to be
08:03 something more of this. And so he prompted me
08:06 to go pick that book up and it was just
08:08 wonderful that afternoon. I, I went through that book
08:10 in over halfway through the author
08:12 who is Becky Tirabassi, have you; I don't know,
08:15 if you've read any of her stuff but,
08:16 Umm! Umm! Tirabassi, she is a good friend.
08:17 She just, Oh! She writes great on the
08:18 subject of prayer. And she throws out the challenge
08:21 just spend an hour a day with the Lord.
08:23 Yes. And, I wasn't sure, how I was gonna
08:25 make that work, but the Lord prompted me to
08:28 to finally after 2-3 mornings of me expecting him
08:32 to wake me up and get me up earlier.
08:34 Then he prompted me to set my alarm
08:36 and get up earlier, if I really wanted to come there.
08:38 We have some responsibilities, here too.
08:40 That's right, exactly and that's, that's kind of how
08:42 we do all started. So, I literally went from
08:44 0-60 Ruthie in that first, first week of having,
08:48 that's wonderful, that relationship with the Lord.
08:50 And it took sometime to get comfortable
08:53 in that relationship and to, to recognize that
08:56 that hour of the morning is truly
08:58 the hour of power and I can't imagine living without
09:01 and soon you find that an hour is not enough.
09:03 That's right. That goes by so quickly.
09:05 That's right, and you know, Becky Tirabassi
09:07 came to Oregon when we were out there and she spoke
09:10 for a women's retreat. She has such an authentic
09:14 powerful story. When she was 15, she was a
09:18 she was a hopeless alcoholic. And she finally
09:22 got to the place where she said,
09:23 I can't live like this, I cannot live like this.
09:27 And then remember she went into this church
09:29 and she found a janitor who prayed with her.
09:34 Amen. And from that time on her life was turned
09:38 over to the Lord. And it's such a,
09:41 a powerful testimony of what faith does
09:45 and what God does, amen
09:46 to meet the faith asides of a mustard seed.
09:50 Yes. So, you were growing.
09:52 Yeah. Tell me what happened after that?
09:54 So, I was growing you know, in this,
09:56 in this prayer time with the Lord and not realizing
09:59 that a lot of people around me were also void
10:03 of having that prayer time. And I really think that
10:06 collectively you know, maybe this is why and,
10:09 in so many circles we move forward in our power
10:12 rather than in the power and the strength of the Lord.
10:14 Because we're not plugged in the morning,
10:17 and so we depend on what we can do.
10:19 We should do, don't we. And there is so much
10:22 more that God wants to do for us, if we first plug in
10:24 and let him, and let him become in the driver seat,
10:28 that's right, rather than us. That's right.
10:29 So, those, those first few months were
10:32 a real journey of, of learning to self aside
10:36 and let him be in charge. And then took me through
10:39 quite of journey of overcoming, a lot of things
10:41 in my life. You know, when we learned
10:43 to put self aside and let him be an in charge.
10:46 And, and so that was kind of.
10:48 It's a daily thing, isn't it?
10:49 It sure is and still worse.
10:51 Sure. Still worse even, even years later,
10:54 we're still dealing with things.
10:55 But Kelly, don't you believe that at this point
10:59 in your life when you were finding the joy.
11:01 And the excitement of actually meeting with God
11:05 that he was going to come and be there with you
11:08 when you were praying and, and listening to him,
11:12 speak to you from his word. Don't you think that
11:14 he was giving you kind of an open heart and
11:18 opening your eyes to see; hey I'm not the only one.
11:21 here are other people who are struggling
11:24 and who are needing what God is showing me.
11:27 Yes, that's good.
11:28 So, how did you, how did you get to the next step.
11:31 Well, I started looking for other people
11:35 that wanted to pray. And, and the Lord had a
11:39 wonderful woman in our conference at the time
11:42 Shirley Charlestream who was, who was a prayer leader
11:45 at the time. And, and so every opportunity that I had
11:48 I would go to Shirley and some of the other lady,
11:51 ladies were doing things on prayer.
11:53 And I, I say ladies, but praise the Lord.
11:55 Now, there is, there is many men
11:56 that are involved in prayer ministries.
11:58 That's true, that's true.
11:59 Well, back then it seem to be mostly the ladies.
12:00 But the Lord uses people to come along side.
12:04 Yes. And to coach, and, and now you're doing that.
12:08 Now, you're a mentor for other prayer coordinators
12:13 and pastors and people who want to walk deeper.
12:17 Amen. With the Lord.
12:18 That's right. That's exciting.
12:19 And that's exactly what it is, a desire to walk
12:21 deeper, to live deeper with the Lord.
12:24 What, what was one of the most exciting things
12:27 that you did early on in this discovery?
12:31 Well, I went to Camp Meeting and when I noticed
12:38 on the schedule that they were doing prayer works
12:39 and I had never heard of such you're saying.
12:41 So, curiosity I got up early that one morning
12:43 and went and took part in the prayer work
12:46 that surely led there on the campus.
12:48 And I just fell in love with that concept of praying
12:52 on side with inside. And I could, I just saw
12:55 the benefits that there was in prayer working and.
12:58 And, so you were inviting God.
13:00 Yes. To come into that under the grounds
13:02 at the camp ground and just do something special
13:05 for the people who were coming there for a blessing.
13:08 Yes, and, and he sure did. He answered our prayer
13:11 in big ways that here I was actually
13:14 attending the meetings that were in the youth chapel.
13:17 And the speaker was talking with the young people
13:20 about all kinds of purity issues and sharing
13:23 her own testimony and that was just powerful
13:24 and it really touched my life. And I didn't realize
13:27 at the time that there were issues that the Lord
13:30 really wanted to do with in my life.
13:31 And now through the course of that week,
13:33 some deep healing in my own heart really
13:37 started taking place and by the end of.
13:39 That's the God good.
13:40 He is so good. He always knows what we need.
13:41 And by the end of that week, when she prayed her
13:44 closing prayer the last Sabbath of Camp Meeting,
13:46 there was truly that mighty rushing wind
13:50 that we read about in Acts
13:52 that came through that building.
13:53 And the Lord just really reached down
13:55 and heeled some, some deep wounds in my soul.
13:59 And from that moment forward I could just sense
14:02 that the Holy Spirit had done something different
14:04 and had empowered me for something different
14:07 that was yet ahead. That was exciting.
14:09 That is wonderful Kelly and the beautiful thing
14:12 of that is, when the Holy Spirit comes in
14:15 and blesses you there is always healing,
14:18 there is always deep hope,
14:20 but the main purpose I believe is from ministry.
14:25 Amen. Because he says, alright,
14:27 I want to make you hope, but it's for other people.
14:31 Yes. Because there are others out there,
14:33 who are just like you were?
14:36 And, and you may not feel like you're perfect
14:39 and you're not, but just walk with me,
14:42 me, keep your eyes on me. Amen.
14:44 And I will use you. That's right.
14:45 To help other people. And, and God
14:48 gave you a real desire and ability to work with kids
14:52 teenagers, young people, isn't that right?
14:55 Umm! Umm! Yeah that was some probably
14:57 about two years into I actually working
15:00 with Women's Ministries first in my conference
15:02 and then beginning into prayer ministries
15:03 that we had situation that happened at Camp Meeting.
15:08 And we just felt that somehow we needed to
15:11 invite those kids to a deeper level of prayer
15:14 there had been some youth prayer ministries happening
15:16 but we felt that we needed something deeper.
15:19 And so four five adults and myself
15:21 we went into a circle of prayer
15:23 and that was from that circle
15:25 that the Lord inspired us with a vision to begin a
15:29 team prayer ministry in our conference
15:31 that later took on the name extreme teams.
15:35 And we did that for, for about six years,
15:38 the kids now mostly all in college and graduating.
15:42 Finding to see. And so see how that,
15:44 how it impacted their lives,
15:46 but we had a lot of really nice experiences
15:48 and saw the Lord really moving through
15:50 those young people. And kids love to pray.
15:52 They do. It's a beautiful experience to watch
15:54 how the teenagers it's really take hold
15:58 of the vision of, of prayer
16:00 and applying the promises.
16:01 They do, I remember Oh! Many years ago,
16:05 we were having a Team Prayer Conference in Oklahoma
16:07 and Peter Neary was leading out.
16:10 We had a big group of young people.
16:13 I remember walking into this room seeing big circles.
16:17 And these kids were standing in, in circles
16:20 with their arms around each other praying,
16:22 but they were praying for their parents.
16:24 They were praying for their pastors,
16:26 they were praying for their teachers,
16:28 praying for one another. And they were singing
16:31 and using scripture it was just a powerful place.
16:35 Amen. God was there, and he was just listening and
16:39 and, and teaching those kids. Amen
16:41 How do we, how to pray,
16:42 how to have a relationship with him.
16:43 That's right, and to watch them
16:45 develop their testimonies. Yes.
16:47 And to sermons. Yeah.
16:48 We did a lot of that, and it was just so exciting
16:50 to watch them realize that God had done something
16:54 in their lives. And that they had a story to tell.
16:56 Something to share. Yeah.
16:58 And he opened many doors for us to take those kids
17:00 all over the country, different places
17:03 to be able to share their testimonies
17:04 and it was a powerful experience.
17:06 More than once, we had to say,
17:08 okay kids tomorrow morning is going to come soon
17:11 and you really need to get some rest.
17:13 They pray by the hour. Yes.
17:15 They'll pray in hour, two or more because the prayers
17:20 are short and they will pray by themes.
17:23 One prayer will remind somebody else you know,
17:26 that Oh! I need to pray for so and so.
17:28 And then they will pray for that or somebody
17:31 will start prayers of thanksgiving.
17:33 And everything will think of things to pray
17:36 to thank the Lord for something.
17:38 And then they will sing those songs,
17:40 their quote scripture. And so it's never boring.
17:44 It's always powerful. Amen.
17:47 And the kids just love it.
17:48 And you know, the one part aspect of it that
17:51 I probably enjoy the most confession.
17:53 Yes. Those kids are so honest.
17:55 Real. And real, and they, they truly recognize
17:59 the importance of confession and repentance.
18:02 Yes. You know, on their knees before the Lord.
18:04 Yes. We just had some powerful times of
18:06 watching, how the Lord changed their lives
18:08 because they were willing to be real.
18:09 I'm glad you mentioned that Kelly because really
18:13 the Lord says to David in the Psalms
18:17 that if we have inequity, known inequity
18:19 in our hearts. He can't hear. Yes
18:22 So, we have to take that to him.
18:24 And he is eager to forgive and cleanse. Amen
18:27 And then he empowers then you can go out.
18:30 That's right. In your prayer, but that's an important
18:33 first part of the prayer time. Amen.
18:36 So, where did you go from,
18:39 how did you help the kids develop their story?
18:40 Well, just the simple basics of a testimony,
18:43 how was I before? The Lord got a hold of me
18:46 how did that impact to my life then how was a,
18:50 how am I different now? And just you know,
18:52 developed their stories really just from that.
18:55 And the Lord opened the doors for us to go to
18:59 several academies. So, remember one we went to
19:01 out in the North West that I took a group of kids out.
19:03 What's an academy?
19:05 An academy, it is a boarding school, high school.
19:09 High school. Yeah, so it was teenagers.
19:11 So, their own age group of teenagers
19:13 and they went out and did all the speaking
19:15 and we teamed up with another small group of teenagers
19:19 from that academy, who were also working in prayer
19:21 ministries. And together these kids just put on
19:25 a powerful program and Saturday night
19:27 as we were 24-hours of so into the program
19:31 you know, usually takes about that long
19:32 for the affects to really begin to, to become visible,
19:36 but that night as they were sharing the testimonies,
19:40 one; one young girl, who had really had some
19:44 terrible issues at home that she had been dealing
19:48 with some sexual abuse issues and some other things
19:50 like that that the Lord had brought her
19:52 some healing on. And she was sharing that with the kids.
19:55 And of course we knew that there were others
19:57 that were there, that were wrestling
19:58 with similar situation. Same similar situation.
20:00 And, and so, as she shared a testimony it just soften
20:04 the hearts and as the spirit began to move,
20:06 there were many that came forward that night
20:09 for special prayer. And we were long.
20:11 And for healing. And for healing
20:13 and that's exactly what he did because we were
20:14 long into the night, praying and, and helping our kids
20:19 pray for those kids that was, that was
20:21 the awesome part of it. And there was one experience
20:24 where this young, young man. I think she was a
20:27 junior maybe in high school, name was Kay.
20:29 And as Kay came forward to share her testimony
20:32 she had been really dealing with a lot of abuse
20:35 from her past. And stemming from that
20:38 was also some demonic depression that was
20:42 even happening right there in her dorm room
20:44 and she shared a lot of that and asked that the Lord
20:48 would make her whole and that was the exciting part.
20:51 It was that he desired to make her whole
20:52 and it gave our kids an opportunity to pray
20:55 into a situation that they had never done before.
20:58 Wow! But it was a blessing; of course
21:00 we had a pastor there with us, who helped
21:02 to lead it. And it was just a wonderful experiences
21:04 we saw her, be set free.
21:06 And she, her whole appearance changed
21:08 and the kids noticed that, that the next day
21:10 she just didn't even look like the same person.
21:12 Wow! It was beautiful.
21:14 But you know, these children,
21:16 these young people are changed forever.
21:18 Yes, when they see God reach into a life.
21:21 And they, they know this is the real deal.
21:24 That's right. This is real,
21:26 and don't you think that people everywhere today
21:29 want to see that this is, there is something
21:33 that they can get a hold off,
21:35 something they can believe and trust.
21:38 Yes, they do. And something that works,
21:40 It's not the prayer we worship prayer,
21:43 we worship God. Amen.
21:44 Because he is listening. That's right.
21:46 That is such an exciting thing. Amen, amen.
21:49 Kelly, I would like to ask you to just pray
21:52 a short prayer for the people who maybe
21:55 viewing right now. Who may say Lord
21:58 I could use some healing deep in my life.
22:01 I want to know you better, I want to enjoy prayer,
22:05 I want to listen to you, speak to me from your word
22:09 There is somebody I'm sure that could be blessed
22:13 by a special prayer for him or for her.
22:16 Amen, amen. Would you do that?
22:17 Father in heaven, we thank you that we have the
22:20 privilege of calling you father that you love us
22:22 as your children. And that you desire healing
22:25 in the innermost part of our beings.
22:27 And so Lord today I would like to just lift up to you,
22:31 those that are watching this program right now,
22:33 Lord you know, that special someone that has
22:37 bowed their head before you right now.
22:39 Who is desiring healing in their life? Amen.
22:41 What, whatever their issue maybe we know that you
22:43 know the details. And so we lift them up to you today.
22:46 We asked that you will go in and do what only
22:48 you can do because you're God that is faithful.
22:50 There is many promises in your word and as we think
22:53 about you being our great heeler, the physician,
22:56 the one who takes care of all of our needs,
22:58 we just release these folks to you today
23:00 that your will, will be done that, that they will
23:03 allow you to come in and abide in them
23:05 and that they will abide in you.
23:07 And we give you all the glory for what
23:09 you're doing in Jesus name, amen.
23:11 Amen, thank you Kelly and you know,
23:14 part of, of this is receiving the healing.
23:18 Yes. Receiving it, and then you realize it's not based
23:23 on how I feel. I mean I make still feel crummy
23:26 about something that happened to me in the past,
23:28 but God says, don't go there I've healed you.
23:33 I've made you hold off. Amen.
23:36 And God will walk with you and keep healing.
23:38 And then using you for other people.
23:41 That's right, amen.
23:42 It's just an amazing and wonderful, wonderful privilege
23:46 And then I believe when you have been blessed.
23:49 We have a responsibility to help someone else.
23:52 That's right, amen. I think that's one of the biggest
23:55 reasons why he gives us healing. And so that.
23:57 hat's right. We can become a tool. That's right.
23:59 And instrument in his hands to help someone else.
24:01 I have one of the ladies that's a member
24:04 of my prayer team that had a beautiful
24:06 healing experience at one of our prairie treats.
24:09 We do two prairie treats a year.
24:10 I know, it's wonderful, that's right.
24:13 We probably talk about that a little later, but.
24:14 Yes I hope so.
24:15 She had an opportunity to come forward and,
24:18 and be healed in just a very dramatic way
24:20 at our prairie treat. Emotional healing,
24:22 but also there was some physical healing
24:24 that needed to take place and the two
24:25 were really related. And as the Lord helped her
24:28 to deal with some of the emotional baggage
24:31 from her past she was also healed on the physical side
24:34 as well and it was just a real exciting to watch that
24:36 but it's interesting that, she does have to maintain
24:40 that it's kind a like what you said,
24:42 we have to hang on to that and a lot of
24:44 that is by helping someone else.
24:46 Yes. By sharing her story.
24:47 Yes, yes. By not allowing some of those issues
24:50 of angriness or bitterness, or things that she was
24:52 dealing with to comeback in and steal that joy again
24:56 and as long as she maintains that joy
24:57 and that connectedness with Jesus.
24:59 She walks, she walks in the healing, isn't that awesome?
25:03 I, I really believe that Kelly. And I think
25:05 it's important too to have a spirit of gratitude. Amen.
25:10 Thanksgiving because it makes you realize
25:13 that is true, that really, really happened. Amen.
25:17 And, and God works the same yesterday,
25:20 today and forever. Amen.
25:22 There is a wonderful song that says, you will,
25:26 I will trust you for tomorrow
25:28 because you were faithful yesterday. Amen.
25:31 See God speaks to the reality of the relationship.
25:36 We had a wonderful experience in Virginia
25:39 just last week. I was there for Camp Meeting.
25:42 And in case anyone doesn't know what a Camp Meeting is.
25:46 It's a large convocation where people come together
25:49 from many churches in a state or a couple of states.
25:52 For several days and many of them bring RV's
25:56 and or sometimes they've tents.
25:59 And they just have meetings all day long and seminars
26:04 and times to worship and enjoy good Christian music.
26:07 Well, after the 7 O' clock in the morning,
26:10 our first service a lady came and she said,
26:14 I have been having, she her job on the camp ground
26:18 was to clean all the rest rooms.
26:20 She said I'm the bathroom lady, but she said,
26:24 my arthritis is so bad that I can't get around.
26:28 And the ground was wet and she had very
26:31 a lot of real difficulty. She was trying to get around
26:34 with a walker and it was very, very difficult.
26:37 And she said I'm in severe extreme pain.
26:40 So, I just need to have you pray for me.
26:43 So, there were a group of 7 or 8 of us,
26:45 who gathered around and we anointed her with oil
26:48 as it's we're told to do in James
26:52 and we had a prayer for her.
26:56 And then I went from there to my class that
27:00 I was teaching about halfway through the class,
27:02 the door opened, in walk join no, no walker.
27:07 All smiles, she sat down and she said,
27:11 I don't want to interrupt, but I just think
27:13 you ought to know what happened.
27:15 She said, after that prayer
27:16 and anointing God touched my life. Amen.
27:19 And now I can, I can go, I'm pain free.
27:22 She walked across the classroom of a couple times.
27:24 She said, look at this, I'm having no pain. Amen.
27:27 So, she said I just thought the Lord wanted to me
27:29 to become and tell you, how good he is?
27:31 Praise the Lord. So, we, we did, we just, we stopped
27:35 and we're saying the doxology. Umm! Umm!
27:37 And we had a prayer of thanksgiving.
27:40 Well, Kelly our time has gone by so fast,
27:43 but you know, I get it so excited remembering,
27:46 what God has done. And I know that
27:50 because he was faithful yesterday.
27:52 We can trust him for tomorrow. Amen.
27:55 I just want to say to you, thank you, so much
27:58 for joining us. I hope that there has been something
28:01 here that is reminded you of the way that God
28:04 has blessed in your life.
28:05 So, thank you, for joining us
28:08 and we will see you again next time.


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