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00:01 Hi, I am Shelley Quinn you know, one thing
00:03 that we all wanted to actually know
00:04 is how much the Lord the loves them.
00:06 and we want our children understand about
00:09 Jesus. So, how do they do that
00:11 join us today on issues and answers we'll find
00:37 out. Jesus said suffer the little children
00:38 also said that the most important command is
00:41 to love the Lord of God with all of your hearts
00:44 so mild and strain. So, he is inviting the
00:46 little kids to come and to know
00:49 who he is? So that when they
00:51 understand how much he loves them
00:54 that they can turn around and love him
00:56 with all of their hearts so, mild and strain.
00:58 how do we teach our children about the love of the
01:01 Lord. Of course the Bible is number one, but we've got
01:05 to take it down to bite pieces sometimes.
01:07 And today we are going to talking with Cindy Tutsch,
01:10 from the general conference actually from the
01:13 Ellen White Estate, that's right, the associate director,
01:16 thank you so much for coming today.
01:19 I'm glad to be here. Cindy why do you think
01:21 it so important to make Ellen White's writings
01:27 accesable to children? That's a good question.
01:29 First of all where we want to our kids to have
01:31 more than anything else it's a
01:32 relationship with Jesus. knowing Jesus as a friend
01:35 and a savior. we want them to have an experience
01:39 with him to believe that he is their elder brother
01:43 their king, their God, And so we want to use
01:46 every agent see that we can find to help establish
01:49 this relationship with God with out kids for our kids.
01:55 And one of the things that we use of course as you
01:58 mentioned is a scripture in fact, that's primary,
02:00 that's the most important thing
02:03 yes that we can pass onto it shouldn't is a love for
02:05 the word of God for the Bible. they can do that through
02:08 mermory verses learning the Bible by memory
02:12 by wrote. So that those precious promises
02:15 and instructions from God come easily to our childrens
02:17 minds and hearts at any time if they are alive.
02:21 And if we can do that by telling them the stories
02:23 from the Bible by singing songs and prayers
02:25 and wishes and by taking them out in nature
02:28 and talking to them about the God
02:30 who created all of this. Also another method
02:33 throught which communicate to his people
02:35 is through the prophetic voice and
02:37 certainly we look first at the prophets of the Bible
02:41 Mathew and John and Ezequiel and Daniel
02:44 and all of these wonderful wonderful prophets who
02:47 gave us messages straight form the heart of God.
02:50 But according to Ephesians 4 and
02:52 first Corinthians 12 and Romans 12 Joe 2
02:55 there could be the gift of prophecy that could
02:58 come just before Jesus comes
03:00 the kid come in contemporary times
03:02 then of course that someone claims
03:04 to have that gift and we would want to establish
03:06 or compare that claim with the word of God
03:09 the word of God always being the primary source
03:11 by which we evaluate every other claim to have the
03:14 message form the Lord. Because the true prophet
03:16 will never contradict the word of God.
03:18 Oh! yes, that's absolutely true.
03:21 and that we don't say that the latest prophets
03:24 who proceeds the word of the first prophet
03:26 no we believe that all that subsequent prophets
03:29 can back to the original script the word of God
03:32 the scriptures, solace scripture
03:34 that's our man to us. absolutely.
03:37 But if we believe in the word of God
03:39 that we missed also understand that the word
03:42 of God says that there would be prophetic messages
03:44 that come from God before Jesus comes
03:47 in other words at the time of the end according to Joe 2.
03:50 Seventh Day Adventist believe that Ellen White
03:52 that the message that she received from God
03:54 in over 200 visions and dreams throughout her
03:57 70 years of public ministry meets those test of the
04:01 prophet like Isaiah 8:20 to the law
04:03 and to the testament you do they speak according
04:04 to this the word of God then if they do their could
04:07 be lighten them other way as their darkness.
04:10 And then since we believe that she passes
04:13 these test of the prophets then her messages
04:16 must also have relevant for our children.
04:19 And therefore harder we make her writings
04:21 which some people think her sort of antiquated
04:24 you know they use 19 century language
04:27 which means that sense might be longer and
04:29 the words is not commonly express this view today.
04:33 how we would make these things accessible to children
04:35 so that is they grow older they can love books
04:38 like the desire of ages the story of the
04:40 life of Christ and bring this back again
04:43 into scripture that my favorite books.
04:46 yes indeed, but if you try to read the desire of ages
04:48 to an eight year old they might fall asleep
04:52 just because the vocabulary is not that which they
04:54 ordinarily use and because some of the concepts
04:57 are deeper then with their minds
05:00 and so yet able to assimilate.
05:02 So, we've been thinking about that at the way
05:04 and straight and what can we do
05:05 to particularly how children understand that
05:08 prophetic word is also a way that
05:11 God could speaks to them. And one of my favorite
05:13 ways is that easy and it's an electronic magazine
05:16 that we've made for kids they are just ages 8 to 14
05:18 it's called visionary for kids
05:20 you can find it on the internet at
05:21 so you can also find that by
05:33 just going to our website and it's
05:36 right there front center on her home page
05:38 and there you will find visionary for kids
05:40 you click on that and you'll find about seven issues
05:43 and themes like friends, entertainment
05:47 health, missions, our current is on the Sabbath
05:53 and our next issue is on the second coming
05:55 and we talked what the Bible says about these
05:57 important themes and also and what did Ellen White
05:59 about these things that could be useful and helpful to kids.
06:03 we do that through stories through games,
06:05 through puzzles, through the kids have their own
06:07 coronary where they can post pictures and they can
06:10 write little essays and they can write poems and
06:13 so it's just really fun. So this is like an electronic
06:16 magazine, aha, yes and go t
06:19 and just click on the visionaries, wait, wait.
06:22 You see that right in the home page
06:24 or see visionary for kids you know, it's
06:27 bing and bright graphic and bold
06:28 to can't miss it, wonderful
06:30 you click on that and there will be
06:31 the current issue in PDF form
06:34 as well as the web pages and you can download for free
06:37 or you can just look out on your computer your kids can
06:41 and then we have all of our previous issues are all
06:44 archives on our website. And we've heard from kids
06:48 we got markings, we've notices
06:53 I am not very text that either my project developer
06:56 tells us that people in over 100 countries have acces
06:59 our site to know. We have to say about
07:03 Ellen White for kids, because they are interested
07:04 in that subject. You know, I think this is
07:07 fabolous because this her favorite topic
07:10 to arrive on was the life of Jesus
07:12 which is so much she can make us story of
07:15 Jesus life come alive, but now this electronic magazine
07:19 would be something that would be good
07:21 for people who are Sabbath school teachers
07:23 and looking for material to teach the children
07:27 and parents or grandparents
07:29 this is just something is a very exciting project.
07:33 Now I know you've been there eight years
07:34 with the Ellen White Estate you come from long time
07:39 of long line of career line i guess I should say
07:43 of ministry that you always had just a special heart
07:47 for youth ministry. And in fact, all of my career
07:51 I've been involved in youth ministry
07:52 and when we another I was youth director
07:54 over you know, helping with the youth activities
07:58 for over 70 churches, I was a youth pastor
08:02 I was a Bible teacher, I was religion teacher
08:06 in various schools and I've been an out reach
08:09 co.ordinator. So, it's always been with kids.
08:11 So I have a passion for kids, I love them.
08:13 So I think this the very exciting project
08:16 that you be here and its something that
08:18 I would imagine that some people you don't have to be
08:20 under the age of 12 to go and enjoy this site, right.
08:25 But you know that's we are finding
08:26 it;s actually a regular White estate website
08:28 which is the standard one that everyone goes to pastor
08:31 and people that are interested in Ellen White
08:33 and whatever they go out website
08:34, but they invite on that website
08:37 we have several resources that are helpful to
08:39 people who want to introduce Adventist heritage
08:41 or Ellen White writings to children.
08:45 we have that what i just mentioned
08:46 the visionary for kids and then right underneath
08:48 there is a CD called meeting kids needs,
08:51 and which we have in plans on Adventist Heritage
08:53 for kids from kindergarten all the way through
08:55 grades 12, thanks to God yes, we have less in plans
08:58 and with all of the stories and a little tests
09:01 and little quizzes and the fun stuff and the
09:03 the audio stories that a teacher or path finder leader
09:07 or Sabbath School teacher or parents, Home School
09:11 whatever could use those recources
09:14 that are on our site to help their kids.
09:17 And you know on our visionayr magazine
09:21 we also have broadcast oh! excellent.
09:23 yeah I traveled in many places, I have travelled
09:26 to 51 countries on behalf of Whiteestate,
09:29 and I interviewed kids in Kuwait early teens,
09:31 in Kuwait about what they are doing
09:34 for the Lord and with and how they enjoyed
09:36 reading Ellen Whites writings and of course the
09:39 scripture what is their Bible study plan
09:41 and things like that. And then we thought
09:43 we would take a group of a very young children
09:45 ages like 9 to 12 and use Ellen White's book
09:49 early writings where she wrote very early on
09:52 in her life, it has a simple language
09:54 style and we introduce these kids
09:57 we gave each one of them this book early writings
09:59 we had them sit in the circle
10:00 and we did a broadcast of them discussing
10:03 her first vision, which begans on page 13
10:06 of early writings and goes to page 20
10:08 and what we did was each of the kids have this
10:11 book and this was totally experienced on them
10:13 we didn't rehearse this, we didn't know what's going
10:15 to happen in age 9 reading Ellen White
10:18 you know most would say well, you know this is a
10:20 19th century writer, because we aren't to be
10:22 to able to understand this and I say to the kids
10:24 what we didn't you as we can read this paragraph
10:26 by paragraph and if you see something that you want
10:29 to have further explain that you want to comment on
10:32 it and you want to ask a question on
10:33 you just stop wherever you reading
10:35 and ask the question or anybody in the circle
10:37 could this question. And you know what happened
10:40 we had hope to make this about maybe in 45 minutes
10:42 to an hour those kids got so into this story
10:46 of the Heaven Ellen White describe
10:48 in what God showed her about Heaven
10:49 and God showing her about their new Earth
10:52 and knowing God what it would be like
10:54 in Heaven they get so excited about it.
10:56 And so into it asking so many questions
10:58 and making so many comments that finally I had to say
11:01 okay we'll read a paragraph and one person can ask
11:04 one question and then we'll go on to the next
11:07 paragraph. How exciting, because we wanted them to
11:08 get through the whole vision in the time that we had.
11:11 But I was astonished of children of that age
11:13 could understand there were few things
11:15 that they had questions about and you can see that
11:18 broascast right on our how exciting
11:20 electronic visionary magazine there
11:23 is a broadcast right there on a issue about heaven
11:26 and you can see these kids asking these questions
11:29 and I going to show you that was not rehearse
11:31 you know, just with the very question had they asks
11:34 ought to little hearts it was going on.
11:36 and here was so exciting about this is and I just
11:38 want to say for those if you who are watching
11:40 who may not be Seventh Adventist
11:42 I do want to say that the Seventh Day Adventist Church
11:44 bases all of our doctrines who beleives
11:46 on the Bible not on Ellen's White writings.
11:50 But she does help shall I say
11:55 she expounds on many Bible themes,
11:59 because she had, God gave her such inside
12:01 and what you saying with the children
12:05 is that probably something I mean they've heard about
12:08 the theme of heaven, but they got excited
12:11 because she was expounding on this and it became more
12:16 real and more alive then just simply reading of
12:19 few scriptures on heaven this was something that
12:22 it really start again real to them.
12:24 And if she brings that details that they really
12:26 like to hear and about life in heaven.
12:29 and it just as you say it made come alive
12:32 for them and of course you know we do not want
12:36 Ellen White's writings to ever super scripture
12:38 to take the place of scripture that we would spend
12:41 more time in the writings of Ellen White
12:42 then we would in the Bible. We want our kids to have a
12:46 love for the Bible. But because Ellen White talks so
12:49 much about scriptures and the benefits of reading the
12:52 Bible and that need for us to have a strong
12:54 devotional life the are going to be her writing
12:57 are going to be an agency that leads kids to understand
13:00 Jesus better and to understand the Holyness and
13:02 beauty of his character and his plan for their lives.
13:05 and she always points to the Bible as being the
13:08 primary source of knowledge the greater lights
13:11 you called at and she was just a less her life.
13:14 So this is really exciting. So, now you also have some
13:18 books for the children now. Yes, yes, I wanted to
13:21 tell you that I want to refer back to what you
13:23 mentioned you said something about desire of ages
13:25 which one of your favorites but we really wanted
13:28 the kids to be able to read what we call in
13:31 kind of Adventist going to ocular I suppose
13:33 the conflict series where Ellen White starts
13:35 patriarchs and prophets you know beginings
13:37 origins of sin and the beginnings of our world
13:40 and then prophets and king, desire of ages,
13:42 Axe of the Apostles and the Great Controversy
13:45 these are the books that tell really the story
13:47 from our world form its inception
13:50 all the way thought to the coming of Jesus.
13:52 But probably in language it's going to be a little bit
13:55 difficult for kids to understand.
13:57 So, we wrote those in kids friendly language
14:01 and conjunction with this Seventh the Adventist
14:03 real church Sabbath school department
14:05 because they wanted to use these as auxiliary resource
14:08 materials children for the Sabbath Schools lessons,
14:11 Bible lessons and the first one the name of the
14:14 first one I always have to look
14:15 at my notes because I forget the names of it
14:17 is beginning of the end then royalty and rule
14:20 and then humble hero is the name that we've given
14:23 to the desire of ages. And so we've only done
14:26 three are now project director
14:28 for his project Bill Fagley is working on
14:31 Axe of the Apostles now and then the
14:32 Great Controversy that is my favorite book
14:36 and I can't wait to have children to be able to
14:39 read that book and language that they understand.
14:40 So you know what I've discovered
14:43 I disvoered this some adults are really enjoying that
14:46 simpler language too as just you agreed
14:48 to saved the same thing it wouldn't be just to show
14:50 a children and audience, but I am sure
14:53 Even though that was our focus and our intent
14:54 when we do well up the project
14:55 I came to my Dad's house a few weeks ago
14:58 on his 90 years old, he is very capable and
15:02 and a good student of the Bible
15:04 and he and his friends were studying this book,
15:07 I noticed on his table the first one which was
15:11 beginnings of the end along with their study
15:13 of the scripture and I thought well that's
15:16 Dad I said do you like that but he said,
15:18 because he didn't know that it was you know,
15:20 that we had adopted the language
15:22 from the White estate I said do you enjoying that
15:24 book and he said, oh yes he said we have a
15:27 entity nomination to study group
15:29 and we are reading the Bible and also
15:31 reading this book and he said all of us just love it
15:33 and I had to laugh here is my 920 years old Dad
15:36 enjoying this book which we did for kids.
15:38 that's wonderful, it is wonderful because
15:40 you know it will never take the place Ellen White's
15:43 standard words and that's as purpose to be place
15:46 them, but just to be in that so that people could
15:48 is understand her writings in ways that maybe
15:53 more applicable to their vocabulary or their interest
15:56 or their reading level whatever and then
16:00 and find out the great themes of God
16:02 because as you said, Ellen White talks about Jesus
16:05 talks about heaven, talks about the planet
16:07 and ways that really open up our eyes.
16:10 some people feel that C. S. Lewis was very valuable
16:13 to them in terms of learning more about God.
16:18 if that wasn't agency that could help people
16:20 to know about Jesus then we say praise the Lord.
16:22 Well, Ellen White you know, we believe that she was
16:25 in Agency that can bring us back to study
16:27 and the scripture and knowing God.
16:29 You know when I used to go one of my favorite authors
16:34 was Andrew Murray and I loved his style of
16:37 writing because as I was reading I mean
16:41 every sentence he say I thought
16:42 Oh this I know that scripture that comes from
16:44 I know this scripture like he spoken parapharise
16:47 scripture because he had so much scripture in him
16:49 and then when i began to reading
16:51 Ellen White I found the same thing.
16:53 As you reading through this just so much scripture
16:56 even though she doesn't' every occasion
16:58 put out the scripture referance
17:00 its the principle of that kind of scripture
17:01 of paraphrase. Her phraseology and her
17:03 language is just to seem in scripture
17:05 yes that is and its just wonderful.
17:07 So that now are these books already available
17:10 for sale yes they are you can find then at the
17:13 Adventist book website or you can find them
17:17 in the Adventist book centers that are scattered
17:20 throughout the Unites States and through some
17:22 parts of the world, but you can always look
17:24 Adventist book and find these books.
17:29 You know it occurs me that there are so many
17:31 false prophets involved today do you have something
17:36 specifically to help children understand and how to
17:39 parents teach children to judge between
17:42 what is the true prophet of God
17:43 and what is the false prophet of God.
17:45 You know several years ago on 3ANB I hosted team
17:49 pathways and we went through the BIble
17:52 in a Bible marking plans so that but on themes
17:56 from what happens when you die
17:57 and to angels to health, to salvation
18:00 we put in out Bibles we mark ten text for each theme
18:04 one of those themes was the gift of prophecy
18:07 what does the Bible say about prophecy and prohets
18:12 it's an prophetic claim what would be the test
18:14 of a prophet if someone claims to have a message
18:16 form God, how would we know that claim was authentic
18:19 and not counterfeiter or fornaro or whatever.
18:23 and actually those Bible said is that I did with the teens
18:26 on teen pathways it's have been put into
18:29 a printed form its 41 Bible studies for teens
18:32 and one of those Bible studies is on the spirit
18:35 of prophecy or the gift of prophecy
18:37 and that might be useful so they are wanted those tests
18:40 and that for even Bible studies for kids
18:43 its available for Adventist source.
18:47 Cindy when you were on before
18:49 we were talking about some of the visions that
18:52 Ellen White and didn't get a chance to
18:55 there is a one that you've kind of with it my appetite
18:59 I've never heard the story but it was I think to said
19:02 her shortest vision and it was about hillnet.
19:05 can you show that with us? Oh yes, didn't we.
19:08 Ellen White's husband died when she was about
19:10 54 years old first she didn't know she could caring
19:13 on her ministry without him because she have been
19:15 so dependent upon him as her companion and
19:18 her partner and her husband he was quite devestating
19:22 blow to her but she continue to practise
19:24 that she and her husband had began early
19:26 in their marriage of inviting students
19:28 just stay in their home that way it made a less
19:31 expensive for them to attend the local Christian
19:35 school and they enjoyed living in Ellen White's home
19:38 she let them pedal fights once a week her
19:40 granddaughter's remember and they you know they had
19:43 good garden food and they had wish him
19:45 together also glad that you brought that
19:47 because some times people think of Ellen White
19:50 is being the supreme proper and no sense of humor
19:52 right, and it was quite the contrary she is a very
19:55 well balanced woman, right and kids loved her
19:57 the schools around there where she lived
20:00 the Northern California for the last 15 years
20:02 of her life the students was always ask she could come
20:05 and be the speaker even though sometimes
20:06 she was a little bit of long wented
20:07 i mean you know we usually make half before getting
20:09 how a devotional for a picnic we make kind of sure
20:12 with our hand on the door and up
20:13 well a devotional that she gave at a picnic
20:15 shortly before she past away
20:17 was 45 minutes long and the kids have her on
20:19 everywhere do you know she was just interesting
20:21 and she was engaging, and she really love kids
20:23 she really enjoy to them. Well, one girl I guess
20:26 we just call her Lisa was living in Ellen White's home
20:28 and she past by Ellen White's bedroom one say and some
20:32 aren't and she saw something in Ellen White's room
20:34 that she wanted it wasn't expensive
20:37 watch or beautiful pen, it was hair net
20:40 and back in those days and other woman often
20:42 where they hear up and top of the head and
20:44 in kind of donate looking thing and covered with a
20:47 hair net and this was a very well made one
20:49 and a nice silk hair net so Lisa wanted this hair net
20:53 and she just stole it you know
20:55 scrunched it up in her hand took it back and put it in
20:57 her trun, in her bedroom. Well, Ellen White was quite
21:00 an organized individual and she came back to he room
21:05 when she was getting ready to go out
21:06 and looked for that hair net and it wasn't there
21:08 and I can imagine that you know she is looking here
21:10 and there thinking maybe the wind blow it
21:12 and those kind of thing so that night it worship
21:15 after they played that pump organ
21:16 and I've been at Ellen White's home
21:18 it's been restored its an actual historical landmark
21:22 because it was restored authentically and
21:25 the pump organ is there you can see the old furniture
21:28 you know where they used to sit around
21:29 and read the Bible stories and saying and
21:31 after the end of their family devotional time
21:34 in the evening Ellen White said has any one seen
21:37 my hair net then no one answered to her
21:41 the next day Ellen White was blocking by Lisa's bedroom
21:44 then Ellen White heard a voice and the voice said
21:48 look in Lisa's trunk. Now Ellen White was not a busy
21:51 body she wasn't that police officer
21:53 and she kind of resisted that ways she kept walking
21:56 and then the voice came back to hear clearly
21:58 look in Lisa's trunk. Now this time she recognized
22:02 that as the voice of the angel guide
22:04 they was often with her in vision the commentator
22:08 that told her the various things that she was seen
22:12 she decided she probably should listen
22:15 and she went back in the bedroom in Lisa's bedroom
22:17 and she opened the trunk and of course there on the
22:19 top tray was that missing hair net.
22:23 So she just loved it there and close the trunk back up
22:26 that night when she after the pump organ and
22:28 after the stories of from the Bible
22:31 and the songs the scripture and the prayer by the way
22:36 Ellen White's always wanted to keep
22:37 family worship short and sweat she wanted to kids
22:39 the liked she wanted to be a happy and joyful
22:42 time and she don't wanted to be long in tedious.
22:45 So, the idea of the 45 minutes devotional before the
22:49 picnic that was not something that she repeated in
22:51 every evening photoframe or no, definitely not.
22:53 definitely not. And so again she ask the question
22:58 has anyone seen my hair net and no one answered to her.
23:04 So a few days later Ellen White was writing
23:07 some that new script that probably based on her visions
23:10 she had had perhaps it was a letter
23:11 to someone she often wrote letters
23:13 to council to individuals and she had her shortest
23:15 vision and in this vision she saw Caressing Lantering
23:20 and the Rick of course with springing
23:22 she saw a girls hand holding a hair net over this open
23:27 flame the hair net was dropped down into that globe
23:32 of the caressing lantern and of course it being
23:34 a natural fiber it immediately burned up
23:37 completely. So now Ellen White knew
23:39 what it happened to the hair net that was
23:42 in Lisa's trunk, oh no. So that night after wishing
23:45 Ellen White asks the third time
23:47 has any one seen my hair net?
23:50 and when no one replied she said Lisa I'l like to
23:52 talk with you and Lisa stay back
23:56 and Ellen White said you know,
23:59 God showed me Lisa that you took my hair net
24:03 he showed me that you put it your trunk
24:05 and then he showed me that you bring it up
24:10 and she began to cry and she said oh! sister White
24:11 because they called her by that effection
24:13 oh sister White I was so shamed when you started
24:18 about it, I did steal it, I saw it, I wanted, I took it,
24:22 but we stood asking about I was so shamed.
24:23 I didn't want you find out about, so I just wanted to
24:25 get rid of it. So, I bruned it out and she said
24:28 will you forgive me? And you know,
24:32 those who think of Ellen White is kind of a
24:33 domineering ridgered, not very nice person
24:36 might have thought, at that point she stampered her feet
24:39 and say no way, no cookies for you this time for a week or
24:41 whatever you know, but no she took Lisa
24:45 in her arms and she told her Lisa you know
24:48 of course I forgive you but the God of heaven
24:51 who created all the galaxies space and the my Lisa
24:54 like a lady bird they are everything in our world.
24:59 loved you so much that he sent a message to me so that
25:02 you could make this right because according to
25:05 Isaiah 59:1 are sins can separate us from God
25:08 not because he doesn't love us but because those sins
25:11 stand in a way of our perceiving that wonderful
25:14 love of God. you know that really impressed Lisa
25:17 and she thought up to that time that she was pretty
25:20 good moral person, she went to church,
25:22 she paid her tide you know, she was about as good
25:24 a candidte to escape hell as any she didn't understand
25:27 the wonderful love of Jesus for her and then he died
25:31 for her individually specifically and then when
25:34 she did wrong it grieve the heart to God
25:36 and who care to love about that too.
25:38 Well his messengers knows that Lisa can make that right
25:42 I thought it was you know, because the biographers
25:45 that actually was pivotal experience
25:47 in Jesus' life and then she came up a commited
25:50 wholeheartedly bring a Christian to Jesus
25:54 and I thought you know isn't at the work
25:56 of a prophet, yes to put their arms around us
25:58 and tell us that God's love this
26:00 and to direct this to the wonderful love of Jesus.
26:01 But also according t first Corinthians for 18:3
26:07 the wake of the prophet is to give us worth of
26:09 edification on instruction as well as comfort
26:13 Jeremiah 23 says that are false prophet
26:16 is going to say I'm okay you're okay, we're all okay
26:18 in other words the false prophet is going to
26:20 declare peace, but there is no peace
26:22 he is going to tell us that we are right with God
26:24 when we haven't made things right with God
26:25 and we haven't asked him for forgive us
26:27 since and we haven't accepted him as our savior.
26:30 So, I think you know as I read that first corinthians
26:32 4:18:3 I think the prophets where it can sort of like
26:35 tree like a stool without all three legs the
26:37 stools getting tape over and it included edification
26:41 it includes instruction and it includes comfort.
26:44 we need all three elements to be a true prophet.
26:47 here I am so thankful that we're here today to
26:50 share this with us all o the exciting things that
26:54 the Ellen White Estate is doing to make her writings
27:03 more accessful to children in the style
27:05 what they can enjoy Cindy thank you so much.
27:07 again for being here. thanks for inviting me.
27:09 You know for those of you at home
27:10 I didn't up in the Adventist Church
27:13 and I know that one of my big questions
27:15 coming into the church was how I would recieved
27:17 the writings of Ellen White and as I have
27:21 become more familiar with her writing that one thing
27:24 that I appreciate so much is that she always heralded
27:27 the Bible as or stand with of truth
27:30 and that is the standard by which we live
27:33 and her standard by which are true discovered
27:35 is the Bible and the Bible only as far as
27:39 the foundation for truth but praise the Lord
27:42 that he has not he hasn't left us without of prophetic
27:46 gift in these and times the gift of prophecy
27:49 is still a valuable gift and we certainly see that
27:53 it was a gift that was given to Ellen White,
27:57 who is one of the founders of this Seventh Day
27:59 Adventist church. I hope you've enjoyed this
28:01 time with Cindy too. We are going to try to get
28:04 her back again and please us again, bye, bye.


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