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00:01 Hi I'm Shelley Quinn, inviting you
00:03 to join us today, on Issues
00:04 and Answers, as we discuss Intercessory Prayer.
00:07 And how you by participating may
00:09 change the lives, of your loved ones.
00:34 If you're like me, you have a family member. Who
00:36 you wish could know the joy of a personal relationship
00:40 with the Lord. What do you do when you have
00:43 someone like that in your life, you know you can't
00:46 take a fiddle and beat somebody over the head,
00:48 to convince them how beautiful the music is,
00:51 nor can you take the Bible and beat someone over the
00:54 head to convince them how much God loves them,
00:56 but one thing you can do is pray for them and that's
01:00 what we're going to be talking about today
01:02 on Issues and Answers is Intercessory Prayer.
01:05 You know this is something that we are commanded
01:08 to pray for others and according to Samuel it's
01:10 even a sin when we don't pray for others, let me share
01:14 a scripture with you from First Samuel 12 verse 23
01:17 he writes, more over as for me far be it from me that
01:21 I should cease to, that I should sin against
01:25 the Lord by ceasing to pray for you.
01:28 So, we're going to be discussing that today with
01:31 our very special guest Dr. Cindy Tutsch
01:34 and Dr. Tutsch thank you so much for coming to 3ABN
01:38 I'm glad to be here! You've been here before
01:40 I've seen that face on 3ABN. Several times, actually
01:43 I think I started about 16 or 17 years ago
01:45 with my first statement. Praise the Lord and you did
01:47 some teen pathways before. Yes, I know you are the
01:50 mother of two. Three. Three! Aha!
01:53 Okay, we're gonna talk about all these things, but first
01:56 tell us what you are doing right now as the
01:58 Associate Director for the Ellen G. White Estate?
02:02 My focus actually is helping youth and young
02:04 adults understand that Ellen White, still has things that
02:07 are relevant to their spirituality, in other words
02:09 even though she with a 19th century visionary, she still
02:12 talks about issues that face kids today and directs
02:16 them to Jesus. Directs them to Jesus,
02:18 the answer to all of their conflicting claims of life.
02:20 Okay now let me ask you this question, because I'm sure
02:24 we have a number of our guests, who do not know who
02:27 Ellen White is? So, can you explain, just tell us a
02:30 little bit of her history. Oh, certainly!
02:32 Well, Seventh-Day Adventists base all of their doctrines
02:35 on the Bible and interestingly enough in
02:39 Romans 12 and First Corinthians 12 and Ephesians
02:41 4, we find listed as one of the gifts of the spirit, the
02:44 gift of prophecy and even before the Seventh-Day
02:47 Adventist church was organized as a denomination
02:50 when it was still a nucleus of believers
02:51 that were expecting the Lord to come
02:54 and eager for his second coming, our early
02:58 pioneers discovered that there was according to these
03:02 lists, gifts of prophecy, the possibility of someone being
03:07 a prophet even in contemporary times, even
03:11 in extra-biblical times. And so when this young
03:12 teenager Ellen, who was then Harmon, that was her maiden
03:15 name, had a vision, some people were skeptical you
03:19 know, can this really but instead
03:21 of determining whether she was authentic just by some
03:24 kind of experiential feeling they went to the scriptures.
03:27 What does the scriptures have to say and they discovered
03:29 that there were several tests of a prophet, including
03:31 Isaiah 8:20 to the law to the testimony, they speak not.
03:34 according to this word there is no light in them
03:37 and so as a result of studying the Bible and
03:39 comparing these messages of Ellen Harmon and later Ellen
03:42 White, the Seventh-Day Adventist Church believed
03:44 that she had indeed received messages
03:46 from God, never to contradict the scripture,
03:48 never to supercede the scripture, but always to
03:51 direct people back to the scripture and direct them to
03:53 Jesus. And so, Ellen G. White was one of the
03:57 founders for the Seventh-Day Adventists movement and they
04:00 were as you said these nucleus of people, it was all
04:02 in denominational, who were really seeking the
04:05 scriptures coming to, trying to understand about
04:08 the second coming of the Lord. Right.
04:10 So, now you are, tell us a little bit about your
04:13 children in your family, you have a doctorate. I have a
04:18 doctorate of ministry from the, Andrews University,
04:20 Seventh-Day Adventist Geological Seminary
04:23 and then, our daughter is actually an attorney
04:25 in Eastern Washington, she does Social Services
04:27 Law, you know, helping the poor and marginalize,
04:29 and those who are the least in society and have no
04:31 voice, very proud of her for that and then we have twin
04:34 sons who are 34. Oh! That's where I messed up. Double
04:37 trouble, double joy. That's why I thought you only had
04:40 one son that was 34, but you were talking about
04:42 two different sons there. Right. Yeah
04:44 As a mother and one who, how long have, have you always
04:50 had a personal relationship with the Lord or was this
04:53 something that developed later in life.
04:56 What was your history with God?
04:58 My parents actually, became Christians and
05:00 then Seventh-Day Adventist Christians when I was just a
05:02 child about the age of four but I had my own
05:05 personal encounter with Jesus, when I
05:07 was eight, that sounds kind of young.
05:08 Praise God. But I actually, heard the voice of God
05:12 speaking to me, not a literal audible voice, but a
05:14 gentle calling to my soul. That's First Kings 19:12, the
05:18 still small voice of God. Exactly at that young age.
05:21 And I took Bible studies, decided that I wanted
05:25 to be a Christian, for myself
05:26 gave my heart and soul to Jesus as a child,
05:29 and of course I had that, some of those struggles that
05:33 many people have when they were teenagers I had those
05:36 struggles too and came back to a stronger and deeper
05:39 commitment to Jesus when I was,
05:40 probably oh! I don't know, about 24
05:43 and one of the agencies that guides you to bring
05:46 me back to full commitment to him was the little book
05:50 by Ellen White, called Steps to Christ.
05:52 Yes! My husband's favorite book, I love that book as
05:55 well. Oh, okay. And then, she has so much
05:58 to talk about the personal relationship.
06:00 You know, a lot of people think that religion is
06:02 gonna save them, it doesn't matter what name is across
06:06 the church that you attend, what matters most
06:10 I shouldn't say it doesn't matter at all, but it doesn't
06:12 it matters very little if you don't have a personal
06:14 relationship with the Lord and that's what this book is.
06:17 Our whole obedience, our keeping the Sabbath,
06:20 whatever we do its response to grace, the wonderful
06:22 grace of God. Absolutely. And what I have discovered
06:25 when I'm traveling around to various countries
06:27 on behalf of the general conference of
06:30 Seventh-Day Adventists is that many persons have
06:33 strong concerns for either a friend or a family member
06:37 who was making lifestyle decisions that seemed to be
06:39 destructive, they're concerned that they haven't
06:43 either their family, their children or
06:44 their best friends, yet made a decision for
06:47 Jesus that brings them that peace and that joy.
06:50 So, I am discovering that a lot of persons are thinking
06:53 what can I do about this, do I lecture as you mentioned
06:56 at the beginning, do I continually try to give
06:59 my testimony, do I pray and certainly our own
07:03 personal testimony is very important and the
07:06 Holy Spirit kind of nudges us along when we
07:09 can give that testimony, but I want like to especially
07:12 talk today about intercessory prayer.
07:14 Absolutely. And you know before you start
07:16 about that I think you would agree with me that
07:19 sometimes the most important thing that we can do in
07:22 addition to praying for our loved ones especially if
07:26 you live with those loved ones, is show them the
07:29 example of grace operating in our life because if
07:33 we are not walking, if we just talk the
07:36 talk and we don't walk in his footsteps,
07:38 people aren't going to listen to anything that we say.
07:41 And you know Jesus must have been winsome,
07:43 because the children loved him according to the
07:45 scriptures. They like to sit on his laps.
07:46 They like to collect around him.
07:48 So, he must have been a very open, very gentle,
07:51 very appealing, loving person and certainly our
07:55 children when they are younger and need teaching
07:57 from the scripture, they need our example.
08:00 But as they grow older and began to leave the home.
08:03 They already know what's right and so what can
08:05 we do best to draw them. Perhaps to a renewal
08:10 of their relationship with Jesus or may be even a
08:12 first time experience with Jesus.
08:15 And I think once our children leave our home
08:18 this idea of intercessory period becomes even
08:20 more important, more pivotal to administrate
08:23 our own kids. Amen.
08:25 I'm thinking of First Timothy, chapter 2
08:28 where Paul says, I urge you, that's a pretty strong words,
08:32 that's the command, first of all he says to pray for all
08:36 people as you make your request, plead for God's
08:40 mercy upon them and give thanks. I like that, gives
08:43 thanks, usually we plead for God's mercy and
08:45 then we go into worry mode. Now here he instructs us
08:48 to give thanks and then verse 3, this is good.
08:52 In other words, Intercessory prayer
08:53 is good and pleases God our savior, for he wants
08:57 everyone to be saved and to understand the truth.
09:00 He wants us to pray for all humanity and that's
09:03 our command to pray. Right it's not our option.
09:06 And let's discuss what Intercessory prayers
09:09 because that's a terminology that many Christians
09:12 are familiar with, but how would you say
09:15 Intercessory prayer differs from other prayer.
09:19 I think a lot of our prayer is praise the God, which is
09:22 wonderful and thanksgiving to Jesus for what he has
09:24 done in our lives. And it could also be
09:26 petition, asking for specific things in our life perhaps or
09:30 in the lives of others, I think Intercessory prayers
09:33 is when we hold someone up to Jesus and say Oh! God
09:36 please just fill them with your Holy Spirit.
09:39 and have them to understand who you are?
09:41 Have them to understand that you died for them
09:43 and you care about them like there was not another
09:45 stool on the earth to share their,
09:47 your watch care. And that Intercessory prayer
09:49 then is our asking God to save this person.
09:53 To whom, for whom we have a great love and
09:56 a great burden that they know Jesus personally.
09:58 So, Intercessory prayer is kind of standing in the gap
10:01 for someone else. Now, see if you agree with this.
10:03 You may not, but I tell people often that
10:07 you know God will not force his will on someone's life
10:10 I know my sister was involved with drugs for
10:13 15 years and I interceded on her behalf constantly
10:17 I was praying for her, because I knew she wasn't
10:18 praying for herself. Right.
10:20 And I tell people God is like a loving God
10:24 has put handcuffs if you will on himself.
10:27 That he will not superimpose his will
10:31 upon someones lives and prayer is kind of,
10:33 Intercessory Prayers is like the key that unlocks
10:36 those cuffs and gives him permission to work in
10:39 someones life who just flat won't turn to the Lord.
10:43 So, I like that analogy. I like it because of the
10:47 great controversy, the great battle between
10:48 Christ and Satan. Satan has said, these are
10:51 mine you know they have not made any claim to your name
10:54 These are mine and so God is allowing Satan to make
10:58 that claim, but only to a degree, if we're saying
11:01 God we're asking you to send your spirit to this
11:04 person's life, then as you say it releases
11:06 God to do that and still have things fear and
11:09 this great converse. This great battle
11:11 between the will of God who's cast a vote for our soul
11:14 and the will of Satan who's cast a vote for us soul
11:17 and then ultimately we have to cast the deciding vote.
11:20 There is another text I think that is encouraging
11:22 to us when we get kind of weary of praying for
11:25 the same person, it's Psalms 126, verse 5, Psalms
11:29 126, verse 5. I like this one because
11:32 sometimes particularly for our friends they ask
11:35 us to pray for them and we start out doing
11:37 pretty well and then we kind of forget.
11:39 And this reminds us that we need to be persistent
11:43 and it says in verse 5. Those who plant in tears
11:46 will harvest with shouts of joy.
11:49 Amen! They reap as they go to plant
11:51 their seed, but they sing as they return with a harvest.
11:54 And that says to me you know it might be kind of hard
11:57 going, you might see any indications at first.
11:59 that God is really working in the life of the person
12:01 that we love so much, but if we persist
12:04 if we are tenacious, God is in process and we just
12:08 have to have faith that he is working even though
12:10 we might not seen any outward indications of that.
12:13 You know that persistence is something in Luke 18,
12:15 that Jesus was so clear when he gave the parable
12:18 of the persistent widow that he wanted us to
12:22 continue to pray until we see the reaping of this
12:26 and I believe it's Luke 18:8 where he says when
12:30 the son of man comes back will he find faith on the
12:33 earth, I think if we give up in prayer, particularly
12:36 in praying for others. It shows a lack of faith
12:39 but one thing that I want to make sure that I just
12:43 admonish you, if somebody asks you to pray for them
12:46 and you say yes I will, do yourself a favor.
12:50 So, that you won't be caught a liar
12:53 and that is pray for them right then.
12:55 That's a great idea. Because once if you tell
12:57 somebody yes I'll pray for you. It's so easy when we're
13:00 being bombarded by so many images during
13:02 the days, so many interruptions and our
13:05 lifestyles are so hectic. You may have the best
13:07 of intentions to pray for somebody.
13:09 And then your memory lapses you know, a week
13:12 later you're thinking. Oh! You hear about their.
13:14 Right. Problems and you're thinking
13:16 Oh! I meant to pray for them.
13:17 I like the idea of praying for them immediately
13:19 and also it's been helpful to me in my advancing
13:22 aid is to add it to my prayer journal.
13:24 Absolutely. And then I'm reminded
13:26 to pray for this person?
13:27 I like to tell you a story. Surely.
13:29 This is about my son and I asked him permission
13:32 to tell this story and he said sure mom,
13:34 if it would be an encouragement
13:35 to other parents and may be even young people who
13:37 are struggling with their spirituality, absolutely.
13:40 My son has always been very athletic from the
13:43 time he was just a kind of a toddler and when he made a
13:46 decision for Jesus he was about 11 years old.
13:48 But as time when on it kind of waned a
13:51 little bit, it kind of got put on the back burner.
13:54 He is an extreme snowboarder, in another
13:56 words he is a sponsored snowboarder, you could see
13:58 his picture on postures and snowboard magazines
14:02 and such, even though there are definitely
14:04 Christians in the snowboard industry or culture.
14:08 There is a lot of people they are kind of partiers
14:10 And you know, I think that kind of maybe rubbed off on
14:13 him a little bit. Surely.
14:15 And so Church and God and making time for God.
14:18 Sort of wasn't really that important in his life.
14:20 And every night my husband and I would pray that
14:23 our son would come home spiritually.
14:24 That he would renew that decision for Jesus
14:27 that he had made with all of his heart when
14:29 he was just 11 years old. And we have a good
14:31 relationship, but you know he only came to church
14:34 when mom came to visit. And you know just wasn't
14:37 really, really into the things of the spirit.
14:39 And we had made some lifestyle decisions that
14:42 were very, of great concern to me because I was
14:45 afraid that he would you know destroy his body
14:48 from whom Christ died and never have the opportunity
14:50 to make a decision for God. And one day I was walking in
14:54 a state park and got out off cell phone range.
14:57 When I'm came back in there was a message
14:59 from my son, now Shelley you know as parents
15:02 we know very well when something is wrong with
15:04 our kids it's that mother's intuition, and so I thought
15:08 hmm, that sounds a little bit different, his
15:10 cell phone message was mom call me.
15:13 And just those three words, so I called up one of my friends
15:16 who was one of my prayer warrior friends and
15:18 I said I don't know what's going on with my son
15:20 Mickey, but I'm gonna return this call will you
15:23 just cover me with prayer and I ask Jesus to give me
15:25 the words that he would have me speak.
15:27 And so when I called my son he said mom,
15:30 I just want to tell you, I can't sleep and I had just read
15:34 Neil Nedley's excellent book on depression
15:36 the way out. Yes And so I talked
15:38 to him about some of this stressors in his life.
15:40 He was taking a couple of really hard classes in
15:42 university and had just changed jobs, that he was
15:45 a flight instructor at a new place.
15:47 And you know there were a number of things,
15:50 a number of changes in his life. And I talked to him about
15:53 some of the physiological things that he could do to
15:55 avoid depression and insomnia and that sort of
15:59 thing. And he thanked me and a couple of days later
16:03 he called me again and this time his voice sounded
16:05 almost ragged, just almost despairing, and
16:09 I was concerned and he said mom, I'm still not sleeping
16:15 I'm not sleeping at all and I'm a flight instructor.
16:19 And I'm afraid I'm gonna to crash with my students.
16:23 And I said Mickey, do you think this is a
16:26 spiritual battle and just like that, Shelley.
16:29 He said, yes. Wow!
16:31 And I just prayed I said, Oh! Lord, give me the words.
16:34 And I said Mickey, do you remember
16:35 a couple years of ago I sent you a book
16:38 the name of that is a call to stand
16:40 apart, and it's an adaptation of some of the
16:43 Ellen White's writings for young people who might
16:45 struggle with some of the 19th century language
16:47 and so it's written in contemporary English.
16:50 And I said, do you remember that book.
16:52 And he said, yes. And I said, well, do you
16:55 still have it? Now, that was an question because
16:57 sometimes may son called my mail out to him
17:01 propaganda packages. And so the contents
17:04 didn't always stay in house.
17:06 And he said yes, and that surprised me that he
17:08 knew that he still had that book because I send it
17:10 to him a couple of years before.
17:11 And I said, well, why don't you go home and why
17:14 don't you read the chapter you can come home anytime.
17:19 It's chapter 4 and he said well, okay, and that
17:24 chapter is just amazing of course it's the story
17:26 of the prodigal son in contemporary language.
17:28 It starts out, this the story of a young man
17:30 weary of the restrains of living at home.
17:32 And then it goes through what happened with the
17:34 young man as he went away from home and talks about
17:37 in a language that young people can understand.
17:40 And then it talks about that young man coming back,
17:43 coming back and then father running to embrace him
17:47 with his passionate warm embrace of love.
17:51 You know with no words of condemnation and
17:53 no words of judgment and just welcoming him back
17:56 to the family, it's such a beautiful story that tells
17:59 a completely different perception of God then
18:02 many people have, they think of him as kind of
18:04 stern and demanding in his requirements.
18:06 But when they just take that first step back
18:08 to the Lord they find how loving and compassionate
18:11 he really is. And the story ends
18:14 like this, don't wait or try to clean yourself up.
18:18 So, you could be good enough to come to Jesus.
18:21 If we waited to be good enough, we would never come.
18:24 Amen! Jesus is waiting for you
18:27 calling you, yearning for you.
18:29 And all heaven will celebrate when you come home.
18:33 Amen! You know my son
18:35 called me the next day and he said, mom I read
18:39 that story, and I was just thinking, I was thinking
18:41 back when I was a counselor at youth camp.
18:44 I was thinking about all the times when I had this
18:47 peace because I was right with God and he said,
18:50 I want that experience again, he said the person
18:52 I am today, he said that's not really who I want to be.
18:55 He said I just want you to know mom
18:56 that last night I invited Jesus to be my savior
18:59 again. Praise God, praise God. I just can't tell you
19:04 how the joy just filled my heart.
19:06 Absolutely. Up to overflowing.
19:09 And a couple of weeks later I went to visit him
19:11 across the country he lives in Washington state
19:13 and I live in Maryland. And I stayed at his house
19:16 and I noticed that the contents of his refrigerator
19:18 were different and the things on his wall
19:20 were different and the books in his bookshelf
19:22 were different, but what really got me was the next
19:25 morning when we got up and had breakfast.
19:27 Mickey said to be, mom would you like to study
19:30 the Sabbath school lesson with me.
19:32 Praise God. Oh! I nearly dropped my tea.
19:35 You know that was four years ago and his
19:37 relationship with Jesus has remained strong
19:39 and growing and further he married a wonderful
19:42 Christian woman and they are active in their young
19:44 adult group in their church and I thought you know
19:47 maybe that story would be encouraging to parents
19:49 who are praying for their children and thinking oh!
19:52 you know will they ever come home.
19:54 You know Cindy, as we are listening to your story
19:56 about Mickey, this reminds me of a scripture
19:58 from Jeremiah 31:16 and the scripture says.
20:03 Thus says the Lord, restrain your voice from weeping
20:07 and your eyes from tears, for your work shall be
20:11 rewarded, says the Lord. And then in the amplified
20:15 it says and your children, your children being in brackets
20:19 that's what in the context. "Your children shall return
20:22 from the enemies land." Praise God.
20:24 I do too. He promises us in Isaiah
20:27 that God will contend with those who contend with us.
20:31 And he will save our children. And save our children.
20:34 Yes. So, the whole idea of praying, you
20:38 know there are times and it may not be your child.
20:41 It could be your husband. It could be your wife.
20:45 It could be a good friend. But, the whole idea of
20:48 people you know the joy in your story was your son
20:53 knew what he was missing. He had experienced that
20:57 joy and peace in his life. He knew that he was feeling
21:02 empty now he wanted what had before before, the biggest
21:06 problem I think is for people who, that we are praying for
21:09 who have never known that. Yes.
21:12 Now in reaching them it is the prayer, but it's also
21:16 that's where don't you think that's where a
21:18 personal testimony and the example that we set
21:22 in living and showing that we're calm.
21:25 Right, that Jesus has done something for us and they
21:28 wonder, where did you get that calmness
21:30 where do you get that joy. And they know that
21:33 not everything was right in our lives they can see
21:35 maybe that we've lost our job, whether our house burned
21:37 down. Exactly. Or you know we got in a
21:39 car accident and whatever it is.
21:41 But, when they see that we maintain that consistency.
21:44 And we're not always consistent because we are.
21:46 Human. Exactly, and I just, but I think that does often
21:52 offer an opportunity for us to give our personal
21:54 testimony to persons who perhaps they have never
21:57 encountered Christ in anyway. I liked the text that you
22:00 shared and I also like Isaiah 43, I'm reading from
22:04 verse 5. Do not be afraid, for I am with you,
22:08 Amen! I will gather you and
22:10 your children from east and west and from
22:12 north and south, in other words wherever they have
22:14 gone in their spiritual experience.
22:16 He says from the distant corners of the earth
22:18 I will bring them back I will claim them for my
22:22 own glory because I created them.
22:25 That's encouraging to me. It's wonderful, but I'm
22:27 sitting here, I'm thinking there is probably someone
22:29 who is watching us right now. Who prayed for
22:32 their children, and/or a husband
22:33 or a brother, or sister, or parent and they
22:36 prayed and they prayed and they prayed and
22:38 they never saw that person give their heart to the Lord,
22:44 before they died. Before the person that
22:46 was praying died or the other person die.
22:48 Before the person for whom they were praying died.
22:50 And they, and you know I see often i'll have someone come
22:53 up to me and say I prayed I did all of these things
22:57 but, then I died and I never saw them give their
22:59 heart to the Lord and I always tell people
23:03 you don't know what happened in those closing
23:05 moments of their life. You don't you know we can't
23:09 judge just because we see of course usually we are
23:12 going by the evidence presented to us.
23:15 Right. Right. But, we don't know, I believe that
23:19 we're called to be the planters of the seed, but it's
23:22 God that gives the harvest. It's God that's keeping
23:26 it a well watered garden and gives us the harvest.
23:29 Exactly and also we can't discount the choice
23:33 the human will. I would have suppose that
23:35 Adam and Eve prayed earnestly for their son Cain.
23:39 We don't know whether Cain will be in heaven
23:41 because the Bible doesn't tell us that they must
23:43 have been very discouraged by the behavior of Cain.
23:46 I mean here he murders you know their beloved Abel.
23:51 And so sometimes I think that we don't necessarily
23:53 know the outcome on this earth but that doesn't
23:55 give us any reason to leave off praying, the Lord
23:59 says pray with persistence, pray without ceasing.
24:03 Be not weary of well doing for you will reap if you,
24:06 if you faint not. You know then you
24:07 can always think of Job, in Job 42:10
24:10 where the Lord said because Job, when he turned and
24:15 starting praying for his friends, God then turned
24:18 Job's situation around and actually restored everything
24:21 and gave him twice as much. So, there is, there can be
24:24 a benefit and I believe that Intercessory Prayer
24:28 does benefit us, it helps draw us near to the Lord,
24:31 it gives us, we are calling on, it gives us more of
24:34 the Lord's heart for others as we intercede for them.
24:37 Indeed. Do you agree? Absolutely and it also
24:40 reminds me when I'm praying for the person
24:44 it reminds me if my need to be on the alert in case
24:47 the Holy Spirit is saying saying something to me
24:49 about a testimony I could give or you know someway
24:52 that I could be aware of the other person's need
24:56 and may be respond to that, not in the preaching
24:58 lecturing way, but just in a recognizing their
25:03 humanity and recognizing how God is the one that
25:07 can fill the emotional and spiritual
25:09 needs in their heart. Amen.
25:11 And you know the more you intercede for
25:13 others I think, I often will pray for a divine
25:16 appointment. Yes.
25:18 And I ask the Lord, by what I mean by that is that
25:21 I'm asking the Lord to connect me with someone
25:24 that day by his will for whom or to whom
25:29 I could minister and often when I am really focused
25:35 on Intercessory Prayer and I'm praying for a divine
25:38 appointment as I am out. You know I'll be standing
25:40 in the line and Lord will say go and pray for
25:42 this person and you can feel like an absolute,
25:47 well, it can make you feel a little stranger
25:51 out of the ordinary. Like you're sticking out
25:52 like a sore thumb, to walk up to a total stranger
25:55 and say you know I would like to pray with you.
25:58 I am impressed to pray with you.
26:00 But, it has never failed that the Lord will lead you
26:04 right to the person who would just begin to weep
26:08 or sometimes may not say well, I'm not sure I need
26:11 any prayer. I said are you sure I really feel that the
26:13 Lord was directing me and suddenly the flood gate
26:16 breaks. Amen! And they will start
26:19 talking to you about something and you can
26:22 pray with this person and they may not have any
26:24 relationship with the Lord. But, that's how the Lord
26:27 has reached them when you do that, I mean just
26:30 your willingness to intercede for others.
26:32 That's very inspirational to me I've never done
26:34 that I have don't a lot of literature evangelism
26:36 where I go door to door with young people.
26:39 I've directed ten years of student literature
26:42 evangelism programs. And I've encouraged the
26:44 young people to pray with the people at the door.
26:46 And say you know is there anything I can pray for you
26:49 about concerning your family, there has been wonderful
26:51 response and I've done that myself as I have gone
26:53 door to door with gospel literature.
26:55 But I have never gone up to a complete stranger
26:57 in a store or a mall or something like that.
26:59 I think that you would definitely have to know
27:03 that you were directed by the spirit and I admire
27:05 your ability to recognize the voice of God and to do that.
27:10 I think also of God's promise here in Ezekiel 34, verse 16.
27:16 I will search for my lost ones who strayed away and
27:21 I will bring them safely home again.
27:24 Amen! Dr. Cindy Tutsch, thank you
27:27 so much for joining us today Cindy, it's just been
27:29 a real pleasure to have you here and its always good
27:32 when someone is ministering from experience and you
27:36 know something that I wanted to share with
27:38 our viewers as we are going off the air is you may think
27:43 well who is interceding on my behalf.
27:45 Let me share a promise from Hebrews 7 and verse 25.
27:49 This is talking about our Lord Jesus and it says
27:52 therefore he is able to say to the uttermost
27:56 those who he is praying for since he is always
28:01 living to make petitions to God and intercede
28:05 on their behalf. Jesus is interceding
28:07 for you. Don't forget that.


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