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00:01 Hi, I am Shelley Quinn. Please join us today
00:03 On Issues and Answers as we talk about wonderful
00:06 stories of the Adventist Heritage.
00:30 I don't care how old you are. We all seem
00:32 to enjoy stories of the past.
00:34 Stories that - have to do with something about
00:36 our heritage and you know the Bible even tells us
00:39 in Jeremiah at 31:21 "Set up for yourself road signs
00:43 look back and turn your heart toward the highway
00:47 that you came on and this is what we're going to
00:50 do today, is retrace our steps of Adventist Heritage
00:54 with our very special guest Dr. Cindy Tutsch.
00:58 And Cindy, so glad to have you back again.
01:00 Now you are the Associate Director for the
01:04 Ellen G. White Estate. That's right.
01:06 Its located at the general conference
01:08 which is Adventist World Headquarters
01:10 in Silver spring, Maryland.
01:11 And Ellen White was one of, I mean she is probably
01:14 the most translated female author.
01:17 I think in the world I thought.
01:18 Yes, indeed. In fact, her her's book Steps to Christ;
01:21 The devotional book, "Steps to Christ"
01:22 has been translated in over a 150 languages.
01:25 How wonderful? Now she was also one of the
01:28 founders for the Adventist Church.
01:30 That's right. As a group of people,
01:32 interdenominational people came together in
01:34 Bible study and then started the advent movement.
01:37 Now Tell me before we get started here
01:40 how long have you been with the
01:42 Ellen White Institute now.
01:45 I've been there for
01:46 eight and half years already.
01:47 Alright. And you came from?
01:48 I came from Washington State where I was
01:51 Youth Director that means I was the Director for
01:54 youth activities for the Seventh-day Adventist Church
01:56 around the Seattle area. The Washington conference
01:59 we called it which was about seven-day Churches
02:01 there and I directed youth activities and before that
02:04 I was a Pastor and before that I was a Bible teacher.
02:07 Wonderful. So you always had, I know you have
02:10 three children of your own and you've always been
02:12 drawn to youth ministry, haven't you?
02:13 That's right. That's wonderful.
02:15 I love kids. So tell us a little bit
02:17 about our heritage as Adventist.
02:20 You know I love these stories because I think
02:22 they kind of help us identify
02:24 with a very special spiritual pioneers and
02:28 the heritage that we have -
02:29 I think of Joshua 4, where after the God had
02:33 Miraculously part of the Jordan River and
02:36 Israelites had gone through it,
02:37 then the Lord instructed them to take twelve stones
02:41 out of the River and build an alter
02:42 and every time they saw that alter it reminder
02:46 to them of the wonder that God had done
02:48 in helping them to get across that river
02:50 and into the promise land.
02:51 And so these stories I think I just
02:53 reminders to us that what God has done for
02:56 our people for our denomination to bring us
03:00 together to be Herald of the good news
03:02 that Jesus is coming soon.
03:03 Amen. And which story do
03:05 you want to start with today?
03:06 Well, the story that I think I would like to begin with
03:09 happened probably around 1845, before they are even
03:13 was a seventh-day Adventist Church.
03:15 It was after the great disappointment of
03:17 October 22, 1844. When the -- had
03:20 preached that Jesus would come on that date
03:22 He had not come and so the Adventist were
03:25 a little bit distress. There were no
03:26 Seventh-Day Adventist at this time.
03:28 These were groups of people from many different
03:30 denominations who would look forward to the
03:31 coming of Jesus. And about two months after that
03:34 great disappointment, young 17 year old Ellen Harmon
03:38 had a vision, a special message from God
03:41 in which he told her about this path
03:42 going from earth up to the New Jerusalem
03:45 and the believers were walking on this path
03:47 and some were falling off into the dark road below
03:50 And after she came out of that vision
03:54 that message from God. About a week later
03:56 God called her to a special ministry for him
03:59 And as a prophetic minister for God.
04:02 But of course, you know, she is 17 years old
04:05 she is weak. She is a woman and the day when woman have
04:08 little credibility. She is uneducated.
04:11 And so there were some persons who wondered
04:14 that you have too much pickles and ice cream
04:16 the night before. Did she really have a message from God?
04:20 And my story today concerns establishing
04:25 Ellen White's credibility, not by feelings and
04:28 emotions, that by the word of God.
04:30 And you know I want to just point out
04:32 because many of our viewers, and our audience are not
04:36 Seventh-Day Adventist so I do want to
04:37 point out that Seventh-Day Adventist based all of our
04:40 doctrines on the Bible. And one think that
04:43 we appreciate about Ellen White as one of the
04:45 founders of this Church is that, she did as well
04:48 And she wrote believe we were talking about
04:50 this earlier today that she wrote about Jesus Christ
04:54 most and then the Holy Spirit was her second
04:57 That's right. Most favorite topic,
05:00 That's right. And she always pointed
05:01 back to the scriptures. And she never wanted to
05:03 elevate her writings above the scriptures
05:05 Oh! it's called herself a lesser life
05:07 pointing into the greater life.
05:09 Exactly, the Scriptures, even her
05:11 language in which she writes is just
05:15 seeped in scripture because she was such a
05:16 student of the Bible. Yes, Amen.
05:17 Well, this certainly after Ellen White was called to this
05:21 Prophetic ministry a group of Adventists
05:24 in the Boston area developed some
05:26 Fanatical teachings. They believed that they were
05:28 holy and sinless and that they could not sin because
05:31 they had been set apart and they were beyond the
05:34 power of temptation. And they also believe
05:36 that the year of jubilee had come which meant
05:38 that the men could do no work during that year.
05:41 So you know, wouldn't this to be kept?
05:43 The women do it. You know, they couldn't
05:45 go out and get jobs. And people were saying
05:46 how can we do this? How will we support our
05:49 families? And they said, well they are the
05:51 rich. So, just sell everything they have and give
05:53 to the rest of us and we can all go for
05:55 whole year without working. So, there is ahead
05:58 of the Adventist believers there just
06:00 South of Boston named Mr. Nichols who
06:03 thought may be Ellen Herman could be helpful in
06:05 counter-acting and combating some of this fanaticism.
06:08 So, he invited her and one of her sisters, Sara to
06:11 come to his house.
06:13 The name of these leaders of this fanatical
06:15 movement was Mr. Sir- John and Mr. Robbins.
06:18 And they had always said, Ellen Herman because
06:20 that was her maid name. Right.
06:22 They had always said that her visions were devil.
06:25 And she were in their presence then she could not
06:27 possibly had a vision. And they also said that
06:31 they were the, called to be the leaders of this
06:33 movement. But this said that if they ever had the
06:36 opportunity to see her, they would be very grateful
06:38 because they knew that she can have never have a vision
06:40 in their presence because they were of the God
06:41 and she was of the devil. Well, here they are
06:44 sitting in the living room, visiting and they ain't
06:46 Mr. Nichols sees the carriage coming down
06:48 the lane and here it is this Mr. Sir John
06:50 and Mr. Robbins and he thinks oh great,
06:52 you know Ellen Herman is here. We can all visit.
06:54 We can talk. We can say the Bible together.
06:55 And may be we can, you know, work out some of these
06:57 difficulties. So, he went out to meet them.
07:00 And they said, ohh yeah we're So glad to be here with
07:02 we could spend the night at your house,
07:03 and he said great. He said, you will be glad to know
07:05 that Ellen Herman is here. Mr. Robbins looked to
07:08 Mr. Sir John and Mr. Sir- John looked to Mr. Robbins
07:11 and he said, we just remembered that we have
07:14 another appointment down the roadways
07:16 And Mr. Nichols said, what's up with that?
07:18 You know, I thought you wanted to come in.
07:19 I thought you're going to spend the night.
07:20 Oh! No, no. I wouldn't come in for lot more
07:22 many. So he said, when are you going to meet
07:24 this Ellen Herman who later became known Ellen White.
07:26 They said, well, just have her come up to Boston
07:29 this next Sunday. And she can speak to all of the
07:31 Adventists that are gathered together
07:33 at that time. And he said, alright.
07:35 So when Mr. Nichols told Ellen Herman, and she said
07:38 fine. We all will be happy to do this.
07:40 and so everything was good, but that night
07:43 Ellen Herman had a very short vision in which
07:47 God told her not to go North to Boston
07:50 but to go South about 20 miles to a town
07:54 called Randolph. But when she told
07:56 Mr. Nichols about this the next day
07:58 he was really perplexed because they had already,
07:59 you know, made the commitment that they were going
08:02 to go up to Boston. And he thought all the people think
08:05 you know, if we just don't show up you know,
08:06 no cell phones and no internet, no way,
08:08 no telephones, no way to let people know
08:09 you are not coming. But he believes that
08:12 Ellen Herman's visions were of God because
08:14 they had been tested by the word of God.
08:16 And he thought well, may be God has
08:18 purpose in this. So on Sunday they went
08:22 down to Randolph and as they approached
08:24 the door of Mr. Thayer, where they were going
08:27 to meet. They heard singing and the singing
08:30 was quite loud and they opened the door just as
08:35 Mr. Robbins was telling all the people who were now
08:39 gathered in this town South of Boston
08:41 that Ellen Herman's vision were of the devil and he
08:44 looked at with great surprise to see them because he;
08:47 This was the very man that had agreed to meet her in Boston.
08:50 Exactly. And he had gone Southway,
08:52 right; so this just a little prank, you know, this is
08:54 going to be very funny he thought that she and her
08:56 little entourage, would go up to Boston and nobody would be
08:58 there. So, he of course was very startled to see her there
09:02 in Randolph and all the people wanted to hear
09:04 her speak and to hear about her visions and her communications
09:07 that she had had from God and to give them a scriptural study.
09:10 Of course, Mr. Sir John and Mr. Robbins were not eager to
09:14 have this happen at all. So he said, okay, after lunch,
09:17 after lunch. Well, after lunch as Ellen Herman got up
09:20 to speak. She was carried off into vision and it turned
09:24 out to be the longest vision that she ever had lasted
09:27 four hours. And some of her visions were just a few
09:30 moments but this one was 4 hours, but Mr. Robbins
09:33 and Mr. Sir John were so eager for it to not happen
09:36 that they tried to leave the congregation in singing
09:38 they would talk louder then they could so that no one
09:41 would hear her speaking because sometimes when she
09:43 had a vision she would describe that she was seen.
09:46 And here the people were wanting to hear that so much.
09:49 The Robins and Mr. Sir John, they were trying to read from
09:53 scriptures until their voices has got hoarse, but they
09:56 didn't drowned out her voice and the people were saying
09:58 my, you know that she is speaking with a hope and faith
10:01 and courage and talking to us about the Lord and quoting
10:04 from scripture and why could you say that this is
10:06 of the devil, you know, by your fruits you shall know them.
10:09 And you know she is not speaking anything as
10:11 contradictory to Scripture. Now then this Mr. Thayer
10:15 whose home they were in. He wasn't quite sure,
10:18 you know, what to think and he had heard that if he put
10:21 an open Bible on someone who was in a vision that
10:24 if it was of the devil they would come out of immediately.
10:27 So, he suggested to Mr. Sir John that he do that,
10:30 but Mr. Sir John would have nothing of it.
10:32 So, Mr. Thayer went over
10:33 and he put the open Bible on Ellen Herman who was
10:36 kind of reclining in a chair that moment and describing
10:38 the things that she was seeing as God portrayed them to her.
10:42 And when you put this big heavy family Bible like
10:45 we have in those days. On her, she picked it up,
10:49 stood up and she was Freya woman. Her health was not good
10:53 she weighed about 80 pounds. She held this Bible up over
10:58 her head for her granddaughter says, over an
11:02 hour we don't know if that's the case but at least there
11:04 was a very long time. And was quoting from the
11:08 scripture as she turned the page but she couldn't see
11:11 the Bible because it was up above her head.
11:13 So you know what the folks did, they grabbed chairs, jumped
11:16 on the chairs, looked over, and peep down to see if where
11:19 her finger was and where she was quoting was actually
11:21 what the scripture said and sure enough it was.
11:24 And she talked about the wonder of heaven and the richness
11:28 of salvation, through faith in Christ alone and then she
11:32 started talking about the judgment of the in time,
11:35 you know, when those who were doing wicked things would be
11:37 called to judgment. And of course this made Mr. Robins
11:41 and Mr. Sir John extremely uncomfortable and you know,
11:44 when she came out of that vision, the people
11:47 expected Mr. Robbins and Mr.- Sir John to probably go to
11:51 the front and confess that they had been wrong and this
11:54 was a beautiful gift of God, to kind of identify and
11:57 strengthen the fledgling movement. But none of that
12:00 they just gone to slunk out and left. But it was a real
12:04 crossroads in the early Adventist history because
12:08 it helped the people establish
12:09 their faith that God had actually
12:12 called this young woman to the prophetic ministry.
12:14 Not necessarily from the external phenomenon that
12:18 she didn't breath for instance Right. Like Daniel
12:20 didn't breath when he was in vision or the fact that
12:23 that her eyes were open while in vision and she could talk
12:26 but she didn't breath. Well, it wasn't that those physical
12:29 phenomena as striking as that was. It was did, what she
12:34 said harmonized with the way they thought. Amen, With the
12:37 scriptures. And you know, I went at the Ellen White
12:40 Institute and I have seen that the size of that Bible
12:43 and the idea of trying to hold it for minutes your
12:46 arm would be. Exactly. Absolutely, even I've
12:50 heard this is true but I've heard that, that they had
12:52 strong men try to do this who just couldn't even
12:55 hold it up for an hour. Right. Now that particular Bible
12:58 that you saw at the Ellen White Estate, that is not the same
13:01 Bible that she held when she was at this family's home.
13:04 That Bible was probably a little bit smaller still much
13:06 bigger than the Bibles that, you and I use, yes, but
13:08 probably not as big as the one that you saw at
13:10 the estate. That Bible that you saw was the very Bible
13:14 she did hold up in a subsequent vision.
13:16 And sure enough Mr. Miraca, who once came to the
13:19 Ellen White Estate was not able to hold it up like this
13:21 longer than two and half minutes. But again you know
13:24 those physical phenomena as striking and interesting
13:26 as they are. Right. Are not the most important thing
13:29 why? Because they can also counterfeit,
13:32 absolutely, miracled. That's good point. So it has to be
13:34 in conjunction with God's words. Absolutely.
13:37 That is the most important thing. So this little frank
13:39 that they pulled on her, trying to send Ellen White
13:42 to Boston while they went down to South to
13:46 discredit her. It totally backfired on them because
13:49 the Lord spoke to her in a short vision
13:52 telling her where to go.
13:53 Exactly. So, Amen. I hope those lunatics in that group
13:57 were eventually called out of the Church where they worked.
13:59 Actually I think they fell away because we don't hear
14:01 any more from them. The Adventist group continue to
14:04 swell and to strengthen of course ultimately
14:08 colonizing into a denomination in 1863.
14:11 Now you mentioned though Cindy, that they were meeting
14:13 on Sunday. Yes. And we all know that one of the things,
14:17 of course they were at that time just called Adventist.
14:19 Right. But we are now known today as a Seventh-Day
14:22 Adventist. How did the Seventh-Day, you have
14:25 the story on the Seventh-Day Sabbath and how this
14:28 actually began to come in and be embraced by the Church
14:33 as a true Bible doctrine. Right.
14:36 Well it happened in a little mountain village of Washington
14:38 New Hampshire. There was a group of Adventists
14:41 there who were looking forward to the coming of Jesus but
14:44 who were meeting on Sunday and the school teacher there
14:47 named, her name was Delight, and her mother
14:51 Rachel Oakes Preston came to visit.
14:53 Now Rachel Oakes Preston was a seventh day Baptist,
14:56 but there were no seventh day Baptist Churches there and so
14:59 she went with her daughter to this little kind of
15:01 Congregational Church there in Washington, New Hampshire.
15:04 And in the afternoon, the Pastor came to visit her
15:07 as the new person in town. Right.
15:10 And as she was sitting there in her rocking chair,
15:12 she said Brother Wheeler, his name is Frederick Wheeler,
15:16 brother Wheeler, while you were preaching I could
15:18 scarcley contain myself. You say that we should keep
15:21 all Ten Commandments, but you yourself constantly
15:24 break on of them. Now of course, he was indignant,
15:26 answered whatever do you mean and she said, well,
15:29 you know, she said, you keep the first day in
15:33 contradiction to the plain word of God which
15:36 clearly states that the Seventh-Day is the Sabbath
15:38 of the Lord Thy God. Well, you know, this really peaked
15:41 Frederick Wheeler's interest, so he went home and began
15:44 studying about this and as he was studying he would
15:47 come back to his little Sunday keeping Adventist Church
15:49 there and preach about what he was discovering.
15:51 And ultimately two young men in his congregation
15:56 Cyrus and William Farnsworth stood up in front of the
15:59 people that they had known all of their lives and said,
16:01 we want to keep the Seventh-Day Sabbath of the
16:04 Fourth Commandment. Well, in the mean time a man named
16:08 Thomas Preble, wrote a very strongly worded tracked based
16:12 on scripture and supporting Seventh-Day Sabbath observance
16:16 and this tract fell into the hands of Joseph Bates.
16:19 Now Joseph Bates was a man of action. He was formerly
16:23 a sea Captain. He owned his own little shipping business.
16:26 But he sold that retired and put all of his money into
16:30 the cause of God, I mean he was zealous, you know,
16:32 the Lord is coming. We want people to know that.
16:34 We want people to give their hearts to Christ, while theirs
16:37 yet time and I mean he was an Evangelist on fire for God.
16:41 And he was a prominent leader in this group of Adventist,
16:45 no Seventh-day Adventist remember. But he came into
16:48 this tract that Thomas Preble had written, read it
16:53 through and as he is reading this track, and studying this
16:55 track, he becomes convicted of the validity of the
16:59 Seventh-Day Sabbath. And he knew that this little group over
17:02 Washington, New Hampshire had adopted the Seventh-Day
17:06 Sabbath and he thought, well, I want to talk to them.
17:07 So he just took up from his little town of New Bedford,
17:11 Massachusetts. We don't know how he got there,
17:12 may be on foot, may be above on horse back, may be
17:15 partially by boat. He meets the Farnsworth there and
17:19 the biographer tells us under a stand of maple trees
17:21 there are in a little village I have been there
17:22 several times in Washington, New Hampshire.
17:24 He talked with him about the Sabbath all afternoon.
17:27 They stayed up half the night talking about the Sabbath,
17:29 and by the end he
17:31 was committed to keeping the Seventh-Day Sabbath holy.
17:35 Alright. So, he finishes visiting with these new
17:38 Adventist believers, remember there is no organized
17:41 denomination of Seventh-day Adventist that in a sense we
17:43 can call them the first Seventh-day Adventist because
17:45 they looked forward to the coming of Lord
17:46 and they also kept the Seventh-Day Sabbath. So, he
17:49 gets home by whatever means and he was walking across
17:52 the bridge that spans the river that goes to his
17:54 little town of New Bedford and a man named Mr. Hall, accost
17:58 and he says, what's the news Captain Bates, and of course,
18:02 Joseph Bates being overly the Evangelist
18:04 said the news the Seventh-day is the Sabbath of
18:07 the Lord Thy God and Mr. Hall, goes, what you know,
18:11 and so of course here Mr. Bates, Joseph Bates gives him a
18:14 Bible study about the Sabbath right there on the bridge
18:16 and Mr. Hall, becomes Joseph Bates first convert
18:21 to the Seventh-day Sabbath, the of the sanctity of the
18:23 Seventh-day Sabbath. In the meantime Joseph Bates went
18:28 home and thought, you know, I can only be here and here
18:31 and here, but if I write something like you, shall I
18:35 when you write books they go everywhere and he thought if
18:38 I write a little pamphlet or a little book on the
18:40 Seventh-day Sabbath that could go many places that
18:43 I couldn't go. The problem was
18:45 he know, he spent all of his money.
18:47 So, he is sitting there, trying to figure this out and
18:50 starting to study and think how he is going to put
18:52 together this book when his wife, Puddins, comes in
18:56 and she says, I need some flower Joseph,
18:59 I have to finish out my baking,
19:01 and he said, how much do you need and she said ohh
19:03 probably about 4 pounds. So he went into the kitchen
19:06 and picked up a six quote milk pan and toss off down
19:10 to the store to get the flower comes back she was out,
19:13 so he just let it there on the counter in the kitchen and
19:15 goes back to a study and he is sitting there, beginning
19:17 this little book. He is going to write on
19:19 Seventh-day Sabbath, and pretty soon she comes
19:21 and you know hands on hips and she says, Joseph,
19:25 where did the flower come from? He said,
19:27 well, I bought it and she said, well you bought
19:31 four pounds of flower. You who have been all over
19:34 the world on the shipping industry and you used to
19:37 buying a 100 barrels of flowers and you bring just
19:40 this little pile of flowers. Little did she realize?
19:43 She didn't realize. She didn't know that he had
19:45 put their whole fortune into the gospel. And so then
19:49 he confided to her. You know, I spent my last
19:52 Shilling, a York Shilling, was worth about
19:55 twelve and half cents in those days.
19:56 He said, I spent my last Shilling on this flower.
19:59 And that was all, the flower he could afford. Yeah.
20:02 So, she burst into tears and she goes. Oh! Joseph,
20:04 you know, whatever shall we do and. He says
20:07 the Lord will provide and she starts crying and said,
20:10 Oh, Lord! That's what you always say
20:11 the Lord will provide. Well, in the
20:14 meantime, he is thinking, he has an impression that
20:18 may be there is many for him waiting at the post office.
20:21 Just an impression that he thought came from the Lord.
20:24 So he goes down to the post office and asked if
20:27 there is mail and yes, there was a lot of from him.
20:29 But in those days you didn't have to pay a postage
20:32 you could pay it,
20:33 if you wanted or you could leave the postage off and
20:35 then the person who received the letter had to pay
20:37 the postage. So, he discovers that there is, the postage
20:41 has not been paid and he said to the post master,
20:43 well, I can't take the letter because I don't have any money
20:46 pay for it and I'm sure the post master just thought,
20:48 well he just left his money at home. I'm sure he didn't
20:49 realize because absolutely broke and he says no, just
20:53 take it, you can pay me next time you come in, but Joseph
20:56 Bates didn't want to go into debt and so he said, no
20:59 I tell you what? You open the letter and if there is
21:01 any money in it then you can take out the postage.
21:03 So, the post master opens the letter and sure enough
21:07 and here is $10. Which was a lot money
21:09 back then. Absolutely, a lot of money.
21:11 And so they took out the postage and Mr. Bates, thinks
21:16 I think I'll surprise my wife.
21:18 So, he goes back to the store and he orders all these,
21:20 this time a whole barrel of flower, a big bag of potatoes
21:23 and some sugar and you know all kinds of staples.
21:26 And he must had quite a sense of humor because he said,
21:29 to the delivery boy, he said, now you just take it to
21:31 my house and put it on the porch
21:33 and my wife is going to come with a answer
21:35 it doesn't belong to us but you
21:36 just put it there anyway. And then he
21:38 slid back into his study to keep writing on his
21:40 Sabbath document. So the, delivery man comes to the
21:43 door and the wife says, Oh! no, you know,
21:46 we don't do this. This is
21:47 not ours, we didn't pay for it, you know,
21:48 and she just can't imagine why
21:50 he leaves the stuff there and
21:52 she comes back to tell Joseph, you know, her husband look
21:55 at, look at all these stuff and she says
21:58 where did it come from? And he got a twinkle his eyes
22:01 and he said, well you know I told you, the Lord will
22:03 provide. Amen. So then he
22:05 told her the story of this, what seemed
22:07 to him to be a miracle that God had provided for their
22:10 needs and she too was a kind of ashamed of her lack of
22:13 faith and realized that, yes, God was going to give them
22:17 the courage and the faith and afford to keep pressing
22:20 on to carry out this mission that they believe that God
22:24 had given to them. And so Joseph Bates wrote the rest
22:29 of that tract he printed it, he published it and sent out a
22:32 thousand of copies of it on money that was sent to him from
22:35 various sources miraculously and that tract came into
22:40 the hands of Ellen and James White. And at first
22:44 they kind of resisted Oh! You know, how can this be,
22:47 you know, we have kept Sunday all of our
22:49 life. It's easy for anyone to resist truth that is contrary
22:55 to your foundational believe system. It's very
23:00 difficult because not growing up an Adventist.
23:02 I went through, of course the Lord was the one who
23:04 took me into a deep study.
23:06 It wasn't someone else trying to teach me but it was
23:09 something that, you know, when you have these pivotal
23:13 believes, it's like, Wow! These pillars I should say
23:17 believes. And somebody comes along says know what you've
23:20 known in recognize this truth all your life is not truth.
23:24 That's a difficult thing. You have to be really open to
23:27 the Holy Spirit. Absolutely. Because otherwise,
23:29 it's kind of, well, what did my grandparents do and
23:32 my great-grandparents. I know that when my father
23:35 became a Seventh-day Adventist there were no Seventh-day
23:37 Adventist in his entire family, none whatsoever. And his
23:41 father came to my dad and said, you know, you are
23:44 going to give up the religion of our ancestors because that
23:47 religion had gone back you know for many generations.
23:51 And my dad said, I am building on what I have
23:55 learnt as a child. Amen. Amen. And ultimately
23:58 his father acknowledged to my dad that yes,
24:00 I can see that the Seventh-day is the
24:03 Sabbath. We do acknowledge with that.
24:04 So, go ahead. I'm sorry didn't mean
24:05 to interrupt, but Joseph. Joseph Bates
24:08 wrote that article that that little booklet that he
24:10 distributed widely. Ellen and James White read
24:13 that pamphlet. They weren't quite sure about it.
24:17 Joseph Bates came up and studied with him and as
24:19 they studied it together and looked at those beautiful text
24:24 that commemorate the Sabbath throughout scripture.
24:26 And they saw that there was no injunctions to keep the
24:29 first day of the week. They too decided to become
24:32 Seventh-day Sabbath keepers. And they ended up founding
24:35 the Seventh-day Adventist Church. So it was Ellen White,
24:38 her husband James White and Joseph Bates, who were
24:41 the founders of our Seventh-day Adventist.
24:43 I love it. I think that's one of my favorite stories,
24:45 but you know, I just want to show one scripture with
24:48 our viewers because this is the scripture that's one of
24:50 my favorites about the Sabbath that he says, truly
24:56 you shall keep my Sabbath. This is Exodus 31:13. For it
25:01 is the sign between you and me that I the Lord your God
25:08 sanctify you. And you know, to be sanctified is to be
25:13 made Holy and I think a lot of us try to make our own
25:16 selves Holy. And we forget the Jeremiah 13:23 says, we can
25:20 change ourselves any more than Ethiopian can change the spots
25:23 over his skin or lipid change spots. And for me
25:27 coming into the truth about the Sabbath in the first time
25:30 I celebrated the Sabbath. This was that entering that
25:34 rest of really acknowledging, yes, Lord you're working in
25:38 me and willing to act according to your good
25:39 pleasure. It's you that you're gonna
25:42 scantify me. It's by your power that I'm kept.
25:46 It was such a beautiful thing to learn this.
25:48 And I've just loved that story and you know,
25:51 our keeping the Sabbath is not some means of legalism or
25:54 works righteousness. No. It's a response to the
25:57 wonderful grace of Jesus in saving us. And when
26:00 he says, if you love me. In John 14:15, keep my
26:02 commandments and we so eager to do that because he
26:05 has done everything for us and we want to follow his
26:08 in his foot steps. We want to do what he did.
26:10 It's kind a like when Pual told in Galatians 3:3,
26:14 where he said, You foolish, Galatians having begun in
26:16 this spirit or you now trying to justify yourself by works
26:21 of the foolish. Well, if all Christians are honest,
26:24 we kind of get into the demure, sometimes
26:27 and feel like we need to do
26:28 more for God, do more for God. And praise
26:30 the Lord the Sabbath is that set apart that when
26:34 you really are celebrating the Sabbath for the purposes
26:36 for which God setted apart that's what gives you that
26:41 aha, moment again reminding mind yourself and totally
26:45 depended upon the Lord my God. Yes, yes. And you know
26:49 I also think about I can not tell a lie. I have a workaholic
26:52 I try my best not to be, but if you were not
26:55 for the Sabbath and knowing that I, God gives me
26:59 permission to have that day off just, yes, to
27:00 celebrate my relationship with him.
27:02 I think worked myself right into it. So even says,
27:05 logically the Sabbath of benefit. One day and seven,
27:08 you just concentrate on a relationship with Jesus.
27:11 I think one think that I appreciate so much about
27:13 the Joseph Bates story is, his wife and you know,
27:17 it's so easy when you know, you got your last penny here.
27:21 You do spin it to think how I am going to do it, into help
27:24 somebody that whose faith is stronger at the moment
27:27 say that the Lord will provide it's so easy to
27:29 think how, but he always does. Amen.
27:32 Cindy we are already out of time.
27:34 You are a great storyteller.
27:35 I can tell you used to ministering the children but
27:38 that energy is so wonderful. Thank you so much again
27:41 for begin here. It's my pleasure.
27:42 We appreciate you will come back. Absolutely.
27:45 Oh! Wonderful. For those you at home I hope that
27:48 you've enjoyed this Adventist Heritage stories
27:51 and she has got more. We are going to have to tell
27:53 have her work that was into the other programs
27:55 here because it's so wonderful
27:57 to see the way in which we led and to
28:00 follow that highway. Now may the grace of
28:03 our Lord Jesus Christ, the loving the father at
28:06 the fellowship of the Holy Spirit
28:07 be with you today and always. Good Bye.


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