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00:01 Hi, are you like me, you know, you want exercise
00:03 more. May be eat healthier and spend more
00:06 time in the word of God, but you just can't
00:09 seem to get motivated. Well join us today for
00:12 Issues & Answer, because today. We're gonna be
00:15 talking about, how to get
00:17 that proper motivation going.
00:45 Hi, I'm Shelly Quinn and we're so glad that you're
00:47 joining us today for Issues & Answers.
00:49 We're gonna be talking about getting motivated
00:52 and I'm like to share one of my favorite scriptures
00:55 with you, because somehow I think this surprise
00:57 in Ephesians 2:10 Paul write and says,
01:01 for we that you and me are His workmanship,
01:06 God's handy work. His work of art, created in
01:11 Christ Jesus for Good works, which God prepared
01:15 before hand that we should walk in them,
01:19 and you know, we all know that they are certain
01:22 good works and good things, that we're be
01:24 doing and sometimes we sit around and say.
01:27 I just don't feel motivated, but today
01:30 we've a very special guest. She's going to
01:33 tell us, how to over come this and her name is
01:36 Jennifer Jill Schwirzer. Jennifer, we're so glad
01:39 that you're here and I know that you've a
01:43 Masters in Human Services and you're a certified
01:46 Christian counselor. Aren't you?
01:48 Umm! Umm! And we're so glad that
01:50 you've come today to talk us about that.
01:52 Great to be here, I'm really excited.
01:53 I wanna ask you a little bit about your ministry, tell us.
01:56 Tell us about yourself. Okay, well I started
01:59 out doing a lot of, I mean musician,
02:01 I did lot's of singing then I got into
02:03 writing and presenting seminars do that for many
02:05 years and then finally, that's a second half in
02:07 my life career decided to get into counseling.
02:10 So, I went back to graduate school got them
02:12 answers and counseling and I've a counseling
02:14 practice on top of all that other stuff.
02:16 That's wonderful do, why did you choose
02:19 getting motivated.
02:20 Well, I've see that it's a common clinical
02:23 presentation a lot of people come to counseling
02:26 and need to get motivated. They just
02:28 can't seem to get themselves, you know,
02:31 off their chair and into action so.
02:33 It's a common presentation.
02:35 Do you have a definition for motivation?
02:37 Well, we're gonna get into that.
02:38 Okay. But, I wanted to say
02:40 that. You know, I see a lot of people coming in
02:42 and usually it has to with things like,
02:45 needing to change their diet. They no, they need
02:47 to eat healthier or they no need to exercise.
02:50 Often time's people have a difficult time getting
02:52 motivated to clean their house. Sometimes it's
02:55 religious devotions; people want to be close
02:57 being God. They wanna have a spiritual
02:58 experience, but they can't seem to get
03:00 themselves to self discipline enough to get
03:03 up early in the morning and spend that hour with
03:05 God and so these kinds of things are very
03:08 common motivation issues and so, we really had
03:11 to kind of sort through. You know, what's going
03:13 on their in minds and try to find something that
03:16 works for them so. I thought that,
03:18 we could talk about it.
03:19 I think it's wonderful. Yeah.
03:20 Because I know, I can identify with that.
03:22 There are times that, you go through a time in
03:26 your life where you're exercising regularly.
03:28 You feel really wonderful what you are.
03:31 Umm! And then something
03:33 breaks the rhythm that you've going.
03:35 Yeah. And it's so hard to
03:37 get going again, even .though you start feeling
03:39 poorly. That's right.
03:40 And you think well, I know if just getup and
03:43 exercise. Umm! Umm!
03:44 I feel better, but it is interesting how we can
03:47 sometimes not have the discipline.
03:49 We need to getup and get going.
03:51 You've it one period and then you fall away and
03:53 then you need to get backup and going.
03:55 But you just can't seem to get there.
03:56 Amen. But the reality is it
03:58 everybody is motivated, whether people think
04:01 they're motivated or not everybody is motivated to
04:04 do something and what we say in psychology is
04:06 all behaviors operative. There is something we are
04:09 trying to achieve in all behavior, either avoiding
04:13 something that we don't like or getting something.
04:16 We do like all behavior is really pretty much
04:19 motivational so. People that say, they're not
04:21 motivated really are motivated, but they're
04:24 motivated to do things like eat lot of junk food
04:26 or sit in front of the TV and watch TV or
04:30 you know avoid something unpleasant or difficult.
04:33 I don't like working out a conflict in
04:35 relationship, they're really motivate to avoid that you know.
04:38 So, you know, I used the terminology,
04:42 that motivation means it's a motive for
04:45 actions. That's right.
04:46 And basically, at this point, if I don't wanted
04:50 to get out and exercise or say I'm not
04:52 motivated to exercise, that's true, my motive
04:54 for the action of staying in my chair,
04:57 if you will, that's right, is because I am willing
05:00 avoid the strain of the work, that's right,
05:02 maybe just sweating, that's right, and sore
05:04 muscles. That's right, so you're
05:06 motivated to do something.
05:07 You're motivated to avoid exercising.
05:09 Okay. So, motivation is
05:11 always a work. The way we say it in
05:13 Psychobabble is all behaviors operative.
05:16 There is something we're trying to get out of that
05:19 behavior, either avoiding something or achieving
05:22 something or getting something.
05:23 Okay. All behaviors operative!
05:25 Well, let's talk about some of the psychobabble
05:27 theories is if you will. Okay, I hope,
05:31 I can use that term loosely, some people that
05:33 I speak English and I'm fluent in psychobabble so.
05:36 Okay.
05:37 One of the most popular and well known theories,
05:40 they talked about motivation was Abraham
05:42 Maslow, and so let me just give a little
05:44 background on him and then we'll discuss his
05:46 theory. He said, the basic premise that
05:48 he worked from was that all behavior was
05:52 need based, people were motivated to be fill
05:55 certain needs and the add what he called the
05:57 hierarchy of needs, started with
05:59 physiological needs like food and then he went to
06:03 safety. We need to be sheltered from the
06:04 elements and then it was belonging. He said need
06:07 to be part of a society or group or family and then,
06:11 then it was a steam and need to fill valuable and
06:14 the finally self actualization, which was
06:17 sort of realizing your own potential.
06:19 Okay, so that was the hierarchy of needs and
06:21 what he said was that, if we don't have the
06:23 basic needs to fill. We won't be able move on to
06:26 the next tear of the hierarchy sort of speaks,
06:29 so the thinking was that you've to meet those
06:32 basic needs and then the person will naturally
06:34 progressed to the next need in the hierarchy.
06:38 I would prompt with that, because what I see in
06:41 my clients and people and my self, is that once
06:45 get those basic needs met. Once we're fat and
06:48 safe and warm, we tend not to get the things
06:52 that we needs, such as belongingness.
06:54 Many people are too lazy or avoidant,
06:58 to work on developing healthy relationships.
07:01 Self actualization, you know people
07:03 fulfilling their potential. You know,
07:04 how many they're, that never to fulfill
07:06 their potential simply because they're rather
07:09 sit in front of the TV and avoid having to
07:11 actually discipline themselves to you know
07:14 go get a master's degree or do whatever they need
07:17 do to feel their potential. So, many
07:20 people really need things, but don't get
07:23 those things. Because they're not really
07:25 motivated by what they need, so much as by what
07:28 they want. You know,
07:29 for some reason, I trying to remember what it is,
07:32 I know it's in Isaiah, there was a scripture in
07:35 Isaiah that just talks about, how the Lord is,
07:39 like the eagle stirs the nest,
07:42 The nest, and stirs up her young.
07:45 And basically, what the eagle does is go and
07:48 there is a huge nest that they build and
07:50 they're so wonderfully comfortable, but they
07:52 start taking out all of the feathers, and the
07:54 cushion things, that's right, just leave
07:56 the sticks, to motivate, to motivate the babies to
08:00 get out of the nest, to get out of the nest
08:02 and fly, that's right, but what you're saying
08:04 is that sometimes when people's basic needs if
08:06 they are, if they got sheltered, yeah they are
08:09 comfortable, they're in comfortable
08:11 place and their bellies are full.
08:12 That's right. But sometimes people
08:14 just sit back they need the Lord to stir the
08:17 nest, to give them some discomfort in their life,
08:19 to get them of dead sinner, if you will.
08:22 That's right, that's right and often that discomfort
08:23 comes in the form of problems that develop.
08:25 Because they're spending all their time sitting in
08:28 front of the TV instead of attending to what
08:30 they're really do need. So those needs will kind
08:32 of cry out to them, if they're not met over
08:34 a long period of time. But you know,
08:36 it's amazing how avoidant people can be even in
08:38 the face of you know, things are going majorly
08:41 wrong in their life. They can still manage
08:44 to avoid doing anything about it.
08:45 Yeah. So to me, you know
08:47 there is a lot of that I like about Maslow's
08:49 Theory, but I think it breaks down and really
08:52 one of the reason it breaks down, it's because
08:54 humanist decades based on the believe that people
08:56 are motivated by the goodness within them and
08:59 they will always to fulfill though, always involve
09:02 into higher level of being and of course we
09:05 know from the Bible that humanity is devolving
09:08 rather then evolving, yes Amen, that we're
09:09 innately wicked rather than innately good.
09:12 So, we don't rest on that humanistic premise.
09:15 But, another really intriguing theory was
09:17 authored by a man named Lawrence Kohlberg and
09:21 he talked about the stages of the moral
09:23 development and I find this very, very
09:26 fascinating and I also find it very Biblical.
09:30 He talked about, how children's start out
09:32 and basically children are motivated by two
09:36 things, a hope of reward and a fear of punishment.
09:40 Okay, so little children are motivated by
09:43 lollipops and spankings, they will avoid the
09:46 spanking and they're will try to acquire the
09:48 lollipop. That's basically, how we're as
09:51 the children and then kind of in the middle,
09:53 you know of life. We go through, you know lay
09:56 childhood add lesions, young adulthood and we
10:00 go to different stages of moral development and
10:02 that's basically the same essential motives
10:05 being afraid of failure or afraid of punishment
10:09 and then hoping for reward, but they're
10:11 sort of translated into the social realm.
10:13 Because people become more socially geared as
10:16 they get older. So they're afraid of social
10:19 punishments, you know ostracism or being
10:20 rejected and they're seeking after social
10:23 acceptance in that type of thing and then
10:25 according to Kohlberg in the latter stages of
10:28 moral development. People start to develop
10:32 principle based motivations, ultimately
10:36 resulting in the highest stage of moral
10:39 development, which is called post conventional
10:42 and that is that right is based up on universal
10:45 principles and that person that achieves that
10:47 highest stage of moral development is actuated
10:50 or motivated by this Universal Principles of
10:53 Right. He does things or she does things just
10:56 because they're right and I think that's a very
10:59 appropriate and accurate model of how people
11:02 progress from ones stage to another.
11:04 Amen. If they're maturing on
11:06 God's time table, but the problem is, that I mean
11:10 somebody adults that our biologically adults.
11:14 But they're really operating on the motives
11:16 of the two year old and I could say the same for
11:18 myself, it times of my life. You know, we can be
11:22 very childish even though we're biologically
11:24 mature. So, people, my point are the people
11:26 just naturally mature into that higher stage of
11:30 development. It takes something beyond of just
11:33 people, you know, living and learning.
11:34 It takes something divine.
11:37 And you know some of that divine in my
11:39 estimation and you are talking, I just turn to
11:41 Romans 12:2 because this scripture came to my
11:44 mind that says, Do not be conformed to this
11:47 world, but be transformed by the renewing of your
11:52 mind, that you may prove. What is that good,
11:54 and acceptable, and perfect will of God and I
11:57 believe, I've read a study that said that the
12:01 frontal lobe, especially of young boys,
12:04 the frontal lobe in a teenage boy has as much
12:08 slower development, that's right, rather than
12:10 teenage female, but as the frontal lobe begins
12:14 to developed or are you spirituality is.
12:16 Well, my question would be, do they ever catch
12:18 up? That's a good question.
12:21 Do you know the answer?
12:22 I don't know the answer, do you?
12:23 Okay, I'm just curious, I think they do,
12:24 I think they do. Okay, but when you
12:27 think of it. I shouldn't say that, because I might
12:29 somebody write me on that, the when you think
12:32 about it. The transformation were we
12:36 really do begin to seek the type of action are
12:44 motive for action is to pleased God that's when
12:48 we really begin when we are in the word of God
12:51 then the more word we've in us, the more we want
12:54 to actually please our Lord, because we're
12:58 learning about what pleases him. We learn
13:00 his perfect will and it's that transforming power
13:05 of the word of God that does confirm our mind.
13:08 Amen, Amen. But, my point is that they're has
13:12 be some kind of divine intervention, some
13:14 kind of super natural interposition in the
13:18 human beings life in order to get them from
13:20 stage one to the final stage of moral
13:22 development, it doesn't just happened.
13:24 We don't have some kind of maturity time clock,
13:27 that's just innately within us the naturally progresses.
13:30 To a high stage of moral development and left to
13:32 our own devices, we'll devolve instead of
13:35 evolve, exactly, and will become more and more
13:37 in Satan image less and less and God's image.
13:39 So, God change is all that of course when he
13:42 enters our experience. But to me the basic
13:46 difference between all of these human theories is
13:48 valuable as many of them are. These humanistic
13:50 theories basically teach that people get their on
13:53 their own and my believe as a Christian counselor
13:56 is that when man fallen to sin, he created a
13:58 God's sized problem. He created a problem
14:01 bigger then he himself could fix. Secular
14:04 psychology teaches us that, yes we've a problem
14:07 and we can fix that problem. Christian
14:09 psychology teaches us that, we've a problem in
14:12 our sinfulness, in our fallowness and only God
14:14 can fix it so. There has to be this divine
14:17 intervention in an individual's life in order
14:21 for them to get to the place where Paul,
14:23 got where he said when I was a child, I spoke as
14:25 child, thought as a child and reason does a child.
14:27 But when I became man, I put away childish
14:30 hings. How many adults do we know that never
14:33 put away those childish things?
14:34 That's true. People that are
14:35 squabbling in their marriages as if they are
14:37 two year olds, yes, you know, four year olds
14:39 maybe. People that are engaging in back-biting
14:44 and gossip, you know tearing down their
14:46 neighbor, handling relationships in a very
14:49 immature manner or just not even managing
14:51 themselves well, because they've never matured
14:54 beyond that very early stage of moral
14:57 development. They need an experience with a
14:59 Lord they need a divine in feeling.
15:01 You know, when you were talking Jennifer.
15:03 I was thinking, because you use the word
15:05 self-discipline and I was just thinking that a Paul
15:10 wrote II Timothy and II Timothy 1:7 and
15:15 you know, you see if I'm on the same as you here,
15:18 it's in Second Timothy 1:7, Paul wrote if I can
15:22 find it here, He said God has not given us the
15:26 spirit of fear; but of power, and of love,
15:29 and of a sound mind or self discipline some
15:32 translation says or self controls with the
15:36 amplifies says. So, essentially what
15:38 saying is that this development, if we're
15:43 going to evolve instead of Godly principle.
15:46 Amen. It takes, these is really
15:48 no such thing as self discipline. It has to be
15:53 motivated I mean it comes from the Lord.
15:56 He gives us a spirit. Amen, yeah.
15:58 To, he's the one that actually is initiating.
16:02 That's right. His ability for us to
16:04 control the selfish tendency is that we've.
16:07 Workout your own salvation with fear and
16:08 trembling but it's God that works and you both
16:11 to willing to do, so you wrestling with
16:14 You know, God created us for self-mastery,
16:16 but isn't as in our fallen condition is it a
16:19 self-mastery, that is self-generated.
16:21 Yeah. No it is not, it's a
16:24 self-mastery that is empowered it is initiated
16:27 and had every stage and powered by forces
16:30 outside of ourselves. i. e. God himself and
16:33 heavenly agencies, his Holy Spirit, you know the
16:36 intervention of angles or whatever we've to
16:39 constantly have. This external power supply
16:42 coming into our lives. Absolutely.
16:44 Or we will not be able to fill the propos for which
16:47 God created us and to be to live as if in his image,
16:53 which is calling. But at the same time God did
16:57 created us for self-mastery, he created
17:00 us with this kingly powers, reason conscious,
17:03 the ability to believe what we don't see to fix
17:06 our faith on the more sure word of prophecy.
17:08 That's more sure, and event he witness of our
17:10 senses. Amen.
17:12 God has created us with these kingly powers,
17:14 these governing powers and they were mend to
17:16 rule over the other aspects of our being,
17:19 our appetites, our passions, our emotions,
17:22 we were design to such way that's how we
17:24 function the best, when those kingly powers are
17:27 in dominates or in control. We're turned
17:30 upside down, because of the fall.
17:31 You know, I love, you just moved into two of my
17:34 favorite passage or scripture are in
17:36 Philippians 2:12, I used to really get hung up on
17:39 that were. Paul writes and says, work out your
17:42 own salvation with fear and trembling and I did,
17:45 I mean, I was trying to do more best for the Lord
17:48 and I was fearing and trembling and the church,
17:52 the denomination in which I grow up, which I left
17:56 at the age of about 28. I guess, but, yeah,
17:59 that denomination taught us that, if you just want
18:02 perfect. God was getting ready to spew you out at
18:05 his mouth and strike you with the lightening bolt,
18:07 just striking with the lightening bolt,
18:08 I've thought God, you were toast, I was,
18:10 I'm read and so you would and I wouldn't do
18:13 all I could, but I can't never do enough then I
18:15 get discouraged and it walk away.
18:18 And then finally one day as I was studying and
18:20 thinking about that's scripture. The Lord just
18:23 impressed up on me so much that you cannot
18:26 separate Philippians 2:12 from Philippians 2:13.
18:29 Yes, Amen. Because essentially
18:30 Paul say workout you own salvation with fear and
18:33 trembling, but not in our own study.
18:36 That's right. Amen. Because the next verses,
18:38 who it is God, who is all the while and work
18:42 within you to willing to do, to willing to act
18:45 according to his good pleasures so, what was
18:48 the word you called that, that you're, the word?
18:51 Self-mastery. No the powered word you say.
18:55 About the like external power source.
18:57 There is an external power source that must
18:59 come into our lives. Okay.
19:00 So, that process of self-mastery must be
19:02 initiated and then empowered by God
19:05 God throughout the process of maturity.
19:07 Absolutely. As you were talking
19:08 about that I was thinking about how people go
19:10 through those. What we might call legalistic
19:12 experiences as where they're trying to do
19:14 God's willing in their own strength and their
19:16 living in a state of fear, you know God gave us the
19:18 fight or flight response, as a means of coping with
19:21 the dangerous world. The problem as if we live
19:24 on fear eventually the fight or flight response
19:27 itself will cause physical break down will
19:29 be a danger to us. So, people that are in a
19:33 religious context were they're encourage to be
19:35 motivated by fear for a long period of time will
19:37 often break down and though if the apathy will
19:41 follow fear. Their nervous system literally
19:44 collapse as they get to a place where are they
19:45 doing even care anymore, because their nervous
19:47 system just can't manage.
19:49 You've seen that happen, I've seen that happen to
19:50 people. I've to, it will reminds
19:52 me of what Salomon's said in the book of
19:54 Ecclesiastes, he said be not righteous overmuch,
19:57 why should you destroy yourself.
19:59 Umm! Isn't that interesting?
20:01 That is an interesting. And if I can quote
20:03 Ellen White, she said excess of caution is it
20:06 attendant with his much, these many problems as
20:11 excess or not enough caution, so. If you've
20:13 too much caution, you're bringing as much
20:15 trouble upon yourself as if you've not enough
20:18 caution. We need to stay balance, do we need to
20:20 realize that our power source is Jesus.
20:23 Amen. So.
20:24 That's a good word balance.
20:25 Yeah. Now, let me ask you
20:27 this, because our time is going by quickly.
20:31 Sometimes people will say and I'm upset it
20:33 myself, I don't feel motivated.
20:36 Yeah, Amen. How that you,
20:38 we're promise to you that. We're gonna tell
20:40 you today, how to get motivated.
20:42 That's good. When someone says,
20:44 they don't feel motivated.
20:45 What do you say to them?
20:46 When people tell me that they're not motivated,
20:48 what they are saying is. I don't feel motivated
20:51 and many of those people operate on the basic
20:54 premise, that they can't do something until they
20:58 feel like doing it. That is the basic
21:01 believe that many people have, I can't do it,
21:04 unless I feel like do again and so to them.
21:07 Feeling like doing something is equivalent
21:10 to being motivated to do something.
21:13 But, this is not true, according to Biblical
21:16 teaching. People can actually learn how to do
21:19 things, but they might not feel like doing.
21:22 But it does take this divine intervention and
21:25 the thing that I think, I was the new covenant
21:27 and how God said in Jeremiah Chapter 31.
21:30 I will put my laws in their minds and write it
21:33 on their heart. Amen.
21:35 That's the first stage of this final stage of moral
21:38 development, you know, when we, if we're ever
21:40 go and come to unsurety it's gonna be because
21:43 God put his laws in our mind and wrote it on our
21:46 heart. Then we could be guided by those timeless
21:50 principles that come straight from his
21:52 character of love. We can be guided by those
21:55 principles into maturity, but we will come to the
21:59 place where we don't feel like doing.
22:01 We should be so naive is to think that they just
22:03 because we're a born again Christian fallowing
22:06 Jesus, so the disciple of his and warning to do his
22:09 willing choosing to live our lives for his glory,
22:11 we should not be so naive is to think that there
22:14 won't be many times when we don't really feel
22:16 like doing, what we know we should do. Amen?
22:19 Amen. I mean, won't there
22:20 will be times? So, let's not be naive of that some
22:24 people entertain a notion of the Christian
22:26 experience that they always feel motivated to
22:29 do the right thing. Now, I'm not saying they
22:30 would never feel motivated, sometimes
22:32 which is flows and it's always the best one it's
22:34 flowing straight out of our heart,
22:37 you know so to speak.
22:38 But they're will be times, when there is
22:40 a pull one direction to the
22:41 wrong thing and then our conscious will pull
22:43 other direction to the right thing and then that
22:46 moment we must make it choice to be motivated
22:50 to do the right thing and so what I do with my
22:53 clients that have this motivation issues.
22:55 I teach them, how to act on principles instead of
22:59 unfeeling. Okay, so explain that.
23:02 What I mean by acting on principles instead
23:04 Let me give you a case in point.
23:06 Okay. This is a client,
23:07 who was very, very unstable and I won't
23:09 going to great detail here, but when people
23:12 become sufficiently unstable in their
23:14 relationships and in their relationship to
23:17 themselves, sometimes they were become very
23:19 self-destructive. Umm!
23:21 Sometimes they will let their relationship just
23:23 we're out of control. This was where there is
23:25 person born; she was just very, very unstable.
23:28 just very, very unstable. So, I thought this
23:30 person, how and I remember the moment
23:33 when the light went on her head. We're walking
23:35 sometime; my clients and I will walk when we
23:38 have sessions believed or not. I think it's even
23:41 more their orthopedics they just sitting and
23:42 talking or it can't be and I remember the
23:45 moment, when the light went off.
23:46 We're walking and I just have been talking to
23:49 her and talking to her about how she didn't have
23:51 to live by your feelings basically and it finally
23:55 broke through and she realized I don't, I can
23:58 do things, even though I don't feel like doing
24:00 things and it was something like cleaning
24:02 her room and her house or something that she
24:03 was procrastinating and it just, it just,
24:06 I mean it sound so stupid, it sound so
24:08 so simple, it sound so basic. But you won't
24:11 believe, how many people on a very subconscious
24:15 level believe that they can only do things,
24:19 when they feel like doing them. So, she finally
24:22 realize on that subconscious the deep
24:24 level kind of some sunk down into the substrate
24:27 of her thinking, she could actually choose to
24:29 do things, even though she didn't feel like
24:31 doing them. You know, it going
24:33 back to Philippians 2:13 where it says God works
24:36 in you too, will into act.
24:39 Yeah. I just teach that's to
24:40 separate phases that first phase by the
24:43 renewing of your mind, if you know what God's
24:45 will is to live healthy, to spend time with him
24:48 or him pray or the good things to do the good
24:50 works and creative for you to do. What you think
24:54 about it, that for works in you to will, it's kind a
24:57 like you, he helps laying you will up with his will.
25:00 Amen. So, that his desires
25:02 began to commit your desire as well,
25:05 but that does mean you really feel like
25:07 doing them. That's right.
25:08 So, he's not gonna force you to act.
25:10 Yeah. So, the very next
25:11 thing, that he does if God more forces to act.
25:15 How does he working to us in us to will went to
25:19 act, I was tell people, there is the one foot gap
25:22 between working in his to will and to act and
25:25 that is that God once we know what's to do.
25:28 Umm! What is right to do,
25:30 he asks us to choose it, to take once step?
25:34 That's right, Amen, that's exactly what I'm saying.
25:35 When you just get, you take one step that's right to do it.
25:37 That's right. And then the power
25:39 of the Holy Spirit shows up and he works in us to
25:42 act. That's right,
25:43 I call it Faith it how you make it, because I don't
25:46 like Faith it how you make it. Because we're
25:48 not fake, we're real, you know. Our Christian
25:50 we're authentic, but faith it's kind of
25:53 like fake it to you make a, because you're not
25:54 there yet experientially. I've use that
25:57 terminology for years that my husband that
26:00 Faith it how you make it, you know it's great
26:03 terminology, because we do have to take that step
26:05 in faith. Amen.
26:07 Before, we've you know, how to people get from
26:09 it to be. How do they get from bad habits,
26:12 to better habits? They've to step out in faith.
26:16 Yeah, we've just a minute left.
26:17 Okay. What we do you tell
26:18 someone, who's out here maybe and know they're
26:20 having self-destructive behavior, because perhaps
26:23 they know they should lose some weight and eat
26:25 healthier, but they just keep going for the junk
26:28 food, what we would you tell them?
26:29 Okay, first thing come to Jesus, don't wait
26:32 until you're sorry, don't' wait for anything,
26:34 just come to him and then. He will give you
26:36 gift of repentance; you take ownership of what
26:39 you've done to yourself it's been harmful. Amen.
26:42 And then you pray for strengthen to over come;
26:45 you're receive him and his grace.
26:46 Pray for strengthen to over come and then live
26:48 in accordance with you prayers.
26:50 And make no provisions for this
26:52 flash. Flash, yes. Amen.
26:53 It was in Roman 14 something I think over he
26:55 says making. Making of provision
26:57 for the first of the fill the less there are.
26:59 Yes. Yes.
27:00 So, for us to get motivated, we just have
27:04 to understand basically and recapping.
27:07 We're all motivated sometimes, it's to avoid
27:11 things and both the right things, we know that we
27:14 should do, but what we need to do is just to ask
27:17 the Lord for his strength, his power to
27:20 be making perfect in us. We need to pray,
27:23 we need to choose to start doing it. If you
27:26 can't get around to clean in your house,
27:28 just settle little timer for 15 minutes and go do
27:31 something for 15 minutes and clean in your house,
27:33 right. Yeah, also it helps to
27:35 connect to another person, a life coach,
27:37 a consoler, or prayer partner.
27:38 Amen. Sometimes we need
27:39 little nudge from another fellow wanderer.
27:45 That's right, Amen. Jennifer Jill Schwirzer.
27:47 It always so much fun. It is. It always go
27:50 so fast, you are here. Yeah.
27:51 I just wanna thank you so much for being here
27:54 and then now it's our time is already all gone,
27:57 but I hope that you saw something today to
28:01 recognize that you can over come lack of
28:03 motivation by the Holy Spirit help you today to
28:07 do what you're to be doing.
28:09 Thanks for joining us.


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