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00:01 I guess it wouldn't surprise, if I told you that there is
00:03 consequences to every action that we make and
00:06 today on Issues & Answers we are going to
00:09 be talking about the consequences that
00:12 womankind have suffered because of the original sin
00:16 of Eve, but we're also gonna talk about how those
00:20 consequences returned into a blessing in
00:23 Jesus Christ. Please join us.
00:50 Hi, I'm Shelley Quinn we are so glad that you're
00:52 joining us today on Issues & Answers.
00:55 We are gonna be talking about how Jesus turns
00:58 the curse into a blessing. And you know, that
01:00 reminds me of the scripture from Isaiah
01:02 chapter 61. I'm actually gonna begin in verse 2.
01:06 He says, he is talking about how the spirit of
01:08 the Lord was upon him. And he says, to proclaim
01:11 the acceptable year of the LORD and the day of
01:15 vengeance to comfort all who mourn to console
01:19 those who mourn and sign to give them beauty
01:22 for ashes. The oil of joy for mourning, the
01:25 garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness that
01:28 they maybe called Trees of Righteousness.
01:32 The planting of the LORD and that they made by glorified.
01:37 Isn't that a beautiful promise from God's word.
01:40 Well, please help us, welcome today our very
01:43 special guest. She has a master in Human Services.
01:46 She is also a national certified counselor.
01:49 The Christian counselor Jennifer Jill Schwirzer.
01:52 Good to be here. Jennifer, we're always
01:55 pleased to have you and tell us a little bit for those
01:58 you've been on 3ABN quite often, but many
02:00 people don't know who you are. So, tell us little
02:02 bit about your ministry. Okay, I have a teaching,
02:07 writing, music actually and counseling ministry.
02:12 Okay, and you went back to school
02:13 recently you kind of did a Raise a couple of kids.
02:16 A carrier change didn't you. Did lot of the traveling
02:19 and speaking type stuff, while my kids were
02:21 growing up and then once they were launched then
02:23 I needed a full-time job. So, I went back to school
02:26 and got Masters in Mental Health Counseling.
02:28 Okay, and now you that is, what's your practice is?
02:31 Is you are working with people, but you're a
02:33 Christian counselor, which means what?
02:35 It means that God comes into the therapy process
02:38 and that you know, when, when man fell into sin.
02:41 He created a God size problem. And, so I don't
02:44 pretend that I can help people fix their problems
02:47 or that I can fix their problems for them.
02:49 Because their problems are bigger then any of us.
02:51 Can, can manage, but God in the process can,
02:54 can provide what they need. You know, I know that
02:57 you and I've discussed before my husband was
02:59 working on his doctorate in psychology, when he quit
03:02 school and he took years to get that programming out of
03:06 his brain basically. Now, what he uses a scripture
03:10 to counsel with and I believe that's what you
03:13 do a lot too, isn't it? A lot of scripture, yeah
03:14 lot of Biblically based counseling. Amen.
03:17 Because that's where the, the truth is.
03:18 I mean there is some really good stuff in the
03:20 field of psychology, it's not all you know,
03:23 nonsense. There's some really good thinking that's gone
03:25 on some good research, but you know there is a quotation
03:29 that I think is inspired it says, man, man's word if
03:32 of any value echo the words of God. Amen.
03:35 And, so sometime science even the social sciences
03:38 echo the words of God, but why not go direct the source?
03:40 Amen, I like that. Yeah. Well, today, we're gonna
03:43 be talking about the consequences of visiting
03:47 the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and you
03:52 know I always tell people that the fruits on that tree
03:55 there were two different fruits. One that say, this's
03:57 good, this is evil. But, it was the idea of man
04:02 trying to decide when God told him don't touch
04:05 this tree; don't eat of that tree in the garden that
04:09 essentially God didn't want them to try to figure
04:12 out, what was good for them or what was bad for them?
04:14 Because that's God's job. And so this was kind
04:18 of a test of their loyalty to him. That's right.
04:20 And, when Eve succumbed to the temptations put
04:25 before her by the devil. The Lord did something,
04:28 let's talk about that. Let's read it first
04:31 okay, Genesis chapter 3 and starting in verse.
04:35 Well, it's verse 16. "To the woman he said,
04:37 I will greatly multiply your pain in childbirth
04:40 and pain you shall bring forth children, yet
04:42 your desire shall be for your husband and he
04:45 will rule over you." So, there is three parts to that
04:51 proclamation that God made. One is that, she
04:53 would have pain in childbearing.
04:55 The second is that, her desire would be for her
04:59 husband. And the third is that he would rule over her.
05:03 What I have done in the study that we're gonna be
05:05 talking about now, is I have shown how that has
05:08 come to pass globally for women that they have
05:12 all kinds of pain in, in childbearing. And in the,
05:15 not just the physical process of childbearing,
05:18 but the whole process of caring for people, raising
05:20 children women are more often caretakers, the
05:23 whole process have been kind of the caretakers,
05:25 women suffer much within those context.
05:29 And then the desire that women have for her
05:32 husbands approval in the garden of Eden, but that
05:34 can be expanded to include you know, the
05:37 general impulse that women have in the drive
05:40 that women have to acquire male approval,
05:43 and I have seen this over-and-over again in
05:45 myself and in another women and then the third
05:48 part of that is that he would rule over her.
05:51 So, that's a talking about male dominance.
05:53 So, there are those three aspects to this
05:56 consequence that was pronounced upon women
05:57 and I just want to show statistically, how that's
06:00 come to pass, but I wanna ask people to stay with
06:03 this program until the end because it will be
06:05 very discouraging for a period of time, it look
06:08 very dark, at the end we will see what God's
06:10 intensions were that ultimately he did want to
06:14 turn this curse into a blessing.
06:16 Yeah, and he wasn't let's call it the consequence
06:18 more than a curse because we know that.
06:19 He didn't directly curse. He curse the serpent,
06:21 he curse the ground. Right. But to man and women
06:24 he just said this with the consequences.
06:26 And I believe I'm kind of reading ahead here,
06:29 you tell if I'm wrong. Okay. But some of the statistics
06:32 that you're going to be sharing with us. Right.
06:35 Are directly related, but I don't think there were
06:38 God's intensions so much as the devil took
06:41 advantage or man took advantage. Amen.
06:43 Of that situation, is that correct?
06:45 Can I read, read something right on that point?
06:47 Yes. Okay, this is from Ellen White and I believe,
06:50 it was, it's an inspired statement.
06:53 Had the principles in joined in the love God
06:55 had been cherished by the fallen race.
06:56 This sentences speaking of what I just read.
07:00 The growing out of the results of sin would have
07:02 proved a blessing to them, but man's abuse of
07:06 the supremacy does given him has too often render
07:10 the lot of women very bitter and made her life a burden.
07:13 Amen. So, there was this consequence of sin that
07:18 came, God would have turned it into a blessing,
07:21 but instead because of man's abuse of the supremacy.
07:26 Right. Women's slot has been made very bitter,
07:28 So, yes God has good intension toward us.
07:32 He wasn't, he wasn't saying this is how I want things
07:35 to be for you. He was saying this is a consequence of
07:38 what you did, but God always turns these things
07:41 into a blessing in Christ. Amen. Amen.
07:45 Let's talk about the pain in childbearing.
07:46 And again I want to expand it to
07:48 include not just women actually giving birth to a
07:51 child, which is very painful. I have two children with
07:54 no anesthesia and I can tell you, it is painful,
07:56 but it's not just that it's the whole process of
07:59 nurturing people and being you know, being a
08:01 mother to various people, which we find ourselves
08:04 in that role very often. But, let's talk about, but
08:07 both really. The birth rate, the global birth rate 134
08:11 million babies a year child deaths 10.6 million
08:15 a year, that's a lot of deaths. It is.
08:18 Pregnancy and childbirth deaths of the women
08:20 1 million a year. Postpartum depression 10 to 40 million
08:25 women a year, a roughly one women dies every
08:28 minute as a result of pregnancy complications
08:30 and childbirth. Of course the majority of these are,
08:33 it's amazing, in developing countries so thank God
08:35 because of medical science we're able to
08:38 make the childbirth process much safer.
08:42 But, what about the single mothers, a lot of women
08:44 bearing the burden of raising children on their
08:47 own 10 million in the US, 82.5 millions mothers of
08:52 all kinds and up from 3 million in 1970.
08:55 So, there is an increasing number of single mothers
08:57 women. Caring the responsibilities of both
09:01 father and mother on their own this is put a lot
09:04 of pressure on women. Amen. It's very difficult.
09:07 Yes. So, there is a pain in childbearing and, and,
09:09 I would expand that to include all of the things
09:12 women do by way of caretaking. When the
09:14 parent's age start to break down, who is the one
09:17 that ends up dealing with the, with the aging parent
09:20 with dementia, that ends up helping through that
09:22 process, that ends up being their for those
09:24 parents most often it's the women. So, this is one of
09:27 the things that came as a result of sin.
09:30 So, women in their caregiver roles have
09:33 bared, born a lot of the burden and the lot of
09:36 suffering has come because of that.
09:38 That's right, that's right. So, what about the idea
09:39 of the women's desire for her husband?
09:42 Yeah, that's the one that's really intriguing to me.
09:44 What is that mean that you, you'll have this
09:46 longing desire and that that word isn't used very
09:49 often in scripture in it. It really means this intense
09:52 you know, this craving toward the man that the
09:56 women would have. So, I was thinking about that
09:59 and, and I did little research on women.
10:01 You know, women's brains have half the
10:03 serotonin that men's, that men's brains have.
10:05 Really. They are more prone to depression and anxiety
10:08 disorders related to that. So, that's one thing more
10:13 prone to what we call the neurotic disorders, but
10:16 I think partly as a result of that and just because of
10:19 sort of the innate qualities of being female.
10:23 Women are more prone to codependency.
10:25 I don't know, if you've heard that term, it's a term that
10:28 thrown around a lot. Let me, let me read a
10:30 definition of codependency that I
10:31 think is an excellent one. Codependent relationship
10:34 is a relationship in which one person loses their
10:37 individuality to another. Codependent people
10:41 frequently engage an enabling behaviors.
10:44 An enabling behaviors are doing for someone
10:47 things they could and should do for themselves.
10:50 So, women often find themselves in
10:52 Relationships, where they are losing their
10:54 individuality to another person and very often it's
10:58 to a man and I think it's because of this longing
11:01 desire for bail approval. And, and I you know,
11:05 I've seen it over-and-over again.
11:07 Clinically, I have seen it in friends;
11:09 I've seen it in people that women will do really self
11:13 destructive and sometimes just stupid
11:15 things out of desire to get the approval of the man
11:19 in their life. This is an entirely bad thing, but it,
11:22 but it goes really bad in the context of a
11:25 relationship that is not Christ Centered, so.
11:28 Yes, because if it is a Christ Centered
11:31 relationship being submissive to a man is easy
11:37 because if the husband is a truly loving the wife as
11:41 Christ love the church. Yeah. Doesn't mean that
11:44 he is ruling over her so much as his guiding
11:48 in a woman can, servant leadership
11:49 it's a servant leadership. That's right, that's right.
11:51 But, then when the man is not in that situation and a
11:55 women is, is acquiescing to his every desire.
12:00 I have seen a lot of women who totally
12:03 lost their individuality. Yeah, yes. You know,
12:05 I have done a lot thinking about this and I, I have
12:08 asked myself, why is it that women crave this
12:12 approval for men? Why, why what is kind of
12:14 under opining that whole phenomenon. Now, really
12:17 sure, I understand it fully, but I know that from
12:20 research that there is this thing called the Male
12:22 Preference Phenomenon. We tend a few man is
12:26 more competent than women, even when it's
12:28 not so. Research was done with 360 college
12:32 students, a 180 male and 180 female. So, an equal
12:35 mix of male and female, they were given an
12:38 academic article and it was the same article that
12:41 each person was given, but they were signed by
12:43 either a male name, a female name or initials.
12:47 So, the people that got the essay looked at and read
12:50 the article and saw that either a man had written
12:53 it or a women had written it or they didn't know,
12:55 who it which had written it. And what was found
12:58 was that the article written by a male was
13:00 evaluated more favorable then if
13:03 the author was not male. So, there is just tendency
13:06 we have to think that man have it more together,
13:09 it's just, it's just, just human nature.
13:12 And, I think that's part of this whole mix and
13:14 I think that that's part of what's fueled, the next step
13:17 in the series of consequences of sin
13:19 and that's male dominance. So, if we could talk about
13:22 that phenomenon. Please. Women are at an educational
13:25 disadvantage globally, Women are socially and
13:27 politically weaker obvious. Women are the primary
13:31 victims of the sex trade. Women are the primary
13:34 victims of domestic abuse. Women are the primary
13:37 victims of rape. Women are the primary victims of
13:39 sexual abuse just on the domestic abuse point.
13:42 Women are victims of domestic abuse in, in home
13:47 you know, where there is a man and women 95
13:49 percent of the time there is abuse, it's perpetuated
13:51 by the male upon the female. This poses a whole a
13:54 series of questions, when there is two males in a
13:57 relationship we have lot of domestic abuse in Gay
14:00 Male Marriages, but that's just on the side.
14:03 Women on domestic abuse between one
14:06 quarter and one half of women have been abused.
14:10 Worldwide 40 to 70 percent of female
14:13 motive victim are killed by an intermit partner.
14:16 And this is true across all social economic religious
14:19 and cultural groups. Now, this is an amazing little
14:23 piece of information here, get ready for this.
14:25 This was in from 1980. In 1980, half of the world's
14:29 population roughly have the women of the world.
14:33 Did two thirds of the world work made one
14:36 tenth of the world's income and on one, one
14:40 hundredth of the world's property. So, has not this
14:46 proclamation that God made in
14:48 Genesis 3 come true in the lives of women and
14:51 you know, I'm not a affirming at the mouth
14:52 feminist you know, I don't have agenda,
14:54 I'm not a man hater, I'm just looking at the
14:57 facts. God's said this what happen and it's happening.
15:00 But, what I want to say about that is, it was not
15:04 what he meant to happen. Amen. Amen, you get what I'm.
15:07 I know that, yeah absolutely. Yes, there is a danger of
15:10 looking at this thing as if God wanted women to
15:14 suffer in this manner and it is most certainly not the
15:17 case and that's why, I ask people to stay with the
15:19 program until the end. I want to this, and I want
15:22 to say at loud and clear that God turns the
15:24 curse into a blessing or, exactly.
15:26 The consequences of sin into a blessing,
15:28 everything reverses in Christ. This is a Biblical
15:30 principle, I called it the much more principle,
15:33 if sin abounded grace did much more abound.
15:37 We can see this principle in several things
15:40 throughout the redemption story.
15:41 One is the cross itself. The very worse thing that
15:44 could ever happen, humanity crucifying their
15:47 creator and redeemer. The very worse thing that
15:49 could happen. God made it into the best thing
15:52 that ever happen. Exactly. The Cross the greatest
15:54 manifestation of God's love that the universe is
15:56 ever seen. So, God take the curse transit into a
15:59 blessing. We can see in the fact that this, this
16:02 planet the one benighted planet in the universe, the
16:05 one planet that descendent into sin.
16:07 Is going to become you know, the center of the
16:09 universe in the sense that, that the unfallen beings
16:12 were look here to get and gain and greater
16:14 understanding of God's character. So, we have
16:16 see that much more principle. God is constantly in the
16:20 process of redeeming our failures, redeeming the
16:24 fall out of sin and, and turning the
16:26 curses into blessing. And, it's just really
16:28 exciting to me that, that he is that way and so,
16:31 what I have see in, in, in you know, this principle
16:34 in this context is that God never designed for
16:37 women to suffer like this. And I read a quotation to
16:40 that affect. A moment ago, but let me read
16:43 another one, if I could. Please. This is about the
16:46 whole concept of male dominance. Some people
16:48 look at this curse in Genesis and they say
16:51 well, you know, I'm gonna dominate my wife.
16:53 Listen to this, it's very interesting. Man must be
16:57 under the rule of Christ that he may represent the
16:59 relation of Christ to the church. If he is course,
17:03 rough, boisterous, echo deistical harsh, and
17:06 overbearing man, let him never utter the words
17:10 that the husband is the head of the wife.
17:12 Oh! It's good. And then she must submit
17:14 to him in everything for he is not the Lord,
17:17 he is not the husband in the true
17:19 significance of the term. Amen.
17:22 Is it not a draw, dropper? That's a great one
17:24 But, getting back to this much more principle.
17:26 It, it was God's design that this, this terrible
17:30 incident of the fall into sin in Eden.
17:33 Would be transformed by his transforming grace
17:37 into something really beautiful and so God
17:39 wants women within, he doesn't take the
17:42 consequences of sin away, but he redeems the
17:44 consequences of sin. So, in the consequences of
17:48 a Godly marriage for instance with a servant
17:50 leader for a husband and women can have, have a
17:53 totally different experience then this you know, male
17:56 domination that I was describing a minute to go.
17:58 You know, this is when you see around the world
18:01 people, who were Christianity is a sin that
18:04 women's plaque has been better. And even, but even
18:09 within the church there are some who have taken
18:12 Ephesians chapter 5. In particularly verse 22,
18:16 where it says, wife had submit to your own
18:18 husbands. Some men have take that as I will
18:22 dominate you know, and they forget that in verse 21.
18:26 It says, submitting to one another in the fear of God.
18:29 But, as Paul goes on and he is talking about
18:33 husbands you should love your wife like you do
18:37 your own body. And husbands are to love their
18:39 wife's like Christ loves the church.
18:42 When you think about that Christ was ready to
18:45 die for the church. And it is all about the servant
18:48 leadership and then the idea of submission is
18:52 more the way I explain it anyways.
18:54 It's a response to sacrifice. It is, in the way I explain
18:57 is you know, anytime if, if a creature has two heads
19:03 we would agree that is some kind of a monster
19:05 belongs in a circus. Umm! Umm!
19:07 So, in a marriage God knew, that you could
19:09 have this marriage unit with two heads.
19:13 And he gave the husband this authority, but he also
19:16 gave as head of the household but he also gave him
19:20 so much accountability to God. And then if the
19:25 husband though is lined up underneath God as the
19:29 head, the wife is the neck that turns the head you know.
19:33 That's interesting. That's how I look at it is
19:35 that she influences the husband in turning the
19:38 head, but I often will tell people J.D.
19:43 is very easy. It our, it's very easy for me to be
19:47 submissive to him. Because he loves me in
19:51 such a way he has my best interested at heart.
19:55 He is not trying to control me to say, were you can't
19:58 do this or you could do this. He wants me to
20:01 become all that I can't be it's that
20:04 much more principle. You know, when you're
20:06 talking about that I was thinking how Jesus said
20:09 in John 10:10; that the thief comes only to steal
20:13 to kill and destroy, but I have come that they
20:15 might have life and have it more abundantly.
20:18 I would like to speak to women, who might be
20:21 single or not married and so, how did they see,
20:23 how God can turn the curse into a blessing and
20:25 that the context of their lives. And I, I think of
20:29 being involved in the church, okay for instance
20:31 or, or being involve in society. A lot of times
20:33 women are marginalized or they are not in the
20:36 circle of privilege sort of speak. They might
20:38 experience has been left out because of you know,
20:41 male dominance and this type of thing.
20:44 And that might even happen in the church, but
20:46 you know, the thing is that God can use women
20:48 outside of orthodox channels. For instance
20:52 Mary Magdalene you know, she was constantly put down
20:56 from what I can gather from scripture by the
20:58 disciples because she was a women, because of her
21:01 past and for whatever reason and yet Jesus was
21:04 able to use her more than use any other disciple and
21:07 issued a compliment to her beyond any
21:09 complement that he gave any disciple.
21:11 And in other words God used her even though she
21:14 didn't get the recognition maybe that a man would
21:17 have gotten. And, so I see God doing this type
21:20 of thing you know, he doesn't necessarily
21:22 change our circumstances many women are in
21:24 situations were they are dominated unfairly, but
21:27 God can even you know, turns, turn things around
21:31 within the context of that circumstance.
21:33 Amen. But, I should say that we should try for
21:36 something better and I think that's you made that
21:38 point a minute ago that in our culture here in the
21:41 U.S for instance. Women are on the whole treated
21:44 more fairly than in other parts of the world.
21:46 I think the only thing that can explain that is the
21:49 influence of the gospel. Now, the church is in
21:52 always correct in his position on things, but
21:55 where, wherever the gospel is, wherever the
21:57 spirit of God is then women and children and
22:00 any, any kind of vulnerable individual
22:02 would be treated better. And, so that explains why
22:05 women have more rights in a gospel influenced society.
22:08 I agree one hundred percent. Yeah, yeah.
22:10 Now, when you, have you dealt with any of your
22:13 clients, who were perhaps in an abusive relationship
22:20 either verbally abusive or just where a husband was
22:24 very domineering and controlling.
22:26 Oh! Absolutely, but I should, it's so this is
22:29 claimer that are, I think I probably have as many
22:33 marriage situations where the women is the abusive one.
22:37 Usually not physically abusive or, or in
22:41 my practice never I heard I known a physically
22:43 abusive wife, but verbally and emotionally abusive.
22:46 It, it does happen. So, it doesn't only go one way,
22:50 but women more often as I read a moment to go
22:52 find themselves in those abusive situations, so.
22:55 And, how do you counsel someone because. Yeah.
22:57 I know, that there are probably people who are
22:59 watching right now. Who are in this situation and
23:03 they feel that and, and we just want to understand,
23:06 God didn't pronounce the curse on the women, he
23:08 just said these are the consequences of your sin,
23:11 but he did intend it to be a blessing that a women
23:16 would be protected by a husband.
23:18 And unfortunately the abuses of men, mankind.
23:23 It has, it has turned up otherwise. So, how would
23:26 you encourage someone maybe who today is
23:30 suffering under that kind of a domineering situation.
23:34 Okay, very, very good question.
23:37 I would just encourage women to care for themselves
23:40 you know, you can't prove self, selfishness
23:45 from the Bible that, that selfishness was a good
23:47 thing you can't prove that, pride is the good thing
23:50 but you can prove that self care is an appropriate
23:52 and a good thing. As adults, no one else is
23:55 gonna take care of us, if we don't take care of
23:57 ourselves. So, it's, it is a difficult question to
24:00 answer because some women can survive apart
24:02 from you know, their marriage that the maybe
24:05 financially, maybe they have many children and
24:07 this really not gonna work for them to live or maybe
24:10 things would have to get a lot of worse for them to
24:11 live there lot of questions that have to answer.
24:13 So, each individual situation is different,
24:16 but I would say that if a women is in an abusive
24:19 relationship, and she has to aware with all to be
24:22 outside of that relationship that she should definitely
24:25 physically separate from a physically abusive man
24:29 and then emotionally separate from an emotionally
24:31 abusive man and the same thing is true of a husband
24:35 who is being emotionally abuse by his wife.
24:37 Most often women don't physically abuse their
24:39 husbands, but it does happen. But, if there is an abuse,
24:42 there should be separation that is just,
24:44 it is the best thing to do for the individual that is
24:48 doing the abusing. What is often confused in
24:51 minds of people in abusive situation?
24:53 As they thing it's true Christianity to submit to
24:55 that abuse. And, they look at the cross of Jesus as
24:58 evidenced for that for instance, but what they
25:01 don't remember is that Jesus try to escape his,
25:04 his perpetrators and he did successfully.
25:07 Escape them couple of times, when they try to
25:09 stone him and then once they try to thrown over
25:11 cliff and he escaped. It wasn't until the cross that
25:14 he allow that abuse, but it was in the context of him,
25:16 laying down his life for the salvation of humanity.
25:19 So, he was accomplishing a greater good.
25:22 What women in abusive situations are doing much
25:25 of the time is, is not accomplishing good at all,
25:27 but they were rather enabling their husbands,
25:29 they need to issue a warning call to that
25:32 individual. It would be in his best interest for them
25:35 to separate from him to give him that warning call.
25:38 So, so if they are going to be truly unselfish thing,
25:41 they need to given unmistakable message to
25:43 that person, who is doing the abusing and separate
25:45 themselves from. To let the person know,
25:47 that this is an unacceptable behavior.
25:48 That's right. And then of course she
25:50 would recommend getting counsel.
25:52 Amen. Amen, because. Yeah. You know, you can't
25:56 expect, I had of relative who is married to a very
26:01 abusive person. Yeah. Who would put her in the
26:04 hospital a number of times and each time
26:07 promised, it would never happen again.
26:09 And I really saw her suffer the battered woman
26:12 syndrome. I didn't believe in it,
26:14 actually tell I saw her and knew her so well.
26:17 So, well we are almost out of time Jennifer.
26:21 It's just amazing. I want to thank you for being here
26:24 with us again today. And for bringing these,
26:26 this matter to our attention, but I also want
26:30 to just to encourage you to remember that when
26:35 God said this is the way it was gonna be.
26:38 He also said that his son came for the purpose of
26:43 doing away with sin. And he does want to turn our
26:47 curses into blessings. He wants to turn, into
26:51 laughing; he wants to turn your ashes to the oil of joy.
26:56 And if you think about the abundant life that God
27:00 has to offer and if you look to him for all of the
27:04 answers. He will give you the way out,
27:09 That's his promise to you. Amen.
27:11 So, Jennifer thank you, so much again for coming.
27:14 And I hope you will comeback and see us again.
27:17 Yeah. You know, I just have to add one last thought.
27:19 Sure. I was thinking about how God, when the
27:24 suffering and when you're talking, but how the
27:25 suffering turns to joy. When a woman who goes
27:29 through all these pain birth or pain at child
27:33 birth, when they put that little baby in her arms.
27:36 That I went through twice. And that is when.
27:39 These all worthy, turn into joy.
27:41 Amen. And then they don't even, I mean they
27:43 don't really worry about having another baby later
27:45 on because they know the joy of the Lord.
27:47 Amen. Amen, for all of you at home, we pray that
27:52 you're in a healthy relationship and it all
27:54 begins with having a healthy relationship and
27:57 intimate relationship with a Lord Jesus Christ.
28:00 Now, may the grace of our Lord Jesus, the love
28:03 of the father and the fellowship of the
28:05 Holy Spirit be with you today and always.


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