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E G White's Empowerment Of Youth

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00:01 Hi, I am Shelley Quinn.
00:03 You know, I firmly believe that if we want
00:04 to keep the youth in the Church, we have got to
00:05 get them active for the Lord Jesus Christ.
00:08 So, please join us today for Issues and Answers
00:11 because we are going to be talking about
00:13 Spiritual leadership opportunities for you.
00:38 If you want see a young person get excited about
00:41 their relationship with the Lord Jesus.
00:43 All of you have to do is send them on missionary
00:45 trip or get them involved in Evangelism and they,
00:48 it becomes real to them. They wake up to what
00:52 Jesus can do for them and what it is all about.
00:55 And you know, I was thinking in Jeremiah
00:57 chapter 1, beginning in verse 6, when God called
01:02 Jeremiah, Jeremiah said Ah, Lord God! Behold,
01:06 I cannot speak for I am only a youth but the Lord
01:11 says in verse 7 say not I am not only a youth for
01:16 you shall go to all to whom I shall send you
01:19 and whatever I command you shall speak.
01:21 Here to speak with us today about this very
01:25 topic. This very issue is Cindy Tutsch.
01:28 Yes. And Cindy you are the
01:29 Associate Director for the Ellen White Estate
01:33 and I am so thankful that you are here.
01:36 Before we begin tell us a little bit about the Ellen
01:41 White Estate. It's in case some of our
01:43 viewers aren't familiar. Certainly, Seventh-Day
01:45 Adventist believe that. Ellen received messages
01:47 from God and they tested those messages through
01:50 the scriptures to make sure that they weren't
01:52 contradictory to the scriptures.
01:55 That we believe that all of our doctrines are
01:57 established from scriptures and not from
01:59 any outside source, but we believe that
02:01 according to Joel 2 and Effusions 4 and first
02:05 Corinthian 2 and Roman 12 that the gifted
02:07 prophecy could be one of the gifts to the Spirit
02:09 that God gives to his people at the end of time.
02:11 And Ellen White we believe received that
02:14 gift of prophecy through her 70 years of public
02:16 Ministry. Before she passed away, she wrote a
02:19 will in which she established the Ellen G.
02:22 White Estate for the purpose of preserving her
02:24 writings for taking care of the copyrights,
02:26 for making compilations on themes that will be
02:30 useful to the Church from her writings, yes,
02:32 later on and also what we do is we accept speaking
02:37 appointments from around the world to talk aboout
02:38 the gift of prophecy, to talk about principles
02:40 of how we do our interpretation.
02:42 How do you understand Ellen White's writings
02:44 and what are some misuses that could
02:47 happen from the application of her
02:49 writings and ways that are not Spiritually healthy.
02:51 So, we have a wide gamut of responsibility at the
02:57 White Estate, and my particular focus is on
02:59 youth and young adults, how do we make Ellen
03:01 White's writings useful and relevant to young
03:04 adults. Amen. Now you come
03:06 from a long background of youth Ministry,
03:09 tell us a little bit about your own personal walk
03:12 with the Lord in Ministry.
03:15 Well, I became a Christian on my decision
03:18 when I was eight years old. I had a renewal of
03:22 commitment to Jesus when I was in my early
03:24 20's and realized that I can put little bit on
03:26 the back boner and from that time on,
03:29 from the time I was 21 I was involved either as
03:32 Bible teacher or as a youth Pastor or as a
03:35 youth Evangelism coordinator.
03:38 I have also been working in the North-West part of
03:44 the United States as a Youth Coordinator;
03:46 we call it as a Youth Director.
03:48 And I just need a mentor and a facilitator for the
03:53 activity that are going for youth, for me that
03:55 particularly meant getting youth
03:57 involved in Evangelism.
03:59 And you know I have shared this story before
04:02 and people probably tired of hearing it but I love
04:04 the story. We were giving a young lady arrived back
04:08 from a GYC (General Youth Conference)
04:12 and this was a meeting at Sacramento.
04:14 We brought her back from the airport in her car
04:17 and she was in the very back and I said to her
04:20 how do we keep our young people in the
04:24 Church. And you know what she said without
04:26 blinking an eye she said give us a challenge and
04:30 co-train and retain us. Oh! I love that.
04:32 Isn't that wonderful? So, I know that you have
04:37 spent quite a bit of time in studying the idea of
04:41 Spiritual leadership for youth. You actually,
04:44 when you were working on your master's degree
04:46 you shared a story with me earlier. Please share
04:48 that with our audience because I think this is
04:51 something that we really helps set the tome for
04:53 this program. You know, I was
04:55 attending Seventh-Day Adventist University,
04:57 it was a Church sponsored university and
04:59 not our denomination, but another, a positive
05:01 denomination. They are very gracious to me,
05:04 I was only Seventh Adventist in the graduate
05:06 program and they were very very helpful and
05:08 accommodating and in fact they allowed me to
05:10 write my project Thesis on involving Seventh-Day
05:14 Adventist youth in Evangelism.
05:15 Using a model that I had initiated a both in the
05:18 Lake Union Conferences Seventh-Day Adventist
05:20 and also in the Pacific Conference of
05:22 Seventh-Day Adventist. It's a model that
05:24 involved youth doing literature Evangelism
05:26 door to door, distributing Gospel
05:28 door to door. Teaching Revelation
05:31 seminars and Teaching people in the community,
05:34 adults in the community about the book of
05:37 revelation and how it correlates with the times
05:39 in which we live. Giving Bible studies and doing
05:42 community service and so I had developed this
05:45 model and I wrote a proposal of how other
05:49 Churches or youth groups can replicate this model
05:53 and they were very interested in my
05:56 proposal. After I finished the Thesis my
05:59 major professor read it and called on the phone,
06:01 he said Cindy I want to say something to you
06:04 apart from the committee and back up my attention
06:06 you know what he is going to say.
06:07 And he said I have read your thesis and he said I
06:11 think I know now why my denominations
06:14 membership has remained static for the last 15
06:19 years where as the Seventh-Day Adventist
06:21 Church membership has grown exponentially and
06:24 I said what was that? And he said I noticed
06:26 that all the way through your Thesis you talk
06:29 about the Eschaton the coming of Jesus,
06:31 the second coming of our Lord.
06:33 And he said you don't just talk about that you
06:36 talk about mobilizing and orienting and providing
06:39 opportunities for young people to be involved as
06:42 heroes of this event. Yes, yes.
06:44 He said I saw that, you know the thread all
06:46 the way through your project.
06:48 He said now we we still have a second coming in
06:51 our Creed its still in our books, but we
06:54 don't preach it. We don't really teach it
06:56 and he said we certainly don't mobilize youth to
07:00 be heroes of that event. He said that's why my
07:04 Church membership hasn't grown at all in 15 years
07:06 and yours is going by leaps and bounds.
07:08 And then you know, I am thinking of what
07:11 Paul wrote to Timothy, when he said do not let
07:13 them despise your youth and we need to
07:16 sometimes I hear people talk about the youth of
07:20 the Church as the next leaders of the Church and
07:24 I think that we need to make certain that we are
07:26 not just putting that next leadership, exactly,
07:29 ideal generation, oh yeah, that were
07:32 postponing it because we see through the ASI,
07:35 which is the Adventist Laymen, okay.
07:38 Adventist Services and Laymen's
07:43 Adventist Laymen's Services and Industries
07:45 Thank you, I usually can say that but we see these
07:49 young people who are just learning how to go
07:53 out and Evangelized to do doctrinal messages to
07:58 give prophetic seminars and its amazing how it
08:02 changes their life. And its also amazing how God
08:05 uses these youth to get into areas to give Bible
08:10 studies where may be some of us older people
08:12 won't let us in their home.
08:13 Exactly, and in fact I think that we are finally
08:17 recognizing and what we see in this generation
08:19 have used for Christ and also other ASI initiated,
08:23 youth Evangelism projects is a full form and of
08:26 what Jesus said in Mathew 28, in verses 19 and 20
08:29 we have his familiar commission where he
08:31 says they are for going and make disciples of all
08:34 the nations and baptize them in the name of the
08:36 father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.
08:37 But now who was he talking to there?
08:39 Well, you know sometimes we thought
08:40 while he is just talking to the old folks, but I
08:42 really think this commission is gender
08:44 inclusive. I think its age inclusive,
08:46 I think its race inclusive, I think it's
08:49 all of this. And I think it doesn't matter whether we
08:52 have a sparkling extraverted personality
08:54 or whether we are more introverted.
08:56 God wants us to use the temperament and the gifts
08:59 that we have and use them for his good.
09:01 Yeah. Because all of this can
09:02 have a testimony. May be we wont give
09:04 give that testimony in exactly the same way.
09:06 We may be we wont share our faith and the
09:10 knowledge of scripture and how Bible says with
09:13 others and exactly the same format,
09:14 but God calls all of us to Evangelize, you know,
09:18 in hardness, in our own way.
09:20 And I can tell you Shelley, I have seen the
09:23 lives of the young people themselves completely
09:26 turned right side up. Because as a young
09:28 person said to you many young people,
09:31 many Christian young people today are over
09:33 entertained today and under challenged and if
09:36 we would provide them with the opportunity and
09:39 believe in them and think that yes they could be
09:42 Evangelize for God. They don't have to wait
09:44 for until 25 or 35 or 45, they can do more than
09:47 just take their offering in Church. I think it's
09:49 great if they take up the offering in Church don't
09:51 get me wrong. But they can do so
09:52 much more than that. Amen.
09:53 What are the things that I found particularly
09:56 important in recruiting students to be involved
09:59 in students in this kind of activity was not to
10:02 look at the, you know, stereotypical Bible
10:05 thumping kids, I would go to the back row of the
10:08 Church or out in the parking lot where kids
10:10 will chewing gum and you know talking about sports
10:15 and internet and guy-friends and
10:17 girlfriends and music and all of that,
10:19 and seemingly disinterested in
10:21 Spiritual things and I would give them a
10:24 challenge. I say, you know what, I have a
10:26 group of people over here at Mill Street they are
10:29 looking for somebody to say Bible with them and I
10:31 think that you will be just perfect, what about
10:33 I go with you the first time and introduce you to
10:35 them and show you how the lessons work and then
10:38 you carry it on, you and your friend escort here.
10:42 I think you guys will be great partners in doing
10:44 this. And you know at
10:46 sometimes, I would have to ask them more than
10:48 once, sometimes I have to ask them more than
10:50 twice. I tell I was tenacious sometimes.
10:51 I would ask them 10 times and more,
10:53 but I found that they distrusted themselves.
10:57 They didn't think that they were worthy or that
10:59 they knew and offer that you know, that their
11:02 Spirituality was deepened up whatever, but once
11:05 they started teaching a Bible to others,
11:07 they got much more excited about their own
11:10 faith. Though, they have to find answers in the
11:12 scriptures, when the people that they were
11:15 studying asked questions, they had to find the
11:17 answers in the word of God and that was really a
11:20 growing experience for them.
11:21 Amen. I would say that we learn to teach and we
11:24 teach to learn. Yes, I like that a lot.
11:26 And it really works doesn't it? So when you
11:29 think of all with Bible has to say about
11:34 Evangelism and about youth. And we see that
11:36 the Lord included youth and Jesus had such a
11:40 special relationship with young people and we
11:43 know that John, Apostle John, was a very young
11:47 disciple of Jesus. What were some of the
11:52 things that we have a very famous quote that we
11:55 use of Ellen White's writings and when she
11:58 says an army of youth, yes, rightly trained
12:00 Right, I like that a lot. In fact I brought along
12:03 with me several citations from Ellen White because
12:05 sometimes we tend to think of Ellen White and
12:09 I speak Ellen White because I am coming
12:10 from the Ellen White Estate and I want people
12:11 to know, have a little broader understanding of
12:15 her work and her Ministry but not that I think that
12:18 she would ever take the place scripture.
12:20 Because of the Seventh - day Adventist
12:21 doctrines are built on the word of God and our
12:23 scripture. I am glad you put such an
12:24 emphasis on them because since you are
12:26 coming from White Estate we do that's kind of the
12:29 central to our discussions here but it's
12:33 important that people don't misapply what we
12:38 are saying. Yes, absolutely, and our
12:39 original commission is from Jesus himself when
12:42 he says go into all of the world and teach the
12:45 Gospel. But you know, you eluded to one of my
12:48 favorite citations its found in book Ellen
12:50 White called Education and it says with such an
12:53 army of workers, says our youth, are rightly
12:56 trained, I will skip that rightly trained,
12:58 forget that involves us as adults to encourage
13:01 them and mentor them and coach them and provide
13:03 them with opportunities. With such an army as our
13:06 youth might furnish how soon the message have a
13:09 crucified reason and soon coming savior might be
13:12 carried to the whole world.
13:14 How soon might the end come, the end of
13:16 suffering and sorrow and sad. You know that goes
13:19 along with what Peter says it is within our
13:21 power not only to look for but to you hear soon
13:25 the coming of Jesus. Exactly, and you know
13:27 sometimes people think well you know young
13:30 kids what do they know, but look at Helen White
13:33 was 17 years old. And her husband was
13:36 only five or six years older and many of our
13:39 early Adventists pioneers were young, the editor of
13:41 the Review for I think over 50 years Uriah
13:43 Smith, wasn't always over their on the
13:45 chronologically challenged end of the
13:47 spectrum. He became editor of the Review
13:50 when he was only 21 years old.
13:51 Oh, I didn't know that. And even Joseph Bates
13:53 who was older, most of our early Adventist
13:57 founders and pioneers were young people.
13:59 You know they had a vision.
14:00 They had a passion. They wanted to be
14:02 scripture driven. They wanted to be a
14:04 behest in the word of God and they wanted to not
14:07 just be hearers, they wanted to be doers
14:10 of the word of God. Yeah. Ellen White and
14:13 Adventist theology, says the Lord is calling
14:15 for youth for he would make them his helpers to
14:18 do good service under his manner. And I love that
14:21 analogy of the world calling for the youth and
14:24 don't be contend with the superficial things of this
14:26 life but get out and do something that's
14:29 meaningful. And you know Cindy,
14:31 I get a lot of people will call here who will
14:35 say what can I do with my child, that my child
14:38 is just going bizarre and cunning.
14:40 They are getting off in to life style choices
14:43 that are really frightening me.
14:45 And I tell them take them on a missionary trip,
14:47 send them on missionary trips, yeah right,
14:49 and it is amazing how many times when a young
14:53 person who is beginning to stray from the path
14:57 and make some really critically dangerous
15:01 choices. You send them out to Ministry to
15:05 someone else and they see the how the Lord
15:07 works. They see the miracles of the Lord in
15:10 the missionary failed and it becomes real to them
15:12 and it absolutely is pivotal, it changes their
15:16 life and turns them towards the Lord.
15:18 Now you have been involved in doing,
15:25 I should say in putting in places some of these
15:29 programs. Can you tell us some about them?
15:31 Sure. I will tell you about my first
15:33 involvement, well it came along the line like this.
15:39 I had had a Summer Literature Evangelism
15:41 Program, where students went out door to door
15:44 with Gospel Literature, praying with people at
15:46 the door, distributing these books, vegetarian
15:50 cook books Bible story books for kids.
15:52 Some of the Ellen White's beautiful books on Desire
15:55 of Ages, you know, what we call a Mega book for
15:58 now, which is half magazine and half book.
16:00 You may have had young mega bookers on your
16:03 shows here at 3ABN before I telling some of
16:05 their experiences, I know I was interviewed with
16:07 kids back in the 90's here they did that.
16:09 Well, this organization that we mentioned before
16:13 ASI, Adventist Layman's Services and Industries,
16:15 decided that they wanted to have a program
16:18 involved more than just literature Evangelism.
16:21 They wanted also to have revelation seminars in it
16:24 and Bible service and community service and
16:27 they invited me to be the leader of this program
16:29 back all in the early 90's.
16:31 Now you have to recognize at that
16:33 time in Detroit, there were more honest
16:35 sites for kids under the age of 17 then any other
16:39 city in the whole United States including Los
16:43 Angeles. So, you know who are we going to
16:44 recruit to go door to door in Detroit?
16:46 What parents going to let their kid go
16:47 door to door? Absolutely.
16:48 But we did what Jesus did but to as to call them.
16:53 You know he said that he is calling the youth to
16:55 do good service under his manner.
16:57 So we appealed to the parents and we appealed
17:00 to the students and we got a group of 35 that
17:02 first summer. We taught three
17:04 revelation seminars in three different sites,
17:06 the kids doing all the teaching.
17:07 Can you imagine? Amen.
17:08 Here we know, this bachelor, you know,
17:10 we expect him to stand up there and be articulate
17:12 and profound on the word of God but you know this
17:15 this is 15, 16, 17 year old kids teaching these
17:18 prophecies from Daniel and Revelation and doing
17:20 an outstanding job. And of course,
17:23 the grown-up and adults that are coming to this
17:25 are blown away, you know these are
17:26 teenagers that know the Bible better than I know
17:28 and if the teenagers didn't know the answer to
17:31 questions that would surface they would say
17:33 oh, I don't but I will do some research about that
17:35 this week and come back and give you an answer
17:37 next week. So, this summer was a
17:39 wonderful fulfilling for all of us.
17:41 And you know, I have to say that when the ASI
17:43 conventions that I have attended that's my
17:46 favorite time of everything that goes on
17:48 is when they bring-in these army of youth after
17:51 they have been after, yes, and the kids have
17:54 such zeal in their heart; they are so excited
17:56 about, right, what the Lord has accomplished
17:58 through them. And you know that, that is an
18:01 experience that will change them for life.
18:03 And yes that they will never forget and you
18:05 know not only it's a Spiritually beneficial to
18:07 them but it teaches them social skills in meeting
18:09 all these people door to door, they are learning
18:11 to talk with complete strangers.
18:12 They are learning practical things like
18:14 diligence, and tenacity and responsibility and,
18:17 and they are overcoming all of these fears that
18:19 even many adults you know, many adults in the
18:21 Church, if you would say we would like to go out
18:23 and go door to door or we would like you to go give
18:25 the Bible Study and they adults would feel just as
18:28 unqualified and many as the youth do.
18:32 But when we see that the youth can do it,
18:34 it should shake up the Church and wake,
18:36 accept all being involved.
18:38 And you know that has happened, after that
18:40 summer I went on to do nine more summers of
18:42 young people being involved in 24x7 Youth
18:46 Evangelism Program for eight weeks in the
18:48 summer and then I did some doing the school
18:51 year, and what I discovered is we would
18:53 have these young people come up in Church like
18:55 you saw the ASI conventions and you
18:56 suggest be at the local Church telling their
18:59 experiences and after they had done that for a
19:01 weeks the adults begin, surreptitiously coming to
19:04 me in the corridors and saying, you know what,
19:06 I don't want the kids to have all the fun.
19:08 Can we start in Bible study or at least me
19:11 drive for these students. Let me be their driver
19:13 where as they go out to a Bible study.
19:14 So, we found it was a way of kind of
19:16 eliminating the generation gap because
19:19 adults and youth were coming together to the
19:21 Church once a week, working together for the
19:24 salvation of souls, and I should tell you something
19:27 what happened, I was in Prague a number of years
19:30 ago; it was the first institute or Council for
19:35 Youth in Evangelism. So, there were delegates
19:37 gathered there from all over the world and on the
19:40 last night the speaker challenged all the young
19:43 people to turn the world upside down for Jesus
19:45 Christ. And one young man walked right from
19:49 the back of that vast auditorium, he strode
19:51 right up to the platform, he took the microphone
19:54 out of the hand of the speaker, all us are very
19:57 startled you can believe, he said sir, our world is
20:01 already upside down. I want to turn our world
20:04 right side up for Jesus Christ.
20:07 And you know I thought about that a lot.
20:09 I think it was really profound because our
20:12 world is upside down today, you know we have
20:14 video games and that are totally profane and
20:17 totally violent and totally disruptive,
20:20 immoral, immoral, of every value that we hold
20:23 as Christians whose faith is based on the word of
20:27 God and holiness character of God.
20:29 You know we hear about cruelty and abuse and
20:33 violence and war and people being totally
20:37 consumed with commercialism. Our
20:39 world needs to be turned right side up for Jesus
20:41 Christ. Yes. We need to be more excited about the
20:44 word of God than we are about video games and
20:46 more excited about talking about Jesus and
20:49 we are talking about MTV or whatever
20:51 consumes us and that's true for us as adults as
20:54 well as for the youth and I think the best way for
20:57 youth to once again understand who Jesus is
21:02 and who they are in relation to Jesus and
21:03 what disciples means is to give them some
21:07 responsibility. Exactly.
21:08 Make them feel that they are expected to do
21:10 something. The Lord calls them.
21:12 Now, how would you recommend, I am sure
21:15 that there are people who are watching right now,
21:17 who are saying you know this is making sense but
21:20 where do we get started? What would you
21:22 recommend for Church or a parent, how do they get
21:26 started implementing programs that can include
21:29 the youth and mobilize the youth?
21:32 Well, first of all of course I have to say that if
21:34 there is a Literature Evangelism Program
21:36 anywhere in the area where those young people
21:39 are they should sign up. You know they should do
21:42 that for at least a summer, it's a life
21:44 changing experience. And here in the United
21:46 States there is pockets of young people doing...
21:49 How do they find out about that?
21:51 They could get on the Seventh-Day Adventist
21:53 Website or through our world Church or through
21:57 their local conference, but you know it's not
21:59 just here in United States there are young
22:01 people around the world. That are involved
22:03 Literature Evangelism through the Seventh-Day
22:05 Adventist Conference or through a local
22:08 independent Ministry such as Weimar Institute
22:13 out in California; you know they send
22:15 kids out with literature Evangelism.
22:16 There are other supporting ministries
22:18 that involve young people in literature work.
22:21 But there is a, I will give you a really easy
22:23 way that, let me make one comment before
22:25 you do because otherwise I am going to forget it,
22:27 okay, and I was just thinking as you were
22:29 talking how many Church leaders that I have met
22:32 that, that is part of their testimony is that
22:35 they began in Literature Evangelism.
22:37 Yes, absolutely because you learn so many skills
22:39 and you learn that you have to pray, you know
22:41 are at the meeting so many and that person
22:43 might be very hostile or they may have a lot of
22:45 questions and you have not the foggiest idea how
22:47 you are going to answer. So you realize,
22:48 you have to get outside of yourself and you have
22:50 appeal for divine power. So, it definitely
22:52 crystallizes your prayer life into Jesus that
22:57 total dependency is upon them.
22:59 Right, right. But, I want to tell you that in
23:01 another simple way that any local Church youth
23:04 group could get involved in learning to work for
23:07 God. It's very simple, it's a survey.
23:09 I have people this survey on a clipboard and they
23:12 go out two by two in to the neighborhood and
23:15 there is just three questions on the survey,
23:16 the first question is number one, what do you
23:22 think of people who call themselves Christians?
23:24 And the person answers and you write down the
23:28 question and the answer in a brief form on your
23:30 little clip board, and then the next
23:32 question is there is all kinds of violence in our
23:36 world today and child abuse and wars,
23:38 why do you think that those things are
23:41 happening? And you know they write down
23:44 with what that was, what the answer was
23:46 at the door, and then the third question is what do
23:48 you think young people can do to make this world
23:51 a better place? And you know I will tell
23:53 you people have an answer for that,
23:55 everybody has an opinion what young people can
23:57 do. And then the young person says thank you so
23:59 much for answering our survey. It was very
24:01 short, it's only few questions. Just to say
24:04 thank you, we have something that we would
24:06 like to share with you as a gift to your family
24:08 from our Youth Group and then they give them
24:10 steps to Christ. They give them a little
24:12 pamphlet of the word of God and may be the book
24:14 of John you know you can get that through the
24:15 American Bible Society, Amen, or if there is an
24:18 Evangelistic series coming up, where
24:20 somebody is going to do preaching on the word of
24:22 God, may be an Evangelist is coming to town they
24:25 could say you know we have series of lectures
24:28 coming up at our Church over here on the corner
24:30 of fourth in Mill Street and we would like to
24:32 invite you to those lectures.
24:34 Here is the pamphlets that are issues some of
24:36 the topics, yeah, we hope that you might be there.
24:38 So, you had a little connection with these
24:41 people by asking them these three questions.
24:43 People are eager to answer them.
24:45 The young people are interested in the folks.
24:48 You know they are looking them in eye.
24:49 They are smiling. They are obviously
24:51 interested in being a help in their community,
24:53 that's great, and it's a little way that kids can
24:57 get involved in door to door work and learn there
24:59 are people out there with great needs,
25:00 some of whom they can pray with.
25:02 Amen. I knew as you were talking,
25:03 I was thinking of Billy Doug Batchelor, who was
25:06 speaking recently that he got a group of youth to
25:09 do this and they were actually giving some
25:11 kind of a short survey but then they were giving
25:13 away the final events DVD.
25:15 Oh! That's great. Everybody likes to watch
25:18 DVD; everybody is interested in times,
25:20 so that was good. So, I think that this is
25:23 all excellent and I know you have had many years
25:26 if you could talk to a parent. I know as a
25:29 mother of three children what would you say just
25:32 look into your camera over there and say
25:35 something to them, mom and dad who may be
25:37 discouraged about the direction in which their
25:40 youth are going. Yes, I can understand
25:43 that too because you know as all Christian
25:46 parents, I have prayed for the salvation of my
25:47 children everyday since they were born.
25:49 Nothing is more important to me than they be in the
25:51 Kingdom of God. But, I would say get
25:54 involved with your children. When our
25:56 daughter was young, I took her out on a
25:58 project that the Adventist Church calls
25:59 Ingathering that's just meant that we went
26:02 door-to-door collecting funds for people who
26:04 have been involved in disasters, collecting
26:07 funds to help education of persons around the
26:10 world who might not have some of the
26:11 educational advantages that we have,
26:14 for disaster and famine relief and my daughter
26:17 today is Social Services Attorney, on one day I
26:19 was teasing her and said how come you are a
26:21 cooperate lawyer so could buy me a Lamborghini,
26:23 you know, I was giving her a hard time and she
26:25 said mom, how can I do anything else but social
26:27 services law after you used to take me door to
26:30 door to collect money for the poor and the needy
26:32 when I was a little kid. And I would say you
26:35 know fine things to do in your community,
26:36 singing perhaps at a nursing home with your
26:39 family, going door to door may be with your
26:42 kids, just be involved as a family in things that
26:47 help others and that combined acts of charity
26:50 with the Gospel message. I think that's most
26:52 important thing you can do as a parent of grown
26:56 children. I wish I have done that even more often
26:58 when my children were younger.
26:59 Amen. And I think to another thing that we can
27:03 always do for youth and especially for your
27:07 children and your grand children is let them know
27:09 how important a personal relationship with the
27:12 Lord is, yes Amen, a true personal connection so
27:15 that religion, you know I would say rules without
27:19 relationship result in rebellion, exactly,
27:22 and so we don't our kids growing up just thinking
27:25 that it's a bunch of don'ts and dos,
27:27 right, but the God is really interested in
27:29 every detail of their life. Kids like to be
27:32 active and they like to know that Jesus is their
27:34 friend and we can combine both of those
27:36 things. Amen. Cindy thank you
27:38 so much for being here again Dr Cindy Tutsch
27:42 Yes. And I am so pleased that
27:44 we have enjoyed these programs that you have
27:46 done and hope that you will come back again to
27:48 3ABN. Thank you.
27:49 You are always welcome. For those of you who are
27:51 at home, remember if you want to keep your
27:54 children in the Church, go and try to entertain
27:57 them and give them a challenge that's the
27:59 desire of their heart. Now may be grace of the
28:02 Lord Jesus Christ, the love of the father
28:04 and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you
28:06 today and always, thanks.


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