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00:01 Hi, do you believe in righteousness by faith.
00:03 I'll tell you what I believe,
00:04 it's the only kind of righteousness there is.
00:07 And you know the message of righteousness by faith
00:09 is also called the message of His healing grace
00:12 because it instills mental and spiritual health.
00:15 Please join us today as we talk about
00:18 RBF therapy on Issues and Answers.
00:46 Hi, I'm Shelley Quinn, and we're so glad
00:48 that you can join us today
00:50 for our topic of righteousness by faith.
00:52 I want to begin by sharing one of
00:54 my favorite scriptures on this topic
00:56 and it comes from Isaiah 61:10.
00:59 Listen to what Isaiah wrote.
01:01 He said I will greatly rejoice in the Lord,
01:04 my soul shall be joyful in my God;
01:08 For He has clothed me with the
01:09 garments of righteousness, He has covered me
01:13 with the robe of righteousness.
01:15 Even Isaiah knew that it was righteousness by faith
01:19 and joining us today is our very special guest
01:22 Jennifer Jill Schweitzer and Jennifer
01:24 we're so glad that you've come back to 3ABN.
01:27 It's good to be here.
01:28 Now, tell us a little about yourself.
01:30 Myself? Huh, huh!
01:32 Where do you want me to start?
01:33 Let's talk about your credentials to
01:35 even be talking about RBF therapy,
01:37 which is righteousness by faith therapy.
01:40 Well, I'm a student of the Bible for one thing,
01:42 I studied my Bible on a regular basis,
01:44 but I also have a degree in mental health counseling.
01:47 So I work as a counselor. So you are.
01:50 So I know what works on the clinical setting.
01:52 I know what really heals people
01:53 by experience and by my own experience.
01:56 Praise God Yeah.
01:57 So when you think of Righteousness by Faith.
02:01 Let's back it up to where it became necessary?
02:05 Okay. Well, we have to ask three questions
02:08 when we're testing any psychological theory.
02:11 We've to ask three what, what is questions?
02:14 What is health? Okay.
02:15 What is the diagnosis and what is the cure?
02:19 So to begin with the, what is health question.
02:23 We've to have an idea, you know,
02:24 that we've fallen from our work somehow
02:27 not living up to or not in harmony with.
02:30 What is the idea? What is health basically?
02:33 According to scripture, God created us in His image.
02:37 We were created for a specific purpose of
02:39 being like Him in character and so true health
02:43 according to scripture is to be like Christ in character.
02:48 Yeah, to be like God in character.
02:50 It's perfect spiritual health.
02:51 That's right, Isaiah 43 says we were created
02:54 for His glory and so true health
02:57 is Christ within the hope of glory.
02:59 Amen. Amen.
03:00 So the second question is what is the diagnosis?
03:02 And that's where we're going to spend
03:03 the next few minutes on.
03:05 And we're going to look in Genesis Chapter 3.
03:08 I do a seminar that I've been doing
03:09 for probably 15 years called healing
03:12 in a wounds and the reason I put the seminar
03:15 together originally was because
03:17 I notice that people would go to church to get religion
03:20 and they would go somewhere else like
03:21 a twelve-step group or to a counselor to get help.
03:24 And I ask myself why they weren't getting
03:26 more help from religion itself?
03:28 And I thought may be there were some things
03:31 in religion that needed to be unburied possibly
03:35 that would bring the help that people
03:36 weren't getting the help in the health that they weren't
03:38 getting from their church experience.
03:40 And you know, it's so funny when you
03:41 think about the twelve-step program
03:43 and so many programs out there are
03:45 really modeled on Biblical principles.
03:48 They just leave God out of it.
03:50 Yeah, they often do.
03:51 Well, they don't leave God totally out,
03:52 but yeah they have been.
03:54 They have hijacked some Biblical principles
03:55 and they are helping some people,
03:57 so we can't deny the value of them,
03:59 but how much better if the church
04:02 was functioning as God designed it should.
04:05 So that we could lead people into
04:06 a full revelation of the truth.
04:09 But from Genesis Chapter 3 we're gonna get our diagnosis
04:12 we see in the garden that Eve is tempted to converse
04:16 with the serpent and then we see that she actually
04:19 partakes of the fruit and then her husband partakes
04:23 it as well and the place that I want to start is verse 7,
04:27 it says, the eyes of them both were opened,
04:29 and they knew that they were naked;
04:32 they knew that they were naked;
04:33 I believe that describes the experience of shame
04:35 and guilt that came upon Adam and Eve
04:38 when they realized that they were
04:40 now fallen that they had fallen into sin.
04:43 They lost that robe of light.
04:45 That's right, that's right. That was around them.
04:47 And I imagine that, that feeling was
04:50 quite overwhelming for them,
04:52 that they were quite alarmed by that.
04:55 I think of how Jesus died on the cross
04:57 really as a result of the physical ramifications
05:01 of bearing the guilt of the world.
05:03 And so I think we can reason from that the guilt
05:06 that Adam and Eve were experiencing
05:08 there in the garden was very uncomfortable for them.
05:11 And so we see what comes directly
05:13 out of that guilt experience was if they
05:16 sewed fig leaves together and made themselves
05:19 low in coverings, some translations say aprons
05:21 and any way they made
05:23 fig leaves garments for themselves.
05:25 In my, I add one thing. Yeah.
05:26 Because I know we're gonna talk about
05:28 fig leaves garments here in just a moment
05:29 that we do the spiritual things, but you know,
05:32 one of the other direct results of guilt.
05:35 When you feel guilty around someone there is
05:37 and avoidance syndrome. That's right.
05:39 You avoid them and that's what they did with God.
05:42 They were denying their true condition.
05:43 They were saying we can fix this, no problem.
05:45 Yeah, but even, don't you think they are still...
05:47 And little bit later down the road they did avoid God.
05:50 Yeah, it was kind of like when
05:51 he came there and said where are you?
05:53 They were still hiding even though
05:55 they were in their fig leaves, it's interesting?
05:57 That's right it didn't really work.
05:58 In another words their were own self-fixed
06:00 did not have the effect that they intended to have.
06:03 So I'm working from the premise that those
06:07 fig leaves represent self-righteousness
06:09 and that self-righteousness is in many respects
06:12 the mother load or the aorta of sin problem, because
06:16 all of these other things kind of float out of that.
06:19 We see the self-justifications,
06:21 self-righteousness in verse 7 and then you go on to
06:24 verse 8 and you see they have completely
06:26 misunderstood God at this point because
06:28 they are hiding behind the bush.
06:29 They don't realize, they don't recognize that
06:32 His love and He is coming redeem them.
06:34 Then you see anxiety in verse 9,
06:36 they are running away from God, you see,
06:38 that there is this blaming that takes place,
06:41 they are deflecting responsibility
06:43 from themselves and they are blaming one another.
06:46 You see them in that mode and then you also
06:47 see the animosity that came into their relationship,
06:50 the breakdown of their relationship
06:52 when they start to blame one another
06:53 and remember that only hours before you know,
06:57 Adams sells the creation into the hands
06:59 of the enemy because we're told he was not deceived
07:03 and then, that was just a few hours before
07:05 God came into the garden for Adam
07:08 to give an account to Him of what had happened
07:10 and Adam says it's the woman's fault hoping
07:13 that God will destroy the woman instead of him,
07:15 so that's how it only took a few hours
07:17 for his love for Eve to breakdown into willingness
07:21 to see her die in his place. It's interesting.
07:24 That's how fickle human love is.
07:26 And so we could see all of the relational problems,
07:28 the mood disorders we might say,
07:31 the just all the things that are wrong with us
07:34 kind of flowed out of that guilt
07:36 and then subsequent self-righteousness.
07:40 So that's her diagnosis and it's not a very pretty one.
07:43 Yes, and we know that Isaiah 64:6
07:47 he says that Isaiah again writes that
07:50 all of our righteousness
07:52 and I guess which defined righteousness.
07:55 Righteousness according to the Bible
07:57 is being in right standing with God
07:59 doing the things according to His way,
08:01 I guess you could say.
08:02 And so in Isaiah 64:6 he says all of our
08:06 righteousness is filthy rags before the Lord,
08:10 so to me that's the verse when people asked me
08:13 do you believe in righteousness by faith,
08:15 and I say well, that's the only...
08:16 That's the only kind of righteousness.
08:17 Only kind of righteousness that really
08:19 is because the best that man can do,
08:21 we can put all the fig leaves on us that we want,
08:24 but we can never be right with God
08:27 or being right standing with God by our own effort.
08:30 That's very good and I want to point out
08:32 something that I think is may be
08:33 a little different direction than some people take this.
08:36 We tend to see self-righteousness
08:37 as a religious problem, but I believe
08:40 that it's more basic than that,
08:41 it's more pervasive than that,
08:42 it's more universal than just religious people.
08:45 I think that there are many forms of
08:47 self-righteousness that human beings engage
08:50 and there are many attempts
08:52 at self-fixing that we are guilty.
08:55 I want to just outline a few of them.
08:57 A many different kinds of fig leaves,
08:59 we might have legalistic fig leaves in
09:01 religious circles where we're
09:02 trying work our way to heaven.
09:04 We're trying to gain God's approval
09:06 by doing certain good works.
09:08 We have hedonistic fig leaves as well though,
09:11 it's not just religious people that suffer
09:13 from this problem hedonistic self-fixes
09:16 would be trying to pleasure oneself
09:19 through the pleasures of the flesh,
09:21 lust, eating and drinking, substance abuse.
09:24 These are efforts to you know,
09:26 alleviate that inner sense of torment
09:29 that we have as results of sin, materialistic.
09:32 It's an interesting point. Yes, yes.
09:34 Well, think about it, you know,
09:36 the Publican and the Pharisee were in the temple
09:40 and the Pharisee's prayer was thank God
09:41 that I'm not like other man.
09:43 Many hedonistic people thank God
09:46 that they are not like religious people.
09:49 Because they think they are more loving
09:50 and accepting than religious people,
09:52 but really their heart is in exactly the same place
09:56 that the Pharisee's is heart is in.
09:57 Thank God that I'm not like other man,
09:59 so that essence of self-righteousness
10:01 is there in both of those cases,
10:03 it just has a little different manifestation.
10:05 Okay, then we have materialistic fig leaves,
10:07 you know, the accumulation of things,
10:10 the acquirement of things, money, possessions,
10:12 even aesthetics you know, wanting their
10:14 life to be just so having just that perfect
10:17 aesthetically pleasing or you know,
10:19 artistically pleasant life.
10:21 What about narcissistic fig leaves,
10:24 vanity, fashion, status, prestige,
10:26 you know, going after that ego lift,
10:28 that constant ego lift that really never get
10:31 satisfied because you always want more and more, and more.
10:34 What about nihilistic fig leaves.
10:36 This is not something we would typically think,
10:38 but some people become very self-destructive,
10:41 even suicidal and that's their attempt
10:44 to fix their state, that is kind of there,
10:47 you know, it's kind of inverse form of
10:49 narcissism where I'm trying to destroy myself,
10:52 taking upon myself something that really
10:54 belongs to God alone and that is my life.
10:57 What about emotionalistic fig leaves?
11:00 Looking for that emotional high.
11:02 Sometimes that perfect relationship,
11:04 which will give me that emotionally rich experience
11:07 or even a worship experience
11:09 that is emotionally stimulating,
11:11 looking for that experience constantly, so...
11:14 What about, would you think extreme sports
11:16 would fit into that. Very good.
11:18 Because they are always looking for that
11:21 adrenaline rush and that emotional high.
11:23 Very good, so you got what I'm saying
11:24 you know, these are our attempts at self-fixes,
11:27 so those fig leaves are legalistic,
11:29 hedonistic, materialistic, narcissistic,
11:31 nihilistic, or emotionalistic,
11:33 and I'm sure there is a billion other listics
11:35 we could add to the list, but we find well,
11:38 it kind of reminds me of word Ecclesiastic said,
11:42 man has sort out many inventions,
11:45 you know, we have come up with
11:47 a million different diversions,
11:49 a million different ways to avoid
11:52 the real issue which is that we are in a fallen
11:56 and condemned state and we need righteousness
11:59 and so we try to self-fix and we failed.
12:03 And you know, I think about in the
12:08 Christian world there are many people who,
12:12 you know, I'm a Seventh-day Adventist.
12:14 And some people say if you are an Adventist
12:18 and you follow the Ten Commandments
12:20 that you're legalistic and you're trying to
12:22 work your way to heaven, which, yeah,
12:25 that's what I say you is oh please.
12:26 And else from time to time, you hit someone
12:28 who sends me something and we'll say you know,
12:32 in the Old Testament, they knew that they
12:35 had to work their way to heaven and I don't know,
12:38 but that is... No. I never believed that's
12:39 a true statements at all because ...
12:41 Righteousness by faith is woven throughout scripture.
12:43 Throughout scripture. Yeah.
12:44 And I'm thinking right now and I just turned here
12:47 that in Jeremiah 23 verse 6, he says
12:53 "Now this is the name by which He'll be
12:55 called the Lord our righteousness
12:59 and that echoes to me 2 Corinthians 5:21
13:03 that God made him, who knew no sin,
13:06 to be sin for us; that we might become
13:09 the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus.
13:13 And so you know, I find so many scriptures
13:17 in the Old Testament that talk about I mean
13:20 they obliviously knew even in the sacrificial system,
13:27 they knew that there was a Savior coming
13:32 that there was an Attornment to be made
13:34 and they knew that they couldn't atone
13:36 for their own sins, there was always
13:37 a sacrificial death for their sin.
13:39 That's right And so...
13:40 The whole sanctuary system was pointing to a substitute,
13:44 you know, someone with the
13:46 outside source of righteousness.
13:48 Absolutely, so it's to me amazing
13:51 that people think that to keep God's commandments
13:54 which you said if you love me you will
13:57 is legalistic because certainly
13:59 I know that I cannot earn salvation
14:01 and then I cannot earn righteousness.
14:03 Well, there is a huge difference between God,
14:06 you know, the commandments still being
14:08 binding and the commandments,
14:10 keeping the commandments being meritorious.
14:13 Nothing we do has any merit before God,
14:15 but that doesn't mean that God
14:17 has now lowered His standard. Yeah.
14:19 You know, in fact we need that
14:20 high standard because it's through the
14:22 law that we recognize our need of Christ.
14:25 So, there are often times with my clients,
14:28 I'll just read Romans Chapter 7
14:30 to them and then we'll go into Romans Chapter 8,
14:32 I'll say this who you are, you know,
14:34 you're this Romans 7 man, you know.
14:36 This is where Paula is saying we'll always be,
14:38 He will save me from this body of death.
14:40 That's right, this body of death, that's right, so...
14:42 And then it begin with Romans 8
14:44 with now there is no condemned,
14:46 therefore, no condemnation
14:48 for those who are in Christ Jesus.
14:50 That's right, but people need to go through
14:52 that Romans 7 experience of recognizing
14:54 how far they fall short of God's standard before
14:59 they can even appreciate the Romans 8 experience
15:01 of now knowing that there is
15:03 a source of righteousness outside of them. Amen.
15:06 So I wanted to say these to though that there are
15:08 two sides to the fig leaves. Okay.
15:10 There is a front side and a back side.
15:12 So we're still on the
15:13 diagnosis part of this journey.
15:16 The front side of the fig leave
15:17 is the entitlement mentality.
15:19 I deserve, you know, God's blessings,
15:22 I deserve God's approval, because I'm so good.
15:26 But there is flip side of that.
15:27 Many people go through their lives feeling unworthy,
15:31 feeling sort of a pervasive, continual sense
15:34 of unworthiness and condemnation.
15:37 They believe however that if they can
15:39 just work hard enough or do enough
15:41 or reach that standard that they will
15:43 finally become worthy and really that's
15:46 coming from the same source that the
15:49 entitlement mentality comes from,
15:50 it's just the flip side of that fig leaves.
15:53 So I want to read a statement in response to that.
15:57 Nothing, but the righteousness of Christ
15:59 can entitled us to one of the
16:01 blessings of the covenant of grace.
16:04 There are many, many who have long desired
16:08 and tried to obtain these blessings,
16:11 but have not received them,
16:13 because they have cherished the idea
16:17 that they could do something
16:19 to make themselves worthy of them.
16:22 Christ is our only hope of salvation,
16:23 so let me, let me bow it
16:25 point that, people want the blessings.
16:28 They have tried to obtain, you know,
16:30 God's approval and all the blessings that come with it.
16:33 They have failed to obtain it
16:36 and the reason that they have failed
16:38 is because they have cherished the belief
16:41 that they can do something to make themselves worthy,
16:43 so the reason that they have failed
16:45 is because they have cherished self-righteousness.
16:49 I can generate righteousness from within myself
16:52 and effectively that blocks the channel
16:55 through which God can pour the blessings of grace.
16:59 They have blocked the channel of faith
17:00 because they are not reaching out to the
17:02 righteousness outside of them taking hold on that.
17:05 And we can look to the Pharisees and see that,
17:08 I mean here we're, if anyone had
17:10 a case of what I called the do mores
17:12 and every now and then I think we can all
17:15 fall into that where we think if
17:17 we can do just do more you know,
17:19 we're going to be made right with the Lord.
17:22 But the Pharisees certainly fell into that,
17:24 you know, where they had all the
17:26 scriptures memorized and they thought they were
17:29 so legalistic about every little detail
17:32 and had all these man made rules
17:34 thinking that they were going to be approved by God,
17:38 but they didn't even were recognized God
17:40 when He came in the flesh,
17:41 they had no personal relationship with Him.
17:43 There He was in their midst and they
17:45 didn't know who He was? Yeah.
17:47 And they wanted do they, in fact they
17:49 didn't just failed to recognize Him.
17:53 They hated Him and you know,
17:55 push the Roman powers to beat it, to crucify Him.
17:59 Amen. At great cost to themselves.
18:01 So it's amazing the animosity that was
18:04 manifested toward righteousness in human flesh
18:08 in the form of Jesus, you know,
18:10 they hated that righteousness that true righteousness
18:12 because they had so much righteousness of their own.
18:15 And we still see that the day there are
18:17 people who feel that they can do
18:19 something to earn God's love
18:22 or to earn what you said is worthiness,
18:25 I mean, on the flip side of that,
18:28 isn't it sad when there are people
18:29 who feel that they are completely
18:31 unworthy of His love you know.
18:33 And they are, you know, I tell people they are
18:37 unworthy in the sense they
18:38 cannot generate their worthiness.
18:41 But you know, God makes them worthy in Christ,
18:45 but it's not our own in it worthiness
18:48 that recommends us to God.
18:49 You know, I hate to mince words.
18:51 There is a difference between worthy and worth.
18:53 Yes, because, you know sometimes.
18:55 I knew you're gonna go there.
18:56 You knew it, because one of my pet peeves
18:59 is when people say, oh, I'm so unworthy,
19:01 I'm so unworthy like and if they want to say
19:03 I'm so undeserving, I agree with that totally.
19:06 But as far as the worth that God puts on them.
19:09 Once the Lord really shared this with me
19:11 to share every time I try to remember every time
19:14 I go out to speak because He told me to do this
19:17 and that is to say that you're worth nothing less
19:20 than the price that He paid for you
19:22 with the blood of His own son.
19:26 That's the worth God put on your life and so,
19:31 you know, the people who feel unworthy
19:33 it's not that we can generate anything, it's just
19:36 that we're undeserving of any of His blessings.
19:40 That's right, that's what I mean.
19:41 But God have put such great value on us.
19:46 That no one should feel unworthy.
19:48 We cannot make ourselves worthy of His blessings,
19:51 they are free gift and they will always be a free gift,
19:54 but that in no way should perform means
19:56 that we're not worth anything just because
19:59 we cannot generate our own worthiness.
20:02 We're always in a state of undeservingness,
20:04 but God gives anyway because God is giving you know,
20:08 righteousness is a free gift, we cannot earn it.
20:11 So I found this in a clinical setting
20:13 to be very powerful in healing.
20:15 In fact you know, the big buzz these days
20:18 in psychology circle is CBT cognitive behavioral therapy
20:22 and I love cognitive behavioral therapy,
20:24 I use it on a regular basis.
20:26 Explain with it because some don't know.
20:28 Cognitive behavioral therapy is basically
20:30 a systematic form of thought control
20:33 because what researches found was that
20:35 when people thought incorrect thoughts,
20:38 their emotions tended to track
20:41 with those incorrect thoughts,
20:43 so they develop the method of training people
20:46 to think correct rational thoughts,
20:49 so that their emotions will then begin to track
20:51 with those correct and rational thoughts.
20:53 And what they found is that mood
20:55 would lift people would feel better,
20:57 people especially with anxiety and depression
21:01 would start to feel better and be able to control that.
21:03 So I believe in cognitive behavioral therapy.
21:06 I'm a big fan of CBT, I use it,
21:08 but I'm an even bigger fan of RBFT
21:11 righteousness by faith therapy because it's just,
21:13 it's the message of His healing grace.
21:16 You know, when you are thinking about
21:18 CBT cognitive behavioral therapy.
21:21 I was just thinking that, that explains
21:23 why you know, the book that I've written
21:25 Exalting His Word like affirmation for
21:28 scripture that's what it's 2 Corinthians 10:4 and 5.
21:32 Casting down imagination.
21:34 Casting down those vain imaginations,
21:36 that's right, taking those thoughts captive.
21:38 And the only way you can really take
21:39 a thoughts captive is to replace
21:42 it with another thought. That's right.
21:43 If we're gonna take that thought captive
21:44 and make it obedient to the will of the Lord.
21:47 So as we confess scripture of our
21:49 life and speak scripture of our life that
21:52 practice really is a form I guess of CBT.
21:55 And the ultimate lie is that we can
21:59 generate our own righteousness.
22:01 And the ultimate healing truth is that not just
22:05 that we can generate our own righteousness,
22:08 but the bigger and more blessed truth
22:10 is that there is righteousness available
22:13 from an outside source and that is
22:14 Jesus Christ and he will give it to us freely.
22:16 And I want to make sure I give some balance.
22:19 Always because and I know you agree with this.
22:21 But 1 John, let me say 3:7 and 8.
22:25 I want to read this because we never want to give
22:28 an unbalanced message and this fits rightly
22:32 and perfectly though in 1 John 3:7 and 8 he says
22:35 "Little children, let no one deceive you he who practices
22:40 righteousness is righteous, just as he is righteous."
22:45 So there are some people here who try to use this scripture
22:49 and say well see that means that's not
22:53 righteousness by faith,
22:54 that means that, you know, you got...
22:55 You are generating your own righteousness.
22:57 But the point is that we've got to remember
23:00 righteousness I mean all of these scriptures
23:02 lined up that there is only righteousness by faith.
23:05 And what I believe is that as he has imputed
23:10 His righteousness to us which means
23:12 He credited to our account,
23:13 did away with that old account.
23:16 But then He imparts righteousness to us
23:19 and as He imparts as you say
23:21 Christ in His our hope of glory.
23:23 Colossians 1:27. As He imparts that
23:26 righteousness to us, this is what enables us,
23:30 empowers us to act righteously,
23:33 so when you have been made righteous by Christ,
23:37 you are going to Psalm 85:13 said,
23:40 you know, righteousness shall go before Him;
23:41 and make His footsteps a way to follow.
23:44 You are empowered to walk
23:47 in an upright way before the Lord.
23:49 Jesus said "He didn't come to
23:50 abolish the law but to fulfill it."
23:52 Amen. And so the Gospel...
23:53 That means to fill it to the full.
23:54 That's right so the Gospel
23:55 doesn't causes to do away with the law.
23:58 The law has its place in the process of
24:01 embracing righteousness by faith.
24:02 First of all the law shows us our need
24:05 of an outside source of righteousness
24:06 or shows us our need of the Savior
24:09 and so it drives us to the feet of Jesus
24:13 where we receive His righteousness
24:14 and then ultimately it's a faith that
24:16 works by love according to Galatians.
24:18 So we end up actually in our life fulfilling
24:22 the law of love and actually being empowered to obey Him,
24:26 something we never could have done.
24:28 Apart from His in flowed righteousness.
24:32 That's said in 2 Corinthians 12:9,
24:33 "His grace is sufficient, His powers made
24:36 perfect in our weakness". In weakness, Amen.
24:38 You know, I think of Romans Chapter 5 verses 1 and 2
24:42 "Therefore having been justified by faith,
24:44 we have peace with God through
24:46 our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom we also
24:49 have access by faith into this grace in which we stand,
24:54 and rejoice in the hope of the glory of God".
24:56 Now we talked at the beginning
24:57 of the program that the standard the
25:01 answer to the question, what is health?
25:04 Is that God created us for His glory,
25:07 so to be truly healthy is to glorify Him
25:10 to be like Him in character,
25:12 Christ within the hope of glory.
25:14 And so justification by faith according to
25:16 Romans 5:1 and 2 leads us to rejoice
25:20 in the hope of the glory of God.
25:21 Finally, I can get to the place
25:23 where I'm actually able to glorify God with my life.
25:26 I was falling down before every which way,
25:29 I was not successful, I was not victorious,
25:32 but when I embraced righteousness by faith,
25:34 the point isn't to let me off
25:36 the hooks, so I can live in sin.
25:37 The point is to empower me,
25:39 so that I can live in obedience.
25:40 Amen. Exactly. Amen.
25:42 And in that same chapter one of my favorite verse
25:44 is Romans 5:17, it says
25:46 "For if, by the one man offense,
25:48 speaking of Adam, death reigned through
25:51 the one much more those who receive abundance of grace
25:57 and of the gift of righteousness will reign
26:01 in life through the one, Jesus Christ."
26:05 Isn't that a beautiful promise
26:06 and that's why this is such an effective therapy
26:10 is because when someone's made aware
26:13 that they had received in abundance of grace
26:16 and the gift of righteousness.
26:17 It puts them in that position
26:19 to reign with Christ, if you are Christ.
26:21 And you know, to make people actually
26:24 safe to save is a miracle. Amen.
26:27 I mean can you imagine bringing
26:29 sinners into heaven right now,
26:30 we defiles heaven all over again.
26:32 But God is in the process of making
26:33 us safe to save just like what you just read.
26:37 So we'll reign in life and we can do it
26:39 responsibly and consciously because
26:41 we've been restored to God's image.
26:42 Now, we only have a minute left,
26:44 tell me in your practice. Yes.
26:45 You've been using. Yes.
26:47 Righteousness by faith therapy. Yeah.
26:48 What kind of results have you seen?
26:50 I'll give you one, I had a client who
26:51 had been coming to therapy for 15 years
26:54 trying to get help and one of the things
26:56 we did was CBT, but also he came to me
26:58 one day and he said I'm not allowed
27:01 to witness to my clients in every contact,
27:03 so I looked on his intake form
27:05 and he said that he that faith was a big part
27:07 of his life and so I asked him about the faith.
27:09 And he said, oh, yes, I believe in God,
27:11 God is so Holy, God is so amazing.
27:14 He said I try to earn God's favor everyday.
27:17 I try to earn His forgiveness everyday.
27:18 I've the privilege of sharing with this man
27:21 of a forgiving Savior from whom you cannot
27:25 earn righteousness to share this message
27:27 that we've been talking about.
27:29 And I had the privilege of doing that
27:30 and in eight sessions he was feeling better
27:33 after 15 years of attending therapy.
27:35 Praise the Lord. Yeah, that's the miracle.
27:37 So Jennifer we're so glad. Yeah.
27:40 I can't believe how time flies when you are here,
27:42 but we're so thankful that
27:43 you came today to share this with us.
27:46 Praise God. It's a wonderful message.
27:48 I do want to remind you that the message
27:52 of righteousness by faith is the message of
27:55 God's healing grace and it will
27:57 instill mental and spiritual health.
28:01 Now please remember that you too as Romans 5:17 says,
28:06 "Can reign in life through Jesus Christ".


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